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CAPTAINS men had their own sluts Those

Captain's Whore { MF MD 1st reluc } codes defined at

Synopsis: Short fantasy in which Pirates capture a Victorian maiden.
(Note: Originally part of the "Becoming a Winner" series.)

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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
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entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex
between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only.
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less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW!
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characters in this work may engage in unprotected sex in a universe
where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist.
In reality sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this
work should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of
the other activities depicted herein.


Captain's Whore {MF MD 1st reluc}

Struggling in vain, I was dragged kicking and scratching into the
presence of the Pirate Chief. "Captain Hal, the prisoner," said one.
"Ho Ho! Me lads ye brought me a pretty one", said he as he looked me
over up and down.

I cast my eyes downward, my dress was in disarray because of my
struggles against these ruffians. Fortunately, he was only able to
see the top of my bosom and the bottom of my legs, more though then
I'd ever show a gentleman. The rest was hidden from his roving eyes.

I looked him over as he stood and walked to me. He was cleaner then
the two who held me and probably smelled better, looking only a
little older then my 18 years, yet he towered over me and looked as
if he could break me in half like a twig.

As I realized that this powerful man held my fate in his hands, I
began to feel unfamiliar sensations between my legs. I had felt it
before only once when I rubbed myself there, but I was so severely
punished, having my hands tied behind my back for an entire week,
that I never dared take the chance that my mother would again catch
me doing it.

"So girl," he said to me, "What ransom will ye family pay for ye safe
return?" I addressed him in a meek and respectful manner as I still
had a glimmer of hope, "Please sir, I am an orphan who was being sent
to her widowed aunt, who is not wealthy, but is my only family. There
is no one to pay ransom for me. Please release me as I am of no value
to you."

"Young, pretty lass may have value other then gold, but the goods
needs be seen. Hold her tight lads," he said with a hungry look as he
drew a huge knife from his belt and proceeded to cut every scrap of
clothing from my body. I tried to escape him, but could not move from
the vice like grips that held me.

I was spitting mad, my only dress was destroyed. All my other
possessions had gone down when the pirates sank the Mayfair, the ship
on which I had been sailing, with all hands lost except for me.

"How dare you! You ruffian, you blackguard," I screamed at him. My
head snapped back as pain exploded in my right cheek from a slap I
had not even seen.

"Watch ye tongue lassie or I'll cut it out. Show proper respect for
the captain," said he. Stars swirled before my eyes. No one had every
struck me before. I would have fallen, but was still held tightly,
now thoroughly cowed.

As I was trying to recover, I felt his hand lift my right breast as
if to weigh it. "Ye got ample equipment lassie," said he as his other
hand began to maul my left breast. My dear departed mother had always
complained my breasts were much too big for my slight frame. This did
not seem to bother Captain Hal. I did not trust myself to speak,
fearing more pain.

His hands shifted. They began rolling both teats, which soon became
almost painfully hard, between rough fingers. I shut my eyes trying
to deny the sensations being forced upon me against my will. The
continued heat building in my breasts suddenly jumped between my legs
as a low moan was forced between my lips. How long this continued I
couldn't say. I could not seem to form rational thought, lost between
fear and the storm brewing within me.

Unexpectedly, his hand shot downward, cupping my most intimate
treasure. A loud moan, almost a scream was forced from me. Without
thought my body pressed itself against his hand. It was glorious, it
was maddening, then it was gone. My hips thrust forward seeking to
renew the feeling between my legs.

I heard laughter and realized the two pirates holding me fast had
seen my body betray me to the captain's touch. Every inch of me
flushed red with shame and embarrassment. How could I, a properly
bred English girl be made to behave like a whore walking the streets
of London? There was little more, I thought in my ignorance, which
could be done to dishonor me.

"Aye, you have some small value, me lass, but I'll be needing to keep
ye here a bit to value ye fully. Lay her out facing skyward on me bed
lads," he ordered. "Aye, Captain Hal," they responded and dragged my
limp body onto the Captain's bed where he tied my arms securely to
the bedposts then dismissed his men.

I drew up my legs and crossed them in a useless attempt to hide my
womanhood from this pirate. He smiled and laughed evily at my pityful
attempt at modesty, but for the moment did nothing to stop me.

The captain brought over a skin of spiced wine and command, "Drink!
Ye will need strength before the morning dawn." I coughed out the
strong wine, it ran down my chin and between my breasts. He grabbed a
handful of my hair and pulled back my head until my mouth opened.
"Drink," he commanded once again. I managed to swallow most of it. He
emptied half the large skin into me and drank the rest himself.

I started to feel dizzy from the wine. Attempting to regain balance,
modesty forgotten, my legs spread once more.

I watched as if in a trance as he undressed before me. My eyes fell
on his engorged manhood. My mother had refused to explain what it did
along with all such disgusting subjects not fit for a well-bred,
unwed girl.

I did not react until he dived between my still open thighs. I
screamed as he fastened his mouth to my wet slit. All my earlier
sensations returned in an instant. The storm burst within me once
more, I could not think, only feel what he forced me to feel. The
Captain, not I, commanded my body. He proceeded to drive me mad
with passion.

"Oooooooooh, Captain, Take me! Use me! Make me your whore," I
screamed my submission to him. He paused a moment. I was a slut,
lower then the cheapest whore. Never could I return to my former
life. What would become of me? I knew only that I needed more of
my Captain's touch. My dishonor was complete, so quickly had my
submission been forced.

His fingers entered me to confirm his curiosity. I felt a slight
discomfort when they pressed against my maidenhood, my innermost
defense, then withdrew.

He released my arms from their bindings then laughed as I wrapped
myself around him. I pressed myself onto his hardness being nave
of what do next. "Ye won't need to wait long, lassie," said he as
pressed me down and positioned himself above me.

A few probes were followed by a little pop as the tip of his
massive tool entered me. I raised my hands over my head,
crossing my wrists, imagining I was still bound. I was in
bliss. Gentle strokes moved him slowly deeper. I felt so full.

My hips began experimental thrusts of their own. I moved to
his rhythm. When I began feeling sharp jabs, we both knew he
had brought himself to my barrier.

I should have braced myself for the inevitable, but was nave of
the pain and pleasure about to befall me. Having already shown
uncharacteristic restraint, my Captain's patience had run out.

He drew back a little then rammed himself into me. The exquisite
pain ripped a scream from my lips as his massive tool tore through
me, burying itself deep within.

Not waiting for me to recover he began urgent thrusting, attending
to his own pleasure. Slowly, my pain receded like the tide and my
passion surged back with an intensity that left me breathless.

Only a few thrusts more followed before my Captain emptied his lust
into me. He collapsed on top of me, having taken my maidenhood, but
leaving me wanting more.

I need not be concerned. He took me several times that night and well
knew how to use a woman. He commanded me to assume a wide variety of
postures and positions, fanning my fires high each time before he
plunged his sword into me.

I lost count of the number of times I was brought past the point of
exquisite release. The screams of my passion could be heard all night
and into the next day from the bow to the stern of the pirate ship.

I became the Captain's slut. He used me daily, usually several times.
There is much free time to fill when not in a port.

I soon found my body needing his touch. If he were away more then one
day, I would attack him as soon as he entered our cabin.

Most of the time, I was kept naked, expected to keep his cabin tidy
and prepare his meals. When I especially pleased him, I was allowed a
short shift with a deep scoop neckline that did nothing to hide my
charms. Rather it seemed to inflame his lusts and I'd be used more

I was only allowed normal clothing on the occasions I was permitted
to leave his cabin. My monthly cycle meant nothing except greater
use of my arse and mouth to sate his boundless lusts.

My wanton needs and devotion pleased him. He kept me for his
exclusive use. I grew to love him; I could not help myself.

The men had their own sluts. Those other women showed me the ways
to avoid becoming with child, eager to seek my favor, because
I was first among them, Captain Hal's whore.


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http://www.angelfire.com/film/benwa/ - WITHIN ORIGINAL story Ratings and Comments on all stories available at above websites.
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Captain's Whore {MF MD 1st reluc} codes defined at


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