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CAROL, mom & ME 35

I was awakened some time later by Carol. She said that mom was
downstairs and wanted to talk with me. Is anything wrong. No, she just
wants to talk to you.

Lisa was sleeping peacefully. Her tits exposed with the blanket just
under her tits. She looked beautiful in her sleep, with the dim light from
the hall shining in. Pretty isn't she? Yeah Carol said.

Did you guys fuck good tonight, she whispered. Oh yeah. Really nice
this time. She was really hot and into it. She makes love with real
feeling Carol.

I guess I really do love her. OK, I guess I'll see what mom wants.
Talk to you later. OK.

I walked down to the dim parlor and mom was sitting on the couch with
her duster on. She was having a drink in the darkened parlor. Sit here
next to me Billy honey.

We need to talk. What's wrong mom? Its your sister. I don't know how
its going to turn out but there might be a lot of trouble in a little
while. She met me in the kitchen earlier and told me you guys all watched
your dad and me tonight.

Oh mom. I hope you're not mad about it. It was the hottest thing any
of us ever saw. No, its not that honey. Its your sister and her problem.
Would you believ that right this minute she is in MY room approaching your
father to suck him off? WHAT? Is she crazy? That's exactly what I said,
when she told me in the kitchen earlier that she wants his big cock in her
mouth like I did tonight.

You have to be kidding. I told her that it was OK with me if she
thought she could convince your father to let her. I have no idea how he
will react????

Oh my God mom. You mean right this minute. Yes! Damn it. This might
blow apart all the things we have shared for all this time too. So just in
case honey, before anything happens, I want to suck you right now. I have
your dad's cum in both my mouth and in my womb. I want yours also honey.
OK with you? Certainly mom, but Lisa sucked me earlier. I'm not sure if I
can deliver so quickly. She handed me her drink and said take some baby.
It was strong. Seven and water.

Stand here in front of me honey so I can get at you better, OK? I can't
help it Billy. I love the thought of having both your father's and your
sperm in my body all day. That is why I think Carol is up there right now.
She wants your dad's sperm inside her body too. Badly.

I stood in front of mom, and she reached to lower my shorts. I kicked
them off, and she placed both her hands around my shaft and balls. A nice
massage for your wonderful cock, OK? Sure mom. Her caresses were
wonderful. Her fingers worked on my underside and down into my crotch
behind my sack. She massaged it harder there and it made my cock get
harder. That's your prostate that I'm playing with honey. Its where your
cum comes from. Feels nice. Yes mom. Really it does. Ready to fuck my
mouth. Don't go easy honey. Fuck my mouth like crazy. I want you to cum hard for me. I'll suck all of you. Her fingers were caressing my balls
gently now, rolling them around as she lowered her warm mouth to my cock.

UUUUUMMMMM Mom. That was fantastic the way you sucked dad earlier.
Were you looking up at us. Yes, she said. I kind of thought you or your
sister would be watching. That's why I placed your dad in that particular
lounge. She went back to sucking me harder now. I moved my hips in
response to her hand urgings. Again she urged. I started to move into her
mouth faster, Her hand jerked up and down as she sucked. My legs were
becoming weaker now as she nibbled the tip in her mouth. I could feel her
tongue flicking around the opening and her sucking it harder.

UUUUUMMMMM Oh mom. Feel nice honey? You know it does. She looked up
at me and seemed to have glazed eyes now that she knew I was near. Shoot
honey. Shoot hard in mom's mouth. Down my throat. Give me your seed in
my belly.My tits feel nice against your legs? Yes mom. yes. I can feel
their hard nipples pressing my thighs. I love when you suck them Billy.
It must feel as nice as whne I'm sucking you.

OOOOHHHH Mom. I'm almost there. She sucked me quicker now and then I
started to shoot. She sucked me deeper into her throat and took my whole
cock down to my pubic hair as I came. Her arms went around my ass and she
pulled me as tight as she could into her mouth. Her lips were into my
pubic har. My complete cock in her throat and mouth.

I could feel muscles in the back of her throat milking my cock. Our
eyes were locked now as I watched mom drain my manhood into her body. Her
eyes smiled as she felt my cum spurts. Small moans escaped from her
gulping throat as I shot into it with spurt after spurt.

My hips pumped several times as she sucked me deeply. Finally my spasms
subsided and I began to relax a little. She held my cock in her mouth and
ran her tongue over and over it. sucking it softer now as she drained
every bit of my maleness into her mouth.

OH God mom. That was really nice. Perfect time of night too. So
quiet. So peaceful.

Oh wait a minute, I almost forgot about Carol. Let me see if she is in
her room. You don't have to honey. She said that if it didn't go well
that she would come right back down here.

I don't know whether to walk in and watch him get sucked by her or what.
She said she was going to tell him it was OK with me, that I was waiting
down here for his response. So she must be sucking him pretty good by now.
Go ahead mom. Go up and give your OK, if that's what you want to do. It
would probable make dad feel a whole lot easier about this shock. Maybe it
would be fun to watch her suck him in front of you. Kiss him and tell him
its ok.

That's a good idea honey. She stood up and I reached to caress her tits before she closed her duster. I hugged her and said good luck. Let me
know right away OK? I'll wait down here for a while and have a drink

OK, honey. I will. I just don't want Lisa to know about any of this.
She already knows I fuck Carol though, but that's it.

I went to the bar and made a stiff drink for myself. This might be a
longer night than any of us figured.

I sat in the darkened living room at the small bar and drank the dstiff
drink. I was hoping carol didn't mess up all that had been happening
between her and mom and me.

I was also wondering where I was getting all my cum from. It seemed I
had a never ending supply, most of the time. I was almost always ready for
fucking or a nice blowjob within twenty minutes or so! I made a note to
ask dad, if the time was ever right. I wanted to ask him if he was the
same? Of course, his cock was at least another inch larger than mine.


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