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CAROL. mom & ME 88

Jimmy's surgery was scheduled for 11 AM. I mentioned to dad that we
might eveb be able to go to the hospital after court to be with the girls.

The four of us seemed happy but apprehensive about both Jimmy and what
would happen in court.

mom seemed radiant as she ate breakfast. How absolutely beautiful she
was. How proud I was of her.

Nikki was wearing one of mom's dusters, and also seemed happy. Her and
Nikki were going to the GYN in an hour.

By the time we finished breakfast, It was time for dad and me to leave
for court. Jack was to meet us there.

All the BASTARDS' parents were in the front row as we walked in the
courtroom. Their lawyers all milling around in front of the bench.

They looked at the three of us with glaring expressions, as if WE were
the perps.

I had the smug satisfaction knowing that their fucking clients would not
be there.

Most of the parents kept looking around, as if hoping their sons would
walk in.

Finally the clerk called for attention as the judge walked in.

He was all business. Lining up the lawyers. Where are your clients?
He asked. Your Honor, there seems to be a problem..... None of the
parents have seen their sons for about 5 days now. They haven't contacted
any of us attorneys either.

We were hoping they would have shown up here, by now....

Well, it appears that these men have skipped bail. In that case, I'm
revoking the bail order and issuing arrest warrants for each of these men.
He was busy writing as he spoke. Then he handed one of the sheriffs a
paper for the issued warrants.

That means, Sir, that your clients' bail will be forfeitted. One of the
parents stood now and walked up in front of the judge. You honor, We
cannot afford this revocation. I'm sure my son will show soon.......

Well, I'm sorry. They have had over a week to be prepared for this
hearing. The bail revocation and arrest warrants stand. He banged the
gavel, and left the bench.

That was it. In less than five minutes it was over.

Now, a couple of the mothers were crying. I wondered if any of those
parents gave one damn about how my mother cried? Annette cried? Or the
deep sadness in both fathers?

I wondered if any damn one of them gave one shit about Carol or Jimmy? I
remembered their arrogance at the first hearing. I instantly remembered
all five BASTARDS sitting in those seats, all smirking, laughing as their
charges were being read then.

Now I also remembered the last sight of them laying in the pit we dug.
Their cocks and balls cut off, and one with his in his fucking arrogant

Yes, I thought, none of you fucks will ever see your BASTARD sons again.
Case fucking closed.

I thought to myself, maybe we wouldn't have killed the BASTARDS if they
had tried to show at least some shred of remorse. Maybe even if their
fucking parents would have approached Jack or dad, or mom with some shred
of an apology..... Maybe we wouldn't have killed the BASTARDS.

Now, as I looked once again at the parents. Back to their normal
arrogance and shunning even a common courtesy hello, to Jack or dad.....
Excited whispering to their attorneys.

Yes, the more I looked at the charade...the more I knew we did the right
fucking thing. Let's get the hell out of here dad, before I whack one of
those fucks.

The three of us stopped for a drink at a tavern across from the
courthouse. We still have a little time before the surgery....

Yeah, Jack said. I usually don't drink in the morning, but
today....fuck them and fuck their parents. We had three rounds and left
for the hospital.

mom and Annette were still with Jimmy, as they were now prepping him.
They had given him a shot of twilight and he was barely conscious. Dad and
me decided to go up to see Carol.

Her doctor told her she could leave tommorrow. She would need a cane to
help with her walking for a while.

She looked much better as she sat in her chair next to a window. We'll
have to put some of that weight back on you honey, I said. She still
looked weak and gaunt.

The doc said that all my female stuff will be OK, also. Oh, Great,
honey. Dad said.

mom and Annette walked in now, saying that they had taken Jimmy up to
the operating room.

Billy? Yeah, hon? I was thinking of maybe starting a beauty salon with
some of that money. That's a great idea honey, mom said. You have about
ten customers with just our families alone. Yeah, it is a good idea, I
said. I wanted to ask Lisa if she would be interested in doing it with me?

How about men's haircuts? Maybe Billy. Maybe, if their handsome
enough. Maybe will give BJ's and backrubs too, she laughed. It was the
first real time I saw her smile.

Hey, all us guys will be right there lining up.

She rose and used her cane. She asked me to walk with her out in the
hall. Her steps were slow, and a little unsteady.

Oh Billy. I want to thank all those guys for all that money. We're
going to have a big party for them, I said. Good. How is everything
inside hon? Oh, Billy, my pussy is still a little raw, it hurts when I
piss, still. Those guys really fucked me like an animal Billy. They
really slammed and slammed. hurt my ass bad too. I had my arm around her
as we neared a hall window and stared out at a park below.

Well hon, it will take a little more time and you should be OK. How's
your nipple honey?

She looked around and then opened her robe. Its getting better. They
took the stitches out this morning, That hurt like hell.

Her nipple was swollen and her tit was red all around the area. I felt
so sorry for her. I put my arm around her again and we went back to the

We all had to leave while several doctors came in to look at Carol. We
went back up to wait word of Jimmy's surgery.

It took about another hour before a doctor came down to tell Annette and
Jack that it went well. Jimmy would be in recovery for the rest of the day
and we might be able to see him tommorrow.

All of us decided to go out for dinner.

How much I wanted to tell all of them at the table what happened to the
BASTARDS. How much I knew it would maybe give them some sort of
satisfaction knowing the fucks were dead. Especially with the arrogance of
the fucking parents.

Jack and Annette decided to go home as well as dad, mom and me.

mom and dad went upstairs to rest for a while. I went out to the deck,
waiting for Nikki and Lisa. They had put several huge ribbons on Carol's
car with a huge bow across the windshield.

It was about another half hour before Lisa and Nikki came in the yard.
Nikki was happy and said the doc told her all was well inside and she
shouldn't have any problems getting pregnant. He said her best time would
be in another week.

We were out looking at baby stuff. Cribs and all that, Lisa said.

Nikki invited Lisa and me over for dinner at her house.

After the late dinner, Lisa and me went back home and went to bed. Low
sounds of mom and dad making love.

I waited for Lisa to get her clothes off and stood her at the side of
the bed sitting her down. I placed both my hands on her head and caressed
her face as I guided her mouth to my cock. I wanted to feel her lips on
me. Her arms went around my ass as she sucked me deep.

After a few minutes, I stopped her and knelt down between her legs and
licked her to several cums. I spent a lot of time licking and nipping up
and down her inner thighs and her entire pussy.

After her seeming third one, I rose and slid my cock in her while still
standing on the floor.

Lisa was in a continuous state of cumming between my eating her, and
then fucking her so deeply. It felt so nice watching her enjoy it as I was
cumming in her. Caresing her won tits, as she moaned and shared looks of
our love to each other. I came deep within her, as her hands went up and
down my sides. Feeling me shooting in her.

It wasn't long before we were both asleep after that.

After breakfast the next morning, mom and Lisa put new curtains and
bedding to match, in Carol's room.

mom and dad went to the hospital to pick her up.

Nikki, Lisa and me had all made salads and food for a cookout while we

A half hour later, Dad's car pulled in the drive. We had to help her
out of the car with the cane.

Then she saw it. The new red car with all the ribbons and welcome home
on a big banner across the car.

Its yours hon. All yours. mom and dad told her.

Carol limped all around the car and started to cry.

Hard for her to believe so many nice things were happening. Billy got
it for you honey, mom said.

Carol's tears still flowed as she leaned up to hug and kiss me.

We took her out to the deck and waited on her like slaves.

Since it would be too much for her to go up and down the stairs for a
few days, mom suggested that she could sleep on the couch. Unless dad or
me cared to carry her upstairs.

I want to go in the pool, Billy.

No one will mind if I swim naked, will they? No honey. Not at all.
Lisa helped her out of her blouse and slacks. All of us saw the large
bruises still all over her body, but we said nothing. There was still that
nasty large bruise all over her right knee, which was causing enough pain
and causing her to limp.

Her nipple was still red and sore and swollen. She inched herself into
the pool and enjoyed the water.

It wasn't long before Lisa and I joined her. After a while we got out
and I rubbed suntan lotion over both Lisa and Carol.

mom and dad had once again gone up to lay down.

I guessed that a lot of the anxiety and nerve wracking events were
finally catching up to both of them.

Nikki went home to start dinner for Jack.

I sat on the deck between Lisa and Carol, caressing their bodies and
tits. Except for her sore one.

Now I was inched down and massaging each of their mounds and sliding my
finger up and down their slits. Lisa was loving it. Carol was enjoying it
until I forgot and slipped my finger into her pussy. She jumped and asked
me not to touch it inside. It still hurt too much. At least my worry
about her being turned off by sex seemed to be OK. As long as I caressed
and fingered her mound and around her clit, she liked it. Both girls making moans and saying how nice it felt. I was doing the same thing to
each of them.

I felt Lisa cum softly, but I wasn't sure about Carol. She seemed to be
enjoying my fingers and hands, but still seemed to have a guarded look
about her. As if she was afraid to let go. Carol said it was really nice

Both girls promised to return my nice work later.

After a while, I mentioned that we should all get dressed and take a
ride in her new car. We helped her over toward the car, and it took some
time to get her behind the wheel. Driving was new to her, and she looked
around the inside for the first time. Not believing it was all hers.

We drove around for almost an hour. Carol did surprisingly well, not
having much experience.

When we finally got back home, Carol decided she would sleep on the
couch. mom had a blanket and pillow ready there in case Carol wanted to
stay downstairs.

mom had also set her pills and a silky nightgown at one end of the
couch. Lisa helped her undress and slip the nightgown over her head. We
were going to go up to bed, but Carol asked us to stay with her a while and
maybe watch TV. Lisa sat on a chair near the couch, and I sat on the end
of the couch. Carol laid her head in my lap, and I caressed her head for a
while. Lisa said she wanted to take a shower and was then going to bed.
She had to work in the morning. I told her I would be up in a while.

Carol had turned on her back while on my lap. I stroked her face and
then she guided my hand to her tit.

Oh Billy. So much has happened. I'm so fucked up now....

Her hand almost guiding mine as it moved over her tit and nipple. It
will take a little more time and you'll be back to normal hon. I could
sense tears forming now. I knew she was once again remembering the night
of fucking terror. She turned on her side facing me now. My hand went to
her head and I rubbed her shoulders.

Soon, without saying anything, she turned on her stomach and reached for
my cock in my shorts.

Pull it out Billy, she said softly. I want to suck you. I raised
slightly and slid off my shorts and she quickly went for my cock. Her hand
stroking and feeling my balls as her warm mouth closed around my cock.

I caressed her head as she went softly and slowly up and down. She was
in no hurry. She was making small moaning sounds as she licked and sucked me.

Its been quite a while, Billy. How am I doing? Wonderful hon.

Her hand concentrated on my balls now, as she sucked me harder. Oh
Carol honey.....OOOOOO babe, I'm almost there hon. You're making me cum,
honey... She sucked faster. Her mouth and tongue so tender and nice. I
started shooting. She sucked up and down a little harder. I moaned, she
moaned. Her fingers draining my cock into her mouth as I spurted. Oh hips were froze with this particular cum. She kept me in her
mouth long after I came. Licking my cock. sucking me deep in the throat
and rolling her tongue over and over it. Finally, she laid her head on my
legs with my cock still pressed to her face. Her hand reaching up to still
caress it. Like that Billy? she asked softly.

Again I caressed her head and hair. Oh yes Carol.

It really felt nice. I hope we can fuck soon Billy. I miss you inside
me. Its just too damn sore yet. Again tears in her eyes.

Billy.....Every one of those guys took turns fucking me. They all
fucked me in the ass, and every one fucked me at least three or four times.
I don't remember after that.

Oh Billy, it really hurt bad. I begged them to stop. One of them
kicked me while I was laying there in the dirt, after one of the first few

They just kept rolling me over and fucking me either in the ass or
ramming my pussy so hard. They made me get on my hands and knees and suck
every one of them, while one of them rammed me in the ass. It hurt so
fucking bad. I begged and begged them and then they punched and kicked me
some more.

Jimmy was trying to stop them and they beat the shit out of him for a
long time. They made me suck all their cocks again. Then the one guy
pushed me right over and I fell on my back. He fell right on me and
started to suck my nipples and bit one real hard. I didn't realize he
almost bit it off, because I think I passsed out then.

I was filthy from the mud near the water, and all the cuts were hurting.

After they were finally done, one guy came back and said he would fuck
me again this weekend. I spit some blood from my mouth at him, and he
punched me real hard. I turned as he hit me and then he kicked me real
hard in the ass with his boot and I hit the tree near Jimmy head first.

I thought to myself, it was probably the same exact tree that we used to
string up the BASTARDS. I was caressing her face and head still as I

It was the first time she was opening up about all of it. I knew she
had to get it out. mom had come down now, and sat on the chair. Carol had
not seen her. Carol was just continuing with the story.

Oh Billy, they must have fucked me four or five times each, in my pussy and my ass. They were threatening to even fuck Jimmy too.

It was so horrible. One of them kicked Jimmy in the stomach real bad as
they made him sit against the tree.

They made him watch them as they all took turns over and over, fucking
me. Finally, after so many times, they got tired and said they were
leaving. I could hardly see with all the blood in my eyes, to untie Jimmy.
I don't even remember how we both got out of there. I remember Jimmy
screaming when he was trying to get behind the wheel. His ribs were all
busted. He had blood all over him too. His face was all bloody too. I
think I passed out on the front seat.

I saw mom starting to cry now. I felt tears in my own eyes, as she
softly explained.

Everything was so sore Billy. My nipple was bleeding all over. It hurt so bad. My face, and pussy. I know my ass was bleeding bad too.

mom got off the chair and knelt next to the couch and hugged her now.
Tears just falling down her cheeks.

Oh, how I wanted to tell them what we did. How much I wanted to tell
them the BASTARDS were tortured, had their balls cut off and killed.

The three of us were hugging now. Each of us in tears of misery and
happiness that Carol was now back home with us.

Its over now, honey. mom said. You're safe with us once again. mom cried some more, and Carol started also. I eased out from under Carol, and
let her and mom talk alone then. I kissed both of them good night and went
up with Lisa.

One of the reasons was because I was right on the edge of telling them.

Both Lisa and I were happy to just hold each other, and fall asleep.


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