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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


The girls were the first to discover mom and me in this position. They
agreed to let us be and went to shower and make breakfast. The sunnlight
had awoken me first, and back into the wonderful gfeelings of mom laying on
top of me. Seeming to be clutching me with her entire body. Breathing
softly with her head turned on my chest and her blond long hair streaked
across my face.

I held her to me. Felt my cock still in her warm wetness. Stroking her
back and hair lightly. Appreciating her. Dad appeared in the doorway and
looked at the both of us. Seeing mom still sleeping.

Talk to you later, he whispered.

There I was, his wife laying on me, seeing my cock still in her, and he
said nothing. He was in perfect satisfaction with our new family life.

I could hear muted words from the kitchen downstairs as the others all
sat down to eat.

Mom's tits against my chest felt so erotic. My cock stirring to
hardness inside her. Slowly, I pumped up into her. Feeling her once
again. Enjoying her. So slowly I rotated, pushed and fucked her. Feeling
her wetness spilling onto me once again. Her auto reactions of her pussy,
as she slightly stirred.

Finally, without opening her eyes, or moving, she signaled her
awakeness. responding to my soft pushes into her. Feeling me fucking her,
holding her to me. Her arms tightened to me wordlessly as she began to
slowly grind around my hard cock.

A low moan escaped my lips as I felt myself beginning to spurt into her
once more. Her squeezing me, again milking me up into her womb. And
finally, her kiss. Her tender kiss of love at the end of our silent

Yes, Billy, she finally whispered. You are a good lover.

I rolled her to her back next to me and caressed her tit as I kissed her
good morning. Her arm around me, pulling me back into her.

I ran my hand over her soft body as I kissed her tenderly. Our shared
love went without words. The completeness of giving to each other, needed
no words.

I rolled and stood by the bed and extended my hand. We both wordlessly
went into the shower and washed away traces of our love. Wordless kisses,
the complete surrendered naked hug. Even as we dried each other and
touched each other, the words were not needed.

Her final kneeling and taking me in her mouth, in the middle of the
bathroom. Her wordless look of love up to me. Watching my cock once again
disappear into her warm loving mouth. Her gentle fingers stroking me as
she accepted my eventual spurts into her throat. Not once losing eye
contact with me. Her saving and silently sharing my own cum back into my
mouth as we kissed.

No, no words can say these things or describe these feelings.

Reaching to hold my hand as we went down the stairs to greet the others
at our breakfast table.

Watching this same woman kiss and caress her husband as they said good

Just a three word response to dad's questioning she sat
down. It was wonderful.

Then, a small smile to me across the table as she began to eat.

I noticed a slight twinge pass her face as Lisa mentioned her and I
would stay at her house this night. I knew mom's immediate thoughts now.

I winked at her and the silent approval was given.

mom knew I would be fucking Annette. She knew Annette would be sucking her son's cock, as she had watched her do so many other times. I knew
mom's thoughts of her son's cum leaving me and shooting into Lisa's mother.

All these things I was able to read in mom's eyes.

She knew she must share me, as she shared herself.

There was little real attention being paid to the conversation between
the others at the table. mom and I were talking a conversation of our own,
without words.

I sent her the message that I would always love her, always be there for
her and I would always make love with her.

I knew she recieved these messages from me as she leaned to kiss her
husband good bye. As his hands went to her tits in their embrace of THEIR

I still had an hour to be at work. Dad, being an exec, always had to be
at his place early.

Soon, he was gone.

I remembered the "Slut Woman" talk with mom from last night. How girls liked the occasional acting like sluts. I leaned over and kissed Lisa, and
reached for her hand. I pulled her up and leaned HER over the table and
did the same as I did to mom. Pulling off her duster, leaving her naked. I
slid my cock into her, in front of mom and Carol. I forced her tits to
bounce and shake like a slut. I didn't reach to hold them as I normally
would. I wanted her complete nakedness to be watched by mom and Carol, as
I fucked her. Her moans, and the smiles from mom and Carol. Only Lisa's
moans breaking the silence. Mom's eyes directly into mine over Lisa's bent
over body. Watching and hearing me fuck my lover. Knowing what my cock
felt like as I did it.

Lisa's pussy was gripping and massaging my cock as I rotated within her.
Oh Billy, she moaned. Now I feel like a slut. Oh fuck me honey.

mom smiled at me as Lisa said her exact words.

I felt my cum beginning and this time, I decided on a small show for
both mom and Carol. I pulled out of Lisa and came on her ass and back. My
cock was throbbing and jerking as it shot spurt after spurt on her.
Carol's eyes popped. A wider smile from mom.

I pulled Lisa backward to me and kissed her neck and cupped her tits.
Her body still shaking from her orgasm.

Her glistening pussy on full display of the other two.

Then mom did something I hadn't expected. She rose and walked over to
us, separating us and scraped my cum off Lisa's back with her fingers.

She raised her hand silently to her lips and licked it, and then stuck
some of it into my mouth before kissing me.

She knelt and licked the rest of the cum spots off Lisa's back as I
kissed Lisa.

Oh shit, how fucking hot, Carol moaned.

I leaned over and kissed her also.

Oh Billy, I want to be a slut too, she laughed.

You'll get a turn sometime honey.

mom was once again sitting, still quiet as she watched me.

I went behind her and reached for her tits and caressed them. Her head
went back into my stomach. I leaned over and kissed her and then said that
I had to leave.

I told Lisa I would pick her up from work, kissed her and left.

I knew the girls would all be chattering about this episode.

I wondered if they would all go up to bed right away?

Work was rather nice. I met a new girl at one of the accounting desks
as I repaired her disk problems. Stan, my immediate boss, said that the
company was hoping I would want to go to their other plant to set up the
systems there. They would be needing me there in about a month.

I told him about the wedding plans and also invited him. He said he
would work out a schedule for me to go to the new plant after we got back
from our honeymoon. He would talk to that plant manager this afternoon and
confirm it.

The place was about 100 miles away.

I met Lisa's dad at lunch and we went across the street for drinks.

I mentioned that Lisa and me would be coming to their house tonight. Oh
wow, he said. That would be nice. Lisa misses you, I said. She wants you
tonight, Jack.

Carol said she would try to waylay and sidetrack jimmy at our house in
the meantime.

This will manke Annette happy, Billy, he said.

I guess you're really hot in her department. The way she always talks
about you.

By the way, I want to give you guys some money tonight toward your
wedding expenses. We're hoping for the best for you two, he said.

I smiled at him and we got another round.

We were busy talking about Carol's new shop, when Stan came in and
joined us. Telling Jack of the company want to send me to the other plant,
Jack's eyebrow raised. You know what that means Billy? It means the
bosses think you're able enough to handle a project that big.

I put in a good word for him Jack, Stan said. I think Billy can handle
it. By the way Billy, it will mean more dough for you too. Working out of
town and all. We will make plans for a house rental and a lot more, while
you're there. If you play golf, there's an excellent course there too. We
supply the membership.

How did I ever deserve such a dream job, I asked?

Your brains Billy. Your brains. Wow. I never expected this.

We'll get it worked out for your wedding and Honeymoon this afternoon
Billy. We have a meeting.

God. wait till I tell Lisa. We all finished the drinks and went back
to work. I told Jack I would meet him at his house after picking up Lisa.
He was going to call Annette. I knew he was thrilled knowing he would be
fucking Lisa tonight.

Later, in the mid afternoon, I noticed Stan coming out of the 'private
room" where couples go to fuck. He certainly had a smile as he walkeed in
my direction. Must have been anice, I said. Oh, Billy....she's great.
Great tits too. Wait till....then she was walking out of the room herself.
Holy shit, Stan. She IS great. Wow. what a fucking rack I whispered.
She gave us a warm smile as she passed us.

See you later Margie, Stan said. I hope so, she smiled back. Hey,
Billy, I might even bring this one to your wedding.

Oh damn Stan, I'll be up for divorce at my wedding if you do. I would
have to find some damn where to nail her at the reception. My own damn

I don't think Lisa would sit still for THAT. At least not at our
Wedding reception. Imagine Lisa finding me in a closet fucking THAT item,
with her in her wedding gown????

He laughed. Well, looks like the work schedule sheet for today is
pretty much taken care of any way. Why not take off early and get that
honey of yours?

Are you sure Stan? Yeah. Life is good, then you work here. Life
becomes excellent.

OK, I'm gone. See you tommorrow. Bye Billy. Tell Lisa I said Hi.

Stan was a genuine nice person. Anyone meetinng him would like him
right away.

I was elated as I walked to the car. I couldn't wait to tell Lisa as I
picked her up from the office.

Carol and mom will be at her new shop, if you want to stop by, honey,
she said.

Yeah, we have time, let's go.

Both were in jeans and sweat shirts as they dusted and hung new
curtains. There were two beauty type chairs off to one side of the larger

I'd like to maybe set them over here Billy, she said.

OK hon. I'll bring the two wheeler from home with some other stuff
tommorrow. They're a little too heavy to risk dragging them across the
carpet and ruining it.

The place was clean now. The paneling, woodwork was all done, and the
floors were spotless. I knew they worked hard. Lisa and mom were busy
talking off to one side, and I took Carol and shoved her into the beauty
chair. I slipped off her jeans and then her panties and dove between her

Oh shit Billy. Right here?

Oh mom....look at this guy!!! At least close the drapes in the front
windows my mouth descended on her pussy. I pulled her
legs over my shoulders and licked her furiously. Smelling and tasting her
wonderful juices.

It wasn't long before I had her cumming in spasms. Writhinng and
moaning all over the chair.

Her hands were grasping her tits through her sweatshirt as I licked her
down from her orgasm.

Oh shit Billy. That was nice. Thanks hon. I owe you large.

mom clapped and smiled as I rose from Lisa's spread pussy. Don't say a
word or your next. I smiled. Is that a threat or a promise? I caressed
her ass and kissed her.

Lisa was still panting in the chair, still with her legs wide open.
Think I should take a turn? mom whispered in my ear.

Mom, she tasted wonderful. Go for it. mom eased over in front of Lisa.
Kneeling down and immediately licking her wet slit.

We have to go mom. Lisa's mom will have dinner ready soon.

OK honey, mom said. Looking up from her daughter's pussy. We'll be
here a little while longer. I knew Lisa was hot now, from watching me
eating Carol, and then mom right away.

Oh fuck, she said in the parking lot. My pussy is dripping Billy.

Just watching your fucking tongue on her got me going....damn.

Well, we'll get to your house and you can nail your dad right away.
He's really happy you're comming. I told her of the new job coming up, and
all the rest. Especially about her father being so excited to be with her

We got to her house in short order and quickly went in. Her father was
reading a paper at the kitchen table as she went to him and hugged him.

Pulling his head into her stomach and caressing his head. I missed you
daddy, I really did. She pulled his hands up to her tits through her
blouse as she looked over to me.

I went into the parlor where Annette was reading a book. Hi Billy. I
leaned and kissed her.

Sit here honey. let's talk. She was wearing a pretty duster and house
slippers. I just got out of the shower honey. I was out working in the
yard all morning and most of the afternoon.

It looks nice around the house, Annette.

Jack told me about the new job you're getting. Its a big move for you
honey. It means you're on their short list for promotion. She set the
book down and leaned over and kissed me. Softly, lovingly. I've missed
you too Billy. I really have. We have time before dinner, want to....?
We heard the bedroom door close off the parlor and knew Jack and Carol were
going to get into it. Let's go to her room honey.

Annette immediately took off her duster showing her complete nakedness
as soon as we clossed the door.

She came to me and kissed me again and undid my buttons. Kissing my
chest on her way down.

Oh, I've wanted this Billy. She was kneeling now, as I stood at the end
of Lisa's bed. Her hands had my belt and pants off quickly and then
caressing my cock.

I stepped out of my pants and she eased me back on the bed. Her hand
never leaving my hard cock.

Between my legs, she placed my cock between her tits and tit fucked me.
Smiling up at me.

Oh, your cock is so warm, Billy. Your tits feel wonderful Annette. I
watched my cock sliding up and down the valley made by her pressed tits.
Her nipples hard as diamonds.

Then she lowered her soft mouth to me.

Oh Annette. OOOHHHH as she sucked me into her warm mouth. MMMMMMmmmm
she moaned. Up and down slowly. Licking, enjoying me. Pleasuring at the
same time.

She pushed my cock towards my stomach and licked and sucked my balls
now. She filled her mouth with my balls and sack, looking up with a smile.
Her tongue rolling over and over them. Looking straight into my eyes.

OOOOOHHHHH Annete honey. Oh it feels so nice. Please don't stop now...
Her hands caressing my thighs and hips as she sucked my balls gently.

My cock laying against her face. My entire sack and balls in her warm
mouth. OOOOHHH How I loved the feeling.

Then she stroked my cock. Making it rage with hardness. Staring at the
tip as she sucked my balls tenderly.

She knew. She knew exactly when to stop and suck my cock. I was on the
edge of cumming and she knew. She raised her head and went staight down my
entire cock and milked me into her throat. In a minute, she was gulping
spurts of my cum. Her fingers gently stroking me into her mouth. sucking me hard and taking my entire cock.

She stayed bent over and kept me in her mouth until I went soft. Her
tits pressed into my thighs.

finally she stood and lowered herself over me and kissed me.

You tasted good Billy. Lisa is right. You really taste good. We
rolled on the bed and I kissed her with passion. Licked her all over and
sucked her tits softly.

Oh Billy, we have a whole night of this? Yes.

She was panting as I felt my cock stirring once again. I rolled her
over and pulled her to her knees and shoved into her hard from behind. We
fucked each other with mix and match moans. Her soft needing pussy taking

How much she seemed to really appreciate this. Need this. As if she
had been denied sex for so long.

OOOOHHH Billy....fuck me honey....ram it right in...OOOOHHHH my pussy is
boiling Billy.... She was really wet, as I stroked in and out. Pushing in
harder and harder. Faster and faster as she asked. My cock was throbbing
deep inside her. Glad for her sucking me and taking the first load of cum.
It made me able to last a little longer now.

She felt so nice. Gentle caressing of her pussy walls, like velvet
fingers stroking every bit of my cock inside.

Oh Billy, Her head in the pillow. Her ass pushed up to me. fuck me
honey.....Fuck me hard. I rammed and rammeed. My cock hard as a rock with
her words and sex demands.

Oh Billy, I love sucking this cock of you're fucking me
with it...OOOOHHH honey...I'm cumming all over it.....I can feel you
Annette. Go ahead babe. Let go. I fucked her faster and she tightened
with a massive spasm. Holding her breath as she rammed tightly back
against me. I began to squirt. I spurt hard. My balls still excited from
her sucking them.

I felt their extra sensitive nerves now, and my cum was shooting into
her. Her moans again mixed with mine as I caressed her pumping ass cheeks.
My cock buried deep in her.

It was nice. Making love with Annette was always a nice experience. I
reached down and cupped her soft tits and pushed hard into her pussy as I
felt the last of her contractions around my spurting cock. Holding he
tight as we both took our time coming down.

Finally, I pulled out and we laid next to each other. Oh Billy, its
always so nice with you. I cum so nice, so hard with you. Not like I can
with Jack.

Damn, Billy. I told you, I love him, but he is still like a bull in a
china shop when it comes to my pussy.

I know he loves me and all, wants to please me, but those little things
that YOU do, he just doesn't know.

I listened to her as I caressed her tits.

See, what you're doing now honey. Playing so nice with my tits. He
hardly ever does this. I have an idea Annette. Want to share your bed
downstairs with them tonight. You and me, him and Lisa?

Yeah, OK. Why?

Maybe if he can watch me close up, with you and me, maybe he'll take
some notes. ESPECIALLY if you are moaning while I do them.

Thats a good idea hon. Yeah. I'll talk to Lisa. Let her know what you
will be doing. I'm sure it won't upset them if we join them for a while,
and then we can come back up here. OK, Annette.

I kissed her again and we got up to go down for dinner.

I stood behind her and reached down to caress her pussy as our
reflection showed in her dresser mirror.

You're so damn romantic Billy. All these sexy things you do. I love

Her hands went on top of mine as I caressed her pussy mound with my flat
palms. Her beautiful full tits heaving. Their nipples standing out
straight like bullets.

I could almost stay right here and eat you rather than wasting time
going downstairs to eat, I laughed.

There you go again Billy. Saying things that make women hot. She
pressed back against my half hard cock. We better go down now, or we'll
never leave this room, she said.

All of us seemed to have the same idea. Just bathrobes and dusters, as
we sat to eat. I could see Lisa seeming to be a little more satisfied now,
knowing she was just fucked.

We talked about the new job for me, Lisa was really excited. As we
finished dinner, Lisa and Annette cleared the table and we all had a drink.
Jack went into his office and came out with an envelope. Handing it to us
he said this is for you and my darling daughter here.

What ever you might need for your wedding....just let me know.

Lisa opened it. It was a check for $10,000. That's for openers, he
said. Oh daddy, Lisa cried. She jumped and kissed him full on the mouth.
Annette had tears as she said we want you kids to have things we never
could at your ages.

I understand your dad has a little surprise for you two also Billy.

I thanked him for his generosity. Its for family. OUR family, Billy.
YOU are OUR family now.

We're comfortable Billy. Annette and I have what we need now. I made
good money over the past few years and my investments paid off large too.

Jimmy will be set for the rest of his college.

We're seeing to it that you're on the fast track at work for promotions

My hands were shaking now. I couldn't believe all that has happened. I
need to concentrate on a new course soon, Jack. I'm sure I'll need it as
time passes with the company. I checked it out a couple weeks ago at the
local City college. I can do the whole course set in about one semester.
Good Billy. It will be good on your company sheet.

Let's go in the parlor, Annette said. We can relax in there. Lisa
seemed to stake out one end of the couch and asked Jack to lay down with
his head in her lap. Her duster now open showing most of her tits. I sat
on the overstuffed chair across from them and Annette sat across my lap.

It was Annette that mentioned to them about coming into bed with them.
We'd like to spend a little time with both of you tonight, OK? Then Billy
and me will go back to Carol's room. Yeah, that would be nice, huh daddy?

Sure baby. OK, Annette. We don't mind at all.

Lisa was stroking his face and hair softly. Her tit nearing hip lips.
My hand was now on Annette's tit at her urging.

We could see Jack's cock now, getting hard and sticking out through the
opening of the bathrobe. Lisa reached down and gently stroked it.
Lovingly caressing it as she leaned to kiss him on her lap.

Oh, how far we've all come, Annette said. In so short a time. Here I
am on Billy's lap. His hand on my breast, and my daughter with my husband
on her lap and his cock in her hand.

And no one is jealous. No one is screaming. We never will mom. Lisa
smiled. Lisa's other hand was caressing Jack's face as she stroked his
cock. Again she leaned down and kissed him, and once again fed him her

No, we never will, she said again.

I think daddy wants me now mom, are you guys coming with us?

Yeah honey. Let's go into bed.

There wasn't any awkwardness anymore between any of us. Lisa and her
dad took the far side of the bed and Annette and I the other. We both
stood there as we watched Jack take off Lisa's duster and reach around to
caress her tits. Her head going back to his shoulder. I loved looking at
her in her nakedness.

He openly caressed her and kissed her neck as I also took off Annette's
robe. I turned her to kiss her and her hands went down to my cock. We
were now standing sideways to Lisa and Jack. Annette had me hard quickly.
She knelt once again, as if for show, and began to suck me.

I knew their eyes were on us. I reached down and caressed her head and
hair gently. Lisa's response was to urge her father to lay on the bed and
she too knelt down between his legs.

Looking up at me, she caressed his cock and then smiled as she lowered
her mouth down on him.

I watched as my lover sucked her father. Her mother sucking me.
Annette felt my extra excitement, smiling up at me.

My eyes closed for long periods as Annette pleasured me. Hearing Jack
moaning as Lisa sucked him.

Finally, before I could cum, I eased Annette onto the bed with her head
directly across from Jack's. I knelt between her legs and began to lick
her pussy from bottom to top. She moaned loudly. Her pussy flowing
already with excitement.

Jack was also humping up as Lisa sucked him, caressing his balls.

I knew Annette wouldn't last long before I would have her cumming. I
sucked gently on her hardened clit and it did the trick into her spasms and
loud moans.

Her face turned toward Jack during her cum and they pressed toward each
other to kiss as Lisa and I both made them cum. Lisa sucking her father's
juice of life, while I sucked her mother's juice of sex.

Annette's pussy was humping my mouth wildly all through her cum.

Lisa was kissing all over her father's cock and balls. His cum freely
spread over her face and lips. I knew her special love for him was at work

We took the juices of her parents into each of us once again. Lisa and
I smiled as we raised our heads on opposite sides of the bed. I was
massaging her mother's stomach and mound now with both hands. Lisa was
caressing her father the same way. Taking my lead. Both her parents still
kissing as they lay there. Fully naked and vulnerable before us.

Lisa watched as I stood and leaned over Annette now. My cock raging
hard. Immediately, she reached for it and guided me into her wetness.
Lisa watched my cock slide into her mother as she stood to mount her father from on top.

Both of them moaning at each of us fucking their mates.

Annette's pussy once again caressing me. Seeming to be so thankful I
was in there. Her soft moans as I fucked her slowly. Watching Lisa slide
up and down on her father's cock just inches away from my face. Her
fingers rubbing her clit as she fucked him.

I ambraced Annette in my arms and held her close as we fucked each
other. Kissing her soft lips. Our tongues sliding into each other's mouth.
Moans from all of us in deep pleasure.

Jack reaching to Lisa's hips now, as she was urging his cum from him. I
watched her caress his cock with her pussy lips as she raised her hips. I
knew her feeling. How she did this to me, on my own cock. Annette was
softly caressing me also. I whispered in her ear, I'm there hon, I'm going

Oh Billy....go ahead baby....fill it. Shoot honey....It caused Jack to
explode into Lisa as he heard his wife cumminng with me shooting, laying
right next to him. Annette's pussy milkied me, and I felt a great gush of
her warm feminine juices flooding around my shooting cock. Grinding into
her pussy now, pushing every part of my cock into her as we met that final
gush of our orgasms.

I stayeed in her as Lisa fell on top of her dad kissing him.

Annette's arms and hands caressing my back. Slowly our hips moving
against each other. My cock still deep within her. Her hands telling me
of her appreciation. Of her body's needs being sated.

Her kisses so gentle and soft as much as her blowjobs.

I rolled to one side of Annette and she raised slightly seeing her
husband's glistening cock right next to her. Lisa sitting cross legged at
his side.

Annette leaned over and sucked him into her mouth and then knelt over
him as she once again forced her husband 's sperm into her mouth. She
drained Jack, and then leaned over him and kissed him. I love you darling,
she said.

Jack finally moved to the other side of the bed leaving room now, for
Annette and I.

Lisa once again laying along side him. His arm over her as they lay on
their side facing us.

I love this mom. I really do. Loving daddy like this...ooooohhhh. I
know honey. You were ALWAYS his little girl. Now, you're his big girl and
he has you like you both always wanted.

I feel that electricity like Billy does when he makes love with his
mother, mom. When daddy is in me, shooting his cum, I feel that spark and
it makes me go crazy inside feeling him. It's so special, so different
from anyone else. Even my honey, Billy.

I understand honey. Believe me. I understand.

It made me wonder if Annette hadn't fucked her own father.

I was caressing Anette's body as we lay there. My hand gently
scratching and caressing her mound as Jack watched. Annette was on her
back and I, on my side.

I leaned over and kissed her as my hand went between her legs and I
massaged her entire pussy area softly. Undemandingly.

Her moans into my kisses as I did this.

I then eased her over onto her stomach and straddled her. I think Jack
thought I was going to fuck his wife in the ass, but I sat on her ass and
began to give her a back massage. Taking my time and hoping he was taking

Oh Billy, that feels so nice, Annette moaned from the pillows.

My cock was in the crack of her ass, and I moved up and down her back
and sides.

I knew Jack watched. After about five minutes of rubbing, my cock was
stiff and they saw it. I eased back, raised my hips and with one hand, got
it wet in her pussy juice. I then raised my cock with my hand and slid
into Annette's ass. It took only a few moments before her moans and
wriggling got my entire cock buried within her ass. I paid only attention
to Annette now, as I fucked her. Slowly, my hands still rubbing and
caressing her ass and back. She moaned in pleasure as I did. Oh feel so nice honey. My ass is filled with your hard
cock....OOOOHHHHH fuck me Billy. Fuck me...

I like that too mom, Lisa said. I cum pretty hard when he does it to

Jack looked at her and within a minute, he was kneeling behind Lisa.
Now both of us were kneeling behind the women and fucking their asses at
the same time. Jack moaned as Lisa took him all the way in.

OOOOHHHH daddy, fuck me now. OOOOHHH I love this daddy......fuck me
good. Yes. Go ahead daddy. don't be afrais...fuck me....

Jack was really excited now, fucking his daughter in the ass. I was
still on the same rythmic speed as I fucked Annette.

Oh baby, I'm so deep in you...I know daddy. I feel you. I love it
daddy...fuck me. Fuck the hell out of me daddy. I'm yours. Oh daddy.....

Now, Annette seemed to be getting excited and her ass was moving more
excitedly back at me.

I fucked her faster now, and soon, I was shooting whatever cum was left
in my balls into her. Now Annette's body began to shiver and I knew she
would be cumming. Her moans mixed with Lisa's as both of them were in
diffeent stages of cumming.

Jack and I both kneeling behind our partners and fucking wildly. I
wondered idly if he would cum in Lisa at the same time as me fucking his

Ohhhhh daddyyyyyy I love your cock in my ass.....I'm cumming so
hard....Lisa was screaming up from her pillow. Her head thrashing back and
forth. Oh baby, take my cock honey...take daddy's cock.....

I'm right with you baby.....I'm cumming in your sweet little ass. OOOHH
Lisa baby.....Jack was shaking as his body let loose with his orgasm.
Shooting hard into Lisa's ass. I saw his cream spilling out and down into
her slit now. His hands grasping her ass cheeks as he shot into her.

I was collapsing on his wife's back. Both Annette and me finished and
feeling our after orgasm bliss.

My cock still burind deep in her ass.

Jack was still grinding what was left of his hardon into Lisa, as he
laid on top of her now. Both of them moaning completely forgetting Annette
were even there.

After a long while, we were all laying on our sides again. Annette
reached across to Jack. Jack honey, I want this, Please, I want you like
this more honey. I want you in my ass, honey.

It turns me on so much, she gasped.

Me too daddy. I love it in the ass. I cum so hard and so different.
Billy fucks me all the time like that daddy. I want it too. he laid on
his back now, and Annette leaned over him and kissed him. Oh honey. both
Lisa and me want you in our asses from now on. It feels so nice, doesn't
it Lisa? Oh, yes mom. I really like it. I can reach my clit and cum there at the same time Billy's fucking me too.

OOOOHHHH. Promise me daddy. Promise you'll do mom and me in the ass
too, from now on. Promise me! OK, I guess I'm licked he said.

No, you're not licked yet daddy. Lets take a shower and I'll really
lick you.

They got off the bed and headed for the master bathroom in the corner.
Annette and I went back up to the upstairs bathroom, and also took a
romantic shower.

She was a stunning beauty, and her olive Italian skin was perfect with
no blemishes. Lisa was so much like her. Almost as they were sisters.

Her proud tits with their hard medium nipples were so inviting.

Oh Billy, I hope we can make him follow through and fuck us in the ass
from now on. I really like it Billy. Always have. She was on her knees
again washing my cock with the washcloth. Stroking me with the suds. Oh,
I love your cock. Jack and me are so happy you are both here, Billy.

So is Lisa I said. She really missed him. She says everytime she sucks
or fucks my dad, it makes her want her own dad all the more.

We came together and kissed under the water. Her whole body pressed
against me.

Yes, Annette was a very good lover.

I trimmed her pussy after we got out of the shower, and then we laid on
Lisa's bed. Talking about everything about our weddding plans.

Lisa told me about you pushing your mom over the kitchen table and
fucking her right in front of them That's hot, Billy. Will you do that to
me tommorrow morning? Sure hon. Its fun. Just act surprised in front of
Jack when I grab you. OK Billy. I can't wait for his reaction. That has
never been done here. I did Lisa this morning in front of them. carol and
mom's turn to watch her getting fucked bent over the table. They love it.

mom says girls like to act a little slutty. She's right Billy. We do.
Its so silly. We demand respect, but we act and dress like sluts so much.

I pulled her to me and we kissed again. Her hands softly caressing my

You want me again Billy? Yes hon. Good. I was hoping you would.

I got between her legs and she once again guided me into her. We made
it last a long time. Talking softly, kissing, caressing, and gentle
motions of our hips as we fucked each other.

This is so nice Billy. Just like this. Your cock so deep in me, we're
talking, touching. I really like this a lot. You feel wonderful inside
Annette. So do you Billy. Your cock is a little larger than Jack's, and I
like it.

This is nice because right now, we can cum anytime we want to. But I
like being fucked long like this Billy.

That's why I usually suck Jack first, and hope I can get him hard a
little later so it will last longer.

Sometimes it backfires, and he will fall asleep on me, before I can get
him in me.

OOOOHHH I hope he will really do me in the ass. I love it so. Want
more now, hon? Would you Billy? Yes. OOOOHHH. Raise up a little babe.
Just like you are. She guided me to the entrance of her asshole and I slid
in. My cock now buried in her ass, my fingers caressing her clit. I knelt
betwen her legs fucking her this way. Slowly. Her grateful smiles up to

Watching trickles of her pussy juice in her wide open slit. I fingered
her whole pussy as I fucked her ass slowly.

Soon, her eyes closed and she spasmed into her orgasms. I forced her
clit into another, also, with my fingers.

OOOOHHH Its wonderful Billy. I'm cumming all over baby. In my ass, my
pussy...OOOOOHHHH. Her ass gripping my cock as I finally felt small spurts
leaving me.

OOOHHH Honey. Her body shaking under me. My cock throbbing out the
last of my cum.

Where do you want me to fuck you in the morning Annette? You mean in
front of them? Yeah. Well,,,,would you do me in the ass again? Sure.

I'll make sure your clean afterwards honey, so you can go to work. OK

We laid there in silence a long time. Resting and enjoying the feel of
each other. My hand softly carssing her tit.

Oh, you've made me feel so good tonight Billy. Thank you honey.

Thank YOU, Annette. Its wonderful being inside you. I feel all your
experience Annette. I feel you giving it to me.

When you suck me, its so very nice. You really do it good Annette.

I really enjoy the way your pussy grips me when I'm cumming and your
cumming too.

She turned and hugged me. Pressing herself tightly against me. I held
her to me as we drifted off for a nap.

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