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CAROL, mom & ME 47

As mom continued to caress my cock, we watched Lisa come down from her
cum. Dad was finally raising off her and stood up now. I saw him shake
his head as if in amazement. I think she just fucked him pretty good
Billy. Are you jealous?

No mom. Is he? I'm fucking his wife. You feel almost ready honey, are
you? Yeah, by the time I'm ready to go in you I will be. Mom, I hope you
will like how I do this. I'm sure I will honey. Remember mom, try to
think as we are just pure lovers right now. I will honey.

We climbed out of the pool and stood toward an empty section. Nice
songs were playing on the stereo and I took her in my arms and danced
slowly with her. Her head went to my shoulder and her arms around me. Her
tits pressed into my chest. My tits feel nice against you, don't they
Billy? Yeah mom. I love this. We danced as if we had been together
forever. You cance dreamy mom. I whispered in her ear. So do you honey.
The others were having a beer and watching us. My hands went up and down
her back caressing her. Our naked bodies still speckling from the water
drops. She kept her thigh pressed hard against my hardening cock all the
while we danced.

Your cock feels nice against me honey. So do your tits mom. I can feel
your nipples.

My hands drifted down to her ass and I caressed it softly with both

I knew the song was coming to an end so I lifted her head and kissed
her. I kissed her with a passion and a slow softness. Her arms went around
my neck as she kissed me and it made her tits press harder into me. We
were standing still now, as we kissed with love. I heard her moan softly
and her hips softly press into my groin. My hands went to her lower back
and I rubbed her slowly. I leaned back and looked into her eyes. Would
you make love with me tonight ma'am?

Well that depends on whether you kiss me like that again Sire.

I leaned and kissed her softly and it felt like I was kissing a cloud.
UUUUMMMMMM Ma'am. You're doing things down south in my body. She leaned
back and looked at my hardening cock. Why sir, what a nice gentlemanly
thing to do! Yes sir. Your appear to be prepared for a lady in distress.
Are you in distress maam? Well shucks, not quite yet, but I will be if I
don't get another of those FINE kisses.

I will give you many kisses maam. I kissed her lips once again. Our
bodies pressed tight together as we kissed.

Finally, I started to step slightly back and looked at her beautiful
tits. I do believe maam, that your wonderful breasts need serious kissing.
Why how observant kind sir. Would you please? I would be more than happy
to oblige maam. She smiled and held her tits to me. I leaned down and
kissed each tit and circled my tongue over and over her nipples. Well,
these are a fine specimens of milk stations maam. I placed both my hands
near hers as we concentrated on her tits. I continued to kiss and suck her
nipple and lick her whole tit. Then I moved both my hands to her pussy and
said, I do believe I detect a bit of distress HERE, maam? You are so right
kind sir.

There is serious distress there sir.

I knelt before her now, and kissed her tits and stomach all over on my
way down.

My fingers lingeringf on her tits until I was completely finsihed
kissing her stomach. Why kind sir, that is aiding my distess immensely. I
shall have my serf at the ready for your disposal maam, should any flash
fires arise. Well there is a fire raging at this here very moment kind
sir. My fingers were working in her bush hair now and I leaned to lick all
of it. Why that fire degree just seemed to be lowerin, my dear kind sir. I
put my hand in between her legs for her to open, Well, I can readily see
the source of said flames maam. They seem to be coming from right around
HERE, as I lowered my mouth to her clit and sucked. I felt a shudder go
through her. Oh sweet kind sir, she moaned loudly for all to hear, that
surely is the source of my flames.

Oh yes kind sir. Your treatment is controlling it. Oh Kind sir......

I licked and sucked as much as I could reach of her warm beautiful pussy as I could in her standing position.

Then after a few minutes, I kissed my way all over her body, on the way
back to her tits and then her lips. Her arms went around me with a sincere
feeling in her. I kissed mom with all my love. Softly, passionately.

I gently urged her to slide down MY body, and she took the hint
immediately. Her lips went to my neck, and then all over my chest. mom kissed and sucked my whole body softly on her way to my raging cock.

I could see all the others staring at us without a word. Carol was
sitting on dad's lap, and Lisa was on her dad's lap. Jimmy was sitting
behind his mother holding and caressing her tits. Everyone seemed
mesmerized by our show.

mom took her time enjoying the spotlight as she now got to my groin.
Why, Kind sir, I do believe I have detected a source of raging hormones as
she softly caressed my cock. Oh yes. It is the fire of my passion dear
lady. The very source of my momentary distress. Well kind sire, if you
will permit this lady, I may have a remedy for your distress.

Well by all means fair lady. Proceed with said experiment. mom massaged her hands slowly all around my groin and then stroked my cock very
slowly with both hands. She was going to do her wonderful handjob for all
to see. Her hands came together and she cupped my whole sack and balls and
pulled them lovingly as one unit. It felt wonderful. Yes, kind sire, I do
believe my rememdy will work on this fire of yours. Her head went forward
and she took me in her mouth now. OOOOHHHH dear lady. Yes. I can feel my
fire being treated now. mom sucked me all the way. UUUUMMMMMM She raised
her mouth and used her hands on my cock again. Lifting my cock, she leaned
forward and again sucked my sack into her mouth. Ny head went back in

I do believe, kind sire, that if we were to be prone, that we could help
our raging fire, before it is too late. I knew that mom was thinking I
would cum soon.

I shall oblige madam. I laid down quickly on my back and mom swiveled
so that we could eat each other.

She leaned over her shoulder and asked, Kind sire, can you still plainly
see the source of my flames? Oh yes quite clearly now maam. I shall have
their flames licked momentarily. I buried my face into mom's pussy now.
OOOOHHHHH Kind sire, I feel my flames being treated now. Oh thank you kind

Her pussy humped slowly as I sucked up and down her pussy. It was still
very quiet around the deck The were all still watching us.

Mom's mouth went straight down on my cock now, and she fingered my balls
so softly. My hips rose to meet her thrusting mouth.

Oh my flaming inferno is being treated kind lady. Well thank you sire,
as I sucked her harder now. She sucked me with a feeling. I licked her
with my love. I stared intently into her womanhood remembering now, this
is where I came from. Right here with this wonderful pussy in my mouth.

Soon, I rolled over and pushed my cock into mom's mouth as I now sucked her so that everyone could see what I was doing. Someone started to clap
and then they all did. I could hear some of them cheering. I continued.
My hips pumped into her mouth and I sucked her for a couple more minutes. I
then said, dear lady, I think our immediate danger has passed. i DO
believe, kind lady that we should plug all dike leaks to quell the loss of
valuable fluids. Oh what good thinking kind sire.

I quickly pulled my cock out and swiveled so that I could fuck her. She
raised her knees and smiled to me. I knelt down and kissed her deeply and
softly. Her hands holding my head.

Oh Kind lady, we must seal all leaks of the dam. Yes, you are so right
dear sire. We musn't tarry.

I kissed her nipples and then got my cock near her pussy. I do think
kind lady this tool will seal all known leaks. OOOOHHHH yes. You are so
right kind sire.

I slid my cock in mom and went all the way up. I felt her shudder once
again. Oh dear sire, how fast can you seal all known leaks?

I have a glue madam that will seal all your leaks.

I would give all known quantities of valuable services to sire, if you
would kindly donate some of that precious glue. You may have my glue free
of charge madam. That is why I am the knight in these parts. Oh thank you
kind sire. You may take avail of any precious services any time you may
require kind sire. But please, leave me with enough glue to tide my
dangerous leaks.

Your wish maam. Do you have a receptacle for my precious glue madam?
Oh Yes. sire. Here, where your ever so valuable tool is aiding with my

Indeed madam. I shall leave adequate quantities for immediate disposal.

AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH Thank you kindest sir for your most wonderful
deposit. mom and me both spurted almost together in a love embrace. I was
still buried deep within her as I leaned up and kissed her again softly. I
looked down at her radiant face in the moonlight and said I love you so
much mom. Was it nice? Oh Billy. I can feel our cum inside me now honey.
I have you in my mouth and I feel you deep in my pussy honey.

That was wonderful baby. Billy? Please bring your cock straight up
here for me to suck it a minute before we are all done, OK. I want to suck
you for just a minute more, OK? Sure mom.

I pulled out and moved up on mom's chest and knelt as she reachedd her
lips to suck my cock once more. Her hands on both sides of my ass urging
me to pump her mouth slowly. She sucked hard for my remaining cum. I was
finally completely soft and she let me go with a pat on my ass. I knelt
and licked her tits and then pulled her up with me.

Everyone went nuts, clapping and cheering.

mom and me both standing in one corner of the pool deck both naked.

We walked over and Lisa handed me a drink. Can I kiss my husband, mom asked Carol? Oh, I'm sorry mom. She got off dad's lap and walked over to

That was some show you guys.

I made a remark, That's why you don't dance with strangers, and everyone
laughed hard. Can anyone imagine a stranger getting THAT royal fucking
treatment? Everyone laughed again. That was nice stuff Billy, Dad
laughed. Well, I'm kind of weary now, people. I think I'll go upstairs and
go to bed now. Do you want to stay Lisa? Its OK with me honey if you do.
I saw her hesitate for a second and then said sure, I'm going up with you
too honey.

It took longer than I expected to kiss and feel up her mother once more,
and then mom, and finally, Carol. I saw Lisa again hesitate as she came to
kiss her dad.

His hands went to caress her tits softly and he was saying good night
sweetheart. I saw her reach down and caress his hanging cock. Then it
dawned on me. She hadn't fucked her father tonight.

Honey, I said to her near the end of the deck, yeah? You didn't get a
chance with your dad, did you. No Billy. Everyone was too busy and stuff.
I was with your father most the time. Go ahead honey. Please. Don't
worry about me. mom wants to go again upstairs I think. So By that

Are you sure honey? Yes. He probably feels left out now. Yes. You're
probably right Billy.

Go ahead and pull him up and dance with him like I did, and then fuck
him. OK Billy. She raised up to kiss me and pulled my hands to her tits.
Remember Billy. I am ONLY yours honey. Maybe you will have time to watch
him and me out your window. Maybe honey. Billy?, Yeah hon. If you can
watch me, I will be thinking of you honey. I will look up to see if you
are there and if I suck him, I will be looking into YOUR eyes baby. I love
you. mom came over to me and Lisa. Billy? Do you want me honey? I
looked at Lisa and she knew I was right, now. I said yes mom. Let's go up
amd make nice love once more.

Anything wrong honey, mom asked as we walked through the long yard? No
mom, its just that Lisa hasn't had the chance to be with her father all
night. She thinks he might feel like she's ignoring him. Is she going to
fuck him now? Yes. That's what she was asking me about. She wants me to
at least watch them for a little while from upstairs. Yeah, we can do that


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