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cAROL, mom & ME 119

I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....THERE ARE NO MISSING CHAPTERS. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will ALL flow into each other as you will

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM



Lisa and I laid there on the bed for a while longer. I needed to rest a
little after Patti's blowjob.

Oh, how strange for me, honey. I mean STILL. Having you right here and
watching my Aunt sucking me. It turns me on Billy. I like to watch these
things. Remember how I watched you and Carol when this all started? We've
each had sex with everyone we know almost, Billy!

How many times did we fuck down at the pool and watch each other getting
it? Yeah! It is fun honey, I said.

The phone rang and it was Carol. She asked iof Lisa would come to the
shop to help her out for a few hours this afternoon? Sure, I said to Lisa.
We went down to eat a little breakfast. Dad seemed quite happy and
mentioned that he would like to go golfing this afternoon if no one
minded...looking at mom?

No honey. Go ahead. I have a few things around here to take care of
anyway. Patti finished her cup of coffee and rose. She wanted to get a
start on the road home.

I've really had a nice time these past couple days, she said. Reaching
her arm around mom's shoulder. She leaned over and kissed her and then
dad. Walking toward me, I really enjoyed our time, Billy. Really. I
leaned up and kissed her. Her hands caressing my face.

I'll see you both for your wedding, she smiled.

She reached for her purse and a travel bag as mom rose to follow her out
to her car.

Yeah, it was fun. Dad smiled also. She is one hot number when she gets
into it huh, Billy?

She sure is dad.

Well, I'll drop Lisa off at Carol's shop on my way to the golf course.
Oh great dad, Lisa smiled.

Soon, they were off and it left mom and me alone, drinking coffee.

I was forming a special plan in my head for her this afternoon. It
would be just us for quite a few hours.

I got up and went behind her. Reaching to cup her tits, and kiss her
neck. Are you telling me you want me honey? No, not right now, anyway
mom. I just want to hold you. She stood now, and turned to put her arms
around me and kiss me as a lover. I held her tight and we shared a soft
and loving kiss.

I told her I had a few things to do and I would be back in a half hour.
O.K. Honey. I got in the car and went for some flowers, and then a nice
bottle of wine.

I stopped at a take out place and got some steak sandwiches to go. I
put the whole woks in the trunk and headed home.

mom was just finishing folding the laundry, and I told her we needed to
take a ride.

Now? Yeah mom. We'll be back in time for dinner later.

In a few minutes, she was dressed and ready. We drove into the country
and then she realized where we were going. To her favorite spot with dad
at their small lake.

I pulled in and leaned over to kiss her. I got the blankets out of the
trunk and the other stuff I bought. Spreading it all on the table.

I was glad there were still glasses in a bag in the trunk.

I poured the wine and opened her sandwich. Wow! A nice little surprise
honey. We ate and drank a glass of the wine.

When we were done, I eased her out of the bench and kissed her. I
turned her around and slowly unbuttoned her blouse from behind, and then
lowered her shorts. She was naked now. I stripped quickly, and stoood
behind her and held her close as we looked out over the mountains and the
small lake. I could feel her nipples getting harder as she moaned softly
against my shoulder.

I want to make real love with you mom, I whispered in her ear. I turned
her to me again and we kissed. Silently, her eyes filling with her
passion. Her arms around my neck. Leaning down to kiss her nipples and
then lowering myself to kiss her whole body. When I reached her lower
belly, I turned her so that I could lick and kiss her ass cheeks. My
fingers reaching in front to caress he mound.

OOOOHHH Billy. I caressed her hips and thighs as I licked her ass.
Now, I turned her so that I could bury my mouth to he pussy mound. Her
hands went to the top of my head and raked through my hair.

I love you mom, as I glanced up to her. I spread her legs a little
wider so I could tongue her slit. Her moans of pleasure. I could feel my
cock raging, but I knew I needed more time. Much more time. I forced my
mouth into her pussy and sucked her clit. I could feel her shivering. My
hands rising to cup and caress he tits as I sucked her. Her legs shaking
with her enjoyment. Finally, I eased her down on the blanket and dove into
her pussy with a furor with my mouth.

I want your cum, mom. I want to drink you. Please don;t close your
eyes while I do this. My hands went under her ass cheeks and I held them
up so I could lick and suck her pussy. Staring straight into her eyes as I
sucked her. Oh Billy, mouthing the words silently. Her pussy making up
and down motions as I pressed into her womanhood. Tasting her, licking and
tonguing deep as I could into her. Loving her.

OOOOHHH Billy darling. Our eyes still locked.

I felt her orgasm begin... the spasms. her eyes fluttering. Her
juices starting to flow freely. My tongue lapping all of her essence.
Still our eyes keeping contact as she came into my demanding mouth. Her
shivers, moans and now, almost a scream as I took her over the edge with my
mouth. I stayed glued to her pussy till she came down.

Not leaving her any time tor ecover, I quickly slid between her legs and
aimed my cock. Her hands reaching desperately for it to guide me. Begging
me to fuck her. Her hips rising and falling in anticipation.

Soon, I was deep inside her. Ramming her hard. Deep. Leaning down to
kiss her hard. Shove my tongue into her sucking mouth. We fucked. We
fucked hard at each other. Her pussy gripping me so tightly. Moaning
between both of us could be heard for a mile, I thought.

I fucked her fast. I fucked her slow. Deep. Her pussy and hips rising
to meet me all the way. Her hands and nails scraping my back as never
before. Her nipples raging hard. Standing out from her shaking tits.

I raised over her and told her to look at me. Watch each other as we
came. Once again our eyes were glued. She felt me cumming as I felt her
orgasm releasing her woman;s juices all over my cock and down into her ass
crack. Her eyes rolling.

I was spurting harder and harder into her depths now. Our eyes glowing
with our passion and orgasmms. I stayed deep in her as she bucked and
bucked up to me, milking me. Squeezing my cock. Caressing it in her
wonderful velvet channel.

We were making pure love now. Pure passion for each other. mother to
son. Son to mother. Taking and giving our complete selves to the other. I
felt one more blast from my cock deep into her, and I collapsed on her.

Her pussy contracting long afterwards as I stayed inside her. Our
kisses turning to tenderness now. Her hands caressing my back wordlessly.
Our breath coming in gasps. The wonderful feeling of her pussy caressing
my softening cock still in her. Saying I love you.

A woman's complete and entire surrender to a man.

Finally, I pulled out of her and laid on my side next to her. Leaning
over to kiss her tenderly.

Yes. It was love. Her kisses were love. Her fingers telling and
making me feel her love. I rolled on my back and pulled her head to my
chest. Her body half on me now.

After a while, I reached up on the table for our wine glasses. I handed
her hers, and before I could sit down, mom sat up and did the same thing
she had done months ago. She reached for my cock and raised her glass of
wine up to my hanging cock. Making sure most of my cock was in the glass,
she leaned over and sipped from it, and then licked my cock while still
jambed into the fizzy glass.

Her smile up to me. Now, I'm going to suck your wonderful cock Billy.
She sipped the wine again, and held it in her mouth as she sucked in my
cock. Once again swirling the wine over and over my cock. Making it warm.
It felt absolutely wonderful. Standing there, my mother sucking my cock
with a mouthfull of red wine. Her fingers softly caressing my balls. Up
and down my shaft she went. All the time looking up to my eyes. I started
to slowly pump and she accepted my thrusting and just waited for me. Her
tongue working constanlty inside her mouth, all over my cock. Her tits pressed into my thighs. Then she took my balls into her mouth and sucked them. Her tongue rolling over and over them. She watched my cock
throbbing in front of her as she sucked my balls. Seeing trickles of cum escaping out of the head, she finally lowered her mouth and took me deep.
Forcing my cock to exlplode into he throat. My back arching into her. My
orgasm was also her pleasure as once again, our eyes stayed glued through
my orgasm into her mouth.

She licked and drank me. Massaged my entire cock and balls as she felt
me starting to finally go soft in her mouth. A complete and wonderful
blowjob from my adoring mother. I pulled her up and kissed her deeply.
Her tits crushed into my chest. My hands all over her back and down to her
ass. We were sharing pure passion. Pure love, right now.

OOOOHHH Billy. I love you so, honey. I love you too mom. We sat on
the blanket and drank another glass of wine. Gazing out across the open
field and valley, and up into the mountains. It really was a beautiful

mom was sitting between my legs with her head against my chest. My hand
caressing her tit as I drank some of the wine.

Oh Billy! Its so damn nice making love with you. You really made me
cum hard this time honey. Especially with our eyes deep into each other
like that. watching you cum as I was cumming. Oh, I liked that Billy.
Your dad and me used to do that long agao. I'll have to remind him to try
it again. I really liked it Billy. Looking into each other's eyes as we
both cum.

I caressed as much of her tits and body as I could reach. Still, I
couldn't get over how nice her tits were for her age. So firm. So full.
Hardly a real sagging. Even though they were a good size C cup. Still
seeming to be so youthful.

Mom, I came hard myself. Your pussy was really into high gear this
time. I know honey. It was doing a lot of it by itself. You really made
me excited. It was wonderful.

I could see the glistening of her trimmed pussy hairs.

We stayed like that for quite a while. Talking, touching and feeling
the genuine love we shared.

She could feel my cock getting restless as she sat against it.

I did want her once more before we left. BUT...

Mom? Yeah, honey? I want you once more, OK? Sure honey. Sure.

She was going to move on her back, but I held her and positioned her on
her knees. She knew.

She smiled. OK, honey. She turned on her knees and bent her head into
her arms waiting for me. Her whole womanhood spread wide before me.
Offering it completely to me.

I knelt behind her, and she knew I was going to fuck her in the ass. I
grabbed my cock and moved it up and down her wet slit. Her ass was moving
up and down in anticipation.

Finally, I aimed it at her asshole and pressed in. OOOOOHH. Easy
honey. I took it slow but inched my way into her. Finally, I was almost
all the way in. I let mom control it. After she became accustomed to my
cock, she began to slowly fuck me.

It feels nice now, Billy. Soon, we were both fucking each other again.
My hands reaching underneath to cup her tits. Once again, our moans of
pleasure out to the wilderness before us. mom was quickly reaching an
orgasm and I let go of her tits to lean back slightly. I let her fuck back
into me. She began to ride me harder and faster. I pulled her back so
that she was almost sitting on me, as I knelt there. I let her control the
whole thing. My hands once again holding her tits hard and her body tight
back against me as she fucked up and down. Each time, my cock going all
the way up into her tight, warm ass. Her rock hard nipples in my fingers.
Her head rocking back and forth through her orgasm.

My cum just beginning to let loose now.

I could feel our juices flowing out and down onto my cock and crotch.

I held her tight to me all through her orgasm. Her tits squeezed
tightly in my hands. Finally, she ground down tightly into my cock and lap
and stayed there motionless.

Oh God Billy, I came again twice. Even my pussy let go too.

I know mom. I can feel your juices all over me. It was good mom. I
leaned forward and kissed her neck and shoulders. Easing my grip to a
gentle massage of her tits now.

After a while, I pulled her off my cock and laid her across my lap.
Kissing her softly as I held her in my arms.

Her beautiful body stretched out to my side. Its complete fulfillment

Oh, God, Mom. I want this forever. I want you forever. You have me
honey. As long as you will ever need me.

I told you, my body belongs to you and your dad. I will do my best to
please each of you.

I reached down with my left hand and softly caressed her swollen and wet
pussy. Kissing her softly. Lovingly.

Thank you for bringing me here today honey. We need to get back so I
can finish things for dinner honey. OK mom. She stood, and once again I
pulled her pussy to my mouth and kissed it. Licked it. Her hand softly
caressing my head. Finally, she pulled away laughing. If we don't go now,
everyone will starve.

I love you Mrs. Condon. I love you too, Mr. Condon.

mom sidled up to me on the front seat like a young school girl on a
date, all the way home. Just before getting out of the car, I pulled her
to me for a passionate kiss. When can we do that again mom? I'll mark the
calendar honey. Just look for the lipstick mark. We walked hand in hand
into the house, and we were still there before everyone else.

Another passionate embrace and kiss in the kitchen, and she scooted me
out of the house so she could make dinner. I glanced back at her on the
way out the door. Damn it. I was so proud of her. Loved her so dearly.

Her smile as she told me to scram.

Even though she was my mother, I was still amazed at her deep passion.
Love. Caring. How very much she took care of her family, and her 42 year
old body.

I went out and cut the grass.


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