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CAROL, mom & ME 109

I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.BTW -
There are NO missing Chapters. I screwed up in their numbering as #76
comes readily to mind. The Chapters do flow in consistency.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


It was still dark as I opened my eyes. Still feeling the soft tits of
my sister and Lisa pressed on my chest. Feeling their breathing softly as
they both slept peacefully. BUT, I was feeling my cock being sucked.
Softly, quietly, and lovingly. Pure darkness all around now. mom had me
deep in her throat. Leaning on her arms and hands straight above my cock.
Just her mouth touching my body.

Oh how wonderful! Laying there. Still as mom sucked me. The total
quietness except for slight sucking noises. The slight noises of my mother wonderful mouth.

My cock was throbbing with excitement as I whispered my appreciation to
her. I could hear her moan a soft answer as her mouth slipped further
down. Taking my entire cock within her mouth and throat. Then, she slowly
removed her mouth and stroked me softly. I want you Billy. I want you in
me darling. Barely a whisper from her. I slowly eased myself straight
down and finally out of the bed without disturbing Carol or Lisa.

I covered them and we went into Carol's room. I pulled mom to me in the
darkness. As a lover. As a woman. I kissed her with my arms around her
as if there were no tommorrow. Again, pure darkness all around us.

As if the sun would never rise again. Her naked tits pressed hard into
me as we both moaned into each other's mouths.

I knew I would gently wake you if I sucked you softly. I've been so
horny Billy honey. I just can't seem to have enough of you or your dad
these past couple days.

I am so happy with our decision now, that it will be just you and him
once again.

I hugged her to me. Caressed her hair, and kissed her once again. I
think I understand mom. I guess I can't begin to explain how much I love
you mom. As a woman, my mother and now, as being your other lover.

Let me do you now mom. Lay here and enjoy.

I eased her down on the bed and spread her legs gently.

I knelt there and caressed her body as I watched her do to Lisa and
Carol. I leaned over and kissed her lovingly and licked my way to her
wonderful heaving tits in the blackness of the night.

Hold them for me mom, while I suck them, I whispered.

She grabbed both her tits and offered them up to me as I leaned over
her. I sucked and licked her softly.

Her nipples hardening with their tender excitement. Her soft moans of

I want YOUR cum now mom. Inside ME. The juices of my mother flowing in
my being. I want to take YOU into me mom.

Oh Billy...OOOOHHH Honey. I told the girls what it means to me, tonight
mom. What it means for me to be inside YOU, Feel your womb opening at the
end of your pussy. Your loving feeling as I am deep inside you. I told
them what I feel each and every time we make love.

I told them the special electricity as I slide deep in you. I love you
mom, more than you will ever realize. For making me a better lover for MY
lover. For being able to share my dream of having you as a woman, and
lover to me.

Most of all, these special feelings we share between just you and me,

Oh Billy, Billy darling. What a beautiful son I have. I love you so
much darling. As my son, as my other lover. I feel all those things too
honey. I feel them when you shoot in my mouth. When I am taking YOU, you,
my son back into my body. Drinking you, your precious seed. Feeling you
gush deep in me.

Let me love YOU now mom.

I knelt once again at her fountain of love and made love to every inch
of it. I spent a great deal of time and brought her to several hard
orgasms as I sucked each set of juices from her into my own being.

Yes. I drank her as she has from me.

I slowly raised and she knew enough to reach and guide my cock into her
once again.

Her we go mom, I whispered into her ear. I'm coming back into my lover
again. My mother once again. I shoved all the way in, in one stroke into
her slippery womanhood. The immediate sensations of her contractions of
sex. Of love. That instant shock of electricity of being inside my

Both of us sharing love. Giving, taking and giving some more. We
fucked each other slowly. Very slowly and deliberately. Enjoying every
inch of every stroke into her depths.

Our kisses of pure love and passion.

Her arms around me urging more and more of me into her. Our tender
words whispered to each other.

No. No one on earth could possibly share this love that a mother and
son share. It can be owned by only those two.

I'm cumming darling son. I'm cumming all over your wonderful filling
cock. I moved slightly harder, faster to urge her heightened feelings.

Buried deep inside her as far as my cock would possibly go into her.
She held me. Her womanhood caressing, stroking, kissing and keeping me
there in her depths.

I'm cumming now mom. Take me. Take my maleness. Take all that I am
into you. This is me, this is my love. This is OUR love mom.

I spurted with a force deep in her. Her contractions and moans as we
both came. Humping gently and with loving motions against each other.
Rotating my cock in ever widenening circles within her until she completely
took my shooting sperm.

Finally we drained each other, and I laid next to her.

I pulled her to me and kissed her silently.

Her body was in complete surrender to me.

My hands caressing her hair and face. Oh Billy honey. You've become
such an expert lover. So wonderful. Each time with you honey is better
than the last darling. I seem to cum so hard, so deeply, when you are in
me. Whispering to me.

I pulled the blanket over us and kissed her tenderly. Her head on my
chest as she reached to caress my softened cock.

It was wonderful Billy. I'm glad I woke you. Yes! Lisa will be
contented for life with you honey.

Her hand moving to caress my stomach and back to my cock. I felt you
shooting really hard tonight honey. Always so deep in me. It makes me cum even more when that happens, and I feel you shooting. Like a switch deep
in there turns on again and again.

Her hand caressing my stomach once again. You're in there now mom.
Your juices are in my stomach now.

We have each other in us now. Oh Billy honey. What a sexy thought.

Her head turned now, and she began to kiss my stomach and kept going to
my groin. She nibbled there and caressed my balls in her hand. You really
had me excited the other morning when you fucked me in front of all the
girls in the kitchen, Billy. It really turned me on for you to be fucking
me while they all watched us. Strange feelings. I felt you mom. I felt
the wetness. Did you? It made me feel kind of slutty, honey. You know
Billy, sometimes women like to act slutty once in a while. It lets us kind
of show off a little. There I was being fucked hard and starting to cum,
right in their faces. Its fun mom. Makes sex a lot more fun. Your father and me used to do crazy stuff when we were first married too honey.

Once, we were at a hockey game with some friends. We were at this
railing and he was standing right behind me. People all over the place and
screaming. Your father was hard as rock pressing into my ass like you do.
He eased up my skirt and slid his cock in me so quick I almost passed out.
There I was holding the railing and he was fucking me right there with ten
thousand people all around us. No one seemed to catch on. At least I
don't think they did. It was so damn exciting and surprising, that he made
me cum twice. Ramming his cock hard into me, while all those people were
right next to us. I thought my ribs were going to break against the

Then once, we were downtown and feeling horny. It was cold and we
jumped into one of those old phone booths. I knelt down and gave him a
blowjob right there on main street with hundreds of people walking around.
He pretended he was talking on the phone. He was moaning his head off into
the stupid phone. The bottom half of the doors were painted so no one saw
me kneeling there. Damn it. He made a mess with his cum shooting all over
my face before I was ready.

One night, we went to a movie downtown, and it was really a hot one. We
were both in a hurry to go somewhere and fuck. We got to the parking ramp
and he pushed me back on the hood of the car. He pulled my panties off and
fucked me for ten minutes right there with people not far away, getting in
their cars. I came all over the place that time. He really nailed me.
You see how big that cock of his is. Then he moved down and ate my pussy right there in the middle of the ramp. My legs spread wide and hanging off
the hood. I was cumming and still terrified a cop or someone would walk by
and catch us. We took a lot of chances like that when we were younger,
Billy. It was exciting and a lot of fun back then.

I made a note to bring it up to dad. Maybe get him to nail mom again
like that somewhere. I thought I would remind dad that mom still
remembered all those things. It seemed to me that she liked the thrill,
the way she was explaining all these stories.

Maybe I'll do you mom, if we get a chance somewhere soon. Oh Billy, you
mean you want to make me go into my slut mode again? She laughed softly.
Just remember Billy, honey. Most all girls like to act a little slutty
once in a while. They want to have all the guys looking at their bodies
and tits. It doesn't mean that we're ready to put out though. Just our
way of showing that WE can control you guys if we want to. If you see a
girl like that, with her nipples hard and point out in a real low cut
blouse, she probably just rubbed them herself, to make them show off to get
attention. If you're smart, you can casually seem to accidently brush by
her and feel them with your arm or something, all girls will know instantly
what you are doing, and most of them might like it, but never try to touch
them. They like the "accidental, Oh I'm sorry" approach. Women love to
see men get hard ons in public places, or when a lot of people are around.
Especially if she thinks SHE is causing the guy to get hard.

Some women will cum right on the spot in their panties, doing that. I
have once in a while. Oh Yeah? Yeah Billy. Do you know how many times
our girlfriendw would be out at a table somewhere, and bet on the sizes of
the cock on different guys?

Yeah. I see guys staring at my tits when they don;t think I realize it.

I rub them too when no one is looking in the market or someplace. I see
their eyes following my nipples. Us girls don't miss too much Billy. We
get turned on by looking at nice hard ons just as much as guys get turned
on by looking at our tits. That's why we spend a lot of time picking out
new clothes and getting dressed. We want out tits to be the second points
of attention.

Once, I had on a killer dress. It forced my tits right where I liked
them. cleavage down to here. Your father and me picked a fairly nice
restaurant hotel place and I walked in alone. Ordered a drink, and soon
started to ask directions to a good motel.

I would always say I was from out of town and needed to stay somewhere
for a couple of days. Ten guys would always offer directions and drinks.

Then your dad would come in and sit in the middle of the bar somewhere,
and he would say, I have an empty room lady. You're more than welcome to
sleep there.

I would smile my sexiest smile and take my drink over near him and act
like we're getting to know one another. The rest would be all watching.

Just where is this room? In my house. What comes with it? Me, dad
would say. It got everyone laughing. Then I would turn to the bar and
say, damn, it sounds better than some stupid motel, doesn't it guys? More
than one would always offer one of their rooms.

I would take your father's arm and lead him to dance as I said loud
enough, Tell me more about this room. He was never TOO obvious, but I let
him slide his hand to my ass off and on, as we danced. We knew every damn
guy in the place was watching. I always pretended to get mad and move his
hand up.

I always pressed my tits right into him. He would always try to cop a
feel while they were watching us. Back at the bar, I would say, Hey, I'm
liking the idea of this room of yours more and more. You have to know
Billy, I was dressed to turn heads. Most of them could see me deliberately
scraping my tits against his arm at the bar. Most girls know exactly how
to go into their SLUT MODE, Billy. They all talk about different ways to
do it. Mix and match. After a couple more drinks and dances, I seemed to
let dad feel me up a little more daring. Making everyone think I was
getting drunk, and easy. Back at the bar I would say Well, I think this
guy has the best offer for a room. We'd finish our drinks and ease out arm
in arm.

Now, slowly, with kisses and nibbles, she was finally reaching my cock
once again. Her warm mouth sucking me into it, and I immediately jumped
with her shock. Oh, how many times I've sucked your dad like this Billy.
How much I enjoy pleasuring him. Now, I have you too, to share all this.
Now, I'll take your cum, my own son's cum, as i have taken his so many

Very gently and softly she sucked. Licking, biting, sucking. I
caressed her hair as she sucked. It wasn't long before she had me hard
once again, and pre cum was coating the head of my cock. Her tongue
licking it all in. Soon, she rose to lower herself down on me.

Silently, we fucked each other with complete love. Her womanly juices
freely flowing down onto my cock and balls. Complete openess to each

Oh darling. Oh my darling Billy. She leaned down on me as she pumped
my cock. Kissing me. Pressing her tits into my chest.

Reaching for my hands to caress them.

We were sharing complete and total love to each other.

No, there was no possible way this slice, this shared set of feelings
could ever be shared with any other person. Just the woman rising and
falling upon my malehood right now....... My wonderful loving mother.

She took me. She milked my male juice from me once again with her
expert manipulations of her wonderful womanhood. Her absolute thrill of
her son fucking her. Filling her.

My hands caressing her tender and hardened nipples. The same nipples
that fed me as a baby. The baby that came from the tunnel I was now
fucking so deeply. Oh, how this thought always excited me.

She stiffened now, and I pumped up to meet her cum. Yes! I knew her
body well by now. I could read her signals. I grasped her nipples more
firmly as she rode me harder, Higher. Grasping my cock deep within her.
Feeling her womanly functions go into high gear all around my throbbing and
spurting cock. Yes! My mother's skill was able to force even more of my
male seed from me. Oh Billy.....Oh I feel you again honey. So warm, so
wonderful filling me. Her hands on mine as I caressed her tits in our
passion. Those beautiful full globes of feminine tenderness.

Finally collapsing upon my chest. My cock still inside her. Her legs
and arms surrounding my body on top of me. The aroma of her female orgasms
floating in the air around us. Yes! The Scent of a Woman filling my nose
and Clutched in the warmth of her being. Her arms surrounding me in
complete exhaustion and surrender. Her passionate kiss of love.

We slept in that position.

This specialness and love took us far, far away. The world knew where
to find us.


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