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CAROL, mom & ME 35

Carol quickly ran back to her room. Lisa and I climbed into bed and I
leaned over to kiss her. It was very dark in the room now. Oh Billy.
This was the hottest thing I ever saw tonight. Your parents are really hot
lovers. You seem to be taking after your dad too, the way you eat me so

Would you like that now honey?

Would you Billy? I could use a good cum right now after all that
excitement. Do you want me to suck you at the same time?

No, its OK. My cock needs a little rest for a while anyway. Especially
after you and Carol sucking me a few minutes ago babe. That was really
hot. I loved what you did while she was sucking me. I have more tricks too
Billy. I've been talking to my mom lately. Uh Oh. I said.

She doesn't mind now that we will be married. She also said that YOU
can stay with me over at my place when you feel like it too. So we will be
able to be together a lot more often now honey.

I caressed her tits now as I started to lean over her. Oh suck them
honey. I love the way you suck my nipples and tits. It makes my pussy so
wet and excited.

Your tits are really beautiful Lisa. I mean it. I love sucking them. I
leaned down and kissed her and slid my tongue into her eager mouth.

I licked and nibbled my way down her neck and on down to her nipples. I
sucked them softly and bit them slightly.

Oh Billy. That feels nice honey. Keep it up. I sucked both her tits for quite a while before sliding my hand down to her pussy and fingering
her clit and wetness of her warm channel.

I kissed my way down her stomach and spent time on her furry bush.
Chewing the tender soft hairs with my teeth. I munched as much of her
mound as I could, and finally, I slid my tongue between her slit and found
her clit with my tongue. Her hips rose immediately as I started to gently
suck on it. Oh Honey. Oh, Billy. It feels so nice honey. I sucked and
licked her clit as I slid my two fingers into her cunt and felt her wet
warmness that I knew I would love forever. I fucked her slowly and softly
with my fingers now, as I sucked on her center point of womanhood.

Oh Billlllllyyyyy. I'm cumming honey. She moaned and whispered. Her
hips rising and falling as I held my mouth to her wet channel. I could
taste her fluids releasing now. UUUUMMM I said. I am getting your
womanhood now honey. Keep cumming baby. I'll suck all of you. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I sucked it all over and then back to her
clit. Her soft moans made me feel certain that I was satisfying her. I
felt my cock hardening as it was pressed against the sheets. I raised from
her pussy long enough to lean up and kiss her and slide my cock into her at
the same time. Her legs went wide as she readied for me and pleaded for me
to fuck her. Fill me Billy. Fill my womanhood with the man I love. Fuck
me. I'm yours honey.

I rammed my cock deep into her and used a hooking type of entry that
forced my cock to also scrape her upper wall where her Gspot was. OH
Billy. I'm going to cum again honey....ooooohhhhh. Oh God, honey you fuck
me so nice.

Her arms went around my head and pulled me to her mouth to kiss me. I
pumped into her a couple more times and shot a hard load of my male seed
into her as we kissed.

I stayed inside her long after we came down from our cum. My head
laying on her tits and her hands caressing my hair. Billy honey, that was
really wonderful. I think that was a perfect example of making love rather
than just fucking honey, she said.

I leaned up and kissed her softly again, and said, you know honey. I
think you're right. I feel completely different when I cum in you. Its
much more intense honey when I shoot in you, and feel your pussy contracting and milking me so nice.

I love being inside you. That was nice to say Billy. Am I that good a
lover for YOU? Oh yes honey. Just like right now, your pussy is still
making me feel welcome. It is still milking and caressing my cock. IT
likes you too honey, she said.

Billy honey? What babe? Will you please slide your beautiful cock
between my tits when you get hard again? I like when you do that. I like
the feel of your whole cock and balls sliding on my chest and seeing it
slide in and out of my tits. You really like that huh? Yeah. We haven't
done that in quite a while. I'd like you to cum when you fuck them and
then move up so I can still suck some out of you before you completely
finish. OK Honey. Maybe in the morning. Billy? Yeah hon? Let me suck
you when you pull out OK? I want to taste US on your cock. I want
whatever is left in you right now, OK? Sure hon, NOW? OK. I love you
watching while I have you in my mouth Billy.

I pulled out and knelt back on my legs. She leaned forward and bent
down to suck me. I was mostly soft now, and dripping slightly as she
sucked me.

Oh Billy, I want to do this to you forever honey. I can taste both of
us on your cock. Her gentle sucking and tongue motions were wonderful. It
seemed a little more intense because my cock was mostly soft now. I
reached down and caressed her face as she sucked me clean and empty.
Finally, I laid on my side next to her and held her tit in my hand. I
leaned over once more and kissed her deeply. I think its time for sleep
honey, I said. Her hand covered mine as I caressed her whole tit and
nipple. It wasn't long before we drifted off to a peaceful sleep.


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