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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapterS. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


It was dad. I was surprised. He hardly ever came to my room late at
night. Billy? Judy? Yeah dad? He came in, wearing shorts. Gee. I was
wondering.....? Billy, Judy did some nice things for me this afternoon.
Damn....I would like the chance to repay her.

Sure, dad. I don't mind. Judy? Oh that was nothing this afternoon,
Jim. I was just as turned on as you seemed to be. Well, I'd really like
to return the favor Judy....

How? She asked. Like this, as dad eased her hips down and knelt on the
floor at the end of the bed.

OOOHHH You mean you want to...? Yeah. I want to taste YOU this time.
Oh wow, she said.

I was now laying at her left side as I watched dad get into position and
lowered his head into her pussy.

Enjoy it, Judy, I said. Oh, I don't believe all this attention all in
one day.....Dad then must have struck a good spot because she moaned
softly. I watched him in the moonlight as he licked her slit up and down
and then sucked upward near her clit. Her hips were gently rising and
falling. Breathing heavier now. I leaned over her and kissed her, and
caressed her tits. Her hands caressed my face and hands with her
excitement and pleasure.

OOOOHHHH, it feels so nice....sooo nice....Oh Jim....

She raised her legs slightly, making it easier for dad to reach all her
wonderful pussy. OOOOOHHH Billy, he's making me feel so warm and you did....

OOOOHhhh Let me suck you again Billy....please! Let me suck you while I
cum. I knelt alongside her and my cock was just to the side of her face.
She turned and caressed it. Opened her mouth and lowered her head to lick
the head. Still moaning. Dad raised his head and asked how she liked it?

Oh its so wonderful Jim. Wonderful! Please don't stop!...Please. Dad
smiled and lowered his head and went back to licking and sucking her pussy as I pumped slowly into her warm sucking mouth. The door opened and mom walked in, Naked. Her beautiful tits outlined in the hall light. She saw
dad on his knees eating Judy, and me kneeling with my cock in her mouth.

She came over to the bed and laid on her side along Judy. My men are
good lovers aren't they Judy?

She took her mouth off my cock, almost breathless and moaned YES! YES!
My son's cock feels and tastes nice doesn't it? OOOOHHH Yes, as she
slightly raised her face once again. mom leaned up on one elbow and leaned
her head closer to Judy's face. Suck him good, Judy. He loves that.

You mean? mom looked at her and said YES! I suck both my men. I love
my men. They love me. OOOHHH Wow, Jean. We love making love with each
other. There is no jealousy. Fuck incest, mom said emphatically.

Now mom came closer. My cock was sliding deep in Judy's mouth. Her
moans from dad licking and sucking her. She turned her head straight now,
and my cock laid across her lips. mom lowered her mouth to the top side of
my cock while Judy realized it, and then sucked the underside as I slid in
between their lips. UUUUMMMM it feels nice, I moaned. Both of them
realizing what mom had just started. Dad was watching them and me as he
licked her. I moved my cock faster between their sucking lips now and felt
a cum nearing.

Dad rose slightly and I saw him reach for his huge hard on. This would
be Judy's first fuck with dad. She was busy with mom, sucking my sliding

Dad aimed his cock with his hand and slid into her wet pussy. Instant
moans, her legs rising high and wider as dad pushed all the way into her.

Jusy moaned loud around my cock as dad started to fuck her. He held her
legs to his sides as he rammed in and out.

mom raised her head, watching him fuck her. Good pussy? Honey?

Oh yes, hon. Yes. Fuck her good while we suck Billy. His cock feels
good inside, doesn;t it Judy?

Oh God yes, Jean. Its so big and hard. I feel him all the way up to my
womb. Judy's face now turned toward me as she swallowed as much of my cock
as she could. mom put two fingers around my cock and slid them tightly up
and down as I pumped Judy's mouth. Her hand cupping Judy's mouth and jaw
each time she lowered her stroking of my cock.

OOOOHHH how nice it felt. Being sucked and stroked like this. My cock
was almost there and mom knew it. Her jerking me off into Judy's mouth was
more insistent. Shoot baby! Fill her mouth with our family cum. Dad's
filling her ppussy. You fill her mouth. Judy was thrashing and moaning as
dad fucked her faster and my cock went deeper into her warm sucking mouth.

I exploded. mom jerked me quickly and firmly as she felt me shooting.
Draining my cock into Judy's mouth. Judy's fingers still caressing my sack
and balls as I was shooting. She was gulping my cum and moaning. Finally,
my spurts stopped and I eased back on my legs. mom turned to watch dad as
he was beginning his cum now.

Fuck her good Jimmy. She's loving it. mom moved down and placed her
head on Judy's lower belly as she watched dad's cock go in and out of
Judy's pussy.

Her hand reaching over to caress dad's hip. Save a little cum for me
baby, she said.

Soon, both Judy and dad were really into fucking each other hard. Both
moaning. Both in deep pleasure. I knew what Judy's pussy felt like and I
knew why dad was feeling so good.

Soon, I heard him really moan, and stiffen. He started shooting into
her, and she felt it. Her moans joined his. I leaned over and kissed her
open mouth as she was cumming. Dad fucked into her rapidly as he shot.
Finally, when he seemed to be easing, mom reached between him and Judy's
pussy for his cock, and sucked it quickly as her head laid on Judy's

Dad moaned and humped slowly as he drained the rest of his cum.

Finally, after dad's final moans, they both squeezed next to Judy, while
I was on her other side.

Oh my God, she kept saying. It was so nice. Both of you guys. I've
never been so filled before. cum so hard before.

Oh Billy, and turning her head, Oh Jim. Both of you were wonderful. I
told you my men were good lovers Judy, mom added.

I was surprised when you joined me sucking Billy like that Jean. It was
neat. He was in our sandwich. Dad was caressing mom's tit as they lay on
their sides toward us. I told Billy about my old boyfriend. He was a
lousy lover. Maybe not really lousy, but quite selfish though.

We're not selfish with sex around here Judy. I can SEE THAT, she said.
Yes. I DO make love with both my men here. Anytime they need me, or I
need them. It works well for all of us.

Well.....I have a secret also.....Judy said softly. My sister and
I....we... uh...we've been fucking our twin brothers since we were kids.
It hasn't been in quite a while now, because my sister is out of town on a
special job, and my other brother lives out of town also. Just my one
brother is still living somewhat near me. He's a day's drive away, in

Yes, this kind of thing is no secret with me. We loved each other a
lot. We were always very close. She laid there and I could feel her
breathing begin to relax finally as I massaged her tit.

My brothers were a lot alike in the way they made love with us.
Identical twins? mom asked. Yeah. Its hard to really see a difference in
them. We can tell, because we know them. But others have a really hard

Ours started one day when we were young teens. The four of us went to a
beach and picnic afterward. They caught us changing, and pleaded with us
not to get dressed for a while. They wanted to see our naked bodies a
little longer. One thing led to another and then we all went skinny
dipping. We, my sister and me, got to see them for the first time too.

Dad's hand moved from mom's tit, to Judy's right tit and massaged it as
I caressed her left one. Then I let dad's hand take over her tits while I
travelled down to massage her groin and wet slit.

OHHH here they go, making me feel so nice again. I can't believe this.
Your right here next to me, and your son, and husband are playing with me,
and even fucking me while you're right here.

It's not new to us Judy. You should be at some of our parties. A LOT
more happens.

Oh wow, she said.

It seemed unconsciously, as Judy's hand reached down and started to
caress my cock once more, as I caressed her mound and slit. Her touch was
gentle and nice.

I can see my son getting another nice hard on.....Do you mind Judy?

No, Oh no, not at all. He has a nice one. I mean, do you mind if I
take it this time?

OOOOHH, I see. Well sure. mom quickly rolled over Judy and got on top
of me. Judy eased over closer to dad, and watched as mom positioned her
squatting pussy over my rising hard cock.

I let out a small moan as mom slid down on my cock. She leaned down and
rested her head on my chest as she looked at Judy. Bet this is the first
time you've seen a mother and son fucking? Yes! It is. Its so different
from my brothers. Dad's hand was still caressing her tits. Judy was
watching intently as mom raised her hips and pussy while she fucked me. My
hand caressing her head and hair. Her tits pressed into my chest.

I love my son. I love my husband too. His hands are on your tits and
he's watching me fuck my son.

This is so hot, Judy said.

Now dad's hand went down to her pussy. Her legs spread as she urged him
for more. mom got into squeezing my cock deep in her pussy now. OOOOHHH
Billy..... Now dad rose and climbed between Judy's legs once again. Ready
hon? He asked. Oh you mean you are ready so quickly? Oh Yes, dad
laughed. She raised her legs and spread them as far as she could for his

Dad plunged into her with both of them moaning.

Oh, this is so hot, she said. I'm fucking your husband right here, and
you're fucking your own son...OOOOHHH

mom was rocking back and forth on my cock now. It caused her tits to
grind into my chest. She leaned her head nearer to Judy now, and said,
you've had both my men, what do YOU think? Are they good at fucking or

OH Yes! Yes. Jim's cock is so deep in me. Dad was nuzzlingf her neck
as he pumped her. I was pumping up into mom's warm and wet pussy. Trying
to make it last for each of us. She began to hump up harder at dad, and he
answered by fucking down harder into her as they both raced toward another

mom lowered her lips to kis me passionately, as she pressed her tits all
over my chest. Her pussy clenching, massaging, and sucking my cock. Now,
mom lowered her legs straigh and laid on top of me as we fuced. My cock
trapped in her tight slit, and deep in her pussy. Her hips rotating in
circles as we both started to cum. mom kissed me hard as she felt my
spurts begin. Her pussy contracting its muscles, grasping my offering.

OOOOHHHHH My son is shooting his precious cum in me Judy...... She
moaned into my mouth as she came. Spasms.

Still trapped deep within her slit and tightened legs. She held my cock
like that for quite a while as we both held each other tightly. Dad and
Judy had already cum and were now laying with their arms around each other,

I held mom in an embrace as we kissed also. Her pussy masaging my cock,
still within her.

Soon dad slid off theside of the bed and urged Judy by the hand. Mind
if we leave this party? I'd like more room in the bed right now. Sure
honey, go ahead. Judy rose, her hand still in dad's. She turned with a
smile and thanked me for making nice love. Her beautiful body almost
making me instantly hard again. She shucked her hair over her shoulder as
all girls do, and followed dad into his room.

mom rolled off and kissed me. Let's get some rest Billy. Yeah mom,
good idea. I curled tightly against her back with my cock upraised and
pressed into the crack of her ass. My hand on her tit as we finally
drifted off to sleep.


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