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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


It was late evening by the time we arrived home.

mom was still flushed with her excitement as she dragged dad into the
house. Come join us in the parlor you guys, she urged.

We haven't spent much time in there lately. Yeah, OK mom. The girls mentioned about making some snacks first. Good idea, she responded as she
towed dad by the hand behind her.

Carol, Lisa and I were busy putting together sandwiches for everyone.

I poured chilled wine and got myself a beer. Everything on the trays as
we walked into the parlor. mom had already staked out the couch with dad.
She was once again laying with her head on his lap.

I turned on the TV, and we soon found what seemed like an interesting

Mom's blouse was off now, leaving her naked once again.

She sat up and we all ate the sandwiches and drank the wine and beer.

The girls both still seemed a little dazed by mom eating and making both
of them cum so nice. mom was in nice spirits as she asked Lisa to come

She reached for dad's half hard cock and offered it to her. Would you
like a taste of my husband for desert, she smiled.

Lisa smiled at her, and then asked dad if he wanted her? Sure honey.

mom urged her once again by jerking dad's cock softly. Lisa knelt down
and took dad in her mouth. Dad's head went to the back of the couch, as
Lisa softly sucked him. mom motioned to me with her finger to sit at the
other end of the couch. She stripped my shorts in short order as I moved
in front.

In seconds, she had my hardening cock in her mouth also. Softly and
lovingly sucking me once again. The wonderful mouth of my mother. Gently
taking my whole sack in her mouth and rolling my balls over and over in her
warm mouth. She knew how much I loved this. Her soft moans of pure
enjoyment sucking me.

Both dad and I were being sucked by the other's woman once again.

Soon, as my cock seemed to rage once again in mom's wonderful mouth, she
pulled away.

Come here Carol honey.

Carol quickly joined her on her knees. Here baby, you finish sucking your brother. I want to suck you again. Watch Lisa suck your dad too.
She's doing a nice job on him.

Carol smiled at me, and then mom moved. The next thing Carol knew, mom was on her back sliding her face under Carol's kneeling legs.

I stood up now, directly in front of Carol and saw mom's hands reaching
over Carol's thighs as she started to lick Carol's pussy.

I smiled down at Carol and held my cock to her lips.

Dad had pulled Lisa and bent her over the seat of the couch and was
fucking her hard from behind. Gasping moans from Lisa as he fucked her.

Carol lowered her mouth on my cock with moans escaping as she sucked me.
Mom licking her furiously now. I could see mom's outstretched legs and wet
pussy as she sucked my sister.

Carol was having difficulty concentrating on sucking me. I realized it
and pulled away. I leaned down and kissed her and then went around back
and slid my cock into mom's warm pussy. I could hear her moan into Carol's
pussy as I fucked into her hard.

Dad had pulled Lisa off the couch and leaned her straight on his cock as
he knelt there. She was fucking him rapidly with her excitement. Her tits flopping as she bounced up and down on his cock, before dad finally grasped
them, pulling her tightly back to him.

Carol's hips were rotating wildly over mom's mouth. Mom's hands
reaching up to her tits and caressing them as she sucked her daughter's

I felt myself about to cum once again and pulled out of mom quickly. I
once again went in front of Carol and she immediately started to suck me
with a fervor. Milking me, Jerking hard until she felt me spurting. Then
she sucked me entirely into her mouth. Gulping. Her throat sucking and
caressing the tip of my cock. Buried deep in her throat.

I could also feel her shivering from mom's assault on her pussy, and
knew she was cumming. sucking my cum and she was cumming herself.

My balls were pressed right up to Carol's chin as she sucked me hard.
She was wildly excited. Gushing now, her own juices into mom's sucking and
licking mouth.

I fucked her mouth faster as I felt my cum boiling through my balls and

Lisa screamed as dad pinched her nipples and fucked hard into her. She
was bouncing up and down rapidly as it seemed both of them were now

Dad seemed to be nibbling her shoulder rather hard. Still cupping her
tits and pulling her tightly to him.

Carol finally drained my spurting cock and I fell straight back on the
couch, collapsing from her wonderful blowjob. I watched her face as our
mother forced Carol's several cums.

Lisa's face was contorted with her orgasm, as dad fucked her hard. Oh
dad, oh dad, over and over in her throes.

He was pinching her nipples now as he shot deep in her pussy. Carol was
screaming loudly as mom sucked her into yet another orgasm. She finally
collapsed straight into my lap as mom squeezed out from underneath her.

mom was flushed and her face soaked with Carol's juice. She stood
looking down at us. Smiling and heaving. She looked over at dad and Lisa
who were now perfectly still as he laid on her over the couch seat. Both
of them spent.

Your cock felt nice Billy. Just the right time too. Carol was just
starting her first orgasm then, when you shoved it in me making me start to
cum too. I loved it Billy.

Oh mom, Carol moaned from my lap. It was fantastick. I came more and
more, each time you sucked my clit.

I know honey. I was drinking you.

mom caressed and massaged her beautiful tits and said I think I've had
enough for one night you guys. Want to go to bed honey? Yeah, me too, dad
finally answered, as he lifted himself off of Lisa.

Lets take a shower first baby. OK hon, and off they went to the stairs.
Mom smiled at me and said good night. See you early tommorrow honey.

Good night mom. I love you.

I pulled Carol up and laid her across my lap, as Lisa went for a drink.
I kissed Carol with a sincere passion. Caressing her tits. Her arm going
around my neck.

Oh Billy, it was soooooo. OOOHHHH what she did to me. Wow, Billy.

By now, Lisa joined us and agreed. I agree Carol. Your mom really did
a job on my pussy too. I was shaking for quite a while. That special
thing she did on my clit. Wow. It made me cum a couple more times. It
was so nice.

I think we should all go to bed too, I said. Yeah. I'm tired. Would
you like to sleep with us, tonight Carol? Lisa asked? Sure. Why not.
Billy can fuck both of us in the morning. That is, if mom doesn't come in
and nail him first though, Lisa laughed.

We all climbed the stairs and got into bed. This time I deliberately
let the two girls be next to each other.

Now, each put an arm under the other's head. Holding each other. I
could reach both of their tits easily.

Lisa was next to me and I laid my leg mingle between hers and felt
Carol's hand sliding up and down Lisa's pussy, with my knee.

I made a note to fuck Carol, as I did with mom and Lisa the night
before. To force their pussies together as I fucked her, first thing in the

Billy? Lisa softly whispered. Yeah hon? I'd like you and me to stay
with my mom and dad tommorrow night, OK? Sure honey. Its been a while
Billy, and every time I fuck your father, it makes me want my own father too. I know you won't mind being with my mom.....?

Hell no, baby. Carol offered to ask Jimmy to stay with her. Billy?
Yeah babe? Are my blowjobs as good as my mom's?

I raised up and leaned toward her in the darkness. I reached and
caressed her tit. Oh, yes honey. I love the way you do me. I really do.

We're lovers honey. Soon, we'll be husband and wife. Oh yes. I love
the way you suck me.

Even last night when I didn't even ask you.

Your mom really makes me feel nice too. She does certain things, and
her touch is far different than you honey. She's wonderful at it, like you

Remember my first blowjob Billy? Carol asked. Oh yes honey. That's
what got ALL of this started to begin with. You're right Billy. If I
wasn't so turned on seeing your hard cock, none of us would be having all
this fun now. I wanted to suck you for a long time before that day, Billy.
I was always trying to sneak a good look at your cock. If it hadn't been
for mom bumping into the VCR and then finding the hidden camera.....

How do you feel about it all Lisa?

Oh I love it all Billy. We've learned a lot about love, loving and sex
since all this has happened.

I've come to love and appreciate my mom and dad a whole lot more. So
have we, Lisa, Carol said. I love my dad being inside me. Feeling him
shoot the same cum that made us, deep in my pussy. OOOOHHH I could cum thinking about it, Carol said.

Oh Carol, I feel the very same way when my dad cums in me. I feel a
certain shock almost while he shoots and shoots. It makes me know what my
mom was feeling the night he was cumming in her and made me. I don't give
a fuck what they say about incest. NONE of us are hurting because of all
this, ARE WE? Billy? Carol?

No honey, not at all.

That's what mom meant this afternoon when she said her and me have that
SPECIALNESS, when we are making love. I feel it, girls. Its like Lisa
said. An electric shock shooting through my body and my cock as I am
cumming deep inside her. She often will say right then, fill me honey,
fill the birth canal you came from. Come back into me.

It makes me so fucking hot to hear that To feel her pussy clamping on my
cock wanting it as deep to where I was conceived....OOOOHHH it gets to me
every time I'm in her.

She loves it too.

Yes! It is specialness, as she said when I am in her. Fucking her,
Laying on top of the very same belly that carried me. Being in and feeling
the very pussy that I came from.....OOOOHH. Feeling our mixed juices in
her pussy as I fuck her. Touching the very womb I was born in, with the
tip of my cock. Oh fucking wow.

She whispers to me that she is taking me back into her body once again.
Oh fucking wow. I want to go in there and fuck her again right now.

Hey Billy, I would like you in me if you have anything left there?
Carol asked.

Uh Oh Carol. I can feel his cock getting hard on my thigh. Uh Oh.

C'mon Billy honey. Fill me. Let ME love you now I raised up and Lisa
scooted to my side under me, and I got between Carol's legs in the
darkness. Her body was warm, soft, and her nipples ready for sucking. I
licked and kissed them for a while.

I laid on her and asked Lisa if she would suck Carol's tits while I
fucked her? Oh yes! I would like that Lisa said.

I knelt between Carol's opened legs and she quickly guided me into her.
I reached for a p[illow to make it easier for both of us under her ass.

Take me brother. Love me, as I love you.

I slid deeply into her and stayed there a few moments as Lisa came to
her side and started to lick and caress Carol's tits. Her one arm under
Lisa's head, and the other caressing her tits as she sucked them. I pumped
Carol with feeling, With my caring as she was pumping up softly to me. Her
pussy kissing my cock. Caressing it. The subtle differences between her
and all the rest, that I loved so dearly. We loved each other slowly.
Enjoying each other in the darkened bedroom, as Lisa shared in our
lovemaking. Small moans coming from Carol's throat as Lisa sucked and
licked her tits. Now, Carol taking one of Lisa's tits and sucking it as I
started to fuck her a little harder.

I liked this idea of the three of us being able to all share this at

Oh Carol honey, you feel so nice baby. So do you Billy, she mumbled
around Lisa's nipple.

Lisa rose now, and placed two fingers around my pumping cock. Squeezing
them each time I slid in Carol's warm pussy. She steered it in circles in
Carol's pussy, each time I buried it. Making Carol moan all the louder.
Making my cock all the more enjoyable for both of us.

OOOOOHHH I'm going to cum in you Carol. I'm....OOOOHH and my cock
started to let go. Lisa squeezed my cock and jerked it faster as I started
to shoot into Carol's clamping pussy. Both of us moaning. Lisa's other
hand massaging Carol's clit as we both reached our orgasms.

Lisa lowered her mouth and sucked me immediately as I pulled out of
Carol. Licking and caressing my cock. Carol's pussy still humping softly
below my cock as her orgasm subsided. Lisa completely drained me now, and
finally rolled to the far side of the bed.

Oh it was nice Carol. Lisa. It really was, I said. Yeah, Billy. I
love having you inside me. I feel that special thing you were talking
about when you fuck me too. Especially when I feel you shooting deep in
me. OOOOHHH I love you Billy. I love you too Carol baby. I liked what you
did with my cock honey. It really made it nicer. Oh I just love the idea
that we can all do this forever, Carol said. Even if I get married. I
will always want to have you in me too Billy. I'll always be there honey.
Lisa and I will always be there. Yeah, we will Carol, Lisa added. There
is no one that can come between the love all of us share here in this house
or my house, Lisa said. That's true. Carol added, in the darkness.

Carol? Yeah Lis? Will you be my maid of honor?

Oh wow, Lis. Why sure. Thank you. Good. That's settled. I want
Nikki too. Oh yeah. I like her a lot too, Lis. I kissed each of them
passionately and then said that it was time for sleep. Tommorrow was
another busy day.

I laid between them as they both cuddled to me and drifted off to sleep.
Again, that wonderful feeling of their soft tits and nipples pressed
against me. Their gentle satisfied breathing as they started off to sleep.
Their different feminine smells, that I enjoyed so much.

Lisa's hand cupping my cock as I finally went into never land.


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