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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapterS. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.


Please write and let me know what you think of this series, or how I
should bring it to a finality????

A new note for those following the series, there seems to be a problems
lately with the email address. I was in the middle of
reading someone's response, and all my saved emails disappeared for some
reason. Including the one that I was just reading...even before I could
respond. So I would appreciate if those people would resend their critigue



CAROL, mom & ME


It was still dark when I awoke. mom was facing me, on her side with her
tits softly pressed into me. Her arm under mine around me.

How nice she smelled. How wonderful her body felt pressed against me in
this love we shared. Illegal as it was, it was still genuine.

Her leg was wrapped ove mine and my cock was right at the valley of her
wonderful womanhood. Her soft breathing, as I held her to me.

I lightly stroked her hair. Her mind caught in dreams. My own mother,
laying here in bed with me, sharing her complete self with me. Taking,
giving, sharing all with me.

I moved my upper thigh slightly back and forth now, into her pussy. I
wanted to be inside her again, but I didn't want to wake her. My cock was
getting quite hard thinking of it. Pressing against her trimmed bush. I
could feel the fullness of my balls. Mom's hips and pussy seemed to react
to my slight movements against her pussy. It was wet. Slowly, mom's arm
and hand moved down towards my cock. Her eyes still closed, but she was
awake. Go ahead Billy, she whispered softly. Take me. She kised my chest
as her hand caressed my cock and urged it toward her pussy. She turned on
her back and iopened her legs for me. Let's do it slow, honey, like we did

I leaned over and kissed her with a passion in the complete darkness.
Her hands caressing my head and face softly. I rose my hips and my cock
slipped into her deep wetness. OOOHHH mom, I whispered. Every
is always so nice mom. Her pussy clamped around my cock lovingly. Her
hips rising gently to accept me.

I pushed into her all the way and stayed there. Leaning down to
passionately kiss her. Feeling her tits crushed against my chest.

My father's woman and wife. My mother. I was fucking my own mother,
and she was fucking me. Her body moved sensuously as we slowly fucked each

OHHHH mom, NOTHING can match this. These feelings I have with you. I
know Billy, she whispered in my ear. I know. I feel it too honey. With
every thrust of your cock, every inch of it in me. I love it in there
Billy. I love this sex we share together. Her pussy was caressing my cock
gently, lovingly as I stroked in and out. I'm near a cum, Billy. I'm....I
ramed her harder now, a little faster as I felt her getting wetter and more
agitated. I leaned anc crushed my mouth against hers and searched for her
tongue to gently suck as she came around my cock. OOOOOHHH Honey.....she
moaned softly.....your wonderful cock is making me cum so nice..... I
stayed tight inside her, riding our her orgasm with her. Her hips fucking
up to me, her pussy reaching, wanting more and more cock to absorb. Milk.

OOOOHHH Honey......She pulled me down to kiss me once again as she rode
her passionate orgasm. I was still very hard and hadn't cum yet.

mom whispered in my ear to take her from behind. Let me roll over
honey. We havn't done it like that in a while. mom turned and slid a
pillow under her hips and held her ass up offering herself to me. Wet your
cock in my pussy first honey. I'm pretty soaked with my juice. I can feel
it mom. You really did cum. I slid into her pussy a few times and then
pulled out. I aimed my cock at her ass and slowly pushed in. I was
kneeling behind her raised ass. mom pushed herself back on me and did most
the work as she accepted my raging hard cock into her ass.

OOOOH mom, I whispered. How tight. I laid down over her now, as my
cock was fully into her ass. My hands went under her and cupped her tits.
fuck me Billy, she whispered through her crossed arms.

Your as deep in my body as ever honey. Its yours. Fuck me. I started
to pump slowly, and she responded with her own movements back at me.
Wanting me there in her ass. OOOOHHHH it feels so different, so nice,
Billy. How does your cock feel? Wonderful, mom. Fuck me honey. Shoot
our family cum into me. Only your father and you have been in there. No
one else ever gets in there Billy. Her ass was gripping my cock tightly.
The anal ring was gripping andsliding up and down my shaft as if to drain
my cock. I started to move faster now, knowing my cum was near. I kissed
her neck and caressed her tits in my hands firmly.......OOOOHHHH mom, here
it is....ooooohhhh

Fill me Billy. Her ass pushing back hard to me. Oh, Billy....Its so
warm, I feel it so deep in me. Your precious cum...Oh Billy, I'm cumming
too honey...

Fuck me, shoot it all honey, still speaking softly. I moved my cock in
circles as I shot spurt after hard spurt into her. Finally I was drained
and collapsed upon her. Kissing he neck and shoulderrs again. My cock
still deep within her ass. OOOOHHH was nice honey. I can
still feel my spasms deep in there.

I laid lightly on her for a while longer and pulled out. The sun was
just beginning to rise now. I laid on my back as mom leaned over me and
kissed me. As her lover, as her son. Her tits softly pressing into me.

Lets take an early shower honey. OK, mom. Good idea. We hopped into
the shower quickly, hearing the sound of Carol's soft moans in mom's room.

mom and me washed each other quickly and also dried each other. She
stayed in her bathrobe as she went down to make breakfast. I came down
shortly after, and helped her. It was about a half hour later that Dan and
Carol came down. Still smiling. Carol gave mom a kiss on the cheeek and
then me, as she sat down. I'll see dad later this morning, Carol, and
we'll check out that shop for you. mom thought it was an excellent idea
for Carol to have the beauty shop. Carol mentioned to Dan that maybe Nikki
could even work there.

That might be hard after the baby comes though, he added. Dan said it
was a nice night with both mom and Carol. Yeah, it was Dan, mom said.
Well, I have to run over and quick change for work. I don't want to wake
them though. It's still kind of early Dan. You have at least an hour yet.
Yeah, I guess you're right. mom rose and took his hand and led him into
the parlor. You were a little cheated last night with me hon. She sat him
on the couch and got between his legs drawing out his cock.

Remember this while you're hard at work in the office today, Danny. mom lowered her head and sucked his cock into her mouth.

Carol could hear the commotion and now urged me to go upstairs with her.

We passed mom on her knees and Dan with his eyes closed moaning. Carol
dropped to her knees right away as we got in my room and sucked me to a
firm hardness. Then she leaned over the bed and offered her ass to
me....either one Billy. Hurry. I decided to fuck her in the ass also as I
did earlier with mom. Then I knew they would both talk about it later

Our moans of pleasure were only being mixed with that of Dan, now
cumming as mom sucked him. I came inside Carol's ass shortly after.

Dad was coming in the back door, needing some papers to take to work.
He walked in the parlor just as mom was finishing sucking Dan.

Mom, still on her knees as Dan was rising, offered dad the same. Dad
said that Nikki just drained him, and to hold that offer til after work.

They had a cup of coffee in the kitchen talking about their adventures
with Nikki, and Carol and me through the night. Dad leaving for a short
day at work. mom reminding him that he and I would look at the shop for
Carol. Yeah, I'll be here. They kissed and he left.

Carol and me laid next to each other after I fucked her. I hugged her
close and felt her tit in my hand as she told me again how much she loved

I was thinking of you earlier Billy, when Dan was fucking me. I was
imagining it was your cock fucking me.

mom came in and laid next to me. Her arm going around me as I was still
hugging Carol, half on my chest. I think we all still need some rest, she

I think you're right mom, I answered. Now she turned to her side like
Carol and put her arm over me also. We all drifted off for an early needed

It felt wonderful with two sets of tits pressed against me once again.
Two female knees draping over my groin. Taking turns massaging my cock as
I drifted off.

mom was already in the kitchen preparing things for cooking out later,
when carol and me got up. The detective stopped by for a few minutes, she
said. My heart jumped! He said that they haven't heard a word from any of
the boys that attacked Carol and Jimmy. None of their families either? He
said that all leads seem to be dead ends.

He asked how you and Jimmy were doing. He seemed genuinely concerned,
Carol. Nice enough guy.

Nikki appeared at the back door now, seeming all aglow with the news
report from her visit to the GYN.

came over to kiss me. I saw his little pricky on the monitor. She was
really happy. I reached out and placed my hand on her stomach. Then I
lowerd my face into it, pulling her tight to me, as I sat there. I felt
kind of proud now. The realization of having a son was hitting me hard.

He's going to be the most spoiled baby in town, mom said. You bet mom,
Carol added. They started with the girl gab, and I went out to the deck.
My cock was feeling kind of tender from so much fucking and sucking the
past few days. I took off my shorts and laid back on the lounge, naked.
Closing my eyes to the bright sun.

I remembered I had to cut the grass and a few other things later. I
dozed off again, thinking of what it would be like having a son....

I was awakened by Nukki. She was rubbing tanning lotion all over me.
When I opened my eyes, her hands were putting some on my cock. It felt
nice and cool. Her soft hands feeling nice. You don't want THIS to get a
sun burn, Billy, she smiled at me. She was kneeling on the deck at my side
now. I'm so happy, billy. My dream of having a for real baby is coming
true. I watch the movie that Dan made of us making love tnat night Billy.
Over and over, I watch it. Especially the second you are shooting in
me.....making this baby.

Maybe some day, after I'm gone, our son will find it and know Dan's
message he made on the movie, to him.

your mom and sister went grocery shopping for some things. They'll be
back in a couple hours. Carol seemed to feel real proud to be driving your
mom in her new car.

She laid her head on my stomach facing the pool, and my cock. Her
fingers softly caressing it. My hand went to her hair and I ran my fingers
through it, and the side of her face.

You want me Billy? she asked as she felt my cock beginning to harden
with her massaging. Without waiting, her head slipped lower and she sucked me into her mouth. Still facing away toward the pool.

Her tongue and lips feeling nice on my cock. Her fingres gently
caressing my sack, as she sucked. Nikki was good with her mouth. She
really enjoyed sucking me. Almost as much as the other women in my life.
Damn, it feels nice Nikki, I said as my eyes closed. Her tongue sliding
over and over the head of my cock as she sucked me deeply.

She stood now, and stripped off her shirt and shorts. Standing there
naked. A beautiful tanned woman. Her full tits proudly sporting her
hardened nipples, shadowed by her long dark hair. Smiling down at me, she
straddled the lounge and lowered her pussy straight down on my cock.

Her hands went to my chest as she slowly fucked me. My hands went to
her hanging tits. Both of us closed our eyes and enjoyed fucking each
other. This is so nice and peaceful, Billy.

I never dreamed I would be fucking another man other than my brother for
life. Now, in such a short time, so many in our circle of people.... She
sat back with my cock still deep in her and placed her hands over mine on
her tits. OOOOHHH you feel so nice in there. I enjoyed your father last
night too. He made love with me twice. You two are good lovers she

Dan's getting much better, but nowhere near your dad and you. I felt my
cock stirring deep inside her warm sucking pussy now. OOOOHHH Nikki....I'm
about to cum hon, right next to our son. She smiled and urged my cock all
the more with her pussy muscles. It wasn;t long before I was spurting in
her. It caused her to start an orgasm, all her own. Both of us squeezing
her tits harder now, as she came with me. Her pussy tightening hard around
my shooting cock.

OOOOHHH Its wonderful Bill....we're cumming as one right

I pulled her down tight to me and hugged her as I shot my final spurts
hard into her pulsing pussy. Her hips rising and falling in a desperate
search for more and more of my cum. She was kissing my face all over as
she hit the peak of her orgasm.

I rubbed her back and down to her ass as she started to subside from
cumming. We laid together with my cock in her until it softened
completely. Finally, she rose and said she needed to get home and do some
work. She leaned over and kissed me with a passion and left smiling. I
looked down at my glistening cock. Damn, I thought. I came out here for a

I knew Nikki would be thinking of my cum in her for the rest of the
afternoon. The same cum that gave her the baby in he belly.


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