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CAROL, mom & ME # 93

I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapter. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease.

Please write and let me know what you think of this series, or how I
should bring it to a finality????


It was earling in the morning when I opened my eyes. The sun was just
coming up with streaks through the bedroom sheers. I noticed immediately
that Lisa wasn't in bed. Then I heard soft moans and giggles from the

After a while, I realized it was Lisa moaning, much louder she
does so often when I fuck her.

Shortly after realizing she was in there with someone, mom came in the
bedroom. Her duster lazily hanging off her shoulders, and her tits swaying. Your dad and Lisa are in the shower going at it honey. She took
off her duster, came over and kissed my cheek and laid next to me. Her
naked body gleamed in the rising sunlight.

Looks like its just you and me for a while kiddo. She turned on her
side making her right tit lay on my chest. We heard both dad and Lisa
moaning now. OOOOHHH mom said. Sounds like their really having fun.

She reached for my cock under the sheet. Caressing my sack and balls,
leaning over and open mouth kissing me.....uuuummmmm mom, that feels nice.
Softly she stroked my cock.

Then, she got up and knelt over me with her pussy inching down on my
hard on. OOOOHHH mom. Oh, it feels good. Her smiling face as she felt my
cock being completely buried deep within her warm pussy. She leaned back
now, holding her tits and massaging her nipples as she started to move back
and forth on my cock. Her eyes closed. Oh, yes! Billy. Your cock feels
good in there. Let's really fuck with our special love.

She leaned down now, her tits slightly grazing my chest as she moved her
hips back and forth so slowly on my rock hard cock. Her tongue tracing the
outline of my lips. Oh Billy, between you and your father....your cocks
always fill me so much. So nice.

I love you both so much. Her hands massaged my chest now, as she
squeezed my cock tighter inside her wet and warm pussy. My hips rising to
meet her pushes. I could feel her wetness drenching my whole groin now.

Oh Billy, here I come honey. Fuck me. Shoot your juice in me honey.
Fill me. Her words were doing their magic as we pumped toward each other
and soon I was on the verge if shooting.

Mom, I'm cum is almost.....OOOHHHH mom....

Fill me Billy....shoot......I spasmed hard up into her now. spurt after
hard spurt. Her pussy milking and squeezing my cock. OOOOHH I feel it
Billy honey.

Just then, dad and Lisa were at the door watching us. Dad came up
behind mom and leaned over the bed to caress her tits from behind as we
were cumming. I watched his hands roll over and over her tits as she was
moaning. Her head leaned way back now. My cock raging inside her. Her
soaking pussy rammed tight to me....squeezing me as I finally ended my
spasms and cumming deep in her pussy.

Mom's hips rotated in circles with my cock still in her now. Lisa
leaned over me and kissed me now, as she watched mom and me coming down
from our orgasms.

As soon as dad felt that mom had finished cumming with me, he pulled mom by the hips back toward him and rammed his cock into her. She was now
kneeling over me, her eyes glazed as he started to fuck her hard. He was
standing on the floor with his hips moving hard.

Her tits were swaying violently back and forth as she moaned louder now.
Dad's hands holding her hips tightly against him.

Mom's hands found my cock and she stroked it hard as dad fucked her.
Lisa was now sitting cross legged next to me, watching.

It wasn't long before mom leaned down and started to suck me as she
moaned. It was hard for her to keep my cock in her mouth as dad rammed her
hard from behind. Her eyes still glazed as she looked up to me with my
cock in her mouth.

I reached over to caress Lisa's tit as she watched mom and dad, and mom sucking me. Finally dad was nearing his cum and pulled mom straight back
to him. His cock buried deep in her and ramming her hard. mom was
kneeling now, still straddled over my legs as we watched her cumming with
dad. His hands caressing her tits as he moaned. Filling her once again
with cum. mom tried to lean so she could fuck him back, but he held her
too tight to him, with his cock spurting into her.

OOOOHHH Jim.....Oh Honey.....Her body was shaking as he held her. Her
tits red and swollen now. Dad stiffened and we knew he was filling her
with his final spurts. mom was in heaven. Her pussy glistening and
soaked. I could see cum running down her inner thighs now. Finally dad
pulled his cock out and leaned around to kiss her. We need another shower
honey, he said. mom got off the bed and went into the shower with dad.
His cock still hard and glistening. Lisa laid next to me and said, WOW,
Billy. I didn't think he had it in him. He just fucked me for a half hour
in the shower. I went in to take a piss, and so did he. Next thing you
know, I had his cock in my mouth as I sat there.

It was fun honey. A surprise fucking this early in the morning. I
turned on my side and kissed her. I could sense that she wanted me to fuck
her once more also. Especially when her hand went to caress my softened
cock right away. Any left for me honey? Yeah, babe. I think so. I
kissed her again and got between her legs.

This is really the greatest Billy. Getting fucked by both YOU and your
father in the same morning.

I just douched honey, so there's a lot of room for your cum. Her hands
reaching between us to guide my cock into her. She moved the head of my
cock over and over her clit for a while, moaning softly,...then finally
guided me inside her. Her eyes closed as did mine as I slid into her. Oh
Honey, I love being inside you. Your pussy is so wonderful. Its giving
you all my love Billy. All of me. Just like I feel your cock giving me
all of you. You fill me nice, Billy. I love you inside me.

Her hands came up to pull me down to kiss me. Fuck me honey. Her hips
circling as I started to slowly pump deep in and out of her.

We could hear mom and dad in the shower once again. It was obvious that
mom was giving dad a nice blowjob.

It feels good Billy. I started to move my hips in circles as Lisa
liked. I ground my hips into hers and her entire groin as I fucked her.
Her arms going around my back now. Crushing her hardened nipples into me.
Her soft moaning mixing with the moans from mom and dad in the bathroom.

Your pussy feels so nice honey. Its loving you Billy. I can feel your
cock so deep in me, loving me too. I could feel the hardened opening of
her cervix against the head of my cock as I pushed harder into her. The
muscles and inner walls of her pussy gripping my entire cock. Her legs
coming up and wrapping around mine.

Oh honey......we rocked back and forth like this now. My cock buried
deeply in her and feeling so close to this woman I loved so much.

Oh Billy, I love you so. I raised my head from her shoulder and kissed
her. We both started to cum at the same time. Both of us moaning into
each other's mouth.

My cock exploding with love. My balls spasming hard, as I shot deep
within her. Her pussy squeezing, milking, loving me. Our mouths glued.

Finally, I rolled off. Needing to rest for a little while. Both
episodes with Lisa and mom... That was really nice honey, Lisa
said...still panting. I really came hard this time. I felt your cock
shooting all over my insides. It made me cum even harder honey. Your cock
was so deep. She leaned over me and kissed me again. We'll have a good
marriage Billy. I'm sure of it. Just then mom and dad came out of the
bathroom. Both still naked and heading into their bedroom.

They act like a couple of kids like us, Billy, Lisa smiled. He really
liked the blowjob I gave him. I love them too honey. I said. You
want....? Oh no. Not now honey. I'm all cummed out right now.

We need to get up and eat something.

Yeah, I guess you're right. I'd rather stay in here and fuck you all
morning long though. We have a party to get ready for, remember? Yeah,
but I would still rather be in this bed feeling your wonderful cock filling


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