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CAROL mom & ME 39

Later, after resting for about an hour, I reminded her of the phone
thing. Oh Billy, now that I think of it, it would be really sexy and hot
with each of us fucking over the phone. I'll do it for you honey. It WILL
be fun.

I leaned over to her and kissed her. I pushed her down slowly and laid
on top of her. I'm going to fuck you again, woman. I said. I'm going to
take this nice hard on and ram it in your pussy so deep you'll taste it in
your throat.

Promise Billy? She smiled. Go ahead Billy, fuck me deep. I love it.
She bent her knees back onto her tits and held them wide for me. Her whole
pussy was wide open as I have never noticed now. I just had to lean down
and suck it for a few minutes. Stay just like that honey, I said. I want
to suck you a while first. Oh, honey. I leaned down over her gaping pussy and licked it all over. I sucked up and down and stuck my tongue deep in
her. OOOOOHHH. Billy baby. I fucked her with my twirled tongue for a

Soon she was pleading for me to fuck your woman Billy. Fuck me with
your hard cock. I rose up and plunged straight into her in one lunge. All
the way in. OOOOHHHH Billy.

You filled my pussy so quickly. You ARE deep. Oh Honey. I can feel
the head of your cock way up inside me. I started to fuck her with a
steady rythym, and she really enjoyed it. My arms now held her legs in
position for her and it eased her strain as I fucked straight down into her
upraised cunt. Each stabbing thrust made her moan loudly now, More than
other times. She began to rock up and down as my cock slid in and out.
I'm wide open to you honey. The widest my pussy has ever been spread.
Fuck me, fuck the pussy of the woman that loves you honey. My whole
womanhood is yours baby.

I fucked and fucked with an excitement now. OOOHHH honey, your pussy is
gripping me so. It loves you Billy. I love you. Fuck us. Fuck me and my
pussy baby. I fucked and fucked into her. Feeling deeper in her than ever
before now. I seemed to be past her cervix somehow. I could feel it
scraping at the underside of the tip of my cock with each stroke into her.
It was a wonderful feeling.

I was determined to fuck mom like this.

Soon, I was cumming into her. I could feel her pussy gripping tighter,
spasming around my cock. Her loud moans of meeting my cum with her own.
And yes, as she said, her complete womanhood spread so wide under me for my
pleasure. She felt me cumming, and rocked her hips faster. Shoot baby.
Fill me. She was moving her hips in circles now as she clamped onto my
cock. I pulled her legs back down to normal as I finished cumming deep in
my honey.

We laid there for a while, holding each other.

Soon she was asleep. Laying on her side away from me with my hand
holding her and her tit close to me.

I waited a while longer and then put my shorts on to check on mom, AND
Carol. First, I looked in Carol's room. mom was in there and heard the
door open. Billy? Yeah mom. The room was dark. Hi honey. Are you mad
at me for talking like that? No mom. We understand. Is she? Yeah she
went in a few minutes ago. I heard a little of you and Lisa, honey. You
guys really do make nice love like she said.

She's sound asleep right now mom, as I sat on the bed. She really does
love you Billy. I can tell by some of the things she was saying to you.
That is woman speak honey.

Like when she yelled for you to fill her womanhood. That means a woman
is giving her complete self to you honey. Always treasure that. Its rare.
I understood right away when I heard her honey. I knew you were fucking
her with real love between you.

She reached for me and pulled me down and kissed me. Do you want me
honey? Yeah mom. You know I love being in you. That special feeling I
have being in you. She was speaking very softly now. Her hand reached for
my cock now as I turned on the bed toward her. She stroked it softly. its
nice that you're young honey and you can build up cum quickly. I hope this
stays with you for a long time honey. Most men lose this ability as they
get older.

I reached over and caressed her tit and laid next to her now. Her arms
went around me and hugged me to her as she kissed me again. Mom. You know
something. I would like to do you right next to Carol and dad. What?
Yeah. Lets walk in there and just lay down and start. You can ask like
you did last night how they are doing, and stuff like that while you and me
fuck right next to them. Want to do it? You know Billy, that's crazy
enough to work. I don't know??? C'mon, I said. Lets do it. Their
probably in the middle of their first fuck right now anyway.

OK honey, you have a little more courage than me. I got up and pulled
mom with me. I stood there a minute and then kissed her with her tits in
my chest.

What do you want to do first mom? I mean when we get in there? Do you
want to just lay down and me on top or suck me in front of them? Or what?

You know what Billy? Would you mind eating me if I lay down and spread
right away, first?

Yeah, that would be great mom. They could see everything, even if they
are fucking. dad would go nuts watching me make you cum by eating you.
You won't hold back will you.

Who could hold back the way YOU eat me?

Ok let's do it.

We walked to the bedroom door and we could hear the moans coming
through. mom was first, holding my hand tightly, Both of us naked. She
looked back at me once again and I kissed her. I'm going to fuck you good
mom, Right in front of them.

She opened the door and they were busy fucking as I suspected. Dad was
on top and plunging high and deep into Carol. Carol was moaning softly.
Her eyes were fixed on dad's face.

Carol saw us first as she opened her eyes and smiled.

mom pulled me behind her and went to her side of the bed. My cock was
sticking out in the air now. mom moved , sitting now on the side, and
looke at them for a minute. Is it good honey. Is her pussy nice? Oh yes
dear. We just started a few minutes ago.

mom said, we decided to join you guys, OK? Dad looked over at us and
then straight at me for the first time. He looked at my hard on. He was
still inside carol. Think you can handle your mom, Billy? I'd like to try
dad. Well, what's fair is fair. mom pulled me to her and with her arms
around me as I stood at the side of the bed in front of her.

I'm going to suck our son's cock honey, glancing back at dad. mom turned back to my cock and stroked it softly. Nice and hard for me Billy.
Mom lowered her mouth and started to slide all the way down right away. I
arched my back as my cock went forward into her sucking mouth. Her fingers
as usual, went down and caressed my balls. UUUUMMMMM. Our son's cock
tastes nice honey, she said to dad. mom changed this time to using both
her hands all ove my cock and balls as she sucked my cock up and down. She
sucked hard and fast. Seeming to want my cum in a hurry. She looked up to
me and I could sense a smile in her eyes as she lovingly sucked me. Feel
nice Billy? Dad asked. He had been watching her closely, as he slowly
fucked Carol. Oh yes dad. It really feels nice. Mom's been sucking me
for years, and I always loved it. Looks like she's doing you pretty nice.
She'll have you cumming soon, Billy. I know dad. mom sucked faster now.
Her hand quickly massaging my balls and the underside where my prostate is.
She knew it would make me jolt and even get harder. She sucked the tip and
bit the underside of my cock tip making me spurt cum. My most sensitive
spot, just under the head of my cock. Oh Mom, I said. You have me. She
jerked her hands faster as she sucked me, and pumped me into her sucking mouth. I started to cum hard. Looking at dad's cock fucking in and out of
Carol. Carol with her hands all over her tits now. Dad was watching as I
closed my eyes shooting into mom's mouth. She loves that Billy. She loves
the feel of cum shooting in her mouth, he said. Mom's eyes were closed as
she sucked my whole cock into her throat and mouth. I could feel her mouth
milking my whole cock for all my cum. She stayed with her head bent down
and my whole cock in her mouth till she felt me going soft.

finally she pulled away. Softly stroking my cock. Feel nice Billy? Oh
yes, mom. Now I have my son's cum in my belly with yours honey. mom laid
back on the bed now, and spread her legs feeling her pussy up and down.
Seeming to invite me.

I laid between her legs on top of her now. I kissed her and slid slowly
down her body and sucked her tits as she held them up offering them to me.
I sucked each of them for a while and then kissed her body all over on my
way to her pussy. I could hear Carol moaning as dad still fucked her

I knew dad was watching my every move. Finally I reached mom's bush and
I chewed on it making her hump and moan. Her hands were on her tits now.
Massaging them. I moved a little lower and mom spread her legs wider
bumping into Carol laying close to her.

Dad was still fucking her slower now. Now I was at mom's clit as I
spread her pussy lips and licked up and down. OOOOHHH Billy. That feels
so nice honey. I sucked her clit and rolled my tongue over and over it.
Mom began to tremble. I looked up in the very dim light and could see her
eyes were closed. She was still playing with her tits.

I moved down her pussy and sucked my way to her hole and slid my tongue
in. OOOOHHH Billy. I fucked her with my tongue quickly now and she really
trembled. I held her thighs and knew she would cum in a moment. I went
back to sucking on her clit. This put her over the edge and now both Carol
and dad stopped to watch her and me. I sucked mom and flicked over and
over her clit as she always likes. She was in a full cum now. Humping my

Quickly, in the middle of her second or third spasm of cum, I moved up
and rammed my cock into her. OOOOHHHH BILLY. Billy, Billy. Fuck me.
Fuck your mother. OOOOHHH I cumming honey. I rammed in and fucked her
quick and hard making her rise to another cum. Her arms went around me and
she raised her legs high to her sides as I plowed hard into her. I could
see Carol's face now watching me fuck our mom. mom was bucking and
gyrating her hips up at me as I fucked her. Her moans were now matched
with small ones from me with the pleasure I was feeling deep in my mother.
She was now into another cum. Her third or forth I think, and I continued
to fuck her hard and fast. Going as deep as I could go each time.
Finally, she seemed to relax a little and her legs dropped back down next
to mine. Her arms still holding me to her with her tits crushed into me.

That was wonderful honey. Wonderful. He fucked me really nice dear,
looking at my father. I knelt back, pulling my cock out of her. I was
still hard, and hadn't cum yet.

That was pretty good son. Pretty good stuff. Thanks dad. You really
made her cum. Yes he did dear. Yes he did. How are you and Carol doing?
Oh, I almost forgot he laughed. He went back to fucking her and now Carol
smiled again. mom saw my hard cock and said OH, you havn't cum yet Billy?
I'm so sorry honey. You had me up with those three cums that I couldn't
pay attention.

mom swiveled now and was now on her elbows in front of me. She reached
out for my cock and stroked it. He has a nice cock like you dear, she
said. He feels nice in me. really nice. How does your dad feel Carol?
Wow mom, he's filling me completely. I came twice already.

mom went back to playing with my cock. She looked up and said, I'm
going to suck you again,Billy. Your dad loves it, I know you do too. Then
she moved her mnouth closer and took my cock in her mouth. Go ahead Billy
pump my mouth this time if you want to, its ok. I knew dad was looking
over watching her mouth take my cock again. HIS SON'S cock in his wife's
mouth. You're in for it now Bily, he said. She is really good at this,
believe me. Her second BJ is always nice. Sometimes better than the

carol now moved from being under dad and did the same as mom. She laid
in front of dad and played with his huge hard on. I'll suck you too daddy.
See who cums first.

Oh little baby. As her mouth started to swallow him. mom was
concentrating on my cock. carol's tits swung underneath her as she started
to suck him. I pumped in and out of mom's mouth as she sucked me softly.
Her fingers once again caressing my balls. OOOOHHHH MOM. OOOOHHHH. Feel
nice Billy, she said looking up to me. OOOOHHH yes.

Carol, not to be outdone, started sucking dad deeper and faster into her

I reached down and caressed mom's head as she sucked me. Dad started to
pump Carol's mouth hard now. Suck me Carol. OOOOh suck your dad. I'm
almost there honey.

Carol sped up her mouth and worked her hand on dad's huge cock. Soon, I
knew he was going to shoot. mom was sucking me very nice. I could sense
she really wanted to please me as she rolled her tongue over and over the
tip and underside while I stayed deep in her mouth.

OOOOH mom. I'm going to shoot. Mom......go honey, she said. Give mom your cum. I started to spasm as she sucked and jerked me into her mouth.
It was almost like magic, the way her mouth caressed my cock. I was
cumming full blast now, mom jerked my cock faster and harder and sucked me
deeper into her throat as she felt my spurts. I rammed forward and she
opened her mouth letting me slide as deep as I could, as I shot all my cum in her sucking mouth. I moaned loudly as I was finishing my cum. mom sucked me again till I was soft in her mouth. She moved back then, and sat
cross legged in front of me. Her arms went around me and hugged me with
her head and face against my stomach. She looked up at dad and said, I
just sucked the cum of our son again, dear.

I just sucked the cum of the man we both made. I have both of you in me
now. Inside my whole body. Her hand caressed me. Suck him Carol. Suck
him good. mom reached over next to us and grabbed dad's cock as carol
sucked him. She jerked dad quickly into Carol's mouth. Dad was now
pumping into Carol's mouth quicker. I'm there honey. Suck him Hard now
Carol. Get ready for your father's cum baby. Open your throat baby. Dad
started to shoot now and I watched him. His back arched as he shot his cum into her mouth. Carol sucked him. Her hands and mouth working quickly.
He's filling your mouth now honey. Swallow.

Take your daddy's cum into your belly. Carol's mouth was filled with
his huge cock and dad's cum. More than she ever realized kept shooting
out. mom kept encouraging her to swallow.

Dad finally made a couple of small pumps into her sucking mouth and
dropped down on his bent legs. Carol now stroked his cock softly as she
looked up at him. Wow daddy. That was a LOT of cum.

Oh daddy. I never dreamed you would shoot that much. His hands went to
her face and he told her it was wonderful. His limp cock now laying on his
thigh near her face. She reached her hand to stroke it again. She seemed
a little dazed for a change.

Dad's cock was huge, especially when he was hard.

mom pulled me close to her and hugged me. Smiling, she then reached
over next to us to caress dad's cock from Carol's hand. She was stroking
him, while kissing me.

Her other hand then went down between us and she also held my cock. My
husband and my son. I love you both so very much. Now I have sucked and
fucked each of you within my body. Both the men in my life. mom laid on
her back now, rubbing slowly over her pussy.

In a littl while you guys, I want to have both of you. OK? I looked at
dad. He shrugged. Ok honey, he said. I want to suck my husband while
Billy fucks me from behind. I want him to fuck me hard while I suck you
hard dear. OK? BUT, I want you to lick Carol, while I suck you. Oh mom,
Carol said. Dad eating ME? Yes honey. He's really good at it. You'll
see. Carol knelt up now and kissed dad. He reached to caress her tits as
he kissed her, She reached down and caressed his limp cock softly as he
leaned to kiss her once again.

I moved to lay next to mom and leaned over her and kissed her. I
whispered that everything was going nice. She smiled. I leaned over her
and licked and sucked her tits. Ready for me honey? Her hand going to my
cock and stroking it again. I want you to fuck me good Billy.

Lay down here dear. She motioned to dad. Dad laid down on his back.
Mom moved up and got between his legs and stroked his cock. her ass was
almost hanging off the bed now. Carol, put your pussy on dad's mouth now.
Go ahead honey. He loves it. Dad opened his arms for Carol as she began
to straddle his face. mom watched her get in position as she stroked dad's
cock firmly. He was getting hard again. Have some cum in these beautiful
balls for me dear? Oh yes honey. OK husband I'm going to suck you nice.

Billy, fuck me honey. Stick that beautiful prick in me from behind
honey. Carol looked down from sitting on dad's face and watched me line my
cock up with mom's pussy.

OOOOHHH Fuck your mom Billy. Fuck me nice and deep with you nice cock.
Watch me suck your dad while you fuck me honey. You too Carol. Watch me
suck your father as he sucks you. I lowered my cock and slid into mom's
wet and waiting pussy. I plunged in deep. He's fucking me dear. Our son
is in my pussy again. I can feel him deep baby. I knew she was saying
this so dad would get even harder.

He is right next to the very spot he was conceived baby. Now I will
suck the cock and cum that made him AND the daughter you are sucking cunt with.

OOOHHH Honey. You always talk so dirty, dad mumbled from under Carol's
humping Pussy. Yeah, but your cock is rock hard honey. Fuck my mouth

Mom's blond hair was flying as she started to bob up and down quickly on
dad's hard cock. I could hear him moaning with pleasure. I started to
fuck into mom harder, Her ass was moving in a rythym as she rose from dad's
cock and I decided to follow her lead. I fucked into her as I saw her head
going down on him, and pulled back when she rose. Our son is fucking me
good honey. He is really fucking me good. The she quickly went back to
stroking and sucking our father. Carol was riding dad's mouth with a
rythym also. I could see her eyes glazing as she neared a cum. Her hands
moving all over her swinging tits. It made me hot to watch. I smiled at
her as she watched me fucking mom.

Oh Billy, will you fuck me like you're fucking mom? maybe later hon.
Oh Good billy. I reached down and massaged mom's back from her shoulders
to her ass as I fucked her. OOOOHHH Billy. That feels nice baby. Fuck
mom. Fuck me good. Get your juice ready for me baby. I will have your
daddy's cum soon. I rammed my cock deep into her and then reached under
her to hold her tits. I had both full tits in my hands as I rammmed her
faster now. Her ass bucked up to freet me with each stroke. Her warm
pussy gripping my cock so nicely. I watched her head going faster up and
down dad's cock. I knew exactly how it felt when she sucked my cock like
this. I knew dad would shoot any moment and I hoped I could shoot with
him. I was on the very edge hoping I could hold off.

Mom's squeezing pussy was again gripping and molding itself around my
cock. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting continuously around my
stabbing cock.

Oh Mom, you'll have me shooting any second I yelled. Shoot honey. Your
dad is right here. I have him now honey. I could see dad stiffen, and
rise his hips up to her sucking mouth and stroking fingers. I knew exactly
what he was feeling inside mom's mouth.

I heard her gulp and knew he as shooting also. Now both of us were
filling mom at the same time. Her ass rammed faster against me. Her pussy tightening and I knew she felt my cum, as I also felt more and more wetness
from her cunt around my cock.

Carol was frozen over dad. Her eyes closed and squeezing her tits hard
as she knelt over his sucking mouth. OOOOOOHHHH she moaned. Daddy suck
me. Suck my dripping pussy daddy. I could see part of his tongue lapping
into her pussy slit and near her clit. I knew well Carol's taste and how
she loved me sucking her. Mom's pussy was relaxing now as she came down
from her high. She was still slowly sucking dad up and down.

Carol finally moved off dad's face and fell to the side of the bed. She
placed her hand on her pussy rubbing it softly. Her eyes closing for long

She leaned down to kiss dad. Dad's hands went to mom's head as she was
sucking the last drops of his spent cock. I was the last to pull out of
mom now. Her head raised and I knew she was through.

I reached under and pulled her up to stand in front of me. In from of
dad and Carol. I reached around and held both her tits in my hands.
Kissing her neck.

I slid my hands down over her pussy and massaged the area as I nibbled
her neck. Then I raised my hands back up to hold her tits in my hands. My
fingers rolling over and over her nipples.

Well? She asked. Is everyone satisfied now? Her hands went behind her
and everyone could see she was caressing my cock. Her head leaned back on
my shoulder and said, Billy honey, that was wonderful. You came really
nice in me as I was sucking your dad's cum at the same time.

Her gentle and loving caresses of my cock felt nice. I continued to
caress her tits as dad watched me. I guess you're pretty good Billy, he
said. mom seems pretty satisfied right now.

Yes I am, you guys. Yes I am. I have both of you in me now. I will be
thinking of that all day tommorrow. That both of you are in my body. She
leaned back once again and I kissed her. Her tits pressed hard now into my

How about you Carol honey. Did I get all your woman juices? Oh yes
daddy. You really licked and sucked me nice. I came a couple of times and
then almost passed out, cuz it felt so nice. Especially as I was watching
mom suck you and Billy fucking her all at the same time. Wow. She said.

Dad pulled her close and kissed her softly. You felt nice honey. It
was nice fucking you. I loved it too daddy. If its OK with mom, I wish
you would fuck me a lot more often. I love sucking your huge cock too.
Dad laughed again. Sure honey. Dad has enough cock for both of us. Don't
you honey? Dad smiled at her as I continued to stand there with her tits in my hands.

Dad looked up to me from the bed and said, What about Billy? mom smiled
and turned around to face me. She said if he wants me, he can have my body
any time he wants me. Of course there's Lisa too.

I turned mom to me and kissed her as a lover now. The two of us out on
an island somewhere, as if no one else was a thousand miles near us.

I kissed her with love, and she responded with the same feeling kissing
me in return.

Finally we broke the kiss. Mom, Carol asked? Yeah hon. Would you mind
if I slept in here with you and dad tonight? Why no honey. Not really.
Maybe in the morning we can give gim a double blowjob wake up call.
Carol's smile was all over her face. Billy has business in the back room.
Lisa is sleeping in there. mom turned to me and smiled. He fucked her
twice today already dear. Her hand went to my cock and she looked at it.
She loves his cock, she said. mom knelt down quickly in front of everyone
and sucked me into her mouth for a minute, Dad watched closely.

Feels nice huh Billy? Oh yes. It does. mom know how to do it. mom went up and down my cock a few times and sucked my sack with my balls into
her mouth. Then she let go and rose to her feet. She said tommorrow is
another day honey. I promise to finish that for you.

I caressed mom's tits once more and gave her a good night peck. I said
Good Night and walked back to my room. I was really happy that there were
no hard feelings or arguments today, and it turned out so well. I was
really tired now. I did a lot of fucking and getting sucked in the past 24
hours. Just before I went into the bedroom, I decided to take a real quick
shower. I didn't want the smell of all our sex all over me when I laid
next to Lisa.


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