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Lisa and I had dozed off after making love so many times in the past few
hours. When I awoke, she was still sleeping.

I could hear noises down at the pool, and got up to look down. There
was mom and dad AND Carol. mom and dad were sitting together on the lounge
and watching Carol swim.

Well, I thought to myself. mom must have fixed everything. Great. Now
I thought, I would still have to face dad alone. I knew he would have
something to say about mom sucking me in front of him.

I only hoped I could get to mom first to find out what his reaction and
feelings were NOW.

They all seemed as if they were happy, and as if everything was
ordinary. I noticed Carol had on one of those two piece suits that seem to
disappear when their wet. I could see her nipples from up in my room. I
wondered if her pussy was also going to show the same way when she got out.

I was happy that things seemed to be OK. At least for right now.

I looked over at Lisa, now stirring and wakening.

Hi, sleepy head. How would you like your pussy sucked? Oh Billy. Are
we two sex starved nuts or what. Yes! Honey. I would love for you to
suck me. I pulled off the sheet, and told her to scooch down to the end of
the bed. I knelt down and licked up and down her warm pussy, and then
spread her lips to lick up and down. I sucked on her clit softly and stuck
my fingers in her. Oh Billy. You always know how to really wake me up.

Now, I reached up and caressed and played with her nipples as I sucked her pussy all over. My tongue swirling in and out of her. Soon she was
humping my face. I licked and sucked her a little harder now. I knew she
would cum soon. Her hands went over mine as I caressed her soft tits. Oh
honey. suck me. suck my womanhood honey. Its all yours. I'm ready to
cum honey. I can feel it in my pussy now. Oh suck my pussy Billy.

I twirled her nipples in my fingers now, and drove my tongue deep as I
could into her. I flicked it all around inside her warm cunt. Her humping
and moaning were rapid now. I'm cummmmmminnnnngg honnnnneeeeyy. Suck me.
Suck me.

Again her body shook and vibrated as she came. I was holding her tits tighter now and sucking her clit faster and harder. I could taste her
juices now. The juices of the woman I loved. It took several minutes
before she came down from this cum. I leaned down now, and kissed her, and
sucked her nipples for a minute.

Come on honey. Time for a swim. Everyone else is down there now. She
quickly put on one of Carol's two piece outfits and we went down to the
pool. Hi everyone. Well, look who finally got out of bed, mom said. The
two lovebirds. Lisa blushed. Hello Lisa, dad said. Hi Mr. Masters. dad
did not show any sign of trouble as he said hi to me.

I quickly dove in the pool and called for Lisa to do the same. She
jumped in, like most girls do. It made the top of her two piece strap snap
loose and her tits fell out. I knew dad saw them immediately, because she
was right in front of him.

I called Carol over to look over the situation with the top. mom saqid
she would run upstairs and get another. Lisa was embarrassed and had her
arms crossed across her chest.

Its OK, honey. Billy and I have seen enough boobs in our lives.
There's no shame hon. I came up to her and turned her to me and kissed
her. Her tits were now crushed into my chest. Nice thinking Billy, dad
said. He clapped a little.

It was then that I realized that dad had been drinking. I noticed the
bottle of 7 Crown next to him on a table. Soon, mom came down with another
outfit for Lisa. She threw them and I caught them. Carol came over and
helped her into the top. I whispered to Carol that I could see right
through the one she was wearing. I know Billy. That's exactly why I
wearing it. She winked over Lisa's shoulders at me. I knew right away it
was for dad's benefit. Her nipples were hard and plainly vivible right
through the sheer almost clear now, material.

mom asked if we were hungry, and I said kind of. Do you feel like
getting the bowls of salad and sandwiches I made in the fridge, Billy?

Sure mom. Lisa offered to help. I pulled out a couple large serving
trays in the kitchen and loaded them up. I grabbed a couple of beers also.
As I looked out the kitchen window, I saw Carol out of the pool now, and
leaning over dad kissing him. I saw his hands going to her tits, hanging
in front of him through the sheer two piece top.

Wow. mom just sort of smiled as she watched them. I couldn't see
Carol's hands but I believe they were probably down around dad's cock. I
stalled for another minute and grabbed Lisa and kissed her quickly so she
wouldn't see this. She was almost out the back door. As we got through
the yard with the large trays, Carol ran over to help Lisa.

We all sat and ate for a while. dad asked Lisa about her new job, and
how her family was. I noticed her kept staring at her tits and I knew she
was aware.

I couldn't blame him though. She had beautiful tanned tits and they
were big.

I noticed mom was drinking now too. It was odd for her this early in
the evening. I noticed she seemed to slur a little when she talked and
fingured she was half shot by now. She looked beautiful in her white two
piece. She caught me eyeing her and smiled. She jiggled her tits deliberately for me.

Oh, your mom called about an hour ago, Lisa. I told her you were
napping and she said OK. It wasn't important she said. Thanks. I handed
Lisa a beer and offered one to Carol. Whoa. Oh yeah Billy. I DO need a
beer right now.

She had been laying on a air mattress not far from where dad could
really look her over. I knew damn well she was going to fuck him again
tonight. I wondered how mom was feeling about this whole thing now. I had
to get her alone. I was hoping that Lisa wouldn't pick up on Carol's

It was starting to get darker now, and I was going to turn the colored
night lights on, but everyone said not to bother. I just turned on the
stereo. dad made another highball, and I watched him pour quite a bit of
whiskey into the glass. mom was also noticing.

Easy there big boy, she said. We can't be having you drunk THIS early
in the evening.

OK honey. I promise to take it easy. You did a nice job on the yards
and stuff, Billy. dad said. Thanks, dad.

I had the pool covered because they predicted a big storm headed this
way, but I guess we lucked out this time. How's your car running?
Excellent, so faf dad. I don't beat it. By the way, I think its time
Carol learned how to drive now, as he looked down at her. Its funny dad. I
was just thinking about that yesterday. I meant to ask Billy to maybe give
me some lessons. Sure sis. Anytime. I saw mom making another drink, just
as strong as dad had made. She was kind of quiet, but not really moody.
Carol got up and said, c'mon Lisa jump in the pool with me. This time.
Lisa slid in a lot easier and slower, not taking another chance.

Dad said, she sure is a pretty girl, Billy. Yeah she is, as I looked
down at her. Damn beautiful body too, he said.

She makes me happy, I'll tell you that. mom now got up and slid in the
pool with the other girls. Your mom makes me really happy too, Billy. I
do love her. Always did. From the minute I laid eyes on her so many years
ago. I know she loves you too dad. She's always thinking about you
through the day. The girls were playing catch with a beach ball now, and
their tits were bouncing. This is the part I like Billy. When the girls tits all bounce. I love it. Hell, you can see right through Carol's
outfit. I laughed. I don't know how she has the nerve to wear it.

I knew damn well he was leading up to the main event now. I'm sure mom had it figured out also by her frequent looks over at us.

I need another beer, you want anything? Just some ice Billy. Then I'll
be all set. OK. I'll be right back. I went into the kitchen, and grabbed
an armload of beer, and a bucket of ice from the freezer. I saw mom walking through the yard toward the house now.

Oh mom, I said. What has been going on?

Hurry, in the parlor. we had a long talk this morning. He's not mad
about anything. What about you and me last night/ He said it was only
fair, since Carol was doing him. He wants to fuck her tonight with or
without me in there with them. I told him its OK with me. I hugged her
close now. My heart racing. I have been thinking about it all afternoon.
I'm not sure if I should stay in there while they fuck. I thought maybe
either you and me.....her voice trailed off........that is if Lisa's not
going to stay. Is she? I don't know. I hoped she would. Its OK. Maybe
I'll just sleep in Carol's room. I think I'll be out of the way in there.
Oh don't feel like that mom. I was still hugging her. Oh Billy, this is
causing such a cunfusing mess. Well, Lisa's going to hook Carol up with
her brother. Their both sex maniacs, and they should hit it off real nice.
Great, mom said.

Look, even if Lisa stays, I make love with her early, and she usually
falls sound asleep right away. I'll come in and see you then, OK?

Oh yes, Billy That would be nice. Will you have enough cock left for me
by then. ALWAYS for you mom. ALWAYS. She reached down and caressed my
cock through my bathing suit. I slid my hands under her two pice top and
fondled her tits and hard nipples.

I want to eat you tonight mom. I want to really spend time licking and
sucking you. OK? That way I'll have a little more time to build up my cum for you. Oh Billy, your a fucking dream. Oh baby. Yes. I'll be wet for
you. You want a quick blowjob now? No mom. We better get out there.
Grab some of the beer there for an excuse, OK.

We carried out the beer and ice to the rest, and dad asked what took so

I had to go to the bathroom dear. Billy was on the phone with a friend.

By now it was dark, and without the lights around the pool, the only
other light was the dim back door light now.

Lisa was sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs in the water. I
sat with my legs around her and handed her another beer. She leaned her
head back on my shoulder and I kissed her. Look at these two sex maniacs,
Carol said. Can't keep their hands off each other. Jealous. Jealous.
Jealous. Carol, I said.

You'll get yours Billy. Just wait. Lisa smiled. Wait till I hook you
up with my brother Carol. I really think you'll like him. Maybe we can
set something up for tommorrow, OK? Yeah, that would be great, Carol said.
How about a ride out to the beach then? You know that spot we went to a
couple weeks ago? she winked at us. Oh yeah. When you were with Bobby.
That's the place.

I hope he's cute Lisa. He is, Carol. He really is, AND he's built too.
Mom had moved over and was sitting across dad's lap now. She was leaning
down and kissing him. I followed Carol's eyes watching them. I saw the
look, and gave her a glare not to show any signs with Lisa sitting right
between my legs.

To break the spell, I pushed Lisa forward and we both ended up in the

I stood behind her and hugged her in the water. Carol was still
swimming around. I glanced at dad and I saw his hand go to one of mom's
tits as he kissed her again. Her hand was trying to pull it away. She was
nestled in his neck now, watching us with a smile.

Finally mom stood up and said c'mon, Big Guy. I think we've had enough
for one day. She pulled him up and said they would see us tommorrow.

I was puzzled at first. mom winked at me as she held dad's hand leading
him from the pool. Good night all, he said.

We swam around for a while and carol took off her top. The hell with
this. I don't need it now in front of your guys. Its been a pain having
to wear it.

You can take yours off too hon, I said. OK.

Now both girls were topless, and came closer to me so I could caress
their bobbing tits.

Lisa tells me that her brother can't get enough sex Carol. You might
meet your match!!! I knew Carol was bothered because mom left with dad. I
stood behind Lisa now, and cradled her tits in my hands. Her head went
back on my shoulder. Carol was close, and I reached for her tits also.

You owe me Carol. From this morning. Remember? Oh yeah, she said.
You want it NOW, or later?

Should I Lisa? Its up to you honey. I just hope there will be cum for
ME later, that's all. Don't worry honey. I hopped up and sat on the edge
of the pool with my legs dangling in the water. I arched up and pulled off
my trunks now. Carol swam over and got Between my legs and played with my

I motioned for Lisa to come near and I pulled her up to sit next to me.
We both watched as Carol started to suck on me. OOOOHHH. I love sucking your cock Billy. Probably as much as Lisa does. I don't think so Carol. I
love his cock in my mouth. Lisa moved to behind me with her legs around
mine now. Her arms went around me and then down to cup my balls again.
She played with them while carol sucked me. I could feel Lisa's tits pressing up and down my back. Lisa then moved away and pulled me straight
down to laying flat on the deck. She knelt to my side and leaned down to
kiss me. Carol was still sucking me.

I caressed her tits as I felt Carol's mouth going up and down on my cock
now. Suck them honey. Suck me while she sucks you. I took her nipple in
my mouth and rolled my tongue over and over it. The same with her other

Soon Carol had me really hot and almost ready to cum. She raised her
head and stroked my cock quickly watching me suck Lisa's tits. I felt her
mouth slide all the way down again and suck me quicker and harder.
UUUUMMMMM, I moaned. Lisa kissed me with her tongue sliding in and out of
my mouth. cum in her mouth honey. Cum. I held her tits as she kissed me
again, and started shooting in Carol's mouth. She sucked me dry. Then
lowered her mmouth to suck softly on my balls. Her hand softly stroking my
cock. One last time she took my whole cock in her mouth and drained me.

Just then, mom walked out on the deck again. Wonderful, she said. Just
what I need. an incest party. Carol's head jumped up as quick as Lisa's
looking over at her. It's OK, mom said. I know how horny my daughter is.
I knew mom had another stiff drink now. She was wobbling slightly as she
sat in the chair behind us.

Yes, your cock is almost as big as your dad's Billy. no surprise.
You're getting to look more and more like him. Lisa was terrified. Its OK
Lisa. Don't worry. I know how sexed up my daughter and son are. Your
tits are nice honey. It was then Lisa remembered her top was off. They
must make Billy happy, huh? She went to hide them, but mom said hey, we're
all girls here, and Billy's already sucking them. Don't worry honey.

Here, look at mine. mom took her top off and dropped it on the deck.
See. All us girls have nice tits. And tits are what men love, right

Yes mom. You are right. We do love looking at nice tits. Lisa was
still in shock. Don't worry Lisa. really. Billy's seen Carol and me
baked before. He nursed off these tits, as she held them in her hands. He
made my nipples so Godamned sore at times.

I whispered to Lisa that mom was really feeling good now. She
understood. I told her not to worry about anything.

Your dad's resting right now. He's a little drunker than me at the
moment. mom laid back on the lounge now. Her hands still caressing her
bare tits. I knew when she mentioned dad resting that it was Carol's clue
that she would be fucking dad after all.

I mentioned to Lisa that we better go upstairs now, and she said, Yeah,
you're so right. I stood and was about to put on my trunks, but mom said
why bother Billy? We've all seen your cock now. I've seen cocks in my
life. I'm sure Lisa has too. Your cock is a nice one and don't be ashamed
of it. I'm not mom. I was standing a foot away from her chair now. She
sat up and reached for my cock and stroked it. Yes. Its a nice cock,
Billy. I'm sure it makes Lisa happy. How about it Lisa? Does he make
nice love with you? Oh Yes. Jean. He really does. Good. It'll be a big
part of your marriage. You have a beautiful body Lisa. Thank you Jean. I
mean it. You really do. Damn, I noticed a little flab here on my sides
lately. mom pinched imaginary fat on her hips. Oh Jean, your perfect
right now. Believe me. There was Lisa, half naked gabbing girl shit with
my also half naked mom. Carol was very quiet, all through this. She was
coming out of the pool now. How was her blowjob Billy? Good mom. Look,
Look, Lisa. Look at this guy's cock when I just mention blojobs? Look at
this guy, I just touch him for a second and he's getting a hard on already.
Oh mom. Oh mom shit, Billy. Lisa, you better take this guy upstairs and
take care of this quick. OK, Jean.

I was hard now. You better get upstairs in a hurry. If I hear moaning
I'll know what it is. I smiled and took Lisa's hand and walked into the
house. mom was laughing as we walked through the yard.

Oh Billy, Lisa said as we got in the kitchen. I was still naked and she
was still topless. I turned and kissed her. Don't worry honey. She's
just getting a little too drunk right now, Doesn't happen often.

She won't remember half of this tommorrow. I hope not Billy. I was
never so embarrassed. She caught Carol sucking you and me with my tits in
your mouth. So what. She's a woman. She has a sex life too. You saw her
last night. Yeah, I guess you're right. We headed upstairs and climbed on
the bed. Weren't you embarrassed when she grabbed your cock and made it
hard? No honey. She's caught me jerking off a half dozen times through
the years. She only smiled and said use more vaseline there kiddo.

Mom's always been like that hon. Even when I went out on different
dates and came in kind of late. She would be in the parlor. Got laid Huh?

Did that teeny bopper spread for you? Things like that. Even a time a
while ago, when she caught me jerking off. YOU need a girlfriend my son. I
know you won't go blind, but it will be all used up before you can get a
real chance to use it! She always laughed about it. Don't worry sonny
boy. I caught your horny sister pumping plastic too. But Lisa, mom always
would come in later and sit here on the bed and ask if there was anything I
would like to know about girls and stuff. She always said she joked about
me jerking off just to take the edge off, and not really embarrass me.

She even let me play with her tits while she jerked me off one night.
BUT, she was feeling pretty good.

She really did? Yeah. She kept telling me not to feel ashamed about
jerking off. She understood my "Raging Hormones." She was coming out of
the bathroom and heard me moaning one night. When she opened the door,
there I was with a huge hardon and stroking it. She walked in and closed
the door and sat down. You really are something Billy boy. Every time I
turn around your beating that poor thing to death. She was smiling that
beautiful smile of hers.

It feels nice mom, I said. I don't have a girl yet. I'm looking
though. She saw the vaseline jar on the nightstand and reached for it. She
put some on her hand and then reached for my cock. As she sat back down,
her duster fell open and she said,Oh what the hell, touch them Billy, while
I jerk you off. Really mom, I said. Yeah. You've seen my tits dozens of
times around here. Go ahead. It will probably make you cum better. She
took my hand and placed it on her tit and then her other hand she reached
down and started to give me one of the greatest hand jobs.

No shit, Lisa said. Yeah. She knew when I was going to cum too. Would
you believe that she stroked me with one hand when I was almost there.
Then she held her other hand over the top of my cock so it wouldn't shoot
all over the place. She had my cum all over her hands. I DO believe that
your cock will be as big as your dad's soon, sonny boy. You're not bad
now. This cock could make any girl happy she said. It gets really hard,
and its a really nice size Billy. Would you belive honey, that she rubbed
my cum all over her hands and then spread it all over both her tits while I
watched! Good for my skin, she said. It was a good amount of cum you shot
too, Billy.

Lisa, she really seemed to enjoy jerking me off. I don't know how to
explain it. She said, Feel better now, Billy? Yes, mom. Thank you. Like
my tits? Oh yes mom. I've dreamed of them. I'll bet you have you horny
kid. Don't expect this all the time sonny boy, she said.

I have a husband to keep happy. I laughed. She leaned down and kissed
me, and made sure her tits scraped my chest. That feels nice doesn't it,
sonny boy? It sure does mom. They belong to your daddy, though, honey.
Good night. Thank you mom. Sleep tight now sonny boy. MOM, I called.
Yeah honey. Thanks. I really mean it. Thanks. I love you Billy, honey.
I hate to see you needing like this for so long. Then she went off to bed

The last time she jerked me off was a couple wees ago. I was out
cutting the grass and stuff, she was in the kitchen. Carol was at the pool
in that hot two pieceMom saw me with a huge hard on through the kitchen

She called me into the house and said come in the parlor honey. mom was
sitting on the couch now, and asked me to stand in front of her. She
looked directly at my hard on and pulled my shorts down again. She already
had some hand cream on the end table. You need it again, I can see. Must
be those tits of Carol's driving you nuts this morning!!! Yeah she's got
that hot two piece on again mom. I can see her tits right through it. Our
tits make you hot huh? Yeah mom. She started to stroke my cock then and
stared straight at it as she jerked me. Her hand was on my balls real nice

Yeah, you'll have a cock like your dad's soon Billy. She looked up at
me and said I'll bet you're going to shoot a gallon, judging from how big
these balls are Billy. Lisa, she gave me the nicest handjob ever. Even
held both her hands on it and told me to pump them. I know she
deliberately let her duster fly open so I could see her tits.

She looked up at me again and said, go ahead honey, cum on mom's tits.
It saves the waste of being all over my hands. Feel nice honey. Carol's
hot body screwing up your hormones today? It sure is mom, as she stroked
me so damn nice.

I understand all about men, Billy. Especially your dad. Lisa, she was
caressing my sack so softly, rolling my balls around as she stroked my
whole cock, just inches from her face. At least Carol has my old vibrator
to help her out. That feels so nice mom. So damn nice. Good honey. I
told you I love you. I hate it when I know you're hurting and feeling so
frustrated. I know Carol was deliberately teasing you out there. I saw
this cock shooting straight up in your shorts.

You do a lot of work around here for us Billy. We appreciate it. So, I
hope you will appreciate this from me to you. Oh I really do mom. At
least your dad has ME when he gets hot and bothered, and I have him. She
used both hands in a large pulling motion over my whole cock and balls now,
Pulling the whole works, She really knows how to give a hand job. Ready
yet? She asked me. Almost mom. It really feels nice, you do that so damn
nice. She looked at me and then at my cock. Oh, I can see your cum beginning honey. Her thunb went around the tip of my cock and rolled it
all over, as she stroked. Go ahead Billy, shoot it right here on mom's
tits. Your cream is good for them. She had me shooting , Lisa, so fucking
hard. I'll think it took about 8 spurts before she had me empty. She
really had me excited. Lisa, she kept caressing and pulling my whole cock
and balls at the same time for quite a while, looking up at me. It was
like a complete massage of all of it, around my crotch too. This should
help you out for today honey. She finally let my cock go, and looked at my
cum on her chest. She looked up at me as she spread it all over her tits.
You're helping me too, Billy. Your cum is good for the skin. She was
smiling. She reached for my cock once more and stroked it all the way up
for any leftover cum. She put the drops on her tits again. You're pretty
empty now honey. Feel better now? Oh yes mom. She reached and pulled my
shorts up for me, and then gopt up and kissed my cheek. Dinner should be
ready in about an hour she said.

I suspect she already knows I have been fucking around with Carol. She
doesn't mention it though. Lisa couldn't believe this. Honey, mom has
seen me with a hard on around here often. Especially with Carol walking
around half dressed all the time.

She never makes insults or stuff. I guess she really does understand
about being a guy and growing up and all that. Now that I am older and
about to marry you, she talks a little different to me. Way more adult
now, honey, if you know what I mean? Yeah. MY mom and dad are doing the
same. Just like mom telling me that it was OK for you to stay there with
me. I was floored, Billy. She said I'm old enough to know what I need and
want. That I can handle my woman stuff OK. On top of that, they really
like you. Mom's the one that went to the doc with me for a check up and
got me on the pill. She knew we would be making love a lot. She's the one
that has been giving me tips on how to suck you honey. Also, how to make
you happy when you have your cock in me. Besides Carol giving me tips too.
Mom explained a lot of things about men's cocks and how to please you. Of
course I already knew a lot of it. I think she also knows that Jimmy and
me fuck around too. She's never said anything though.

She used to come in my room at night and we would talk and laugh about
different shit. You know, girl stuff. She even explained how much men love to be sucked off. She said she sucks my dad a lot, expecially when
there's no time for real fucking. i even caught them last week. I walked
in the bathroom and dad was standing in the tub naked. mom was on her
knees on the carpet and she was sucking the hell out of him. I was shocked
as dad, when he saw me. I just said I'm sorry and walked out. They
thought I was still at work. Now, over the past couple years since Jimmy
and I have been fucking, she doesn't come in too much anymore. She
probably notices that jimmy's not in his room, or hears us maybe, and
figured it out.

Honey, you know what I would like you to do? What? This is kinky
honey, but I think it would be hot and fun. WHAT, Billy?

The next time your brother is after you for a blowjob or something, I
would like you to call me first, and then let the phone lay there somewhere
near you where he won't notice it. I'd like to hear you fucking him or
cumming with him. Is that crazy? Only you and me would know that I am
listening???? That IS a little kinky honey. I could jerk off right here
or maybe even have Carol fucking me while you are also doing it. Yeah,
that's crazy all right, but I'll do it. I told you I think of you anyway
when I'm fucking or sucking him. Then WE can fuck on the phone after you
cum with him. Whoa. You mean finger myself? Whatever honey. I'll buy
you a vibe if you want one. I have one already honey, she laughed. He's
MY best friend when you're not around, like Carol.

Billy, Lisa softly asked as she laid back on my chest. Yeah hon, It
doesn't bother you that Jimmy and I love to fuck each other? No honey.
Not at all. I reached in front of her now and held her tits in both my
hands. I caressed them with their wonderful softness. He'll be good for
Carol. Just wait.

I'd like to see him fucking another girl. He's learned to be real good
with me. Yeah, a trip out to the Lake is a good idea, she said. Carol and
him can fuck and so can we without any problems.

My fingers were caressing her tits in circles around her nipples and I
watched them springing into hardness. Just like mini pricks, I laughed.
They get hard just like a cock. So does your little clit.

Her fingers joined mine as we pinched and pulled her nipples. She could
feel my cock hardening under her ass, as she laid on me. Her pussy was
slightly rising up and down now. C'mon honey, turn around and sit on it.
Let's fuck sitting up.

Lisa turned and put her knees on both sides of my hips and reached down
for my cock. I could see her eyes roll as she guided it into her warm and
wet pussy. She lowered herself on it and then put her head on my shoulder
and slowly rose up and down on me. Yes! Billy, my pussy loves you. you
in a hurry to cum honey? No Lisa. good. I want to feel you in me for a
long time. She moved up and down and back and forth slowly.

She pushed back and looked into my eyes now, andleaned to kiss me. It
was much easier for me to let her control the fucking. Just think honey,
we'll have years and years to to this.

She leaned back so that we could both watch my cock sliding in and out
of her pussy. I love this so much Billy. Feeling you, the man I love
truly, fucking me like this. She was contracting her pussy muscles around
my cock now. My mom taught me about this trick honey. About using my
inner pussy muscles when I havr you in me. Feel nice? Oh yeah, babe. Its
like a whole lot of mini fingers stroking my cock inside you. I love how
your pussy grips me inside honey. Just like I said a whole lot of mini
fingers and a soft hand once in a while in there, also stroking me. My mom was right. She said you would really like it.

My hands were caressing her tits again as she started to move a litle
faster. My pussy wants your man juice baby. Suck my tits and shoot all of
the man I love into me.

She raised up slightly and pushed her tits to my waiting mouth and them
started to fuck back and forth faster. I could feel her hard nipple in my
mouth and rolled my tongue over and over it. Switching to her other tits.
Soon, she pushed me staight down and then really started fucking up and
down on my cock, Her own hands going to her tits as she started going into
her orgasm.

Oh God, honey. I can feel your wonderful cock so far up in me. My
pussy is ready to cum honey. Hewr hands fell to my chest and she leaned
over me and fucked hard on my cock. Her face was a picture of pure love.
Here I am baby, my love juice all over your wonderful cock. I could feel
her contractions and they excited me into shooting myself. My cock
exploded within her gripping pussy now. She bent to kiss me hard.
Crushing her tits on my chest. Her pussy froze for a moment as she felt my
cum shooting. She was holding her breath, and must have been concentrating
on feeling me shoot in her. After the third squirt, she moved and gripped
my cock tighter within her again.

Oh Billy. She laid on my chest now, heaving. Her pussy still
contracting on my cock deep within her. My arms wrapped tightly around


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