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CAROL, mom & ME 121

I hope that those who have been following this series of chapters have
enjoyed it.

There HAS been a problem with a FEW jerks here at ASSTR that have seen
fit to send me many virus loaded emails. THAT is why I have stayed away
from entering the newest chapters. Aside from being quite ill for a while.

I am taking a chance once more, that maybe common sense will prevail,
and the poison emails will cease. Its a lousy thing to do to ANYONE.

BTW.....THERE ARE NO MISSING CHAPTERS. I just screwed up in their
numbering. The series chapters will ALL flow into each other as you will

Please send comments to TSMITH3680@YAHOO.COM



I had warmed up the dinner that mom had ready in the oven. I set the
table in case they decided to come down to eat. I had already finished
eating when they finally came down. Both of them wearing just bathrobes,
and all smiles.

That's it. I'm taking those pills away from you for a week, mom laughed. My pussy is sore now. NO! Don't even think about it Billy, she
smiled. Aw, please mom? Just a little quickie? Kidding. NO. Absolutely
not. I must have gotten a gallon of cum from both you guys today she
smiled. Dad leaned over and kissed her lightly. Where's those pills? she

Carol and Lisa are going to Lisa's house for the night. They wanted to
all talk about the wedding and stuff, dad said. She said she would call
you later. Her shop is really nice honey, he said to mom. It's ready to
open any time now.

By the way Billy, you're supposed to go there tommorrow for YOUR
haircut. I got mine today....PLUS a lot of extras thrown in.

What extras, mom asked. Dad smiled again. Well....I got a trim, a
shave, and a blowjob for starters. What? Carol trimmed my hair, Lisa
pulled my cock out and started it all by stroking me. Then they both took
turns giving me their first Beauty Babes Blowjob.

I don't believe it, mom said.

Yes. As Carol was finishing my hair, Lisa pulled my pants down and then
they really went to work.

They took turns sucking me in the chair. One was massaging my head
while the other was sucking on my other head. I guess they plan the same
for you too, Billy.

mom rose and cleared the table. I think I'm going up to bed early
tonight. OK, honey. Good idea.

NO. Absolutely not. No more pussy for tonight. I need a rest from you
two. Oh Baby. You'll change your mind when this guy comes to attention
again. He rose and opened his bathrobe. Showing his half hard cock to

Oh, damn, Jim. Come on sweetheart. Let's go upstairs.

I'll take care of the dishes mom. THANKS A LOT BILLY! That was my
defense. Oh I go again she smiled. They headed off to their

It sure was a big day for mom. I had fucked her twice that morning,
then twice in the afternoon, and she got it again from both dad and me.
Now, she was about to get it again.

I went into the parlor and watched TV. Lisa had called and seemed out
of breath. It seems she was taking a break from just fucking her father.
Carol was in there now, with him.

She said I could meet her at Carol's shop after work tomorrow. They
wanted to give me a haircut. Like dad's? I asked. She laughed. he told
you already?

Yeah. Just a while ago. Sounds like my kind of shop. OK, honey. I'll
meet you there tomorrow. Have fun with your dad. Well, Jimmy just came
in. Uh Oh. Looks like we'll be busy here tonight honey.

Love you. Love you too.

Nikki came to the back door about twenty minutes later. She was looking
for Lisa to compare notes for the wedding. She seemed disappointed when I
told her she was at her dad's with Carol. I invited her in and she sat
next to me on the couch. Dan was sleeping after a long trip to the head
office again.

She had on a loose blouse and skirt. Let me see our baby, I smiled at
her. She stood and raised the skirt. Her belly was beginning to bulge
now. The sure signs of pregnancy pushing her stomach out.

I leaned forward and kissed her belly all over as her hands caressed my
head. I could smell the faint traces of perfume on her pussy hair. I
lowered her pantied and leaned forward to lick her mound. Pulling her
tight to my face.

You mean you want to fool around with a pregnant lady? Especially a
pregnant lady with MY baby in there, I answered. I moved her around and
sat her on the couch with her legs spread wide. I pulled off her skirt and
lowered my mouth into her wet pussy. Licking her clit and tasting her.

Damn, she was beautiful. I licked and fingered her pussy for a long
time. Pleasuring her. I managed to make her cum, and quickly rose to
slide my pants off. I knelt in front of her now,a nd aimed my cock into
her as she watched it slide in. It was like heaven being in her softness.
I unbuttoned her blouse and caressed her tits as I started to slide in and
out. Looking into each other's eyes. Her tits were more full now. Her
nipples hard and seeming to be a bit larger. A lot more tender. Its a
good thing I had them made smaller, Billy. Otherwise I would have water
canons now. I smiled as I pumped and caressed them.

God, you feel good Billy. So do you Nik. It wasn't long before we were
both starting to fuck each other in earnest. It was a bit iof a struggle
for her to raise herself to meet my thrusting, so I did most of the work. I
raised up and leaned over her as I started to fuck her harder now. Leaning
to kiss her softly. Her velvet pussy grippping and caressing my cock all
the way inside her. I could feel the spasms deep inside her as I began to
cum. She pulled me close to her mouth and kissed me hard as we both felt
our orgasms taking us over. I ramed in tight and exploded deep in her.
Her pussy moving up and down milking me.

spurt after spurt as we held our kiss. Her spasms feeling so wonderful
all around my shooting cock. This time, we were truly cumming together.

I moved her to lay on her back, still keeping my cock deep inside her.
Laying on her and kissing. Her pussy massaging my cock. Her soft moans.
Giving herself to me. We kissed and caressed. I wanted to fuck her again.
It took a while, but my cock became hard enough to slowly slide in and out,
and we both came again, minutes later.

I got off her,. and knelt on the floor at her side. Kissing her and
all over her naked body. Gently stroking herpussy and licking her swollen
nipples. My arm under her head, pulling her up for a deep kiss.

She took my hand and placed it on her stomach. Feel it Billy? Can you
feel him moving in there? I could feel the water and something moving.
He'll be kicking me soon, she smiled softly.

I leaned down and licked and kissed her whole groin and stomach now.
Even with the bulge now, her tanned body was beautiful. The globes of her
tits rising and falling gently. That special feeling we shared with
knowing our baby was growing inside her. Her pussy was wet as I slid my
hand down to caress its length. Trying to pleasure her without demanding
now. She spread her legs to give me more room. My middle finger sliding
up and down her slit and caressing her clit softly as I leaned down to kiss
her once again.

I managed to make her cum this way. Kissing her through all of it. My
hand and fingers fucking in her hole softly, and massaging over her entire
pussy. Her juices flowing freely over my hand. Let me suck you Billy, she
whispered as I rose from her mouth. Let me suck you. I smiled at her as I
stood. She sat up and reached for my half hard cock and stroked it softly
with both hands.

It felt nice. Caressing my sack and stroking so softly. Her eyes
smiled up to me as she lowered her mouth asn sucked me. OOOOHHH Nikki.
Her warm mouth and tongue gliding up and down. UUUMMMM Billy, I do love
you. You know I do. Both her hands holding my entire cock and balls as
she looked up to me. Can you cum again Billy? I think so honey. She
smiled again as she lowered her mouth back to my cock. Her fingers
stroking me as she sucked. After about five minutes of her pleasuring, I
began to spurt. mom was coming down the stairs at just that moment, and
was watching. Nikki took most of my cock in her mouth as her fingers
caressed my balls. Urging the cum from them as she sucked. She knew my
cock well by now. My jerks and moans as she emptied me. Her eyes smiling
in a seeming satisfaction.

Then her arms went around my ass and she pulled me tight into her
throat. Holding me there until my spasms stopped. Her hands caressing my
ass cheeks. mom was rubbing my back as she watched and felt my cum happening. Standing at my side and looking down at Nikki still with my
cock in her mouth. Mom's hand went down and she circled two fingers around
it, squeezing me hard into Nikki's sucking mouth. Draining me, and kissing
me as I finally emptied.

She waited until Nikki released my cock from her mouth before she let go
with her fingers and caressed my cock softly while turning me to kiss her.

Her duster now wide open and pressing her naked body to mine. She
kissed me with her love and passion once again.

Finally, she turned to Nikki. Oh, honey. His cock feels nice doesn't
it? Yes it does, Jean. Yes, it certainly does.

Let me see you honey. Stand up and let me see how far this baby is
coming along. Nikki stood. Her nakedness all but forgotten. Smiling and
cradling her belly with her hands and arms.

Her beautiful full tits standing up proud.

I had to smile at the traces of my cum still on Nikki's mouth. I leaned
forward to kiss her, and licked my own cum from her lips.

Well, I better get back. Dan might be waking and be hungry. For YOU or
food? mom laughed. Well, he can have either if he wants. Nikki got
dressed now, and leaned to kiss me. Smiling, I'll see you tomorrow Billy.
Good night Jean. Billy? As she turned back...It was nice honey.

My eyes followed her out to the kitchen and out the door. I stood
there, as if in a trance.

mom snapped her fingers and laughed. She's really nice Billy, but
you're about to get married to Lisa.

I pulled mom close and our naked bodies meshed. I kissed her as a lover
once again. Her tits sliding over my chest as her hands caressed my back.

Well, your dad fucked me again honey. I don't know where all the
stamina came from today. I'm not complaining though, she smiled.

Between both of you, I really reached some nice orgasms today. I felt
her shiver as she thought of them.

Well, I'm surely emptied out now, mom. You SHOULD be, after all we did
today, and now, her.

She reached down and cradled my balls in both her hands and leaned up
for another kiss.

Want something to snack on?

Yeah. good idea.

Well, give me a few minutes. I laid on the couch and watched TV. It
wasn't long before mom brought in a tray with tuna salad sandwiches on a
tray with glasses of beer. I'm taking this upstairs honey.

Your dad wants to watch tv up there for a while. You have to know, its
not often we do this.

OK mom. I leaned forward and licked her mound as she turned from the
coffee table. Her duster still wide open.

Her beautiful tits seemed to glow with her hard nipples standing out
proudly. I reached up to finger them.

She smiled. Maybe I'll see you later honey. OK mom. She went upstairs
with the rest of the tray and I went back to watching the movie.

I knew they were enjoying their private time together now. I was
watching a son and mother arguing in the movie now. It made me think. mom and I never argued about anything. Matter of fact, there were hardly any
spats, bad feelings at all, in our family.

I realized how lucky we all were. mom was the most important ingredient
there. She MADE things run well.

She took the time to see that we were all satisfied, especially dad and
me. Now, with their newfound sex, Carol also. In turn, we all made sure
she was satisfied and felt loved.

The deep set of feelings and love we gave each other. Even from dad to
each of us. All the sex just seemed to increase all these things.

I turned off the tv and went up to bed. mom even found time to have
remade my bed with fresh linen! It wasn't long before I nodded off to


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