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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....There are NO missing chapters. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will flow into each other as you will see.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


Now, we were all laying down thinking. Kind of excited. It was settled
that Lisa and me would build a house on the property next to us. There
were a few nice trees there and the property was fairly level that would
make it easier for landscaping.

I knew how much this meant to mom right now. I leaned over her and
kissed her again. With love and passion. Don't tell me you want more
already, honey? No, not right now mom. Just wanted to hold you, that's

Maybe I should go in with your father. I wonder if Carol was in there
tonight? I turned on the monitor.

Dad and Carol were sleeping in each other's arms. Looks like they've
had it too.

I pulled up the blankets and kissed both of them. We all went to sleep.

mom had gotten up before all of us and was already downstairs making
breakfast when Lisa and I woke. We made love and kissed for a while and
then took a shower together. I was already dressed while she still fussed
with her hair in the bathroom.

Jack called just as I got into the kitchen saying that the plant was
still shut down. Damn. Don't worry, Billy. The company's still paying
everyone. They will be reimbursed by the construction company's insurance.

So, that will take us into the weekend. Figure on coming in Monday, he
said. They should have it all fixed by then.

Dad kissed mom good bye, leaned over Carol and kissed her also, and left
for work.

Carol asked if I would help her at the shop later this morning when some
heavy deliveries were due. Sure hon. Nikki wants to come too. I'll bring
her along.

mom was excitedly telling Carol about us building our house next door.
Her eyes lit up bright. Oh Great. We'll all still be together she said. I
knew Lisa felt a little happier now that she gave her OK.

We need to stop at Judy's and see what she has for house plans. We can
take our time picking out a house style to build. Yeah, OK Billy. Yeah,
Billy probably wants to throw HER over the desk and do her, anyway, Carol

Speaking of tables......I quickly grabbed her and pulled up her skirt.
Oh you should have kept your mouth shut Carol, mom said.

Oh no, Billy...I just....Oh, Carol...its time for YOUR punsihment now. I
was behind her now, sliding my cock up and down her slit. Oh Billy, damn
you! AAAAAAAGGGHHH, as my cock slid home in her. I knew she was just
complaining for show and tell. Now I was good and hard and I sliding into

OOOOHHH Honey, you feel so nice and warm. She was leaning on the table
on her elbows as I started to fuck her. Her pussy moving up and down in
her own enjoyment. I feel like such a slut, mom, when he fucks us like

Yeah, but it feels damn nice doesn't it honey?

Mom's eyes were smiling at me. Carol was beginning to really like it
now and fucked back at me with her urgencies. I could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second, and her moans.....

I caressed her ass as I fucked her. OOOOHHH Billy, damn you, Im going
to cum....OOOOHHHH Give it to me sis. cum all over me.

OOOOHHH It DOES feel nice. We were moving back and forth as I felt my
cock starting to really throb deep in her wet pussy.

Oh Carol, UUUUUMMMMM Billy.....Billy.....I saw her fists clench on the
table as she began to cum. I rammed her harder and shot into her.

His cum feels nice shooting in there, doesn't it honey? mom said. Oh
yes, it does. OOOOHHH damn, I'm cumming Billy don't stop fucking me
now...please. I spurted and spurted in small shots into her, but they
seemed to last longer this time. Making it feel really nice. She pushed
back hard against me and squeezed my cock hard inside her. I felt her
shaking and moaning.

OOOOHHHH. I stayed in her till she finally relaxed her grip on me. Her
head still moving from side to side.

She finally straightened up and fixed her dress. Leave them off honey.
We might do it again later this morning. Oh no Billy, how will I ever get
the damn work done?

I hugged her close and kissed her as she sat down. Flushed. Well, now
we all have Billy's cum in us this morning, Lisa said. What a thought to
go to work with, mom giggled.

Carol offered to drop Lisa off at work instead of making me drive into

They fixed themselves up and left.

mom and I did the dishes and then went into the parlor. I pulled her to
me and we laid on the couch.

You just got done being in Carol? You want me already???? No mom,
maybe in a while, but I just want to hold you like this for a while.

Oh this IS nice Billy. We laid facing each other on the couch, just
kissing, touching. My hands inside her bathrobe.

I hoped I could make her feel more at ease about me being gone soon.
She rolled on top of me and kissed me tenderly. Moving her pussy over and
over my cock. I knew her signals for needing it.

I inched her up and sucked her tits as they hung over my mouth. Their
hardness telling me of her need again. She wanted all of me she could get
now, now before there was none. I eased her off me and stood to take off
my clothes quickly and we fucked on the couch for a long time.

It was just the phone ringing that finally broke our spell and made us
get up.

She answered it, standing there naked in the kitchen. It was her
sister. I got dressed and kissed her as she talked. I whispered I would be
back later. She was still sitting there naked, talking to her sister when
I walked out. What other house would have a sight like that?

How many other guys can say how nice it was to have just had such nice
sex with their mother?

How many mothers will sip from a glass of wine with their son's cock
dipped in it?

Yes! I had a wonderful loving mother. I treasured her.

I decided to stop and see Bobby. His mother smiled as she saw me pull
in the drive. She was preening her rose bushes.

I think he's finally up and about now. he worked last night Billy. I
leaned and gave hera kiss on the cheek. I reminded her of the wedding and
I hoped they would all tbe there. Oh yes, Billy We wouldn't miss that for

Bobby was drinking a cup of coffee as I came in.

Her guy, Haven't seen you in a while. Been working my fool ass off
Billy. Overtime and all. You like it? Well, its OK. The dough is good.
with dad gone, it helps me to take care of things around here for mom.
Bobby's father had been killed in a car crash coming back from a business
trip, two years ago.

Well, I wanted to remind you to get your fat ass down for a fitting for
the tux, along with the other guys for the wedding. OK. I'll be off
tommorrow...FINALLY, he said. Maybe we could all go out for a drink after
that, I said. Yeah, I could use some time out.

Look, my sister keeps asking about you. I was wondering if you would be
with her at the wedding? You'll be standing up with her anyway?

She wants you Bob. I know she misses you a lot. She's busier than hell
over at the shop right now. Oh she got the place? Yeah. The deal's done.
She used some of the dough all you guys chipped in, to get the place. I'm
going over in a while to help her with some shipments coming in this
morning. Want to come with me? Yeah sure. Let me get dressed.

On the way, I mentioned to Bobby that I wanted to tell dad and Jack
about the BASTARDS and what we did to them. Oh fuck, Billy. You really
think you should?

I've been kicking it around over and over. I know damn well they both
suspect something anyway. I hate to leave town for this new job at our
other plant and leave this whole thing hanging like this.

It just doesn't sit right in me. Maybe tommorrow afternoon you and me
and dad and Jack can have a beer at our pool and talk.

The girls will be busy with shopping and shit, anyway.

Well, if you think so, OK. How much you going to tell them?

I don't know yet.

Bobby? Yeah, I think my sister would like it if you made a move on her
at her shop and nailed her this morning. I'll engineeer an excuse to go
pick up some supplies or some shit. I know damn well she wants it.
WWWHOOa. Sounds like a plan. I haven't had any in a while now. Well,
don't waste time. Damn! How much I've always liked her. Well, go for it
idiot! She wants YOU too.

Now, we were at the shop and he was impressed with all that had been
done already.

Carol's eyes popped when I walked in the door with Bobby. Oh Hi, Bobbi.
She leaned up to kiss him and give him a hug. I could see her deliberately
pressing her tits into him.

Nikki was over setting up bottles and other things on the shelves in
front of the beauty chairs.

Hi gorgeous. Hi Billy. Her smile was so pretty. How does it look?
she asked standing back near me, checking out her handiwork.

Fine, But what the hell do I know about all that hair stuff? We got
busy opening and unloading all the boxes and storing things on shelves.

I watched Carol easing herself towards Bobby every chance she got. I
whispered to Nikki that we need to go for a cup of coffee, staring at them
over her shoulder. She got the message. Look, Billy's going to take me up
to the drug store for my prescription, We'll be back later Carol.

OK. I explained the deal when we got outside. Let's take a ride Nikki.
OK. Its a nice day.

Nikki was always nice to be with. Nothing phony about her. Her beauty
was striking. How you feeling hon? Wonderful Billy. Our baby is fine,
I'm happy. Dan's happy. We're hoping you both come over tonight Billy.

I was hoping you'd want me. You want to make love again? Yes. I do.
Will Lisa....? Yeah, no problem hon. Oh good. I almost can't wait for
your wedding.

We tried our dresses on yesterday. Wow. They're gorgeeous Billy. Wait
till you see us dressed up. And Lisa's dress! Wow.

I told her about us going to build our house next to mom and dad. Holy
shit! Billy. Great. We were all talking about that yesterday. Oh shit,
great, Billy.

Mostly, I'll be able to see our son growing up every day, hon. Oh yes,
Billy. We were all kind of worried that you both would move on the other
side of town or something.

Oh, this will be great. Wait til Dan finds out. We weren't far now,
from the spot mom and dad brought us a few days earlier. I decided to pull
in the dirt road.

What's this, Billy? A nice little hideaway that my mother and father like. It looks nice around here. Like a little park.

There's a large swimming pond in the rear over that hill.

We got out and I went in the trunk for a blanket. We walked to the
grassy area near the pond as a flock of pheasants flew over us. This is so
pretty here. The mountains in the back over there.

I spread the blanket and came behind her and hugged her. Looking out at
the nice scenery.

I caressed her tits. Uh Oh, I think you want something Billy??? I
think you brought me here to take advantage of a pregnant woman. I did, I
really did.

I'm guilty and I want to be punished. I was unbuttoning her blouse from
behind. So, she said, kicking off her shoes, you want me barefoot along
with being pregnant? She turned to me now, her tits so full, so beautiful.
Her dark hair streaming down on their sides.

I kissed her, and reached to slide her shorts off. Uh Oh. You mean
business. Yes. I do. I want to ravage the hell out of that wonderful
pussy of yours.

Only if you promise to save some of it for tonight?

Deal. I went to my knees and licked her bush, as my hands caressed her
ass, pulling her tight to my mouth.

Out here in the middle of nowhere, I have a lover eating my pussy. Oh,
who'd of thunk. Scream. Moan, damn you. This is suppose to be getting
you excited and wanting my cock.

Oh, I forgot. She let out a yell as my tongue found her clit. There
was an outline on her belly of where the baby would be growing, but only a
slight outward bulge at this point.

I kissed her stomach all over and caressed it as she stood there
moaning. Pressing her pelvis to me. My hands still caressing her ass

Finally I eased her down on the blanket and took my clothes off. I laid
next to her and kissed her passionately. then she took the lead and kissed
me up and down my chest, and slowly worked her way down to my cock.

She spent a lot of time massaging and stroking it,and finally lowered
her mouth and sucked me.

UUUUMMMM Nikki. It feels so nice. She smiled up to me as her mouth
worked on me. Her tits hanging against my thighs as she leaned over me.
Like it Billy? she asked softly. Yes. Hon. Her fingers were delicately
caressing my balls as she sucked up and down. Oh Nikki, please get on it

Please. I want to cum inside you. She smiled and raised herself over
me. Guiding my cock, her face of beauty as I felt her slide down on me.

OOOOHHH Nikki. You're so warm, so nice. OOOOHHH Billy, as she seated
herself with me completely inside her now.

She stayed still a moment. You feel nice in me Billy. Your cock is so
hard. Its so deep in there. Right next to our baby.

Slowly, her eyes wide, she started to slide back and forth on my cock.
Her hips rotating on me.

Oh Nikki, you feel so nice. I reached up and caressed her tits. My
hips pumping up into her as she fucked me.

Oh, I'm so glad you did this Billy. Coming here like this. I enjoy
making love like this outside. Especially a place as nice as this.

Oh, you feel so good in me Billy. So do you honey.

I pulled her down on me and she crushed her tits into me. Kissing me
softly as she moved her pussy up and down on my hard cock.

OOOHHH billy, I'' close honey, she whispered. I'm so close
honey......It feels so nice....I can feel your cock all the way in me....I
love it, Billy.

I started to pump up harder and faster.

OOOOHHH Ohhhh Billly...she was shaking now. Her eyes closed
tight...oooohhh now! I'm cumming Billy! I'm cuming with your cock deep in
me honey...ooooohhh

I feel you honey. I fucked up into her harder and soon, I felt my cock
explodinng in her. Her eyes opening and a loud moan as she felt me

Oh, Billy, Oh God....oooohhh Her pussy was caressing and gripping with
each of her pushes.

Her mouth came down to cover mine as we kissed through our orgasm.
Pressed tightly to me. Fucking up and down my cock rapidly as she spasmed
again and again. I held her tight to me and emptied my cock deep in her

She stayed straddled over me, and my cock still in her for some time.
Careessing my face as I massaged her back.

I knew enough now, from mom and the others, that she wanted me again.
Feeling gentle signals from her caressing pussy on my half hard cock in

I knew, and I think she knew, it would take a little while. Her wetness
was all over my cock.

I rolled her over so that I was on top now. I kissed her softly. Her
eyes sparkling at me with her gentle smile. I moved lower and kissed her
tits and licked her nipples. Her hands caressing my head all the while. I
looked down at her glistening pussy. Still making its own gentle up and
down motions. Knowing she still wanted more. I moved my hand to her
wetness and caressed it as I kissed her again. Her automatic humping
against it. The need I could feel in her kiss. The larger smile as she
watched me move between her legs knowing I was going to enter her again.

How many things can be said without words. Soft moans as I silently
slid back into her. The wet inviting warmness. The hugging of her pussy lips around my cock. Her soft moans and smiles. I realize the diferences
in sizes and feel of all the girls different pussies. So alike on the
outside, but so very different in their character inside.

Feeling so lucky I was able to make love with this beautiful woman. I
laid on her and began to slowly fuck into her.

Grinding tightly against her wet pussy. Circles as I buried my cock
deep within her, making my cock do double duty within her pussy.

Kissing her as we took each other. Completely appreciating the sex, the
feelings and passion between us. It was a while, quite a while, that we
both came again.

We stood up and began to dress. Nikki was quiet, all the way through.
Finally, she stood looking out over the pond towards to mountains again.

Damn, Billy. That was so nice. A nice thing to do in the middle of no
where in the middle of the morning.

I feel nice inside Billy. I always do when we make love. So do I
Nikki. She put her arms around me and we kised for a while. Again, seeming
to have that woman's complete surrender after they have made love.

I ran my hands up and down her back as she held me to her. Oh, I hope
we can do this again tonight Billy. We will hon. Just be ready for us.

Weheld hands on the way back to the car.

Bobby and Carol were sitting in one of her beauty chairs. She was on
his lap. Good. I thought. They're back up tight together. Most of her
buttons on her blouse were opened.

I looked for a signal that they also made love while we were gone.
Bobby's coming over to the house tommorrow Billy. Yeah, I know. She
winked, and I knew then he shoved that mammouth cock in her.

Carol's place was just about set to open now. Just some odds and ends,
and waiting for the new cash register for the front counter. She wanted to
get flower arrangements also.

I was feeling more and more proud of her, and realized she was going
according to her planned dream of having this shop. Bobby asked her if she
wanted to go to dinner. Her eyes lit up, and again I winked at her. Go
for it girl.

I went back home with Nikki. Both of us feeling happy for Carol, and
now being back with Bobby.

It was almost as if Nikki were part of our family now, in such a short
period of time. Of course making love with dad and me didn't hurt either.

She invited mom over to her place for a while, and they left me on my
own. I went upstairs to rest. I would need it for tonight. I felt good
inside being able SO FAR, to be able to rebuild the cum in my balls so

Having sex so often lately, but in short periods, always having some cum to perform OK. Already today, and last night.....I had made love with
Carol, Nikki, mom and Lisa. Sure there were several hours in between,

I thought of how nice it was to be able to almost pick and choose which
woman to make love with at any given time. I knew dad thought of this
also. The women almost always willing for us. All of them enjoying sex as
much as us.

Yes! The women seemed as highly sexed as us guys. This wonderful world
that mom and me now shared.

Her pure love always at her fingertips.

I was making a sandwich when mom came back in a couple hours later.
You'll wreck your appetite for Nikki's dinner she said.

She sat down at the table and smiled at me. Nikki told me about yur
little drive to MY favorite spot.

Yeah. Just a spur of the moment thing. It was nice mom. Well, you
could have offered to take ME there, damn it.

OK. We have a date. Billy, my sister and maybe her daughter are coming
Sunday and she wants to stay a few days. Its been quite a while.

Yeah it has. We talked a long time. She hinted that she would like to
be with you one of those nights..... Sure mom.

She's so much like you. Looks a lot like you too. BUT, mom, she
doesn't make love as good as you.

Oh Billy. Will you join us mom? She looked surprised. I knew she was
thinking back to her sister and her making love with their father so many
years ago. Geez! I don't know, should I? I think it would be nice mom.
Really. Carol or Lisa could keep dad busy. Well, we'll see how it goes.
She knows you and me make love, but she's never seen us do it.

I'd like to do it around the pool with you and her mom. If the weather
holds up. Just the three of us. OK, we'll see honey. It probably would
be fun.

She got busy getting things ready for dinner now, as I stood and kissed
her. A passionate quiet, tender kiss. I hugged her close and I knew she
felt my feelings, caring. I'll miss you tonight, she said. I really liked
last night with you and Lisa. My hand came up between us and I massaged
her tit as I kissed her again. Let's see how much energy I have when we
come back later tonight, I said. OK honey. Her hand slowly massaging my
cock in my pants. Want a quickie now? You have time mom? Yeah, sure.
Just the leftover meatloaf tonight. I don't feel like a big dinner anyway.
It'll just be dad and me anyway, I guess.

Silently we went upstairs, and took our clothes off.

Making love, son to mother, with complete acceptance. Laying naked
across the bed with her legs spread offering her completely open womanhood
for whatever I had in mind. Once again, I knelt at the bedside. Once
again I lowered my mouth to her beautiful blond pussy.

Once again going into our special world together.

Carol had called dad at work on her cell phone and had him pick up Lisa
from work, because her and Bobby were going out.

Lisa ran up to change and we left for Nikki and Dan's.

I thought once again of needing a cum supply for Nikki in a couple
hours. I was amazed that once more, I would be making love tonight.

You OK being with Dan tonight honey? Yeah, Billy. I like him. Not as
good as you but he's OK. Don't worry, I'll have fun with him. I feel his
cock and think of yours in Nikki, when he fucks me. No, honey. Just
concentrate on your own pussy and him fucking you. Should I be like a
slut, honey? she laughed. That's my girl. Just have fun baby. We were
holding hands as we crossed the road to their house. Again, they had the
colored lights on around their pool. Dan was aleady in. Hey guys! Grab a
beer over there. Nikki will be right out.

He got out and came over to us, shaking hands and kissing Lisa. I got a
promotion today he said, drying himself off. OK, Danny Boy. you're
looking at the new district manager for this area.

It means more bucks for our baby, Nikki said, as she came through the
sliding glass door.

What do you mean? I had the raise all planned to piss away on new golf
clubs and golfing trips? Not a chance Mr. Never happen. The dough is
going for THIS guy's college, as she patted her belly. Shit, there goes
another dream, shot to hell. And I had this golf trip all planned up in
Canada....OOOhhh all shot to hell. That's a fact, Mr. You'll be busy
enough changing diapers. I hope he will remember how much I suffered Dan

So tell me about this new job at your subsidiary, Dan asked.

I was busy explaining while the girls set our plates and the stacks of
pork chops with baked potatos. I reminded Dan he needed to go with Bobby
and me for the tux fitting.

The music from the outdoor CD player was nice. It wasn't long before
dinner was over and we danced a little around the deck. Dan was still in
his bathing suit. Not for much longer I figured. Mind if Billy and me
stake out the bedroom? Nikki asked as we finished a song. No, go ahead
honey. Lisa and I will suffer and make do out here. We laughed as he
placed his arm around Lisa and steered her to a lounge.

Nikki and I went into their bedroom, and she stripped me quietly.
Again, the candles were already lit and their sweet aroma was in the air.

When she finished helping me take off my clothes, she stood and kissed
me. Standing back, she looked at my hardening cock and unbuttoned her
blouse. Seeing her wonderful tanned tits made me even harder. Slowly, she
eased her shorts and pantied off till we were kissing and pressing into
each other.

I'd like to lick you Nikki. I'd really like to taste you right now.
UMmm Billy. She eased herself back on the bed and spread her legs. You
mean THIS? Oh yes hon. THAT. OOOHHHH I thought so. Well, part of it is
occupied. Do you think you could still squeeze in? Oh Yes.

I knelt down on the floor and licked and kissed up and down her legs and
thighs. I stalled a long time before finally licking and kissing near her
pussy. She had put perfume near it. I caressed her abdomen, and lowered
my mouth to her slit. OOOHHH we like that Billy. We like the feelings
your giving my body. Who the hell is WE? Our son and me silly! I hope
he's in there watching his daddy so he can learn how to lick a woman as
good as you, she laughed.

I pulled her tighter to my mouth and made nice love to her. Making her
reach a nice orgasm, before I raised and slid into her. Changing positions
several times until I was kneeling behind her and we were fucking from the
rear. Large pillows under her hips making it even nicer.

Taking our time. Really enjoying each other. We could hear Lisa
moaning out on the deck in another far away world. Nikki's grinding and
caresses of my cock deep inside her from behind caused me to go into
wonderful spasms, as I shot into her. Both of us moaning. Her pussy milking me, making me feel so welcome, so wanted. Clutching me in her own
spasms as she felt my spurts. I rolled on the bed next to her and kissed
her deeply. Her hand running up and down my stomach as I laid there
resting. Her tits laying on my chest so inviting. I had my arm around
her. I was nice Nikki. Yes, it was Billy. She rolled over on top of me
and stretched out on me. Her hands caressing my hair and mine on her back.

Dan seems to be getting better at making love lately Billy. He's not as
rough as he used to be. Maybe because of the baby, I said. Maybe you're

She eased herself straight down and placed her face just above my cock.
Playing with its softness. Putting it against her face, and licking it
softly. Cupping my whole cock with both her hands. She took my sack with
my balls into her mouth and sucked them pleasantly. Her warm mouth feeling
wonderful. Smiling up at me.

She knew she would have me hard again soon.

We made love again a little later, and then went out to join Lisa and
Dan. They were both in the pool so we joined them. All of us naked once
again. Lisa seemed to be enjoying herself, more than I expected. We all
had another drink and Lisa and I left for home. Once again, still naked as
we walked across the dark road to our house.

Have fun honey, yeah Billy. It was nice. He ate me and fucked me nice
and slow this time. We could hear you moaning in the bedroom. Yeah,
that's when he really did my clit. I blew big time then Billy.

Sounds like he's really learning to take it easy with women? Yeah. He
seemed to be.

mom was in the kitchen reading some of the catalogs Carol left behind as
we came in. She smiled when she saw both of us still naked.

Not wasting any time are you two?

Nah, why bother getting dressed to run across a dark road any damn way,
Lisa said. I leaned over and kissed her. Your dad's sleeping. Yes, we
did. In answer to my questioning face. I leaned again and hugged her as
Lisa went upstairs. Want to join us again? Should I Billy? Are you up
for more already, reaching for my cock hanging near her face. That's up to
you mommy dearest. Both her hands caressing it. Come on mom, please join
us. Even if this little guy takes some time, so what. OK, honey, lets go
to bed. We turned off the lights and went up to my bed.

The three of us laying in the dark talking. mom completely happy about
our building next to her.

Both of them on their sides of me and caressing my cock. Did you tell
Lisa about your drunken blowjob? mom asked.

mom told her the story. Lisa laughed out loud. Billy's BJ Blend.
Between both of them caressing my cock with perfect coordination between
them, I was almost hard again, but they both noticed my fatigue.

I'll wait til morning honey, mom whispered in my ear.

I kissed both of them deeply and it wasn't long before all of us were
cuddled and sleeping.


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