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CARDGAME thick and his hands were well suited


The Card Game (FM+, oral) (c)2002 - Satin

This is a work of adult fiction and should be read only by adults. If
you are not permitted to read sexually explicit erotica due to your age or
location, then please do not continue reading.

It is also original fiction written by me. Please do not repost this on
another site without my permission.

hot_satin@ NOSPAM

Sylvia wasn't sure about Tom betting in the high-stakes card game. He
had been playing cards each week with a group of college buddies and this
week she was invited to attend as hostess. Each week a different
girlfriend served drinks and snacks to all the guys while they played. Tom
hadn't really told her much about the weekly games and she never knew how
much he won or lost but she did know that that he was always excited when
he came home and they had some of the best sex ever after these weekly

The guys had been drinking beer and playing cards for a couple hours and
the bidding started going higher and higher. Sylvia just wasn't sure what
would happen if Tom bid too high and lost the game. She knew he only had
about fifty dollars in his wallet because they had gone out to dinner the
night before and spent part of their monthly entertainment budget.

As she brought out the last tray of snacks for the evening, Tom looked
at her with disappointment on his face.

"I did it, Syl," he mumbled. "I thought I had a winning hand for sure,
but Joe, here, beat me fair and square with his four Queens. I'm not sure
how I'll pay up tonight."

Joe chuckled and the guys all gave each other conspiratorial winks as
they looked at Sylvia in her shiny silver dress. She had worn the sexy
outfit especially for Tom. He liked showing her off to his friends and she
liked knowing he'd have fun taking it off when they got home after the card

"I think we know a way you can pay off your little gambling debt, Tom,"
said Brad. "Maybe there's one more snack we can all enjoy tonight. Then
we'll call it even."

Tom explained to Sylvia that it was her turn to be the snack. She
didn't know whether to be excited or furious with Tom, but then realized
that there had been several other weekly card games before this one.
Apparently all the other girlfriends had been hostesses before her. They,
too, had played the part of the little midnight snack. Tom held her close
and kissed her, first gently, then more insistently as he whispered that he
was sure she would enjoy it. He assured her that nothing would happen that
would hurt her. As he held her close, she could feel his hardness press
against her pelvis.

This excited her and she let Tom pull the shoulder straps of her dress
down. He kissed her nipples as they stuck up above the black bra she was
wearing. It was designed to lift her breasts so they had almost showed
each time she bent over the table to serve the guys. Little had she known
that all of them would see them before the night was over. She hadn't worn
panties that night, thinking that it would be even more exciting for Tom to
see her lift her skirt on the way home. She had a short black slip on so
the dress hadn't been completely see-through. Tom let the dress slip off
her, down to the floor. He continued kissing her nipples and could tell
she was starting to enjoy this surprise.

Indeed, Sylvia was beginning to enjoy this. Tom helped her up onto the
card table and explained that the guys just wanted one last snack before
returning home to their wives and girlfriends. This was why he was always
excited when he came home from one of these games. They had been enjoying
this kind of fun after every one of the games so far.

Joe came over to the table first and bent down to kiss her inner thigh.
Sylvia felt a tingle as his tongue traced a line up toward her neatly
trimmed pussy. He licked her outer lips and softly ran his tongue over her
clit. She arched her back as her legs spread wider - wanting him to press
harder. He slid his tongue in and then firmly licked across her clit and
she let out a little moan. This brought a round of applause from the other
four guys, Tom included.

Next it was Sal's turn. The well-built Italian obviously worked out.
His arms were thick and his hands were well-suited for the heavy lifting he
did at his job at the dock. He ran his tongue quickly up Sylvia's inner
thigh and firmly planted his mouth over her waiting lips. Sylvia's body
was acting on its own, now. Her hips rose up to meet Sal's mouth and he
took that opportunity to slowly slide a thick finger deep inside her. She
was already wet enough that it easily slid in and he moved it around a bit
as he gently suckled her clit.

Tom and Joe had taken this opportunity to move up beside her and each
nibbled on her exposed nipples. Tom knew how much she enjoyed having her
nipples teased and having one man sucking on each breast was more than she
had ever bargained for.

Fred was next in line. He was almost drooling in anticipation of
tasting Tom's special snack. He had always thought Sylvia was gorgeous and
had been wondering, over the past several weeks, how yummy a snack she
would be. He teased her by starting at her ankle. He enjoyed seeing women
dress up and wear sexy shoes and Sylvia hadn't disappointed him. Her
silver shoes were perfect with the shiny dress she had been wearing. Fred
nibbled his way up her leg until he reached his snack for the evening. He
slipped his tongue deep inside her, tasting her juices. He was right, she
was delicious. He could have stayed there for hours, licking and sucking,
but after just a few minutes he had to relinquish his snacking to Tony.

Fred and Sal were now gently sucking on Sylvia's nipples. She didn't
know how much longer she could take the exploration of her body. This was
more than she had ever encountered and she had been totally unprepared for
this level of excitement. She lay on the card table wondering how the
other women had managed to make it through evenings just like this one.
She was amazed that none of them had called to warn her. Maybe they were
sworn to silence until each of them had taken their first surprise turn.
She would be sure to call Marla in the morning. Maybe they could plan some
surprises of their own for future card games.

In the meantime, Tony had crawled up on the table to get a better angle
for his snack. He liked being "up close and personal" with all the
midnight snacks. He used his fingers to gently pull her lips apart and
then flattened his tongue and slowly licked across her outstretched pussy all the way up to her now achingly hard clit. He flicked the tip of her
tongue across her clit. He would speed up and then slow down as soon as he
felt her pushing against him. He was just supposed to have a little snack.
The main course would be Tom's after they all left. This had been the
original agreement when Tony had first suggested these little snacks. His
girlfriend, Marla, had been the first. They had actually planned it
together as a surprise for his buddies. She wasn't sure how the other
women would take it, but they had all agreed to maintain a pact of silence
until each had served as hostess for an evening. So far, there hadn't been
any complaints, and it didn't look like Sylvia was going to be complaining,

When Tony felt that Sylvia couldn't take it any more, he backed away and
let Tom reach out to hold her. The guys all patted him on the back and
thanked him for a terrific evening especially the snacks. They quickly let
themselves out the front door.

Tom suggested that Sylvia go upstairs with him to their bedroom, but she
insisted that he have his main course right there on the card table. He
quickly took advantage of the situation and feasted on her - alternately
sliding his tongue into her and then sucking on her clit until she had one
of the strongest orgasms she could remember. The guys hadn't even made it
to their cars when they heard her scream. Chuckling among themselves, they
commented that all their wives and girlfriends had done the same thing. If
they were going to keep this up, they might need to invest in a stronger
card table.

Inside, Sylvia was busy pulling Tom up the stairs to their bedroom. She
had a grip on the front of his pants and was struggling to unzip the
zipper. The night was still young and she hadn't had her snack yet!!

Sylvia couldn't wait for the next time it was her turn to play hostess!!


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