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CAROL, mom & ME 81

Bobby and me made a bee line for the hospital cafeteria as soon as we
got there. I bought several cups of coffee to go, and a couple of
sandwiches. I split the load with Bobby as we went up the elevator to
Carol's floor. I greeted the nurses again and gave them each a cup of
coffee. Oh thanks, Billy. We could use a cup right about now. I
purposely lingered and talked with them about my sister.

I also mentioned that we just had dinner downstairs at the cafeteria.
Our family was taking shifts to eat.

Part 1 of alibi done.

We left the nurses to see Carol now. mom and dad were still there, and
mom's sister Patti.

I gave them a hug, as Bobby held the rest of the coffee cups.

Carol was resting, and they had changed her gown and dressings. I
looked at her chopped, once beautifully long blond hair. It was chopped in
a hurry, but to my mind it reminded me of the usual butch lezzie style. I
hoped that it would grow quick. I leaned and kissed her on the cheek. Her
eyes opened and she once again tried to smile. It was evident that smiling
caused her a lot of pain, still.

I looked over at dad now. I eased my way past Patti, kissing mom on the
cheek. Dad was near the corner of the room. I whispered that it was over.
He looked at me with wide eyes. I'll tell you about it later, I said.

Look, mom, We'll be right up. Bobby wants to see Jimmy right now. OK,

We went back to the elevators and down to Jimmy's floor. We did the
same with the nurses there. More coffee to them, and showing exasperation
of going from floor to floor visiting both Carol and Jimmy.

Part 2 of alibi underway.

Lisa and her parents were still there. I kissed her and looked at
Jimmy. They now had him propped up and he looked a little better. The
bandages were changed and now smaller that the original ones.

There were still large bruises all over his chest with several nasty
looking cuts. I thought immediately what we did to the BASTARDS' chests in
full payment.

I looked at Jimmy's jaw. One side was still swollen badly. I thought
of the BASTARD'S jaw that I kicked and split open.

Suddenly, I was tired. It all seemed to be hitting me at once. I sat
in a chair and felt dizzy now. Lisa came to my side with her hand on my

I have to go home and lay down hon. I've had it. I just have to get
some rest right now. Well, we were going to leave anyway Billy. Its
getting late. They let us stay longer that we really should anyway.

I stood and smiled at Annette. Bobby was talking with Jack.

We'll drop Bobby off on our way, Jack said. Jack came closer and I
whispered to him that it was over, also. No courtrooms needed, I said.
I'll talk to you in the morning about it, OK. Sure Billy. You look beat.
Go home and sleep.

We'll see all of you tommorrow, I said as Lisa and I left. I knew Bobby
was smart enough to not say anything.

It's over honey, I said as we started out of the parking lot. Lisa
looked over in silence. Over? she finally said.

There won't be any trials. There won't be any testimonies. There won't
be any BASTARD lawyers cutting their BASTARD deals.

Oh mean you........

I didn't answer.

Suddenly, a second thought occurred to me. I quickly stopped at a pay
phone and called Kenny. I got him just as he was going to bed.

Kenny, stay dressed. Get Phil or some of the guys. Get back to the hot
dog place and grab that's asshole's van. It will probably still be parked
there, from when you picked them up. Hide the fucking thing some place
right away. Some place where the cops won't find it or anyone in the
fuck's family. Please, do it right away Kenny. Yeah, Billy, sure. We can
hide it in Donny's barn. Excellent. Hurry.

Done deal Billy. Talk to you in the morning.

I hung up and went back to the car.

Part 3 of the alibi now in operation.

Lisa also looked worn out herself, as we undressed and got in bed. She
didn't ask any more questions, thankfully. I just held her close and put
my hand over her tit, as we both drifted off to sleep.

As usual, I arose early. I let Lisa sleep. I looked at her beautiful
body and face as I was dressing. How much I loved her. How lucky I felt
at having her in my life. I turned on the monitor and saw mom and dad
laying on their backs still sleeping. mom now wearing a nightgown.

I went down in the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. mom came out on
the pool deck as I sat there thinking. She also had a cup of coffee with

Want to tell me what you did last night?

I looked at her. Feeling guilt, sadness, anxiety at not being able to
tell my mother this story. I can't mom. I just can't.

It must be pretty bad then for my son not to tell his mother. I can't
say mom. Please. She looked at me intently.

All I can probably say mom, is that its over now.

I looked at her and got up to hug her. Mom, I love you so much. I
caressed her head and hair as I stood over her on her chair. I saw dad now
coming through the yard.

The detective just called he said, as he neared the deck. My hands
still caressing mom's head. He said the DNA was back from their samples at
the hospital from Carol. They isolated at least three of the guys with
proof so far.

I looked at dad now. I saw him with a look of wonder at how far we had
gone last night. I saw him wondering if we had just simply beaten the

Billy, will you give me a hand with that big box in the back of the
garage? I want to put it up on one of the shelves. Sure, dad. It was an
excuse to get me away from mom.

What happened last night Billy? Don't worry anymore dad. It's over.
There won't be any trials or courts anymore. Take it to the bank. How bad
did you guys beat them? Bad, dad.

He seemed scared, and somehow relieved at the same time.

Lisa was walking into the yard now with a bathrobe on. Her and mom were
talking as the phone rang. It was Bobby, he was on his way over.

Dad and me walked back up to the deck. He knew that I wouldn't go any
further with questions.

mom said that they were going to do the exams on Carol's female organs
this morning. Oh, I hope she'll be OK. mom holding her hands in her face.
What if she can't have a baby because of this? Oh mom, you're thinking the

Sure her stomach and chest are bruised, but that doesn't mean that it
ruined her insides.

Billy, that bleeding was from her uterus honey. That's always bad when
that happens.....

Lisa brought out the whole pot of fresh coffee now.

I noticed dad staring at me without realizing it. I knew he was
wondering just how far we went.

Bobby's car pulled in the drive now. He had Kenny with him. Hi, Jim,
Hi Jean, he said as they came in the yard.

I engineered an excuse for all three of us to go to the garage. We have
the fucker's van in Donny's barn, right now.

The other car and truck from those fucks are still at the hot dog stand.
We passed them on the way here.

I want to go to the lake again. I want to double check in the fucking
daylight. Yeah, good thinking Billy. I'll call the guys on my cell. Get
your girlfriends too. We have to all act normal. Yeah, OK. Throw one of
those cases of beer in your car, Bobby.

We'll talk down there. Too much going on here right now. Dad and mom know we did something, but they don't know how far we went.

OK, I'll round up the guys and we'll meet you down there. Remember,
just act like nothing's out of order.

I went back to the deck as Bobby pulled out of the drive.

We're going down to the lake for a few hours, I told mom. Feel like
putting some sandwiches in a bag honey? I asked Lisa. Sure Billy. We
won't stay long today. Just need to take a drive and get the hell out for
a little while.

OK honey. I'll stop at the hospital and meet you there on the way back,
OK mom? By then they should know more on how Carol's insides are. Yeah,
OK honey. mom seeming to be staring out in space. Her life completely
fucked up. Through no fault of her own. I leaned down and hugged her

Damn, how terrible I felt inside seeing her hurt so deeply. I almost
hoped we could kill the BASTARDS all over again.

I saw the deep sadness in dad's eyes as he was looking toward the pool.
His life turned upside down also.

Well, mom said. Its time to get dressed and go to the hospital. I want
to be there when she comes out of the exam.

OK, mom. We'll be up later.

I gave her a kiss. Lisa and I took off for the lake.

I could sense the missing happiness between us right now. It was almost
like a cloud over both of us as I drove. I reached over and pulled Lisa
close to me. My hand up and down her arm.

The gang was gathered near the water as we neared the spot. Bobby came
up to the car right away. Lisa was now busy talking with some of the girls now.

Bobby and me took a casual walk to where we buried the BASTARDS. It
looked good. We could still smell faint traces of ammonia. A fucking guy
on a horse will go right by it Bobby.

Fuck, I don't believe we killed all five of those fucks, Billy. Kenny
came up to us as he also looked around.

What do we do with the fucker's van?

Let's go to Donny's later tonight, when I come back from the hospital, I
said. I mentioned that it was Part 4 of the plan.

Now, I reminded the guys to spread the rumor that they heard the
BASTARDS were going to jump bail and skip town. Some of their families had
a whole lot of dough.

The cops would be thinking they all piled into the fuck's van. They
would be looking for that. Especially when they find all the other cars
and trucks at the hot dog stand, still sitting there.

Lisa walked over to us and gave Bobby and me a sandwich and beer. Going
in the water honey? Yeah, for a little while babe.

Just then a woman was walking down the path toward us. She had a Black
Lab on the end of a long leash. I looked right at Bobby and Kenny. They
both knew exactly what I was thinking.

I watched the dog as they walked. He was sniffing as usual, and then
pissed on a tree. Now, he was right near THE SPOT. We were holding our
breath. We all watched now. The dog did usual sniffing of bushes and just
kept walking. He was sneeezing a lot when he got back on the path. I knew
it was caused by the red pepper we spread all over.

We were relieved that the dog just kept going. If a Lab would pass by
with no scent, then we felt sure any other dog also would. Now, I felt a
litle more secure.

I took off my shirt and grabbed Lisa. We ran into the lake.

We swam around for a while, and then I said I would like to get back to
the hospital. She agreed. Both of us wanted to know how Carol's exam
would turn out.

I mentioned to Bobby to have the guys start another bonfire and spread
more ashes around THE SPOT where we had them tied. We have to make sure of
any blood traces. Yeah, we'll do that soon, Billy. See you later. We
said good bye to the friends still there and took off.

Yes. I felt much better watching the dog pass by without picking up the
scent of the BASTARDS.

Lisa seemed a little looser now. Maybe seeing a lot of the girls from
school did it.

The Rape Detective women were just coming out of Carol's room as we came
down the hall. One had a clipboard with her.

I hope you have what you need to nail those slobs, I said to them. Oh,
we have most of what we need now. Your sister just gave us a lot of the
missing information. She's looking better than when we saw her the night
they brought her in. We gave your mom a card for a therapist and a
counselor just in case your sister might need some long term help. These
people are good at what they do. Thanbk you, as more tears welled up in my

She said that they had to get back to the office and offered her hand to

Yes. Carol did look much better now. Her color was back to almost
normal. The bruises on her face were still there, along with the bandages.

mom looked relieved somewhat as she sat there. Hi Honey, she said. Dad
had gone for coffee. Carol's eyes were still black and blue, but seeming
to be healing now. I leaned to kiss her.

They changed the huge bandage that had covered her nipple and tit, to a
much smaller one now.

How are you feeling honey? A little better Billy. I had soup through a
straw a little while ago. Her speech was slurred and slow. Her jaw and
mouth still too messed up to eat. If only I could tell them the BASTARDS
that did all this were now dead. Now under the fucking dirt where the
animals belonged.

Never to Rape or beat anyone ever again.

I casually thought to myself as I sat next to mom....Even if those fucks
came back in another fucking life, NONE of them would have balls or cocks
to fuck with any damn way.

I thought of the jar in my trunk. I wanted to wait for just the right
time to show it to Jack and dad. I looked again at Carol, laying there in
such misery, such pain. Her's and our immediate life completely fucked up.
My only sister. My mom's only daughter. I felt certain we did the right
thing to those BASTARDS.

Dad had come back now with a cup of coffee for mom. It was getting kind
of late, and I said Lisa and me would have something ready for them to eat
when they got back home. We kissed Carol and left.

Nikki came over as she saw my car. We invited them over for a drink and
dinner. I wanted to talk to Dan anyway. He was nervous not knowing what
happened today. He had gone to work.

I asked if he wanted to take a ride later to Donny's farm? Yeah, sure.
Lisa and Nikki did a nice pork chop dinner in the grill and made plates for
mom and dad.

We left the girls at the pool and left for Donny's. It would be time to
meet Kenny and Bobby there anyway.

It was a half hour drive from our house to Donny's. It gave me a chance
to tell Dan what had happened so far.

Donny handed us each a stack of bills when we got out of the car. He
had a smile on his face. Its $600 each, he said. I went through the
fuck's van this morning. I found a bag with crack and other shit in it,
and another bag with over $3000 in cash. I split it up for all of us
equally, he said. Whoa. Manna from fucking heaven I said. There's also a
bunch of mechanic's tools if anyone's interested.

Well, I could use a few things for my car anyway.

Now we went in the barn and looked over the van. I said you better
double check it inside once more real good. Under the seats and shit too.

Maybe more dough hidden in there. Then...we'll burn the fucking thing
out back.

Where do we dump it? We need to gury the fucking thig. Period. Cannot
have it EVER found.

Hey Billy, Donny said. Maybe I can do that right here on the fucking
farm. We have that stand of trees back there that we hardly ever use or
plow anyway.

We have a backhoe with a plow. Between the both of them, we can dig
deep enough.

Case closed, I said. Now, where's a cold fucking beer. We walked out
to the rear of his barn to look over the spot to bury the van, as we drank
our beer.

I can flatten most of it too, with the bucket on the backhoe, Donny
said. Its only a fucking van anyway. They crunch easy enough.

Great, I thought.

OK you fuck, Lets sit here and drink some beer and start thinking.
Where or what mistakes have we made so far?

None, that I can think of Billy. Me either, Kenny said.

OK, how about this? Who knows or saw those fucks getting into your
trucks at the hot dog stand? Where was the girl that works there?

I didn't see anybody else there Billy. Just those fucks. The place was
just about empty when we were there.

The girl was busy in the kitchen making salads, last we saw her.

OK, Maybe we slid through that. The cops will be asking a lot of
questions there. As soon as they find out whose cars and trucks are still
sitting there.

Anybody spot you guys coming through the Lake drive?

Not many were paying attention. They were playing horse shoes and shit.
Most were cooking, that I noticed.

You guys gotta know those BASTARDS parent will start to call the cops
when these BASTARDS don't come home.

Even though the cops hate their fucking guts, they still have to sniff
around for them. Especially since they're on bail, and about to be charged
with Rape, and all that. They will probably start with their known
friends, if those fucks had any. Then they will probably work out in
circles from people at school who might have known them, and ESPECIALLY all
their girlfriends if they had any.

I would expect that this fucking van will then be on all the fucking hot
sheets across the country, when the cops figure out from that fuck's
parents that his van is also missing, and its not at the hot dog stand.

They will put two and fucking two... Figure that those BASTARDS all
beat feet in the van.

Lets have a fucking bonfire here Billy.

I don't give a fuck. My dad's in town getting feed and a few beers any
fucking way.

OK, Get some gas. I'll drive the fucking thing over there and get the
fire started. You get your backhoe and lets make this fucking thing

Anyone think to bring some fucking marsmallows?

Are you sure you double checked everything inside? I asked. Well, tip
the fucking thing over on its side. Donny moved the bucket of the backhoe
to the rim of the side, and the van went over faster than a faggot waiting
to be ass fucked.

Then we all saw it. A metal box that was bolted to the bottom near the
back of the van. What the fuck is tha Kenny said.

It has a latch on the side here Billy. Smack that fucking lock with the
bucket, Donny.

Bam! H O L Y S H I T !!!!

Look at the fucking money......What the fuck Kenny.

Look at the fucking bundles of fucking money?

This bastard must have been into drug fucking pushing BIG FUCKING TIME.

Donny said there has to be a hunred K there at least!

What the fuck. Even my eyes popped when I saw all the bundles falling

At least the van was covered by the stand of trees right now, and no
where near any rods for anyone to see it.

We drank anther beer as we sat on the ground and counted some of it.
Hundreds, fifties, twenties. by the time the four of us counted the piles
we each had, there was over $270,000.

What the fuck, Bobby. We hit the fucking jackpot with those fuck

That's a fuck of a lot of drug pushing here.

Dan was amazed when he looked at the pile of cash.

We split it evenly, and saved shares for the other two guys that weren't

It worked out to almost $40,000 a piece. We chipped in $1000 a piece
for Donny, since he was risking and burying the fucking van on his farm, in
the first place.

We would have never found it if he hadn't knocked the van over to begin
with. We would have just torched it and buried it.

We stashed the dough in the beer case, and got busy taking turns digging
a big mother fucking hole, after Donny showed us how to use the backhoe

Each of us figuring out how were were going to spend our shares.

Adios mother fuckers, as we set fire to the van, It was now pushed into
the pit and on fire.

I'll plant some fucking hay here for the fall, Donny said.

Dan said his share would come in handy to pay down his huge mortgage.

Talking of fucking manna from heaven, Billy....Bobby said.

Its a good fucking thing you thought of tipping the fucking thing on its

I just thought it would be a lot easier to crush it, that's all.

Fuck, Billy. I want you to do my thinking for the fucking rest of my

We all had one more beer in the barn and double checked it for anything
that might have come from the van.

Fuck, Donny said. Between this cash and the other from inside, my dad
and me can probably get a new tractor now.

Careful, Donny. Your dad will ask fucking big time questions.

I said bye to the gang, then Dan and I left for home. At least $40,000
richer each.


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