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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapterS. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

CAROL, mom & ME


I was still laying there, trying to rest a little, when dad pulled in
the drive. He walked back to the deck and smiled. You better put some
lotion on that cock or you won't be using it anytime soon. I told him of
the really nice sesion I had earlier with Nikki. Yeah, he said. I had a
really nice time with her last night too. Its nice making love with her.
She has a certain something. I know exactly what you mean dad.

Well, get dressed and we'll see what this shop is all about. I called
Lisa before we left at work, and told her what we were up to. I mentioned
that dad and me would pick her up.

The shop Carol had her heart on was set back slightly off Main Street.
It had room for parking right in front. A major plus, we said. Looking in
the windows, It appeared to be large enough. Seemed to be in good
condition. We noted the address on the Real Estate poster and went to a
bar across the street and called.

We mentioned to the agent where we were, and she offered to join us for
a drink and discuss it.

We picked a booth that would be quiet and waited.

It wasn't a long wait. The front door opened with the bright sunlight
pouring in. Just a shadowy figure standing there. As the door closed, a
GORGEOUS well dressed woman appeared. Judy? Yes. Jim? Yes. Sit down.

I was awestruck by her beauty. I was certain that dad was too, by his
gaping at her. We ordered drinks and got down to business. I was
mesmerized by her tits, neatly tucked into a pretty silk blouse. Her
blonde hair reaching down her back. How could we get her into one of our
parties? Was all that was racing through my mind.

OOOOHHH I wondered instantly what it would be like to be fucking this
gorgeous woman????

I didn't notice a wedding ring. Just what seemed like a friendship ring
on her finger.

Dad was busy asking her questions about utilities, down payments, erc.
So far, so good. The price seemed right. $18,000. It would take a few
thousand more for utilities, licenses and stock for the shop before the
doors opened. Carol would have a career beginning for about $25,000.

Dad was doing a fine job of probably hiding a hardon also, as he did
most of the talking.

The barmaid came with another round. We explained about Carol, and what
happened to her and Jimmy. She leaned back instantly and said that she
knew about it. A friend of hers worked in the courtroom as a steno.
That's your daughter? Your sister? Oh my God!, she said. What a horrible
event for both of them. She wanted to know how Carol and Jimmy were now.
We explained. Then, dad, the wonderful forward thinker he is, said, Look,
why don't you follow us home? We're having a cookout around the pool. You
can meet carol, and have dinner with us. She's the one we're about to do
the deal for????

She loked at both of us, Sure she said. Let me make a phone call to the
office. When she was out of earshot, I let out a deep breath. Oh shit,
dad! You played that perfect. My cock is still hard looking at her. Wow.
We still have to pick up Lisa from work on the way.

let me engineer THAT, too Billy. Dad said. Now, Judy came back to the
table and said it was all set with her office.

She offered to buy another round for us.

Finally, after filling her in on some of the other details, dad
mentioned that I had to pick up my girlfriend from work. Look, would you
mind if I ride in your car, Judy? I'll give my car to Billy, and he can
pick up his girlfriend.

Why sure, she said. Damn. Why didn't I think of that smooth move??? I
couldn't keep my eyes off her tits as she rose from the table. She was
smiling at me, knowing damn well I was staring at them.

I got in dad's car out in the parking lot and went for Lisa. Dad,
grinning, got in her car. I took Lisa past the shop to show her what it
looked like. She liked the idea also. Carol mentioned that maybe you and
Nikki could work there too, honey. That's a thought, she said. I don't
really like this office crap anyway. Phones driving me nuts all day.

I mentioned to Lisa that the Real Estate agent was coming to our house
to meet Carol, and have dinner with us.

I DIDN'T tell her she was so gorgeous though. It looks like we night
have a deal for Carol, honey.

We got home quickly, and I expected Judy's car to be there. Uh Oh. mom had almost everything ready out in the yard and garage. Lisa helped with
the plates and things.

Well? mom Looked at me??? They should be on their way any time, mom.
Dad invited the Real Estate woman here for dinner. He wanted her to meet
Carol, and give her some details about the place. Oh, good, she said.
Carol's upstairs resting. Want to wake her with that special touch of
yours, she smiled?

Yeah, I'll get her. Judy had the idea to go back to her office for the
keys to the place. She then took dad through the shop and showing him all
the features. Security etc.

Then, they stopped for another drink on the way....her and dad started
to dance and soon, they were in the car out in the back parking lot
kissing. It wasn't long before dad had her sucking his huge hard on.

In less than two hours, dad had scored with this woman.

It was about a half hour later, that they pulled into the driveway. mom seeming to have some concern.

When dad mentioned about taking a look inside the place, I knew. THAT
would only be 5 minutes. He was more than a half hour behind me. He
winked at me, over mom's shoulder as he kissed her.

Introducing Judy to the rest of the gang, including Nikki and Dan. She
seemed to be genuine. Had a good sense of humor too. Her job seemed to
fit her perfectly. I watched her as she and Carol sat talking about her
dream. Soon, as often happens, it was us guys in a corner, drinking beer,
while the girls gabbed away.

You nailed her, didn't you? I asked. He smiled. No, but I got her to
give me a nice blowjob, though. Right in her front seat, like a couple of
kids. My hard on was showing big time, and it was driving her nuts. We
saw the place inside, went for another drink, danced and then .... Damn!
You move fast. Dan looked over at her. I don't blame him Billy. She's a
damn knockout. Look at that rack of tits, too!

That's a fine specimen there, Dad smiled.

Lisa finally came over and asked if I wanted to swim with her. Sure
honey. I went into the garage and did a quick change. I grazed against
Judy's shoulder coming back on the deck. My cock was bulging in the
trunks. She noticed it immediately, smiling up at me. She then turned back
to Carol and mom.

I dove in the pool as Lisa eased herself in.

She wanted in the worst way to take her top off. Wait a while honey.
See how things go with Judy. Don't want to scare her off now, I said. you
know I love the feel of the water on my tits Billy. I pulled her close and
kissed her in the middle of the pool, I was surprised to see dad sliding in
at the end. Then Nikki. We were all swimming around when I heard Carol
offer a suit to Judy, so she could go in.

OOOH the water looks so inviting, she said. Carol dragged her hand and
up to her room they went. mom took off her blouse and shorts. She was
already wearing her two piece.

Just by chance, Jimmy had called Carol and asked if she wanted to come
over to their place for a while. She agreed, and would come over in a
couple of hours. Then her and Judy came out to the pool.

My jaw dropped when I saw which suit carol gave her. What a body.
Slightly more meatier than mom and Lisa, but she was taller anyway. Her
legs went forever. So did her tits. They were crammed into the bra with
bulges on the top that just screamed to be licked.

OOOHH The water feels so nice, its so pretty back here with the lights
and all.

I was glad that I was standing behind Lisa so she could notice me gaping
at Judy.

Lisa could feel my half hard cock pressing against her. She pushed her
ass towrd it and said later, honey. Later. We started to play volleyball

It was a nice chance to watch the girls tits bounce all over the place.

After the first game, mom and dad werre in a corner of the pool talking.
Soon mom swam over to Lisa and me. She mentioned that dad would like to be
with Lisa, tonight, if it was OK with us? Lisa turned to me....Its OK,
honey. Carol's going to your house with Jimmy in a little while, mom mentioned to Lisa.

Good, she said. Jimmy has seemed to miss her.

You sure you don't mind if I go with your dad Billy? No, not at all
honey. Who will you be with? Maybe Nikki or mom. I don't know.

Dan overheard us, and swam over. I'd like to be with Nikki tonight.
There's something special I want to tell her. Sure, Dan. No problem. mom saw me gazing at Judy now. You want her don't you? yeah, mom. Just one
trip around the block.

Let me see how I can play this out for you, and swam away to join dad
and Judy, talking at the side of the pool.

I turned Lisa around to kiss her now. You sure you don't mind Billy?
no honey. mom said she would be with me. Its been a while since you and
my dad spent time together honey.

OK, But, I want your cock before I leave for work in the morning, OK?

Sure babe. I'll meet you in Carol's room. No one will be in there
tonight. Early, before everyone gets up.

Why don't you and your mom watch us on the screen tonight? I'll be
thinking of you when he sticks that big cock of his in me Billy.

Just then, mom swam back over and said that Judy would stay overnight in
Carol's room. I mentioned that she's been drinking along with the rest of
us, and its best not to take any chances driving.

Lisa knew that spoiled meeting me in Carol's room.

Its OK honey. We have all weekend, I said.

We all went up on the deck and had another drink.

mom grabbed me to dance with her as the music played. It was more of an
excuse to talk. You really want her don't you? I've been watering for her
since she came in the tavern for the first time. Well, I'll feel her out.
I noticed how she was looking at your cock when you passed her over there

You and me will be in your room anyway honey. I won;t mind if you can
get next to her. Your dad and Lisa will be disappearing soon. He's going
to ask her to go to the store, and then when they get back, right up into
our room. Nikki and Dan will be leaving soon also. So, it will just be
you, me and her down here.

Now, let me get to work on her with some girl talk.

mom walked away, and I went over to sit near Lisa.

I was thinking, honey, maybe we could get the gang and we could all go
down to the Lake for a picnic and stuff tommorrow? Yeah, Billy. Good
idea. I like it down there at the lake. I want to make love to you under
those two trees again anyway babe. She smiled, remembering. I chanced a
quick squeeze of Lisa's tit, but damn, of all times, Judy turned her head
to see it. She only smiled at me. Lisa turned so she could see her.

Dan and Nikki rose and said they were going back home now. We said good
night and they left, both holding hands.

It wasn't long before dad rose and asked Lisa if she wanted to go to the
store with him. Lisa already knew the cue. See you tommorrow honey, and
she kissed me good night.

Off she bounced in her two piece with an imaginary trip with dad.

Now it was just mom, Judy and me on the deck. They were still busy
gabbing, so I jumped back in the pool. It was quite dark now, and the
music was still playing.

mom rose and said they were coming in the pool also. mom winked at me
and then jumped in. It made her top slide off her tits, and she pretened
to be embarrased. Judy laughed. mom said well. He's seen them dozens of
times anyway. mom was seeming to try to put the top back over her tits but
when she turned to Judy for help, Judy said that the strap was broke right
off. Oh, the hell with it mom said. I'll buy a new one tommorrow.
Billy's seen them already.

She swam alongside the pool now as Judy swam toward me in the center.
This is a really nice place youall have here. All the landscaping and
stuff. The lights. mom mentioned that I do most of the work around the
house. I take care of the yards too. Geeez, if you're interested, I could
get you some work fixing up some of our properties we are selling.

Maybe, I said. I have nothing against making a few bucks. mom came out
of the water now, right near us with her tits bobbing in the water. It
didn't seem to phase Judy at all. That's why I didn't jump in Jean, she
said. I was afraid of that happening to me. Like once before, down at the
lake. I was so embarrassed. So many people were there that day.

Why, hon. You have a nice set there? Yeah you do, I said. Uh Oh, my
son's been looking....Uh Oh. Her nipples were pressing hard against the
thin material of the bra. That's why Carol bought it to begin with. So
her nipples would show. I decided for a little horseplay and dove under
the water. I came up with mom on my shoulders, and her playing the ditzy
girl, pleading for me to turn her loose. I could feel the hump of mom's
pussy up against the back of my head as I held her on my shoulders. I
smiled at Judy as I dumped mom into the water, face first. Then I did the
same to Judy. She reacted a little different and seemed to squeeze her
thighs off and on around my head as I held her on my shoulders. My hands
were up near the edges of the skimpy bottoms of her suit. Almost at her
ass. Her pussy was pressed against my head now, like mom's. One
difference. Judy seemed to be pressing it in and out on my shoulders
against my head deliberately.

I walked around the pool with her on my shoulders for another minute
before dumping her also, into the pool. She was faking an adjustment to
her bra as she came out of the water. It lowered itself way down her tits,
leaving only the nipples covered. I was dying to see them, and mom knew

mom was watching her trying to adjust the skimpy excuse for a bra, and
said. Oh take the damn thing off, Judy. Its OK. Its just Billy. He's
seen enough tits around here for years. It hurts your boobs any damn way
mom said. Winking at me over her shoulder. it might have been the drinks,
Judy had, or just her own desires, but she hesitated only a minute. If you
don't mind, this really is uncomfortable. I swim in my pool naked, at
home, she added.

We do that here too, once in a while, mom laughed. Sure, I come out
here at night and swim naked on really hot nights. Once in a while the
others come out for the same. We've all seen each other naked in our
family, Judy. Its no big deal here anymore. Sounds a little like my
family. I have two brothers, and a sister. We used to skinny dip a lot
down at the lake.

mom smiled. I remained quiet as I watched her engineer this.

Soon, she had urged Judy to untie the tight top and throw it up on the
deck. She faked the shyness, and kept her back to me. I swam to the far
side of the pool and got out to dive back in again. By the time I came
back up, she was facing me. Her tits were beautiful. Medium sized nipples
that were hard, with firm tits behind them. They are beautiful, I
remarked. really, Judy. Bet they make your guy really happy. I don't have
a guy anymore, Billy. He was transferred out to the East Coast. About two
months ago.

That told me she probably hasn't been laid in almost that whole time.

I missed him in the worst way, for weeks. I got over it when a woman
answered his phone one night wondering who I was, I was wondering who SHE
was. She told me to and hung up on me. I tried to call Ben
several times, but I think he was deliberately avoiding me then. Finally,
I decided to kiss him off. If he couldn't be man enough to call me and be
honest about what was happening, then I didn't want him.

I was gazing at her tits as she was talking. She noticed my stare. I'm
sorry, I said. They really are beautiful.

Her hands went under them and held them. You think so, really Billy?
Yes. They are. Perfect size, perfect everything. Ben wanted me to make
them even bigger. He's nuts, I said. mom agreed right away. They fit
your frame perfect Judy.

She was now more at ease, and mom mentioned having another drink. Yeah
mom. This clorine is getting to me.

I got out of the pool and helped mom, then Judy out. I went to the
small pool bar in the corner and got a couple beers and made a stiff drink
for Judy.

My cock was stirring, in the wet suit. Judy stared right at it as I
handed her the drink. mom saw her gaze, and smiled up at me.

Seem's you're exciting my son, Judy. I see him get like that when his
girl is here too.

She seemed embarrassed. Oh, its OK, hon. We razz these guys all the
time around here. Its our way of getting even with them for gaping at our
tits. Judy laughed. Staring once again at my cock as I eased into the
lounge next to her. I noticed that the bulge in my suit was showing quite
a bit as I laid back with the beer.

Judy's tits seemed to fall perfectly against her chest as she leaned
back on her lounge. They didn't slop to the far side like many larger

I looked at the nipples. Still hard. They were outlined by the pool
lights, against her tits. Droplets of water all around them.

mom was doing a fine job of getting me close to this girl. She set her
drink down now, and reached for me to dance with her. I'll get you there
honey, she whispered in my ear. You'll be inside her tonight. Mom's bare
tits pressed against my chest, as Judy watched us dance. After the song
ended, another started and I reached down for Judy to dane. She hesitated,
knowing it meant I would feel her tits pressed against me also.

I urged her once again and she rose to let me encircle her in my arms.
Mom winked once again.

Her tits felt nice with their hard nipples pressing hard into me. She
could really feel my hardening cock also. She didn't back her pussy area
away from it, but as we danced, she seemed to be more at ease. She seemed
to press against me to feel my cock, as she talked about the yard and pool
area. Just before the song ended, I gave a slightly harder push into her
pussy area while squeezing her slightly tighter to me. She wasn't
resisting. I somehow knew mom was right and I would be in this gorgeous
woman tonight.

mom saw my raging cock as we went to sit down again. Her eyes widened.
Uh Oh. Need fast work now. She said that it was getting kind of late.
Asked Judy if she wanted to go upstairs for mom to show her Carol's room.
Judy answered yes. I am a bit weary, AND feeling alittle drunk. They both
went into the house as I cleaned up some of the stuff around the deck. I
wanted to give them a lot of time to get her settled and mom back in my
room. I figured that right about now, dad and Lisa would be fucking away.
I got harder still, think of her. I knew how much dad cared for her, and
how happy she was going to be in our family. Carol's bedroom light was on
now. I could see Judy and mom moving about behind the sheer curtains.
Even the outline of Judy's tits as she lifted her arms apparently putting
on a nightgown. I hoped it was one of the sheer ones that Carol wore so
often. Then I though of Carol, too. I guessed that she probably had her
mouth full of Jimmy's cock right about now. I figured that in about 15
more minutes, I would have my cock in mom's mouth. I saw Carol's bedroom
light go out now. Imagining Judy getting comfortable in Carol's bed. I
knew damn well she would think of the hard cock she was just feeling
pressed against her.

Then I saw mom up in my window, Waving for me to join her. I turned off
all the ligghts & went through the house quietly. I could hear faint muted
moaning of Lisa as I passed dad's room. His big cock was pleasuring my
honey. I would now pleasure his wife.

mom was leaning on my windowsill naked as I came in the dark bedroom. I
dropped off my shorts and came up behind her. Cuppling her tits as we both
looked out at the dark star filled sky.

What should I do now mom? I asked softly.

I'm going to take a chance Billy. In a while, I figured on going in
there and asking if she would think of the idea of making love with you?

I watched her eyes all night on your bulge, Billy. I think it will
work. I can put her at ease about it. Make her feel safe in our house, so
that no one else knows. That's what a woman likes, Billy. To feel safe
when her man is making love to her. In the meantime baby, let me have THIS
hardon now. I wanted it all night, myself. mom pulled me with her to the
bed, and sat on the edge. She placed both her hands on my cock and sucked me softly. Getting harder for me baby? Yes, mom. She nipped and sucked me for a short time and laid back on the bed. Fill me honey. Fuck mommy.
Her hands spreading her pussy wide apart for me. I leaned forward and she
guided me in her warmness. OOOHH mom....Her hips rising to swallow all of
me. That's it baby. Enjoy me. Fill me. Love me.

I pumped and pumped as mom urged. My ass up in the air, with high
strokes in and out of her. Our moans mixed together softly.

I've wanted this all night honey. I was so bothereed seeing your cock
bulging like that all night. I know she is thinking of it too, if she's
any kind of a woman. OOOHHH you feel good in me baby. Scrape my clit for
me with your cock honey. It was easy, in the position I was in to put
pressure on her clit as I fucked her. That's it honey. Fuck me. Let me
suck you when you're ready honey. I want to drink your cum tonight. I
want you to think of me drinking your cum while you fuck her in a while.
It'll make you cum harder in her.

Oh mom, you say the fucking sexiest things....I know honey. It makes
you harder inside me too. I held her face in my hands and leaned to kiss
her as I felt my cum starting. I opulled out and mom went quickly for my
cock and sucked me hard. I was standing now, and she was bent down.
Grasping and jerking me into her watrm mouth. I was pumping automatically.
Moaning with this wonderful pleasure she was giving me. UUUUMMMM Billy,
she said as she came up for a breath. You always shoot so much, taste so
nice. Then I pushed her back down on the bed and plowed into her wet pussy once more. I fucked her faster and harder now. Whimpers escaping her
throat as we kissed tightly. My cum shooting deep into her. My cock being
soaked by her warm juice.

I stayed in her until I went soft and felt her climax easing. Then we
laid together, caressing each other in silence.

She rolled on top of me and kissed me with passion. Her body grinding
all over mine.

OK, honey. My pussy is filled with our love. Now, I'll set you up with
her. I'm not sure if she will have the nerve to come in here for you, or
if you might have to go in there for her. Go in the bathroom quick and
quiet and clean our juices off your cock so she won't smell us.

OK, mom. Good thinking.

I cleaned up, and brushed my teeth. Put on a dab of cologne. Then I
went to my bed and waited, and waited. Hoping my cock would be as hard for
her as it was for mom.

It seemed like hours, but probably only a half hour before there was a
soft knock on the door. Its open I whispered. Billy? Yes? can I come
in? Sure. I saw the faint outline of Judy against the hall light behind
her. I had a nice talkwith you mom. Gee, she's really nice Billy. She
moved slowly toward the bed and sat on the edge. I could plainly see the
outline of her firm tits against the hall light. I guess she had me
figured out pretty well Billy. I think she knew that I would like to make
love with you, and she just told me you were thinking the same.

What a mother, she said. Do you want to Billy? Yes, that would be
really nice. I sat up and reached for her to kiss her for the first time.
She turned toward me now, and I eased her to stand. I got out from under
the blanket and stood also. She then saw my naked cock standing straight
out for the first time. OH, Billy. Wow. I reached for her and kissed her
again. Pressing my cock so that it would slide between her legs. She
eagerly made room for it as she opened her mouth for me to search her
tongue. My hands went to the edges of the nightgown and I lifted it over
her head. Now, we were both naked in front of each other for the first
time. I knelt down and pressed my face and mouth into her pussy and mound.
Her hands went to my head as she moaned softly. What are you doing Billy?
I'm going to lick you, Judy, I whispered up to her. Oh my God. Only one
person has ever done that to me....

I turned her body so I could ease her down on the bed. Oh, you're
really going to do that to me? Yes. I want to taste you. Her blond hair
splayed out in a beautiful arc from her head as she laid there. I could
see the glistening of the short, sparse hairs on her pussy in the moonlight
now. I peeeled her pussy lips apart and lowered my mouth to her. I licked
her up and down several times and then sucked the area of her clit. OOOOH
she moaned loudly. I was sure mom heard her in Carol's room. What are
you....My lips went back to her clit once again as I sucked and flicked my
tongue over and over it rapidly. Her hips were rising and falling. Her
tits moving back and forth with her excitement.

Her hands were both clenching handfuls of the blanket. Now, I buried my
tongue into her hole and fucked her as deep as I could with it. Her pussy was moving against my mouth rapidly as I held her hips tightly against my
face. Oh my God, feels wonderful. I think I'm.....go ahead
Judy....that's why I doing this babe. Go ahead let go.... i sucked her
whole slit like mom liked and remembered how Lisa liked her clit flicked
with my tongue. I did both to her.

That was it. She was freely moaning louder now. Not even realizing how
loud she really was. I kept at her until she finally flopped back to the
bed. I kept licking and sucking her entire pussy until she was fully
relaxed. I then rose off the floor and guided my cock into her wet cunt. I
plunged straight in, in one push. She felt wonderful. Small. Tight. I
was at the back wall of her pussy and I still had an inch and a half of
cock left outside her. Her knees went up higher as she felt me go so deep
in her. Oh God, Billy, you're filling my whole insides.

Oh my God, it feels so....OOOOHHH. I started t fuck into her now. A
slow steady rythym. I moved in circles in her tightened pussy. Forcing
myself against her outer lips as well, to massage them as I rotated and
fucked her. She was in heaven. OOOHHH I haven't had a man in me in so
long....OOOHHH. She was tight enough for me to believe her. I figured she
must have just given dad a blowjob or something.

I wasn't sure. What I did know, was that it reminded me of Lisa and
Carol, on our first fucks making them a woman. She was tight. Gripping me
in her excitement. I leaned down and kissed her and I rotated all over her
pussy, with my cock buried deep within her.

Her kisses were hungry. Needing. Her hands going to my head pulling me
tighter to her as she tried to respond to my pumping. Then we got into a
nice rocking motion that she really liked. OOOOHHH You feel good in there.
So damn deep in me. You feel wonderful too Judy. So tight. So warm. Do
you make love like this with your girl? Yeah. A lot. I'll bet she's
happy. I thought of dad's cock in Lisa right now, yeah she is I whispered.

Oh, Billy, it really feels nice. Its been so long for me.... You made
me cum when you licked me Billy. Could you tell? Yes. I was tasting you.
Her arms closed me tighter to her as she concentrated on our fucking now.

OOOHHH It feels good she moaned.

It did, she did. My cock felt good in her.

I eased my cock out and urged her to turn over. I wanted her from the
back. She moved quickly, as I grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her
hips. Her ass was raised to me now. I plunged deep into her pussy once
more. Even deeper this time. Her moans were loud and her humping back at
me was faster. She was on her way again.

I rammed her hard. She moaned. OOOOHHH Judy you feel so nice. You do
too Billy. You do too. I'm nearing an orgasm Billy. My whole pussy is
ready to explode right now.

OH God, I can't remember being fucked like this with a cock as big as

My boyfriend had a small cock, Billy. She went on and on, with her head
in her arms as I fucked into her.

Here I cum Billy, I can feel it so deep inside my pussy...oooohhhh here
it..... I fucked her harder and faster. Feeling her wetness surrounding
my cock. She was in heaven right now. I was feeling wonderful, myself.
Not even my bro...she stopped short. Uh Oh. She fucked her brother? Uh
Oh. She noticed me stopping. She realized I heard what she was about to
say. Still, She urged me with her pussy to continue ramming her. OOOOHHH
it feels wonderful. Don't be afraid to cum Billy. I'm on the pill still.

Now I was on the edge of cumming and I told her. Her pussy gripped and
tightened as she anticipated my shooting. Then I let go with a hard gush
deep into her pussy. I was moaning with the sheer pleasure. Her sucking pussy taking it all, Wanting it all and more. Again, I fucked her in
circles as I was cumming into her. Grinding tightly against her whole ass
and as much pussy as I could from behind. spurt after spurt into her.

OOOOHHH Judy.....I feel it Billy. I feel your cum shooting deep in me.
Its OK, let it go in me. I emptied myself, and collapsed on her back. My
cock still inside her, being caressed by her pussy muscles. Oh God, Oh
god, Oh god, it felt so good Billy. She was gasping for breath as well as

I moved and pulled her up next to me on the bed. Caressing her heaving
tit, as I urged her close to me. Facing me now, I leaned to kiss her. Her
tits now openly being crushed against me with pleasure.

Oh Billy. It was wonderful. I must have orgasmed three or four times.
That's never happened to me before. I was always lucky if I had an orgasm
once in every four times they fucked me. I just had at least four in one
fucking. Wow.

She laid her head on my chest and caressed my softened cock. Wow. This
thing really did a job on me Billy. Softly stroking and caressing it.

You felt wonderful too Judy. I really came hard. I felt you Billy.
Shooting so deep. I could feel the warm jets of your cum hitting so deep
in my pussy. I caressed her face as she lay there and then reached for her
tit to caress. The tits that I was watering for earlier. Now in my hands
for the taking. I raised her head from my chest to kiss her once again.
We were now a little more relaxed. Oh Billy, I wish I had a lover like
you. Lisa is really lucky.

Ben wasn't a very nice lover Billy. He usually stuck it in, rammed me,
then he came and pulled out. He never cared if I got to cum or not. I was
always so frustrated. I pleaded with him to stay in me a little longer,
but he would go soft real quick.

Sometimes I would go down on him and then I would get on him. Then if I
was lucky, I could cum.

Would you like me to go down on you Billy? Her hips grinding into my
cock as she asked?

Yeah, Judy. I hink it would be nice. I'll warn you, its OK,
you can cum in my mouth. Just go for it if I turn you on that much. I
won't stop sucking you if you cum. Ok babe. She eased herself down to
face my cock. She began licking it all over. Softly stroking it. Baby
nibbles with her teeth. OOOOHHH that feels nice.

Enjoy it Bill. Like you made me enjoy you. She swung her blond hair
over one shoulder and really got into fingering and sucking me. Laying
between my legs. I could faintly make her out with the filtered moonlight.
I closed my eyes and concentrated on her mouth making love to me. I was
surprised when she sucked my balls into her mouth and rolled them all
around like mom likes to do. I wondered if mom tipped her off.

OOOHHH I love that Judy. I love my balls being sucked like that. Her
fingers were stroking my cock as she sucked my sack and balls. OOOOHHH It
feels nice. She made small moans as she sucked them. Finally, she raised
her head and went straight down my entire cock.

OOOOOHHHH Judy. Her tongue sliding up and down the underside as she
held me deep in her mouth.

Go ahead Billy, cum. Let me taste you now....she went deep throat once
again. Soon, with her fingers and mouth I was cumming. My hips rising off
the bed as she continued to suck me and jerk me into her mouth. Her two
fingers draining my cock as I shot streams of sticky cum. Her moans as she
tasted me.

I realized damn well that this beautiful blond had sucked a lot of cock
in her life.

She was really into it, enjoying my spurts of cum into her mouth and
throat. Squeezing and draining for more. Licking up and down the sides.
Nibbling the very tip and sucking it. Her fingers doing expert speed and

Finally, when she realized I was empty, she licked all over my cock and
balls, as if cleaning me off.

Then she scraped her whole body hard against me as she came up to kiss
me. Her tits crushing into my chest.

Her hands holding my face gently as she kissed and nibbled my lips

You tasted nice Billy. Sort of sweet almost. I enjoyed it. It felt
wonderful Judy. I really came hard when you squeezed my cock with your two
fingers like that. She rolled to my side and laid her head on my chest
once more. Do you think we can do this again sometime Billy?

Sure hon. I would love to. What about your girl. There's no problems
with her babe. There's a lot you don't know.

She raised her head to look at me now. What do you mean? We share each
other hon. We love each other deeply, but still, we share each other.

Billy, you really made me feel nice tonight. You really did. You made
me relax, and made me cum so nice. Like I said Billy, its been a long time
for me. Its like your cock here, forced it out of me. And you stayed in
me til I came too. I appreciated that so much. There were so many times I
would go in the bathroom and finish myself off, Billy. Use the shower
spray or something. He, they, made me feel like some kind of whore, Billy.
Fuck me, get their cum shot out, and then climb off me.

Well, I would be glad to make love with you Judy. You're a wonderful
lover yourself. You just gave me a wonderful blowjob too, and you really
didn't have to. That told me a lot about you. I enjoy making good love
Billy. I would hate to cause any trouble with you and Lisa.

I also enjoy sucking a man like that Billy. Especially for a man that
respects me and appreciates it. Can I tell you a little secret Billy?
Certainly hon. Well, this afternoon, I took your dad back to see the
inside of the shop. Then we stopped for another drink and we had a dance
or two. I felt him getting real hard Billy. It excited me so much. So we
went out to the car and I went down on him. God, you and him have nice
cocks. I hope that dosen;t make you mad???

No hon. I kind of suspected something when you two got back here.

Your tits feel nice against me hon.

See, there you go again, Billy. Saying nice things like that to me.
Let me suck them for a while hon. Sure Billy. I like that. She raised
over me and let them graze my mouth. I licked and sucked her nipples
softly and tenderly. She squeezed her nipples right into my mouth, urging
me to suck them even harder. Moaning as I licked over and over each of

Then there was a soft knock on the door.........


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