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CAROL mom ME 40

I climbed back in bed with Lisa now. I had no idea what time it was,
but figured it was at least three in the morning by now.

Lisa was facing me as I laid there. I wrapped my arm over her and
drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

It was only a few hours later that I awoke with Lisa between my legs
sucking me. When she realized my eyes were open, she said, good morning
lover. She went back to sucking me softly. I could feel her soft tits on
my legs as she laid there.

Oh Honey, you're getting even for yesterday morning. That's right
honey. She moved straight up on her hands and arms now directly over my
cock in he mouth.

She went up and down on it completely like a push up fashion sucking me
deep in her throat.

Oh Honey. You'll have my cum any second. UUUUMMMM she moaned.

She kept up this motion until she felt me starting to shot and sucked quicker. She went back to her tits on my legs and stroked me firmly into
her mouth as I came.

Finally she moved up on top of me and kissed me again. I knew she
wanted to pas my own cum again into my mouth.

Sure enough, I could taste my cum on her lips and she open mouth kissed
me, dripping my cum down into my throat and on my tongue.

finally she rolled off and laid next to me. Nice Honey? Oh yes babe.
It was still pre dawn. Let's rest a while before the day starts OK, babe?
I expect we'll be pretty busy later, especially if we get your brother to
go with us and Carol. Oh Yeah, she said. Both of us dozed off to sleep
again as I held her head on my chest.

After a couple of hours, I again woke and Lisa was sitting to the side
of me cross legged. Her hand was softly playing with my soft cock.

Hi sleepy head. What time is it? About 8:30. I hear some in the
family are already up now.

Lisa asked me to show her how to give me a hand job like mom did, that I
tried to describe. She said it would be nice to know to get me off in a
jamb, when we couldn't do other things.

I tried to hold her hand the way mom did and move them like her. It was
kind of clumsy. she kept trying though. We were starting tolaugh when
someone knocked on the door and opened it. Lisa was sitting there naked,
and had her hand on my cock. At it already you two? she smiled. Lisa
felt embarrassed. Oh mom, you caught us. Lisa was trying to learn how to
give me a hand job like you did. mom came in and closed the door. Her top
duster buttons open showing most of her large beautiful tits. Billy told
you about me getting him off? Yeah, Jean.

Its OK with me. I understand about it. I love him, mom said, and I
hated to see him so frustrated and knowing how agitated boys and men can be
needing a release. He was always walking around here with a hard on. I
heard him one night way before he met you honey.

I've seen him jerking off several times over the years, and I really
felt sorry for him. I understand Lisa said. Not even bothering to cover
her naked tits anymore in front of mom.

We were just trying to figure out how YOU did it to me mom, and we got
it all messed up. Would you show me Jean? Lisa asked. Why sure honey, if
YOU don't mind me being his mom and all. Oh No, that's OK with me. I
would really like to watch you get my honey off. He said you are really
good at it.

OK, Lisa. mom smiled at her and got on the bed and put her legs down
along each of mine. She moved to almost having her pussy near my cock.
She knew damn well it would make her duster ride up her thighs sitting like
this. She now leaned forward and took my cock lovingly in her hands. I
start with both hands honey, like this.

Do you know about the prostate honey? Its the man's juice gland, Its
where the cum comes from that mixes with the sperm in this big tube right
here, that we girls love. Oh yeah. We learned about that in school.

Well, if you hold his cock forward like this, his prostate is right here
in this area. Use all your fingers and massage this area firmly honey. It
will make his cock get a bit harder too. All men love this. Don't they

Oh yes mom. Watch his cock Lisa, as I do this. mom held my cock softly
up against my stomach as she massaged my prostate area. My hips rose and
fell with her movements. See honey. I'm exciting the gland right now.

You can also reach this gland real easy by sticking your finger in his
ass and rubbing upwards towards this area. Rub in circles when you do it.
You'll feel it with your finger for sure. Lisa? Yes Jean? If you are
sucking him, you can stick your finger in his ass and massage this prostate
and he will cum really hard. You will feel his cock get real big in your

OK, Thanks. I'll do that next time. When I do that with my husband,
I'm usually sucking him though, not jerking him off like this.

Oh that's a good lesson, Jean. After you've excited the prostate honey,
then you take both your hands and scoop up all his balls and cock in both
your hands and squeeze them upwards like this. massage your hand all over
his cock and balls like this.

Oh mom. Oh. See what it does honey. Wow Jean. Wow.

Now, concentrate on his balls and shaft. Pinch his head right here,
honey. Not hard, but scrape this spot with your nails or your teeth if you
suck him. Its his most sensitive are on his body....right here. My hips
flew off the bed. Massage his balls in your hand as you stroke him.
Stroke him firmly up and down like this Lisa.

I usually suck my husband when I'm doing this though. Now, just lay
back and get ready to cum Billy.

Watch my hands Lisa. I will make him cum. Most guys like dirty talk
when they are getting a blowjob or a handjob like this honey. That's why
they like looking at pictures of girls when they jerk off, right Billy?
You're right mom, as I laid there in mid orgasm.

I'll bet you can see my pussy, can't you Billy? Yes I can mom, the way
you're sitting there. She smiled at Lisa, as she also looked down and now
noticed that mom's pussy was completely open to my eyes, in front of my
cock as she sat there. She was stroking me firmly up and down now. I'll
bet you would like to see mother's tits wouldn't you Billy? Yes mom,
They're beautiful. So are Lisa's here, see hers? Oh yes mom. Her hands
working slowly but deliberately up and down my cock. Lisa was watching
intently. She pulled open her duster and let her tits fall free now. You
can see mom's tits now can't you Billy? Yes, they're beautiful mom. You
sucked these for months when you were a baby honey.

You didn't think I knew you were sneaking around to get peeks at them
when I was getting dressed, did you?

You mean? Oh yes, Billy. I caught you in the mirror a few times
watching me. Didn;t you ever notice how I played with them in front of the
mirror? THAT was for your benefit. I figured you were probably jerking
off watching me. Oh Mom. I know boys and men Billy.

Lisa laughed. My brother does that too, Jean. I saw him spying on mom too.

I'll just bet you would love to suck mom's tits right now wouldn't you?
Yes, I would mom. Well I'm busy here honey jerking your wonderful cock for
you and Lisa.

Will her tits do for now? Oh yes. Give him a tit to suck Lisa honey.
Lisa immediately scooted over and leaned a little over my face with her tit
near my mouth. Suck your honey's prety nipple and tit Billy.

Suck it softly and feel mom's hands on your hard cock. I was pumping up
and down quicker but mom would only keep one speed on my cock now. Is he
sucking your tits nice for you Lisa? Oh Yes Jean he is. Can you still see
mom's pussy Billy?

Yes mom. She raised up on her knees now so I could see her whole pussy as Lisa pulled her tit away for a moment. She had her head near mine and
was looking down intently at mom's motions and seeing mom's bare pussy right in front of us now. Mom's golden pussy hair shone in the sunlight
and made her whole pussy beautiful.

Mom's pussy look nice Billy. ZMom took one hand and rubbed it up and
down her hair and into her crotch for me to see. Oh yes Mom. Lisa's pussy looke pretty too honey. I'll bet you fuck her nice and deep with this big
cock, don't you. Oh Yes mom. We do. He really does Jean. He shoves in
real deep in me all the time. Lisa was really excited watching mom now.

Almost ready to cum watching me jerk you and seeing my nice wet pussy huh, Billy? I'm almost there mom. I'll bet you would like me to suck you
now wouldn't you. Oh yes mom. yes. I could feel a few drops of my cum leaking on my cock as mom spread it over and over the head. Oh mom.

Do you mind if I suck my son Lisa?

I have an overpowering urge to have his seed in my body. The same body
that made him. mom was leaning slightly back now. Her whole naked front
exposed to both of us. She was stroking my cock slowly now. Oh No, Jean.
I don't mind at all. I suck him often. Are you sure you wont be mad? Oh
No. Never. Go ahead Jean if you want to suck him. I'm as excited as he
is right now.

mom leaned forward now, just near my cock as she stroked it and ran her
face up and down the side of my cock. Oh, Lisa, I want my son's seed
inside me, to mix with my husband's. I understand Jean. Go ahead.

mom let go with her hands, and lowered her mouth straight down on my
cock and sucked me hard.

UUUUMMMMM My son's cock tastes nice Lisa, she said. He sure does Jean.

I can already taste some of his precum honey. mom had most of my cock
in her mouth as she looked up at both of us and smiled. Oh Billy, you're
mom's so fucking hot. Wow, she's going to have me cumming for Christ's

mom winked and then went up and down on my cock with her mouth and she
had me. I was in a full cum now. Shooting hard into her mouth.
UUUUMMMMMM as she sucked up and down. I pulled Lisa over my face and
kissed her hard as mom sucked me. I was moaning loudly as we pulled apart.
Lisa was mesmerized by mom. My hips were off the bed high, shoving my cock
as far as I could get into mom's sucking mouth. Her hand went back to
stroking me softly now as she sucked softer also.

Soon, I was finally empty, and collapsed down on the bed. She sat up
now and looked down on me. Feel nice Billy? Oh mom. Fantastic. I mean

Your balls feel a little empty now Billy, as she caressed them, smiling
softly. I have you in my body now honey.

mom was kneeling straight now in front of us, and as she said this, her
hands went up and down over her tits and stomach. Yes. I have my son's
sperm in my body from where his dad and I made it.

That was really something Jean, Lisa said.

You've just taught me things that will last Billy and me all our lives.
I have a whole lot more nice things honey. The sooner you learn them, the
better. Life is short, and the sooner you can learn good sex and love, it
will be all the better for you.

mom reached down to caress my cock again softly as she spoke. Yes, this
cock will be bigger soon, Lisa. His dad is a good size also. Carol tells
me all three of you watched us the other night?

Oh yes. Lisa said, feeling embarrassed. Its OK honey. You were really
hot Jean, the way you went down on his dad. I was awestruck watching you
take his huge thing like that! I do it often honey. I will show you later
how to deep throat Billy if you like? OK Jean.

Yes, I have a LOT to show both of you for good love if you want me to.
It would be nice Jean. I want to be the best I can for Billy. I hope it
doesn't bother you that I'm his mom and I will probably fuck him the next
time to show you some tricks?

Oh you would really fuck him? Well honey, its the next step from a
blowjob and handjob like I just gave him.

I won't do it, if it will bother you????

Oh no, its not that, its just that I didn't think you would go that far
with him.

I told you I love him and want the best for him. To see him happy with
you. besides, I love sex. I think that's wehre both my kids got their hot
urges from.

No, anytime you want to Jean. My own mom has been telling me tricks and
things I should do also, Jean. Good honey. Wise mom.

Some mothers don't give one shit about their kids. Lisa, I would like
for you to invite your mom and dad over for a swim and dinner. Maybe next
weekend, or sooner, OK? Sure, That would really be nice Jean.

I'll tell her today.

I was still amazed at how smoothly mom got Lisa used to the idea that
she would fuck me in front of her, and even sucking me a few minutes

He's staring at my naked body again Lisa. uh Oh. mom reached and held
her tits up. Oh what the hell, she quickly leaned over me and said go
ahead, get your mouth full of mom's tits. Her crotch was directkly over my
cock as Lisa watched me suck mom's tits.

I knew he wanted to do that Lisa. He's been watering for them since I
jerked him off. Lisa laughed and I felt her tits now, close to my chest.
Mom finally got up and stood there once again naked.

Lisa, I need to tell you, we are all really happy that you will be a
part of our family. Oh thank you Jean.

Eveyone here treats me so nice. We've come to love you like Billy here.
Well, sonny boy, mom said. Your cock is all Lisa's for the afternoon now.
She reached to stroke it up and down softly and then leaned to kiss a few
drops of cum she saw on the tip.

Have fun kids. Have good love too. Those are the important things to

I'll have breakfast in a little bit, if you're hungry??? Unless Lisa
wants to practice on you????

mom laughed. Lisa smiled and said I just might Jean. You got me all
horny for him again.

Uh Oh Lisa, here he goes again. Look at his cock already. Lisa laughed
now. Oh Jean. he's a sex maniac. BUT, so am I.

mom said I want to go to your dad now. I want to wake him up special.
Know what I mean? Again smiling. He''l wake up in heaven if you do what
you just did for Billy and me. Later guys, mom smiled and walked out
closing her duster.


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