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CAROL, mom & ME


Once again I awoke with a pleasant feeling. I knew it was still early
morning by the slant of the sun beaming in the window. Lisa was between my
legs licking my cock and stroking it softly. Good morning Honey. You two
have fun last night?

Oh yes, babe. She smiled at me and went back to sucking me. I raised
up on my elbows and watched her as she went up and down pleasing me so
nicely. My hips humped slightly with their own nerves.

OOOOHHHH always do that so nice... I was whispering not to
wake mom, still sleeping next to me.

That's because I love you with all my heart, Lisa said. I love the feel
of your cock in my mouth Billy. Her eyes twinkling in the sunlight. She
sucked me while looking up into my eyes.

I love the manly taste of your cum honey.

I laid back now, feeling the wonders of her mouth working on my cock.

Her mouth went to my balls as she sucked and licked them. My cock
started spurting and she quickly captured it in her mouth. Her fingers
massaging my balls as she sucked up and down.

My hips off the bed in spasms. UUUUUMMMMM. Oh Lisa.... Her tongue and
lips sucking over and over the tip of my cock as I spurted into her mouth.
Her fingers gently draining me.

She held my cock deeply in her mouth until my spasms stopped and then
came up and laid on me. Kissing me with her passion.

I hugged her with my love.

Eat me Honey, she whispered. Suck you wamn's pussy. Please. I want to
feel your lips on my pussy Billy. Sure honey. I'd love to. I got off the
bed and went to the end and knelt down into her warm thighs. Her trimmed
pussy was so inviting. Her special smell. I eased her leg up and she
spread them for me. I licked up and down, nibbling, sucking her inner
thighs. Finally, I moved my mouth to her pussy lips and nibbled them. My
tongue lightly licking them. I forced open her lips with my fingers and
licked directly on her clit for just a few seconds, before lowering and
sliding my tongue into her pussy hole.

OOOOHHH Billy honey....ooooohhhh how wonderful. Suck me honey. Suck my
hot cunt. The commotion woke mom. She rolled over and saw Lisa in her
passion throes and leaned to kiss her cheek . Good morning hon. Billy
making you cum? Soon, mom, soon, I think.

Suck your honey good baby, mom said to me. He's paying me back for me
waking him up with a nice blowjob, mom. OOOOHHH How sweet.

mom moved slightly down and laid her head on Lisa's stomach as she
watched me closely, eating and licking Lisa's pussy. OOOOHHH you've got
your tongue in her hole....OOOOHH, I love that too baby.

Our faces were only inches apart as I looked into mom's eyes. My mouth
full of pussy.

mom stroked gently over Lisa's belly as she watched. Suck your woman
good Billy. She'll love you forever.

I was licking flat tongued now, up and down her whole slit. Lisa was
moaning softly and slightly humping as I sucked her. mom watched me seek
and find Lisa's clit and smiled as she watched me gently sucking it.

OOOOOHHHHH That'll get her baby. Keep it up and she'll be cumming
soon....ooooohhh my pussy is wet watching you suck your lover, Billy.

I know how nice it feels with your mouth on my pussy.

OOOOHHH. She raised her head and asked Lisa how her pussy was feeling?
Oh, so wonderful mom. He sucks me so nice. Dosen't he?

Lisa's hips rose and fell more urgently now, as I sucked her entire
pussy top to bottom. I slid in two fingers and she jumped as I sucked her
clit at the same time.

I fucked into her like this as I licked her clit and she was on the
edge. You have her now Billy. She's gonna let loose with her juice, mom smiled at me.

You're getting a good sucking Lisa. OOOOHHHH Yeah, mom.
I'm.....I' leaned up and massaged Lisa's stomach as she watched me
lick her faster, finger her hole faster. Her fingers scrunched into Lisa's
trimmed pussy hair and she pulled back her lips to open them further for me
to lick Lisa.

Suck your honey good baby, she's cumming. Suck your honey's juice......
That's it baby. Drink her. Like I drink you....Yes! Lisa was moaning
much louder now and humping hard at my face. Mom's fingers had Lisa's
pussy lips spread as wide as they would go for me to suck and lick. Then,
mom's two fingers massaged Lisa's clit as she watched me licking her slit.

Lisa was humping and moaning wildly now.

OOOOHHHH Billy....OOOOHHH Honey....I'm cumming so nice baby....

I sucked her now as mom encouraged me to drink my honey. It lasted
quite a while before Lisa collapsed to the bed heaving. mom smiled down at
her and continued to caress her stomach.

I know what you're feeling honey, mom said. I know what my son can do
with that mouth of his on my pussy.

I still had some ebergy left in me and I reached to pull mom down
andquickly spread her legs.

I dove into her wet pussy and sucked her hard. Licked her hard. Tongue
fucked her hard. Oh, Billy, what a surprise.

Instead of finger fucking her pussy, I slid my finger up into her ass
and sucked her clit hard. Lisa sat up and said, now its YOUR turn to moan,

Now its YOUR turn to cum in his sucking mouth. Lisa copied what mom did
and laid her head on mom's stomach. watching me suck and lick mom's entire
pussy as I fucked her ass with my finger.

mom was rolling and moaning. Her taste so diffferent from Lisa.

Lisa was just as closee as mom's face was, as she watched me. Repeating
mom. Suck your mom good Billy. Suck her hard clit. I can see her clit
Billy. Suck the shit out of it.

Mom's hand was on Lisa's head as she humped my face up and down.
Finally I stuck my tongue into mom's hole and fucked her as deep as I could
get it in. mom was in spasms. My mouth was sucking her hard.

sucking her clit hard. Lisa's fingers did the same as mom did to her.
Spread her lips apart for me to lick all of mom's gaping pussy.

Suck your mom Billy. Suck her good.

mom was cumming as I again lowered my mouth and it was filling with
mom's juices. Lisa's fingers working their woman's magic on mom's clit as
I sucked.

mom froze with her hips off the bed as she came. I was glued to her
pussy, and felt Lisa's fingers still working on mom's clit.

Finally mom also collapsed with her orgasm.

Lisa now laid to mom's side with her pussy staring at me. She smiled up
at me, as she looked down at my hard cock. I fell forward and she quickly
guided me inside her.

Oh Lisa, he made me cum twice honey. mom was still breathing hard as
she turned and watched me plunging into Lisa. Lisa's legs wrapped around
me and we rocked hard back and forth. Both of us hungry for each other.
Both of us wanting to cum all over each other.

mom smiled and got off the bed. Then I felt her hand caressing my balls
and sack as I fucked Lisa. Mom's other finger slid into my ass. It was a
surprise, and it made me feel like my cock got even harder.

mom continued to careess my balls and finger fuck my ass and it caused
me to spasm hard. My hips pressed hard into Lisa's pussy as I shot my cum.
Her pussy violently squeezing, pulling at my cock. mom whispering, fuck
her Billy...fuck your woman....give her our family juice baby.... mom knew
I was cumming as she massaged my balls that were shooting. Her finger
racing in and out of my ass.

I was finally spent and fell forward onto Lisa. My cock still buried
inside her. Our juice and cum mixed into a froth.

I'll see you guys in a while for breakfast mom said. She went in for a

I held Lisa in my arms and kissed her for a long time. Sharing our
feelings and love.

Oh baby, that was so hot. You're mom made it all the better with her
fingers and words. It was fun Billy. That's why I did it when you sucked her.

OOOOHHH Billy, you shot so much cum in me, honey. Its leaking out all
oveer the place. Go jump in the shower with mom, I urged. Yeah, I think I
should. I love your cum, Billy. But this is a bit much honey. Her thighs
were smeared and her pussy hair was matted with my cum and her juices.

She jumped up and ran to join mom in the shower. All I could hear was
giggling in the bathroom.

I decided to walk into dad's room. They were still sleeping and Their
backs were to me. Judy was behind dad pressing her whole body to him, with
her arm around his waist. Her blond hair spread over the pillow.

I figured I would let them sleep, or dad would tend to be miserable the
rest of the day.

I went into the shower and joined mom and Lisa. Both of them soaping me
up and playing with my cock. I was busy massaging mom's tits, standing
behind her as Lisa reached from behind me and stroked my soapy cock.

I want a clean cock when I suck you Billy, she laughed. I soaped both
their pussies and said the same thing.

We horsed around and then finally all got out and ried each other off.
Rather than disturb dad, mom grabbed one of Carol's dusters and We all went
down to make breakfast.

I guess we all had some pretty good sex last night Lisa, as her and mom worked at the counter. We sure did. Dad really plowed me. God, his cock
gets so big. I love his cock, don't you? mom asked. Oh yes. Hey, What
about THIS COCK, I asked, standing up and holding my soft cock in my hand?

They both turned to look at it. Then at each other. They both broke
out in laughing...OH, you mean THAT little thing?

Yeah, Lissa said, winking to mom. I like a REAL MAN'S COCK in me. When
I suck a man, I want to feel a cock in my mouth, not splinters from those
toothpick sized cocks. Well, you know, when us guys reach for a tit, we
want a REAL handful, not a couple of dimples. We have our own fucking

mom and Lisa both grabbed their tits now, and turned to me. You call
these tits dimples????

They were both shaking their tits up and down at me.

Dad and Judy now came into the kitchen, and saw mom and Lisa with their
hands on their tits. What's this, he asked.

They said they only want YOUR cock from now on, yeah, mom said. We
don't want dinky dicks. We want a REAL MAN'S COCK, Lisa chimed in. Judy
couldnt believe the conversation as she moved to sit down.

They're fucking with me Judy. mom and Lisa don't want my dinky dick
anymore. DINKY DICK??? she sxclaimed! His dick is wonderful. He filled
MY pussy, that's for sure. Couldn't even get it all in me.

Thank you Judy. I think we ought to put mom and Lisa on a low cock
diet, dad! I smiled. Oh No! Include me out. Its YOUR dinky dick they're
talking about. Not mine.

mom turned now and filled our plates with eggs as Lisa passed out the
toast and sausages.

Well, maybe if we suck on him harder it will get bigger, Lisa laughed.
Lisa, I sucked so hard on him last night, that he should be like the Jolly
fucking Green Giant.

Everyone laughed at my expense.

Well, what do you think of our whacked out family, Judy? dad asked.
You're all really nice people. I've never had so much fun, OR so much sex
in such a short time. Let me tell you...your husband AND your son ar both
good lovers.

Oh we know, Judy. Its just that we don't want him to get a big head.
That's right. It just about fits in our mouth now, as it is...Lisa burst
out laughing again.

Judy had to laugh and added, it fit mine perfectly last night. Tell us
about the store for Carol, Judy. Judy was excited as she explained all the
things the store had. The price was right. Then the girls decided they
would go shopping for a few groceries and see the place a little later.
You CAN stay over again tonight can't you, Judy? mom asked. Well, I don't
have to work, but there were a couple....oh the hell with that. yeah. I
would be glad to stay. Like I said, I haven;t had this much fun in ages.

Good. You can help us whip up some small dishes for the cookout later,
Lisa said. I'll call Carol, and tell her to meet us at the shop about
noon? OK Where is she? She's at my house fucking my brother right now.
Judy's jaw dropped. Yeah. They've been at it off and on for quite a while
now. mom added that this is the first time they've been alone together
since THAT night.

OH, yeah. I know about that rotten stuff happening to them, Judy added.
What a horrible thing for both of them. Both of them are just getting
their bearings once again. They were pretty bad in the hospital. Carol
almost died.

They STILL haven't gotten the guys yet, have they? No Lisa answered.
Seem's they skipped bail and town.

Lisa was pretty well damaged inside from the continuous raping, mom said. She was beaten really bad. Both of them kicked, and beaten some
more. The scum even raped Jimmy. They broke a lot of his ribs too, along
woth some of Carol's too. Oh, how terrible, Judy said.

Well, we try not to talk about any of it when they're around dad said.

I love those kids with all my heart, he said....gulping. Tear starting
to flow.

billy's friends all got together and they took up a collection for the
two of them. Lots of kids from school kicked in Lisa added. Billy bought
her the nice car she's driving now. That's where most of the money for the
shop is coming from, I added.

Dad wiped his eyes and glanced at mom. I think maybe I'll do a little
golfing this morning honey. You're all going shopping anyway. OK honey.
We should have things ready here about 6.

What are you going to do Billy? Well I thought I'd cut the grass, clean
the pool and then take my dinky dick over to Nikki!

Everyone laughed.

Nikki's our neighbor, Judy. Oh. You'll meet them later, when they come
over for dinner.

mom and Lisa looked at one another. We have to tell you about THEM,
when we go shopping.

I got up to put my plate in the sink, and mom reached out and pulled my
cock from under my robe. I turned to face her, sitting there, and she said, Billy, It really is a nice cock. See Lisa. Yeah, I guess it'll do for
now, she laughed.

mom massaged my cock a few seconds more and let go. I went up to get


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