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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....There are NO missing chapters. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will flow into each other as you will see.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


I had no idea what time it was when I was wakened by a pleasant feeling.
When I opened my eyes, there were only very faint streaks of daybreak
starting. Still quite dark in the bedroom. I was on my side facing mom,
and she was also on her side facing me. She was massaging my balls and
cock with both her hands very gently.

I moaned softly. Good morning honey, she whispered. Her lips reaching
forward and kissing me, as she continued her soft feathery massage.

Feels nice mom, I whispered back. My arm went under her head, and I
held her to me. Her massage never stopping on my now hard cock. Not
really a hand job. But a nice thorough massage. It wasn't demanding or
seeming to be working me toward a cum.

Billy, I need you honey. Please. Will you please put it in me? In her
soft whisper. Pleading for me. Sure mom. Go easy honey, don't wake Lisa
yet. OK. Lisa was on her side facing away from us now, Sleeping

I slowly eased on top of mom and she guided me inside her. She was wet
and warm.

OOOOOHHHH Billy, so softly I could barely hear her. Oh honey. I slid
in deeper and buried all of me into her. Oh honey, oh....You feel so
wonderful in me.

Billy, please stay right there, there, for a moment. Her body, her warm
pussy caressing me, seemed to be much more intense right now. more than
most other times.

Slowly, I started to move in her. Feeling all of her. Her soft
caressing hands on my back. Her pussy seeming to be extra soft, extra
welcoming. As tender and giving as any man could ever find.

Lets make real love honey. Love me. Come into me. I raised my head
and we kissed softly, tenderly as we softly moved toward each other.
Barely moving on the bed. She felt wonderful with her warm wetness snugly
caressing my entire cock within her.

Oh mom, you feel so wonderful. Good honey. You feel wonderful in me
too. Filling me so deeply. I could feel her rock hard nipples pressing
into my chest. Her pussy moving in small circles as I slid in and out so
slowly. Enjoying her. No hurry.

Love me honey. Her lips next to my ear now as I laid my head next to
hers. Her very soft whispers. Urging me. Oh Billy, I'm so happy honey
that this has all happened. So many times since you were a yung teen, and
I knew you were trying to peek at me naked. How I used to do a show for
you, feel my tits as I dressed slowly, deliberately stalling and letting
you see my naked body. Knowing you were there peeking.

Knowing you ran back here in this bed and played with yourself. How
many times I wanted to come in and do it for you, To ease your
frustrations. Feeling so bad for you. Listening to you laying here
grunting as you jerked off. Knowing you were thinking of just seeing me

Seeing you eye carol and her budding body. Your hard ons as you watched
her in the yard.

How many times I stood outside your door there, wanting to run in and
make you feel my body to ease your frustrations. Now, you're inside me
finally. Making love with me. Her arms and hands pulling me tighter to
her as I pumped into her so softly.

This is wonderful right now honey. Neither of us in a hurry. Both of
us loving. Now, Lisa rolled over and opened her eyes. Oh, good morning
honey. You're up already? Yeah, sweetheart.

Oh. At it already?

She eased over on her side. Put her arm around me, and alongside mom's
already on my back. She pulled close to both of us and her body now
pressed into both mom and me.

Its wonderful being inside your mother isn't it Billy? Oh yes it is
honey. Yes it is. Does he feel good this morning mom? Oh yes Lisa. He
really does honey. mom still in the slightest of whispers. I pumped mom just a litttle harder, feeling her contractions in her pussy gripping me.

OOOOHHH Billy....Her pussy opened wide and closed gripped and loosened
as she began her cum. I think your mom's cumming Billy. Press in her deep
baby. Give her your wonderful cock.

OOOOHHH Billy...yes your mom's cumming Billy. Stay deep in her. Grind
her, give her your juice Billy. Your mom wants your juice back into her
womb. Lisa was talking softly as I pumped mom slowly.

Your mom's pussy is really loving you isn't it baby? Yes honey. I
leaned and kissed mom now. Mom's pelvis was moving up and down in tight
movements, gripping, jerking my cock as I slid in and out.

She's fucking you good isn't she Billy. YYYYEEEESSS honey.

Her pussy needs your cum darling. Back into her womb where you came
from. Give mom your delicious cum baby. Shoot it in her. Fill mom's
pussy baby. Fill her like daddy fills me. Her nipples are hard aren't
they Billy? YYYEESSS. Raise up Billy. Raise up a minute. I leaned on my
arms and hands over mom and Lisa leaned to suck and lick mom's tits. Feel
good mom. My lover's cock making you feel nice? Yes honey, Oh yes. Are
you going to cum again mom? YYYYEEESS honey.

Lisa kissed her cheek, went backl to sucking mom's nipples as I slowly
fucked into mom now. Mom's pussy now becoming more demanding. wanting me
to fuck harder, faster. Lisa sucked her and then raised her head. Fuck
you mother Billy, fuck her nice. Shoot your wonderful cum in her pussy.

Oh Lisa! Go ahead Billy shoot. Fill mom.

mom moaned as her pussy tightened on my cock. She stiffened as she felt
my cock begin to expand and shoot. OOOOHH BILLLLLLLYYYYY.. cum in her
Billy. Your mom's cuming Billy. Fuck her....fuck her good honey. Shoot
...shoot your hot cum in her. She wants it... I bent and kissed mom now,
hard as we both came hard, Her hips and pussy jambed up to me hard.
Squeeezing my cock tightly this time as she felt my cum shooting. I let
out a moan, and stiffened as I felt a huge hard blast leaving my cock.

Shoot it Billy. Shoot it into mom's cunt. fuck the shit out of her.
Bury your cock in her womb, Billy.

mom was holding me tightly and humping wildly as we reached the peaks of
our orgasms. Her pussy rapidly humping up and down trying for more and
more of my embedded cock. Her pussy is fucking you good, huh, Billy?

Mom's pussy lips gripping my cock as I jambed deep into her. Lisa's
words in both our ears forcing our feelings, forcing our cum to an even
higher level. Holding my breath with this spasm, as I felt my balls being
completely drained and sucked into mom.

Mom's pussy feeling as though it would take my entire body back into

From a slow motion love making, to a rapid set of hard thrusts, mom and
me came several times in one joining.

A lot of it brought on by the words of my lover, sharing this sex with
mom and me.

I raised up again, and Lisa leaned to kiss mom tenderly. He filled you
good, didn't he mom?

Oh yes, honey, Oh he really did. Oh billy, it was really wonderful
baby. mom looking up to me now, Completely flushed, her long blond hair
spread all over the pillow. Her tits and chest rising and falling rapidly.
I leaned back on my legs. My cock still in mom. Lisa leaned once more to
kiss mom, and then trailed her kisses to her nipples, and licked her way to
mom's mound. Licking her, and then to my groin. Licking me, as my cock
stayed in mom. Her mouth traveled to what part of my cock was out and she
licked it. Reaching two fingers around it, she pulled it out of mom, and
laid her head on mom's pussy and sucked me softly. My soft cock completely
in her mouth. Her hand caressing my ass as she sucked me.

Finally, feeling my cock completely drained, her hand urging me to get
out from mom's legs. I moved and Lisa immediately got in between, and
licked mom's pussy.

Her fingers spreading mom's pussy lips as she licked her and sucked her.

Lisa moaning, mom moaning. I leaned over mom and kissed her as Lisa
sucked her.

mom spasmed once again, and I kissed her hard as she pulled me to her
lips. We kissed all through her orgasm into Lisa's mouth.

Finally, Lisa stood and said softly, now I have both of YOU in me.

I pulled her to me on the bed and kissed her. She laid next to mom with
me on her other side.

All of us on our backs recovering.

Billy? mom said staring straight to the ceiling, Yeah mom. That had to
be one of our best times honey. I can still feel you in me. Yes, It was
mom. Lisa's words really got me going too. Me too, honey. Lisa raised up
and kissed me.

I wished I could be hard for her at this minute, but I knew she realized
I was spent for a while.

Look, you two stay here and recover. I'll go down and get breakfast
ready. She put on a duster and leaned over to kiss me, then walked to
mom's side and kised her.

I moved closer to mom and we cuddled silently for a long time. Presssed
tight to each other as we lay there on our sides.

Billy honey? Yeah mom?

Please honey, make love with me as often as you can til you leave?

I know you and Lisa need time, and maybe a couple others, but please
save some time for me?

Why sure mom. No matter what, I will. We went back to cuddling

After a while, dad came to the door and looked in. It was rare. He
hardly ever came to my room.

Is everything OK in here he smiled? Oh yeah dad. Just cuddling and
talking a little.

mom turned her face toward him. Oh Honey, come here baby. Dad came
closer to the bed. Climb in here with Billy and me for a while, please?
Dad hesitated, and then took off his bathrobe and climbed in behind mom.

OOOHHH I feel my husband's nice cock pressing against me Billy. I also
feel my son's cock pressing against me.

Dad raised his head seeming to question me. I nodded as if I didn't
know mom's mind right now.

Dad's hand came around and cradled mom's tit as he leaned forward to
kiss the back of her neck.

Oh Honey, love me. Love me now honey. Please.

I saw dad's face as he was trying to aim his cock towards mom's pussy from behind as we all lay on our sides. Mom's eyes as she felt dad sliding
into her and dad's moans as he hit home in his wife.

OOOHHHH Honey. I could feel dad's gentle thrusting now into mom.
Knowing exactly what he was feeling inside her. The look of pleasure on
his face as his eyes closed.

His hand left her tit and he placed it on her hip to pull him tighter to
her as he pumped. mom pressed her mouth up to me and pressed her hard
nipples into me. I reached my hand down to mom's pussy from the front and
felt dad's cock sliding in and out of her wetness. I used two fingers to
circle all over her clit as dad fucked her. mom moaned loudly. Pushed
harder back at dad. Her body shaking with pleasure.

Oh honey, I love you, dad said. mom was kissing my chest and moaning.
Oh you feel so good in me darling. Mom's hands struggling to reach for my
face. She wanted me to kiss her some more as she reached a climax with

He started to pump into her faster now. His moans becoming louder as he
neared cumming. mom shoving harder back against him. Wanting more and
more of his thrusting cock into her.

Oh Jeanie, Oh Jeanie honey....Give it to me darling. cum, baby. Dad
let go. With a torrent of cum into mom. His body stiffened in an arch as
he emptied his cum into his wife. Her tits and body pressed tightly
against me feeling their orgasms through her body.

I could feel dad's gentle strokes now, into mom's pussy as they both
came down from cumming.

Finally, mom turned to him and they kissed. Her arm and his arm over
each other.

I moved to get up, but mom quickly pulled my hand. Where you going
honey? I was going to.... No honey, please, not yet. Come here. mom was
still facing dad on their sides.

I looked at dad. He gave me the same look I gave him, in questioning. I
laid back down and mom urged her ass up tight to my cock. Her hand
reaching behins her to stroke it.

Kissing dad all the while. Finally, she had me hard and delicately
played with the tip as she then guided me to her asshole. Her ass also
insistent with her fingers aiming me.

mom wanted me in her ass now. Once I had the head of my cock at the
opening, her hand went to my ass and urged me in.

I pushed and finally started to slide into her warm ass. OOOOOHHHH
baby. Take mom. Take me. Fill me honey. Her mouth hungrily kissing dad.

Now her hand putting his on her tits as I started to ease deep into her
ass. Her ass pushing back against me. Urging. Wiggling, trying to get me
all the way into her.

Her moans into dad's mouth as they kissed. I thrust into her tightness
for several minutes before I felt myself starting to cum. I felt my balls
get their familiar swelling getting ready to shoot.

Oh mom, I moaned into her ear. Oh I cum....Shoot Billy.
Fill me. Take me honey, as she pulled dad's face to hers for a passionate

I fucked her rapidly as my cum spurted deep in her ass. UUUUMMMMM her
moans in dad's mouth. I felt her shivering. I felt all her wetness around
her pussy too.

My cock buried as deep as I could go in her ass as it emptied into her.
Her tightening as she felt my spasms and spurts. Finally, I was drained.
Her hand reached behind to hold me to her until she felt my cock finally
soften in her. Then, slowly she took her hand away as if giving me
permission to pull out.

Oh, It was nice Billy. It was nice. Both of my men are in me now. I
love you Billy. I love you Jim. Kissing him wetly and with a passion.

I rose and said I was going to shower. OK honey. I want to stay here
with your dad for a little bit.

They were still caressing and hugging as I went into the bathrooom.

It seemed to me that mom's passions were at an all time high right now.
They finally got up and were ready for their own shower as I was coming out
of the bathroom. Dad still having the quizzical look that I couldn't
answer either, as they passed me.

They were in there a long time, and I knew mom was on her knees sucking him at one point, by the noises and moans I heard while dressing.

I heard tender talking in their bedroom as I headed downstairs.

I leaned over and caressed Carol's tits and kissed her good morning.
Then Lisa, next to me as I sat down for breakfast.

Oh what a night, Billy. Lisa and Dan, your mom. Wow. Lisa said.
Billy, he made love with me half the night, Carol chimed. Damn, I was with
Bobby most of last evening and we fucked twice. I won't need any cock for
a while. Damn. My pussy is out to here....she laughed. Showing her hands
spread about a foot apart. Did it feel good acting like a slut. I
laughed. Oh hell yes, she smiled.

Hi daddy. Hi mom, as they walked into the kitchen.

Dad leaning over Carol and caressed her tits, kissing her neck. Good
morning Angel. Good morning Lisa, as he sat down. Mom's eyes were still
glazed as she poured coffee for them, and filled their plates.

It was wonderful! Absolutely wonderful guys. And you too Lisa, honey.
All of it was wonderful! I leaned over next to me and stroked the side of
her face with the back of my hand as she began to eat.

You too, daddy. It was wonderful last night. Thank you Angel.

Dad asked if anyone minded if he and Jack went for a few holes of golf?
No honey, go ahead. We'll be busy shopping this afternoon for Carol's
place, and the wedding things. Nikki wants to go along too Carol. Sure.
We'll call her before we leave.

I mentioned to dad that I was going with the guys for their fittings,
and he should stop with Jack also, on their way back. Sure. That's
important. I'll stop with him on our way back.

Bring him back here dad, with the other guys that will be here. There's
some things we need to talk about, that are important. Yeah, OK, Billy.
I'll pick up some more beer on my way from the golf course. OK.

Dad stood now, kissing mom and reaching for one of his golf caps from
the top of the refrigerator. See you all later. Bye honey.

mom looked lovingly at me over the top of her coffee cup.

Still, that longing in her eyes. How much I adored her. I knew damn
well she was wondering if I could raise a hard on. She seemed so hungry
for dad and me the past couple of days, and I understood part of it.

I smiled at her. I knew I would try to find some time this afternoon
for us.

Lisa and Carol got up and both did the dishes. Back into the girl talk
of weddings. mom still in her land of bliss as she stared out into space.
I got up and went behind her. Leaning over her and holding her tits softly. I kissed her face, and neck. Feeling her hardened nipples...just
waiting, hoping I would ask.... I knew my cock was really drained right
now. Her C cup tits filling and so pliable in my hands.

I patted her hair and I think she got my signal.

Finally, I told them I was going to see Dan, and then go to Bobby's.

I hope he can stay here tonight Carol said. I'll give him some hints
honey. I kissed her and Lisa and left. Dan and Nikki were having coffee
on their patio as I walked back there. She poured me a cup as I told her
the girls would be getting dressed to go shopping soon. Good. It's my
next move Billy. Her smile so tender. Dressed in a cream slip and
matching duster. Her naked body just barely visible under it all. Her
wonderful tits and nipples prominently showing their marks.

Soon, Dan and me were on our way to Bobby's house.


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