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I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....There are NO missing chapters. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will flow into each other as you will see.

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM



Mom's sister's car was in the drive when we arrived back home. mom was
surprised. I thought she was due this afternoon. Oh the house is a mess
honey, she said to dad. All the people from last night...Oh damn.

Patti was on the deck by the pool as we got out of the car. Hi all. Hi
Patti. Good to see you. dad said he was going up to take a shower and
then go golfing with Jack for a while. mom and I went back to the deck.

Patti was already in a nice two piece. Yes! The more i gazed at her,
the more she did look like mom. Even the shape of their tits.

Hi Billy, honey. Leaning forward to kiss me. Hi Patti. Good to see
you. I got a set of drinks for all of us, and looked at mom. I knew she
wanted to talk a lot of girl shit so I walked over to see Nikki and Dan.

I wondered if mom would tell her I wanted to fuck them both at the same

Dan had called and said that he would have to stay one more day at the
hotel for another set of meetings with his head office Execs.

Nikki and I had a drink and then went in her pool. Of course we were
naked, as usual.

I leaned back against a partially shaded corner and pulled her too me.
Her back against my chest.

I massaged her tits softly and her head went back to my chest. Relaxed.
Peaceful. Enjoying each other and the sexual touches always welcomed.

I knew she would be willing and probably wanted to make love with me.
Her nipples hardened in my fingers.

Oh, I really like this Billy. My own back yard. Having someone I
really care about feeling my body like you do. Feeling yours and my baby
inside me. I feel so at peace Billy. My guy has a nice new position. No
money worries anymore. Her legs were gently kicking the water, making her
body float. The sun glistening off her, and her curly pussy.

I like this too Nikki. I love seeing your beautiful body, and
especially knowing our baby is in there.

Your body is beautiful honey. Believe it. Won't be for long Billy,
when this guy starts growing.

My hands were still caressing her tits as she floated.

Now, she turned and stood. Pressing close to me and kissed me. Her
hands reaching down in the water to caress my cock gently. Looking at me,
knowing no words were needed. Sexy droplets of water on her tits. Just
her gentle massage of my hard cock in her hands would be her answer.

She kissed me again, and then silently turned and pulled herself out of
the pool, laying near it, and spreading her legs...waiting. knowing I
would be in between them.

I climbed out near her head. Her hand reached for my cock as I was
still kneeling. She smiled up to me and urged my cock down into her mouth.
Her hand going to my ass and urging me. I straddled her shect and she
pulled me into her mouth.

Again, her wonderful feathery touches. So pleasing and undemanding.
Really enjoying my cock in her mouth. Her tongue sliding up and down the

Knowing how much she was pleasuring me.

Oh Nikki, I love this. Don't make me cum yet honey though. I spoke
softly down to her. My cock sliding in and out of her mouth. I want it in
you honey. She smiled as she sucked me gently.

Yes. She did enjoy sucking me. Finally she let loose and said OK,
Billy, put it in me. She raised her knees and spread her thighs wide for

Oh how beautiful. I thought of how almost all women prepared themselves
for being fucked. Nikki reaching her fingers into her pussy to spread her
juices. Her smile of anticipation. The way women stared at the cock that
would be in them. Almost always subconsciously licking their lips.

A seeming extra glow in their eyes. Their faces seeming to flush more
than usual. Their nipples so hard, their version of mini cocks, and just
as sensitive. Invitations for their man to pleasure themselves in sucking them. The extra puffiness of their whole pussy area. Especially their
outer love lips. The short panting they all seemed to experience. The
extra heaving of their tits and chests.

Yes. I thought. How all women were so much the same anticipating their
man's cock. I smiled at her as I aimed my cock into her. Her eyes
transfixed on it as I eased into her. Then at my eyes as she felt me
deeply invade her sex.

Soon, we were grinding hard against each other without pumping. Her
ready made wetness working for each of us. Made to increase our pleasure.
Buried deep in her and forcing my cock to still move all over within her
warm pussy. Rocking sideways, forward. Still buried deep inside her.

Loving every second of this pleasure. Each of us. This is nice Billy,
I love it just like this. The usual girlish demure shyness was gone.
nikki was in the midst of giveing herself to me. Sharing her complete self
with me. Openly enjoying what I was offering. openly wanting this sex,
and giving her share to me.

God, the way we move like this together, Billy. It makes me feel so
nice. I can feel your cock in all directions in my pussy when we do this.

I like it too honey.

Are you in a hurry to cum, Billy? No hon. I like this.

Good. Keep fucking like this. My pussy will probably take over by
itself. I leaned and we kissed. her hands caresing my head.

Many minutes later, I was cumming deep in Nikki. Both of us hugging
tightly, Feeling our juices blend inside her. Oh Billy, OOHHHH I feel you.
OOOHHH. Her body urging me to give my all. I'm right with you Billy, she
whispered in my ear. Oh God, it feels good.

Just as we were coming down from our mutual orgasm, mom and Patti walked
back in the yard.

Both standing there till we finished. Waiting until I knelt in between
Nikki's legs and pulled out of her.

Then mom spoke. Looked like a nice one you guys! Smiling down at Nikki
and offering her hand to ease her up.

Nikki felt a flush of embarrasment as she noticed a stream of our juices
easing down her inner thighs.

mom laughed. Its OK, honey. It happned to me a few hours ago. Mind if
we swim? Oh No, go ahead. mom took off her shorts and threw her top to a
chair. Urging her sister to do the same. Patti looked at me, my cock now
hanging and wet from our juices and smiled. Her eyes went back to my cock
as her head came back out of the water.

Nikki wanted to clean her pussy and said she would be out in a minute.

I hoped she wouldn't put her clothes back on. I sat on the edge of the
pool with my legs in the water.

Finally, Nikki came out and had on a light duster. mom urged her to
join them in the pool. Nikki hesitated, but then took off the duster and
slipped in carefully.

I looked at the three women carefully. Again noticing the little
differences between each one. Their naked tits, hair, bodies.

mom was telling them of our adventure into that little park earlier this
morning. How dad nailed her over the table. I saw Patti's eyes widen in
excitemnt then. I knew then she would want something similar. Patti eased
her way over to where I was sitting. She was between my raised legs and
reaching to caress my cock. Are we going to be able to get together later

I hope so Patti. I hope so. Its been quite a while Billy. Yeah it
has. She smiled. I'm looking forward to it. Really Billy, she smiled up
at me. Your mom's been telling me a LOT of stories over there.

Probably not the HALF of it I laughed. I want THIS half she smiled. OK
Patti. Maybe after dinner hon. I would like that. OK Patti. She swam
away knowing she would be satisfied tonight. Now, whether mom would join

Nikki swam over expressing her embarrassment at having our juices
running down her legs like that in front of them. Don't be silly honey.
It happens to all of them all the time when they finally stand up. Yeah,
but we BOTH came a lot Billy. There was a gusher of cum running down my
thighs. Look, honey, don't worry about it. Its happened to mom, and Patti
too. Nik?, yeah? Would you like to be with my dad tonight?

I would like mom and her sister, but then dad would be alone???? I , I,
well, OK. Billy. I'll go back with you and bring him back here. Thanks

I'd much rather have YOU Billy. I smiled. My dad seems to really like
it from behind Mik. OK Billy. I like it that way too. But I'll be
thinking of you being in me Billy.

How sweet. I smiled and rose. My cock soft now. I said I would see
them all later and told them I was taking a short nap upstairs.

There I was, walking across the road naked again. No one in sight. No
one living near enough to ever see me.

Carol was still gone with Bobby. I was happy for her.

Dad was still gone, golfing with Jack. I knew they were probably all
engrossed, talking about what they now knew of THE BASTARDS. I went up to
lay down for a rest I knew damn well would be needed for tonight. It
seemed a never ending merry go round of pussy lately.

Not a bad thought, IF your're superman. Even after this morning, I
still dozed off happily thinking of being inside mom again tonight.

I had no idea what time it was when again, I awoke to a pleasant
feeling. mom was sitting on the side of the bed. Caressing my cock. Back
on earth again honey?

Oh hi mom. What time is it? About 9. I saved a plate for you
downstairs. Dad is over with Nikki, and just Aunt Patti and me are here.
Just for you doll.

Am I in serious trouble now, mom? Will you BOTH attack?

No honey, Patti said from somewhere to my side. She was laying mext to

mom eased me up to stand and came behind me. There were just streaks of
filtered moonlight.

Her hands now hugged me to her soft body, pressing her tits into my
back. Then she slipped her hands down to my cock. I felt her tits pressed
and drag hard against me all the way down.

Aunt Patti has never seen us make love Billy. I told her we do. mom was softly kissing my back and was on her way down to my ass. Kissing all
the way. Still softly stroking my cock in front. Her wet mouth sucking and licking all over my ass. My cock was rock hard and throbbing in her

Patti has never seen me suck your cock either Billy. She didn't believe
me when I told her. mom inched on her knees to in front of me now.
Kissing her way.

No, Patti has never seen me suck your cock. My wonderful son's nice
hard cock. mom turned me so that Patti could see us perfectly from where
she was laying, in the dim moonlight.

Then she caressed my cock with both hands. Patti has never seen you
fuck me either. Patti has never seen me lick and suck your big balls in my

mom opened her mouth and slowly sucked up and down the sides of my cock.
Using her hand to stroke me and caress my balls. No, Patti hasn't seen you
cum in my mouth either Billy honey. She hasn't seen me suck your wonderful
cum on my tongue as mom slipped her mouth straight down on my cock causing
me to moan. Patti watching every move. Her hand caressing her own pussy up on the bed. Now mom rose. Slowly kissing me as she finally came back
to my lips. Pushing her tits into me. No, Patti hasn't seen us do a lot
of things honey. Like fucking me.

mom turned to the bed and leaned on her hands. Offering her pussy up to
me. Patti has never seen your hard cock slide into me like she used to
watch our daddy fuck me.

Her pussy urging me to slide in. I aimed my cock and slid into her wet
hole. My hands on her ass. OOOOOHHHH mom said. Yes. See my son fuck me
Patti. See his cock sliding in my pussy like daddy used to do?

OOOOHHH Jeanie. Oh, Billy your cock is so damn hard. So damn big from
what I remember. Yes, Patti. His big cock fucks me almost every day,
don't you Billy? Yes mom. We do. I was slowly pumping in and out of mom now.

mom let me slide in and out a few more strokes and then pulled Patti to
the edge of the bed to lay like she was.

Come on, Patti. Billy will fuck you now, like he fucks me. Patti was
now laying right next to mon on the bed copying her position. She looked
back at me as I neared her pussy. OOOOHHH Billy, OOOOHHH as she felt me
pushing into her. She felt wet and nice. Nice pussy huh Billy?

Oh yeah mom. Patti hasn't had any cock in a while Billy. Make it good
for her. Now. I leaned over Patti and fucked her with a nice steady
rythym. My cock feeling wonderful in her. Much like mom's. She was warm
and eager for me. Raising her ass up to meet my thrusts into her clutching
pussy. Feeling really nice as I buried deep as I could go. Time and time
again. Fuck her good Billy.

Like our daddy used to do.

We used to lay like this for our daddy Billy.

He took turns fucking us, right Patti? OOOOHHH Yes Jeanie. He did.
OOOOHHH Billy, it feels so nice in there honey.

Yes! we laid like this on our stomachs so daddy could choose which one
of us to fuck. And where to fuck us, right Patti? OOOOHHHH Jeanie, I'm
starting to cum already ....OOOOHHH Billy you're so deep in me

I fucked her harder now as I felt her getting wetter. mom was humping
her own ass up and down hoping I would once again fuck her too, laying
right next to her sister. Soon, Patti was moaning loudly as she came. I
could feel her tensing around my cock and her body stiffened. I plunged as
deep as I could go and stayed there while she came.

OOOOOHHHH shit. OOOOHHHH You're making her cum good Billy. Fuck the
shit out of my sister. Then fuck me honey..... OOOOHHH I'm there
Jeanie....he's fucking me so nice...OOOOHHHH Billy...OOOOHHH.

Her ass rammed tight against me as she finally eased down from her

Collapsing on the bed now. Breathing heavily. I quickly moved to mom before I lost my hard on. I slid into her quickly and started the same
rythym as with her sister.

Soon, mom was moaning into the bed. Her fists clenched as she felt her
orgasm rip through her. I fucked her hard and fast now, as I too, felt
spurts starting to flow from my cock. I was stiffened as my orgasm reached
its high. My cock throbbing inside mom's milking and squeezing pussy.

OOOOHHH mom. OOOHHH I stayed pressed into her for a few moments as we
both came down. My eyes cleared. My head stopped spinning. I fell down
on top of mom and rolled next to Patti on my back. Gasping. Mom, catching
her breath putting her head on my chest.

Now, Patti rose on her arm next to us. Oh Billy. It felt nice baby.
Its been a while since I've been fucked.

We moved around so that we were all laying on the pillows now. They
were on either side of me. I have a guy now, that I see. He lives in
town. Usually on weekends he comes to stay or I go into town and spend the
weekend with him.

Trouble is, he's out of town a lot on his job. Sandy likes him. So
maybe we'll get a little tighter and maybe...Jeanie....

You mean marry the guy, mom said? Yes. I've been thinking about it.
He's asked me. I just want to feel sure though, you know what I mean?
Yeah hon. He's good to us, and reallly seems to care for me.

I definitely want to be at YOUR wedding kiddo, she said to me. I hope
you're there Patti. Think we can sneak a fuck with this guy in the john at
his wedding Jeanie? Laughing.

Patti, you're not going to believe this. He and Lisa want her mother and father, Jim and me to be on the sides of their WEDDING BED watching
them do their very first married FUCK????? Can you believe it?

They used to do that in the Middle Ages, didn't they? Yeah Patti. Its
just something we want share with all of them. Why? Then it hit me.
Patti didn't know too much about what we have been doing.

We have to have a LONG talk tommorrow Patti. I mean a LONG talk mom laughed.

Didn't this remind you of you and me and daddy? Yes it did, Jeanie. I
told Billy, honey.

I told him the whole story. Patti. How we kept daddy happy after mom died.

We loved him Billy. Like your mom loves you. I understand Patti, I

Patti, I said, I just can't explain how I feel, what happens to me when
I'm inside my mom here. I know sweetie. I felt like that when my dad was
inside me too. I know what you mean.

mom and me have this specialness that I treasure, Patti.

I love her as a woman, a friend and as my lover, and mother. Lisa is
only slightly different, but I love her just as much. mom laid her head on
my chest again. I caressed her long hair and back. I love you mom. I
love you too Billy honey. Her tits feeling so nice softly pressed on my

Billy and I make love a lot Patti. But now that he'll be leaving for
that new position, he'll be gone through the week for maybe a couple years.
Its a hundred miles away.

They're going to build their house on the big lot next to us Patti. Oh
yeah? We're going to help them out, along with Lisa's parents.

By the time Billy's new assignment with the company is over, his house
will be done.

That will be great for them, Jeanie.

mom was caresing my cock softly as she spoke now. Her head still on my
chest. Breathing softly.

Oh, Its been so wonderful here Patti. All of us making love like this.
We never argue, fight or any of that stuff Patti.

I can usually see who would like to be with who, and it works out OK.
Jim is over with Nikki right now, Patti, No shit? He left for her house
when we came upstairs to see Billy. He'll make love with her til morning.

Wow. Lisa is home now, probably making love with HER father right now.
Are you shitting? No. Patti, I said. Her and her father have been making
love for quite a while.

Billy makes nice love with her mother. Holy shit. Is there an end to
this? Not yet. Carol makes love with all of us. What do you mean ALL?

I mean ALL. Including ME. YOU? yes. It started a little while ago,
and now I really enjoy it. Her and I, Lisa and I, The three of us.
Usually while Billy is in one of us, we will lick the other girl to a cum right along with us.

No shit? Yes. We're not lesbians. Its just that we love each other so
deeply around trailed off.

Now mom started to suck me softly with her head on my groin. Softly
stroking me into her mouth. UUUUMMMMMM Her tongue softly flicking my cock
inside her mouth. Patti was watching and began to stroke my head.

OOOOHH mom. Feel good having your mom suck you Billy? Oh God yes.
Mind if I take a turn honey? Iwould like to suck you now?

mom moved over and came to my side. Letting Patti slide between my

Patti was gentle, and a little clumsy at first, but then got into it and
sucked me wonderfully.

I let her go for a while and then asked her to come up on me and let me
put it in her.

Oh Billy. She moved up and straddled me. Oh, how unselfish honey. I'm
not used to this. I felt her wet pussy slide down on me and we both moaned
with pleasure. Her pussy was a bit tighter than mom's. My hands went to
her tits and mom kissed my face as she watched me fuck her sister.

Patti rocked back and forth, moaning softly, Enjoying the feel of my
cock deep inside her as much as I did.

She felt wonderful. We did this a long time before she began to spasm
and forced me to spasm along with her and I came softly this time into her.
This time, my spurts were gentle as they came out.

I hugged her to me for quite a while as mom caressed each of us.
Finally, Patti rolled to her back and laid beside mom. I watched as mom began to caress her sister's tits and lean down to kiss them as Patti
rnjoyed her bliss from our fuck. It didn;t occur to her what mom was doing
until about three minutes later. By this time, mom was almost laying on
her sister and still caressing her tits and licking them. Oh, Jeanie.
You're going to do THAT stuff with ME?

Yes! Yes I want to Patti. OK?

Oh Jeanie, I'm not a....I know hon. I know. Let me do this to you...OH
Jeanie I don't know..Oh I just don' had reached Patti's mound now
and was busy licking and chewing her bush.

Oh Jeanie. You're really going to....yes, hon. Enjoy this from your
sister. I watched mom slowly lick and suck her way between her sisters
spreading legs and begin to lick her for their very first time.

I leaned over Patti and kissed her tenderly as she nervously shook. mom now at her clit and licking softly as Patti moaned into my mouth. I took
over sucking Patti's tits and caresses while mom sucked and licked her
sister's entire pussy, Forcing cum after cum out of her.

As Patti reached her third climax, moaning and thrashing. I moved to
her side and slid my cock near her mouth. Offering it for her to suck if
she cared to.

She greedily pulled me closer and sucked me hard. Her moans around it
as mom brought her yet again to another cum. I also came into her gently
sucking mouth. My cum trickling down the side of her face. She collapsed.
My cock still in her mouth.

I knew then, Patti would never be the same. Neither would mom.

mom came up to lay next to me. Wow, Billy. She's really out. You
really did her mom. I can't believe I just licked and sucked my own
sister's pussy.

I leaned over her and kissed her. Tasting Patti's juices on her lips. I
pulled up the blankets and covered all of us now. I pulled mom into my
arms and held her tits close to my chest as we kissed. As close as any
couple can be to each other. My arm around her. Mom's knee pressing up
tight to my cock between my legs. We fell asleep with mom in my arms.

Carol and dad were in the kitchen drinking coffee when I woke. I eased
out of the bed and let mom and her sister sleep. I knew they would need to

Carol was excited about her time with Bobby. He had to work a double
shift today, but would be off again tommorrow. She looked freshly fucked
as did dad.

I'll bet it was nice with Nikki, huh dad?

Oh yeah Billy, She's such....I know dad. I know, I smiled.

mom and her sister are still sleeping up there.

I mentioned that I was still a little tired. Not much rest last night
dad. Me either Billy, Carol said.

Well, Carol, what do you say we go up and rest in your bed for a couple
hours? NO!.... Just rest honey. Well, OK Billy. I need more rest after
Bobby and that huge cock. Dad laughed. Daddy, his cock IS huge. I
nodded. It is dad. He's a fucking bull. He fucked me like a bull too,
Billy. We laughed again.

Dad said he was going out on the deck to work on a couple of reports for
work. Carol and I went up to her room. I told her about mom and her
sister. She almost shit. I was sitting on the side of her bed as she took
of her clothes. I pulled her to me and sucked her tits and nipples softly
as she circled my head in her arms. Oh Billy. Oh Billy. I love you so. I
looked up at my beautiful sister.

Suddenly, I wanted her, and she knew it. I wondered if she felt up to
it. Looking down at me, she leaned and kissed me. Then pulling my head to
her tits and caressing my hair.

Ok Billy, Lets make love. Would you like me to suck you first, Billy?

Yeah honey, for a minute anyway. It will make me real hard for you. OK
hon? She knelt in front of me and smiled. I've sucked a mile of Bobby's
cock in the past couple of days. But sucking YOU is always special for me

It wasn't long before her gentle sucking and soft hands had me rock hard
and yearning to be in her. She moved easily into the bed and spread
eagerly for me. We made tender love for quite a while and dozed off for a
long nap in each other's arms.

Sometime later, mom woke us and said her and Patti were going shopping
and she was going to show her Carol's shop. Dad had gone golfing again,
and Lisa's dad would drop her off later this afternoon.

Carol and I stayed in bed a while longer. Making love once more, before
taking a shower together. I knelt in the shower and licked her to a soft
cum. Then we went down to eat. Its fun making love with you Billy. I
feel so free with you. Not with others like that. I feel the same way
Carol. I love your body. Your tits, Everything.

I love how your balls feel when you shoot in me too. I feel them
pressed into me, and I can feel them moving when you shoot. It turns me

After we ate, we walked out to the pool and she curled up on me in a
lounge chair. Just wanting to spend quiet time with me.


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