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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....There are NO missing chapters. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will flow into each other as you will see.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


Bobby was almost ready as we pulled in and we left for the fittings
right away. I picked up an extra case of beer, and explained to Dan about
telling my father and Jack what happened to the BASTARDS. Oh fuck! Billy.
Are you sure? said Dan. I have to Dan. I just can't leave town and leave
it hanging like this. Both of them know something's up. I can sense it
from dad, and some of the things Jack says too. I figure that we lay it
out to them what happened and why, that they will understand. If dad wants
to tell mom or Carol after that...or Jack and telling Annette....well that
would be up to them.

Well, if you think so Billy. I'm sure they'll keep their mouths shut.
Yeah, they will I assured them.

Dad's car was already in the drive as I pulled in. Jack and him were on
the deck as we brought up some cold beer.

It started out with casual bullshit, and then dad asked me what seemed
to be so important this morning?

I looked at Bobby, Dan, and then to dad. We have a story to tell

We exlained in pretty good detail what we did to the BASTARDS. HOLY
SHIT! Yeah, HOLY SHIT, Jack chimed in. Their faces almost white as we
finished the tale. We even told them of tying them upside down, and
pounding the stakes into each of their asses. They loved fucking Jimmy, so
we got even, Dan said.

You mean they're still fucking buried out near the lake? Bobby shook
his head. Remember when we all went out there swimming dad? The family?
Yeah. I was doing double duty rechecking the spot where we planted those
BASTARDS. It hasn't and won't be touched.

None of them have their cocks either. They are all shoved in their
mouths. HOLY SHIT! dad said. Are you kidding?

You really cut their cocks off? Dad asked shocked. Yes. They beat and
raped not only Jimmy and Carol, but several others at school that we
couldn't really prove.

The girls we are close to, can't even testify. They don't even know
what planet they're on.

They were into major drug dealing too. Beating up people for money,
raping women after they got them all high. These BASTARDS used to drive
around in different cities around here, when they were buying drugs to
push. They grabbed women off the streets and took them in the van and gang
raped them. They were just all around filthy scum and they're history now,
they're fucking DEAD. Bobby said.

Tell me about the van again, Billy. The van was the big kicker in all
of this. We took it to one of our friend's farms late at night, and buried
the fucking thing five feet down. It will NEVER be found.

BUT, when we tipped it over with the tractor, there was a real big metal
box welded on the bottom. We broke it open and found over $150,000.

That's the money we shared with Carol and Jimmy, also splitting it up
with the other guys in on the whole thing. I took MY $10,000 and put it
towards Carol's car.

HOLY SHIT! dad said again. THAT'S why you weren't so upset about them
not showing up in court all those times????

Yes. Now you know why.

Jack said we were thinking that these guys were probably going to get
off on all the charges. We almost told you back then, what we did, but we
were afraid you might unknowingly tip the cops to smelling a rat. That
even knowing, might make you too edgy under any questions.

Remember their scummy laughing, glaring at us, and giving us the finger
in court at their arraignments?

Remember their parents laughing and joking all through the court
appearances? As if Carol, Jimmy and all the others meant shit to them?

We knew ALL of those other girls they beat and raped. We knew ALL of
those other guys they beat to pulps....all of them from school. That's
right Billy. Bobby added. We knew all of them. You know Jim, that two of
the girls are now so fucked up from being beaten and raped by those scum
that one is still in a mental hospital and the other one is my cousin. She
will NEVER be right in the head again. She is gorgeous and all fucked up
in her head. That's how bad they beat her.

Dad said I need another fucking drink. His hands were shaking now. Dan
brought up another round for all of us.

We're all so glad to see Carol made it, and how she's coming along with
her new shop. We all love her and Jimmy. Fuck those scum. THEY'RE DEAD,
Bobby said.

They paid for their scum, and I for one am damn happy. I paid off my
truck with their fucking blood money, too.

Well, thinking back Billy, you are right about the way they acted in
court, and the attitudes of their parents and lawyers, dad said. I
remember how mad I was when they laughed and gave all of us the finger. So
do I, Jack said. Well, what's done is done.

Jimmy's in college, Carol is setting up her career. The BASTARDS would
have probably figured out how to skate on the charges any damn way, Jack

And all the fucking bills from the hospital for our kids, dad said.
Lucky most of them were paid by the insurance.

Well, you have to remember, they thought they left each of them for dead
at that lake too, I added. I STILL can't believe that jimmy was able to
dive both of them home in his condition that night!!! All thoswe broken
ribs. His eyes smashed......

Yeah, you're probably right, Billy.

Well, I think its up to you whether mom or Annette know what happened.
Maybe we should leave it as it is. At least for now Billy. Your ma is
having enough trouble dealing with you being gone soon.

Yeah, and Annette still remembers the nightmare from the first time she
saw Jimmy at the hospital.

We really thought they were both going to die.

The doctors said the odds were pretty slim for both of them the way
those scummy BASTARDS beat them. jimmy STILL has problems to this day,
Billy. I know, I said. I've watched him.

Well, I am glad you did tell us anyway. We kind of suspected something
wasn't right. We just couldn't decide whether you were directly involved
in it.

Jack had tears in his eyes remembering that night now.

How absolutely terrible Carol looked. Oh God!

Just then, beep beep in the driveway. The girls were pulling in and
needed help with boxes. There's the car, Jack. The one I bought her with
that dough. Bobby and Dan went to help them.

We acted as if all was normal now. Somewhere along the way, they
managed to pick up Annette. She came up to me and kissed me. Hi hon. How
ARE you? really nice Annette. I saw the longing in her eyes, So did Jack.
Lisa came over and sat on his lap with a drink. All smiles. We got lots
and lots of stuff for the wedding hall and sthings.

Carol staked out Bobby right away and they went into the garage with an
excuse of getting more beer and food.

I knew she would be on her knees in moments.

Dan mentioned that he couldn't stay too long because he had to go to the
head office for a meeting. He couldn't miss it. It was almost 50 miles

i forgot to mention it earlier Billy. They want to go over this year's
business plan right away with me.

That would leave Nikki alone tonight. I saw Lisa glance at my reaction
when she heard it. Probably wondering if I wanted to be with Nikki
tonight. She had been talking with mom. Both of them walked over on the
deck to me. mom said that it was OK once more to switch if we wanted. She
realized that Lisa and I had little time left.

She was hoping Annette and her could be with me tonight for the first
time, together? Oh, I'd love that mom. Really! Both of you at the same
time? Oh. A dream, lady! She smiled and leaned up to kiss me. Lisa will
be with your dad, and Nikki with Jack at her house. Carol wants Bobby to
herself. Lisa smiled. Actually honey, we're not going out of our not
being with outsiders this way. Except for Annette being with you and me.

Bobby and Carol FINALLY came out of the garage. Both red faced. We
took one look and laughed. Starting without us huh? Bobby was all smiles.
I knew Jack was hot to get Nikki over at her house. Dan had left a few
minutes before for his trip. Jack found an excuse to get near her when the
music started and they danced.

Annette found HER excuse also as she came to me with a smile and asked
to dance with her.

Has your mom told you honey? Yeah, I'm really happy Annette. It looks
like everything will work out nice tonight. I'm happy I was able to hook
up Carol and Bobby over there too! Yeah. They look pretty tight. Your
old man is going with a hottie over there too. The mother OF MY BABY!
Annette laughed. I have to remind him to take it easy with my baby in
there. Yeah, you better.

Carol announced her and Bobby were going for a ride and would be back
later. I wondered why she just didn't go ustairs now? THEN it hit me.
She was afraid to let Bobby see all of us switching. Especially with mom and me. He knew Carol and me made love, but not with mom, or her doing
dad! I could see most everyone starting to relax now, most had a few drinks
and were feeling OK.

Lisa was the first, along with mom to strip and go in the pool.
Inviting me and Annette.

Both of us stood and she giggled. I took off her blouse and lowered her
shorts. Her tanned olive skin looked beautiful. Just like her daughter's.
How trim her body was. I leaned forward and kissed her pussy for a few
seconds. This is for openers, I said. She smiled. Oh, we're going to
have the whole night honey. Wonderful. Her tits were still so firm as
they proudly stood out. Even for about 40, she looked ravishing. I knew
Lisa would hold her beauty like her mother, also.

She stood there naked, as dad and Jack watched us. Then she proudly
walked over and made Jack strip in front of Nikki.

It wasn't long before we were all in the pool playing volleyball. Just
an excuse for us guys to watch the girls tits bounce more.

Lisa's dad still couldn't resist kissing and feeling her body all over
though. All the time in the pool, he openly played with her.

I felt a huge relief that dad and Jack now knew our secret.

mom seemed anxious to get upstairs. Her and Annette were standing up on
the deck talking now, as dad circled the wagons around Lisa. I knew he
too, was itching to go to bed. I'm glad because I knew Lisa really did
enjoy making love with him.

Now, it was up to Nikki to make her move and get Jack to take her home.
I could sense these things occurring around the pool, after so many times.
I decided to get a few drinks and invite mom and Annette up to my crib. I
would leave the others to their own time table.

mom happily agreed and said good night, as well as Anette kissing Jack.
Dad playfully placed his fingers in mom's pussy as she passed him. Don't
hurt my son, he laughed.

I was happy it worked out I would have mom again tonight. I knew how
much she wanted it. Now, Annette thrown in for good measure. Two expert
lovers. Two mothers who both loved me.

I kissed Lisa tenderly. Asked her to come in, if dad happened to fall
asleep. Fat chance he'll fall asleep with ME honey. But I'll try. i'll
think of you while your father's cock is in me and your cock is in my mom though, she smiled.

mom staked out a side of my bed and I hopped up on the other. Annette
sat near the end. All of us finishing our drinks now. All of us quickly
naked once more.

I observed the differences between mom and Annette. Their bodies, both
trim, nice full tits. Annette was slightly shorter than mom. mom was
about 5'5". Annette a little smaller and shorter. I guessed about 5'3".
Mom's tanned body, against Annette's olive Italian skin, also tanned.
Annette's nipples were about the same size as mom's, but seeming to blend
into her tit. Mom's were dark reddish, and marked clearly against her
lighter skin. Neither of them sagged. Annette's tits seemed to spread
over a wider area of her chest, where mom's were separated more. Both sets
of tits making my cock hard, looking at them.

It was Annette that made the first move in reaching to caress my growing
hard on. A smile on her face.

Go ahead Annette. Billy and I are always here for each other least til they leave.....

Annette smiled at her in appreciation. What would you like to do Billy?
How would you like me to put this nice little guy in my mouth?

I knew before the night was out, I would be pumping into her ass. I
needed to arrange THAT at the end. Annette shifted and laid betwen my legs
as she stroked me softly. Looking up at mom and me. Her tits were bunched
together with her arms and hands both massaging my cock. She lifted my
sack and licked it. mom sett her drink on the bedside table and laid her
head on my stomach as she watched Annette begin her method of a blowjob closeup.

I massaged her back as Annette's warm mouth lowered down on my cock.
Her fingers softly holding my sack and caressing my balls. Her tongue
flicking on the underside and now her nibbles with her teeth. Sending
shivers up my spine. I like doing this, Annette said to mom, I really
enjoy feeling a man, especially billy or my husband in my mouth. So do I
Annette. Annette's mouth felt wonderful. Sliding up and down. No hurry.
Both her hands still caressing my balls as she sucked. mom used her two
fingers around the base of my cock and gently stroked me into Annette's
mouth. I was moaning with pleasure. My mom helping another woman to suck

Then, I urged mom's legs with my hands and pulled her pussy to my mouth.
Bow, she was on her elbows over me with her legs spread wide. My mouth
closing in on her wet pussy. I began to lick her as she watched Annette
still sucking me and feeling her pussy being licked.

Her pussy moved hard against my mouth now. I could feel the hardening
of her clit with my tongue and sucked it after spreading her little hood
with my fingers. mom was moaning and writhing on me, I was moaning with
pleasure of Annette's sucking and handwork, nearing a cum. I couldn't see,
but I was feeling wonderful. Annette's steady rythym, the steady
manipulations were bringing me slowly to a boiling point. She really did
enjoy sucking me as she said.

mom was moaning, her face still not far from Annette's as she told her I
was bringing her to a cum. Now, Annette seemed to suck me faster, her
fingers seemed to demand more. I knew she was trying to make me cum along
with mom and her orgasm.

She did it. Within a minute, both mom and me were all over with humping
at each other, me into Annette's mouth, and mom into mine as we both

Mom's fingers once again reaching to stroke my cock into Annette's mouth
as she saw traces of my cum on her lips. Annette still massaging my balls,
feeling them empty into her gentle sucking mouth. My hips arched high.
Mom on top of me, her legs wild as I licked her and sucked her clit through
her orgasm. Her juices just flowing out of her and into my sucking mouth.
I was holding her hips as tight as I could to my mouth. Now, I could feel
both of mom's hands holding my cock and feeding it to Annette as she felt
my spurts. Stroking me firmly as Annette sucked. darining me into her
mouth. Annette never stopping her sucking or caressing of my balls.

She continued sucking softly until I went soft in her mouth. Spent.
Fully pleasured. Mom's pussy slowly riding up and sown my licking mouth
and tongue, coming down from her orgasm.

After a few monutes, mom and I laid still. feeling our afterglow. Her
juices spread over my mouth and face. My mouth still pressed to her

Annette rose and came to the side of the bed and sat near us. mom and I
finally untangled and I laid in the middle. Annette smiled at me. Nice
Billy? Oh was wonderful honey.

You really came a lot this time. I had all I could do to swallow you.
Mom came a lot too. Yeah, I did Billy. You did me really nice. She laid
next tome and put her arm across my chest.

I pulled Annette close and she laid on my other side. Her pussy slowly
humping my hip.

I reached under her head and pulled her to kiss her. mom still laying
her head on my chest.

mom could see Annette's pussy moving with its slight urgings on my hip.
She raised her head and said its Annette's turn next honey.

They both knew I needed a little time yet. We all poured another drink.
Spoke of the wedding plans, our moving for the new company job. Everything
except sex. All of us naked, two women, and me with a cock they both
wanted in them.

After about twenty minutes, I felt my cock seeming to be strong enough
to handle Annette's soft pussy. My sgnal was to reach for her tit and
caress it as we talked. I caressed each of her nipples as mom watched.
feels nice Billy. Then I did the same to mom. Making her nipples
instantly hard and sticking out proudly.

I eased Annette on her back and slid over on top of her. Her legs
spread automatically anticipating me. Again, I could smell her faint
perfume and she guided me into her eagerly. mom watched as I eased my cock
into her. Her own hand caressing her tits now. I slowly pumped in and out
of Annettte. Loving every second. Oh you feel wonderful Billy. Yes, he
does Annette. We fucked in circles, humping, and then finally harder
ramming to our urgencies. Annette came at least twice to my once. Our
soft kisses, tenderness of her manner, always made it really nice.

I pulled out of her as I felt my cock go soft finally. Licking and
kissing her tits and nipples as she caressed my hair.

Then she needed to go to the bathroom. All this drinking......We both
watched her nakedness and beauty as she walked into the bathroom.

You're next mom. You're next, I said as I pulled her to me and kissed
her. I rolled her on her stomach and sat on her ass. Massaging her back
till I knew I could perfom once again. Annette sitting up next to us. Her
legs still spread as I saw her wonderful trimmed pussy that just pleasured
me so nicely.

A half hour later, there were two pillows under mom's hips as I was
pumping in and out of her from behind. Her pussy wide open to my thrusts.
her head on another pillow as she moaned softly into another wonderful
orgasm. An orgasm with her son cumming deep in her womanhood once more.
Annette rapt in watching our performance. Seeing me quickly roll mom on
her back after her orgasm and laying on her to smother her with kisses.

Suddenly, we all felt a little hundry. All three of us dashing down to
the kitchen to make quick sandwiches and another drink. Siting in the
kitchen eating. All naked, and as if it were the most natural thing in the

Both women, both married, both mothers, both beautiful, and both fucking
me. All these thoughts as mom once again urged us to go back upstairs. It
didn't take much for Annette to move.

mom turned right away as we got in the bedroom and went to her knees.
Pushing me down on the bed. Its my turn, now Mr. As if trying to show
Annette exactly how SHE sucks her son. mom spent a lot of time, knowing
the longer she stalled and pleasured me, the more cum would be building up.

Annette watched the whole operation. Leaning over to kiss me, with her
tits offered to suck and watching as mom pleasured up and down my cock.
Mom's gentle fingerwork combined with her mouth, once more forcing my cum out and into her warm mouth. Licking my cock all over as I came down from
her enforced orgasm on my cock.

Again, we all laid on the bed. Just resting now. Knowing Annette was
still anticipating me being in her ass.

I knew I was getting worn. My cock was feeling rather sensitive now.

After another half hour, I raised and pulled Annette to me tightly. Our
bodies stretched out and kissing her passionately. My cock once more at
least hard enough tofuck her. Her gentle stroking as we kissed. Mom's
caresses up and down my back. I eased Annette into position. She moaned
with excitement. Oh Jean, this is what I really love. I hoped Billy
would.....Her ass up to me now, wiggling in anticipation. mom thoughtfully
reached on the side table and filled her hand with cream. Here honey. mom moved on her knees next to me and stoked my cock with the cream. Then,
with a smile, guided my cock for me into Annette's tight ass.

OOOOHHHH baby. OOOOHHHH Push in Billy. Go ahead honey. OOOOHHH I've
wanted this. mom still kneeling there. Is this what I look like when you
do me? Yeah mom. OOOHHH My whole womanhood open to you? Yeah. I lve it
as I slid deeper into Annette.

OOOHH Billy, your whole cock is in her now. Feel nice baby? Yeah mom.
He sure does Jean. Oh, I love this. Give it to her Billy. Fuck your
honey's mother.

Yeah, Billy, fuck me honey. Please fuck me. I slid in and out of her
tight ass. Mom's eyes as excited as mine. Whole lot different that
fucking a pusy huh, Billy? Oh yeah mom. Her ass is really squeezing your
cock hard isn;t it? Yeah. fuck her Billy. Then cum in her ass. Fill her
ass with that cum Billy.

Yeah Billy. Fuck me, Annette was moaning from her pillow. I want it
honey, you know I dod. I love it in the ass Billy. I love it. Fuck the
hell out of me baby. mom was even urging my ass faster with her hand as
she watched my cock sliding on and out of Annette's ass. OOOOHH this is
hot Billy. Watching you fuck your mother in law in the ass.

OOOOHHH I hope you'll dome too honey. OOOOHHH Billy ram me honey. I
did. I rammedd as hard as I could into her. My cock feeling squeezed so
tightly. The sensations of her ass making me go over the edge finally and
shooting hard into her. My cum slipping ourt the sides , and down into her
crack. OOOOHHH I moaned.

The excitemtn of mom watching so close. The sensation of Annette's
fucking back at me....Her shaking and shuddering as she came with me deep
in her ass... all of it making me explode.

Now Annette's ass was moving in gentle circles. Savoring our orgasms.
My cock still deep in her. mom leaning forward to kiss me hard. Oh you
shot big time into her didn't you?

Yeah mom. Wow. It was....

Please do me honey. In a while, fuck me like this too, OK?

Sure ma. Sure. INow, I desperately hoped there was enough patience to
wait for me.

I finally pulled my soft cock out of Annette and collapsed next to her
on my back. She leaned over kissing me feverishly. Oh Thank you Billy. I
hoped you would do that honey. I loved it so much.

She got up and went to the bathroom for a warm washcloth. Washing my
entire cock, balls and groin.

OH Billy. it was wonderful baby. I came twice with you in me. When I
felt you cumming, it made me cum all over again. OHHH it was nice. Now
she also laid on her back. Heaving. Her tits rising and falling. Her
hips still moving as if she still had a cock between them.

I felt glad that I was able to make her so happy.

Now, the important thing...would I be able to do mom as she asked?

Please girls. I really need to rest a while. Want to go down to the
pool Billy? mom asjed. Yeah. That's a thought. Let's go Annette. no
one's down there right now. We could hear moaning from dad and Lisa as we
went down the stairs. Your daughter's being fucked good and proper by my
dear husband, Annette.

They smiled as we went down the stairs.

I got another drink for everyone, and we sat on the lounges. They were
still talking about how nice their orgasms were, when I got up and dove in
the pool. Just what I needed. Swimming around made me feel a little more

After a while, I got out, and toweled off. Now, I felt up to making mom happy. The music was still playing on the stereo. No one had turned it
off. I grabbed mom and we danced. Naked. She deliberately pressed her
pussy into my cock. OOOOHHH Honey. Its nice. Are you happy? Yes, mom.
Really. I love the feel of your tits against me ma.

So do I Billy. Feel my nipples becomming hard? Yeah. I like that a
lot. She moved them into me. Her hand reached between us and she caressed
my cock as we slowly danced. As we finished, we ended up near Annette
still sitting on a lounge. mom droped down to her knees and started to
suck me again. I'll get you hard for me honey.

Uh Oh Billy. Your mom want it like I did. Yes, I do Annette, she
smiled, taking her mouth off my cock for a moment.

Mom's magic was working as she sucked me into a nice hard on. Then she
finally let go and turned on her hands and knees. Looking up, inviting me.
It was Annette's turn this time to grab the tube of cream keopt on a table
near us. She coated my cock as she smiled. Do her good like me Billy.

She also aimed my cock into mom, as mom did.

mom was on her elbows and urging her ass back on my cock. I let her do
it, letting her take what she could, until she had me completely inside
her. Moaning. Oh shit, Annette. I love this too. maybe not as much as
you, but I do love it. Fuck me Billy. Fuck mom's ass.

Her pushing and excited moaning. Her ass rising up and down as she
fucked me, as I fucked her.

Oh, baby. OOOOHHH You're so deep in there Billy. OOOOHHH. In my

We fucked each other for quite a while as Annete watched us. Then I
could sense mom's urgency to her orgasm. I sped up and spurted small
amounts of cum in several spasms into her ass.

OOOOHHH Billy honey. I love this too. I feel you baby. I feel your
cum shooting. Its so warm in me. OOOOHHH Fill mom. Fill me with your
precious cum.

She was wildly fucking back at me. Her tits flopping. My hands
caressing her ass and hips as I felt myself completely emmpty into her.

Finally, this time, I knew I was done for quite a while.

We all went back upstairs to get in from a night chill.

mom mentioned that she was going in to check on dad and Lisa. She
kissed me and said she would send Lisa to be with me now, so that I could
amke love to her and her mother when I felt up to it. But now, she needed
to be near dad. I hugged her, we kissed and she said good night.

I was laying next to Annette, as Lisa came in a few minutes later.


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