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CAROL mom & ME 42

It was getting on to evening now. The weather was nice and warm. dad
had passed out more beer for everyone. I could see everyone was getting
along fine. I noticed carol getting itchy, sitting near Jimmy. He had
told her Lisa and me might join them in the escapade. want to take a walk
Carol, Jimmy said. Sure. I don;t know this place too well though. Don't
worry. I know this whole place by heart. We come here a lot, she said.

Maybe Lisa and me will come along too. Want to walk Lisa? yeah,OK.

Uh Oh. There go our offspring springing off.

They might be sprining a lot more than off dad laughed.

Have a good time kids. be careful you guys, Lisa's mom said. We
disappeared soon into the woods and walked along the edge of the water.

After about fifteen minutes, we came across our "Usual spot" where it
was rather secluded.

I took Lisa over to "OUR tree and sat in front of it. carol moved to a
tree across from us about ten feet. Jimmy sat next to her and put his arm
around her.

Lisa sat between my legs and I held her to me.

We all talked for a while, and Jimmy's itchy crotch got the better of
him. He pulled Carol closer to him and finally kissed her. She laid in
his lap now, looking up at him, and moved his hand onto her tits.

My hands were now caressing Lisa's tits as it got darker now.

I pulled off Lisa's haler and laid her across my arms on my lap. Her
naked tits were free as I ran my hands over them softly. Jimmy watched me
playing with his sister's tits. Now, he did the same with Carol. he asked
if he could take her top off too. carol sat up and pulled her blouse over
her head and laid back on his lap. Now Jimmy could finally see all of
Carol's naked tits he had been feeling. OOOHHH You're getting really hard,
I heard her whisper.

She could feel his hard on just next to her head in his lap. She turned
slightly away from us to face him, and we watched her hand slide down in
front of her to feel his cock.

i'll bet he's hard Carol. Lisa laughed. He sure is, Carol mumbled, her
face almost burried into Jimmy's shorts. Have you seen it yet Carol? No,
But I felt it. Oh Jiiiimmmmyyyy. Are you afraid to show carol your big
cock? No Lisa. No I'm not. Its just.... carol interrrupted and said
fuck it. She stood up and pulled kimmy up with her. She stood in front of
him with her tits bouncing, and knelt in front of him. She reached on both
sides and pulled his shorts down. When his cock sprang out, Carol gasped.
OOOOHHHH. What a nice cock Jimmy. Really. Her hand went to it right away
and stroked it. Jimmy was leaning back against the tree now.

Carol remained there on her knees in front of him admiring his 6 inches
of thick meat. He's almost as big as you Billy, she said with her back to
us. She continued to stroke him and his eyes closed. Oh Carol. You'll
make me cum doing that. That's what she wants Jimmy. Lisa said.

She's probably going to do this to you Jimmy..... lisa stood up and
pulled me with her. She turned to me and pulled my trunks off and knelt
down. She probably going to suck you like this Jimmy. lisa looked up at
me and winked. Closing her mouth around my cock and sucked me. I leaned
back against the tree and smiled over at Jimmy. Carol was still stroking
his cock.

He watched Lisa sucking me, and probably was thinking of how she sucked him also.

Finally, Caropl glanced back at us and saw Lisa sucking me. Her hand
was on Jimmy's hard on and when she turned again, she finally took him in
her mouth.

Jimmy moaned loudly as she slid her mouth down on him. I knew exactly
how carol sucked, and knew what he was feeling. Oh, Carol must have
started Lisa said laughing.

Jimmy closed his eyes now as carol went up and down, he had a rather
pained expression, as if he was afraid to let go. Soon, Carol seemed to
get into her usual rythym of sucking and was going up and down stroking him
with her hand. Oh carol.....I think I'm going to cum. Carol's head went
faster on his cock now. I knew she was in a hurry to taste this new

My own cock was doing nice in Lisa's mouth. We were in no hurry. I
could see carol reaching down to slide her bikini bottom off now. She was
getting ready for serious fucking. She stopped sucking him now, and asked
him to lay down with her on the grass. He moved quickly, like any horny
guy with a naked pussy would do.

I knew she figured if she kept sucking him, he would cum and he would be
fucked out of luck for her for quitre while. I could see her beautiful
tits rising and falling now as she laid on her back. He laid next to her
and she took his hand and guided it to her pussy mound. Oh feel me Jimmy.
Please. I knew how hot she must be feeling inside, but still needing to
teach Jimmy about herself.

I pulled Lisa up from my cock and she seemed puzzled. I thought....
It's OK honey. Let's wait a little bit. OK? Sure Billy. I pulled her to
me and kissed her and reached to pull down her shorts. I whispered in her
ear that I wanted to eat her standing up in front of her brother. OOOOH,
you horny guy.

I said aloud, Honey, I want to suck your pussy. I dropped to myknees
and buried my face in her warm crotch. Her hands went to my head as I
started tolick her mound. I knew damn well Jimmy would be watching.

I moved her legs slightly wider and dove further into her cunt. Are you
going to cum for me Lisa, I sad loud for the other two to hear. Oh yes,
Billy. Keep sucking me like that. I glanced over and carol's legs were
spread wide now as Jimmy was between them exploring her with his fingers.

Oh your sister tastes good Jimmy, I smiled as I looked up to Lisa's

Have you tried my sister yet, Jimmy. I'll bet she tastes nice too. I
hinted. He said no, but I would like to. That was all Carol needed. She
leaned up on her elbow and asked him tolick her now. Jimmy seemed tolose
his embarrassment now, and laid between her legs and moved his face closer
to her pussy. He was studying it for a few minutes and finally he placed
his fingers up and down her slit.

Just to chide him on, I think, Carol sat up and raised his head in her
hands and asked him, Hey, have you ever eaten a pussy before? Oh yeah,
sure Jimmy said. We is there something wrong with mine? Don't you like

Oh no, its not that. I I I....she moved his head back down and laid
down on her back.Now I took Lisa's hand and pulled her down with me, and
whispered to kneel, that I would fuck her from the rear. OOOOHHH, OK
honey. face your brother, OK? Sure, it will be neat watching him as you
fuck me.

Jimmy was just about to start licking carol now, when she lowered her
hands and spread her pussy lips wide for him so really see her. Like my
pussy Jimmy? Oh yeah, Carol. I sure do. he lowered his face for the
first time into her wet slit now, and I could see him start licking with
his tongue. OHHHHH that's it jimmy. Lick me hard. Lick my pussy Jimmy.
Jimmy glanced at Lisa and me and saw me sliding mycock into his sister from
the rear. She was on her hands and knees now facing him only a few feet
away. Go ahead Jimmy, suck her good. I'm sure you know how. He glanced
at her as she fucked back to me, and pressed his face harder into Carols

suck her clit Jimmy, I said. make her scream. Oh yes, Jimmy. suck my
clit baby. carol started to writhe slightly as he neared her clit area.
Oh yes. That's it Jimmy. Suck it harder baby. her fingers still holding
her pussy lips wide open for him. Suck it Jimmy, suck it. Please baby.
Jimmy closed hips lips around her clit and sucked. Carol was starting to
go spastic now. She humped up and down into his face. Lick and suck my
pussy Jimmy. Get me ready to fuck your big cock. That's it baby. Suck me
right there. OOOHHH Lisa, Your brother is sucking my cunt nice. Your
brother is fucking mine real nice too Carol. Lick her faster Jimmy, Lisa
yelled. Suck her cunt. She's loving it Jimmy. You'll make her cum soon,
hiney. Suck Billy's sister good. With all the encouragement from Lisa and
me, Jimmy started to work faster on her pussy. I could see him sliding his
tongue into her hole now. OOOOHHHH carol moaned. I'm almost there Jimmy
baby. Allllmoooss OOOOHHHH here it is . Suck me right there Jimmy.
Riggggghhhhhttt thhhhheeerrrre. OOOOOHHHH I'm cummmmmmiiiinnngg. Her hips
humped up at his face rapidly now as Jimmy held onto her legs tightly.

carol raised up now and pulled Jimmy to her and kissed him. Oh Jimmy
that was nice for our first time. You made me really cum. She kissed him
again and then asked, would you fuck me now Jimmy. Would you slide this
big prick here into me baby?

carol glamced over at us and saw me fucking her from the rear. Like
they are Jimmy. sje said fuck me like they are OK? carol knelt so that
Lisa and her heads were only inches from each other now. Jimmy was on his
knees behind her now holding his stiff cock at her pussy lips. Oh shove it
right in Carol yelled,

carol and Lisa were smiling at each other as they were both getting
fucked inches from each other the same way. Carol felt Jimmy shove his
cock in and moaned with her eyes closed. OOOOOHHHHH fuck she yelled.
OOOOHHHH You feel nice Jimmy. Fiuck the shit out of me. jimmy appeared
proud of himself as he sliced his cock into my sisters wet cunt. carol
moaned loudly each time he fucked into her. I could see her beautiful tits swaying as she knelt on her hands and knees like Lisa.

Oh I love it Carol said. Lisa moaned herself. Oh carol, your brother's
cock feel so nice in my pussy. He about to make me cum again. Both girls in ecstacy now, with our cocks buried deep in them. Is my brother fucking
You good too Carol? Oh yes, we're learning.

Ram her pussy Jimmy. Fuck her hard like Billy's doing to me honey.
Fuck Billy's sister baby. Jimmy was moaning hiself now as he stroked hard
in and out of carols cunt. make her cum on your sweet cock honey. Fuck
her. carol was moaning now also. Oh Lisa honey, your pussy has me, baby.
I'm cumming in you. Jimmy looked at me as my eyes rolled and was cumming
hard into his sister. It made him fuck Carol harder now. She was rammimng
hard back at his thrusting cock. OOOOHHHH Jimmy I'm almost there baby. So
am I carol, ooooohhh. You feel so tight and nice.....oooohhhh here I cum carol. Carol let out a loud moan as Jimmy came in her. He pumped hard
several times and then stayed rammed very tight up against her pussy.

I pulled outof Lisa now as our cum ended and they way she moved nade her
be close tocarol, I laid to the other side of her. Carol and Lisa were
holding each other as they sat there. Oh I feel nice now. That was nice
Jimmy. real nice. jimmy was sitting almost in front of Lisa. She reached
over and took his softening cock and said, Hey, where did it go Jimmy.
Ijust saw this as hard as a rock a minute ago. Laughing. Its in carol now
sis. Lisa and carol both laughed. Thats where cock belong right carol?
Damn right.

Carol put her hands to her mnouth and said calling all cocks, calling
all cocks. We all laughed. Lisa laid on her stomach now, in front of her
brother facing him. His cock was dangling between his upraised knees. I
laid down so that I was closer to carol now. I kind of had an idea of what
was in Lisa's head. Lisa reached out and caresed her brother's cock now,
as carol was watching. It hit carol instantly and sehe looked at me right
away. I shook my head yes. As if to say, yes they fuck also. Carol
looked truly surprised.

Ready to fuck again big brother? Its OK. I want to fuck you now. I
want to suck you first, OK. he looked down at her in shock as if a gun
shot him. Its OK, honey. Billy and carol also fiuck each other. I think
he's going to fuck her now, isn't he carol? As soon as I get his cock
readly Lisa. carol took the cur and reached over to fondle my cock so that
Jimmy could watch. Lisa moved a little closer to Jimmy now and put her
mouth on his hanging cock. I'llsuck you till you're hard Jimmy. We
watched Lisa sucking her brother. I stood up and carol did the same.
Instantly taking my cock into her mouth and sucking me. Only a few feet in
front of jimmy.

OHHHHH're.....Ready big boy, to fuck your big sister?

Carol had me hard afgain in no time. Jimmy was moaning as Lisa sucked deep on his cock.

Ok Big boy. Lisa turned over on her back and said fuck me hon. Fuck
your nig sister with that nice cock. Carol did the same, pulling me down
so that Jimmy could watch me slide my cock in her. jimmy was now past
being amazed. he wa busy fucking his familiar pussy now.

Oh Lisa....I was going to fuck Carol again.....You will honey. You
will. Billy's busy fucking her right now though. jimmy watched me fucking
carol hard now, and hearing her moan. He copied and fucked Lisa harder now

Oh Jimmy....fuck me honey. Fuck me. I saw him arch his back as he
began to shoot into her.

Oh darling brother, You came nice in me. Soon, carols contracting pussy had me ready to cum. Ipaid attention toher now and asked if she was
feeling good? Oh yeah Billy. her hips rocking faster tomeet my spurts
now. Fill me Billy. Fill me with our family cum.

The official ice was now broken for Jimmy. I knew he would be puzzled
for only a little while.

After draining us, the girls stood up and looked at each other. We both
have our brother's cum in us now.

Carol walked over to Jimmy and said when yuou're ready baby, I still owe
you a finished blojob, remember. I never finished the first one? Jimmy
smiled up at her.

I'm ready now Carol. I love blowjobs.

Lisa came over tome and pulled me down to sit near her. Carol knelt
now, in front of Jimmy and reached for his half hard cock. I'll make this
hard for you baby.

She leaned over with her ass sticking up at Lisa and me, and sucked Jimmy. Lisa giggled, there's a nice ass for you to fuck honey, if you're
ready to handle it???? No. I'm fucked out for a few minutes honey. I
pulled her to me and kissed her. I sat with her between mylegs as we
watched Carol suck Jimmy. Her body rocking as her head went up and down,
sucking his quickly.

I whispered to Lisa that I thought we should be heading back after Carol
finishes Jimmy's blowjob. She said OK.

I was looking at Carol's completely spread ass and pussy as she knelt
over Jimmy's cock. I thought to how many times I fucked and sucked each. I
rose and put on my bathing suit and Lisa started to dress also.


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