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Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience.


I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


My dreams turned to Carol. I was making love with her. Her loving
ginchiness. Her complete surrender to our sex. A seeming innocence about
her. Something that seemed to force the male duty of protection from him.
The feeling of being deep inside her welcoming pussy as we rocked. Again
sharing our feelings and incestuous love.

Loving me as her brother and as a lover. Pleading for my sperm to warm
her insides.

My extreme pleasure feeling the warm wetness of her offered pussy.
Tasting her. Sharing brother sister passion kisses as we hungerily fucked
each other. Again, a certain special slice of my being reserved just
between her and I. No one else on the planet could ever share this, except
her and I.

Kneeling before her, adoring her young womanhood. Licking it. Tasting
and making it give forth the fluids of her sex. Forcing it to render more,
with my mouth.

Yes! Complete surrender of each of us to the other. Just as with all
the others.

Watching HER as she knelt. sucking my cock. Love. Deep feelings from
her to me. Almost impossible to explain these deep feelings. Watching her
urge my cock for its eventual spurts of my male being. Her brother's male
being to take within her own body. No, no other man on earth could share
this set of specialness between us. watching her again do the same with
our father. Knowing that ONLY those two could share that specialness
between THEM. father and daughter. Her legs spread wide in passionate
giving to her father's cock. The very same cock that made her. shot forth
the very same cum she hoped for, that made her. Her passionate kneeling
before him in adoration, love, and deep sexual need to take his seed into
her body and feel him there. There, deep in her stomach. sucking the cock
of her very being as payment for her pleasure. Feeling the very seeds that
created her, churning inside her now.

Yes! Each of the sex unions between each and all of us was so special,
yet so alike.

The electric static of feeling my mother's pussy engulf my cock deep
within her. Our special passion. Our special love. Our special sex.

Even dad cannot share or feel this same specialness, fucking his OWN
wife, my mother.

Theirs is still yet a different specialness.

I was wide awake now. The sun bright in the sky. A nice warm day. I
thought ahead to tonight.

How we would all end up. I wanted BOTH mom and Lisa in my bed. Yes, I
thought. I wanted the TWO most important women in my life at once tonight.

There were too few men for the women anyway. I wondered if Carol would
mind sharing dad with Judy?

Yes! I wanted the love of my life to watch me suck my mother once
again. To watch her her future husband slide his cock into his mother and
share pure love, pure and open sex. I wanted her to watch my face as she
watched her future husband once again shooting his male seed back into the
canal of his birth. I wanted Lisa's lips on mine as this happened.
Kissing her lips, while my cock was buried deep in my own mother.

I wanted my Lisa to kneel over my mother as I fucked her. Fucked her
hard. I wanted my mother to see the look on my future wife's face as I
fucked her directly over her own body.

The unspoken words of both women knowing what my cock was doing to her.
I wanted my mother to share Lisa's pleasure as she watched her son sucking another woman's pussy, right next to her.

It was my casual remembering of the lesbian dabbles of both my sister and Lisa had tried off and on, since it all began. To an outsider it would
be considered pure lesbianism. I knew different. I knew and understood
that it was a direct extension of the love we all shared together.

I wondered how Lisa would react at my request of her licking my mother?
How would mom react to my request?

Would she spread her legs with the love I feel from her? Would she
accept and go to orgasm with my future wife's mouth on her pussy?

I had some very special plans for tonight.

All through this thinking, I had completed what needed to be done around
the house. I looked at the front picture window, and decided it was still
clean enough to not bother. Then I turned, facing Nikki's house. I could
make out a vague outline with the harsh sunlight. I placed both my hands
near my cock through my shorts and humped seductively toward her window.
The response was almost immediate. Mikki was in HER front window, also
placing her hands near her pussy. Humping back at me.

I smiled and waved as I walked into the house.

Yes, tonight, I thought, would be a little different for mom, Lisa and least.

I laid on my bed. Knowing full well, I would be fucking both women in
this very spot in a few hours.

Soon, I heard the jibbering and excitement of the girls coming in
downstairs. Unloading groceries, and everything else women buy.

After a while, Lisa came up and smiled at me as she entered the bedroom.
Hi, baby. Hi honey.

we got a lot of stuff. We stopped for a drink too. Now Judy knows
pretty much everything. She's cool, Billy.

She almost shit when we told her about Nikki and Dan being brother and
sister. She was kind of hoping for the same thing with her twin brother that's not married yet.

I pulled her down next to me and kissed her with my love. How do you
feel about you and mom with me here tonight? Both of us? Yeah. Well, OK.
I don't mind at all honey. You know that. You've fucked her a lot while I
was laying right here anyway. Well, honey, I have something special to ask

What baby? I explained that I hoped she would eat mom as I fucked her.
Oh I only did that once or twice with Carol. What would
your mom do honey?

I don't know. I think I would feel kind of strange licking your mom Billy. How about if she licks you first while I fuck her?

Oh Billy. Wow. Well, I'm not forcing you honey. Just asking how you
would feel about it?

Think about it, OK? Yeah, Billy. OK. I'm not a Lezzie Billy. I know

I held her close and we laid there in silence as we heard mom, Carol and
Judy yakking downstairs.

After a while Lisa raised her head. You mean you want to fuck me while
I lick your mother's pussy? Yeah. I want to be standing behind you, with
my cock deep inside that wonderful pussy baby. watching my mother's face
as you lick her to a cum, and she sees me cumming in you, at the same time.

Oh fuck wow, Lisa exclaimed.

Its hot Billy. She was quiet for a while longer, as I caressed her
tits. Billy? Yeah hon? I'll give it a try for you. I don't know how it
will turn out, but I'll give it a try honey. I've only licked your sister Billy. It will be sooooo strange licking your mother's pussy.

Thanks honey. Its something I've wanted to share with you and mom for a
while now.

Just then carol came in to say hi. She moved to one side of me and
plopped on the bed. I put my arm under her head and held both girls close
to me.

Have a good time with Jimmy, honey? It was Ok, Billy. He is still so
fucked up in his head. Yeah, he is, Carol, Lisa mentioned to her.

He seems a little different since all that shit happened.

Oh Billy. We got to see Carol's shop! Now both girls sat up and gabbed
about it with their excitement.

After they finally calmed down, I mentioned to Carol that I think it
would be nice if her and Judy spent the night with dad. Both of us? Yeah,
Carol. Lisa added. mom and me will be in here with Billy.

Wow, that will be really fucking hot she giggled. I haven't had dad's
cock in a week anyway. Now the girls gabbed again. Lisa said, I had that
hard thing in me all yesterday morning Carol. He fucked my brains out.

I love their cocks, Carol said. Now, they both laid down on my chest at
my urgings. Rest a while girls. Tonight will be a busy one.

Yes it will Billy, Lisa raised and winked at me. Should we tell her
Billy? Yeah, why not. Lisa's hand was massaging my cock through my shorts
as she told Carol that she would suck mom's pussy while I fucked her.

Oh fucking wow, Billy. Really? Yeah. I really want to do this, I
said. Holy shit! Do you think mom will go for it? I don't know until we
get all hot and into it. Then Lisa will just "do it." I want to look at
mom while she is being sucked and I am fucking Lisa at the same time. Oh
Billy. I would love to watch THAT!

Well, maybe you and Judy can work out something similar with dad
tonight. you mean...? Well, you seem to like it when you licked Lisa.
That's different Billy. We love her and she's almost family.

Well....think about it tonight when you're in there. Fuck wow, she
said. I need a swim already. She jumped up and smiled back at us....FUCK
WOW. You're going to eat my mom. Holy shit!

Lisa and I laughed at her ginchiness once again. Don't say anything
Carol. I mean it. Don't spoil it.

I promise Billy. But I want all the fucking juicy details later from
you two, while YOU'RE fucking me, though. We promise Carol. Later hon.
She dashed off.

Just about everything was set up in the yard by the time dad got back
with Dan from golfing. By this time, the lights around the pool were on,
and Judy was once again impressed with how nice it all looked. As I loaded
up the meat on a platter, I whispered to mom that I was hoping it would be
her, me and Lisa tonight. Her answer was to rub her ass into my crotch and
smile. You man enough for both os us? This time I want YOUR cum mom.
Sure honey. I'll tell your dad.

I brought up a large platter mixed with steaks and hot dogs. mom brought
up rolls, and a large salad bowl. Everyone was busy talking about the
shop, and how Carol had planned to decorate it. Then she asked Nikki if
she wanted to work there till the baby was born?

Why sure I would, Carol. That would be great. Give me something
worthwhile to do during the day for a change. Is it OK with you Dan? Sure

I was loading a plate with food at the same time Judy was doing the
same. I eased behind her and rotated my cock into her ass. OOOHH. Don't
tempt me Billy. Not now, anyway. I reached with one hand and massaged her
hanging tit through her blouse. Most everyone watched me do this. mom had
pretty much filled in Nikki about Judy, already, while they were in the

I knew dad couldn't wait for tonight's fun. mom had told him of my plan
for having her and Carol.

We were all done eating now, the music was playing, and Carol asked me to
help her bring up some drinks. Sure hon. I went with her to the garage
and loaded up a couple trays with beer and mixed drinks. I can't believe
Lisa is going to really eat mom. Have YOu ever thought about it honey/

She looked at me. Yeah, Billy. A few times I was really hot when you
were fucking both of us. I almost made a move on mom's pussy, but I was
afraid she wouldn't like it. Well, honey, we'll find out tonight. Hey
Billy, why don't you guys turn the camera on in your rooma and you all can
watch dad and me? I'll suck his cock a little different a couple times
while I'm looking at the camera, and you'll know I'm thinking of your cock
too right then. OK, hon. Maybe we will.

So Judy fucked her twin brothers huh? Yeah. Her and her sister both.
She's pretty nice. I like her Billy. So do I. Carol came up and kissed
me. Pressed her tits into me.

Oh Billy. I'm so happy. I can't believe me dream since I was a little
girl is coming true. I'll have my own beauty shop. I hugged her with
genuine love and caring. Yes. Its going to happen. Soon, babe. I'll be
there to help fix the place up too. I'll bring some of the guys with me.
Oh Billy. Oh fuck. Tears came to her eyes. Tears of happiness now.
Billy, tommorrow morning, I'm coming right in there and sucking you off
right in front of mom and Lisa.

I smiled. I might be all fucked out by then honey. You know how mom and Lisa get when they get into it?

I don't care. You just lay there and let me suck you. She turned and
walked out to the deck.

I reached for Lisa and we got up to dance. I whispered to her that
Carol wanted to come in and suck me in front of her and mom in the morning.
You won't have anything left to suck out, if I have anything to say about
it. Let me spend a little bit of time with Judy, OK? Then we can go
upstairs after that. Sure honey, she said.

I went to Judy after the dance with Lisa. I pulled her up to dance now.
Looks like you're going to get a rerun with my dad tonight hon, I said.
Yeah, Billy. I can't wait. I was horny half the day thinking of what you
guys did to me last night. Both of you are so fucking hot. My hands were
on her ass now, as mom watched us. I winked at her.

Carol had risen and decided she wanted to swim. c'mon Lisa. Join me.
Both of them stripped. Standing near dad's lounge. Judy was surprised as
she was turning in my arms and saw then naked now. Wow. I smiled. mom will probably be next, and then Nikki, and then....I held my head back
looking into her face.

You mean? Yeah. They kind of expect it hon. No big deal around here.
You have a really nice body, Judy. be proud.

Oh God, the bedroom is one thing...but....

At that moment, Nikki was standing and taking off her shirt. Come on
Jean, let's join them. OK, in a minute. mom leaned over dad and kissed
him passionately as she caressed his cock. She was saying something in his
ear. His hands went to her tits as they hung near his face.

Carol was laughing and splashing around the pool. Soon, dad rose and
mom stripped off his shorts. she quickly took his cock in her mouth right
in front of all of us. She sucked him a few seconds and then she pulled
his hand as they jumped in the pool.

Dad then urged Dan to join in. Come on Billy. The hell with the
dancing shit right now.

I turned Judy to face the pool with everyone in it now. I reached and
caressed her tits in front of everyone, and then lifted her blouse off. I
knelt behind her and lowered her shorts in a slow strip in front of them.
Dad and Dan clapped. Dan was ogling like I hadn't seen in a while. It
was his first look see at Judy's body. I massaged her ass as I knelt
behind her, and then kissed it all over.

She was completely naked in front of all of them. Oh Billy, I feel so
embarrassed she said.

Don't be hon. Dad's already fucked you, I've already fucked you. You
sucked both of us, and Dan's mouth is watering. I reached in front and
fingered her bush as they watched. My mouth still sucking and licking her
ass cheeks. I moved one hand behind and forced it between her closed legs
and massaged her pussy. Her legs widened. They watched my hand. I slid
my finger up and down her slit from behind now.

Your nipples hard hon? Oh Billy. I feel so em.....

i could smell and feel her wetness now.

I moved my hand faster on her pussy and in her slit. OOOHHHH. I bit
her ass cheek and then with one motion, I pushed her into the pool. I
stood and quickly stripped and jumped in.

Judy had landed near Niki and Dan in the water.

They were laughing and he hugged her. You're almost initiated now! We
all laughed.

Soon, the girls made her feel like part of the gang and she became more

Dan just had to swim over and compliment her on how nice her tits were.

Thank you, she smiled shyly.

I think she realized that Dan wanted and would eventually end up fucking
her too.

Nikki had swam over to me and coyly caressed my cock under the water.
It was nice loving this afternoon Billy. I really liked it too Nikki.
Really. The nice thing about it Nik, is that we don't have to go through a
whole lot of bullshit with each other.

I thought the same damn thing too, Billy. Yeah. That's great isn't it?
I like the idea that I can come right out and say that I want your cock,
and not feel like an asshole.

I went in the bedroom and worked myself into another damn cum when you
were rubbing your cock at me through the picture window. Damn you. I had
things to do too.

What's more important than getting off Nikki? Especially this wonderful
pussy? My hand slipping between her legs and sliding my finger into her
open slit. She slid her ass back and forth on my hand a moment.

OH you men, you'll never understand, and she swam off to join mom and
Carol. Dad was behind mom, his hands caressing her tits as her and Lisa

Carol came over to me in the corner. See what you started I smiled to
her? ME? yes. You were the first to strip down to that nice naked body.
I spun her around and reached to caress her tits as dad was doing to mom, a
few yards away.

mom glanced over smiling. Carol's head went back on my shoulder. Her
tits taut in my hands. I love you Billy. I love you too baby. I mean it.
Mom mentioned how much she's going to miss you when your married and out of
here. I will too, Billy. We won't ever be far from here honey. You have
a car. I know, Billy. But mom's right. It won't be the same without you
around here. Being able to come in and fuck you at night when we're horny.

Look, honey. I'll be around here a lot. You can come over almost
anytime at our place and stay. Well, I guess so, but it won't be the same.

I'm going to suck you good tommorrow morning Billy. I already told mom.

OK baby. I want to play with Judy's tits now, for a litle while before
you and her and dad go upstairs. OK Billy. Remember to watch me sucking dad and thinking of you too. I will. I swam over behind Judy now. Doing
the same as I did for Carol. It surprised her and mom laughed. He'll be
feeling all our tits before the night is out, she said.

Billy sure does like tits. Lisa said. They watched as I caressed
Judy's, making her nipples stick out. Are you happy, I whispered in her
ear. Oh yes, Bill. This is a lot of fun. I never thought I would be
standing around a lot of people like this completely naked.

It really is fun. There's no shame around here. Everyone is accepted.
Period. You're right. They seem to like me Billy. They do. Believe it

What about Dan over there? He's been quiet. He's being patient, hon.
We'll be at their house across the road tommorrow night. I think he wants
you. Will you mind? I don't know. Is that really his sister? Yes.
They've lived together quite a long time. She seem's really nice. She is,
Judy. She really is. Do you....? Yes.

Just this afternoon, as a matter of fact she came over while all of you
were at the store.

I caressed her tits a little firnmer now, and she moaned with pleasure.
She was completely at ease now.

Her head went back on my shoulder and I turned her to kiss her. I can't
believe your mother was sucking you off on the stairs this morning. Wow.
She's going with me tonight. Along with Lisa. You and Carol will have a lot
of fun with my dad too.

Oh Billy. I can't wait. You guys get such nice hard ons. It makes my
pussy water. And your mouth too, I added. Yeah. That too. My brothers
cocks aren't as big as you and your dad. They're nice though.

Her tits felt nice to caress. I moved one hand down in the water and
caressed her mound as dad looked over.

Nikki was doing pretty much the same as she stood to his side.

mom was busy kissing Dan, as he ran his hands up and down her back.

What a hot scene all this is, Billy. My fingers now sliding in her
pussy slit.

I'll get you off a quick one Judy. Right here in the pool. Oh Billy,
right here in watch what Nikki does to my dad. I started to
massage and finger fuck her now. Her moans continued till I felt her
shaking several minutes later. Dad's eyes were rolling as Nikki jerked him
off under the water.

Oh Billy, you are, you're actually getting me my dad as he
cums.....her eyes opened as dad started....I worked my hand into her pussy faster and more demanding now.

Oh I cum....go for it hon...let go...OOOHHHHH
Billy. I felt her warm juices flowing even in the cool water against my
pressed palm. I massaged he for a while as her shudders finally left her.

Carol had watched the whole thing, and swam over.

OK, she said. You and dad got off. Now its my turn. Let's get
upstairs with dad, Judy.

OK. She turned as if to say something, and I kissed her. Have fun hon.
Now Carol grabbed dad with her other hand and said Come on daddy....let's
go. The three of them climbed out and went off into the house.

Uh Oh, Nikki giggled. Dan had come over to her now and soon they were
saying good night. Now, it was just mom, Lisa and me.

The night was warm. The stars were out in full living brightness. I
climbed out of the pool and helped mom and Lisa out.

We all had another drink, and then giggles as we dashed upstairs to my
room. The girls tits swaying and bobbing all the way. Their asses
jiggling invitingly as they climbed the stairs in front of me.

Lisa plopped on the bed in anticipation. Knowing what I had in mind. I
think she was excited herself knowing she would suck mom's pussy for the
first time.

mom and me stood at the end of my bed kissing. Her tits rotating into
my chest. I slowly caressed her body, and eased her down on the bed on her
back. I turned and put the monitor on. Want to watch your husband get HIS
cock sucked mom?

The picture came on. Dad was leaning with his legs over the bed, Judy
kneeling and sucking his hardon, while Carol was kneeling behind him
caressing his chest. Her tits around his neck lovingly.

OOOOHHH So hot, Lisa said. She's got his whole cock in her mouth, she
added. I looked down at mom. Caressing her tits in anticipation of me
falling on her and fucking her. Her pussy rising and falling. Inviting
me. There's a special treat for you tonight mom. Oh yeah? What. You'll
see in a while. I stood there as she watched me. I stroked my cock, now
getting hard. I want to eat you mom, pay you back for that nice blowjob this morning. I want your cum this time, I said. I want my mother inside

Oh, Billy! I knelt down and buried my face into her spreading thighs. I
kissed them up and down. Nibbled my way down to her pussy lips, and chewed
them also.

I knew exactly what mom liked now. After all the times of eating her. I
raised my head and said, watch your husband as he gets his cock sucked mom.
Watch him getting sucked while I suck you. Oh Billy....this is so fucking
hot. So ....My mouth dove to her opened pussy now. I licked her. sucked her. Felt and smelled my mother's juice.

Lisa had been sitting aside her. Near me. Soon, mom was getting really
turned on. Lisa mentioned that dad seemed to be cumming in Judy's mouth.

mom was watching the screen intently as I licked her. Her hips now in
full excitement. Then I eased my mouth away. My raging hard cock
throbbing to be put in my honey. My life's lover....Lisa. I rose quickly
and pulled Lisa to face mom now. mom asking why I stopped so quickly.
Please Billy...Please......Lisa bent forward and readied herself for my
cock from behind. I eased into her, as she let out an appreciative moan.
Then I fucked her a couple of times. Mom's pussy rising and falling in
desperate need. My hands on Lisa's tits as I fucked her from behind.

mom feeling her own urgency. Her hand sliding to her gaping soaked
pussy. Lisa stared down at it. Then, she felt me urging her down. We
stayed close so my cock stayed in her as she knelt and then the surprise of
mom's life as she watched Lisa lower her mouth to her pussy.

Oh Lisa??? YOU? What....Lisa...Lisa didn't hesitate. She immediately
started licking mom up and down. OOOOHHH Lisa. YOU? Lisa licked and
sucked quicker. My head went down next to her ear. Suck her good baby.
Suck the hell out of mom's wonderful pussy. Lisa moaned as she sucked louder now. Her head slightly bobbing. I raised up as my cock slid in and
out of Lisa's wet pussy. Billy....your...own lover. Your girlfriend is
eating me.... I know mom. Its from us to only you.

We love you mom.

mom watched as Lisa sucked her. Her mound rising to meet Lisa's mouth
and sucking. OOOOHHH Honey....Are you sure you want....Yes, MOM. Enjoy.
As Billy said....we love you. Enjoy it. cum for us. Let your cum go
mom...and Lisa went back to suck tenderly on mom's clit.

OH Billy.....I've never....She was watching me fuck lisa and feeling her
juices leave her pussy on Lisa's demanding mouth.

cum mom. cum with me while I fuck my honey. Shoot in her mouth while I
fill her wonderful loving pussy.

Play with those beautiful tits and nipples mom. Feel her tongue and
mouth loving you.

OOOOHHHH Billy this is so....oh Honey. Oh Lisa.....I'm...Lisa's head
was moving faster now. I knew that she knew what she was doing
deliberately to mom's pussy.

Her own pussy caressing my cock with all the excitement. My cum so
near. So ready to shoot into my lover.

mom was bucking now. Lisa's hands went to mom's hips as she held on and
sucked. Held on and Licked. Held on and accepted my mopther's very
womanhood spurting female juices into her mouth.

I'm cumming in my lover mom. I'm filling her pussy with my cum. I'm
cumming too Billy...damn...She's sucking me so nice...OOOHHH
Billy.....damn...Her hands violently squeezing her tits as she rocked with
her orgasm. Lisa moaning as she sucked and drank my mother.

Feeling my cum exploding inside her pussy so deeply. Seeming to take
hours for the three of us to come down from this extreme high we were at.
In reality, only several minutes.

My mother lay panting. Moaning. My honey back up in my arms kissing
me. Seeing my father's cock sliding into my sister over Lisa's shoulder.
Glancing at my mother's open pussy gaping up at us in complete surrender to
each of us now. Lisa whispered that it was wonderful in my ear. I kissed
and moved my hands over and over her body as we stood there at the end of
the bed.

Then I urged her to lay on one side of mom, as I laid on the other. I
leaned over mom and kissed her with love. Her arms pulled me tightly to

Oh Billy, do you realize what just happened honey? Do you? Do you
really? Your girlfriend just licked my pussy and made me cum, Billy. Like
a man does? I know mom. I asked her to do it. You mean...? yes. It was
planned way earlier.

Lisa leaned up on her arm. I didn't mind mom. I love you too. It
certainly was different, but I was excited with Billy fucking me so nice at
the same time too. We were all cumming together.

Oh Lisa. mom reached to hug her to her. Now both of them were almost
tit to tit as mom kissed Lisa's cheek.

I love you too, honey. I hope so much for you and Billy to have a nice
life. I laid on my side and massaged mom's tits. Now, I rolled on top of
her and kissed her passionately.

Our hips grinding. My cock getting harder, knowing my mother wanted me.
Ached for me inside.

Oh Billy, I really came when she... My mouth closed over hers in a wet
kiss again. I knew she was excited now. Her hard nipples pressing into
me. I leaned down and sucked them gently. Her arms around me.

Oh Billy...fuck me, fuck me...please honey. I'm so ....

I will mom. But just a little different tonight. What do you....?

Move over a little. mom moved to the side. I eased Lisa over on her
back and asked mom to lean over Lisa. I want Lisa to share this fuck with
us mom. I want you to grind your pussy into hers as I fuck you.

OH Billy....that's lezzie stuff. Not really mom. Its between us. Oh
Billy...Mom moved over Lisa's surprised body. I got behind her and between
their legs. I eased mom's pussy down as I glided inside her now. She was
on her hands. Now their tits were coming into tight contact and I pushed
into mom harder. Mom's head went next to Lisa as I fucked her hard now.
Forced her pussy into Lisa's as I rotated into her.

Within a minute, both of them were moaning. Both of them holding and
now kissing as they enjoyed my new idea.

My mother was kissing my lover as a lover now. My lover was feeling me
fucking my mother close up, being a part of it. I could feel their pussies
grinding as I fucked mom. Their moans. I pushed down harder on mom's ass
forcing her even tighter to Lisa's pussy. Mom's pussy was wonderful, and
wet. Soon, I could sense her cumming once again. Her movements, her
moans. her urgency as I fucked her harder. I strarted to shoot. OOOOHHH

I'm....Give it to me Billy. I'm right there with you darling...Fuck it
into me.....I rammed and rammed as the women moaned their own ecstacies.

This explosion into mom was one of the best we've ever had. Her whole
pussy and part of her ass completely surrendered to my cock's assault deep
within her. Wanting more. Clamping and releasing for still more. I
stayed buried deep in her as my final Spurts came and left. My arms
reaching to encompass both of them now. Their own arms embracing each
other in their grinding pussy cums.

Oh Billy, mom moaned. Exhausted. Oh honey what a cum. What a fucking

Oh shit....what a cum. Here I am laying pussy to pussy on your
girfriend with your cock in me. Ohhhhh. Lisa was still moaning lightly.

Finally, I pulled out of mom, and leaned to lick all over her ass, and
give her little bites as her and Lisa became accustomed to their newfound
sexual encounter.

I rolled to one side and laid there on my back. Regaining some breath.

After a while, mom rolled off of Lisa. Lisa said she had to piss. Oh
Billy, mom said. What an experience.

I hope you're not mad mom? Oh no, honey. No. Its just that it was all
so sudden. So... I leaned over and kissed her with love again. Lisa had
come back and knelt to mom's side. It was a bit streange but really nice
mom. I liked it. I came. Did you? Yes honey. I did. I was cumming
with Billy, and my clit was grinding with yours. Oh God, I was cumming so
hard. I leaned and sucked mom's tit once again as she panted. Lisa patted
my head.

I felt kind of funny when Billy mentioned it to me at first mom. Then
I thought, well, Carol has licked me before to a cum. It was so nice.
Billy and me laid here and she came in and sucked Billy till he came, and
then he watched her suck me too.

I really came then, mom. So I thought, what the hell. You would like
it too.

I raised my head from mom's tit now. mom was also stroking my head.
Carol wants to do it to YOU too mom. What? Really? For quite a while now
mom,. Lisa added. It doesn't bother her as long as its me or you. MAYBE
Nikki, now. .

Oh God, mom panted.

Well, anyway mom, you tasted much better than I imagined when you came
while I sucked you.

Oh Lisa honey. This is such a shock for me. Way back when I was young,
my dad wanted my sister and me to do each other, but we were always too

We would just suck or fuck him silly until the thought passed.

Later, in high school, a couple girls were doing it in the showers. I
was mesmerized watching them lick and suck each other. One of them sucked my tits, and the other tried to force my legs open to suck my pussy, but I

I DO remember feeling tingly when she sucked my tits.

Your father has hinted that he always wanted me to do a girl while he
watched honey. Well????? WHAT? You mean you would????

Try it mom. Let it out. Its just us. The family. We all love each

Now, our attention was on the monitor. Mom's head was in my arm, and
Lisa's head was laying on mom's chest and tit as we watched. There was
Carol. On her knees, licking Judy's pussy as dad fucked her from behind.

Oh My God, mom said. But look at her. She's sucking Judy like there's
no tommorrow. She sat up now, watching intently. There's my daughter sucking Judy's pussy. You dad fucking the hell out of her.

Oh my God.

Mom, now's the time. Let's go in there, and you eat Lisa while I fuck
you. Right next to them on the bed. Just go in and get in positions and
get into it.

OH Billy, what would your father say?

Look at his face now mom. His daughter is licking the shit out of
Judy??? Let's go mom. before the moment is lost. I jumped up and pulled
her arm. Lisa was right behind us. Just before we opend the door, I
kissed her hard. I'm going to fuck you with passion mom. Suck Lisa with
the same passion.

Oh Billy, she gasped into my mouth....

I opened the door as dad was still busy pumping. We all moved quickly
and Lisa laid on her back with her legs over the bed. She was smiling up
at dad. Got a surprise for you dad. Watch.

mom went to her knees in Lisa's pussy right away. Not saying anything
to dad. I got behind mom and slid my cock into her wet pussy once more.
Mom was a bit clumsy at licking Lisa at first. But her head and mouth
pressed on. Lisa closed her eyes and moaned. Dad was still fucking Carol,
and then I motioned for him to take over fucking mom.

He quickly pulled out of her and we switched rather fast. Keep going
Carol. I'm dying for your pussy baby. I rammed into her as dad slid into
mom. His hands on her hips as mom got into eating her first pussy.


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