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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


I had changed into a pair of shorts and tee shirt. I could hear Lisa
and Judy changing into some of Carol's clothes in her room. Both giggling.
Dad had changed quick and was on his way to play a round of golf. I was
thinking of the things around the house that needed done outside as I
started to go downstairs. mom was right there on her way up.

Oh Billy, I hope you're not mad about us razzing your wonderful cock?
No mom. It's Ok. Her face was just about even with the height of my cock
as she stood there on the stairs. She reached and caressed my cock through
my shorts.

I smiled down to her. You're one horny mother, I said. Yeah, but you
love this horny mom. Her hands went to the sides of the shorts and she
pulled them down. My cock sprang out and she looked lovingly at it.

I'm going to suck my horny son right here on these stairs. Her hands
eased me down so that I was now sitting on the hall floor. She knelt on
the stairs and lowered her head quickly to my cock. OHHH another blowjob already this morning, I moaned?

Yeah honey. I want your fresh cum in me while we shop. I want to feel
you inside my body baby. When we're pasdsing hundreds of people at the
mall, none of them will know that I just sucked my own son's cock.

None of them will know that I have his cum in me.

They will think my smile is a casual greeting to them.

She lowered her hand and gently stroked me. Her eyes were gleamying as
she urged me to give all my cum to her.

Her warm mouth once again circled my cock and she sucked softly now.
She really enjoyed this pleasure she was giving me. I was laying flat on
the hall floor. My eyes closed and enjoying my mother's sucking. What
passion we shared. What special deep love between us! Now, as I was
really feeling a special bliss from mom's sucking, Lisa and Judy came out
of Carol's bedroom. Oh fucking wow! Lisa said.

mom's eyes raised up, smiling at them as her mouth continued to softly
suck me. Lisa knelt at the side of my head now, and Judy did the same.
Wow, Judy said, I never did anything like this! I've sucked my brothers a
lot, but never on the stairs. You guys are so fucking hot, she laughed.

So cool, watching a mother suck her own son. mom looked up and smiled
again as her mouth seemed to urge my cock deeper and harder into her
demanding throat. Lisa leaned down and kissed me now. Enjoying your
blowjob honey? Yes, yes babe. My hips were pumping with excitement of
being sucked so nicely and the girls at the sides of my head watching the
whole thing. All us girls around here loving sucking our guys, Lisa
giggled to Judy. I guess so, Judy smiled back. His father filled my mouth
this morning too.

Now mom placed her hands of both sides of me on the stairs and just used
her sucking mouth. Up and down. faster and faster she sucked me. My body
was arching, trying to keep my entire cock in her mouth. Right on the edge
of shooting now.... Mom's tonhue swiftly caressing and sliding up and down
the underside of my cock as she went down all the way on it. OOOOHHH
mom...I moaned. My eyes closed now, in deep passion. A wonderful blowjob right here on the stairway.

I felt myself starting to shoot now, and so did mom. Her lips going to
the very tip of my cock, as she sucked the spurts. I could feel her tongue
on the underside of the tip of my cock moving quickly as she sucked me.
Her fingers caressing my balls. Lisa once again leaned down and kissed me
as she saw my convulsions take hold. My hips rising off the stairs up into
mom's mouth.

She took me deep in her throat as I shot hard. I could feel her throat
caressing my rock hard shooting cock.

OOOOHHHH. OOOOHHH Mom, I moaned as Lisa's lips left mine. I raised my
head to look down at her now, and saw that she had my entire cock buried
into her mouth. I could hear her gulping. Feel her throat caressing.

I gave one hard jolt and shot the last of my cum into her throat.

She stayed glued to my cock until she finally felt me soften.

Finally, she raised her head and smiled at me. I love you Billy.

We won't have many more times like this after you and Lisa get married.
I'll miss this, honey.

Lisa and Judy stood now, as I alsio began to rise. I pulled mom to me
and kissed her. My cum still on her lips, and in her mouth.

Mom, I'll always be around to help out here with things. Yeah mom, we
already talked about it, Lisa offered. We'll be over all the time anyway.

I hope so, mom said.

Well girls, give me a minute to get dressed and we can take off. They
all went into mom's room and I went down to the garage.

All the time I was cutting the grass, I wondered....How many guys are
lucky enough to have a relationship with their mothers like I had?

Sure I realized the danger and wrongness of incest, so did mom. The
deep set of different could anyone outside ever understand?

The complete giving and sharing of ourselves with all of us? dad
fucking the woman of my life, while I was fucking HIS wife? Both of us
fucking my sister?

All of us loving and enjoying it so deeply. It was ALWAYS with that
deep love and caring that we made love with each other.

mom and I both watching dad, as he plowed his cock into his daughter's
waiting and wanting pussy. mom sucking me as I watched dad fucking my
honey, Lisa.

Watching mom getting filled with cock from our neighbor, Dan, Lisa's
father and ME.

Freely sharing herself, and taking her pleasures at the same time, as we
all did. To think it all began just a few months ago. A young man's
desire to see his parents fucking. Hiding a camera in their private domain
of their bedroom.

Watching my father's huge prick plowing into the pussy of my birth.
Now, fucking that same pussy, eating it. Tasting the very essence of her
sex, of the passionate woman that bore me. Paying homage to this woman,
this pussy from which I came. mom taking back my male seed into her body
once again.

The unexplainable feelings between mother and son as we reached our
orgasms together. Looking into each other's eyes, as our very beings were
transferred to each other in a deep sexual union. Watching my wn cock
sliding in and out of the canal of my birth. Making my excitement that
much more explosive.

Having it sucked into her. Massaged and milked by her pussy for my male
seed, as she once did from my dad as he shot the seeds of my being into
her. Without realizing it, my cock was once again hard. I was cutting the
grass in a daze of deep thoughts. Not realizing that Nikki had been
standing there in the drive.

She, seeing my hard cock rising through my shorts. Her words brought me
from my trance.

Since when is cutting the fucking grass so sexy, she asked? Oh Hi
Nikki. Must be some hot movie running through your head right now. Is it
in full living color? she smiled.

She was now standing next to me and reached fdown to feel my cock that
was pressing out.

Wow, must really be sexy grass on this side of the fence she laughed.

No, I was thinking Nikki. Gklad I was now done with the lawn. She
walked along next to me as I put the lawn mower away.

Well, Billy, she smiled. If you need an available pussy???? Dan was a
little too tired last night for any real stuff...... Her hand once again
reaching for my cock.

Instantly, I wondered how much cum I might have left in my balls? mom drained me about an hour ago hon....well...its still pretty hard Billy..

I could use this nice hardness inside me right about now. I thought,
what the hell....come on hon. Let's go back by the pool. She was behind
me as I went out to the deck, and when I turned.....she already had her
shirt off. Her tits so full, so beautiful. So damn inviting to lick and
suck. Her hands went to them as she followed my eyes. Go ahead Billy.
Suck the shit out of them for me.

I love it baby. I smiled at her and leaned to caress them. Her hands
still on the undersides pushing them up to offer. In a matter of seconds,
her nipples were rock hard and in my licking mouth. Her hands went around
my head as she urged me to her tits. Suck them, Billy. Fill your mouth
with them. I licked her nipples in circles and sucked them gently, Her
moans of pleasure. After a few minutes, I dropped to my knees and slipped
her shorts down. Her trimmed dark pussy seemed to scream out at me for
attention. I buried my face into her. Her moans of appreciation. This is
what I wanted Billy. I need to feel a man's mouth on my pussy.....

OOOOHHH Billy. My hands were on her ass as I urged he tighter to my
licking and sucking mouth.

I could feel shudders in her lower body as I chewed and licked her bush
and upper pussy slit.

I'm going to fuck you Nikki. I'm going to ram my cock so hard into this
pussy..... I don't believe you, she chided. Wait, Nikki. You just wait
till I suck some of your wonderful juice first. You're bluffing Billy.

I reached with my fingers and spread her pussy lips apart as my tongue
searched her clit now. I tongued and tongued it as she presed hard into my
mouth. OOOOHHH were're getting my cum right
now....already.....ooooohh suck me baby. Suck my pussy. Its been three
days since I had my pussy sucked Billy....OOOOHHH That's it baby. Right
there....suck meeeee.... I could taste her juices flow now. Her clit
hardened and in my lips. I forced her down to lay in a lounge chair now,
and forced my tongue as deep as it would go into her hole. My hands rosing
to squeeze her tits.

I sucked her and licked her with a passion. My cock was bobbing and was
rock hard now. It was cramped in my shorts. I quickly stood and pulled
them off. nikki sat up quickly and sucked me into her mouth. Another
blowjob, so soon after mom's wonderful sucking.

I didn't care right now. The mouth of the woman carrying my baby was
sucking me. I fucked in and out of her soft mouth a few times, and feared

Open that pussy baby. I want to fuck you....OOOOHHH Billy....go ahead
baby. Ram that hard cock...She was laying back with her fingers holding
open her beautiful pussy lips.

The pussy I just sucked.

I knelt over her and she quickly guided me into her warm cunt. It felt
like heaven. We kissed like animals as we fucked each other in our hunger.
I rammed and rammed. Her pussy responded with the same humping up at me.
Both of us racing toward our cums.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Billy baby. You're the best lover I ever had
Billy. Fuck me hard. Give that wonderful baby making cock to me.

Her eyes were rolling in her excitemen as I leaned to kiss her once
more. My cock buried as deep as I could into her. Feeling her pussy love
me, grasping and milking me so wonderfully.

OOOOHHH Its good Nikki. Yes it is Billy. I love this. I love our
fucking and sucking. Your mouth on my pussy....OOOOHHH Billy...I'm going
to cum all over your wonderful cock.....OOOOHHHH fuick me Billy.

I rammed and rammed her as hard as my hips would move. She was loving
every shove up into her womanhood. I looked down as I leaned back a little
and our groins were soaked with our juices.

OOOHHH Nikki....I'm ....shoot my cum....shoot baby. I let
go with a force deep into her and moaned with the pleasure. He pussy clamped on my cock as she felt me emptying into her depths. Her hips and
pussy milking greedily and we looked into each other's eyes. Both of us
cumming at the same time. Her hands reaching for my face. Her tits swollen, nipples straight up. So hard. Mini cocks, with hard ons.

OOOOHHH Nikki....It felt wonderful with the known feeling there was a
baby of ours just inches away from my exploding cock within her. Her hands
went to her hardened and excited tits as she watched my face. Shooting the
remains of my male juice into her once again. Her pussy loving me with all
her possible woman powers.

Let me suck what's left Billy, she said looking up at me with glazed
eyes. Let me suck the rest of your baby juice. I pulled out and she
quickly sat up. Taking my cock into her mouth once again. Licking it all
over and then deep in her mouth for whatever was left in my balls. Her
fingers softly cradling them as she sucked softly now. My hands caressing
her hair. I could feel the cum leaving through the tube in my cock as she
sucked. Her tongue tasting, carssing my cock in her mouth. She truly did
love doing this.

finally, my cock was empty and going soft in her mouth.

She leaned back looking up to me. Her hands subconsciously caressing
her tits.

Oh was so nice. I loved it. I feel so much better now
hon. Like your mom I have you in my pussy and in my body. Our
baby is growing in there. OHHHH How special it is between us! Yes, It is,
I said. I feel a special way when I cum in you, Nikki. I mean it. So do
I Billy. So do I.

OOOOHHH Billy, I feel so complete right now. I knelt between her legs
now and caressed her tits. My head on her stomach that was holding our

in our own special way, we loved each other. My arms went around her
waist as I leaned up and sucked softly on her tits. You want more of me
hon? Not right now, Nikki. Just like to pleasure your wonderful tits right now.

Again her hands caressed my head as I sucked and licked them gently.

OOOOHHH It was good, Billy. I can still feel your warm cum in my pussy.
Her legs squirmed.

Finally, I rose and pulle dher up. I hugged her close and we kissed as
lovers. Grinding as close as possible to each other. My hands caressing
all of her back and ass as I could reach. Hers doing the same. Her
wonderful tits pressed into me. Yes. Nikki was a wonderful lover. Always
seeming to give far more than she took. Me, trying to give her that, and

Well, she finally said. I have a few things to do over there hon. She
turned to grab her blouse. Once again I reached under for her hanging tits and caressed them. We're cooking out tonight and want you both over.
There's a lot happening right now Nikki. I'll explain it to you later hon,
OK? Thinking of all I had to tell her about Judy. About the shop. A lot
of things too long for this short time. Yeah, sure Billy, she smiled as
she buttoned her blouse.

We kissed passionately and she walked back to her house.

I started after her. Looking at her nice ass in the shorts. The
perfect legs. The body that I just fucked......

I knew she felt pure happiness inside, right now. It made me feel good

I laid on the lounge for a while, naked.

Again, I just fucked and ate another man's woman. Certainly with an
open permission. Certainly, that same man has fucked MY girlfriend, and
probably would again, soon. Wow, I thought. All of this over my idea of
spying on my mom and dad's fucking!!! Starting this ball rolling!

I dozed off into a needed rest. I knew tonight held the promise of
another "session". I would need my strength. Dizzying images of all the
women in my life flashing through my brain. All their tits being offered,
their naked bodies standing with love and anticipation in front of
me........ Mom, Lisa, Carol, Annette, Nikki, mom's sister, and Now, Judy
would enter into our incestuous world.


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