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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....There are NO missing chapters. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will flow into each other as you will see.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


I stopped at a liquor store and got a nice bottle of wine, and then on a
second thought, bought a bunch of flowers at a road stand. Here I was, on
my way to make love to another man's wife, and it was perfectly OK. Any
other man would risk getting shot.

The smell of spaghetti sauce cooking filled my nose as I opened the back
door. Good Italian cooking.

Annette? I called. No answer, ANNETTE? Groans seeming to come from
the hall where the master bedroom was.

ANNETTE? Billy? Yes. Oh honey...just a second.

She came out of the bedroom seeming to be flushed. Oh what a surprise.
Is something wrong? Why aren't you at work? Her hair was a little messed,
and her duster half unbuttoned. I explained what happened at the plant and
that Jack wanted me to tell her he would be late.

Then I pulled the bunch of flowers from behind my back and gave them to
her. Oh how pretty. Oh thank you.

Its not my birthday, she smiled. No, but I thought it was the least I
could do if I was going to ask a fine lady to make love with me this

You mean...? Yes. I would love to if you want to...why sure know anytime...sure. What a nice surprise Billy.

She came over and kissed me tenderly. I could feel her nipples rock
hard pressing into me as I hugged her.

I figured she might have been in the bedroom trying to get herself off
by her flushed face and all.

She went to the kitchen and put the flowers in a vase and checked the
cooking sauce. Its for dinner tonight.

Smells damn good as I came behind her and cupped he tits through the

I brought some wine over there on the table too. Oh how nice. You must
really want something special? No, just you this afternoon.

Oh Billy, her head back on my shoulder as I caresed her nipples. You
want me right now Billy? Well.....Ok honey. She turned the flame lower
and I opened the wine. I poured two glasses and we sipped it.

Nice. Nice taste Billy. I was thinking of maybe making some wine this
Fall. I haven't made wine in years, she said.

I came to her and kissed her again. Take your glass, and I picked her
up and carried her to the bedroom.

I stood her at the foot of the bed and took off my clothes quickly. She
stared at my hard cock as she sipped the wine. OOOOHHH I need that Billy.

To tell you the truth, I was playing with myself thinking about us last
night honey.

I get so frustrated sometimes. I understand Annette.

I poured a little wine down her tits and then bent to lick it off. Oh
you are sexy.

I took her glass and set it on the nightstand, and eased her on her
back. I spread her legs and poured more wine over her bush and into her

Then I knelt down and licked her. OOOOHHHH Billy.....OOOhhh.

Her pussy was still wet from fingering herself earlier, and I could
taste it mixed with the wine.

It tingles my pussy Billy. It feels nice. I poured more and licked it
from her slit.

I kissed and licked her entire pussy area and thighs. She was sexually
excited but relaxed with herself now, if that can make any sense.

You taste good Annette. I enjoy this. Oh, Billy you always make me
feel nice. I buried my mouth into her now, demanding from her pussy.
Licking much faster and sticking my tongue into her hole. Her hips were
humping faster and her moans of pleasure as I reached up to play with her
nipples at the same time I sucked her clit gently.

OOOOHHH God, have me honey...I'm ...OOOOHHH it feels
wonderful.....OOOOHHH Please don't stop that.

Again I felt her familiar shivers, and desperate humping up to my
sucking mouth.

Cum, Annette, let me taste your womanhood. cum honey.

OOOOHHH Billy, Billy.....OOOOHHHH its sooo.....OOOOOHHH She was cumming.
Grasping at her tits over my hands. Squeezing my hands to squeeze her tits harder, humping at my sucking mouth and flicking tongue on her clit.

Oh my God....Billy.....oooooo. I held her pussy tight to my mouth as I
drank her juices flowing from her. Licked her complete pussy, spread
completely in surrender to me.

I kept at it until I felt her ease down from this cum. I knew it was a
good one for her. A very needed one....Before she could completely relax,
I raised over her and slid my cock into her wetness. I drove home and
fucked her softly.

Oh My God, Billy...ooooh Her arms coming up to pull me to her. Oh
Honey....fuck me....Her hips and complete womanhood yearning up to take all
of me into her.

Yes, a complete surrender, of each of us. We fucked and fucked . Her
pussy caressing me. Loving me. Enjoying me as much as her womanhood
pleasured me.

Oh honey...its so nice...fuck me...we rolled our hips together. Taking,
Giving. taking some more.

Here I am Annette, I whispered in her ear. Give it to me Billy. Go
ahead honey...I'm waiting for you...her warm clutching pussy milking my
cock so wonderfully. Feeling my cum spurting. A true kiss of love between
us as we came. Her hands pulling my head tight to her lips. Her tits heaving against my chest.

I stayed in her a long time as we shared this wonderful set of feelings.
Her pussy constantly massaging my cock deep within her.

Oh Annette it was really nice hon. My hips slowly moving in circles as
her pussy still massaged my cock in her.

Yes, it was Billy. Oh you made me cum so nice. So many times with your
mouth and your wonderful cock in me. So many times honey, Jack fucks me
and I can't cum the way he does me.

OOOHHH. What a lover you are honey. You are too Annette. You are
really a good lover yourself. You make me feel wonderful too, each time
I'm in you. We kissed lovingly. Tenderly. Her hands caressing my back in

My arms holding her tight to me as I laid over her.

I could feel our juices within her pussy around my cock.

I wanted her again. I wanted to fuck her with love, along with desire.
A love I knew we both were now sharing.

I felt my cock throbbing once again still inside her. She felt it too.
It feels so nice in there Billy. It really does. I can feel it throbbing
deep in me. Her pussy moving in small up and down motions, seeming to urge
more of me. Needing more of me also.

We fucked again. A lot longer this time. Sharing something much deeper
this time. I knew damn well she was feeling the same things.

Her soft and tender pussy caressing my entire cock within her. Her
absolute control of her pussy muscles felt so wonderful. It was as if her
pussy was giving my cock a complete handjob within her.

It was milking every drop of my maleness into her.

Finally, I pulled out and stood up. She was caressing her tits and
nipples with a glow, a tender, satisfied smile as she looked up to me. Her
pussy wide open and so vulnerable to me.

A woman doing exactly what a woman in complete surrender does. Oh it
was nice Billy. Her dazed look as she seemed in a dream. Still softly and
absent mindedly caressing her tits.

I reached for her hand and said, Lets take a shower hon. Yeah, Billy.
Good idea. She leaned forward as she sat and licked my cock for a few
moments, Seeming to say thank you.

Not caring of our mixed juices on my cock. Holding my softness in her
mouth and caressing it softly with her tongue. Loving it. Giving some
measure of her love to me. I caressed her hair and then urged her up to me
for a kiss.

I love sucking you Billy. I love pleasing you and my husband. I really
enjoy sex tremendously. I love you. I know Annette. I know. We went
silently to the shower.

She spent a lot of time washing me and making sure my cock was
thoroughly clean. I did the same for her, making my hand motions with the
washcloth as sensual as I could for her. I licked her pussy, and turned
her around. I nibbled, kissed and licked all over her rounded ass, as my
fingers reached in front to finger her clit. It forced another cum from
her. Her moans urged my cock to get harder as I raised and slid into her
ass. Her hands holding tightly to the rail as I fucked her with the warm
water flowing over us. My hands cupping her hanging tits. Bent over with
her ass pressed against me, recieving my hard cock into the depths of her

It wasn't long before both of us were meeting a mixed orgasm. My hands
massaging her back all through it as we fucked. Her ass squeezing and
urging more of my spurting cum when she felt it. I was wracked with this
orgasm. Urgently shoving into her to meet her demanding squeezes and

OOOOHHHH Billy, Billy, Billy....

Finally, we pulled apart, almost grudgingly. She washed my cock again
thoroughly. Standing up now, and cupping my balls with both hands.
Smiling. Needing a kiss. Her wet long hair in a bunch over her shoulder.
Her glistening nipples and full tits with the water drops. Yes, how much
like her daughter.

We dried each other and she handed me one of Jack's bathrobes. She
brushed her hair and I stood behind her caressing her tits as I watched her
reapply her makeup in the mirror. You look good enough to fuck, lady, I

Such a pretty smile. Completely enjoying my fingers caressing her

Let's have another glass of that wine Billy. Yeah. Good idea hon. All
this sex makes me thirsty.

We decided to go out to the pool and lay on a lounge in the warm sun.

Naked. We no longer cared if the Chief of Police came by.

Yes, this wine is pretty good, Billy. I like it. Us Italians are
pretty picky when it comes to wine, too.

Oh, you've made me happy Billy. Really. I hope I've pleased you this
much too.

You have Annette, You really have,

Annette? Yeah honey....I'm becomming a little afraid hon. I feel a
deeper love for you in me. It scares me. I know honey. I know. I feel
it too.

I do love you Billy. As a man, my lover, and my about to be son in law.
Can we keep it just like this? I mean....Yes, I understand. We have to
Billy. For all of us. We have to. I love Lisa so much. So much of you
is in her. Its remarkable. No, we can't go further than we are now Billy.

Its good that we can love like this with no other problems and make love
with each other like this. But with how you feel, and mow, how I feel, it
will only be that much more nicer for each of us when we can be together.

Yes, I do love you Billy. As a woman. I would never jeopardize Lisa,
and you.

I'm happy with what we have now. I am too hon. I am too. I went
between her outstretched legs on the chaise, and laid my head on her
stomach. Her hands caressed my face.

We're sharing something really wonderful Billy, she said. Either of
them could walk back here now, and it would still be OK. I told Lisa I was
coming here, hon. I told her I wanted to make love with you. She urged me
to make it nice for you. That you seem to be needing it. I have Billy. I
have. Jack hasn't been up to making love as much as I would like, and then
a lot of times, he's so rough.

I had a talk with him about it at lunch. I mentioned about taking it a
little easier on both of you. I told hom about Lisa's pussy being raw, and
to take it easy from now on. He said he realized he got too excited
sometimes. That he would really try for both of you.

Oh Billy, I hope so. Thank you. It means so much to me. Lisa too.

I think you better start keeping tubes of cream and vaseline around the
house from now on hon. I told him how much you like it in the ass. He is
all for it, Annette. I just reminded him to go easy and slow.

Oh God, Billy. You really told him all that? Yes. He never realized
how much you liked it. So be prepared hon.

Oh, I can't wait. billy, I love you.

Stand up here and give me that cock honey. I want to suck you into me

Her excitement of the future pleasures with her husband made her suck me
with a fervor. I stood there in the bright sunlight watching her suck me
feverishly. OOOHHH Billy, I do love sucking you.

She spent a lot of time pleasuring me, and finally, brought me to the
brink. Our eyes locked as I spurted into her mouth. I realized how
important it was to women to watch the face and the eyes of the man that
was shooting his cum in their mouth.

She stood now, and we kissed as lovers. True lovers.

My future mother in law and my lover.

We went back in the house and I got dressed. I found the bag of Lisa's
clothes. I kissed her again and wondered if she should even tell Jack I
was there?

Maybe he would be more energetic thinking you need his cock tonight I
said. I mean if he didn't know I was here this time, and you already made

Well, by the time he gets home tonight, I WILL need his cock. Well,
don't bother getting dressed then. Be ready for his hard on. Ask him
right out, Annette as you get in the bedroom....ask him to take you in the
ass. I think he will from now on.

Yeah. Good idea. Kind of lonely here with Jimmy going to the long
college days he has. He won't be home til around 7. Well, ask Jack
straight out, Annette, as you get in the bedroom....ask him to take you in
the ass, I reminded.

Oh Billy, I really hope so. Call us tonight over at mom's I don't care
what time it is. We'll be up. OK. I promise.

Annette? Yeah honey. I feel better now that its open between us and we
each know how we feel about each other. Yes, so am I Billy. I was afraid
to say the words. Not wanting to destroy what you and Lisa have. Yes.
I'm glad we both have these feelings out in the open. I love you Billy. I
love you Annette.

Here, please suck them before you leave me. Offering her beautiful tits up to me. I smiled, bent and licked and kissed each nipple and then kissed
her one last time.

Oh, I love sex with you so much, Billy.

Now, I have to go get your daughter. Almost your twin. She smiled.
Hey, I have an idea! Would you like to listen to us making love tonight?
Lisa and I have done it before when she was here with Jimmy, and I was
home. She called me and was telling me what they were doing. My mom copied
her and did it to me there. It was neat. Wow. What a thought Billy.
I'll just lay the phone on our pillow, and you can listen. OK. I'll call
you later to be ready. OK Billy. make love to her like you did me baby. I

Then I was out the door and on my way home.

Yes! A wonderful afternoon of sex, and more important, a sharing of

I looked at my watch as I neared town. Hell. It wa only going on 3 PM.
I still had 2 hours to get Lisa. Then a thought came to me. I stopped
back at the same liquor store and got the same bottle of wine, and another
bunch of flowers on the way.

I was heading home! Yes! Home to my other lover.

mom was just raising from the oven door as I walked in. Oh hi, honey. I
made a meatloaf for tonight. We haven't had that in a while. Smells
awesome mom.

I went to her and kissed her. Her hair was tied behind her head in a
long stream.

She had on a pair of white shorts and a flowery blouse that seemed
fitted perfect to her tits. I have a little something here, you sweetheart
of a mother.....Handing her the flowers. Oh what a nice surprise Billy.
Thank you honey. They smell pretty. She filled a large glass behind her
and put them in it. Then decided they would look nice in the center of the
kitchen table.

Now, I opened the wine and poured her a glass. What's this? My
seduction elixir, I smiled.

She tasted it. Oh, its nice. I haven't had wine in a while. Keep
drinking woman...maybe it'll make you want to make love with your son.....!

OOOOHHHHH so that's it? You want me? I sure do mom. Well, you know
you don't have to get me drunk to have me honey. I'm yours anytime.

But it makes me feel better once in a while knowing I took advantage of
you, and seduced you like a lecher.

Oh Kind sir.....Are you seeking a slut for the afternoon? A slut who
would do the most outrageous things to a man's body? Yes! A wanton slut.
Must have nice tits though. Will these do sir? Opening her bouse fully.
Eh, for now anyway. What else can I have? Well....will THIS do? Slipping
off her shorTs and panties quickly. Now standing maked in the middle of
the kitchen. Eh, maybe. pussy needs a trim job, slut. But sir, my female
barber is so busy at her shop today, and my male barber has become so
remiss lately. But sir, look within, The clean vault of my love. mom spread the lips of her pussy for me. Her whloe feminine sex exposed. I
promise sir, that this vault will produce much pleasure for sir's rather
large tool. I reached to hug her.

She smiled and reached up to kiss me. Come on honey. Let's go
upstairs. The dinner won't be done for a couple hours anyway. We took the
wine and our glasses up to my room.

I thought to call Carol at the shop to ask her to pick up Lisa, in case
mom and me were still busy. Sure Billy. I want her to help me pick out a
couple things at the craft shop anyway.

Have fun.

Now, I turned to mom, and she was already naked. How do you want your
conquest today, lover? She was holding the glass of wine and smiling

What would you have in mind for an only deprived son? Well, in that
case I think I would start with tasting his cock after he slips it in here.
Mom lowered her glass of wine to my cock and eased my cock into it. You
sexy wench, I smiled. She held the glass up tight with my my cock in it,
as she reached up to kiss me. I think maybe a nice blowjob for a poor
neglected lad would be in order.

She knelt down, still holding the glass with my cock in it, and nibbled
all around my groin. Then, she sipped from the edge of the glass, with my
cock still in it. Then licked my cock as she forced the glass higher up on

Yes. I think this cock needs a good sucking. I reached down and undid
the clasp that held her hair in a bunch, letting it flow freely. OOOHHH so
you like long haired wenches do you?

Yes, especially those that like to get my cock drunk before I do. She
took the glass away and drank some of the wine. Wine always made me feel
slutty. Your father pours it down my throat when he wants me to be a slut
for him. Then I deliriously drink HIS cum.

She lowered her mouth to taste the wine on my cock. UUUMMMM. Not a bad
flavor. She drank the rest of the wine and held it in her mouth as she
lowered her mouth to my cock.

Swirling the wine over and over my cock. It was warm, and created a
nice sensation. sucking up and down, as she swirled the wine and her

Soon, with her fingers working on me, she had me arching and moaning.
Cupping my balls and sucking me with just the right pressure. I could
still feel some of the wine in her mouth that she hadn't swallowed. She
spent time on just the tip now, and drove me over the edge. I was shooting
in her mouth. My back arched and my cock pushed toward her sucking mouth.
Moaning myself as I felt my cum shooting. Her mouth sliding up and down as
she took me. Fingers caressing my balls. She was swallowing my cum mixed
with the wine.

She deep throated me and held me as the last of my spurts ended. Her
tongue rolling over and over my entire cock in her mouth. She held me
tight as her mouth sucked me. Her hands turning me and steering me toward
the bed where she pushed me down. Never leaving my cock.

Finally her suction loosened and she started to nibble up and down my
whole shaft and chewed softly on my sack.

After a few minutes , she moved onto the bed and laid next to me.
Leaninng over me to kiss me.

Was that satisfactory sir? From this lowly wench?

I think it will do for now. May I apply for a patent of your cum and
this wine mix, sir?

And what would you name it? Why Billy's BJ Blend of course.

Well, how about letting me suck on Jeanie's Jollies here, reaching for
her tits.

mom leaned further over me and let her tits graze my mouth. I licked
and sucked her with pleasure. She knew by the urging of my fingers that I
wanted her to put her pussy on my mouth. Oh Honey, you're doing what I
hoped right now. Please suck me. I love the way you suck me Billy. I
gazed up at her beautiful pussy with its golden hairs sparkling in the
sunlight. Her swollen lips ready for my mouth. Her wonderful scent. I
spread her lips with my fingers and licked her. I forced my tongue out and
let her slide it herself up and down her slit. Finally forcing it into her
hole and twirling it. I could feel her shiver and moan softly. My hands
went up and caressed her hanging tits as I licked her. It was so nice. So
easy between us. Oh Billy honey, it feels wonderful. You tasted wonderful
too, mom. I mumbled between her pussy lips.

I nibbled them and her inner lips as well. sucking gently on her clit
making her go wild now.

Oh Billy, suck me, Oh, honey.....OOOOHHH I love it, I love you...OOOOHHH

Suck me honey.....I could taste her juices flowing in surges now. I
stuck my tongue up her hole as far as I could and she shivered hard, again.

Oh Honey...I'm there.....UUUUMMMM Oh Honey. Suck me.....Her hips moving
rapidly across my sucking mouth now as I drank her juices into me once

I held her tight to my mouth for a while after her cums. Letting her
come down slowly as I licked her more gently and tasted her. My fingers
still caressing her raging hard nipples above.

I laid next to her and kissed her tenderly now. Roaming my hand over
her trim body. My other hand was stroking across her hair. Her eyes
closed as I kissed her. This time as a woman.

I came nice honey. She finally whispered. So did I mom.

We both knew it wouldn't end until I was in her and we both came once

I poured some more wine and we sat talking for a while. I told her of
the adventures with Annette and Lisa last night. I didn't tell her how I
was beginning to feel about Annette though.

I got on top of her and laid so that I could caress and suck her tits as
we talked. Her pussy slowly moving up against my stomack.

She enjoyed watching me caress her tits and nipples. Then, I put both
arms completely around her and laid my head on her stomach. Her hand
caressing my head and face.

You have a cute ass for a man, Billy. You really do. Lisa said so too.
She was studying my ass as I laid there on her stomach, and drinking the

you tasted nice mom. When you were cumming and I licked you, I liked
your taste so much. You taste good too, Billy. It must be what we feed
you here. Her hand still stroking my head. I could feel my cock getting
hard again, pressing against the sheet.

I knelt between her legs now, and she looked at my cock.

She reached to caress it as I knelt there. Softly stroking and cupping
my ball with both hands.

It pleases me so nicely honey. How much pleasure this cock gives me
when you put it in me. Want me to suck you again? No dear mom. I want to
be in you.

I leaned forward on my hands and kissed her and she guided me into her.

This time, we watched each other's faces as we fucked each other. It
was wonderful as we watched each other beginning and going through our
separate cums. Our mixed moans. And finally the kiss that sealed this
union's end.

mom finally got up and said she wanted to check things down in the
kitchen. Just before walking out of the bedroom, she turned. She looked
at me a while, a million things going through her mind. Then she turned
and went downstairs.

I'm sure she was thinking about me being gone in a few short weeks.

I came down about ten minutes later and helped her set the table. Long
moments of hugging her as she stirred salad mixes.

Holding her tits in my hands as she cleaned utensils in the sink, and
the complete embrace with kisses as she faced me. All with no word spoken.
You don't know the feeling I have inside mom, knowing right now my cum is
in you. Yes, honey, I think I do.

I surprised your father early this morning and when he went to kiss me
good bye, I knelt down and sucked him right here. I wanted his cum in me
too, before he left me for the day.

Yes, I know what you feel honey.

It both pleasured and made your father really happy.

Mom? Do you think you could spend some time with Lisa and me tonight?
Maybe not the whole night because dad will probably need you. Just a while
with us up there?

Sure honey. I'll come in after I make sure your dad is satisfied.
Maybe Carol will be up to being with him too. She might be pretty tired
after all she had to do today, so I can't count on that, mom said.

We sat and drank a cup of coffee. mom looked at me, Billy, I think
you've certainly learned the difference between making love and a fuck.

I've watched you grow immensely over these past months Billy. I've
watched you when you didn't notice, with all these girls that you've made
love with here during this time. With Annette, and ESPECIALLY ME.

You've really come a long way as a good lover honey. As a man and as a
good lover. Thanks mom. I'm proud of you. So very proud. So is your

I could see tears coming to her eyes now, and her head dropped to her
hands. She was sobbing loudly now. I came over to her and she hugged my
waist. Oh, I'm going to miss you not being here honey. So is your dad.
Nothing will be the same anymore without you here. Nothing. I felt the
tears in my own eyes as I held her to me. Sure it will mom. We will never
be far from here. Never. The new job is only a hundred miles away, short
enough to be home every weekend. Even that will only be for about a year,
till I finish setting up their systems. Then, Lisa and I will be shopping
for a house here.

Oh Billy, I know its time to let go. I know its time for you to start
your own family with Lisa.

Billy? Yeah mom? What would you think of building a new house right
next door? We already own the property? More than enough to build
whatever you want there?

I don't know mom. Its a thought. Oh, think of it honey. I'll be here
to babysit for your kids, help out Lisa when she's pregnant and all. Nikki
across the street and you'll see your other son growing day by day.

She had some valid points. I would love to watch my son with Nikki
close up. Let's kick it around with Lisa tonight mom. I patted her back
and pulled her up to me to kiss her tenderly once more. Mom, you're not
losing me. Ever. My hands were around her waist holding her to me.

How much I loved her. Realizing just how much she loved me.

We love Lisa like our own too, Billy. We see all the qualities in her
that you love too.

Her father gave us a check for $10,000 for the wedding or whatever else
we might need last night mom.

Oh, He gave it to you already? You knew? Yes. He told us the last
time we were all together.

I kissed her and she wiped the tear stains from her eyes as we heard
dad's car in the drive.

Lisa and Carol were still gone, probably shopping as she said. Just the
three of us had dinner. I mentioned about the power cable being cut at
work. I would have to call in, in the morning to see if the place could
open, or else Jack would call and let me know.

I mentioned about the meeting earlier this morning about finalization of
me going to the other plant. Mom's eyes dropped instantly. She pushed
back from the table and went upstairs, without a word.

I told dad about her crying at my leaving town after we got back from
the Honeymoon. Well, he said, I guess I'll go up with her for a while and
see what I can do. I know she keeps saying how much she's going to miss
you and Lisa.

OK, I'll take a walk over to see Nikki and Dan.

Dan and Nikki were sitting on their deck as usual, having a quiet drink
after their dinner. It was just starting to get dark now, as Dan offereed
me a beer. Hi Billy, Nikki said. She stood. Placed her hands to tighten
her blouse. Its starting Billy. See. Then she lifted the blouse for me
to actually see her belly. I gained two pounds this week. I smiled. Let
me feel hon. She came closer. Her eyes glowing. I rubbed all over her
belly and then even slid down to her pussy as she stood in front of me.
OOOHHH Billy. Want me? Not now, honey. I just got a go round with mom a
while ago. Uh Oh. Tank on empty she smiled? Yeah, for a little while
anyway. I told them of the new position at work, and what we had set for
the weddinng so far.

They asked if I would come over with Lisa tommorrow night? Sure. Kind
of hectic for Carol setting up her shop. Yeah. I'll be over there
tommorrow helping out too, Billy. I had to be at the doctor's today, so I
could be there.

Clean bill of health so far, Dan added. Beaming as a proud stepfather
to be.

He came behind her and circled his arms down to encase her stomach. I
was happy for them, and expecially since I was the father of that baby he
was caressing in her belly.

I had another beer and then left to see Lisa and Carol.

Both of them were sitting in the kitchen eating as I came in. Chatting
about Carol's shop, and the Wedding.

I kissed both of them as I sat down. They found decorations for both
the shop, and the reception hall for the wedding.

Lisa had a fitting for her dress, and the other girls had to go in soon
for their final fittings.

I told them about how mom was feeling. That dad was up with her now. I
asked Carol if she felt up to keeping dad company tonight for a while,
while mom came in with Lisa and me?

Sure,. Billy. I want to take a long hot bath first and soak. I'll
come in and wash your back for you doll.

How? With your prick in me, Lisa laughed. Soon, Carol finished eating
and jumpedd up. OK, later. I'm off to drown myself in the tub. She
leaned over and gave me a kiss and dashed off.

Lisa and I went up to bed now. Laying there, talking about a hundred
things. I told her about being with her mother and how nice it was. We're
going to be really nbusy after we're married honey. Everyone wants to come
and stay with us.

Well, I don't mind honey. If they come two at a time, and one of them
is cumming in me....She laughed.

I unbuttoned her blouse as I laid on her. Thinking just a few hours
before, my mother was laying in this exact spot with me on top of HER.

I caressed Lisa's tits as I again laid on her stomach as I did with mom.
Your tits are so beautiful honey. They really are. I enjoy touching them
so much. Thank you baby.

I love you honey, I said. With all my heart. I love you too Billy.
Just like mom, she caressed my head and face. I liked doing this. Feeling
my lover stroking my head softly as I laid on her. It was peaceful.

I finally raised up and kissed her. Then stood and took my clothes off.
Lisa was getting to the edge of the bed to get ready to suck me, but I
asked her to wait a while.

OK honey. I laid next to her, just holding her, feeling her heart beat
pressed into my chest.

After a while a soft knock on the door. mom came in with her duster on.
It was dark, and She sat on the side of the bed. I reached over to her and
pulled her closer and kissed her. Then, eased off her duster and laid her
between Lisa and me. I took one of Lisa's hands and placed it on mom's
left tit, as I caresed her right one. Lisa got the idea. We used two
hands on each of mom's tits. Massagins and caressing.

Both of us would pleasure mom tonight.

We're going to love YOU tonight mom. Close your eyes for a while and
relax. I moved between her legs and slid my cock in as I knelt there. Not
wanting to fuck, just have my cock inside her for a few moments. I could
feel her wetness. I urged Lisa to lean down and lick mom's pussy as she
saw my cock there. Lisa pushed her face tight to mom's slit and I could
feel her gently licking her clit area and then down to the part of my cock
that was still sticking out.

I was caressing her hair. mom softly moaned. I shoved my cock all the
way in and stayed there now. Mom's legs were spread wide. I guided Lisa's
head to lick mom's stomach and then up to her tits and finally her lips.
Lisa went up and down mom. Loving her as a man would. As THIS man has
loved her. Lisa then concentrated on mom's tits and sucked them as I
slowly started to move in and out of her pussy.

Lisa bent over mom's face now, and leaned to kiss her again. I'm going
to suck your pussy mom, while you suck my lover's hard cock.

Then she kissed mom passionately once again. mom was moaninng, and her
arms went around Lisa as I still slowly fucked her. Lisa offered her
hanging tit to mom and she sucked her softly. Mom's pussy was contracting
around my cock as she sucked Lisa's tit.

I reached down and massaged her mound and clit as I moved slowly in and
out of her. Soon, I felt her spasms. Lisa was kissing her again as she
knew mom was cumming. Go ahead mom, cum around his wonderful cock. Let
go. She kissed her again as mom moaned with pleasure.

I felt her pussy tightening, holding me there as she came. I pulled out
now, and started to move up for mom to suck me. Lisa moved down between
her legs and buried her face into mom's soaked pussy.

mom was really excited now, as she saw my cock nearing her mouth, as I
straddled her chest. Reaching for it greedily. OOOOHHHH Fuck my mouth
Billy. Fuck my mouth....OH Lisa sucked her clit.

I leaned high over her mouth and drove my cock straight in as far as her
hand would allow. She pumped and sucked me in this position until I
spurted straight into her throat as she once again came from Lisa's
sucking. mom was cumming hard into Lisa's mouth as I was cumming in hers.
Mom's fingers caressing my balls hanging on her chin and my softening cock
still in her warm mouth. She sucked me till there was no more cum, and I
pulled out.

Her spasms with Lisa still licking her.

I watched as Lisa drove mom to yet another orgasm with her mouth.
Kissing mom hard all through it. Finally, Lisa came up and laid on mom.
Tit to tit now as she bent to kiss her. We love you mom.

Oh Lisa, Oh Billy, it was wonderful. OOOHHH. God!

After all these years and now I get pleasured like this by another woman
too. God, In five minutes time. I came with Billy deep in me, and then
with you licking me so nice. Oh. OOOOHHH and billy cumming in my mouth at
the same time I was cumming.

We'll have this forever mom. All of us. Her hand went to my face and
stroked it tenderly.

mom was still spread wide as Lisa and I both sat to her sides and
massaged every part of her body. Including both of us taking turned
pleasuring her pussy with our hands. Lisa leaned over her again and kissed
her tenderly. I enjoyed licking you mom. I enjoyed making you cum.

It turned me on seeing you sucking Billy while I was sucking you when
you came.

Oh I love you both so much. mom started to cry again.

It was then I picked up the reciever laying near my pillow and whispered
to Annette. Could you hear? YES! Billy. YES. I heard everything. I
fingered myself here in the parlor chair to three cums myself honey. OOOH
You guys are so ... Billy, I'm going back in there and waking him up with
a blowjob. I want more from him tonight. It will be YOUR turn next, from
us, Annette. You mean....? Yes. The complete TREATMENT. We'll see you
soon Annette. OK Billy. You sexy maniacs. I love you Billy. Me too,
hon. Nite.

Then I rolled over to mom and Lisa who had not realized I was talking to
her mother with their hugging and talking themselves. Mom, like Billy
said, We'll never be far away. Ever.

mom was in seventh heaven right now after a thorough massage and being
brought to the nice orgasms.

Mom, You know we're no Lesbians, but like you said, what you, me and
Carol have between our men here, its so wonderful. I enjoyed tasting your
pussy. Especially after Billy was in you and I could taste some of his pre
cum too. I know his taste right away, so if he EVER cheats on me, all I
have to do is eat the woman to prove it. We all laughed. Now, we all sat
cross legged as we talked. I asked Lisa what she thought of mom and dad's
idea to build a nice house on the large empty lot next to us? Its free
Lisa. We already own it. I can be here to babysit, and you both will be
able to see Nikki's baby grow too, right across the road.

Oh Lisa, please say yes? Well, I kind of thought of building up near
our fav spot near those wood on the hill where Billy like to take me and
fuck my brains out. I'll still take you there and fuck your brains our,
mom's too, I laughed. Wellllllll. OK. Let's do it Billy. What the hell.

We're here all the damn time any way.

Good Lisa. You just made me so very happy. Wait til dad hears. Oh. I
have to tell him right away. Not yet mom. Wait a bit.

We want to have you at our WEDDING BED. Yes. You, dad, her mom, her
dad on both sides of our bed as we make love for the very first time after
we are married. We want to share that with all of you.

Really? Yes.

I want everyone of you watch us strip each other from our wedding
outfits and dress and watch us make love for that very first time. People
centuries ago did that to ensure she would have heirs etc.

Then, we have planned to have two other adjoining rooms for you and dad,
and her parents for the rest of the night too.


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