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CAROL, mom & ME 94

I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapter. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease.

Please write and let me know what you think of this series, or how I
should bring it to a finality????



It was just Lisa and I in the kitchen for quite a while. We made enough
for everyone to eat, and then sat down. Carol came down after a while.
Still sleepy.

Good morning guys, she said as she went to the coffee pot. She asked
how things had gone over at Nikki and Dan's.

Lisa and I both filled her in. Sounds like you both really had a nice
time over there.

I got up and stood behind her. Reaching down to cradle both her tits in
my hands and nestling into her neck. She leaned her head back and I kissed

Lisa looked on casually as she watched.

Later honey, I said. I just filled mom and Lisa. Yeah, he did.
Believe me, Carol. Your father nailed me in the bathroom earlier also.
No, shit? Carol looked at her. Yeah. I got up early to take a pee, and
in walked your father naked, needing to pee also. So I sucked him while I
sat there. Then we took a shower and he fucked my brains out.

Both girls started to giggle. Its so much fun fucking him, isn't it?
Yeah, Lisa said. The first time he fucked me, I felt really funny, and
hoped it would ne OK with Billy. But he was busy fucking your mom while
your dad was reaming me a new pussy. I came really hard Carol. Knowing it
was OK with Billy, and especially it being your father. Its been great.

Shit, Carol said. All this going on, and I'm up there with my finger in
my pussy. I'll take care of you in a while, honey. I promise.

OK, Billy. Just then, mom & dad walked in and sat down. Good morning
honey, mom said to Carol.

Yeah, I can see you two are freshly laid too. Lisa complained. Dad
smiled at her and offered to take care of her in a while....Billy's already
promised daddy.

I'll take care of her dad. It's been a little while for her and me
anyway. Its a rough job, but someone's..... We all laughed. Are you sure
Billy, I'd be glad to help her out, dad laughed. mom reached over and
smacked dad on the arm and said , Hey, if there's any juice left in those
balls of yours I want it all today. OK, honey. Looks like your stuck with
the duty Billy.

Duty my ass daddy. Billy loves doing me, don't you Billy? I sure do
Carol. Guess we're all sex maniacs in this house lately, mom said. Well,
anyway, I'm sure Billy will take care of you honey. mom said.

Most everything is already for the party later. Just check on the ice
and charcoal for the grille, Billy. Sure mom.

I hope my brother feels good enough to come, Lisa said.

She looked at Carol and said, Geez, Carol. We felt so bad about you two
up in the hospital. What those bastards did to both of you. Carol stopped
eating. I don't want to think about it right now, OK? Oh sure Carol. I'm
sorry. I could see Carol drifting off in her mind....remembering. I got
up and reached for her hand. Come on sweetheart. Let's go upstairs.

She looked up at me with a hint of tears in her eyes. OK Billy. mom winked at me, and cupped my balls as I passed her.

I could hear Lisa whispering, "I feel like shit, now" Don't worry, hon.
She'll get over it soon enough.

What you said wasn't wrong.

Carol was facing her bed as I came up behind her. I cradled her tits once again through her duster. I kissed her neck. Then I opened the
duster and pulled it off her shoulders and let it fall. She turned to me,
naked and kissed me softly. Her beautiful tanned tits standing up with
hardened nipples...ready for me. Inviting me.

I held her to me and kissed her back with my passion and the love she
needed. Now, she eased herself back and sat on the edge of the bed.
Reaching for my pants to lower them.

In seconds she had them off and lowered her head to my cock. Sliding
the sides of her face along the sides of my cock and smiling. Finally, she
opened her mouth and lowered her face till she had as much of my half hard
cock in her mouth as she could take. UUUUMMMMM Carol. I could feel her
throat muscles tightening around the head of my cock. She glanced up to me
now, with a slight smile on her face as she sucked me. Our eyes stayed
glued as I watched her love my cock.

I whispered that I was going to lick her pussy just as nice too.
UUUMMMM she moaned. I'm going to suck your pussy til you cum in my mouth
and fill me with your pussy juices honey. I'm going to suck and lick your
clit til you scream.

She sucked me faster and harder now. Getting more excited. OOOOHHH
suck me Carol. Suck my hard cock.....Her tongue was sliding up and down
the underside of my cock as she sucked me deep into her mouth.

OOOOHHH Carol. You always know how to suck and get me to
want my cum honey? She nodded her head and moaned ....UUUMMM HMMM....

Keep that up honey and you'll have me....oooohhh Carol. Between your
tongue and mouth....oooohhh. Her head went up and down faster now. Her
eyes closed as she sucked me harder. My hips were bucking as I felt my cum I am honey....suck it.....Oh Carol honey....and my cock
let go into her sucking mouth. Her hands squeezed my cock in turns as she
continued to keep it in her mouth. She sucked with a passion. Wanting me
to shoot. Her fingers squeezing and drining my cock into her mouth.
Moaning from both of us as she drained me.

Caressing my shooting balls.

Finally my spasms were ending and I quickly pushed her on her back on
the bed. I got between her legs and licked her pussy feverishly. Forcing
her legs even wider. Forcing her pussy lips wider as I flat tongued her
whole slit and then....finally settling to lick and play with her clit.

her body was wracked with a pending cum as I sucked her. Shivering.
Her hips rising and falling. Offering me her complete womanhood to eat.
Lick. Fuck.

I stuck my tongue in her hole as deep as I could, and fucked her with
it. Her moans almost turned to screams as she began to cum. Her legs rose
high and she pulled them wide for me. I sucked and licked her entire pussy and clit for a long time. I forced her into at least two more cums without

By then, my cock felt hard enough swinging between my kneeling legs. I
pulled my head our of her pussy and rose over her. I placed my hands on
both sides of her and she reached down for my cock. Her eyes glowing.
Panting. her tits heaving. Fuck me Billy. Shove your cock in. OOOOHHH
Billy...fuck the shit out of me. Her hand guiding me forcefully into her
soaking hole. I rammed home. All the way in, in one hard push.

She let out a slight scream and raised her legs up straight to put on my
shoulders as I fucked into her.

Fuck me, fuck me....ooohhh it feels good. I came when you sucked my
clit Billy. OOOHH fuck me....

I could see my cum still on the sides of her mouth. I plunged in and
out as I stood there. Grinding my balls against her soft ass as I buried
my cock deep in her pussy.

Her hands went to her tits and she played with her nipples. Tweaking
them as her eyes closed.

OOOOHHH Billy.....give me that brotherly cum. Let me feel you shoot
Billy. Fuck me. I still have some of your cum in my mouth Billy. Now
fill my pussy....fuck me.

I rammed her faster and harder now. Glad that she could let loose
enough to enjoy it fully.

My cock was throbbing deep inside her as I rapidly fucked her. Finally,
I pulled her legs off my shoulders and spread them. I fell into her and
kept my cock buried, as we kissed.

She was so excited. So feverish as we both neared a cum.

Her humping was hard up at me. Oh Carol, here it is honey.....I'm
shooting now.....she moaned as she felt me. Her pussy squeezing almost the
same as Lisa and mom's had earlier. Clutching my cock. Milking it.
Moaning as I drained into her. I'm cumming too Billy....stay in me.
Please. Stay in me......OOOOHHHH. I did stay deep inside her long after
my cock drained. Long after my balls emptied deep in my beautiful sister.

Grinding our groins together. Wanting every inch, every precious drop
of each other.

I cradled her head and kissed her with passion and love as we rotated
our hips to each other. Her hands going up and down my back, scratching
and rubbing as she came hard, in several waves.

Our groins soaked with both our juices.

Finally, I could feel my cock softening inside her and I pulled out. I
laid next to her on the bed. Both of us needing to catch our breath. Oh,
Billy, what a good fuck that was. OOOHHH. I don't know how many times I
came between your sucking my clit and fucking me.....OOOOHHHH. It was
fucking good Billy.

After a while and a spell of quietness. I had been holding her close to
me. Caressing her tit. Her back to me and her ass pressed tightly to my

Billy, promise me that we can always fuck. No matter what or who we're
with. Promise me Billy. I don't care who I marry. I want you to fuck me
the rest of my life too, Billy. Well, hon, I don't think Lisa will ever

I hope you'll always want my pussy too, Billy. I love that special
feeling I get when you're fucking me Billy.

Especially if Lisa gets pregnant and it gets too hard for her. I'll
fuck you for her.

I love this specialness of you fucking me Billy. Having my own
brother's cock filling me. Feeling you shoot our family cum into me. Oh
Billy, that makes me cum good too, just thinking of it. as your cock
slides in me. Tasting our family cum when I suck you. Oh how much it
turns me on.

I love feeling daddy's cock too Billy. But with you, its totally
different because your my brother.

I want to fuck both of you Billy. At the same time. My brother and
father fucking me. Shooting your cum in me. Our family cum. Maybe you
could slide up my ass while I get dad in my pussy. Sure honey. Just set
it up with dad.

You don't think I'm a whore? Do you Billy? No honey. Not at all. mom says the same as you hon. She loves fucking and feeling dad's cock and
mine in her too.

She turned around to face me now. Her face glowing with tenderness. My
hand reach up between us and cupped her tit as I kissed her. Kissed her as
a woman, and a lover, and as my sister.

We could hear the others out in the yard getting the lights and things
ready now.

My hands caressed up and down Carol's soft body now. Her head lodged in
my arm and shoulder.

Billy? She was almost whispering now. Yeah hon? Do you think I could
get Bobby to make love with me tonight? I would really like to, and its
been so long. Especially since he and all the rest did those nice things
for Jimmy and me. All that money they collected.

Sure hon. He goes out off and on, with this one girl, but nothing
really serious between them that I know of. I think he still likes you

Really? Yeah. He brings you up all the time. He was really mad and
hurt when he found out what those bastards did.

I'll get him aside at the party and tip him off for you, if you want me
to..... Yeah, Billy. Please do that for me. Her hand crept down to my
cock and caressed it softly as we talked. Want to try once more Billy? I
don't know if I can get hard enough so quick honey.

Here, kneel over my tits and let me suck you again. I'll get you hard
enough. She rolled on her back waiting with a smile for my cock once

Her beautiful tits heaving, her nipples hard and proudly standing up
like mini cocks. I felt them on my thighs as I knelt with my half hard
cock over her mouth. I shoved a pillow under her head to raise it and slid
my cock into her waiting and warm mouth. She sucked me softly. Her tongue
rolling over and over my cock inside her mouth. Her hand stroking me as I
gently pumped. I balanced my one hand on the headboard, my other hand
caressing her hair as she sucked and smiled up at me.

How many woman have sucked me? How many times have I watched my cock
disappear into their eager mouth?

Here, once again, my sister sucking me with her love, for our love. For
our sex. Now her hands went to my ass and she was urging me to fuck her
mouth. It didn't take her long before my cock was really hard again and
ready for her waiting pussy.

Her fingers caressing my balls near her mouth as she sucked. Finally I
pulled out and lowered my cock to her pussy. I aimed it quickly and shoved
in. OOOOHHHH both of us at the same time. Feeling each other. Joining
our sister-brother love as close as we could ever do.

I fucked her slow but firmly. Each stroke almost pulling all the way
out before sliding in. Her welcoming thrust up to me. The smell of her
juices rising for me to enjoy. The signs of a woman catching and mating
with her man as all woman do.

That scent. The feeling of her unmistakable swelling of her pussy lips,
her hardened clit scraping my cock. All the petals of a woman's sex heated
and given to me.

We pumped at each other softly. Kissing each other with our private
love. Complete surrender to each other. I fucked her, and fucked her.
Our moans mixing and matching together. Our eyes telling each other a
million things. And now hers were telling me she was almost there, as was
I. OOOOHHH cock...oooohhhhher rising up hard against me to
catch my cock deep within her. Hold me there as all women do. Waiting for
their mate's sperm. Automatic contractions gripping me in that familiar
pattern of draining a man's seed from him.

My eyes closed as I shot my cum into her, she, pulling me down for a
deep kiss, as she felt me shooting so deep in to her. Her pussy tightening
even harder on my cock within her.

OOOOHHH Billy, she moaned. We're cumming together honey....fuck me.
I'm cumming right with you too Billy....OOOOH its so good.....oooohhh fuck
me forever Billy.......I felt surges of her pussy letting go allaround my
cock now. I can feel your balls on my ass shooting into me
Billy....ooooohhhh.....I feel them emptying into me.

I ground hard into her groin as I spent my cum deep as I ever did,
within her pussy. Our mouths crushed hard together. Completely welcome
there, deep inside her womanhood. The inner sanctum of our brother sister love.


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