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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....There are NO missing chapters. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will flow into each other as you will see.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM


CAROL, mom & ME


One look at Lisa, and I knew she too, was tired. Just about to ease
into sleep when mom aroused her to come in here with me and her mother.

Let's sleep honey. Yeah, Billy Annette added. I'm a bit tipsy and
tired too. I kissed Lisa with my love, leaned over and kissed Annette.
Then we all settled into deep sleep.

As usual, Lisa and I on our sides with my hand on her tit, and her
urging of my cock laying against her ass as we drifted off.

I felt Lisa stirrring slightly as I awoke early. My hand still laying
on her chest as she lay on her back now. You awake honey? I whispered.
Yeah Billy, just a couple minutes ago. It was nice last night with your
dad. He makes love different than you, but its nice. I caressed her tits softly. Her hand coming on top of mine. Billy? She turned on her side to
me now, I've been thinking honey, I'd like to do mom while you're in me.
Like we did to your mom. I just don't know what she would do thugh???? It
doesn't bother me honey to lick another woman as long as its someone I
love. I love her so much Billy. I leaned up and looked over at Annette.
Still peacefully sleeping on her back. Well, honey. Half the battle is
over now. She's already on her back. Her legs are open. If YOU don't I
will. I'll slide my cock in right now.

OK honey. Here I go.

I have a little better idea if you want to do her, honey. Let me kiss
her and feel her tits while you're eating and licking her. Then, if she
likes it, we can always let her watch me fuck you while you're eating her.

This way, she'll feel both of us loving her at the same time. A pretty
nice way to wake up huh? Yeah honey, OK. We kissed and touched each other
a few minutes and then she slid out of the bed and got to the middle of
Annette's slightly spread legs.

Lisa seemed nervous.

I slowly eased next to Annette and reached for her soft tit. She
stirred slightly, but stayed sleeping. Lisa laid down now, and I nodded.
Go ahead. I watched my lover lower her mouth and tongue to her mother for
the very first time.

Her eyes fixed into mine as she began to probe into her mother's slit
now. I felt Annettte again stir, and I massaged her tit slowly and gently.
Now, Lisa became a little braver and spread Annette's pussy lips with her
fingers and slid her tongue up her entire slit.

OOOOHHH baby, I whispered. I love eating her too. She tastes so
nice... Now, Lisa spent time licking slowly, learning her mother's most
private parts. Annette started to blink now, my hand caressing her tit.

Oh good morning Billy, I leaned over her and kissed her softly. I saw
her hips rising, as she softly kissed me back. Then I felt the shock in
her body as she realized someone was licking her pussy. She wanted to sit
up and look, but I covered her mouth again and kissed her. Still massaging
her tit.

Lisa must have found her clit and began flicking it as I probed my
tongue into Annette's mouth.

UUUUMMMMM she moaned. Finally, we broke the kiss, but I still stayed
near her face licking around her mouth and caressing her tits. Who
is....Enjoy it honey. Enjoy it. I kissed her again as Lisa licked her
deeper and must have slid her tongue into her hole. I glanced quickly and
Lisa's head was bent and busy into her mother's pussy with a fervor now.

I felt Annette shiver. Lisa felt her shiver. Lisa's hands on her
mother's mound and caresing as she licked her. I saw her now seem to find
Annette's clit and her lips closing in on it. I kissed Annette with her
arms holding me to her tightly. Kissing me with more excitement as her
moans became louder. Lisa was taking her mother into her first cum, with
her mouth. Annette's hips were rising and falling with her moans, her
desperate tries to see who was pleasuring her so nicely.

OOOOHHH I'm cumming Billy, please let me go. OOOOHHHH God, it feels so
nice...IIIIImmmm cummminnnngg OOOOOHHH

Oh God....Oh God....her breath becoming shorter, her tits heaving and
her body shaking as Lisa held her hips and sucked her mother over the edge
into woman to woman love. I was kissing Annette between her moans and
writhing. When she finally collapsed, I kissed her once again softly and
let her rise. Lisa was just raising from her mother's pussy now.

I love you mom. YOU? YOU ? Lisa honey? Yes mom.

Oh God honey, don't tell mom. I'm not...I love you. But
honey????? Lisa moved up on her mother now and laid on her. Almost face
to face as their tits meshed and crushed into each other.

I've wanted to do that with you for a long time mom. I hope you enjoyed
it. You came nice into my mouth, Like we do when Billy licks us.

But you? Honey...that's .....No mom. I only do it with Carol and his
mom. Now you. Oh honey. I don't know what to think now? Don't worry
mom. We're not lesbians. This is a big part of my love to just you from me

Oh Lisa homney...I've never....we know mom. You mean Jean and Carol???
Yes, mom. All three of us take turns once in a while doing each other.
Usually when Billy is in one of us. We all really cum good then mom.
That's what I want to do next mom. I was hoping you would like this so I
can do it again while you watch Billy fucking me. All of us can cum at the
same time.

OOOOHHH Honey. I don't seems so...Lisa raised and caressed
both her mothers tits and massaged them. I loved doing iit to you mom. I
tasted you for the very first time. Now I know what my honey Billy and
daddy taste when they lick you too.

Oh mom please? Try it once more. I really enjoyed doing you. You
enjoy sucking Billy. We enjoy sucking you too.

Billy wants to suck me while I suck you , if you'll do it mom.

Oh honey, Oh Lisa, I don't know...I don't know. What would dad think of
me? It turned MY dad on a lot, I said. Watching mom lick Lisa for the
first time while he was in her....he really liked it. I'm sure Jack will
like it too.

I was kneeling at her side and my cock was hard. Lisa still laying on
top of Annette. Oh Lisa, I DID cum so nice, but that was before I knew who
was doing it to me.

Here mom, suck my lover while I do you again. Lisa's hand on my hard
cock and pulling on me to move near her mother's mouth.

OH Lisa....I don't know...OOOH I cock neared her mouth and she
opened for me to slide in. Her head turned and her fingers came to my
shaft. Lisa slid slowly down and went back to licking her mother's wet
pussy. This time. Annette sucked me harder and with more force than
normal from her. Her excitement of her clit being licked and sucked. Her
moans as she held me in her mouth deep, her tongue sliding up and down as
she stroked me and sucked me.

Lisa forced her mother into another set of mini orgasms. She spent
quite a while this time pleasuring her mother.

OOOOHHH Honey, she's sucking me nice. OOOOHHH Lisa, please move now
honey. Let me inside her....

OOOOO I want to fuck her Lisa. Ok Honey. Lisa raised up and moved
quickly out of the way. I mounted Annette and hurriedly shoved my cock
into her wetness. OOOOHHH Annette....OOOOHHH I love fucking you....OOOOH I
fuckeed her hard and fast this time. Excited from her wonderful sucking and watcing Lisa. She was moaning and groaning with her eyes closed,
humping up at me. OOOOHHH cock feels wonderful being in your
pussy. Just like your beautiful daughter. OOOH I love fucking you....

Soon, I felt Annette's pussy clamping my cock tighter, my spasms
beginning and the surge of cum shooting into her....OOOOHHH Billy, fuck me
baby. Fuck me...I rammed as tight as I could deep into her as I came.
Lisa leaned over her and kissed her mother on the lips for the first time
during our orgasm. Her mother pulling Lisa harder to her mouth as they
kissed now. My cock bursting and emptying into her. Her humping, her
urgent thrusts for more of me. I jambed tight and stayed still as the last
of my spasms took over. Grinding her in wide wet circles over her entire

It truly was wonderful.

As she did with my mother, Lisa trailed down to kiss Annette's tits and
nipples and licked her way down her stomach til she reached her pussy mound. Licking and nibbling her mother and then, as she did before, pulled
my embedded cock out of her mother and sucked me with her face on her
mother's pussy mound.

sucked me till she felt me soften.

Her mother above her, still moaning in her ecstasy. Caressing her own
tits now, Her eyes closed feeling her bliss.

Watching my lover, Lisa, sucking the last of my drops of cum. After a
while, Lisa and I sat up and we all talked. Does THAT, make ME a lesbian,
Lisa? No mom. Its just that we have now opened a new door to love.
Sharing . Now, I can love you too, along with daddy and Billy. Did you
like it mom? I have to admit honey, I did. I came so nice. And then
Billy so deep in me making me cum yet again...OOOOH Billy. You fucked me
at just the right time honey. I felt you cumming Annette. I felt you
letting loose all around my cock. It made it nice for me too honey.

I laid down and leaned over and kissed her softly. Her body was still
shaking. Lisa sitting cross legged caressing her mother's tits and stomach

We could hear mom and dad in the shower now, just coming out. mom knocked and came in. Well, good morning all. Seeing Lisa massaging her
mother, mom looked surprised. Then it seemed she knew. She came over and
sat on the bed. Her duster unbuttoned.

It seems we all really had a nice night. Yeah I said.

Dad said it was really nice with you Lisa. I'm beginning to feel a
little jealousy, mom laughed. He talked about you for a half hour, instead
of filling ME. I had to wait another half hour before he could finally
fuck me and put me to sleep, mom laughed again.

Well, what do you think of us all going out for breakfast this morning.
mom said? Hey. OK mom. Good idea. been a long time.

mom was looking down at Annette. Still dazed by being fucked and eaten
by her daughter. Lisa had now given mom a knowing glance. They did ME too
Annette. They surprised the hell out of me, but....then after the second
time. it just seemed so natural with Lisa and my daughter while Billy was
in me. Did you ....did you cum as hard as I did when Lisa??? Yes. I did.
And again when Carol did me. I felt strange at first Annette. But
now..... I had been standing near mom now, and she looked over and saw my
hanging cock. She gently stroked it as she talked to Annette. I was going
to lick you myself last night Annette, but I thought I would wait until
Lisa opened that door for you and her. You mean you would go down on me
too? Yes, I don't mind anymore. I've come to enjoy making another woman,
expecially my daughter and Lisa cum. Now I too know, what our men enjoy
when they do us. Especially if Jim or Billy is deep inside me while I'm
doing it. Feeling another woman's body cumming because of me, while I'm
cumming has really turned me on since they started Annette.

mom had my cock rock hard now from her stroking. She turned and slid
her mouth over it in front of them. Have enough for me right now baby? I
think so mom. She stood a second and took off her duster. Leaning over
the bed and urging her ass up to me. I slid into her pussy as she motioned
for Lisa to get in front of her. Lisa moved silently an spread her legs to

Annette sat up and watched almost transfixed as mom lowered her mouth
into Lisa's pussy and began licking her. Both of them softly moaning as I
slowly began to fuck mom from the rear.

Her softness, her squeezing and enjoying my cock in her. Watching her
lick and suck my lover. Annette watching her lick and suck her daughter.
Annette's eyes were large. Her hand absently rubbing her tit. Seeing my
cock slide in and out of my mother.

Oh God, Annette finally moaned. Lisa's pussy urging mom to lick more
and more of her sex.

Mom's pussy was pushing harder into me. I knew she was near.

OOOOHHH mom, I'm going to cum, Lisa was moaning wildly. her head from
side to side as mom sucked her pussy.

Annette seemed in a trance. Watching her daughter cumming by the mouth
of another woman.

OOOOHHH I moaned. Mom, you feel so good. UUUUMMMMMM from Lisa's pussy.
I lasted quite some time in mom's wet pussy and finally exploded. Her
pussy milking me excitedly as I heard Lisa moan louder now. I knew she
too, was letting loose in mom's mouth.

Annette leaning over, still seeming in a trance and lowering her hand to
her daughter's tit. Watching her daughter cum in mom's mouth.

Oh God she said over and over as she began to earnestly roll her hand
softly over Lisa's tits. Lisa's eyes shut as she went through her orgasms.

mom finally easing off my cock and kneeling on the floor with her mouth
still sucking my lover.

I went around and knelt over Lisa and kissed her deeply as mom finally
raised her head from her pussy. Mom's face soaked with Lisa's juices. Her
tits heaving as she knelt there. Flushed. Lisa was spread wide as she
kissed me. Her entire pussy soaked. mom caressing Lisa's stomach and
mound as I raised from kissing her.

Oh mom, thank you, thank you. Its OK honey. I loved doing it for you.
Annette still had her hand on Lisa's tits, and then realized it. She
pulled it back as if it was shocked.

Its OK mom. Its OK. I liked you touching my tits when I was cumming.

Oh mom, Lisa said as she reached to hold both of Annete's hands in hers.
It really was great. mom made me cum so hard. OOOOOHHH it was nice mom.
Thank you. mom smiled and rose off the floor now. She smiled at me. Now
I have you and your lover in ME.

Come on you guys, lets get dressed and go someplace and pig out. mom dashed off to her room to dress as Annette slowly rose to go to the
bathroom. Still seemingly in a trance by all he had seen.

I told Lisa the next time I was in her mother in the ass, as she liked,
that she should be between her legs licking her at the same time. YEAH,
Billy. YEAH. I'd love to please mom like that, and really make her double
cum. YOUR mom too. Let them sit on your cock with it in their asses while
I spread their legs and eat them. WOW! Billy. Then that way, we can all
be part of it.

Lisa ran into the bathroom as soon as her mother came out. Not dressed.
I reached for her and pulled her to me. I leaned her head back and kissed
her softly.

My God, Billy, I have to admit it excited me so. Watching you fucking
your mother and her licking Lisa at the same time. Oh God.

I've seen movies Jack brought home once in a while with girls doing it,
but I never thought I would ever be part of it.

Well, now you are honey. I know you really enjoyed the cum Lisa gave
you. Yes. Yes I did. It was wonderful feeling her delicate lips and
tongue on my clit.

Oh God Billy. She leaned with her head on my chest. Am I a slut
lesbian now? No honey. Not a chance. Just another part of the love and
sex we all share.

Now I guess Lisa will expect me to do those things to her? Its up to
you honey. No one, especially Lisa will force you. If you want to, just
do it. I know she will love it, being you.

Lisa now joined us dressed and ready. We all went down and had a cup of
coffee, and then decided on a nice place to go for a breakfast. Dad took
Lisa by the hand up in the front seat, leaving me with mom and Annette in
the back.

His signal was clear. He wanted Lisa one more time, sometime this

She knew it too as she winked to me over the seat. The restaurant we
decided on was on the edge of town near where mom and dad's FAVOTITE
HIDEWAY was. NOW, I had an idea what was in dad's head.

We ate a long lazy breakfast on the outdoor patio of the restaurant.
Then, all piled back in the car. Sure enough, dad drove to their spot.
Annete had no inkling she would soon be getting laid again.

The familiar tables and mountain backdrop amazed Annette. This place is
nice mom.

I was surprised as dad reached for mom and pulled her to him to kiss
her. Her and I both thought he would make his moves with Lisa again.

Dad wasn't wasting time. He knew what he wanted and soon had mom leaning over the picnic table with her dress raised up. He was sliding
down her panties and getting ready to fuck her right there, whether we
cared or not.

I took his lead and turned to Annette. This time I would share her with

I eased her shorts off and knelt to kiss her pussy. Lisa watched us.
Annette seemed to be turned on by seeing dad fucking mom quietly at the end
of the table. mom enjoying every second of her husband's huge hard on.

Once I dropped my own shorts, I sat on the other end of the table and
urged Annette to suck me. Lisa still watching us and taking off her own

Annette was eagerly sucking me. Kneeling there naked.

When I became excited and hard enough, I quickly pulled her up and
turned her around. She was facing Lisa now, and I eased her back to slide
my cock into her ass. OOOOHHH Billy. oooohhhh honey. I pulled her back
to me tightly and then Lisa saw what I had in mind.

I was now laying across the table with my cock deep in Annette's ass,
and Lisa beginning to kneel at her mother's pussy once again. While I
fucked her mother. Lisa licked her wide open pussy.

My hands on Annette's tits as she almost screamed in ultimate pleasure.
Especially loving to be fucked in the ass.

Now, her daughter once again sucking her pussy at the same time.

Dad and mom had finished fucking now. They were sitting at the table
with mom across his lap. Both still naked, and watching the three of us.

My cock was sliding upward into Annette, and her arching to meet her
daughter's sucking mouth felt wonderful for my cock. Her soft tits feeling
nice too.

Both of us moaning. Lisa and I both felt her spasming into a cum. mom mentioned to dad that Annette was now cumming.

He waitied. When he saw Annette seem to finish, he rose and urged Lisa
out of the way and off her knees. He stuck his cock into Annette and
rammed in hard. Now Annette screamed. She had both of our cocks in her
now. I felt dad's cock rubbing and pressing against mine as I fucked
Annette's ass. Dad was leaning over her fucking her hard. I let him
control the rythym until I felt myself letting go with a loud moan from
under both of them.

Dad knew I was finished and picked up Annette in his arms and fucked her
as he held her. Her legs wrapped around him. Her hips riding up and down
on his huge cock. Their mouths glued.

mom watched as Annette fucked back on her husband. Finally screaming
with dad buried as deep as he could get into her. He was moaning into her

His cum dripping down her legs now. Lisa was standing in front of me
watching her mother get fucked like this. My hands wrapped around her on
her tits.

Dad finally eased them over to the table and set Annette back down on
it. Her face red, her nipples rock hard, and her pussy thoroughly soaked
with cum and juices.

Both of them heaving for breath.

This was superstar stuff for dad. Fucking two women so nicely, so
closely together.

He laid back on the table panting. His cock laying to one side now as
mom eased herself over to him. mom caressing his softened cock with love
in her eyes. Finally lowering her mouth and licking his balls tenderly.

Oh honey, let me rest a bit. She put her arms under dad's thighs and
lowered her mouth to his cock and licked him completely. Softly. Dad
spread wide in front of her on the table.

She feasted on his cock for some time.

Annette finally recovering from dad and me fucking her, and watching mom now.

Lisa went next to her with her arm around her. They watched mom begin
to suck dad, together.

It was a little time, but mom eventually managed to get dad hard enough
to climb up on him and straddle him. Lowering herself down and fucking him

By this time, I was able to get hard from Lisa playing with me. I bent
her over the table and fucked her in the ass as her mother watched us. Her
eyes now glowing.

Lisa moaning. Watching mom fuck dad in front of her, as she was being

It was another half hour before all our passions were spent and we were
on our way home again. Annette asked to be dropped off home. Lisa said
that maybe she should go with her too. She needed a shower and a change of
clothes anyway. I knew she wanted to spend new found time with her mother.
Sure honey. I'll check with you later. I kissed them both good bye.

It dawned on mom that her sister would be coming today.

Dad glanced at her in the front seat. Oh god, honey. I want you and
Billy like you both did Annette.

Please! I was so turned on by watching you two. Oh God. OK baby. You
up for it later Billy? He asked from the front seat. Yeah, I liked that
dad. OK.

mom turned and smiled at me. Knowing we would both be in her once


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