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CAROL, mom & ME 81

Chapter numbers and there is no Chapter 76. It flows from 75 to 77. You
will have to excuse some of the occasional typos also, until I get another
decent keyboard. I go through about one every two months.

Glad to have recieved so very many responses to the series. Sometimes,
I even get stumped on where I should take the story or some of the
characters. So, then I get pleasantly pissed and come up with a new idea.
Thanks for the nice Emails.



The plans were as set as they could be now. I left for home, telling
Bobby I would pick him up at 6. We would go to the hospital as planned.
It dawned on me half way there, that Lisa didn't go to work today. She was
at the hospital too.

I went over to Nikki and Dan's and had a beer with them. He said he
would meet the other guys at the hot dog place, and then go along with them
to the lake.

Just try to keep things happy. Tell a few jokes so those fucks don't
smell a rat. Take it easy on the beer yourself, I said.

Nikki made me a sandwich and gave me a beer. She knew nothing, or at
least I hoped she didn't.

I told them I was going over to lay down for a while. It was going to
be a long night. As I got to the road, Nikki came up behind me....Billy?
Yeah, Hon? Would you like some company for a while over there in that
empty house? It's OK with Dan??? You know, Nikki...maybe right now it
would be nice. Maybe it will take my mind off this shit for an hour or so.
She smiled as she caught up with me.

Now, up in my room undressing, it seemed so natural. So many times now,
of making love with her. My tits feel a lot better now, as she unsnapped
her top and let them fall free.

Its really a nice difference Nik, I said. They did a fantastic job. I
mean their shape is perfect.

Without even a second thought, she went to her knees and reached for my
hanging cock. She eased me down on the bed and began to suck me really
nice. He has something on his mind over there, she said. I knew damn well
what was in Dan's mind.

UUUUMMMMM This is nice to be able to share sex like all of us do, Billy.
Close your eyes Billy and just let me do you. Relax.

She sucked up and down, used her tongue all over.

Lisa said you enjoy your balls being sucked a lot. I do, I said. I
really do love that. They were in her mouth now, with her tongue rolling
over them.


I thought immediately of the bastards who would all have THEIR OWN balls
in the jar tonight.

OOOHHH that feels so nice Nik. Just relax Billy. I could feel her
hardened nipples scraping against my legs.

Her tender nips at the underside of my cock with her teeth. Yes. She
soon had my cock really hard and wanting her.

Come on up on me Nikki. Climb on that hardon you just created. Slide
that nice pussy of yours right down on it hon.

She stood up and smiled down at me. She stroked my cock with both hands
and then straddled me. I watched her as she reached and guided my cock in
her warmness. My eyes closed again. OOOOHHH You feel nice Billy. Your
cock is so fucking hard today.

You really feel nice too Nicki. You really do feel nice in there. She
leaned over me now with her hands near my shoulders and started to slide
back and forth on my cock.

Smiling and little moans. My hands caressed her stiffened arms as she
fucked me.


We fucked like this for about five minutes and then changed so that I
was behind her and starting to ram her fast, as she asked. I went deep
into her and she moaned each time I thrust. Her ass raised to meet my
thrusts .

OOOHHH Nikki. I'm going to cum babe. Go ahead Billy...I'm waiting for
it. Fuck me deep and shoot baby. My hands reached under for her tits and
her hard nipples. I fucked into her as hard and deep as I could and
exploded. Hugging her tightly to me as I came. Her tits pressed into my
grasping hands.

Her pussy milked me as I stayed inside her.

Oh that really felt nice Nik. Yes it did Billy. I was cumming right
along with you.

I could feel her wetness all around my cock and groin.

We stayed like that for a little while. Enjoying the feel of each
other. Then, I rolled off her and she came up to lay with me.

Yes, it really is nice Billy to be able to do this. Even with Dan
across the road knowing I'm here being fucked by you. I'm so glad we moved
here and found all of you as our friends. We were so scared when we moved
in Billy. We were terrified that the guy at Dan's company that knows about
him being my brother, would open his mouth. So far, he's been quiet.

Her hand was caressing my chest and stomach as she spoke. I rolled on
my side facing her now. We kissed and I caressed her tits. I knew she
wanted me again.

I eased her on her back and caressed all around her mound and into her
moist pussy. Kissing her all the while. Like most women, she
automatically spread her legs wide for my tender invasions.

I leaned over her and kissed her again and traveled down to her new
tits. I spent quite a while licking and sucking them softly. I enjoyed
their hardened response.

Her hands were between us as I leaned over her. Caressing my hanging
cock, It was just so nice. Not demanding from either of us.

Then I sensed her excitement rising again and moved my hips in position.
She guided me in and we moved together. Smiling, feeling, giving and
taking from each other.

It was lovemaking. Not just a quick fuck. We lasted quite a while this
time before I felt my cock arousing into its stage of cumming.

She felt me shooting and whispered softly. Her pussy up and down gently
as she felt me shooting. Her eyes with a tenderness in them. She began
her cum almost as mine was ending in her.

Her hands gently holding my arms leaning over her. Her pussy still
milking and moving slowly. Still the definite contractions telling me she
was in her orgasm.

I leaned to kiss her all through it.

Again we laid for a while before she rose to kiss me and dressed. I
leaned her back to me on the bed and kissed her once more before she left.
Both of us satisfied.

I dozed off for another hour, and then picked up Bobby to go to the
hospital. He was edgy and hoped all would work tonight.

We deliberately spent a few minutes talking to the nurses at the station
outside Jimmy's room. His parents and Lisa were there. Still on the IV's
and still with his large bruised bump on his head. He seemed to be
breathing better than yesterday anyway. Bobby and I stayed about 20
minutes and went up to see Carol. We did the same at the nurse station

Carol had come out of her coma now, and was able to talk for short
periods. Still medicated heavily, and the IV's. Mostly garbled sounds
from her. Again the tears filliong my eyes. I gave her a kiss and she
attempted to smile. Her face was far too swollen. Her chest still sore as
well as her sensitive reattached nipple.

Since she was now out of the coma, the doctors scheduled a thorough
pelvic exam for the next morning. It was very important to check on the
bleeding source and possible other internal injuries. Especially her
female organs. This is what worried all of us, the most right now.

Again, we stayed about twenty minutes and mentioned we were going to the
cafeteria for a sandwich as we passed the nurses.

Once in the parking lot we raced to the car. Five minutes later,
Billy's cell phone rang and the first call of the make believe cancelled
date came from Kevin. We still needed the same call from Phil. That came
in another ten minutes. Excellent. They were able to find and pick up all
five BASTARDS. I figured from the spacing of the phone calls that Bobby
and I were closer to the lake than the other two.

I was sure they would drive careful, with having the beer in the backs
of their trucks.

It was into darkness now as we drove. We're going to have to kill these
fucks tonight, you know that don't you Billy? Yeah, buddy. I sure do, and
right now, I don't give one fuck for any of them.

None of the other guys do either. most of our guys hated these fucks
way back when we were sophs. Then when he raped Cindy...That was fucking
it, Billy.

I could imagine how nervous Phil was, knowing what was ahead for the
bastards in the back of HIS truck.

Bobby and me arrived at the lake before the others and unloaded all our
stuff in bushes near our spot. We had to wait and watch without being seen
while the guys got the BASTARDS a little drunker after they all got there.

It was a little darker now, and a lot of the people were leaving the
lake area for home. Perfect.

There were only a few stragglers at one end of the lake, still cooking
on their grilles.

My car was hidden not far from those people. Bobby and me found a spot
to watch and we waited.

Both of us drinking a beer.

It wasn't long before Phil's truck was pulling up near the spot. We saw
three of the BASTARDS and Dan, also.

They seemed to be laughing and joking and drinking beer. They walked
near the water and one pissed.

I thought out loud to Bobby, it would probably be the last time he used
that cock for pissing ever again.

You're fucking right Billy.

Now, Kevin pulled in with his truck and two BASTARDS besides a few more
of our friends in the back with them, and a couple guys in the front seat.

The whole gang was standing near the water drinking and throwing stones.
I could see Phil and another friend casually trying to see where Bobby and
me were as they looked around the lake. They both knew we would be there
by now.

Most of them were sitting now. Still drinking beer. We could hear one
of them talking about being in fucking court and how pissed off they were
about that.

What a fucking joke, man. Over a lousy piece of ass, another said.
Bobby and me were seething at hearing this.

And that jerkoff wimp Jimmy, another said. Fuck man, give me another
beer. Me too Phil.

Yeah, I could use one myself, the BASTARD with the scratches said. Oh
that fuck is really mine Bobby said.

We should have fucked that asshole off of Jimmy, that fucking wimp.
Now, two of them were laying down as Kenny was telling a joke. It seemed
to be going perfectly.

Let's make our move, Bobby. We have to circle behind them to our stash
of stuff. Yeah, its dark now. Most everyone else is gone now.

It took us about five minutes to get to the stash from where we were.
Soon, we were less than twenty feet from the BASTARDS.

Two were on their backs and two were on their sides. One prick was
sitting with his legs out in front.

Let's go Billy. Let's fuck these BASTARDS up.

Bobby had several lengths of the short ropes for the hands and legs, and
I also had several. I also had the bag with the tennis balls and the
strips of inner tube.

OUR guys were standing in two groups near the BASTARDS. They saw Bobby
first and then me as we came out of the bushes behind the ABASTARDS.

All the BASTARDS were facing the lake bullshitting about nonsense. One
even saying he might need to throw up.

Phil and Kenny walked casually toward the front of them as if to feel
the water. Now we were right behind them and threw the pieces of rope to
the guys in front.

Bobby and me quickly wrapped a long length of rope around the end
BASTARD, and he helped to wrap around the necks of the others before they
knew what hit them. The six guys in front, including Dan were struggling
with two BASTARDS in tying their legs.

That was solved by Kenny kicking one in the balls and kicking another
one in the ribs. In less than a minute we had them all tied.

THEN they were able to see me as I walked around to the front of them.

Hi BASTARDS, I said. I kicked one in the face that was closest to me.
Now all of our guys were ready for the tennis balls. As expected, it was
hard to force their jaw open until Bobby smashed two of them in the face
with his huge fist. Bobby was about 250, and strong. He was the most help
in forcing their jaws open while we jambed in the tennis balls. We had to
step on two of them to force them all the way in. The BASTARDS were
moaning and trying to scream. It wasn't working for them.

While they were forcing in the tennis balls, Kenny and me were hooking
and weaving the longer ropes to the ones that were around their ankles.

I threw the long heavy rope over the tree branch, and we were almost

They were trying to wriggle and free themselves.

Their eye almost popping out of their heads.

I mentioned that I had to excuse myself to piss boys. I whipped out my
prick and pissed over three of them.

They were really wriggling and trying to scream.

I said to the guys, I think its time for a beer. I'm sweating after all
this fucking work. So am I Billy, Kenny said.

We stood there and passed out beers to the guys and talked while they
wriggled and screamed in front of us.

Hey Bobby, I'll bet you and Phil can't pull that mother fucking rope
over that fucking tree, I said. Fuck you, I can't, Bobby said, laughing.
He set his beer down and he and Phil grabbed the big rope. They hoisted
the BASTARDS just as planned.

Now who might want to rape these fucks?

Hey Billy, I like this ass here, and Donny was feeling a BASTARD'S ass
being held up in the air.

Bobby tied off the rope to the tree and we finished our beer now.

The good part was coming up.

I walked over to our stash and pulled out the hammer and wooden 10"

I passed out a handfull of razor knives to the guys from the drugstore.
They were needed to cut the BASTARDS clothes off. Save the clothes guys.
Donny couldn't help himself and just had to kneel at the upside down face
of one of the BASTARDS and pissed all over his face. Wiping his cock on
the BASTARD'S forehead and eyes. He was choking through his nose.

They were really moaning and writhing. Soon, all their clothes were cut
off. and they were all naked.

I went to the guy with Carol's scratches and noticed he had the smallest

You raped my sister with THAT little cock? I laughed.

And YOU, you fuck, you raped my sister with THIS cock?

I whacked each of them with the broomstick pieces right in the balls.
Loud moans from all of them. Attempts at screaming.

I want to fuck this one Kenny, OK? Sure Billy, if I can fuck this one?
Go for it Kenny. What about me, Dan asked. Take your pick Danny Boy.

They all knew it was stake pounding time.

Bobby wants this fuck for a girfriend for the night....what do YOU guys think? OK Bobby, you can have that sorry looking fuck.

Bobby knelt near the BASTARD'S face now, and said, its going to be nice
fucking you, and he mockingly caressed his face. The BASTARD was moaning
as loud as he could. It was only a muffled sound though.

I handed Bobby the hammer and he showed the BASTARD the broomstick
piece. He leaned next to the BASTARD'S ear and said, I think you'll love
this honey. Now Bobby went around the front of the BASTARD where his legs
were spread open and held up high by the rope.

Oh sweetheart, I forgot my condoms. We all laughed. I handed Bobby a
pair of the plastic gloves and he then took the wooden stick and started
sticking up the guy's spread asshole. The guy was trying to scream and
writhe but Phil held his legs as Bobby started hitting the stick with the
hammer. OOOHHH I'll betcha that feels fucking nice, Bobby laughed down at
the BASTARD, as he whacked hard on the stick into the BASTARD'S ass. It
took about six good whacks before it was buried completely. One of the
BASTARDS was pissing now and it was falling almost straight down on his
stomach to his face and neck.

Phil and Dan started whacking the next one and Phil did it in about six
good whacks while the BASTARD was trying to scream bloody murder.

Oh he must be a good fuck, Phil, I said. He seems to be moaning so nice
for you. probably a fucking virgin.

Dan took the third guy as I held his legs tight. This ABASTARD was a
tough one to fit the whole stick in his ass. Bobby came over and gave it a
good whack and it went all the way in with a loud moan from the BASTARD.

OOOOHHH, I think I broke his fucking cherry, Bobby laughed.

Soon, we all had turns pounding in the broom stick pieces. Then we
stopped and had another beer.

I need to take another damn piss I said, as I walked to the end BASTARD
and pissed all over his upside down face.

Then Phil wanted the second guy. There was terror in his eyes knowing
what was going to happen to him now.C

All five were moaning and trying to scream, All of them were writhing
and trying to get free of the ropes.

Now I made sure they each had the long razor knives, and plastic gloves.

I asked Phil for the box with the ice skates.

I sat next to the one with the scratches as I put on the skates. Oh,
You'll just love to skate with me, I said.

I used to ne pretty good at hockey, I laughed. his eyes were bugged out
with pain and terror.

The sticks up their asses were in at least ten inches. How does the ass
fucking feel? I said. I'll bet you really liked my sister's ass. I could
make out something like fuck you.

I'll bet you would just love to suck my cock right now, rather than that
fucking tennis ball, wouldn't you?

I deliberatly snapped the inner tube rubber against his face.

Now I had the skates on and gave the guys the signal to lower the leg
ropes. All the BASTARDS were now laying flat in a row almost.

Each of them looking from one to the other of us, with sheer terror now.
Moaning constantly. I think I need a beer Danny Boy. Sure thing Billy,

He helped me to get up on the skates and then I stood to the side of the
BASTARD with the scratches.

OOOHHH What big ribs he has, I said. Donny said the better to break
them up. I jumped up on top the asshole's chest and heard several cracks.

OOOOHHH I'll bet that fucking hurt. What do you think Bobby? Nah.
That wasn't a net kick. Oh, I'm sorry Bobby. I kicked the BASTARD in the
side with the razor sharp tip of the skate. It started to gush blood and
he screamed as best he could now.

Oh fuck, Danny, I just hate the sight of blood...sounding as a swishy

Now I jumped up high and came down on the BASTARD'S chest once again. I
knew that most of his ribs were smashed now. I sunk into his chest. I
knew I probably punctured the fuck's lung. I almost lost my balance as I
jumped from the first BASTARD to the second, landing in the right side of
his chest. I felt several crunches under my feet.

This is hard fucking work, I said. I turned as I looked down at him,
sheer agony and terror in his eyes. AND I did not give a fuck. All I saw
was the sorrow of my mother's eyes in my mind now.

I'll bet you came big time on that you fuck. He was one of the BASTARDS
that was laughing the most in court. I gave an extra kick right up into
his jaw. It split wide open bleeding all over his chest.

Hey, I am getting tired, anybody else want to go skating?

Donny said he would. I toOk off the skates and let him go at the third
guy, while Bobby and me hoisted up HIS target. The fuck BASTARD with the
scratches. It was nearing time for cutting their balls off now.

I was just waiting to see who would finish the ice skates with the last

Danny wanted to but the skates were far too small for him. Bobby
finally said fuck the skates. He walked over and jumped full force on the
BASTARD'S chest and we all could hear the crunching. And none of us gave a

One BASTARD was about to pass out. Who needs to piss, I asked, This
BASTARD is passing out and missing all the fucking fun.

Kenny walked over and whipped out his prick and pissed all over the
BASTARD'S face and busted chest.

Knowing Bobby was getting itchy, I said, hey, how about a break guys?
This is a lot of fucking work? Yeah, let's have a beer and draw straws
over who we're each going to fuck now. OK.

Our guys were all excited and watching the BASTARDS trying to fucking
scream, and writhe. The tennis balls were doing a fine job.

I asked Danny for the jar of ants now.

Time for dinner you guys.

I opened the lid and forced out some ants all over the bloody chest of
the BASTARD with the scratches, with a stick. Hey, Donny, you think you're
girfriend over there would like to eat some of these fine ants?

Yeah, Let me spoon feed her.

Each of us took turns spreading as many ants as we could on each of the
BASTARDS. All of them had large cuts on their chests and stomachs from the

The ants, as predicted went to their bloody cuts. All of them were
trying to scream desperately and shaking violently on the ropes.

Looks like those fucking ants are having a nice din din, I said to the
major sneerer and laugher, from court.

UUUMMMM, trying to scream, huh?

All their mouths bulging with the tennis balls.

All of us went up near the edge of the water now. What's next Billy?
Their balls? Yeah. Fucking good, man. I want the fuck that raped Cindy.

Remember the plastic gloves when we're ready. Remember to put their
fucking balls in the jar.

Kenny, will you be ready with the rags and towels?

Yeah. I hate those fucking BASTARDS.

I have the vision of my sister laying in that hospital bed in my head.
So do I Billy, Bobby said. You guys should see her.

What these fucking BASTARDS did to her and Jimmy. I was there man. I
saw both of them. Billy's mother and dad are a mess. They're nice people
too, the gang said.

We finally finished our beers and said, Oh well, back to the fucking
salt mine. All we could hear was constant loud moans and crying. And none
of us gave a fuck.

Just the same as none of these BASTARDS gave a fuck about my sister.

Blood was dripping out of most of their asses now.

I knelt down by the head of two of them and said,

Shit, I wonder how loud my sister screamed, when you were beating and
raping her. Making her suck that dinky dick of yours? I'll bet you fucked
her ass, didn't you, you fuck?

I'll bet you really felt nice when you BASTARDS bit her nipple off too.
I'll bet that stick in your asses feels real nice too? Just the same as
you mother fuckers fucked my sister in the ass.

I wonder how much Jimmy begged while you all beat him close to death?
beat his head and face, and broke his ribs???

Oh, and you, Jerry, Yeah. You're the one that raped our friend Cindy.
You know? She is still fucked up in the head now? Yeah, Kenny said. You
rotten BASTARD. You scummy fuck.

Well, guys, I said, I think its time to deck the halls with BASTARD
balls now. Yeah. Merry fucking Christmas you BASTARDS. Phil said.

Bobby was getting ready to hoist all of them up again.

OK Bobby Boy. Lets give a lift to our depressed guests.

Bobby and Donny pulled on the rope and it made all five of the BASTARDS
rise til they were almost upside down. Screaming and jerking. Now we put
on our gloves and I got the ant jar ready.

Bobby said he wanted the scratched BASTARD first. Ok, Bobby boy. We
watched as Bopbby put on the plastic gloves and reached for the BASTARD'S
cock. He held it up and then grabbed the guy's balls and sack. OOOHH Look
what I fucking found. Walnuts for our decorations. He scrunched them in
his hands and the BASTARD screamed as best he could.

Well, he looks hungry, don't you guys think? Yeah Bobby. He's the sick
fuck Carol scratched.

Well what's for din din Bobby? These he said. In one hard swipe with
his razor woodsman's knife, the BASTARD'S sack was cut off. Blood started
gushing and Kenny was ready with the rags.

I held out the jar with the ants, and Bobby first knelt down and held
the BASTARD'S balls over his face. Here's din din he said. The BASTARD
was almost passing out.

Blood oozing out of the sack on the BASTRD'S face.

All of them were trying to scream at seeing what just happened. Violent
shaking on the large rope.

Dan and Donny had gone to the last BASTARD and were just ready to cut
his sack off. He was jerking violently and they needed another guy to hold
him tighter.

The guys didn't like playing with the sacks and balls and wanted to dump
them in the jar right away.

We deliberately left one BASTARD for last. He had seen all the others
have their balls cut off, and was in full terror. Three of us did him
slowly. He shouldn't have sneered and laughed in the courtroom at us.

I put the jar in a plastic bag and hid it in the trunk.

It was stuffed full with five pairs of rapist balls.

Bobby wanted to cut the scratched guy's cock off now.

He was on the verge of passing out anyway.

I reached with the plastic gloves and lifted the bloody rags off his
crotch and Bobbu grabbed the guy's cock and cut it off with two slices.

He knelt again as the BASTARD was moaning loudly. OOOOHHH Looks like
nice tube steak for my dog. He was ready to shove the guy's prick down his
throat now, as planned. Blood gushing out of his cockless crotch now.

Hey wait a minute, Bobby, that fuck is an animal too. How about feeding
him his own cock? I said.

Now the other guys came around to help with a rag and take out the
tennis ball out of the fuck's mouth.

Ready? yeah, Bobby said.

Kneeling over the fuck's upside down head. One of the guys untied the
inner tube, the other pried a tire iron in his mouth and popped out the
tennis ball.

A short bloody scream and Bobby shoved the guy's cock in his mouth and
stood quickly giving him a kick in the jaw. It was only about 4 inches
worth anyway. One of the other guys wrapped a rag around the fuck's bloody
mouth and face.

There was blood all over the place now. All of their bodies were
drenched with the blood flowing downwards all over each of them.

They were all standing around now mocking the BASTARDS as some were
passing out. Probably dying. AND we did not give one fuck.

Most of them still saying that's for Carol, that's for Cindy, that's for
Jimmy. Here's for Billy's mom.

Here's for Billy's dad, as they kicked the dying bodies.

Bobby went with me to the car and we got the shovels and I showed the
guys the place I had in mund to dig. There was just enough moonlight to

It took all of us about twenty minutes to digg a hole wide and deep
enough to hold all the BASTARDS and our bloody gear.

Donny had pulled the rags out of the BASTARDS crotches and let the
fuckers bleed. I went over and cut the big rope on the tree and they fell
to the ground with loud moans. I think this fuck is dead Billy.

Bobby said looking down at the fuck that he cut the prick off of.

fuck him, I said. Our combined rage was now seeming to come down
quickly as we finished digging a pretty good sized hole.

We're ready for the BASTARDS, I told the rest of the guys.

I went to the car again and got the tarp and other plastic sheets.
Bobby brought the ammonia and hot red pepper.

Three of the guys were putting the bushes back as we finished burying
the last of the BASTARDS. They were down about 18" below the surface when
we finished. We spread two gallons of the ammonia, and then the red hot
pepper all around the whole finished area.

The bushes and shrubs were now back in place. No one passing would ever

Now, two of the guys had started a fire and we spread gas out in a large
circle to make sure the blood would boil and evaporate. They would spread
ashes and dirt later, with more ammonia.

I took off my shirt and threw it in the fire along with some of the
other guys. Go swimming now, you guys. Clothes and all.

Bobby and me have to get back to the hospital ASAP.

None of them seemed to be bothered by the whole episode.

All of them repeating madness over Carol and Jimmy, as Bobby and me
started to walk to the car.

It was now about two and a half hours from start to finish.

Meet at my house about 1 tommorrow, I told them. OK Billy. Bobby and
me took off.

I told Bobby to reach in the back seat for the bag with two clean

Bobby and I drove most of the way to the hospital in silence now. I'm
glad those mother fuckers are dead, he finally said.


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