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CAR TRIP sucked once amazing She



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The Car Trip Author: Amaranta Fiore

The Christmas tunes on the radio were getting old. We had tried to get
out of town early today, but it was impossible. Everything that could go
wrong did. So now four hours behind schedule we were on our way home for
the holidays. We had a seven-hour drive ahead of us, and it was already
starting to get dark.

Aaron clicked off the radio and we talked for a while, but after some
time the conversation dwindled down. After a half hour or so of mostly
quiet, Aaron wanted me to talk to him to keep him awake. I tried to think
of what to say that would keep his attention.

"Should I tell you a story to pass the time," I said?" "OK, what sort of
story?" he said. "Youíll see."

I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts and then began. "I was
thinking about Ivy."

Ivy was Aaronís high school girlfriend. Aaron lost his virginity with
Ivy, so she has a special place in his memories. They are still very good
friends. Ivy and I have become very good friends too. Weíve invited her
to visit us, but since we are halfway across the country, she has never
taken us up on the offer. Even the chance of visiting San Francisco wasnít
enough of a lure. Now that we have moved back to the Midwest, we planned
to have dinner with her over the Christmas break while visiting our

"Itís about Ivy?" he said. I could tell he was interested by the tone
of his voice. I couldnít help smiling. "Well, the story is about you, Ivy
and me, if you get my drift," I said in my best sultry contralto murmur.

Aaron got my drift; it was a fantasy of his to have two women in bed at
the same time. Aaron is a man who is very appreciative of the female form,
especially a womanís bottom. He always called this particular fantasy "big
bottom-little bottom." Ivy is very petite, so she is often "little bottom"
in his fantasy. You couldnít pick two women of more differing physical
appearance. Iím very tall, large-breasted and a size 18, whereas Ivy is a
size 4, about 5í2", and a small A cup.

"Well, what if I told you I had arranged for us to see Ivy while we are
back home visiting over the holidays?" "You didnít!" he said. "I didnít,
but what if I had?" "Well, what sort of visit are we talking about here?"

"Well, since you know this is hypothetical, Iíll tell you that I spent a
while on the phone with Ivy telling her about how you still think of her.
How you really would like to have sex with her again." "Uhh-huh," he
mumbled. "If you want, Iíll tell you about what would happen if we did see
Ivy and I had talked to her about this. You know she would do it if I told
her about your fantasy-- she is an adventurous girl," I said. "Quite true,
OK, tell me the story."

Well, as I told you, I called Ivy and told her that you still think of
her and that you have this fantasy where the three of us are in bed
together. She was really interested. She told me she had also thought
about you since high school and especially just before you and I were

I told her that I was a bit apprehensive, as I have never been with
another girl before. She said she hadnít either, but was curious. Well,
we arranged to meet up for an evening at her place while you and I are in
town. She and I are willing to try new things, especially since you are so
keen to!

The evening arrived, and we are having dinner with Ivy at our favorite
Italian restaurant, Salvatoreís (this is where Aaron and I had our wedding
reception). After a great meal, we head back to Ivyís place, where we
relax and chat for a while. Ivy and I are having a hard time not giggling
uncontrollably. Ivy and I keep giving each other knowing glances, because
we havenít told you what we are up to.

Finally, Ivy, being an adventurous girl, gets up and crosses the room
and promptly sits down on your lap. You are a bit stunned at first. You
look at me with a very unsure and guilty look. I smile at you and Ivy.
Ivy leans over takes my hand in hers as she kisses you. Iím a bit jealous,
as Ivy was your first girlfriend and is a more typical beauty. I donít
think you have completely grasped yet what is happening, as you break the
kiss off quickly.

Like the devoted husband you are, you start to protest, so I lean over
and kiss you too. You kiss me very passionately. Ivy is still on your lap
and she whispers in my ear, "I think he likes us-- Iím feeling something
very persistent under here." I stop kissing you and I laugh.

"Aaron, donít be shy, this is my Christmas present to you. Weíre
fulfilling your fantasy. Ivy and I have it all arranged." You pull me
close to you as the truth of the situation sinks in.

Aaron breaks into my story by saying, "I adore you, Iím definitely not
falling asleep at the wheel now." "I love you, too," I murmur.

Well, I turn to Ivy and she and I tentatively kiss one another. She is
a good kisser, but it feels very different from kissing you. You reach
your right arm around Ivyís back and cup her breast in your hand as you
slide your left hand down the back of my skirt. I like you touching me as
I kiss Ivy. She seems to be liking it as well, because she moves her left
hand from her lap to caress my breast. She giggles as she touches me.

We stop kissing and she comments that she is amazed at how soft big
breasts are. You tell her that breasts a lot more fun when you can feel
them without interference. You ask Ivy and I to remove our blouses and
bras. Ivy slides off your lap and we both stand in front of you and remove
the clothing.

"Mmmm, you two look beautiful," Aaron breaks in again to help with the

I come over to you and straddle your lap, and you take each nipple into
your mouth in turn. Ivy sits down next to you and watches you flicking
your tongue on my nipple. You turn to Ivy and tell her to watch as you
take both of your hands and cup the outsides of my breasts and bring them
together. Both nipples are side by side and you suck them both into your
mouth. I moan, as the sensation is incredible. The feeling of you sucking on both at once is wonderful.

You release your pressure on the sides of my breasts and concentrate
your sucking on a single nipple. Iím able to concentrate a bit better now
and realize the Ivy is watching. I relate to her that the feeling of
having both nipples sucked at once is amazing. She laughs and says, "I
guess Iím not well enough endowed to have that happen..." I tease her that
since you and I are both here with her, she will feel it.

You stop sucking my breast and I slide off of your lap. I cross to the
other side of Ivy as you take her right nipple into your mouth. I sit down
next to her, and I start to caress her right breast with my hand. I roll
her nipple between my fingers, just like I like to have it done to me, and
she seems to like it too. Ivy moans with pleasure as I tease her.
Finally, I lower my head to her breast and take her nipple into my mouth.
Our heads are side by side, both of us licking and suckling. Ivy cries
out, "Oh, my god you are right, this is fantastic!"

You are eager and reach for the waistband of her pants. She helps you
unbutton her pants and we stop kissing her breasts just long enough for you
to pull down her pants and panties in several frantic tugs. You return to
her breast for just a moment before you kiss your way up her neck to her
lips. You kiss her very deeply for a moment, and as you break the kiss you
tell her that if she thought two breasts being sucked at once was good,
wait Ďtil she tries getting her breasts and her pussy kissed at the same
time. Ivy gasps and kisses you fervently.

You begin to kiss your way down her body. You stop on the way down and
tug my mouth away from Ivyís breast for a kiss. My tongue meets yours, and
it is electric. As the kiss ends, you tell me to keep kissing her breasts as you are going to make Ivy come. Ivy moans in response to your
directions. I return my tongue to flicking and circling her nipples. You
kiss your way down her body to the cleft of her pussy.

You lift Ivyís legs over your shoulders and scoot her bottom to the edge
of the couch. Her pussy is open to you and you begin to kiss the lips of
her labia with your lips. She moans and then gasps as your tongue darts
out to flick her clitoris. You tease her for a moment more and then
suddenly you burrow your whole face into her pussy. She arches her back in
response. I have trouble keeping ahold of her breast with her movement, so
I kiss her instead. Our kisses before were tentative, but now Ivyís tongue
plunges into my mouth as if she were imitating the motions of your tongue.
The kissing seems to last forever, but suddenly Ivyís mouth opens wide and
a rumbling moan comes from deep inside her small body. She begins to buck
her hips wildly-- you grab her about the waist to hold on. Ivy cries out
with each thrust of her pelvis, and finally her whole body goes limp.

You continue to lick lightly at her clitoris, and with each flick she
moans happily. I lean my head down to you and you kiss me, the juices from
Ivyís pussy coating your face. You kiss me very deeply, smearing Ivyís
nectar all over my face, the taste of her permeating my mouth. This is the
hottest kiss you have ever given me. We are so passionately locked in the
kiss that only Ivyís laugh breaks the spell. Ivy leans forward and kisses
us both. Ivy suggests we move to her bedroom.

She takes your hand and you take mine and we snake our way to the
bedroom. With you in between us, Ivy and I plop you down onto the bed,
where we work together to remove your clothes. Ivy kneels in front of you
and teasingly unbuttons your pants as I unbutton your shirt. You turn your
head towards me and we kiss. I can still taste a hint of Ivy when I kiss
you. Suddenly you gasp and break the kiss.

Ivy is eagerly sucking on the head of your penis. She stops for a
moment and looks up at us and begins to lazily tracing her tongue along the
head again. I think for a moment, you forgot we are not alone and now
Ivyís attentions have reminded you. She is slowly sliding your foreskin
down the shaft with her hand and her tongue tastes any territory she
uncovers. As if overcome by lust, she suddenly opens her mouth very wide
and takes as much of you into her as she can take. You moan in response to
her ministrations. You thrust your hips forward a bit to fill her mouth
more fully. You stroke it in and out of her mouth for a moment,
controlling the motion, until she puts her hands on your hips and resumes
control over your pleasure.

I lean over and we begin to kiss again. I push you gently back onto the
bed, your legs dangling off the edge. Ivy moves around, with you still in
her mouth, to kneel on the edge of the bed at your side. I join her on
your other side for a moment and kiss your testicles. You squirm; I know
youíre ticklish there. So to relieve your ticklishness I grasp your
testicles gently in my hand. I whisper to Ivy that you like to have them
held gently, and her hand takes the place of mine.

I slide up your body, kissing and stroking as I move. I stand on the
bed and lower myself down until my pussy is within reach of your tongue. I
can tell you are hungry for me, because you ravish my clitoris. Your
tongue is on fire, darting and lashing me to an intense and quick orgasm.
You are unrelenting as I try to rise from my kneeling position and you pull
me back. You gently bring me back to myself as your tongue languidly
explores my clitoris. I feel another orgasm building. Your hand slides
from my hips to my breast. You roll my nipple between your fingers and
gently pluck at it as if it were a grape. You return and roll the nipple
again, and I moan with pleasure. Your other hand reaches behind me and
grabs a handful of my bottom. You feel along the cleft of my ass until you
find the little pucker of my anus. Your finger gently strokes it in the
same rhythm as your tongue flicks over my clitoris. This is too much, and
when you gently push your finger into my anus, I come. This orgasm is
longer, and I cry out from the pleasure of it. Ivy looks up as Iím coming,
stops suckling you for a moment, and takes one of my nipples in her mouth.
This stimulation prolongs the sensations as I continue to come.

I half-collapse onto your chest, and Ivy rubs her hands along my back.
She notices that you are still slowly sliding your finger in and out of my
anus and watches, amazed. I slide off you and turn around to kiss you as
you sit up.

I pad over to my purse and the bags of gifts we had brought with us and
rummage around until I find the little bag Iíd brought, just in case. I
arrive back at the bed and find Ivy stroking her hand up and down the
length of your penis. Dumping the bag out onto the bed, I show Ivy a large
blue dildo, a large red dildo, a slender butt-plug, and a bottle of
lubricant. I turn around so my bottom faces you both and I kneel on the
bed, naturally spreading the cleft of my ass apart.

When I least expect it, your tongue dives into the crevice to ravenously
lick and kiss the opening. I squirm with pleasure. Ivy gasps and watches
intently. With a final flourish, you lick a wide swath from the perineum
to the little dimple where my cheeks come together.

Retreating, you open the bottle of lubricant and place a dollop at the
opening. Gently, you slide a finger inside me again. Working your finger
in and out, you continue until you can slowly slide two fingers in. It is
so tight that it takes a moment for me to adjust. You are patient and
continue to slide the fingers in and out at a slow pace. I moan in
pleasure, and you increase your pace. You remove Ivyís hand from your
penis and guide her to stroke my clitoris. I moan as the touch of Ivyís
hand magnifies the sensations.

You remove your fingers from my ass and coat the blue dildo with
lubricant. You position it at the narrowing opening and slowly nudge it in
and out until I can take it inside me. When it slips past the ring of
muscle, I gasp at the intensity. You lovingly begin to fuck me with the
dildo. The sight of me with the dildo in my ass, Ivy fingering my
clitoris, and the slick wetness of my pussy is too much. You come up
behind me and slide your penis into my dripping vagina. My breathing is
ragged. You press the base of the dildo to your belly, and fuck me as if
you have grown another penis, both sliding in and out of me in unison.
Ivyís hand speeds up and Iím coming, so hard that I feel Iíll faint. My
arms canít hold me any longer. I slump forward, and you keep right on
fucking me. I cry out for you to slow down.

Ivy comes around the bed, and kisses you. Then she kisses me and lays
down offering her pussy for me to kiss. You are only slowly fucking me
now, so I lower my mouth to her pussy and lick. This is the first time
Iíve ever kissed another women in this intimate place before. I lick
tentatively at first, but soon I discover what Ivy likes. I feel you lean
forward and place the lubricant and the butt-plug near my hand.

I put my hands on Ivyís bottom and roll her back farther. I lick my way
down from her clitoris, lapping at the opening to her vagina. I teasingly
slide my tongue back over her perineum and down to her anus. I kiss her
exactly as you kissed me earlier. She squeals with delight.

I drop my hands from her ass to pick up the lubricant. She likes my
tongue there so much that she grasps the back of her legs and pulls her
knees toward her head. I take advantage of her enthusiasm and continue
licking. You see this and start to pump in and out of me a bit more

With my hands free, I open the lubricant, coat the butt-plug, and place
a glob on the tip of my finger. I stop licking, but before Ivy can
protest, I place the cool lubricant at the opening of her anus and gently
begin to probe. I rub the pad of my finger in small circles and gently
push. Her little pucker is resistant, but begins to give under my gentle
pressure. Itís hard to concentrate, as you are excited watching us and
once again sliding both your penis and the blue dildo in and out of me at a
fairly intense pace.

My finger finally slides in. I probe very slowly at first, but Ivy
wiggles her bottom so much that I start to really let her have it. I slide
my finger out, and the butt-plug replaces it. I push it all the way in,
filling her. It isnít very big, but it is a surprise to her, being a lot
cooler to the touch than my finger. I pull it out a bit and slide it home
again. Ivy has adjusted rather easily to the butt-plug, so you lean over
me again, impaling me fully on both your penis and the dildo, and hand me
the red dildo.

I coat the dildo with lubricant. I slide the butt-plug out for the
final time. She moans with disappointment at its absence, but instead I
slowly give her the fullness of the dildo. She gasps as I nudge it
forward, rocking the head in and out gently. She gasps as it finally
passes the ring of muscle at the opening. I slowly move it into her,
letting her take as much as she can comfortably. I slide it in and out of
her, and she moans with every stroke. You fuck me at the same speed and
depth as I am fucking her. You slide your penis out of me but continue to
fuck me with the dildo for a moment. You ask Ivy to turn over and get in
the same position Iím in. I help her hold the dildo in place as she
maneuvers into place. You take out a condom and roll it on. I move to
help you slide into her vagina, but she is so wet that you donít need any

You slide into her as if she were me and find that your penis bottoms
out much sooner. You control your thrusts to accommodate her body. I let
you have the dildo, and you place it against your belly as before, fucking
Ivy with the dildo and your penis at the same time. She cries out-- it is
too much for her. She is smaller than I am, and it is harder for her to
take both at once. After a few more strokes, you pull out and use just the
dildo. You caress her bottom and tell her to keep the dildo inside, and if
she likes what we do next, you will do it with her too.

You remove the blue dildo from me as I lay down on my stomach. You
remove the condom and straddle my bottom and position to enter me. I gasp
as your penis fills me. The dildo is smaller in girth than you are, and it
takes a moment for me to adjust. You nibble my neck and ears, and you
groan as the tight ring of muscle contracts around you in response to your
attentions. I turn my head to kiss you. You ravish me with kisses, your
tongue penetrating my mouth. You thrust into me more vigorously. I moan
happily in response. After a few minutes, you pull out and you lay down on
your back.

I know what youíre wanting. I squat over your penis, positioning my
pucker over the head. I impale myself on you. Ivy gasps, astounded at the
sight. You laugh and tell Ivy that you have loved this position ever since
I learned to do it from taking Tai Chi classes.

I gingerly move up and down the length of you as I adjust to this new
position. Ivy lying on her side, beside us, reaches around and starts to
pump the red dildo in and out of herself. Seeing her doing this, you
thrust up to meet my movements. Our fucking becomes more intense, as I can
feel your penis rubbing against the membrane separating the two canals of
my body and stimulating my G-spot from behind. It is so overwhelming, I
can hardly remember to breathe. I frantically stroke my clitoris, building
toward climax. With a deep stroke, impaling myself on your whole length, I
come. You hold onto my shoulders to help steady me as I lose myself in
pleasure. Ivy has stopped plunging the dildo in and out and is in the
throes of an orgasm, her hand a blur, as she grinds her clitoris against
her pelvic bone.

As Ivy and I recover, you help me slide up and off of your cock. I lie
and watch you as you help Ivy position herself, kneeling on the edge of the
bed. You fuck her slowly with the dildo and ask her if she wants to have
you there. She affirms her desire. You slide the dildo out. She giggles
in anticipation. You place the head at her opening and slowly start to
push your way in. As the head of your penis passes through the ring of
muscle, she cries out. You proceed slowly, helping her adjust to the added
girth. I roll towards her, and reaching underneath, I fondle her breasts.
My other hand snakes its way down and burrows into her pussy until I find
the hard nub of her clitoris. The circular motions of my hand on her
clitoris help her to relax and take more of you. You slowly begin to pump
in and out of her. She is so tight it is difficult at first, because you
donít want to hurt her.

I slide my head under her and take a nipple into my mouth, she arches
her back in response and her little pucker loosens. You grasp her hips
with your hands and fuck her harder than before. She moans and tells you
she loves it. Thrusting into such a tight little bottom is bringing you
close to the edge, but you want to finish with your ultimate fantasy of
"big bottom-little bottom," so you call to me.

I understand what you want, and I kneel in the same position as Ivy,
with the sides of our thighs touching, both bottoms, displayed there for
you to have. You slide your penis out of Ivy and scoot over and slide it
into me. Fucking me for about fifteen strokes. You slide back over into
Ivy. You pump her ass with twenty firm, body-rocking strokes. Then back
to me, slamming into me six or so times and then smacking my ass with the
flat of your hand, a few more strokes and back to Ivy. This time you bend
over her and reach around to finger her clitoris. She is so hot by now
that she immediately throws back her head and cries out in orgasm. You
ride her ass right through her orgasm, but your own is getting really

You slide out of her and into me. I contract the muscles at the opening
of my anus and you slam into me with such passionate force that I fall
forward onto the bed. You follow me, straddling me, fucking me. You bury
your whole length into my ass as you nuzzle your face into the back of my
neck. You slam into me hard and fast as your orgasm comes. I bury my hand
into my pussy, finding my clitoris, and follow you into a mind-blowing

"Oh my God, we have got to pull over and stop somewhere," Aaron said, "I
have to have you right now."

"We are never going to get there on time," I whined.

"I donít care anymore," he said as he grabbed my hand and pressed it to
his incredibly hard penis.

"Oh, poor thing, itís restrained in there and suffocating," I cooed. I
unbuttoned and unzipped Aaronís jeans and released his throbbing penis. I
leaned over and took the head in my mouth. Aaron lovingly stroked my hair
as I swirled my tongue around the head. "Keep your eyes on the road," I

I cupped his testicles in my hand and I took all of him in my mouth. He
moaned as I increased the suction, bobbing my head up and down on his lap.
I move my hand from his testicles, grasped the shaft, and began to move my
hand in synchronization with my mouth. Aaron groaned and begged me not to
stop. I swirled my tongue around the head and dove down the length taking
him until he hit the back of my throat. I rode up and down the shaft a few
more times and Aaron cried out as he came.

Aaron sighed as I helped zip him up. "You must have liked my story,
because I was barely able to swallow it all," I said.

"Tell me another story," he said and I laughed.

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