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CAROL, mom & ME ] CHAPTER 118

I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....THERE ARE NO MISSING CHAPTERS. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will ALL flow into each other as you will

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM



Carol woke and decided to take a ride to her shop. Last minute details.
I told her to maybe take Nikki along. Dan was still gone, and she could
use the company. Yeah! Good idea Billy. See ya later. She leaned and
kissed me. sister to brother, lover to lover.

mom and her sister were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee now as I
walked in. Both still in dusters. What the hell is this? I asked. Its
almost the middle of the damn afternoon and two lazy women still not
dressed and cooking and slaving?

Where the hell is my whip?

You whipped us enough last night sir, mom laughed. I leaned and kissed
her. Patti watching intently over her coffee cup.

I went behind her and leaned to kiss her also. Reaching around her to
cradle her tits. I knew mom was wondering if I would give her the

It crossed my mind, but I thought I would save my energy for later. At
least that was MY plan. Carol's going to the shop and taking Nikki with
her for a few hours. Oh poor boy, his OTHER main squeeze gone for the
afternoon. What will a poor boy do now?

Suffer, I said. Going into the parlor hoping to watch a ball game.

There I was, laid back, minding my own busines on the couch. Setttled
in to watch an innocent ball game. The next thing I knew, I was beseiged
by mom and her sister on each side of me. Oh look at those small balls
those guys are trying to hit. How silly, mom said. They could use these
balls instead and maybe make a GOOD score. mom had my balls out and in her
hand in a flash.

Yes. I think it would be better to use THESE balls for a nice game. Uh
Oh. Now Patti moved in and knelt at my side. Her tits right in my face
with her opened duster.

I think the ref needs to really see the messages from these BULLETins
she smiled. Urging her nipple into my mouth. Now, with mom's stroking, my
cock was hard and Patti eased herself over to straddle me. Both hands
locked behind my neck. mom held my cock as Patti lowered her warm pussy down on it. Her eyes closing and opening quickly as she slid down.

OOOOOH I think we got a home fucking run here, she smiled. Now, she
settled down and made my cock at home inside her. Leaning foward to kiss
me. Want to fuck a pitiful slave? She laughed. We toiled like hell in
the kitchen. Now we need a reward?

Her hips slowly rose and grippped tighter as she slid down again. Oh it
felt nice. mom was sitting to my side with her arm on my shoulder.

Nice pussy huh, Billy?

OOOHHH hell yes. I moaned. Giving in to their full frontal assault.
Much better than any ol silly ball game huh?

Patti was really enjoying it. Her smiling face as she moved in many
directions on my raging cock.

OOOOHH You feel good Billy.

She pressed closer to me and forced my face into her wonderful tits.
Sliding faster up and down on me.

I could feel her juices dripping down to my crotch and thighs now.

OOOHHH Damn, Billy...OOOOHHH. Am I glad I came here this weekend. mom seemed happy that her sister was happy.

Soon Patti started to move faster on my cock. Her eyes were closing and
she moaned much more. Oh, you're making her cum again Billy. Fuck her.
My hips trying hard to shove up to her, as she slammed down hard on me.

OOOOHHH Patti, I moaned. Her eyes opened as she pulled me tight and
kissed me. Her tongue fluttering in and out of my mouth as she came on my
thrusting cock. Moaning all through our tight kiss.

I felt her pussy squeezing hard. Shaking inside as she fucked me.
Feeling like the life was being fucked and sucked right out of me now.

mom was urging me to shoot into her sister. Give it to her honey.
Shoot. My cock was already letting loose. Patti slammed and slammed down
on me. Finally stiffening and kissing me hard as she came. Shuddering all
through her body.

Now slowly moving back and forth on my cock as she came down from her
glorious cum.

Our juices spread and soaked my entire groin. Finally she eased off my
cock and stood up. Her face flushed and deep red. Her tits and chest

Looking down at me now, her hands moving over her tits. Her pussy glistening. Her mound matted with the swollen lips of her pussy showing

Oh God, Billy. Oh God, it was nice. I came and came. Her hands now
cupping her tits. Their fullness and very hard nipples. A woman in the
afterglow of loving.

mom had gone for a washcloth and began to clean my groin. Kneeling
there in front of me.

Smiling softly as she went about doing her job. Delicately, and the
businesslike manner in which she raised my soft cock to wash underneath.

Then she turned with another cloth, still on her knees and washed her
sister's pussy and mound. When she was all done, she leaned forward and
licked Patti's pussy tenderly.

I watched as Patti's eyes closed at this unexplected pleasure being
given by mom. Her hands still cupping her tits as she writhed to mom's

I had been laying back on the couch watching this scene. Two women in
the midst of what women do to each other in their love. It dawned on me
that Patti had now accepted this world of woman to woman love. mom and her
must have had a long talk upstairs.

I realized mom was also doing this right now for my benefit too.

Loving her sister. Licking her as she liked being licked and sucked so
much. mom was giving. Giving over to her sister all her love and

Mom's hands reaching up to share holding Patti's tits as she pressed her
mouth into her sister. Both their hands now caressing Patti's tits.

Her moaning. Her gyrating at mom's intrusive mouth into her womanhood.
Mom eased Patti down to the couch. Never leaving her sister's mound. I
noticed a glance at me from mom, thoroughly enjoying her work on her
sister. Her own ass up in the air.....inviting.

I hoped this cock beginning to stir would be enough for her right now. I
knew mom wanted it in her right this minute. This minute, while she was
tasting and loving her sister. Now, mom's right hand was blindly reaching
to find my cock. Her mouth still buried into her moaning and writhing

mom began to urgently stroke my cock as she sucked her sister. I knew
she wanted me. Her hand cupping and almost hurting my balls in her frenzy.
I got up and knelt behind her and worked my way into her constantly moving

UUUUUMMMMM she let out a loud moan, as she raised her head from Patti's
pussy for a second. I fucked her hard. Pushing her body back and forth
over Patti's pussy as she sucked and licked her.

Patti was almost screaming by now as mom did her. Now mom moving back
and forth harder and faster to get all my cock as she could. Wiggling,
pumping at me. Moaning into her sister. Her wet velvet pussy walls were
caressing my cock wonderfully.

Patti's head rolling from side to side with her orgasm. Humping up into
mom's mouth. Seeing me in her glazed eyes fucking into mom.

OOOOHHH Shit. OOOOHHH Jeanie honey...OOOHHH shit. Her pussy humping
incessantly to mom's mouth as she finally and slowly came down from her
cum. mom urging my cock on to more and more thrusting into her.

Raising her head and looking up into her sister's face now as she too,
started to cum around my thrusting cock.

Patti caressing mom's face. Looking up to me as I buried into mom and
spurted. mom froze as she milked my cock. Moaning to mix with my own.

Her pussy lips kissing my cock as I slid slower and slower into her now.
Patti stroking mom's head buried into her belly.

Feelings of both mom and me sharing our own afterglow ourselves, as her
pussy caressed my cock so lovingly now. Again, our juices deep inside her.
Again her pussy doing its automatic thank yous.

I pulled out and sat back in the easy chair across from the couch.
Spent. Thoroughly sated. Thoroughly pleasured by mom and her sister.

After a while, we all went out to the pool. All still naked. Now
sharing a new set of loving feelings between all of us. Both mom's and
Patti's pussies swollen from their excited adventures.

Again I noticed the tell tale signs of women. Their swolen pussy lips,
their softer voices. The slowness of their movements now. The slowing of
their eye blinking. Their nipples proudly displaying their dutiful job of
exciting men.

I eased mom to lay on a mattress and straddled her to give her a body
rub. Wanting to please her, touch her, let her feel my love.

Patti watched my loving ministrations on mom. Leaning back on the
lounge. Her beautiful body fully exposed to my glances. Fully offered to
me at any time now.

After about 15 minutes, I got off mom and then urged Patti for the same
treatment. Straddling her also, as I did mom. My cock laying in the crack
of her ass as I began her massage.

We all swam for a while, then mom and Patti went in to prepare dinner. I
suggested another cook out to save a lot of work.

I dozed off in the lounge and woke when I heard Lisa leaving her dad's
car. She was excited. It took a half hour to swap our stories of last
night and today.

Wow! Billy. What a wild night for both of us. She had told me of
making love with her father, and her mother at once.

Her mother wanted to return the nice feelings to her as her dad fucked
her. Her dad apparently was ecstatic when he learned about Lisa going down
on Annette.

He is the one that urged her to do it to Lisa. After a couple of
urgings from him, and seeing his cock in her daughter's ass, Annette was
too excited and hot to say no. She went with the feelings of the moment
and knelt down and Licked Lisa as her dad fucked her.

It blew my mind, Billy. It really did. There I was, sitting on dad's
cock, facing his feet. His cock so deep in my ass I almost had to scream.
He fucked me hard, Billy. Then mom leaned down in front of me and licked
my pussy while dad still fucked me in the ass. Oh God, I came all over
th4e place. mom just kept sucking my whole pussy as dad rammed in deep and
stayed there. I felt him shooting way up inside me, as I was cumming into
mom's mouth. Oh fucking wow! What a night, Billy. After a while, dad did
mom and I did her the same way.

After that, we were all exhausted, and fell asleep. Wouldn't you know
dad woke me up with his cock in me? We fucked again before my eyes were
hardly open.

I had told her about mom doing her sister. Wow. When I mentioned about
a couple hours ago, doing it again Lisa flipped.

After a while, both mom and Patti came out to join us. Still just
wearing the dusters. Everything's ready when we decide to eat Billy. Now,
all three women started their inevitable gabbing.

I still needed rest. I knew tommorrow would be a long day with the
women. Not even counting what they might have planned for tonight. I was
glad it was only Saturday, and still had a day to recover.

I leaned and kissed Lisa, then mom and Patti. mom reached for my cock
as usual. Want me later Honey? Yes, mom. I smiled down at her. I would
ALWAYS want my mother. no matter what.

Twenty minutes later, Lisa came up to rest with me. Just holding each
other for a needed recuperation.

Feeling so nice being able to lay naked, with the woman you love.
Several hours later, mom was waking us to come out to eat.

Your mom called honey, mom said to Lisa. We talked for a while. I told
her you were up resting with Billy. From what she tells me, you needed the
rest as much as Billy, mom laughed.

By the looks I saw between dad and Patti, I knew she would be with him
tonight. I wondered if mom would, also.

Carol called saying she was staying late at the shop, to wait for Bobby
when he finished work tonight.

Before long, we were all out on the deck at the pool. Lisa sitting
across my lap. Somehow seeming to stake me out for the night.

mom and Patti were sticking close to dad anyway.

We were all listening to the music. I noticed mom and Patti smiling and
whispering. Soon, both of them came over to me, and asked Lisa to borrow
me for a few minutes. Lisa stood and they pulled me out of the lounge
chair. Making me lay on an air mattress. We owe him from this morning
they laughed. Billy gave us both nice backrubs. Now its our turn.

mom sat on my ass, as Pati knelt in front of my head. Tight against her
pussy. They both began to give me a four hand back rub. It felt nice.
This went on for about 10 minutes while Lisa and dad, sitting together now,

Then mom made me roll over. Patti deliberately straddled my face, as
mom spread my legs. Patti's pussy sliding over my entire face. mom and
Patti began massaging my chest and stomach. Then, as Patti's now wet pussy found my mouth, she eased even tighter to it. I started probing up into
her slit with my tongue, as mom massaged my hardening cock, and groin,
watching us.

Don't laugh, honey, she yelled to dad. You're next for OUR treatment.
Mom's massage on my cock felt nice. Not really demanding. Mostly
pleasuring, and slow. A cock massage from my own mother. How I loved it.

My mouth became full with the dripping of Patti's pussy juices. I could
feel her shivering as I licked her slit. She had raised her pussy and
seemed to guide it so that I would have to zero in on her clit. I felt the
little hard button with the tip of my tongue and flicked it.

Patti shivered, and moaned. My hands were on her hips as her whole
pussy covered my mouth and face.

I felt lips descending down on my cock now. Warm mouth, and flicking
tongue. Lips up and down the sides, and back to the sensitive tip. Soft
fingers caressing my cock and balls as mom sucked me. Patti was sliding
back and forth on my mouth moaning loudly. I felt her shudder and spasm
and then spurts of her juices flowing profusely around and in my mouth as
she came again. mom was sucking me wonderfully. Her fingers now
delicately stroking my cock as she sucked the tip and nibbled it. Her
perfect kisses of love and sex. It wasn't long before I was shooting into
her urging mouth. Still, her fingers stroking softly. Urging my cum out
of my balls. Patti had now risen off my face and I could see mom kneeling
between my legs, sucking my entire cock and rolling her tongue over it
inside her mouth. Trying to get all the drops of my explosion. Her eyes
smiling softly up at me.

I raised up and sat as I came down from my cum. Her head still in my
lap now, as she caressed my cock softly.

Feel nice honey? I stroked her head and hair.

Patti was now talking with dad. Lisa was sitting near, moping now.
Thanks mom! You just sucked Billy's cum that I was hoping for in a while.

Oh, well! I'm sorry honey. I thought you and him already..... No, not

I went to her and leaned down to kiss her. I'll do my best for you
later honey. I promise. I said it so that mom and Patti could hear me.

AND THAT MEANS JUST FOR HER TONIGHT! Uh Oh Jeanie, sounds like Billy
means business! Now they concentrated on dad, and forcing HIM to lay on
the mattress for HIS treatment.

This time, it was mom with her pussy into his head, and Patti on his ass
rubbing his back. Dad loved the feeling of both of them rubbing his back.

When they forced him over on his back, mom straddled his face as Patti
had done to me, and Patti was now beginning to stroke and suck his raging
hard cock.

I was worn. I reached for Lisa's hand and we said good night. Going
upstairs to bed.

Both of us laying there, holding each other tight, and after quite a
while, making nice love. Our minds spinning, thinking of all the events of
the past couple of days.

Especially for Lisa, who now was openly sharing woman to woman sex with
my sister, mom, and her own mother.

I realized that she felt rather comfortable with it. Watching her
explode as mom licked and sucked her. Remembering her feelings when Carol
first had done it to her. There seemed to be a whole new set of feelings
between the women, now. All of them loving to make love, as much as us
men. Eager for it, even. Now, that they were all licking each other, along
with me or dad fucking them at the same time, added a whole new dimension.

Lisa and I laid in silence. Holding each other tightly. Her tits pressed into my chest.

My hand had been stroking lazily up and down her back. I love you Lisa
Mancini. I love you too, Billy Condon.

Later, Lisa had gotten up to take a piss. Billy, why not put the
monitor on honey, See what the noise is all about I heard out in the hall?

I flicked the remote and there was dad, on his knees behind Patti as she
was between her sister's legs, licking her pussy. Dad was holding Patti's
hips as he thrust into her. Patti was sliding back and forth to him. mom was writhing on the bed as Patti licked her, and her eyes kept fluttering.
Her hands playing with her own tits. Looking up and seeing dad fucking her
sister too.

OOOOHHH Hot, Billy. Your dad's fucking the hell out of Patti. OOOHH
Just like he did to me. OOOOHHH he fucks hard when he does it like that,
Billy! I almost taste him in my throat when he fucks me from the back like
that, she laughed.

Billy honey? Yeah, would you put it in my ass while we watch them? I
can bend over here and we can both watch at the same time? Her hand
reaching for my cock once again. Hoping to get me hard for her.

It didn't take long, watching the three of them on the screen. Lisa
quickly bent and knelt so I could slide into her tight ass. Not even
easing it in, she rammed hard and quick to take me all the way in, in
almost one push. Wow, honey. OOOHHH

You're so fucking deep in me. OOOOHHH I didn't hurt you? Just a little
honey. Her ass squeezed and began to slowly thrust back against me as we
watched Patti doing the same to dad. Her head rising and dipping into mom,

I moved Lisa so that she was laying now, with a pillow under her hips to
raise her for me. Slowly, we fucked. Pleasing her, pleasing my hard cock
once again. Watching mom, dad and Patti making their love.

OOOOHHH Billy, honey, OOOOHHH It feels nice in there. Makes my pussy throb too. OOOOHH Billy I like it. Now I know why mom likes it so much.
OOOOHHH Billy....take me honey. I'm all yours baby.

OOOOHHH Honey, think of it. We have a whole lifetimee time to love like

Stroke after gentle stroke into her ass. I felt my cock begin to stir
into its series of spasms. Lisa felt my cock expanding in her ass and knew
I was almost there...OOOOHH Honey, go ahead. Fill my ass with your juice.
Shoot it honey. Suddenly, my cock burst. I exploded deep in her ass, and
felt my cum spreading all over my embedded cock and around the walls of her

OOOOHHH Billy.....OOOOhhh it looks like your dad is cumming in her right
now too honey, look!

He was. I was exploding hard into Lisa's ass as dad was also cumming in
Patti. I felt Lisa's spasms that also included her pussy as she began to
rapidly fuck back against me.

Oh honey! I was spurting harder than normal, right now. So hard, it
was beginning to make my balls begin to ache. I felt them jambed up so
tight to my groin, as I finally emptied in her. I fell back on my legs.
Panting hard. Lisa, not realizing my discomfort as she turned to cuddle
now. Oh, honey....This one was so powerful, that my balls are starting to
hurt. mom was now kneeling, her sister sucking her tits, sitting astride
her. Dad was now going to his side of their bed to lay down.

Honey, I need to take a bath. Maybe it will help soothe my balls. Is
it my fault honey? No, baby. I was really excited being inside you, and
watching all of them on the screen too. I really shot hard this time baby.
Not like usual.

We went into the bathroom and took a bath with me, and softly washed my
cock and balls. After a while, the warm water did make them feel better.

I felt you shooting in me honey, I kind of thought it felt really
strong. It was baby. I was really excited. She was sitting with her legs
spread over mine in front of me. Her pussy inches from my cock, as she
softly caressed it. Trying to make me feel better.

I asked her to stand up and then washed her whole pussy for her. I
reached to the side of the tub and found the razor and small scissors, and
trimmed her.

I knew how much this meant to her, saving her a lot of aggravation. I
enjoyed trimming all the girls. Usually licking and sucking them

This time, I only leaned forward and licked her slit, with my hands
caressing her hips, for a few moments. Then we got out of the tub.

Soon, we were back in bed and finally on our way to sleep.


It was Lisa who roused me the next morning for a change. She had been
laying at my side,. Her head resting on her raised hand and elbow. Her
other hand stroking my hair.

As I blinked my eyes into the new day, Good morning sweetheart. Then
she leaned over and kissed me. Laying her head on my chest. Her pretty
face inches from mine. She laid on me, her tits softly pressed into my
chest, with no words. I put my arm under her head and my other over her as
I sat up and craddled her. I held her like this for a while. Just looking
at each other and occassional kissing.

Then, a soft knock at the door.

It was Patti. She had just come from taking a shower, and had one of
mom's dusters on, but not bothering to button it. Her golden hair still
showed signs of drying, and her body had the reddish hue from the hot

Mind if I come in for a few minutes? Sure Patti, Lisa said. Sitting up
now, next to me. Patti laid on the bed alongside me. Leaning to give me a
nice kiss. I'll be leaving in a few hours honey. I probably won't see
either of you until the wedding. I have a lot to do at home, and hoping my
new honey will be there when I get back.

Her hand was stroking up and down my stomach as she talked. It was
really nice yesterday Billy. Its been a long time since I had orgasms like
I did.

She looked over at Lisa. You have one hell of a lover here honey. Yes,
I know, Patti. I love him too. Now Patti's hand had travelled to my cock
and she was caressing it tenderly. Her fingers feeling so nice, stroking,
craddling, and rolling my balls softly in them. Then she gripped it
softly, still Looking at Lisa. This is a really nice one Billy. It fills
me so. Makes me really feel nice inside. Me too, Lisa added. I love
Billy inside me. Pattti's hand still delicately stroking all over my cock.

Lisa? Yeah Patti? Would you mind if I went down on Billy? Oh No,
Patti. Sure if you want to. Smiling at her.

I know Billy loves it. Patti looked into my eyes. Well, this might be
the last time I do this for you Billy. After all, you'll be an old married man the next time I see you.

I smiled back. Her hand now caressing a little more demanding. She
eased herself down to between my legs. Using both her hands to now
pleasantly stroke my cock as she looked up to Lisa and me. I enjoy a man in my mouth Billy. How about you Lisa?

Yes. I do. I love feeling Billy in my mouth. Patti stroked me softly
and then softly lowered her warm mouth halfway down my cock.

It felt electric. Watching her and sharing it with Lisa, also intently
watching her.

I love to feel a man's cock throbbing and its hardness as I lick him.
Feel him filling my mouth like he fills my pussy. How about you, Lisa?

Oh yeah. I really like it too. I like the idea that my mouth and
tongue can make him cum. Tasting my man. Feeling his balls emptying as I
suck him. Oh, it exites me. Patti lowered her mouth straight down on my
cock now. Looking at both of us. A twinkle in her eyes. Her fingers
craddling my balls. She had managed to take my whole cock in her mouth.
Holding it there. Feeling her tongue working all over it inside her mouth.
My hips now automatically beginning to rise and fall.

My new guy's cock isn't quite this big, Billy, but he makes up for it in
many other ways. Now lowering her mouth softly. This is a lot of fun for
me, right now. sucking my nephew's cock right in front of his about to be

You're doing fine on my Billy, Patti, Lisa smiled.

Now, Patti got into serious sucking and seemed to want me to cum. I had
been writhing to her pleasuring. Lisa leaned over me and kisssed me.
Knowing I would be shooting soon.

OOOOHHH Patti, I moaned. Feelt her mouth sucking up and down. A steady
rythym, forcing my whole groin to feel on fire. Her hands still caressing
over my balls and thighs.

Suddenly I spurted. Hard, once again. I heard Patti start to choke and
then continued to lower her mouth to get the rest of my orgasm.

She held me in her mouth until I was completely empty and my spasms
ended. Her tits massaging my thighs as she held me deep in her throat.

Standing up, the duster wide open and showing her beautiful nakedness.
She smiled. I hope you liked it Billy. At least as much as I liked what
you did for me yesterday.

I'll see you guys downstairs, and she left.


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