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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....There are NO missing chapters. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will flow into each other as you will see.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


I awoke some time later. I had no idea what time it was. Carol's room
was dark. Annette was resting with her head on my chest. Her hair smelled
nice. Some sort of light perfume. I could feel her tits pressing on my
chest as she breathed softly. I stroked her har and shoulder. She was a
genuinely nice woman. I thought of all the similarities between her and
her wonderful daughter I would soon marry.

Yes!, I thought. I could do a whole hell of a lot worse with getting
tied up with some of the other girls at school. I felt so lucky. So happy
that Lisa took an immediate liking to me when we first got together. I
remembered the tight knots in my stomach, hoping I could get her close to
me. Thankfully, Carol worked out all those things for us.

I really liked her mother. I couldn't help but like her.

She always seemed so serene, so capable of her life and those around

Here I was again, laying in bed with another man's woman. Completely
acceptable in our adopted lifestyle.

Her husband downstairs with MY lover, his daughter in bed with him.

I liked this arrangement of sharing between all of us. Each of us
taking and giving to the others as we changed partners.

I knew certainly that these times like right now, would become fewer

Lisa and I would be married. I would have a different more demanding
position in another city.

It seemed our time with our parents and others would be limited to
weekend trips home or their weekend visits to see us.

I wanted to be near for the birth of Nikki's and my son, in just a few

And, more important, how soon would Lisa want a child?

I know damn well that seeing MINE and NIKKI'S would put that on her
front burner of things she would also want.

Carol. yes, I would really miss my dear sister also. I made a note to
talk with Bobby and see about getting them closer together once again. Let
him know she really does like him and wants him in her life. I would feel
better with him around her than others that might cause harm.

mom & dad liked him a lot also. That was important.

Another nagging thought is that I could never leave town without at
least telling our dads about what happened to the BASTARDS. Lisa, Carol,
and the other girls need not know, if the other guys decided. I did think
at least dad should know.

Annette stirred on my chest now as I stroked her hair. You awake hon?
Yeah, Annette. Just thinking, that's all.

She raised her head and leaned with her arms on my chest. Her face
close to mine. Oh, and her soft tits pressing on me seductively.

Want to talk about it?

Its a lot of things hon. Leaving town after we're married. The new
job. How things will be back at home when I leave. A lot of things. I
love it the way things are now.

Its not THAT far away Billy. Just a couple hour ride on the expressway.
We'll visit you two a lot, and I'm sure your mom and dad will too.

Has Lisa tol;d you there will be a separate bedroom or two for guests
when we move? Yeah. I'm glad too. She also said that its OK with you
about her father and her. Sure. I promised that along with her OK with my

You and me can always take one of the bedrooms Annette. I would like
that Billy. I really would. I like making love with you.

Me too hon. I really enjoy being with you. Her hand slipped down and
caressed my cock as she reached her lips up to me for a kiss.

She felt my hardness and said, Take me again Billy.

Pleasure yourself in me. Oh, Annette, I always try to give back also. I
know that Billy. That's why its so wonderful making love with you. You
seem to give more than you are getting.

It was pitch black with Carol's bedroom curtains pulled tight, and no

She rolled over on her back and said, take me Billy honey. Fill my
pussy, let it love you back. From me to you Billy.

Take me. Her sexy whispers, and touches were so nice. Would you let me
suck it first for a few minutes Billy? I'd really like to do that?

Sure hon, I whispered. I'd like that. You make me feel wonderful when
you suck me.

Its my feelings Billy. We love you, I love you. Let my mouth love you
now, and then take me.

She moved down in the darkness and got between my legs and softly
stroked my cock. I could feel her warm breath all over my crotch. I enjoy
this immensely, billy. I really do. Feeling your hardness in my mouth and
knowing what its going to do. She licked me in the darkness now, and
cradled my balls. Caressing them softly as she lowered and raised her mwet
and warm mouth up and down my cock slowly.

Relax and enjoy me Billy. Enjoy my mouth on you. OOOOHHHH Annette I
moaned softly. Her delicate touch. Feathery, lovingly adoring my cock.
Her soft moans as she sucked me, stroked me.

She surely knew how to please her men. Up and down, up and down,
licking with her tongue. caressing with her delicate fingers.

She was right, She surely did enjoy pleasuring a man's cock. OOOHHHH
Annette....oooohhh You have me hon...I whispered to
cum spurted into her warm mouth as she delicately ran her tongue over and
over the head on my cock in her mouth. No one ever did this as I was
shooting. It made me really explode into her throat. Her delicate fingers
softly but firmly stroking my cock as she sucked all my spurts into her

MMMMMMMM she softly moaned as she sucked. Her tongue still rapidly
rotating over and over my cock head as I blasted. The pure darkness seemed
to raise my orgasm.

OOOOHHHH Annette its so nice....sooooo. MMMMMM as she gulped me down
her throat.

Soon, I was spent and she was kneeling over me. Her tits grazing my
chest as she leaned to kiss me. My arms around her and pulling her to me.
Oh Annette, it was truly wonderful.

Please give me a little time to get hard for you.

I can wait Billy. I can wait. I hope you liked it. I really enjoyed
feeling you shooting your cum into me. Tasting it coming out of your tip.
OOOHH You are really good at it hon. Please give Lisa that tip thing.
Please. I will honey. I will suck you in front of her and show her. My
husband loves it too. Really makes him cum hard.

Both her hands were caressing my head as she leaned again and we kissed.
I could once again taste my cum on her lips and in her mouth.

Annette, I whispered. Please bring your pussy up here and let me lick

Oh, I'd like that Billy. She soon straddled my mouth and lowered her
wonderful smelling pussy to my lips.

I sucked and licked her softly to several cums, for a long time.
Feeling her larger clit in my lips. sucking it and feeling her spasm as
she came again and again.

Her soft moans of pleasure as I licked her.

By the time I was done, I could feel my cock rock hard and throbbing
once again. I eased her hips and she got the message and lowered herself
on me.

OOOOOHHHH Billy. Her warm and wet pussy sliding down me.

Oh honey this is absolutely wonderful. I came so many times I can't
count, and now, now I have your wonderful cock once again. She leaned over
me and kissed me hard as she fucked me. My hips rising hard up into her.
Oh Billy give it to me baby. Fuck me.

Her hips hitting down harder and harder with her building orgasm.

Oh God Billy she moaned louder. I'm cumming hard this time honey. I
really am....I felt her shuddering and shaking her head wildly as she
spasmed all over my throbbing cock.

Oh my God, Billy....ooooohhhhh I can't remember cumming this hard
honey...My whole pussy is ....OOOOHHHHH I felt my cum shooting again.

Oh Billy, I feel you shooting too..OOOOOHHH dear....ooohhh Her usual
composure left her and she was wild. Moving all over upon my thrusting
cock. Moaning and rolling her head over and over.

Her pussy clamped and shook. Clamped and shook. I felt her spasms.

Finally she fell on my chest almost exhausted. Breathing heavily, as I
caressed her back and head.

I thought of mom in this same position last night as we went to sleep.
My cock still deep within HER.

Oh Billy, she finally gasped. I can't rmemember being that taken away,
that deep in an orgasm like that. Oh God, Oh God, Billy.....It was
fantastic honey. She raised to kiss me lovingly again and tried to say Not
even......she didn't finish. She was near sleeping now.

As with mom, I held her on top of me and we drifted off to sleep. My
half hard cock still pulsing inside her. Annette felt like a feather in my
arms. Her wonderful soft tits with her hard nipples making it all the more
erotic, as I went to sleep.

Once again, I awoke and knew it must be time to get up. Annette had
rolled off and was cuddled tightly to me. Her leg and arm over my body.
How much she loved making love. I caressed her tit laying softly on my
chest. How similar Lisa's are to hers. Almost the same firmness and
textures. Same nipples.

A LOT of things the same between them. Especially the way they loved
their men.

I softly shook her awake and told her I thought it was time to get up.
Oh, OK Billy. Did you sleep OK. Yeah. Fine. Would you like me before we
get up? It seemed that she wanted me, more than she was offering to give.
Yes, hon. She guided my hardening cock into her and we softly made love
once again.

How many times had I cum that night. Wow, I thought as she was taking
me again. Pleasure all over. I felt her desperation of need. Knowing
Jack was probably not that frequent a lover for her.

Oh Billy she cried, Please come back soon. Please. I need this Billy.
I do. Please promise me you'll come to me soon. I will Hon. I promise.
Oh thank you Billy. We moved softly and gently at each other. Nothing but
our connected groins mattering to us. I rotated softly as I came in her.
Her soft moans in my ear, feeling me fill her womb.

After a while of long embraces and kisses, I rose and asked if she would
join me for a shower.

Oh, certainly Billy. I'd like that.

As I dressed, I asked her to just wear the same duster and nothing else.
I noticed some vaseline on the shelf in the bathroom.

Want to put a coating on my cock for you? Oh Yes. I almost forgot
honey. This will be so much fun in front of my husband. Will you be able
to.....I think so hon. Just remember to Act shocked and look a lot at Jack
when I'm ramming you. It should make him hot, and I know Lisa will be
smiling that YOU are getting "The Treatment" too. Oh this is going to be
fun Billy. Don't worry about hurting me. Just slide this wonderful cock
right in me.

Once again you'll be completely naked in front of them being thoroughy
fucked Annette, I said as I looked at her in the mirror.

Oh Billy....let's get down there and see if they're up.

She coated my cock thoroughly with vaseline and I slipped my pants on.
I'll wait till we're all done eating hon. Then....

Just before leaving the bathroom, she pulled me close and we kissed. A
wonderful giving kiss.

Oh Billy, its been wonderful honey. I feel so.... She looked so pretty
now, with her hair brushed and a hint of makeup. I held her head to my
chest and told her how nice she made me feel also. I'll remember to teach
Lisa about that blowjob trick Billy. I know you like it. Yes I do, I

We went down and Lisa was there with her dad already. Smiles, and good
mornings as we sat down. Lisa had everything ready.

It was wonderful Jack. Billy was wonderful with me. He smiled, and
looked at me. Yes, it was a lot of fun Billy. I'm glad you both came and
joined us. So am I daddy. I'll drop Lisa off at work and meet you for
lunch later today, I said to Jack. Yeah, OK Billy. I forgot about Lisa
being at work today. I get her days off mixed up. I could see Annette
getting fidgety as she thought of me fucking her now. She rose to take
some of the dishes away and then I went into my act. I was standing next
to her and then pulled her duster off. Oh, Billy...what???? Soon, I had
her bent over the table naked and sliding my cock into her ass as we

I don't believe this Jack said....Oh honey.....OOOOHHHH I don't either.
OOOOHHH I like this Jack. He feels so nice in there......OOOOHHH Billy you

Oh daddy, he's giving her the "Treatment" we all get from him in the
morning. You mean?? Yeah daddy. He nails all us girls like this over
there. Boom. He does this to us over the table.

Jack watched intently as I fucked into Annette's ass. Her tits flopping
wildly as she moaned her pleasure.

Soon, Lisa got up and walked to his side. She then watched me fucking
her mother for a minute and knelt in front of him. She pulled his cock out
and sucked him as he watched me fucking Annette.

Oh My God, he said...what....enjoy daddy. Enjoy. Lisa went back to
sucking him.

Annette was on the edge, My cock felt ready to burst now in her tight

OOOOHHH Billy, Its wonderful. Her hair down on the table hanging off
her head. tits still flopping wildly. Jack was moaning now, as Lisa
sucked him faster..

Soon, he was shooting and Lisa was moaning along with him as he shot
into her mouth. I felt Annette tighten and moan loudly watching Lisa suck
her husband in front of her.

I shot a large load of cum and I was spent. I stayed in her until she
finally fell to the table. Jack was caressing Lisa's hair as she zipped
him up and then rose to kiss him. Annette rose and was flushed as she
hugged me. Reached for paper towels and wet them with soap and cleaned me.

OOOOHHH It was nice Billy. What a surprise. What a nice surprise in
the morning. I think she said it for Jack's hearing so that maybe he would
do her the same way.

You mean you do that all the time at Home, Billy? He said. Yeah, at
least most of the time, I smiled.

He nailed me yesterday morning daddy. Right there on the table like he
did to mom. Carol and his mom were sitting right there laughing as I took
my PUNISHMENT, she laughed. I love his PUNISHMENT Annette laughed.

You are something else Billy. Something else.

Now, Annette turned to kiss me, and Jack asked if he could borrow his
wife for a kiss good bye.

ONLY if you will give me the TREATMENT from now on honey, she smiled.

Wiggling her ass over to him. I guess my fate is sealed, he grinned.

Jack left, and I had one more cup of coffee as Lisa finished getting

Annette sitting on my lap, seeming to need every last second with me.
Even taking my hand and placing it on her tit as she kissed me.

Please, Billy, make it back here soon. Please. I will hon. I promise.
I told you I really enjoy being with you. Her hand moving my hand over and
over her soft wonderful tits as I finally rose to leave. Oh, suck them
once more Billy. Please. I leaned and lifted each of her tits and sucked them gently. Her soft moans.

The look of longing in her eyes.

Somehow, I felt guilty having to leave. Knowing now, how lonely she
must feel inside, or at least so unfulfilled with her sex life.

I gave her one last nice hug and kiss and promised to be by soon.

Lisa and I got in the car with a million stories to tell each other.

Oh Billy, it was a nice night. Oh, I mean it. It was so neat watching
you fucking mom as I sucked him.

I must have a guart of his cum in me Billy. I was a slut for him. Oh I
needed that with him so much Billy. My pussy is raw, right now. By the
way would you stop at that drug store, I need some cream for my pussy.

As Lisa went in the store, I thought that it wasn;t that Jack couldn't
get it up, it was that he just didn't know how to be a more tender lover. I
remember Annettete saying like a bull in a china shop around her pussy.

It was about ten minutes before Lisa finally came out. She looked sexy
walking up to the car. Had to wait in line honey.

In seconds, she slid her panties down on the front seat, and was
applying the cream from the tube. OOOHHH That feels better now, she said.

Why not leave those panties off today? I asked. At work? Yeah. Why
not. At noon, think of me and play with your clit. I'll have my hand on
my cock.

OK honey. No one's in the office at lunch time anyway.

It would be nice getting off thinking of you while I'm at work. Soon,
she was kissing me good bye and I told her I would pick her up after work.

Jack brought me into a meeting almost as soon as I got there. Stan was
there, and a couple of Execs. They went over the details of what they
needed from me at the other plant. They were upgrading their whole system
there, and make it compatible with our computers.

Its a lot of responsibility Billy, one exec said. Stan, and Jack think
you are capable. I sure hope so. You'll have the company's balls in your
hands on those hard drives over there.

I think I can handle it, I said.

Good. That's settled. We have one of our people looking now, for a
house for you....and I hear your about to be new bride. Our people there
will take care of any of the other problems that might come up for you.

Great, I said. Our wedding will be next month, and then we kind of
planned on a two week honeymoon. So anytime after that would be OK to get
rolling on that project.

Fine. We'll have it set then. I've met Jack's daughter at our picnics.
She's a living doll, Jack. Well, that seem's about it, he said as he rose
to offer his hand. Jack here will take care of your expense account and
other finances from his department. OK.

I went back to the shop and worked a screwed up computer. About a half
hour later, Stan came in and said, Looks like you're all set now.

He askeed how the machine I was working on was coming along. They
needed it in a hurry. I told him within an hour I should have it done.

THAT one has a lot of the company's balls on it too, including our
paycheck records sooooo....

Uh Oh. I just screwed up Stan. This fucker is not going to be paying
you this week. You fuck! How will I be able to take out Margie with no

Go Dutch, I laughed. Oh Billy, she's a fine girl. I might even fuck up
again and ask her to marry me. Uh Oh. That serious?

No, but I love her pussy. In that case, it looks like you're not even
listed on this hard drive. I can't find your name anywhere. Who can read
all those Polish letters any damn way, I said.

Oh, now I am fucked he said.

Look, this computer goes in the section where she works, so let me
deliver it when you're done, OK.

Yeah, sure. Maybe you can eat her under the desk while your hooking up
these cables.

That's a damn thought Billy. Damn, I just might do that. You should
get a raise just for thinking of that.

By the time we were done bullshitting, I was finished and had the
computer running as well as it was ever going to be.

Well, its ready, Stan. Its not the best machine, but it will do the job
for least til it can be replaced. I put it on the wheel cart and
off he went.

Remember to lick her clit, I yelled after him.

It was already time for lunch when I finished. The morning seemed to
fly by. I looked at my watch. It was noon, and I thought of Lisa and
wondered if she was playing with her clit like I suggested.

I met Jack across the street at the tavern. It was a nice night Billy.
Lisa and I had a lot of fun. She was still drooling all over my car on the
way to work, Ilaughed. It really makes her happy to be with you Jack. I
mean it. She looks forward to being with you.

I love her dearly Billy, always have. And now, now that we make love
like this...its so .....I know what you mean Jack. Lisa gives me her all.
I really do love her, Jack. I know you do. Matter of fact, we had to stop
at a drug store for some cream for her pussy. She was raw. You're
kidding? No. Maybe you should take it a little easier on the girls Jack.
They like it tender. You know, Annette has mentioned that to me also,

I get so damn excited some times and just ram and grab like a maniac.
Just take it a little slower with them. They like it a lot more. Yeah, I
was watching you with Annette. She was really enjoying it when we were
doing them in the ass.

I didn't ram her. Just slow and easy. You'll get there, and so will
she. But if you ram in and out, it hurts them too much and then it goes
the other way and they beging to hate it.

I guess you're right Billy. I will remember that. I had no idea
Annette liked it in the ass so much. Lisa too. Yes, the both do. I like
it myself. Its so different.

Just remember to take it slow and easy with them.

Just then, Stan came in. He was flushed and excited. What's up Stan.
Oh, Billy, Jack.....we're fucked. We're absolutely fucked. They need you
over there Jack. It big. The construction company down the street digging
up the road just dug into the underground power cables for our place, and
every fucking thing else on our side of the road. The whole plant is down.

Oh Fuck, Jack said. Oh no. How long til they fix it?

Their foreman said maybe not til sometime tommorrow.

Oh shit, of all the things.

Jim Blake needs you over there now, Jack. They need to call in all the
extra security people too.

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Well, there's nothing for us to do Billy. We're
fucked too. Might as well grab your bride to be and have fun for the rest
of the day. Oh fuck, Jack said again. We had an important meeting this
after noon too with the people from one of our biggest accounts. FUCK!
Set something up at the Holiday Inn down the road jack. Damn! Good
thinking Billy. Maybe we can. Jack finished his drink and asked me to
call Annette and tell her he would be late, Explain what happened. I told
him I would take care of it.

Stan and me had another drink, and then he said he was taking Margie out
for the rest of the day.....On what paycheck? I laughed. I deleted your
name on the computer. Oh, now I'm double fucked he laughed.

Well, I guess we have off tommorrow morning too, he said. Yeah, you can
sleep in late with MARGIE, and eat her wonderful pussy. Just don't bite

He was licking his lips just thinking about the prospect.

He left and I went to the phone and called Lisa. Told her what
happened. I told her I was thinking of going to see her mom, and also pick
up the bag with her clothes she forgot this morning. Do you mind if I make
love with her again honey?

Oh no, billy. Go ahead. She needs it honey. Couldn't you tell when we
were leaving this morning? Yeah. That's why she came to mind right now

I had a talk with your dad just a while ago, and you'll be happy, honey.
I'll tell you about it later. OK baby.

Billy? Yeah hon. I'm glad you thought of my mom.

I know she'll be glad to see you this afternoon. I don't think dad and
her are doing it as much as she would like. At least the way she talks to
me, seems that she is always needing it lately. She sees me all happy and
shit, and I realized how hurt she is inside lately.

Well, I think a lot of that will change soon honey, after the talk with
your dad just a while ago.

I'll make her happy honey, at least for this afternoon.

I'll be thinking of you and your wonderful cock sliding in all
afternoon. Oh damn, I'm getting horny just thinking about it.

Just save some of your wonderful cock for me tonight baby. I sure will
honey. Bye.

Oh how nice to have your girfriend's permission to fuck her mother.

I decided to surprise Annette rather than call. I thought if we really
got into it, that I could call Carol and have her pick up Lisa down the
road from her shop, later.


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