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carol, mom & me

chapter 100

I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapterS. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.


Please write and let me know what you think of this series, or how I
should bring it to a finality????

A new note for those following the series, there seems to be a problems
lately with the email address. I was in the middle of
reading someone's response, and all my saved emails disappeared for some
reason. Including the one that I was just reading...even before I could
respond. So I would appreciate if those people would resend their critigue




Carol and I rested in each other's arms in her bed for quite a while,
when we got in her bed. After about an hour, mom came in and whispered
asking if we were still awake. Yes, we answered. Well Dan's has dozed
off. Carol? Yeah mom,? Would you mind very much spending the rest of the
night with Dan in my bed? I want to talk with Billy honey. Yeah, OK mom.
He's sleeping now, as I said, but if he wakes up you both might want some
action. Yeah, sure mom. Carol's tits bounced on my face as she crawled
over me to get off the bed.

Carol was soon asleep laying next to Dan. Her ass pushed tight against
his cock, just in case.

mom slid on the bed and laid on her side. Her tit laying on my chest.
Her hand stroking my hair. Billy, you ate me so wonderfully honey. It was
just me and you in that bed, all the time you were eating me and licking
me. I loved your cum mom. I loved tasting you when you were cumming. I
felt you drinking me honey. It made me spasm all the more.

Billy honey, I have to tell you a story. A story about my sister, my
dad and me. I told you about my mother and how she got the cancer. Yeah
mom. I remember. Well, we all took turns visiting her in the hospital
then. Sometimes all of us at once.

Once, when she knew she was going to die, she asked me to take care of
our dad. We will mom. We will, I assured her.

No, honey, I mean TAKE CARE OF YOUR DAD IN BED TOO! Oh mom, I said.
You mean???? Yes, honey. He will miss me and need it badly. He's not a
man to really go out looking for it like you think. Love him honey. He
adores both you girls. Love him for me. Both of you are like me. Give
that part of me to him. He's always beem a wonderful lover to me, Jeannie.
I don't have long, Jeannie, honey. I know it. I will die happy knowing
you will see to your dad's needs for me. At least until he can negotiate
life once again.

I'll try mom. Just go into his bed and reach for him honey. Whisper to
him that YOU need HIM.

I was 17, and my sister was 16 then, Billy. mom lasted about another
week and then she died. It was so sad. We were all hearbroken. Dad
hardly would eat. Drank quite a bit late at night at the table. I guess
trying to drink himself to sleep.

One night, I came in from a date with your father and saw him at the
table, quite drunk, and I eased him into bed. This was the first night I
did it Billy. I pulled off his clothes, and was just about to cover him
when I spotted his cock coming out of the fly of his boxers. I was a nice
cock like yours and your father's, Billy. I saw him a few times when he
never realized it. I remembered mom asking me to take care of him.

I had just had sex with your dad earlier on our date. I hadn't put my
panties back on then.. I decided to try to suck him, Billy. Suck my very
own father's cock for the first time. I was scared. I looked at it laying
there. Thinking of mom. Thinking and wondering if she had ever sucked him
much? I knew mom liked making love, and we talked about some things, but
she really didn't go into details often.

Finally, I sat on the side of the bed and stroked his cock as he slept.
It got really hard in my hand Billy. I was stroking my dad's cock. After
a while I could feel some pre cum around the tip and I knew it was probably
entering his groggy dream. He mumbled and moaned slightly aand rolled on
his back. My hand still holding his cock.

Now, I could see it standing straight up in the faint light from the
hall. Now, I wanted to please him as mom asked me. I had no idea what to
say if he woke up, but I wanted to make my father cum. Feel my daddy that
I loved, shoot his life giving cum. I took off my sweater and skirt, and
laid near his cock now. Looking at it, stroking it. Finally, I got the
nerve to put it in my mouth and suck him. Now, I moved so that I could put
him in my mouth and feel my father's big cock with my tongue and mouth. I
was really scared and excited at the same time Billy.

I sucked up and down slowly. I could taste some of his man juice. It
felt good to suck my father that I loved so much. I reached in the opening
of his shorts and felt his balls with my fingers as I sucked him softly.
They filled my whole hand.

Then he started to jerk and moan. He was mumbling something like my
mom's name, Katie.

OOOHHH Katie, he was saying now. OOOHHH honey. Oh, Katie, Is that
really you honey? No daddy, its me, Jeannie. JEANNIE???? Dad started to
sit up now in shock, his cock was still in my moputh, Billy.

It's OK daddy. mom asked me to do this for you. Its OK. Enjoy it
daddy, Enjoy it for mom from me. OOOOHHH Jeannie darling.....this is
so.....I sucked him faster now, and he started to cum in my mouth Billy. I
had my own father's cum in my mouth for the very first time.

He filled my mouth, I gulped him. I sucked him like no tommorrow,
Billy. I loved him. I knew how much he needed this. His hips were really
moving up and down as he came. He was moaning and I sucked him until he
had no more. Then I laid up next to him, and kissed his cheek.

He didn't know what to say. I whispered in his ear that it was OK, that
he could have me anytime. That I loved him. That I would replace mom until he could find another woman.

I kissed his cheek again. He started to cry. Oh I miss her so much,
Jeannie. I know daddy. We do too.

OOOHHH Honey, I really thought that it was your mother sucking me so
nicely. You do it a lot like she always did. I'll do it anytime for you
daddy. I enjoyed pleasing you. Really honey? This is so wrong.....
We're on the Pill daddy. No worry. You can have either of us anytime. We
love you. I reached down and caressed his cock again, Billy. He was
moaning. His eyes were closed. Oh Honey, it feels nice. So needed. I
moved over him and lowered my pussy on him Billy. He moaned, I moaned. I
fucked my father for the first time and felt him father cum shoot into my
pussy. I loved it Billy. Fucking my wonderful father.

From then on, Billy, one of us would stay in his room with him, or he
would come to one of our rooms. If your dad was staying over, my sister would know, and take our dad with her. Your father NEVER knew about this
Billy. He still dosen't. Just YOU, and my sister. Mom's hand had crept
down to my cock now. There were many times I would make nice love with
your father, and then when he went to sleep, I would go in and make love
with my dad. He was a good lover Billy. Tender. Sometimes both my sister and me would make love with him at the same time. I would suck him, and
she would spend time kissing and licking his body.

He loved being able to caress our tits and feel our ass during the day
in the kitchen or parlor. Sometimes, when I came in from work, he would be
in his chair in the parlor dozing off, and I would kneel down and suck him

It made me happy to make him happy. It STILL makes me happy to make you
and your father happy, Billy. It went on for years Billy. Neither my
sister or me ever complaining. He never demanded sex from us. We freely
offered it to him. The same as I do with YOU and your dad today. Either
of you can have me, my body, anytime Billy honey?

Wow, mom. What a story! There's just one other thing Billy. I think
your cousin Paul is my father's son. He looks far too much like my dad
than the guy she married. He came along just a little early also. My
sister thinks he is also. The car crash that killed your Grandpa was
horrible Billy. We were broken hearted. If it wasn't for your dad back
then..... mom drifting off thinking....remembering. I reached over and
caressed her tit softly and leaned over her and kisssed her. I could feel
the trace of a tear on her face.

I held our kiss and moved over between her legs and she guided me into
her warmness. Her womanhood. Once again, my mother was taking me into the
canal of my birth. Using that wonderful canal to please me. Milk me.
Love me. My arms wrapped around her and holding her whole boady tight to
me as we slow fucked. Grinding our hips.

We fucked each other almost in silence and slowly. We were in no hurry.
Slow, easy, and loving and caressing. We fucked a long time this way. mom whispering how much she loved me, and I, her.

How much she loved the feel of my cock. Now, urging me to spend my self
in her. Give her my male seed, once again. Its yours Billy, honey.
Forever. Anytime you want me. My pussy and love are yours. This is OUR
private love Billy. ONLY you and I can share it. I want to share it with
you forever. Love your wife, Lisa, when you marry. But please continue to
share this part with me.

I will, mom. I promise. I've already talked with Lisa about it. It's
OK with her too. Soon, we took each other to that orgasm we knew was at
the end of our pumping, grinding, loving. We drifted off to sleep with my
cock still in mom.


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