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CAROL, mom & ME 46

We awoke around 5 PM and double checked all the food and made sure there
was enough cold beer.

We were back out on the deck, all nervous about them pulling in the

After a few minutes, our car pulled in, and we could hear laughter. Our
two moms were in the back seat and our dads in front.

Somehow, I sensed something wrong. I couldn't understand it right away,
as they all walked through the yard towards us. Hi kids they said as the
approached us. We have everything all set for dinner mom. I said.

I can't stand this. These kids are spoiling the hell out of us today.
First breakfast, and now they're going to serve din din. She put her hands
on her hips and smiled. To WHAT, may we ask, do we deserve this
pampering??? I looked at the others and remembered a rerun of a Mickey
Mouse thing.....WHY? BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU, and everyone laughed.

I reached in the cooler for beer for everyone. mom said I don't know
honey....after all we had last night......

Well, dad said, I guess I'll try one.

I went over and started lighting the grille and mom found a reason to
come over and help me. I knew she wanted to say something as she neared.
Find an excuse to go upstairs honey. Hurry.

OK. I asked jimmy to watch the burners for a few minutes while I got
some of the steaks and hot dogs. Sure he said.

I quickly went upstairs to my room. mom was right behind me. She
immediately put her arms around me and had tears in her eyes. Oh
honey....I love you so much. What's wrong NOW mom?

Billy, Billy.....we did it. What do you mean? I mean we did it. We
all fucked each other this afternoon. dad fucked Lisa's mom, and I fucked
her father.

We were drinking again supposedly to get rid of our hangovers. But it
kept up and dad got up and started to fondle her tits in front of us. The
her father did the same to me. Within a few minutes they had their cock
out adn we were sucking them again, but this time we went to different
bedrooms and that's when I fucked and sucked him.

Oh Billy. What are we going to do. Damn mom! In a strange way honey,
I felt nice as he fucked me. The very first OUTSIDE man since we've been

We fucked for about an hour and did all that stuff honey. For a while
it seemed like a lot of fun, and the beer made me feel a lot easier about
it all. I know she had the hots for your dad anyway by the way she looked
at him the first minute.

Damn it Billy....We're all supposed to take a short trip this weekend
together. I don;t know what to do. Lisa walked in the bedroom just then
and sat down with us. mom put her arms around her and pulled her to her
chest. Lisa looked over at me on the other side of mom and asked if
something was wrong? Wrong? I don;t know honey. Depends on how bad you
want to look at it. Remember when I joked earlier that they could all be
fucking at your house? yeah......Uh Oh....Lisa's eyes mean????
Yes honey. They are fucked each other.

Oh my God. I'm sorry Lisa. It just seemed to steamroll today. My damn
husband and your mom seemed to deliberately start it. You fucked my
dad????? Yes honey. And Billy's dad fucked my mom???? Yes. Not only
that, Lisa, I said, they want to get together this weekend and take off to

Uh Oh. This REALLY fucks up things.

mom was shaking now as she held Lisa. Well, Lisa, let's go on
pretending we don;t know anything for today. Otherwise it will cause a big
blow out.

Ok honey. Thanks kids, mom said. Lisa.......your dad was really nice
to me when he was with me. I'm sorry honey. Lisa lookled at her and said
the words I mentioned last night. I can understand the attractions between
all of us. Billy talked about it last night on the way home.

He said Carol and Jimmy hit it off immediately, and they fucked along
with us in the woods last night. If THAT could happen so quick, then we
understoood how it could happen with you and my parents too.

Oh Lisa honey. You are so sweet. mom put her aems around both of us
and hugged us to her chest.

We have been worried that there would be big trouble today, buy Billy
made a plan, and that's what all us kids have been sticking to.

Thank you Billy, for making all this so much easier on all of us. Lisa,
I think Billy has something to tell you. Tell her Billy. Tell her OUR
story. Since we are being so honest, I want it all out honey, OK? I
looked at mom and then at Lisa..... What is it honey? Lisa, I and I.....she sat straight up now looking at and
I fuck Lisa, I said quickly. Sjhe looked sort of shocked for a moment. I
lowered my head and continued. We've been fucking for a while now. It
started like we told you, when she started giving me those reall nice hand
jobs, and just kept going honey.

dad was having some problems for a while and could fuck. mom was really
uptight honey. It was turning her on way too much to help me cum with her
hand jobs and then it started with blowjobs too.

I hope you won't be mad at me honey, or mom. It's mostly my fault being
so damn horny. Oh Billy. Billy honey.

I understand. She got up and knelt in front of me now. I have to tell
YOU some stuff now. I have fucked MY dad, and Jimmy has fucked mom too.
You mean???? Yes Billy. I started fucking dad a few months ago when we
graduated and we were all kind of drunk and everyone was a little crazy.
Lisa knelt there and looked up to mom and said, Its OK Jean. I'm so glad
this is all out now. For all of us.

That's why I didn't feel so bad watching you suck Billy yesterday jean.
I was thinking of watching my mom sucking Jimmy. I just didn't know how to
tell Billy all this. Or if he would hate me then. Lisa was now starting
to cry.

I picked her up and held her. mom stood and we all hugged.

My God! She said. Who would have figured on something like this? Then
you don't mind if we go on that proposed trip this weekend? I guess now
Jean. We hugged again. I'll try to get my mom alone and talk with her
about all this Jean. OK? OK honey. That would really be nice. Honey,
this is the first time I've had a man OUTSIDE mymarriage. It turns out to
be YOUR dad of all people, and your mother with my husband.

mom looked at us and asked, I hope this won;t cause problems with you
two???? No, not so far mom. We're old enough to handle it. I guess you
are Billy. I guess you are.

I will talk with dad if I can and let him know YOU know. Lisa, one more
thing Billy left looked at me and then back to
Lisa.....Billy's dad and Carol.....Oh no, Lisa said her too? Yes. I shook
my head. God, that almost makes it complete now. What do you mean almost,
honey? Well, Billy hasn't fucked my mom, and I haven't fucked his dad.
She smiled and said lets go fucking swimming and have some fucking fun for
a change. Don't be surprised Billy if dad seems to get close to feel my
tits or something. I'll handle HIM, mom said.

We laughed and walked back downstairs. It seemed like a ten ton weight
was just lifted off each of us now.

Food platters were now spread all around the deck now for all to pick
from. We had a dinner and then I had another beer. Lisa engineered an
excuse for her mother to go in the house. She winked at me as they walked
away. I knew what it was about.

I got dad next to the grille. I told him we knew about everything and
that mom told us about this after noon. I said that Lisa was telling her
mother about it now. Are you mad at me Billy? No, not now. Last night we
were all a little upset ciomning back to where you all were and we saw mom sucking him, and her sucking you. mom called late last night when you were
all asleep. She was crying and stuff dad. She explained about what all of
us saw. We're all cool with it dad. Oh Billy, what a relief son. Its
been a crazy two days. I never expected her to be so hot Billy. Her
mother is really hot to me. i agree dad. I thought iof fucking her myself
since I met Lisa. I'll make it good with the rest for your trip this
weekend. mom told you? Yeah. Lisa knows about all of us dad. She knows
now that Carol fucks you, and I fuck mom too. Mom, her and I had a talk a
while ago. don't say anything yet dad, but Lisa's father fucks her too.
Her mother fucks Jimmy also. No shit? Yeah. Keep it wuiet for a while.
Play it by ear, OK. Certainly Billy. Does it bother you that I want to
fuck her mother? No. I said I don't blame you. I would love to myself. I
just hope mom doesn't end up hurt. No Billy. No matter what, I love mom.
With all my heart.

We went back to the deck and I dove in the water right away. Lisa's dad
was already in, along with Jimmy and Carol. I happened to look up and
noticed Lisa and her mom looking out my bedroom window.

When she saw me looking, she waved.

Then I heard her call to me. I looked up again and she was motioning
for me to go up there. I got out of the pool now, and passsed mom. I said
I would be down in a while. Gonna get laid again honey? she whispered. I
don't know what she wants. I got up to the rom and Lisa's mom was sitting
on my bed. She looked stunning in her tight two piece. Her bit tits bulging. So this is where you amke all that nice love with my daughter,
huh? I smiled at her. Comfy, too. She smilled as she bounded up and down
deliverately making her tits shake.

Lisa stood and closed the door, and locked it this time. I knew
something was up.

Billy honey, I told mom about everything honey. She knows about you and
your mom and stuff. She's cool with it, because we all do it too. Lisa's
mom couldn't be more than 39 or 40. Great body and gorgeous. I knew why
dad got hot looking at her.

billy, mom wants to do something honey. She wants to do what your mom did to you yesterday. You mean????? Yes Billy. Lisa has told me all
about how good a lover you have been with her. I've told her some tricks
to use too. I know, she told me. billy, I would like to give YOU one of
MY special blowjobs honey. I was kind of shocked now. Come here hon. She
reached and caught the edge of my shorts. I was standing in front of her
now and she said, Lisa tells me you have a nice cock, that really mnakes
her happy. She was looking up to e now. Then she quickly pulled my shorts

Oh wow. Billy. It IS nice. You weren't kidding Lisa honey. this will
be fun Billy. relax a bit honey. Lisa, come next to him and let him hold
your tits baby. Lisa did so, and we both looked down as her mother stroked
my cock. Yes. It is a nice one. Ilike a man's balls in my mouth Billy.
She raised my cock and opened her mouth and took my whole sack in her
mouth. UUUUUMMM She moaned. I could feel her tongue rolling around on my
captured balls now.

OOOOOHHH Mrs. B, I moaned. Lisa's tit being pinched in my fingers now.
her hand now went to my cock and she stoked me softly still holding my sack
in her mouth.She stroked up and down staring at her hand a moment and then
up to Lisa an me looking daown at her. She smiled with her eyes and sucked my sack hently. Her tongue was working magic on my balls. I moaned again
as she kept up the pressure. I could hear her moan softly also. Now, she
opened her mouth and droped out my sack and balls into her caressing
fingers as her mouth went down my cock firmly. OOOOOHHH I moaned. Feel
nice hon? OOOOHHH Yes. Want to help him Lisa? You know what to do honey.
OK mom, I'd love to. Lisa once again knelt behind me just like she earlier
today. She reached and Carsed my sack and held my cock for her mother to
suck. Lisa was getting excited watching her mom suck me now. Oh suck my
honey mom. I love him so. Suck him good mom.

Her mom smiled and sucked down harder on my cock as Lisa firmly stroked
me into her mouth. I was moaning and shaking now as I stood between them.
Lisa was once again licking and biting my ass all over.

Her mother started sucking me harder and faster now. Lisa stoked me in
time with her mother's movements and sooon I was once again arched ready to
shoot. Suck him mom. Suck my lover and honey. Taste the man I will love
forever mom, Lisa moaned. Suck my man mom. I was shooting violently now
into her mother's sucking throat and mouth. UUUUMMMM Billy, your cum is
delicious baby. shoot it down my throat baby. Ummmmmm. She sucked my
whole cock in her mouth and ran her tongue rapidly up and down the
underside in her mouth.

Her mother's hands went to my hips on the sides of my as and she pulled
me tightly into her sucking mouth. Finally, she pulled me straight down on
top of her head as we hit the bed. Her head under me still sucking me and
urging me to fuck her mouth straight down. I start to shoot and then felt
Lisa stick her finger in my ass and stroke it quickly. Her other hand was
quicky and firmly caressing my sack from behind me, I could feel her
mother's heaving tits under my thighs as I fucked deep into her sucking mouth.

Lisa was leaning near my ear, as she finger fucked my ass and urged me
to give her mother my cum. Shoot my cum in her mom's mouth. The
excitement of being fingerfucked at the same time her mother's hand were
pulling me tighter into her mouth were all I needed to completely explode
into her mouth and drain my balMy knees were on both side of her now as she
changed slightly still sucking me and Lisa ramming her finger into my ass.
My cock was completely buried now in her throat. I could feel her throat
muscles swallowing and gulping me. My cock was in a continuous spasm of
cumming as Lisa continued finger fucking me. I let out aloud moan as the
last of my spasms finally subsided. I rolled over on the bed now.

How ws that Lover Boy? Lisa's mom asked. Panting herself. Oh my God.
Now I know where Lisa learned the ass biting and finger from. Yes. Billy.
I taught her that.

God, that was so damn nice. She reached down laying half on me now.
Her hand caressed my softening cock. You sure came a shitload down my
throat honey. I told you mom.

I reached to caress her tit through her bra top. Like them, don't you?
I always love nice tits I said.

Here Billy, you might as well suck them now before we fgo back
downstairs and have you drooling all night like your dad. Lisa helped
untie the strap in back and her tits feel on my chest. She moved so that
she was sitting almost on my cock now and caressing her big tits. She was
aqueezing them, forcing the nipples to strain now, and bent down over my
face. Go ahead Billy. Suck them. My hands filled with her jello softness
and I sucked each nipple several times in turn. Lisa had reached down
behind us now, and stroked my softened cock very softly. I could feel her
knneling on the floor now between my legs and she took my sack in her mouth
and sucked my balls very softly. She didnt touch my cock at all. Just my
balls in her mouth.

Her mom moaned as Isucked her tits softly and rolled my tongue in
circles over her nipples.

I could feel my cock ooozing now and Lisa must have seen it because her
lips went to the tip and sucked it again veru softly.

Finally, her mom rolled oof me and sat up.

Lisa still had my cock in her mouth a she looked at her. Getting his
cum drops honey? Lisa shook her head Yes. well, Billy, I think that's
enough for our first time.

You're really a stud, know that? next time I'll take you inside me and
we can really do each other. She was putting her bra top back on and Lisa
now stood. i think you made the best possible choice for a husband here
honey. I think so mom. I love him.

I'll see you a little later you guys, OK? Thank you Mrs. B. My
pleasure ANYTIME Billy. The door is open now for us. ANYTIME honey. And
she left.

I plopped back on the bed as Lisa remained kneeling between my legs.
Softly stroking my soft cock. Did you like OUIR style of blowjob honey?
Did mom suck you good? Oh honey. I can't believe it. Honey, that was the
trick your mom told me to do. Remember. To stick my finger in your ass
and fuck you while yuou were being sucked. I remember honey.

Biting your ass and licking it was my mom's idea. You and my brother are lucky Billy. Now the both of you will have four of us girls to fuck
all the time. Anytime you two are horny, one of us will fuck you.

Probably be the same if carol's and my plan works out tonight.....

What plan? Oh honey. I forgot to tell you. carol and me want to suck
each other's father down at the pool tonight. Are you kidding? No, honey.
They're the only ones in the dark right now, and we thought it wouldn't be
right. So, we thought when the time was right we would just go to each
other's father and kneel down and start sucking them in front of everyone
else. Why don't you fuck your mom, while Jimmy fucks mine? Wow. Do you
really think all that will happen? watch us girls for the cue honey. You
don't mind me sucking your father do you? No honey. Might as well. Why
leave them out. Good. Its getting dark now honey, its going to happen
soon with me and Carol. When we start, you can either fuck YOUR mom or
mine while you watch me suck your dad. OK?

Just watch for Carol and me to makes the first moves honey. I'm dying
to see if your dad's cock tastes like you. I saw his cock last night. He
is huge.

Billy? I want you to always remember that no matter what, no matter
which cock down there is in me, or whose cock I'm sucking that I love you,
honey. I know Lisa. I know.

Lets go honey. Thinking of sucking your dad has me getting wet. Just
remember follow Carol and Me. Billy, I will also be pretending his cock is
YOU honey. Especially if you see my eyes closed.

I hugged her and we went down the stairs.

Hi everybody. Hey, where have you two lovebirds been?

Where do you think? Uh Oh, they all laughed.

I went to the shed and turned on the stereo. The I thought to go in for
some more beer. I knew this was going to be a long night.

Our parents were all sitting in a smll group toward the corner of the
deck. Carol was to the side sitting on Jimmy's lap.

It was dark now, and I made sure that everyone had a drink. After a few
minutes, a song came on that carol really liked. I watched her wink at
Lisa and got up to go over to her father. He was sitting next to mom and
Lisa's mom, with dad next to her.

carol stood in front of him, in her skimopy two piece and said I want to
dance with you Mr.B.

Oh honey, I'm not sure......c'mon. She pulled him out of his seat and
wrapped her arms around him. I could see her jambing her tits into his
chest as she danced. I could see her grinding her pussy into him. Dad's
eyes were bugging out. Now Lisa said to me, here goes honey, and walked
over to dad.

C'mon Mr. you're not off the hook either. She pulled dad up and
started the same treatment as Carol. grinding her tits and pussy into him.
I could see dad smiling broadly as he turned. Another slow song came on
right away and they continued to dance. Now, I was getting an idea myself.
I went over to Kimmy and asked if he knew what was going to happen? He
said Lisa gave him a quick idea but wasn't sure. I told him to follow my
lead when I was ready. I asked if he wanted to fuck HI mother of MY
mother? Oh my God! Are you for real. I'm serious. Make up your mind
Jimmy. Would it bother you to see me fuck your mom? No, I don't think so.
But will she? Don't worry. You take MY mom and take the steops from me
when I give you the sign, My mom will go along, I'm sure of it. He didn't
know that his own mother just sucked my cock so bnicely an hour before.

Just take my lead Jimmy. OK Boss. You make the move for my mom.

Soon, the song was over and they were going back to sit down. BOTH
girls asked our different mothers.....Mrs. B, would you mind if I give
your husband a blowjob? Carol asked his Lisa's mom? Why no hony. You'll
love his sweet cock. Lisa went to mom and asked Jean, would yuou mind if I
suck your husband's cock>? Why no Honey. You'll love his big meat. They
were all in on it. I was certain now. Now carol and Lisa gon between the
legs of our fathers and knelt down. Both at the same time. Our mothers on
chairs next to them. Mr. B, would you mind if I suck your cock? Oh
Honey. I guess so. Is it OK with your dad? I think so. He has MY
permission to get sucked. OK honey. Now Lisa said, Do you mind if I suck
your cock Mr.C? Well honey, my wife here...... I have her permission.
Now both girls pulled their trunks dwn at the same time, exposing our dads

Lisa was face to face with dads huge prick now. Wow, Mr. C. this IS a
mouth full. He smiled. Our mothers watched as the girls sucked away on
our fathers. Jimmy was gleaming with excitement.

Both dads were moaning from their blowjobs. carol's head starting to go
up and down a little faster now. The stereo now play nice soft music. I
winked at Jimmy and motioned for him to fillow me. I went to his mother and asked to dance. He did the same with mom.

We danced a while, taking trns on watching the blowjobs going on. I
pressed my half hard cock intio her mother and said I am going to eat you
on THAT lounge in five minute, MRs. B. She smiled and leaned back to look
at me, You are huh. Believe it, Your son is going to be eating MY mom over
there. OH yeah? You don't mind if I take your top off do you? It will be
easier to feel your tits against me and suck them later. Oh No. Not at
all Billy. I reached behind and undid the knot and she let it fall on the
deck. mom saw this and follwed. Smiling over jimmy's shoulder at me. She
reached and undid her snap and her top came off and I watched her press her
naked tits into him.

I looked over at the moaning dads, and the girls were taking their time
sucking them.

After a couple minutes, the song was over and I moved Lisa's mother to
another lounge. I laid her down and then knelt between her legs. I looked
to make sure Jimmy was doing the same. He was. mom was smiling at him,
becauee Ithink she figured out what was going to happen. Jimmy reached and
pulled off her bottoms exposing her beautiful golden pussy to his for the
first time. I could hear him gasp. I already had Lisa's mom's bottoms
off, and was caressing her lush auburn bush. Then I stood up and signalled
to Kimmy that we take our trunks off. Both of us naked in front of our
different mothers now,

His mother went to reach for my cock but I pushed her hand away. Not
yet hon. Not yet. I knelt down again and started a complete groin and
pussy massage with my hands.

I'll bet your juice is as good as Lisa's? I said. I thnk so Billy.
Will you play with your tits for me while I do this? My hands are going to
be busy for a while. Sure honey. I continued massaging and caresing her
mound and finally ran my fingers into her slit. I peeled it open and
lowerd my head into her womanhood. Her smell got to me immediately. It
was fragrant and intoxicating. Oh, your pussy smells so nice, I said.
Thank you honey. Now, I leaned and licked her clit for the first itme. Se
moaned softly and I sucked it now. OOOOHHHH honey. Now I stuck my tongue
into her hole and fucked her a few times deep as I could get it. OHHHHH
You really do know how to please a woman.

That is really nice. Let me have your woman's juice hon. You'll get it
Billy if you keep that up. I heard dad starting to cum now as hemoaned
loulydly from Lisa's sucking. Her dad was moaning also with Carol sucking him.

I licked up and down her mother's cunt slit and she continually moaned
and played with her tits. My fingers went into her and I fucked her fast
with them as I sucked her clit. She began to hump[ and grind against my
sucking mouth. OOOOHHHH Honey I'm cumming. I tasted her first flood of
juice, It was wonderful. I buried harder into her pussy fingered her
harder now and rotated my tongue over and over her clit.

Now I took out my fingers and held her thighs tight to my face and
sucked her hard, Her entire pussy, and continuous trips back to her
throbbing clit. She was in a continuos cum as I have made Lisa and mom also. Now I was a bit rougher in sucking and moving up and down her cunt.
I lifted her ass hogh off the lounge. Holding her almost straight up as I
sucked her pussy hard. I was going up and down with my mouth and sucked her clit violently. She was screaming loudly now. Her as held in my arms.
Her legs hanging helplessly to my sides.

Oh Billy, you beautiful man you.....

faintly, I could hear mom moaning also. Finally, after about 3 cums
that I could count, Ilowerd her back down to the lounge and continued to
lick her whole slit softly.

Oh my God, she kept saying over and over as she came down from cum after
cum. I sucked her pussy iof juices. My cock was raging under her now, and
it was then that I half stood and rammmedut straight in with now warning.
She screamed again as I did this. Her hips rose immediately to hump up at
me. Oh my God, Billy fuck me. Fuck the hell out of me. I don't care
who'swatching us honey. Fuck me. I rammed her hard and fast to keep her
at that excitement level. Then I realized that we had company. carol and
Lisa, and our dads were all standing around us from behind. All of them
watching me fuck her mom. Give it to her son, her father said. You're
doing a good job son. You're fucking rigfht he is Jack, her mother screwmed, She pulled me tight to her quaking tits and fucked up hard atr me
and I rammed. She pulled my heasd down and kissed me wetly all over my
face and then my lips. OOOOHHHH Billy. Fuck the shit out of me. I'm
cuming again honey.....Please.....fuck meeeeee...

I rammed and rammed harder. I was nearing my own cum now> I felt
fingers circling around my balls as I fucked her. It incerase me excitment
and I began to cum. I came hard into her as her pussy milked me and humped
at me. Oh shoot your stuff honey, My pussy's waiting....shoot Billy. and
she widened her leags waiting for me to empty into her. Her eyes
completely glazed now. I held still for a moment as I came down from
mycum, and leaned tokiss her. Her aems went arounf me and she kissed me

Everyone started toclap behind us now. Hooray. Hooray. Dad said,
joined by her father. THAT was one of the best damn fuck sessions I ever
saw. You are something else Billy. mom was standing behind me smiling. I
reached and hugged jer naked biody now. Lisa's nmom stood up and wobbled.
Whoa, she said. That was really something Billy. I came at least a dozen
times from the time you sucked me to the time you fucked me. Wow. You
should be proud of this guy, she said.

We are Annette. we are. Lisa still had her arm around dads waist and
Carols with Lisa's dad.

Annette reached for me and kissed me again and reached down to caress my
cock. That really was nice Billy. Thank YOU. I thought you were simply
going to fuck me and that was it. No, Annette. Billy is a step by step
type of lover. Wow. I could go another round in a while if you would want
to, Annette. NO, Billy. It will be MY turn Honey. We all laughed now. I
noticed that Lisa was laying on a lounge and I saw dad looking down at her
pussy......I knew he was going to eat her.

jimmy came over and caressed his mom's tits, and seemed to want her to
himself for a while. mom and me walked away to another lounge and I laid
her across my lap. Everyone was completely naked.

That was really good fucking honey, mom said. I was cumming as we stood
there watching you suck her holding her up in the air like that.

I almost came in front and sucked you while you were doing that, but
then I figured you would fuck her too. Oh, mom she tasted really nice.
Really. She gushes a LOT mom when che cums. I mean a lot. I felt it at
least a half dozen times in my mouth and then again around my cock. Did
Jimmy do you OK? So so Honey. I pretrended a cum with him to make him
feel good. he came too quick.

I looked over mom's shoulder and there was dad on his knees eating Lisa.
A little further over, there was Lisa's dad eating Carol. Jimmy's mom was
sitting on a lounge sucking him.

Mom, I'd love to make love with you in a little while. Sure honey.
Sure. I mean make REAL LOVE mom. Slow, kissing and all. Show these guys how its done.

Oh that would be nice honey. I said lets go in to pool for a little
bit. I want to cool off and have time to build up some cum.

OK Honey. We jumped in. I swam around her and tickled her pussy under
the water.

Lisa was moaning as dad sucked her now. If I had thought a second
earlier, I would have waited for this moment and moved him oput and rammed
my cock into her right this second as she came. Dad did though. He leaned
over her and rammed his giant cock into her as I held mom in my arms
watching. He was fucking her hard. My hands were cupping mom's tits as we
watched. She's taking his whole cock honey. I know how THAT feels,
believe me.

She leaned her head back on my shoulder as we stood in the water, OH
Billy, are YOU happy honey. Yes mom. Really. All the pressure and
bullshit is off all of us now. Will you come in and fuck with Lisa and me
tonight? I'd love to honey, if its OK with her??? I think so ,om. But
right now mom, I would like to treat yu as just a lover. OK? Imean to
forget a littlw while that you are my mom. Just a woman, and you're my
lover. OH honey. Yes. OK lover. Her hands took my fingers and placed
them on her nipples now as we watched and heard Lisa scream in her cum.
He's really fucking her Billy. I love when he fucks me just like that. I
know what she's feeling.

Jimmy had his mother on his lap now, caresing her tits as they watched
Lisa getting fucked by dad also.

Lisa's dad was sitting between carol's legs and thewy too were watchig
Lisa get fucked.

I was caressing mom's nipples now as her hands went behind her to
caresss my balls in the water.


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