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CANINE sucked legs began


Rose Noire
Copyright 1997

I was beginning the second mile of my run when Tyson got loose. I'd stumbled
on a stone or something, and was struggling to regain my balance when he
pulled the leash from out of my grasp. Tyson is a well-muscled, Great Pyrenees
mix. I took off after him just as he entered the woods about an eighth of a mile
in from the jogging path.

The light was filtered and the semi darkness made it difficult for me to follow
Tyson. Thankfully he is a light-colored dog. I ran after him as quickly as possible,
but succeeded only in keeping him just within sight. After several minutes of
running I came into a clearing. I was surprised by what I saw there. There were
two other dogs in the clearing. One was a wolf hybrid and the other was of
indeterminate breeding, a mutt. The two dogs were fucking.

Well, I'd never seen a dog screw before and decided to watch from the edge
of the clearing. Tyson circled around the two then became decidedly
aggressive. The mutt was only two-thirds Tyson's size. It became apparent his
presence was no longer welcomed, so the dog took off and stopped at the
other side of the clearing. Tyson and the bitch began sniffing around each
other, then Tyson mounted her. I stood there fascinated when I realized my
twat was aching. So, I sprawled on the ground with my hand between my
thighs and my chin resting on my other arm so I could continue watching the

My fingers rubbed through the spandex pants I wore and I ground my hips
against my hand. It'd been a few months since I had broken up with Dexter
and moved to Raleigh. I tried to staunch my needs with regular diddling and
the shower head. That was a god send. I'd stand with my back against the
wall of the shower and turn the shower on full stream, then I'd set the nozzle for
the most concentrated flow. I'd spread my legs a bit and allow that intense
spray to hit my clit. My other hand would play with my nipples while my legs
became more and more shaky. Soon I'd have the most rewarding orgasm. It'd
do for a while, but I was up to four times a day getting myself off and would
be soon looking for a partner.

I had been concentrating so much on the display before me I hadn't noticed
someone else enter the clearing. I heard a twig snap not far to my right and I
started. I ceased manipulating my crotch, but was reluctant to remove my
hands from it's nest. A couple had entered the clearing and seen me. My face
was flushed I'm sure from the recent excitement, but I'm believe I was blushing,

They smiled at me and the female, a tall, coffee-colored girl with dread locks
whispered something to her companion. Beneath the tank top he wore, I could
see he was nicely muscled. He had blue eyes and very curly brown hair. She
was shorter than him by just about two inches. He smiled, looked me over, and
then shook his head up and down. I could only guess what was passing
between the two of them. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small,
white square packet which confirmed my suspicions. Well, I'd never done
anything like this before, but I shook my head yes and started to stand.

He didn't say anything as he covered the distance between me and them, but
he knelt down in front of me and put his hands on his shoulders. The little white
package fell to the ground and I could see the outline of a ring through it. I
looked up at the woman to see what she was doing. While bringing the straps
of my top over my shoulders, he planted his lips on mine. They were very strong
lips and full, I responded with a fervor which surprised me at first. His companion
dropped to her knees about an arms length from us and watched. While his
hands were roaming my body, stroking my nipples, smoothing my flesh, I let my
hands fall immediately to his crotch. It'd been a while since I'd gripped a nice
firm dick in my hands and I wanted to get a feel for what I could look forward
to. The bulge I fondled, filled my hand. I looked into his eyes and could see the
depth of his pleasure. The surface of his eyes rippled like swells at the edge of
the sea each time I squeezed him. Eventually his tongue found its way over my
skin and he was licking me like a child would the frosting bowl.

We paused long enough to get naked and the woman was sitting contented
with her hands in her crotch. I hadn't noticed before, but she was wearing skorts
and could easily get her fingers beneath the fabric. Her eyes were a carnelian
color and shone like the gem itself.

He seated himself on the pile he'd made of his clothes and then seated me on
his upright member after having removed the condom from its package and
rolled it down the length of his shaft. The meat encased in its prison strained
against its fetter. I slid on and was filled with his cock to the balls. It was a very
satisfying feeling. I drew my shins under my thighs so I was kneeling. I pulled him
to me so my tits were in his face. He obliged me with a tongue licking that was
more gentle and more arousing than any Dexter had given me before. But,
that was Dexter, and this was now. I began to slide up and down his rod,
gripping with my inner muscles so I could control the movement. I felt a finger
enter me from behind and the breasts of the other woman massaged my back.
She and he locked lips over my left shoulder while I was still climbing his tree.
His arms reached around and hugged her, crushing me in between, when I felt
his shot within me. With a groan he released us and lay back.

Her hands cupped me from behind and tweaked my nipples. My hand strayed
to my now throbbing grotto again and worked to bring me to pitch. Suddenly
her hands released me and she came around to the front. Her lover leaned on
his elbow, to watch us. She pushed me back and opened my legs. Her eyes
flamed as she bowed her head between my legs. I jumped as her tongue
touched my clit. It licked the outside then she began to suck the mingled juices
from my fucking just moments prior. She returned to playing her tongue over
my knob and sucked it as my legs began to shudder and I began to moan. I
came violently and lay there throbbing for moments after.

When I finally got up they had begun to dress and I did likewise. We never
spoke that day. We parted with a kiss. Tyson was laying beside his new-found
friend which turned out to be their dog. They whistled and she loped off after
them. Tyson came over to me wagging his tail. Together we went back to the
jogging path and I determined to start seeking a partner. There's a wonderful
single's bulletin board over at the coffee shop.


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