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CAROL, mom & ME 120

I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....THERE ARE NO MISSING CHAPTERS. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will ALL flow into each other as you will

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM



It was a good thing I had finished cutting the grass when I did. The
clouds gathered, and we were soon under a terrific rain storm. One of the
really bad ones.

I ran into the house quickly and mom was ready with a towel to dry me.

Wow! Its really coming down, I said. Well, the flowers and lawns
needed it anyway. We went into the parlor now, as dinner cooked in the
oven. Dad called from work and said he was going to stop by Carol's shop
and see how things were going. Not to hold dinne for him. Well, it looks
like just you and me again kiddo. mom said. Dad will be stopping at
Carol's shop. I was leaning back into the corner of the couch and pulled
mom back on me. We watched a movie as I caressed her tits softly. She was
laying with her head on a pillow, and across my lap. I really enjoyed this
aftenoon Billy. I think you did too. Yeah, I did mom. You know how much
it means to me making love with you. Me too honey.

We could hear the rain smacking against the front picture window as I
leaned down to kiss her. Her hand on mine as I caressed her tits. There
was no mistaking the tenderness in her eyes.

Her lips were so tender as I kissed her. Her nipples feeling wonderful
in my fingers.

Want to go upstairs honey? Yeah mom. Its just us, at least for a few
more hours anyway.

She turned to me as she neared my bed. Her arms outstretched. Her soft
look of love and passion in her eyes. We hugged and her hands went down to
undo my belt and pants. Silently, she dropped to her knees and reached for
my cock. Both her hands caressing it softly as she smiled up to me. This
cock of yours has really pleasured my honey. Her hands and fingers working
expertly on it.

She maneuvered me so that I was now at the bed and she eased me down on
my back. She got between my legs and continued to caress my groin and
balls. Her mouth and tongue licking all over.

Relax honey. Close your eyes and enjoy my blowjob. Yes! I will look
into your eyes if you want to watch me drinking your cum when you're ready.
But just relax now.

Her mouth and lips went to work on my cock with love. No urgency. She
pleasured in my small moans as she sucked and licked. Her long blond hair
almost hiding hr face now. Her hands undoing her nlouse and shorts without
taking her mouth off me.

Cupping my balls in both hands and sucking them. Massaging them as her
mouth went straight down to my pubic hair. Feeling her throat grasping my

Up and down. Up and down. Oh, How I love sucking you Billy, she said.

OOOOHHH Mom. I'm....I was there. I was starting to cum and once again
we looked into each other's eyes as I came. Her mouth and lips sealed
tight around my shooting cock. Her eyes twinkling as she drank my male
seed. Her own soft moans as she sucked. Feeling spurt after spurt go into
her mouth. Watching her eyes glow even more as she swallowed me.

Her fingers gently stroking and urging my cum into her mouth.

My hips frozen off the bed in my orgasm. mom took me deep again. All
my cock was buried into her mouth and throat. Holding me there as she felt
my spasms and shooting. Her hands caressing my groin and stomach.

Her head now moving up and down with her sucking. Keeping it up til she
felt my spasms and cum ending.

Licking my cock now. Breathing heavy from her work of pleasure. Oh, was really nice. You reallly drained my balls. I know honey. I
was feeling them empty.

She raised up and I moved on the bed. Now, let's just have a nap for a
while, OK?

I smiled up to her as she made her way next to me. Cuddling up tight
and her arm around me. Her tits pressing in my side and chest. Her habit
of laying her knee near my cock and rubbing it lightly over my cock and

I love you so much mom. I know baby. I know. You can't know Billy,
how I feel right now, knowing I have your maleness inside my body. Your
whole essence of being, is in me right now.

It could have been a baby, but instead your're in my stomach. Going
through my whole system.

That's one of the pleasures a loving woman enjoys when she sucks the man she loves. Knowing she has pleasured him, and then she has him inside her

How deep mom thought. How truly unselfish she thought. Showing me in a
million ways how her inner being truly worked.

Her wonderful tits and nipples were still hard as they pressed into me.
I pulled her tight as her hand caressed my softened cock. We drifted off
to sleep as the rain still beat hard against the window.

It was some time later that I awoke to commotion next to me. mom was
facing me as I faced her on our sides. Her pussy was ramming hard into my
cock. She was moaning softly as her arm pulled me tight to her. I was
glued to her front. Now my cock was getting hard. It was pressing up
between us, raging. I realized dad was laying behind mom and fucking her.

His hard thusts forced her to ram into me also. mom moaned a little
louder now. Dad was moaning also. mom reached down for my cock and tried
slipping it into her slit. Trying to make it go into her pussy. Dad was
fucking her in the ass too quickly. Let me roll on Billy, honey.

Let me take him in too. With one slick move, dad rolled with mom on top
of me. Her hands reaching down to desperately guide my cock into her as
dad knelt behind her.

Can you get it in honey? I arched my back as she guided me into her wet
pussy. Her legs spread wider giving more room.

Now, I could feel dad's cock sliding in and out of her ass as my own
slid deeper into her pussy.

Our balls crushing together. mom let out a loud moan as she felt the
both of us start to ram in her. mom was caressing my face, looking so
excited as we fucked her. Dad was actually controlling the whole thing.
His arms and hands on the bed. Holding himself over her as he fucked her.

Her moans, trying to kiss me but being fucked so hard, it kept making
her body move. Dad WAS fucking her hard, and moaning.

Our cocks pressing against each other's as only the thin membrane
separated them, as we fucked her. Mom's pussy was soaked. My balls and
groin were all wet with her juices flowing down. Her velvet pussy squeezing me hard as dad fucked her deep and hard. mom was desperately
trying to kiss me in her excitement of being fucked by both of us.

His moans became louder as I felt his cock stiffen and I knew he was
shooting his cum in her ass. mom stiffened also. I felt dad's balls
spasming as they crushed against my own. mom holding my cock still as she
let dad empty his cock into her ass. Moaning right along with him. I felt
her spasms shaking all around my embedded cock and lower groin.

Her arms cradling my head and kissing me, as he filled her with his cum.
Her pussy crushed tightly against me with my cock deeply embedded in her.
Her ass moving to urge his cum into her, also making her pussy fuck me.
Dad finally pulled out of her ass and laid on his back to our side. Now,
she felt me starting to gush into her. Her pussy thoroughly soaked with
our juices and dad's cum leaking from her ass. Her pussy urging My cum now, as she laid on me. Her arms wrapped tightly around me. Moaning into
my ear.

She was kissing my face all over in he excitement. Her pussy squeezing
and sliding up and down on my cock.

I could feel her hard nipples crushing into me, as her tits slid up and
down on my chest. Finally, she collapsed on me. My cock still deep in her
wet pussy. Her breathing coming in raspy gasps next to my ear.

We all laid there catching our breath. Dad turned on his side and
caressed her tits now, as he kissed her. Her arm around his neck.

Never expected that, dad, I said. Getting up to take a shower. My cock
soaked with our juices.

Well, blame it on your sister and your girlfriend. Its all their fault,
he laughed. Why? He smiled. I'll tell you later.

mom was on her back. Her tits heaving. Her face red. Her blond hair
messed all over the pillow. Her pussy looked like a bucket of water was
poured on her. Don't be long in there honey. I think your dad and me want
to take a shower too.

I saw his hand reaching to caress her pussy mound as I walked into the
bathroom. I wondered what he meant when he mentioned Lisa and Carol?

They were still laying on my bed, kissing and caressing each other like
two young lovers as I came back in the bedroom.

I'll change your bedding for you, Billy. mom said. Smiling with a glow
now. A woman having been thoroughly fucked. My mother.

Finally, she rose to go into the bathroom with dad. Holding his cock
behind her leading the way. Dad following like a puppy dog. The rain
seemed to ease up a little now, as I finished dressing.

Their bedroom door was open as I went to the stairway. There was dad,
once again ramming his cock into mom as she leaned over the bed on her
hands. Her ass pushed upwards to him.

Her tits flopping back and forth wildly. I couldn't believe dad had
this much energy. Both of them moaning in their passion. His big cock sliding in and our of her pussy. He looked over at me as he pumped into
mom. His smile said everything.

I shook my head and walked down to the kitchen.


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