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CAROL, mom & ME 43

Soon we watched as Carol's wonderful skill at sucking had Jimmy on the
edge. His eyes were closed and his hands were on carol's head as she went
up and down on his cock. Suck him good Carol, I said. he was moaning and
yleed I'm cumming. It was almost loud enough for everyone in the park area
to hear. Carol sucked him faster taking his cum down her throat and I knew
that exact feelof certin things she does when I cum in her mouth.

After a while of hugging and kising, they stood up. Both naked. He
kissed her again and she pressed her jutting tits with her hard nipples
into him. She reached down and fondled his soft cock between them.

He was going to put his shorts back on, but Carol stopped him and asked,
Wait. Let's walk back through the woods naked til we're almost there. OK?

That's crazy, but lets do it. Lisa and I laughed at them as they
started with us out of this "sacred" place of ours.

Both Lisa and I kept reaching in front to pinch their asses as we
walked. Carol got ahead of Jimmy and turned to walk backwards. I like your
cock Jimmy she said. We all laughed.

Her nice tits were bouncing as she walked. She was a really sexy sight
with her golden hair shining in the full moon light now.

Her beatiful tits with their hard nipples on her chest were so inviting
for any man. Her body was truly beautiful. I was proud of her.

I was holding Lisa's hand now as we neared our "camp". We could hear
muffled noises through the trees as we neared.

Carol and Jimmy started to put their clothes on now, and stopped again
to kiss in front of us.

As we neared the fire i noticed commotion in the water. I could make
out two people there, and as a clous passed, the moon shone again. Damn.
It was mom and Lisa's dad out in the water. They were both naked. He was
holding mom's tits and she was reaching down playing with his cock. I
grabbed Lisa, and Carol to stop them. Look, I said. See who that is out
there in the water. they all strained to see now as the moon hid again.
After a few seconds, Holy shit Billy. Its your mom and my dad Lisa said.
They're fucking around naked in the water. She has his cock in her hands.
I don't fucking believe it, Carol said. She walked a little closer to the
edge of the trees we were standing in. I don't fucking believe it, she
said again. She reached back to grab Kimmy's hand as we all stood there in
shock watching them.

The water cam up to their hips. Mom's pussy was just at the edge of the
water. Dad has hios hands all over your mom's tits Jimmy said.

I wonder what the other two are up to? I said. I don't even want to
guess Billy, Lisa said. As we neared the area where all our stuff was, I
could see dad's head against a tree. He was sitting. As I got a little
close I stopped. Lisa's mom was on her knees sucking him. They were both
naked. I almost shit.

Oh fuck. Look at this guys. Be quiet. Now they say Lisa's mom on her
kness sucking up and down on dad's huge cock. Damn. What are we going to
do Billy? We can't just walk in there right now?

I don't know. I wonder if we can get to the car without them seeing us.
Do you think?

If we can make it, Jimmy, you will have to help me push it further down
the road so they won't hear it start. Good idea, Billy, as he came to
stand next to me.

I looked over in the water again at mom. They had moved closer to shore
now where it was a bit more shallow. She was on her knees sucking Lisa's
dad. her tits pressed hared into hislegs as she had done so often to me.

Oh My God, I said. Now mom's sucking your dad.

I just can't fucking believe this. Either can I Billy. Either can I,
Carol responded. I was half torn between rushing in and screaming my head
off or like dad, ask for a turn at Lisa's mom's mouth.

Crazily, I wondered if Jimmy was thinking something like that about mom.
Let's circle around and head for the car. be careful we don't make noise.

We all needed time to digest this event. we fianlly reached the cars
and I put it in gear. We all pushed and the ar rolled down the hill
quietly. I was happy for that being a bit easier than I figured.

When we were quite a distasnce down the road, i started the engine and
we got out of the park.

I pulled into a restaurant parking lot and asked the girls to get us
some coffee or anything to drink. They needed something also.

I can't believe all this shit, Jimmy said. He sounded almost in tears.
in the dark back seat.

The girls came back rather quickly with pop and a cup of coffee for me.
well, here's the plan. We go back to our place and you'll have to sleep
with Carol, Jimmy. OK? I guess so, if that's OK Carol? Sure Jimmy. Lisa
will be with me. We have to stay out of sight in case they come home all
still together. OK? do your pissing as soon as we get in the door I said.
We don't need to make noises with the toilet or being seen in the halls.
You're right Billy.

In the meantime, we'll think of a way to deal with this shit in the
morning when we will probably see them.

Oh damn, as I hit the steering wheel. What a fucking mess. You're
right Billy.

I said I think its a good idea if we hide the car, at least for tonight.
I don't even want them to see it or they will know. I'll park around the
corne from our house and we can cut through the back yard. Ok Billy.

You know, now that I think of it, its not our business what they were
doing? They're the parents and if they wanted to do each other like that
it seems its their business. But Billy, their OUR parents damn it.

No, Lisa, think about it a minute. Really honey. carol and Jimmy hit
it off right away. You and me right away, honey. Now just transfer that
to our parents. They all hit it off right away. It sounds twisted, but it
seem's to make sense Billy.

I didn't know Jimmy an hour and he had his hand on my tit. Within two
hours I was sucking his cock.

No, I should have picked up on it earlier when I saw your mom eyeing up
my father just before we all sat to eat. He was google over her body the
minute he saw her. I'm sure of that Jimmy.

And mom, my mother's a true lover. In her heart.

i don't know. I still think its best we all figure out something in the
morning. OK Billy.

I pulled on tjhe block behind our house and we ran through the yard to
our house.

I was certain we beat them home by at least a half hour. that is if
they left after we did. I doubted it. it seemed like the sex was just
beginning for them.

They might all even go to YOUR house Lisa. Who knows. what a sight
seeing your mom on her knees in the water sucking my dad! Lisa honey, YOU
did the same damn thing last time we were there. So did I Billy, Carol
said. Remember? Yes I do hon. Oh yeah, Jimmy asked carol. Who did you
suck. Oh a stupid friend of Billy's we were all out with.

You know, I could use a drink Lisa said, as we neared the kitchen door.

So could I Carol chimed in.

I turned on the night light in the kitchen and we all walked into the
parlor. I made a bunch of drinks and said that maybe we shoud take them
uspstairs so we don't have to worry about rushing if they happen to come

We all went upstairs and went into my room. So this is where you and
Billy do it all the time huh? Yes hon. This is our love nest. You'll
have to make a nest in carol's room with her. Right Carol? Oh Yeah. I
think I can handle that.

I was leaning against the dresser as the two girls sat on the bed near
each other. Jimmy was at the other end of the dresser. carol drank her
drink in a big gulp. Hey take it easy there hon. You don;t want to get
all fucked up. Of the hell with it Billy. Why should we let them spoil
our fun. She stood up and pulled her shorts off. Either one of you guys want to fuck me? All this fucking sex shit has me horny again. She laid
down on the bed with her legs hanging over. Her pussy glistening now, in
the moonlight. Jimmy looked at me in question?

Go for it Jimmy. You're the new guy here. You know, being with all you
guys seems to make me feel good inside. I'm not so embarrassed anymore.

You're doing fine honey, Lisa said. Come here and let me suck you a
minute before you fuck Carol. carol sat up now, nest to her and said
that's a damn good idea Lisa. I love sucking Billy anyway. VCome here
Billy, let me suck you too, then Jimmy can fuck me good.

Jimmy and I both stood in the dark bedroom and watched each other get
sucked nice by our own sisters.

This is strange isn't it? We both sucking our brothers Lisa. Yeah but
its nice. yeah, carol went back to sucking me softly and stroking me up
and down. I'd liked to save this cum for Lisa Carol, OK hon. Sure Billy.
Just tell me when to stop. You too Jimmy. save your cum for my pussy OK?
OK Carol.

After a while of the girls sucking us, I decided to kneel down and suck
Carol. Oh, Billy. This is a surprise. Jimmy did the same with Lisa.

After she cums Jimmy, I want to fuck her right away, OK? Yeah sure. I
love sucking my sister's pussy a lot. Hey how about me, Carol asked,
laughing as I sucked her.

It took us a while to get the girls to the point of cumming, and Jimmy
quickly switched and we put our cocks in the other's sister.

I rammed Lisa hard with excitement as I fucked her. She moaned with her
pussy filled with her fresh juices. cum on my cock honey I said. More to
excite Jimmy than for myself. He was pumping in and out of Carol, and had
her moaning and humping up at him. OOOH You feel real nice in my pussy Jimmy. You feel great too carol.


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