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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


There was a surge in the passion level in the bedroom. Carol was
ramming hungrily back against my throbbing cock. Dad pounding into mom with his excitement of watching her eating Lisa. Lisa moaning with
pleasure, occasionally looking up to me as mom sucked up and down her

cum for her baby, I said softly. Carol was moaning as she licked Judy,
in front of me.

I felt Carol tighten her grip on my cock and knew she was cumming now.
She sped up her motions and licking. Both girls moaning louder. I fucked
her harder and shot deep in her warm pussy. Soon, her head reared back in
a loud moan. OHHHH. I'm cumming Billy. I can feel you shooting with
me...OOOHHH Her head went back for one last lick of Judy's gaping pussy and
collapsed on her stomach. My cock pulling out of her with spurting cum onto her ass.

Dad was moaning as he neared cumming himself.

I got off the bed and went to Lisa's side of the bed and kissed her as
she humped up into mom's sucking lips. Both of us watched her and dad as
he came in her, and then mom's lips glued to Lisa as she too, started to
cum with dad deep inside her.

Mom's hands caressed all over Lisa's lower stomach as she finally raised
her head.

Well, I did it. I licked another woman for the first time in my life. I
tasted another woman's cum. It was nice Lisa, honey.

Oh mom, it felt so very nice for me too, Lisa said. You had me way up
there for so long before I came.

Dad reached and pulled mom to him. He put his arms around her and
kissed her. I motioned for Judy and Lisa to come with me and leave them
and Carol alone. I led them back to my room, and quickly turned off the
monitor so Judy wouldn't notice the secret spy.

I think we all need a good rest I said. Yeah, I'm all for that now,
Billy. Judy said. Me too honey, from Lisa as she moved to the far side.

I climbed on the bed and both girls seemed to realize by instinct to lay
on each side of me.

I knew mom would be telling dad the whole story now. Probably including
what she knew of Carol's wanting her also.

I was pretty worn out, and just reached to hold both women close to me.
Both of them stroking a part of my body softly. Oh, How I loved the
feeling of two pair of tits caressing and laying against my chest and

I reached and stroked their hair softly.

Your mother really made me cum Billy. She sucked it right out of me.
So different than a man does it. I agree, Lisa. Judy said. Women do it a
lot different than men. Billy does me really nice though, Judy. Her hands
squeezing my nipple softly. I cum every time he does me.

Her hand curled down to my cock and gently cradled its softness. I love
you Billy. With all my heart. I love you too baby. We have to get busy
on our Wedding plans soon, Billy. Yeah we do. We have to find a hall, a
Church date, and all.

I can help you with the hall, Judy said. We have several nice places in
our rental accounts.

Oh great, I said. That saves some work right away. Yes. I have books
with pictures of them. You're all coming to the office Monday anyway.
I'll show you then. Good, Lisa said. Lisa raised her head again and asked
Judy if she would like to come to our Wedding? Why sure I would. When?
In about a month and a half. Great. Yes, I'll bet it will be really nice.

I have to go for a final fitting for my gown Monday afternoon. Wait
till you see it Billy baby. Wait till you see how nice it makes my tits look.

Your tits are beautiful anyway honey. Oh, he says the nicest things

That's why I love him....besides that nice big cock, she laughed. Judy
joined her. Yes. I don't blame you there kiddo. He sure filled me. I
nudged both girls closer to me now, and both girls slid a leg over one of
mine. Each taking turns softly caressing my cock as they breathed softly
on my chest.

Its been a wonderful, exciting couple of days for me Billy. Thank you
for inviting me. I was really on edge without a guy, or having sex in such
a long time. Well you made up for it this weekend, that's for sure, Lisa

I surely did. Is your sister Bi, Billy? No, its just something she
does once in a while to those that are close to her. Wow. She really got
me off. It was nice. Have you done it before, Judy. Just my sister and
me once in a while. Mostly because our brothers really got excited and
begged us to do it.

Most of the time they would fuck us while Linda and I sucked each other

It was always fun between us though. We all really loved each other.

Lisa felt my cock stirring in her caressing hand.

I'd like to suck you for a while Billy.

Before we go to sleep. OK? I doubt you'll get anything out of that
poor guy now honey. I don't care Billy. I just want to do it. I want to
taste you, OK Honey. She moved down and settled between my legs as I still
held Judy to my chest.

I was stroking her hair as we both watched Lisa take me gently and make
love to me with her mouth. There's no rush Billy. Just relax honey and
let me suck you. Let me love you. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as
my lover, the woman I would marry, sucked me into another world.

Judy caressed my face as her head lay on my chest. Still watching Lisa,
with the moonlight coming through the window.

I reached and caressed her hardened nipple and tit as Lisa drew me
further and further into her warm loving mouth.

It was some time before she finally had me cumming gently into her
mouth. Judy raised and kissed me as she had seen me do to Lisa, when she
was being fucked into her orgasm earlier. Soon, Lisa was at my side
snuggled tightly against me once again. We all drifted off to a needed

It was late in the morning when we woke. Lisa was the first. Waking me
gently with a kiss. Good morning baby. I smiled at her. Our friend is
still sleeping. I think you should do something about it.

You mean...? Yeah. Like you do to me.

I'll get you hard for her....Her hand went to work right away on my
cock. Judy was on her stomach. Sleeping soundly now, as I poised myself
over her. Open her legs for me honey. I whispered. Lisa gently spread
Judy's legs a little and there was room for me to slide my cock into her
pussy from behind now. OOOOHHHH She moaned. Realizing quickly that there
was a hard cock inside her now. OOOOHHH What a way to wake. A hard cock
fucking me. Her ass eased tighter to my thrusting cock now. OOOOOOHHH it
feels nice Bill....I fucked her slowly as Lisa laid next to us watching me.

He does this to me too Judy. A lot. I love it too.

I pressed my groin hard into her ass as my cock plunged deep into her.
Scraping her G spot. Forcing her to moan with abandon. She raised up to
her elbows now. Her pushes back at me were more and more insistent as her
cum overtook her and then she came. Her body shuddered. Her soft moans
into the pillow.

My cock still deep within her and almost there myself.

I pumped into her harder and faster. She felt wonderful.

Soon, her ass was rammed hard against me as she felt me cumming inside
her. OOOOHHHH You're cumming too, Bill, ooooohhhh OOOOHHH It's so warm, so
nice flooding my whole insides. I groaned with my cum. Stiffened as my
cock emptied in hard gushes being urged out of me by her pussy muscles. My
hands holding her tits hanging below.

I fell down on her and kissed the back of her neck. My hands still
holding her tits as I kissed her once more over her neck.

Oh Lisa, she moaned into the pillow. If he does this to you in the
morning...Oh'll have a wonderful life. My pussy is still

I pulled out and stood now. My cock glistening and getting soft. Lisa
jumped up and said, time for a quick shower. Yeah, the three of us were in
the shower in a hurry, and soon out, drying each other quickly. We could
smell the eggs cooking downstairs.

Lisa leaned over dad and gave him a nice Good morning kiss as she passed
him to sit down. I kissed mom and Carol.

I'm going back to bed after this, dad said. I need a little more rest.
Those two...he said....pointing the back of his fork, had me up most the

Yeah daddy, but you loved it. Yes, I think he did too, mom said as she
turned with a platter of eggs for us. She leaned over and kissed him.

And YOU? dad looked at me...I'm fine dad. Matter of fact, Judy just
made me a Happy Motorist already. You mean...?

Yeah. I woke her up in my favorite way. Judy seemed a bit shy.

He's famous for that Judy, mom said. Billy wakes all us girls like that
at least twice a week. I love it mom said. Nothing like waking early in
the morning with a nice hard sausage already in you. The girls laughed.

It was really nice though, Judy answered.

Well, I'm not THAT young anymore. Yeah, honey...but you're better, mom said.

Now the girls got busy talking about the hall, and other stuff about the

Dad got up and said, see you all later. I want to get a little more
rest. Later honey, mom smiled. When he was gone, mom said she intended to
wake HIM up the way I was famous for.

The girls giggled. I stood up and walked behind mom as she was clearing
the table. I caressed her tits in front of all the girls and gently
stroked them. I opened her duster and cupped her naked tits and nipples as
I kissed her neck. The girls all smiled as they watched me.

Oh Billy, right here? He's done that before too mom. Carol laughed. I
pushed her forward so she was leaning on the table. I pulled up her
duster, and slid my shorts down rapidly. Soon, my cock was sliding in and
out of her as the other girls watched.

Oh Billy, you're making feel like a slut. The girls all laughed. Then
we're all a bunch of sluts mom. Take your punishment like a real woman,
Carol laughed.

I fucked into her with a warm pleasure. Her wetness and inner pussy muscles feeling so very nice. Soon, her head was rolling back and forth
and she was pushing back at me faster. my hands went to her tits once
again as I started to feel my cum moving from my balls. Here I am mom.
OOOOHHH Billy.....I buried my cock deep and stayed there as she massaged my
cock with her pussy. Shaking as she felt me shooting deep in her. Oh
Honey.....Easy on my tits honey, you're hurting them. I was forgetting my
grasp on them. Soon, I felt her relax and knew her orgasm was over. She
raised up and turned her head sideways to kiss me as my hands still held
her tits. Good going Billy, Lisa laughed, yeah Billy. mom was flushed
now. My hands dropping down to her pussy in front of all of them as they
watched me do what I have done to each of them so often. Caressing their
bush, and pussy lips from behind.

I love you mom, I whispered in her ear. Oh Billy....I finally let her
go and pulled up my shorts.

The girls clapped. Nice show, Billy.

I quickly went behind Judy and cupped her tits, and said, Don't get too
damn brave there girl, you'll get the same punishment. He almost means it
mom smiled.

They all laughed again.

I went out to the deck with a cup of coffee and let them gab.

Tommorrow I had to go to work. Damn. It reminded me to call the shop
and tell them I needed the morning so we could go to Judy's Office.

I could hear Nikki now, joining the rest of the gab fest in the kitchen.
The girls finally decided to go to Judy's office and look at pictures of
wedding halls now. They came out to say good bye, and I reminded Lisa that
maybe she could look through Judy's listings for apartments while she was
there also. Yeah, she said excitedly. I will. I gave her a kiss and they
all left.

Good. Peace and quiet for a while. Its a good girl thing for them to

I jumped in the car and went over to see Bobby.

That evening, I felt sort of relieved when Judy hadn't returned with the
rest of the girls. She had things to do at home, and would see us in the
morning to do the paperwork on Carol's shop.

Carol wanted to see Jimmy again, so it was just dad and mom. Lisa and
me at the house.

Soon, mom was urging dad to go to bed with her. Seeming to be genuinely
tired. Lisa and I stayed on the deck for a while longer and also went to
bed early. Tonight, we just held each other, and were satisfied with it.

Carol had come home early the next morning as we were eating breakfast.
Soon, we were all in Judy's Office looking at legal eagle papers to sign
and make it all legit.

Well, congratulations, Judy said to Carol. You're now the proud owner
of the building. You can do whatever you want to it.

She hugged Judy, and we all left, saying we would see Judy soon.

Once back in the car, mom asked dad to take a ride for a while. He
looked at her, but didn't say anything. On the way, she suggested that we
load up on something to eat and take with us. We stopped at a nearby
McDonald's drive thru and orders from all of us. Then, mom spotted a
liquor store and had dad get a couple bottles of wine. A half hour later,
we were pulling into a park like place. Seeming somwhat secluded. There
was a small lake, and a tree grove that dad pulled under.

We all got out and looked around. Nice place I said. Nice looking lake
too, Carol said. Dad and me used to come here a lot when we were going
steady. Some of the gang wee hung around with too. We have a lot of
memories here, don't we honey, as mom looked over to dad. We could see her
thinking back to those times, looking out over the small lake. Dad came up
behind her and hugged her. We guess both of them thinking back, now.

mom moved near a tree and seemed a bit too quiet. She leaned back
against it as she started to speak.

There's something that's been bothering me guys.

We looked at her. I had a talk with your father last night. This thing
that has started with us of making love with everyone is beginning to
bother me, us. It seems to be taking far too much away from me and my
husband here, and all of us.

I, WE, decided that I don't really want to get into that anymore with
outsiders. She was looking at each of us.

I just don't want to do it with Dan, or your father or anyone else
outside this family anymore. At least not for a while, anyway. Looking at
me, Billy I love you.

With all my heart honey. I treasure that specialness you and I share
when we make love. When you are in me. Back in the canal of your birth.
Pleasuring me so much.

I love your father, here, and OUR specialness we have between US, as
husband and wife. Yes. I still want to make love with you Billy, as we
have. With my wonderful husband here. But no more Lisa's father, or Dan,
or any other men. I want to keep it just among us, right here.

I don't care if all of YOU want to keep doing all of that, but not me,
us, anymore with all of them.

Yes, as I said, I will share myself with Billy, and even with you two
girls, now that THAT door has been opened.

Many. many years ago when I was younger, I was approached in high
school by two girls in the showers.

I walked in on them and was shocked. They tried to get me into it with
them, feeling me up and trying to make me join them. I couldn't.

One held my arms against the back shower wall, while the other kissed
and licked me till I finally came. Their hands were all over me. They
kept taking turns sucking me, licking me. Forcing my body to cum over and
over. I felt terribly guilty for some reason afterward. It wasn't even my
fault. But I felt guilty because my body betrayed me and I came as they
licked and sucked me.

BUT, after that, I had thoughts about being with another woman once in a
while. The other night, that door was finally pushed wide open.

When Lisa went down on me, Billy right there joining in with us, I let
myself go. Yes. I did cum with Lisa, in a different sense than I ever
have. I was watching my son'e handsome face as he fucked his lover, and
his lover was eating me to an explosive orgasm. He was cumming in her as
she was forcing my cum out of me. It somehow made me delirious.

So, if you two girls want this from me, its OK. But the only men I want
to share myself with are your father and Billy. Dad finally added, I feel
kind of the same as mom. I would like to keep it with just us, here. I
love you Carol. I love making love with you honey.

I love you too daddy. You too Lisa. I feel as though you are our
daughter too, honey. I love you too, dad. I enjoy sex with you, Lisa

We're not saying that it won't ever happen again with the others, maybe
once in a while it will. But at least for now, your mom and I would like
to keep our sex and stuff between just all of us here.

mom looked at me for a reaction now.

Sure mom, sure dad, I said. Carol and Lisa also joined in with
agreement. Lisa, I'll have a talk with your mom soon. I'll explain how
dad and me are feeling.

We can all still have parties, but dad and me just want to share any of
the sex just among you. Yes, we'll probably get naked again too.

But that's just the way your dad and I need for it to be right now. OK?
Sure mom. Sure we all added.

mom seemed relieved now. Like a ton of bricks just came off her

She stepped forward now, facing dad. I love you husband. With all my
heart. I love you. I love you too Jean, my wonderful wife.

mom reached for the buttons on his shirt, undoing each. Dad responded
by undoing her blouse buttons. Soon, They were both taking each other's
shirts off. mom put her arms around dad's neck and hugged him to her. Her
tits pressing into his bare chest. Kissing him with love and passion they
felt for each other.

Finally, she leaned back and stroked his chest with her hands and
caressed his nipples. Dad did the same with her tits, caressing them
tenderly. The three of us sat there watching them making pure love to each

Dad leaned his head and kissed each of her raised nipples. mom reached
and undid his belt and lowered his pants as she knelt before him now.
Dad's cock raging hard and throbbing before her. She reached her hands and
slowly and gently caressed his entire cock and his heavy sack. I love this
wonderful cock honey, as she smiled up to him. This is the cock of our
love, our marriage. Our family.

She lowered her mouth to it and sucked him. Dad's head went back as he
moaned in pleasure.

mom sucked him and stroked him lovingly as he moaned. His eyes closed
tightly. Carol's hand went to my cock under the table, grabbing excitedly,
as she watched mesmerized.

My arm had been around Lisa and now caressing her hardened nipple. mom now stopped sucking dad, as she slowly rose. She leaned up and kissed him,
as her hand still softly caressed his hard cock. Keep this hard for a few
moments honey. Dad caressing her tits.

Now, she turned to us, as she lowered her shorts and panties. She stood
naked in front of us all. Though we had all seen her like this all the
time, this time seemed to be something so special. She was so absolutely
beautiful. Her golden long hair, full tits with their hard nipples, narrow
waist and full hips. Her golden trimmed bush. She stood there with no
shame before us. Now, her hands reached up and she massaged her tits.
Smiling softly at each of us.

Carol, come here honey. Over here at the end of the table. Carol rose
and walked over. mom stood there and smiled at her. Her hands reaching to
undo Carol's blouse and then lowered her shorts also. Both standing there

I know how much you have wanted to share sex with me honey. I
completely understand those feelings. Now you know why I always hesitated.
But no more. Especially after last night opening that door for us. She
glanced over to Lisa. Yes. It was really nice Lisa, honey. I really
enjoyed your lips and mouth on me.

I am not a lesbian, and I don't think either of you are. No mom, we're
not, Carol said. mom reached to hug Carol to her and their tits crushed in
their embrace. mom kissed her tenderly as her hands went up and down
Carol's back. Caressing her. They kissed softly for some time.

mom leaned back now, and turned Carol toward the picnic table. She laid
her down on it with her legs hanging over. Now, I will love my daughter as
she has wanted. As YOU have wanted for so long darling, as she looked over
at dad. He was still standing at the middle of the table with is cock
raging hard. Mine as well. mom was really seductive, deliberate, in her
passionate moves. All of us were riveted on her.

She looked lovingly down at Carol now. Your father has always had a
dreeam of watching me, his wife, love another woman. Now, after all these
years honey, you will see me do it.

Billy, Lisa, why don't both of you take your clothes off too honey?
Both of us stood and stripped quickly.

Hold your lover Billy. My arms went around Lisa as she stood naked in
front of me. Both of us at the side of the table where Carol lay naked
before us. My cock raging hard up against Lisa's soft ass.

mom eased Carol's legs wider as she stood there between them now and
leaned over her. Her hands now softly caressing Carol's tits and gently
grazing her fingernails over her nipples, forcing them to harden as I
haven't seen in a while.

Both of them staring straight into each other's eyes.

Massaging Carol's tits, and then slowly all over her stomach and mound.
She leaned over and kissed trails over and over Carol's tits and body now.
Carol moaning and writhing to mom's touches. Feel nice honey? Oh Yes mom.
Yes it does. Her hips humping softly.

My hands were caressing Lisa's tits as her head pressed back on my
shoulder. Both of us so hot, so wanting to fuck right now....watching mom.

mom raised her head and asked dad to come closer and kneel on the bench
of the table. Feed our daughter your wonderful cock heney.

Let her pleasure you, while I pleasure her. Dad was almost speechless
as Carol desperately reached for his raging hard on and turned her head to
suck him.

Mom's mouth was now munching through Carol's mound and bush. Chewing
and nibbling all around her groin.

Carol moaned loudly with dad's cock in her mouth, her hand holding his
heavy sack. We watched mom's tongue slide into Carol's slit now, as it
searched for her clit. Carol's hips jumped as mom found it and licked it
and then sucked her softly.

Oh mom. oh mom....ooooohhhhh mom, her mouth greedily sucking dad harder
and faster now in her excitement. Dad moaning loudly with abandon as he
watched his wife sucking their daughter's pussy. Mom's eyes between him
and Carol as she licked up and down Carol's wide opened pussy.

She raised her head and said, I love you dear. mom buried her mouth
into Carol as she knelt there. My hands had gone down to caress Lisa's
pussy. She was grinding hard against my hard cock.

This was hot. This was love, this was pure sex taking place before both
of us.

mom knew dad was on the verge of cumming in Carol's mouth soon. Her
eyes were fixed on his cock sliding into Carol's mouth.

We could see her forcing her tongue into Carol's hole and swirling it.
Her eyes riveted on her daughter's mouth sucking her husband. Cum, Carol,
give mom your cum, baby.....Carol moaned loudly as her mouth sucked dad.

His head rolling back in pleasure and finally he started to shoot. His
spasms jerked into her mouth rapidly as we watched his cum dribble down the
side of Carol's face. Her hand stroking his shooting cock. mom sucking and licking Carol faster and faster now, as her hips gyrated and ground
toward mom's sucking mouth.

Mom's hands were all over Carol's stomach and groin. Massaging gently
as Carol was cumming into her mouth. Pressing her hands in har circles all
over Carol's groin as she sucked her, licked her daughter's juices for the
very first time. Carol screamed around dad's shooting cock. She had taken
most of dad's cum and he finally dropped away from her mouth, spent.
Watching his wife forcing Carol into her orgasm. His hands reaching over
and massaging her tits softly as she came and came again into mom's licking

finally, after the last of Carol's violent shivering and spasms, she
relaxed her body on the table.

mom slowly rose and licked her way up Carol's body, and once again
sucked her nipples as dad held them to her mouth. mom sucked each of
Carol's tits and smiled up to dad with a love we all came to understand.
Carol's eyes were closed in her bliss. Her moans became soft whimpers as
both mom and dad caressed her body.

Lisa now had been so wet in my caressing hands. I spun her around and
kissed her. She was so excited.

Behind us, mom had reached for dad's hand and urged him to take her
place between Carol's legs. She reached for his cock and caressed it
softly. Once again making him harden.

She eased him toward Carol's wet pussy and urged him into her, guiding
his cock with her fingers into their daughter. fuck her honey. She needs
you now.

Dad eased his cock into Carol and she moaned loudly. Her hips rising
hard up against him as he thrust into her.

Oh daddy....oooohhh mom...oooohhh fuck me daddy. Fuck me... Dad smiled
as mom leaned to kiss him and then walked to me and Lisa.

The three of us watched a few moments as dad fucked Carol. Both of them
extremely excited.

Then mom turned and pulled Lisa to her. Kissing her full, and grinding
her pussy into her.

mom took her hand and led her to the other end of the picnic table.
Laying Lisa down as she did for Carol. Carol and lisa were face to face on
their backs now.

mom looked over to the end of the table and watched her husband fucking
their daughter. Smiling, she lowered her mouth to Lisa's tits and sucked them gently. Kissing Lisa's body as she did for Carol. Feed your lover
your cock Billy. Like your father did.

Both Lisa and I were more than eager. I knelt there as she grabbed my
hard cock and pulled me deeply into her mouth. mom was circling her face
and mouth all over Lisa now.

Suck your lover Lisa, while I suck you. Lisa moaned loudly around my
cock as she wetly sucked me. My cock was as hard as it had ever gotten, at
this moment. I watched dad fucking Carol wildly. Both of them moaning and
screaming with abandon. Lisa moaning loudly as mom now licked around her
clit and sucked it.

mom smiling with her love up to me. Her mouth on the pussy of my lover.

Licking her. sucking her. Probing her tongue deeply into her hole and
tasting her.

Lisa's hips were gyrating and moving wildly as mom sucked and licked
her. Mom's hands once again caressing Lisa's mound and scratching it with
her nails as she sucked her.

I was wildly fucking in and out of Lisa's mouth and could no longer hold
back. I started to shoot and felt my cum boiling out and into Lisa's
sucking mouth. I moaned loudly as Lisa sucked and moaned around my
shooting cock. I was exploding. My body wracked with such an orgasm. I
could hear Lisa guloping, almost choking, as my huge amount of cum spurted
out of me.

My mother was sucking the pussy of my lover. My lover was screaming her
orgasm around my cock as I was shooting my cum deep into her throat.

My father moaning as he was shooting his seed into my sister.

Mom's hands reaching up to caress both of Lisa's heaving tits as she
sucked her into her orgasm.

I withdrew my cock and dropped down to kiss her. mom moving ever faster
on Lisa's pussy as she was cumming. Lisa moaning wildly as we kissed.

My arm went under Lisa's head and I forced her mouth to my tighter, more
urgent as her cum was reaching its peak with mom's demanding mouth.

My cock was raging still. dripping some of the cum still. I was still
raging with excitemen and quickly got behind mom and slid into her wet
pussy. I fucked her hard. Her mouth buried still, into the gaping wide
pussy of my lover. I fucked and fucked. My eyes closed, feeling my
mother's pussy clamping, sucking, milking whatever was left of my hard
cock, and cum. She moaned into Lisa's pussy now.

Her hands still on Lisa's tits caressing them harder now. I rammed and
rammed and finally stayed deep within her as I felt her reaching her own
deserved orgasm.

My hands holding her ass cheeks tight to my body and we both emptied
ourselves unto each other.

My eyes opened finally. Seeing Lisa coming out of the throes of her
orgasms forced by mom's mouth. Our eyes met. My cock still inside my
mother's contracting pussy. My hands now massaging her back, as I started
to withdraw from her wonderful womanhood.

mom now eased off my cock and turned. She knelt before me and sucked my
still dribbling cock into her mouth and sucked me softly. Her hands
caressing my hips and groin. My hands went to her head. Oh Mom. Oh... I
love you Billy, with all my heart.

I saw dad and Carol each with their arm around the other as they both
stood at the other end of the table watching us.

mom sucked me softly, undemandingly. Enjoying the feel of my cock in
her mouth. Loving it. Finally, when I was completely soft, she let go
with her lips and rose. I pulled her to me and kissed her wih all my love.
Her tits ground into me. Her arms around me as her lover, her son.

Lisa had sat up now, still on the edge of the table. Still with HER
bliss of mom's mouth and loving. Her own hands caressing her tits, as she
dwelt on the pleasures mom had just given her.

My hands went up and down mom's back and ass, and finally, she broke the
kiss. Turning to Lisa, their arms opened to each other and they too,
kissed. Once again their tits shamelessly grinding against each other's.

Mom's hand gently stroking Lisa's mound now, as a final feminine
personal touch.

mom walked over to dad and hugged him close and wordlessly reached up to
kiss him once again. He hugged her close, and as I did, caressed her back
and ass.

Then his hands went between them as he caressed her tits.

The rest of us now starting to get dressed. Each of us still in our own
fog. Our own sort of bliss cycle, and ALL brought on by my passionate and
loving mother. Lisa and Carol, stunned most of all at each of them being
taken into the woman to woman world of love, by mom. Both of them now
holding hands as they headed for the car.

We'll leave you two alone for a while I said, as I also headed for the

I looked over just before getting in the car to see dad sliding his once
again hard cock into mom from behind, leaning over the picnic table. Her
tits swaying back and forth as she lovingly fucked back at her husband.
Her blond hair flowing wildly as he fucked her.

Finally, they were both heading back to the car. It was getting dark.
Mom had not buttoned her blouse, and did not put her shorts back on. Her
blouse was just wide open. mom turned to all of us from the front seat. I
think we all are pretty well satisfied now. We sure are. This is enough
for your dad and me, at least. We don't need any more lovers, or loving,
than this.

You're right Jean, he smiled to her. You're so very right.

mom laid her head on his lap across the front seat as he drove the
distance home. His right hand very busy with her wonderful body all the

My arms around the shoulders and on the tits of Carol and Lisa as we
rode the distance with our own thoughts.


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