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CAROL mom & ME 41

Lisa and I stayed in bed a while longer. Oh Billy, you mom's so cool.
Who would have drfeamed she would do something like that for you? Wow.
She really loves you honey. I can tell. I looked at her eyes closed as
she was jerking you off, and especiallly when she sucked you. Her eyes
really lit up. Lisa laid with her head on my chest and reached down and
caressed my cock.

She sucked you nice Billy. I want to be that good too. You are honey.
We do it with a lot of love too.

Yes we do, honey. Yes we do. Won't you feel funny fucking your mom with me here? I don't know honey. I don't know.

That's going to be really wild if she really does it Billy.

Would you like to fuck me before we get dressed? Yes, honey. I rolled
over and quickly put my hard cock in her and plunged in. I want to keep my
eyes closed Lisa, while Ifuck you this time. I want to concentrate on your
pussy the way you fuck my cock, OK?

Oh yes honey. I will milk your cock nice for you. I closed my eys and
fucked into her slowly and had twin thoughts of Lisa's and mom's pussy.

Lisa humped up to me and opened her legs wide again for me to roll in
large circles as I fucked her. Oh I love this Billy. It moves your cock
all over the inside of my pussy when you do that. Oh I love it baby. I'm
spread as wide as I can Billy. Fuck your woman.

I rolled hard on her pussy area as I jambed my cock deep in her. I knew
I was exciting her clit area also at the same time. I didn't need to pump,
fucking her this way.

My eyes were still closed and I had flashes of fucking mom last night.

Oh Billy, your cock is so deep in me. I can feel my pussy getting wet
around you honey.

I rolled against her harder, and felt my cock becomming really hard now.
I was at the edge. Ready for my cum honey? Oh yes Billy. Squirt in me.
Mix our love juice baby. My pussy is waiting for you.

I let go with a huge blast in her now, and opened my eyes. I leaned
down and kissed her deeply a we came. Her thighs and hips humping at me as
we locked together.

Oh Billy honey, this is love making honey. Real honest to God
lovemaking. You're right babe. You're right. Every time I go in you I
think of my love for you.

Finally we went downstairs and everyone was already starting to eat
breakfast. Lisa sat near me. mom gave her a "secret girl" smileas she sat
down. Dad said, Oh, the two lovebirds finally out of bed????

remembe when WE were young and horny , Honey? he said to mom. What do
you mean WHEN? You're STILL a horny old man. Hey, I'm not old YET.

No you're not dad, Carol piped up.

Thanks Darlin. At least someone's in my corner around here. i could
swear that Carol had her hand on his cock as she was speaking next to him.

We have to dash over to Lisa's for a little bit,and get her a change of
clothes and get her brother. We're going to take a ride to the lake this

Damn, Billy. I had that same idea myself to take your mom for a ride,
today. Well, why don't we all go together? mom perked up at the idea.
That's a nice idea. Sure. we'll all have a good chance to meet Lisa's
brother too.

I'll throw a bunch of food together and some cold drinks. We'll follow
you guys when you get back with her brother. maybe a couple extra blankets
to lay on too, mom. Yeah. good thinking. I don't want bugs crawling
arouind my pretty ass. It IS a pretty ass, too honey, dad smiled.

soon, Lisa and me were on our way to get her brother. Carol was excited
in meeting him for the first time.

As we pulled in her drive, her dad was hosing down the cars. Hi daddy.
Hi sweetheart. She ran and gave him a kiss. hi billy. How are you? His
hand reaching out to shake.

Well, do you have an hour you don;t need for complaints? he laughed.

We're getting ready to take off to the Lake this afternoon. My family's
going too. Hey look, why don't you and Lisa's mom join all of us. mom asked her to invite you over anyway?

Hey, its OK with me. Get away from some of this damn work around here.
You'll have to check with the boss in there though, he smiled.

I'll throw it in the air and see how it lands with her, I smiled. I
walked in the housd and Lisa's mom was in a halter top and white shorts.
She came up to kiss me and said hi. She looked stunning. Firm tits pressed against me in that brief kiss that made me take a closer look. She
was really built. Slightly taller than Lisa, almost the same hair, but her
tits...... Wow. I just asked her dad about maybe coming along qwith us to
the Lake. mom and dad want to see you anyway?

He wants to go, if its OK with you????

well, she was thinking. Lisa said Oh mom, c'mon. come with us. It
will be fun. OK. Let's get some stuff tohether. Her and Lisa got busy in
the kitchen. I still couldn;t keep my eyes off her tits. I could paling
see her nipples through the tight halter.

Oh Mom. His family is so nice. you'll really like them. His dad's a
hunk too! wait til you see. Hey, your father's not too shabby there
honey! No, he;'s not mom. I was just... Lisa's brother walked in the
kitchen now. What's going on? We're all going to the Lake with Billy's
family, Jimmy. His sister is HOT, Jimmy. She's dying to meet you.

Oh yeah. yeah, She's really built too, Jim.

His interest was in full speed now. Jimmy, honey, would you grab a case
of beer from the basement to take along? Sure mom.

Lisa had ran in and changed to a similar halter top with powder blue
shorts now. The top showed off her tits nicely too.

I made a remark about it. hey, what is it with girls and halter tops?
You just love teasing us men all day long don't you. Oh silly. They feel
nice and they show off our boobs really nice, Lisa smiled. Lisa's mom now
looked down at her own, and proudly pushed her tits up high. Yeah, see?
She smiled, knowing she was teasing me.

Anyway, you men have our boobs on your mind too much already. Is there
anything ELSE worthwhile?

Pretty soon everyone was ready and they had Lisa's dad's car packed.
Lisa, Jimmy and I jumped in my car and we went to my house. mom and dad
were in the drive, and Carol was just coming out with a big box of
something to put in the trunk.

After greetings all around, carol came over and met jimmy. I watched
her eyes as they bulged. His oo, as they looked her up and down.

Uh Oh Lisa, looks like your brother's had it. She has THAT look.

It was decided that Lisa's parents would ride with mom and dad in their
car. Carol, Jimmy and me in my car. Away we went. jimmy seemed fairly
shy as he talked to her in the back seat. If I knew Carol, that would'nt
last long.

I pulled Lisa close to me in the front seat as I drove. I was watching
Carol, off and on in the mirror. lisa tuned in a soft rock station and we
were all set.

Do you mind if I restr a while Billy? No honey, lay down on my lap.

carol piped up, what a poor excuse for a blowjob, huh? I thought jimmy
was going to choke. Don't mind her Jimmy. She knows your sister and me
pretty well. I can;t get away with anything around her. I could see Jimmy
start to smile.

Carol said to him, You know their sex maniacs don't you? All they ever
do is fuck. jimmy was now laughing loudly. Are you like them too? I
don't know Jimmy said. I love sex too. So do I. Want to have some? Uh
Oh, you're in trouble now Jimmy. Lisa was laughing at hearing her as she
laid her head on my lap.

See, No head on this side, Jimmy. I'll bet a dollar he has his hand on
her tits right now while he's driving!!

Jimmy leaned up quickly, and sure enough my hand was on her tits as she
lay there. Damn! You were right. He's feeling her tit up there.

I know those two Carol said. the hell with them. She leaned over and
laid on Jimmy's lap. After a few minutes, I saw her take his hand and
place it on her tits. She was looking up at him and smiled. She said, you
ARE cute. Lisa said you were, but sisters usually brag too much. Her hand
went on top of his, showing him it was OK to feel her up.

I was busy driving and feeling Lisa's soft tit for quite a while. When
I looked back again, both Jimmy and Carol were laying across the back seat
with her facing him. His hand was under her blouse and they were already
kissing like they knew each other for years.

Good, I thought. Magic was at work here. if I knew carol, she was just
dying to find out how big Jimmy's cock was.

I made a bet with myself that she would have her hand in his pants
within five minutes.

Lisa was sleeping now, and had her hand still on mine as I held her tit
softly. Sure enough, the next time I had time to look back, Carol was
unfastening Jimmy's belt. I could see her hand unsnaping the button on hs
shorts. Then I heard the soft OOOOOHHHHH, as her hand found his cock.
Jimmy was making small throaty sounds as Carol played with his cock. I
could see her arm moving all around probably massaging his whole cock like
she does for me. I could see his hand was under her blouse feeling her
tits. I new then that they would be a happy couple.

After about twenty minues we were pulling in the parking area at the
Lake. mom and dad were still in the car and seemed to be waiting to follw
me for the place we would set up.

Carol and Jimmy almost didn't want to sit up and get out. Can't we stay
right here Billy? I laughed. Jimmy was quickly fixing his shorts and it
seemed that Carol was adjusting his hard cock so it wouldn't show so
much.We set up blankets about twenty feet from the water. Everyone busy
unloading all the crap we brought. I learned that it would be best to get
the fire and all the rest started early, before everyone was too busy.

I couldn't help but notice how striking mom looked in her white shorts
and tight linen blouse. I noticed her bending over and almost got a hard

Jimmy and I gathered up a good pile of kindling, and other wood for the
fires. He said, Geez, your sister IS really hot. Lisa wasn;t lying
either. She's always horny Jimmy. Believe me. It might be best if you two
find an excuse to diasppear for a while around here. She'll give you what
you need. Really, Billy? yeah. after we finish setting up the stuff, ask
her to dive in the water with you and then kind of walk around the Lake.
Over there by the other woods is a good spot. You can see us, but we can't
see you too well from here.

I knew Jimmy was excited enough to cum in his pants now. He hurried in
heloping with everything and then asked Carol to join him in the water.
She had already changed to a different top of her two piece and then just
took off her shorts showing the bottom of the bikini. I thought Jimmy's
eyes would bulge out seeing her.

She smiled and they ran to the ewater. Uh Oh, I said to his mom, Looks
like another love story there. Already? she said. I haven't gotten past
Lisa yet???

She smiled as she saw them running in the water.

I saw dad reaching over to kiss mom as she sat on a small stool. Her
top lowerd, almost letting anyone see her hanging tits.

Lisa came from the back seat of the car wearing her two piece now. Her
tits and body showing their tan nicely in the afternoon sun.

We were all set up under a nice grove of trees. Quite close to where
Carols, Lisa's , Billy's and my orgy was the last time we were here.I
looked out in the water and saw Carol diving in the water. Probably going
under Jimmy's legs to grab his cock and tease him now.

Lisa's mom had also chaged somehow into a two piece. She was stunning.
I could see dad looking at her with glazed eyes too. Lisa's dad was eyeing
up mom pretty good. I thought to myself....Uh Oh. stop thinking like
that. It won't happen. Or would it?

want a beer Billy? dad asked. Yeah. I could use one right now. I sat
nezxt to him on a blanket and we watched Carol, mom and Jimmy in the water.
Her mother is something, dad whispered. Isn't she? I almost shit the
first time I saw her in that two piece in their pool. Dad was drooling.

Hey, stop it. Here comes her dad.

Dad offered him a beer and he sat down with us watching the girls in the
water also. Lisa's mom went in now and joined the others swimming.

Dad and Lisa's dad started talking about their jobs. he mentioned that
I would be working with him soon. There was an opening coming up as soon
as that guy's promiotion and transfer went through. That would be great
for Billy, dad said.

He's pretty good at that computer stuff. Well he fixed ours a couple
times in a hurry. He must know something, Lisa's dad said. We'll get him
to work.Lisa and mom were motioning to me to come in the water with them
now. I said to them, let's go in for a while guys. before the bugs start
biting. We all got up and went in the water for a while. I knew that dad
wanted to get next to Lisa's mom in the worst way. He couldn't keep his
eyes off her, and watching her tits bouncing in her bra top in the water.
What I didn't realize was tha mom was eyeing up her dad pretty good too.

mom said that she thought it was time now to start cooking for dinner. I
asked Jimmy for a hand to go down a short distance and grab a couple picnic
tables for everyone.

On the way down the path to the tables, Jimmy asked if it was all right
if he and Carol took off for a while. Sure, I said. Wait till we eat
though. Then kind of disappear with her.

maybe Lisa and me will meet you guys over there. Are you kidding? No.
maybe we will.


Dad kind of figured that Carol was all set with Jimmy for tonight and he
turned his attention on Lisa's mom. I knew mom could see what he was doing
also. She mentioned to me that she thinks that dad wants to fuck Lisa's
mom, as we were at the grille. Well mom, I kind of think you want her dad.
She it THAT obvious. obvious shit mom. I saw it an hour ago.
We're going to disappear with Kimmy and carol in a while. Don't get
allupset, OK? going off and fucking your brains out and leaving us alone
here? I'm sure you can handle the situation Mom.

By the way, Lisa really loved wehat you did this morning. She talked
about it for quite a while after you left. Thanks mom. I can't believe
you worked in a way for you and me to fuck with her aaround. I'm a woman,
Billy. We know how to get around obstacles better than any man. I debate
that mom.

I'm dying to fuck you with her there. Are you bringing her home
tonight? I think so. But I also think it will be late by the time Carol
gets her brains fucked out by Jimmy. They were laying down and feeling
each other up all the way down her for Christ's sakes. No shit honey?
Really mom. One of those love at first sight things. He just asked me if
I minded if he fucks her. Would you like to fuck me tonight Billy? Yeah,
if you can work it out with Lisa being there. I would really love it.
Well, you take care of her, and I will see that your father is satisfied
then I will come in for another "Lesson", OK? That would be great. I
would like to fuck you in front of Lisa, and feel what we are feeling when
you are in me. I'll work on something honey. Ok Mom. Are you figuring on
fucking her father?

mom looked over at him talking with dad and said, you know, the though
has been running through my mind half the day since I laid eyes on him.
He's a nice hunk.

I can just see it now. Lisa nad the rst of us disappear, and we finally
come back and find all of you fucking each other. Don't laugh honey.
Stranger things have happened. I'm getting horny now, thinking of you
fucking me tonight. Uh Oh.


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