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CAROL, mom & ME 45

I awoke as usual about 7 AM. Lisa was sleeping peacefully with her arm
around me and her tits gently laying against me.

I puled awa and went into carol's room. They were still sleeping with
his leg over her and hi arm around her.

I woke them and told them to hurry and get dressed. I went back in and
woke Lisa now, and said I was going to get the car on the next street.

I noticed Lisa's dad's car in our garage. Then it made sense of how
they all got to Lisa's house last night.

They were all in the kitchen when I got back with my car. We had a
quick cup of coffee, and just by chance I asked Jimmy if he had keys to his
dad's car. Sure he said. Good. It will save a lot of bullshit if you
drive your car back for them.

He and Carol got in and they followed me to their house.

Everyone was still in bed at Lisa's house. That was good.

The girls got busy making a breakfast and setting the table. We were
all nervous but agreed to stick to the plan of not mentioning anything
about what we saw. Rather, to act as if everything was normal.

mom and Lisa's mother were the first two to come downstairs. Both in
summer dusters. It was plain that mom had not worn any underwear. I went
to her right away with their shock. I pulled her into the parlor and said,
Don't worry. I have it all worked out. Just play it by ear mom. Then
quickly I went over to Lisa's mom and hugged her Good morning. I could see
a look of shock on her face.

We figured on a surprise by making breakfast for everyone. Wow! She
said as she walked into the kitchen. You guys did all this for US?

Carol went over and hugged mom. I could see a huge sigh of relief on
her face as she looked over her shoulder at me. I winked. Dad is STILL
sleeping. He had quite a bit to drink last night. So did my husband,
Lisa's mom said. I went to mom and whispered to be careful. That we could
almost see everything tnrough the duster.

Oh shit. She whispered. I didn't bother with my bra. Not only that
mom, your pussy can almost be seen too. Oh. I'll be right down. I'm
going to wake your father she said loudly, so everyone could hear, and
dashed up the stairs.

I smiled after her. Lisa's mom poured a cup of coffee and reached for
the aspirin bottle. I need these this morning.

my head is still swimming.

I glanced at the others as proof that they were all pretty drunk last
night, as I said.

Her hand went to her forehead as she sat down holding her head in her

We were really worried about where you guys took off to last night when
we didn't hear or see your car Billy.

Well, we decided to take off for a long ride I said. I wish you would
have told us. I'm sorry. Jimmy looked at me and mouthed SMOOTH, real
SMOOTH. I smiled.

Soon dad and mom were down, and sat at the table. Carol got up and
poured coffee for them, and then filled their plates with sausage and eggs.

Lisa's dad came down a few minutes later. His hair still messed and his
eyes still bloodshot.

You're in FINE shape, I said to him laughing. If I look half as bad as
I feel, call the coroner quick. We all laughed. He headed for the
aspirins also.

dad said that he would take the rest of the bottle if he thought it
would help him. We all laughed again.

I quickly winked at mom again as she started to pick at her plate.

I noticed a distinct look as Lisa's mom looked at dad. I knew damn well
she was remembering having his cock in her mouth last night. Again, I saw
her hand go to her forehead as she must have beem remembering.

mom had the sort of look on her face as she glanced at Lisa's dad, as if
to say, I sucked HIM?

I felt a genuine sense of guilt between all four of them as I looked
around the table. carol turned from the sink as she put her plate there,
and said How about a cookout this afternoon in our yard? Oh no, Lisa's mom said. Another party? carol said hey, its a holiday after all, and even
cuter, He's my daddy and he works his ass off way way too much.

Everyone laughed. It was on. We would cook out at our place tonight.

Lisa and Carol cleaned off the table and were doing the dishes. Jimmy
mentioned that he had to cut the grass and stuff outside. Lisa said they
would be out as soon as they finished the dishes.

That was a wondeful surprise with you guys making breakfast for all of
us, Lisa's mom said. Yes, it was mom chimed in.

I hosed all the dust and dirt off the cars as Jimmy cut the grass. The
girls came out now, and I said I think we shoud beat it somewhere and let
them all talk. Let's go back to our place Billy, Carol said. We need to
get ready for cooking tonight anyway. OK.

I waited until Jimmy finished the grass and then went in and told them
we were leaving to take a ride again.

They all stopped talking the minute I walked in. I knew what was
happening and disappeared quickly.

I pulled out some steaks and hot dogs from the freezer for them to thaw,
and then cleaned the dirt from the pool. We were all sitting on the deck
around the pool now.

can you imagine the conversation going on over there right now I said. I
can just see mom saying, I'm sorry I sucked your cock Mr. Blasdell. I'm
sorry too that I sucked your cock Jack. Everyone laughed. You know Billy,
you're probably not too far off as we all laughed again.

Well, think about it girls? What the hell would YOU say to a guy you
just met and sucked his cock like they did? Very funny Billy, carol said.
Oh I forgot. You sucked Jimmy's cock and only knew him two hours.

I had another crazy thought too! What Billy. What if they decided they
really liked sucking each husband's cock and were doing it again right now?

Oh Billy, you're getting rediculous. we wait a minute now. If you
remember, none of them are dressed yet????? They're still wearing
bathrobes and dusters.

maybe the guys are returning the favor and dad is sucking you mom's
pussy right this minute.

hey, Jimmy said. I would smack him out of the way. If any strange guy
is going to eat my mom, it'll be me first. I stared at Carol quickly. She
knew exactly what was in my mind. So did Lisa.

Now I wondered if Jimmy did the same with HIS mother? I wondered if
Lisa was holding back on this? If he's fucking her and she told me her
mother seems to know something is up????? maybe the reason she's not
saying anything is because she's having him fuck her too.

Jimmmy asked if he could borrow my car for a little while. There was
something he forgot to do? I said sure and gave him the keys. He said he
would be back in about a half hour. Carol half expected to go along but he
he said he would hurry back and gave jer a quick kiss.

carol and Lisa were talking about last night and how much fun it was
when were were all fucking together. Its nice sometime to be getting
fucked next to other people fucking too, she said. I liked sucking Billy
while you were sucking Jimmy too, Carol said. My pussy was creaming all
the time then. I was hot too, Carol. I could watch Billy's face as you
were sucking him.

Carol, you're not going to believe what mom did the other night....I
said. What Billy? Well, should I tell her Lisa?

Hey, Its your mom. What carol asked again. Well you know that mom caught me jerking off a few times right? yeah. So what? Well a few times
she offered to jerk me off andeven let me see her tits to make it better
for me. Yeah. Well, mom gives a specially nice hand job carol. I mean
not like you, or even Lisa can do.

Oh Yeah? Its true Carol. She has a really special way to do it for a
guy. Well, I was trying to explain how she did it to Lisa, and we got it
all screwed up. I just couldn;t remember how exactly she did it. Not even
ten minute later, mom came in and saw Lisa sitting next to me naked. She
was going to leave, but I told her tha I was just trying to tell Lisa about
the way she jerked me off. I asjed if she would show Lisa. mom was
shocked for a minute, but Lisa said it was OK with her. carol, mom sat on
the bed and gave me one of the best handjobs of my life. She really did,
Carol. Lisa added. I was amazed. She explained a lot of stuff to me on
how to jerk him off if we can't fuck or stuff.

Carol, you're mom was super. She showed me about certain spots on
Billy's cock that us girls should watch out for to make them feel a lot
nicer if we suck them or jerk them off. Your mom knows a lot of shit about
that, Carol. I know she does carol answered. You mean mom sat there and
jerked you off with Lisa right there? ZYes, she did. She showed me step
by step and really got Billy humping off the fucking bed, Carol.

Then, carol, just before she had him ready to cum, she said she wanted
to taste her son, and have his seed in her body. NO SHIT? carol looked at
me. She asked ME, carol, if it was OK to suck her son;s cum into her body.
Holy Fucking shit, I almost died Carol. i said sure. It was fine with me.
Billy was almost ready to cum. He was dripp[ing in her hand as she was
stroking him. She had Billy suck one of my tits and then lowered her mouth
and jerked him off into her mouth. She was looking up at both of us as
Billy was cuming in her mouth. It was so fucking hot, Carol. I came right
then. Then she stood up and rubbed her tits and stomach and said, Now I
have my son and my husband's seeds in my body. I almost shit Carol. There
she was with her duster wide open, naked standing in front of us at the
foot of the fucking bed. She was still looking down at Billy and said, he
STILL wants to suck my tits, I can tell. damn, carol, she laid right on
him and put her tits in his nouth for him to suck. Then she got up and
said that she would give me another lesson about fucking soon.

No shit. Yeah. She even saw a couple drops of billy's cum on his cock
and took them on her fingers and sucked them in front of me.

I'm telling you, your mother is really fucking hot. hey, all this talk
about mom sucking me is getting me hard as a rock again, girls. They
laughed as they saw my cock pushing up through my shorts. Well, would you
like pussy or a blowjob? lisa and me will toss for who does what.

Well......a nice quick blowjob would be nice. OK. Lisa and Carol spun
a beer bottle on the deck. Carol won. Ok. I guess its a blowjob. Damn,
carol, I was hoping to have his cock in me real quick. Too late, you lost.
Come here Billy. I stood in front of her on the eck chair. Lisa was
sitting close to her. Lisa got up and stood behind me. Let me share this
blowjob with you, OK honey?

Sure. She knlet slightly and pulled my shorts down and once again
licked and bit my ass gently. Her hands went in front and caressed my
cock. She stroked it as she was licking my ass. I was hard in her hands
now. Her stroking on my sack was great. He's ready Carol. Suck my
honey's cock. Carol smiled as she saw Lisa's hands working on my cock.
She looked up at me and smiled again. Let me see your tits hon, while you
suck me. OK, Billy. She pulled her halter top off. Her beautiful C cup
tits fell loose. She massaged them looking up at me. You really like my
tits huh Billy? Yes I do hon. Your cock is nice and hard now. I'll suck
you nice Billy. Lisa's had was holding my sack and balls caressing them,
and her other hand was stroking my cock as Carol put her mouth on it. Lisa
Looked around front and started to softly jerk me into Carol's mouth as she
started to suck me harder. It was feelinf wonderful with both girls working on my cock. Carol was nipping and sucking y tip and the underside.
Lisa was biting all over my ass now, as she caressed my balls a little
firmer. She was timing Carol/s mouth movements with her jeking up and down
my cock.

OOOHHH. I'm going to cum honey. Carol looked up at me and I stared
into her eyes as she sucked my cum into her mouth. She smiled much the
same as mom as I filled her mouth. Lisa felt me cumming and began to
massage my balls faster, and stroke me harder. Then Lisa used both her
cupped hand to cradle my balls as she fed my spurting cock into Carol's

It was really a nice blowjob. I came hard in Carol's mouth and she
sucked me for quite a hile till I went soft in her mouth. Lisa knew I was
almost finished and she came up and kissed me , and watched Carol finishing
sucking me. Lisa reached down and with tewo fingers, circled my cock. She
squeezed my cock tighter and drained it into carol's sucking mouth.

Now, was THAT nice or was THAT nice? carol said.

It certainly was girls. I really came hard. Thanks. Maybe you guys should do the same thing for Jimmy. We will, don't worry, Billy. We will.

I sat down next to Lisa on the lounge.

I looked at her and said, Honey, I love you. I love you too, Billy. I
love this thing that its ok for us to fuck my sister and your brother like
this too. It just seems so damn nice. You like fucking your brother and I
love making love with Carol. Carol said I love you inside me too Billy. I
don't give a fuck about that incest thing. I really don't either, Lisa

I love my brother. So do I, Carol said.

jimmy was pulling into the driveway now. He seemed a little flustered
now. Anything wrong? No. Not now. I just needed to tell that pest Nora
that I wasn't taking any more of her shit. That I want to be with Carol,
if its OK with YOU, Carol???? Nora was only using the shit out of you
anyway Jimmy, Lisa said. Carol will be good to you, Im sure. Why sure
Jimmy. I like you a lot already. Sure.

Carol stood up and kissed him, and pulled his hands to her tits to feel.
We just gave Billy a super blowjob. Both Lisa AND me. I did the sucking and Lisa did the caressing.

We'll do YOU in a while, OK? Sure. I'd love something like that. This
time I'll suck you and Carol will do the caressing. Have some cum for your
big sister, Jimmy? I sure do sis. Good. Let me go to the bathroom and
then we'll take care of you.

I'm going too, Lisa. We can change to our two pieces. OK.

I held my hand over my cock in my shorts and said, Jimmy, you're about
to get their super suck. Believe it. I won't say anymore. They just
completely drained my balls, buddy.

My sister was the one sucking. Lisa was...

Well, I'm not saying another word and spoil it for you.

soon, the girls came bouncing out the back door and through the long

they came uip on the deck all excited now. each giving themselves
secret girl glances.

Hey, I called mom, Billy. They will all be over about 6. Great we have
all the rest of the afternoon to get ready. mom sounded out of breath or

Lisa sat on the lounge now and asked Jimmy to get in front of her for
HIS super suck. Jimmy jumped quickly, making us laugh.

Carol took Lisa's lace kneeling behind him now. She pulled down his
shorts and Lisa did almost the same as Carol, as Carol reached around him
and caressed his sack and balls. She stroked his cock from behind and Lisa
Licked his tip. soon, he was rock hard and humping Carol's hand as Lisa
started to go down further and further. Carol stroked his cock all the way
down into Lisa's sucking lips.

He was moaning loudly and arching his back. Carol started to nibble his
ass in front of her.

Lisa looked up and said I want your cum little brother. Shoot your cum in my mouth Jimmy. I will. Lisa honey. I will. Oh suck me hon, Suck me.
Lisa winked over at me and slid her mouth deep on her brother's cock while
looking straight at me. It was a sexy sight seeing her with his cok in her
mouth. Also with Carol nibbling all over his ass at the same time.

I knew damn well what he was feeling right now. Suck him good Lisa I
urged. She smiled, still with his cock deep in her mouth. carol was
stroking his cock faster now, into Lisa's mouth. I could see her other
hand moving quicker on his sack. he was humping quicker and moaning loudly
as he arched and came hard in Lisa's mouth. I could see her close her eyes
and suck his cum into her throat. She stayed until he became oft and
licked him all over looking up lovingly at him.

She now leaned back and held his softened cock and caressed him softly.
Nice honey? Oh Lisa. That was the very best I ever had hon. I really
came. I know you did honey. She leaned down and sucked him softly once
more for a minute, and then stood up and kissed him. I knew damn well she
was giving him some of his cum back, as she did with me. She reached down
and was caressing his cock and balls with both hands softly as she kissed
him. I could plainly see how much she loved her brother.

All empty now honey? Oh Lisa. Oh thanks carol. What you were doing to
my ass felt so fucking nice. Carol smiled and took him over to lay on a
lounge together.

We still have to whip up some salads and stuff for dinner Billy. OK.
Let's get all that out of the way now.

All four of us went into the kitchen and each of us did something. We
were all done in a short time.

I'm ready to take a nap for a while. Its been a fucking busy night, and
we still have to get through teh stuff tonight.

Yeah, That's an idea Billy, Carol said. She looked at Jimmy and asked
if he wanted to lay down with her? Sure Jimmy said eagerly again. Still
fucking horny after THAT blowjob? I'm always horny. He laughed. You'll
be fucked out before tonight, I promise. I looked at him and said, she
means it Jimmy. Carol keeps her promises. Shit, I can't believe we're
having this much sex! Its been so long with a regular girfriend. I'll
make up for it Jimmy. Don't worry babe. I love to have sex hon.

Lisa smiled at her.

We all went upstairs to our rooms now.

Lisa and I took off all our clothes and just laid on the bed feeling the
air conditioning. I love you, I said. I was staring straight up at the
ceiling, on my back. So I guess you really like that double blowjob deal

Oh honey. Its great. it really gets me off when both of you are doing

Honey, I was just thinking.....Have you ever had Jimmy fuck you in the
ass? No baby. Only you've been in there. Why?

Well, I was thinking that maybe I could suck your pussy while he is
fucking you in the ass. Like you and Carol do to us. He could make you
cum by fucking you, and I would suck you to a clit cum. Oh Billy. THAT
sounds hot. Would you want to try? Yeah. But I don't know if HE will
want to fuck my ass.

I'll ask him later baby. Let's rest a while now. I pulled her naked
body close to me and kissed her. We dozed off as I held her tit and she
was caressing my softened cock.


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