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CAROL, mom & ME 48

mom and me laid on my bed. I was dark now, and we could still hear the
music and some laughing faintly down below in the yard.

mom laid on her back and I was on my stomach. Mom, that was really nice
before. Oh, It was Billy. It was exciting for me. At first I was really
nervous about all of them watching us, but then after you started kissing
me llike that I was lost in you, and what you were doing honey. I just
abiout blocked all of the out.

I di just about the same mom. Mom, I have to tell you, I really think
you are beautiful. Not becuse you're my mom, But if I was on a street and
you were walking near me I would instantly freeze, mom. Your body is
absolutely beautiful. I'm so proud of you mom. Well thank you kind sir,
she smiled. her hand went to my face and caressed it lovingly, like
mothers do. Billy, we are proud of you too honey. Your dad bragged about
you all day at their house.

Mom? can I ask you something? Sure honey.

Did, do any of this stuff in your family? You mean with my
brother and sister? Yeah.

There was a silence for a second. Yes honey. My brother and me. We
were older than my sister by a couple years, and we did it. Much the way
it started with you an me. Yes. I jerked him off too, when I knew he was
hurting. One thing to another like us.

He was killed in Viet Nam though. Yeah I know, mom. I knew she was
thinking back now. Do you regret it? Oh No honey. Not at all. No one
ever knew. I think my mother kind of figured out something was going on,
but she never said anything. I suspected you and Carol for quite a while

I reached over and kissed her softly, as a lover now. As a delicious,
seductive and beautiful woman. Her hands on my head held me softly to her.

I got over betwenn her legs now and sucked on her tits slowly and
softly. The I got up. I almost forgot mom, Lisa asked me to watch. Oh
yeah honey. I forgot too.

I looked out the dark bedroom window and sure enough, Lisa and her dad
were off to one side of the pool by themselves. She was just pushing him
back on a lounge chair now, and I noticed her looking up to my window. I
saw her beautiful body glowing in the moonlight as she stood before him
now. She reached and cupped her tits as he looed up at her. She circled
her nipples and squeezed them and must have been saying something to him we
couldn't hear. She was watching his cock rising almost straight up now.

She's really pretty Billy. mom was behind me now, reaching around me
caressing my cock softly as we bent there looking out the window.

Lisa reached down now, andand ran her hands over and over her pussy area. The she stuck her fingers in her slit and fucked herself while she
stood there. Her mother was now over with dad and stroking his cock. I
couldn't make out were Carol was. Lisa spread her legs wider and slid her
finger up and down her slit now. I saw her looking up to my window knowing
she was thinking of me. I hoped she could see me in the dark.

mom was stroking my cock and it felt nice feeling her tits laying and
moving softly over my back. Lisa moved as close as she could to her dad's
face now on the side of the lounge. She reached for him to sit and pulled
his head into her pussy.

Sje let him lick her a few moments then pushed him down and straddled
his face. I could see her aiming her pussy directlyover his mouth. She
lowered her pussy gemntly and we could see his tongue coming out to lick
her. Her hands went to her tits as she started moving on his mouth. She
was facing us. Her father's hands went to her hips as he licked her. I
could see Lisa looking now, directly up at my window. mom said she's doing
this for you honey. I know mom. She she was going to. That's whe she
said she would be looking up here.

mom jerked my cock softly but more demanding now. Want to cum with her
honey? I'll jerk you off while her dad is getting her off. OK mom, but
then we won't be able to fuck like I hoped for a while. Don't worry baby.
Lisa and me will get you hard, she whispered in my ear. Like my tits on
your back? Oh yeah. They feel nice. mom now came to my side. Now she
reached my cock with one hand while the other was reaching from behind
underneath me. Both her hands were now caressing my cock and balls.

Oh mom. That feels fucking nice. You just watch your honey, and I'll
take care of your cock Billy. Concentrate on her. Watch her get her
father's cock. After a couple of minutes. Lisa got off his face and moved
to his side, kneeling down. He reached for her tits as she lowered to kiss
him. Her hand went to stroke his cock as they kissed.

They kissed lovingly. her hand worked softl;yup and down his cock. Dad
and her mom were watching them now. Lisa's mom was sitting across dad's
lap and his hand was on her tits.

Lisa now moved further down his side and leaned over his straight up
cock. She sucked all of him in one move. Her hands caressing his stomach
and her other on his balls. His hand went to her head as he caressed her.
Lisa started to suck him a little faster now and stopped to look up at him.
She was saying something to him. Then she went back to sucking him. We
could see her sucking his sack now.

His hips were rising off the lounge now as she put her hand on his cock
and sucked him faster. After a minute, I thought she would suck him till
he came, but she stopped. She quickly moved and held his cock and lowered
herself down on him. She again reached for her tits and played with them
as she fucked him up and down and back and forth. She was looking up at me
again as she seemed to be offering me her tits.

She started to ride him higher and faster and was smiling down at him.
She nowleaned over him and kissed him and fucked harder into his cock.
Soon, after fucking hin quicker and quicker, we knew her father was
shooting in her. She was kissing him deeply now as we sw her hips grind
into his cock. I could feel her pussy muscles all the way upstairs. mom had me on the edge as I was about to shoot She looked out and saw Lisa
cumming and quickly moved so she could suck my cock hard and fast. I came
quickly in mom's mouth as I watched Lisa riding her cum with her dad's
cock. mom kept sucking me till I was empty. She stood up and I quickly
reached to kiss her. I have......I know mom. I kissed her with my cum in
her mouth as Lisa did.

mom hugged me and we open mouth kissed as I took my own cum once again
in my mouth.I picked her up, and dropped on top of her on the bed, our
mouths still locked in a cum swap. Oh Billy. I never thought you would
like that honey. Lisa and I did it a couple times mom. She surprised me
the first time she did it, but it was kind of sexy taking my own cum from
her mouth.Well, it is damn sexy for a man to do that honey.

I was about to move down and eat her but the door opened. I hope you
don't mind Billy? Opps, I didn't know your mom was with you. Its OK.
Come in Annette.

Sit here on the bed. mom said hi, and we sat there in the dark with
only the moonlight shining thorugh the window. I could see her beautiful
large tits. Billy, I was going to as a favor of yuou, if its OK with your
mom??? Sure Annette. Billy honey, I was wondering if you would let me
suck you while my son Jimmy fucks me? I've wanted that for so long?????

Sure, Annette. A little later OK? I just came with mom. Oh sure.
He's still down at the pool anyway.

Billy, I just wanted to tell you how very happy you will be in our
family honey. We all love you. Jack has a nice job all lined up for you
soon. Yeah. He told me about it. That would be great mom said.

I want to thank you again for making love with me like you did earlier
tonight. It was fantastic. Jean, I really did cum about five times at
least. After that I lost count. Especially when he had me almost upside
down. THAT has never been done before,

Where have you learned to be such a good lover Billy?

mom here has taught me a lot. Lisa and me practice things, and ....
You are really good honey.

I would really like to suck you once more before this night is out
before everyone gets too tired. Well.....go Jimmy up here
from the window. Really, right now? OK Pretty soon Kimmy was in the room
and mom said she would do the honors and get me hard again. Annette was
standing in fron of her son now, at the end of the bed as I laid on my back
with mom sitting to my side. She was giving me her super hand job again
saying she would have me ready soon. Jimmy's hands came from behind and he
was caressing his mother's tits. Sure enough, mom had me pretty hard
again, and I said to Annette I was ready. She looked down and knelt
between my legs on the floor. I saw her and felt her streoking me and then
leaned over to softly close her mouth on my cock. UUUUUMMMMMM she said
rising up. Nice cock Billy, isn;t is Jean. Yes. I love what it does to

Are you ready Jimmy honey? Jimmy now knelt down behind his mom and she
leaned forward over me until she felt his cock sliding in her. OOOOOHHHH
Jimmy honey. She reached for her tits a minute and caressed them. I sat
up and carssed them with her. I leaned to suck her nipples a moment and
then laid back down. She immeditael;y dropped and took my cock in my mouth
and sucked me up and down. Jimmy started to fuck her now and she moaned

mom watched them a while and leaned over me. Suck my tits honey while
Annette sucks you. Mopm now quickly got behind my head and then hung her
tits down over my lips to suck. Now she could watch me being sucked and
Annetted being fucked. I reached bhind my head where mom was kneeling and
founfd mom's pussy. I slid my finger in and fucked her as I sucked her
hanging tits. She was moaning over my chest not far from Annettes's face
as she sucked me.

My hips behan ti rise into her warm mouth now, and she was stroking me
really nice. Jimmy was thrusting into harder now and we could hear his
moans. Of your pussy feels nice mom. OOOOHHH. cum in mother, Jimmy.
Shoot your cum in my warm pussy.

Oh mom. OOOOHHHH I'm right there mom. Annette started to suck me
faster. Looking uop she saw me sucking mom's tits and moaned again. I was
humping up into her mouth faster now as she sucked my cock more firmly and
deeper into her throat. Cumm Billy, fill you new mother in law's mouth
with your beautiful cum honey.....I started shooting and she sucked rapidly
as I went down her throat. mom was pressing her tits into my face harder
now as I bit her nipples with my convulsions. Suck mom's tits Billy, Suck
my tits bite them baby. My finger in her pussy pumping as hard as I could.
I could feel mom's wet juices around my fingers. I was shooting hard into
Annettes mouth and I heard Kimmy moaning also. He must be cumming in her
pussy now.

I dropped down on the bed now, as Annette started to slow her sucking and stroked me now as I softened. She was still moaning as Jimmy was
finishing his cum deep in her pussy. She was still fucking back at him.

Annette finally stood up and pulled Jimmy to her front and kissed him.
She reached for his cock and kissed him tender as mom and me were also

Oh that was so nice Annntte said. Her tits heaving. Your cum was so
nice Billy. My son really filled me too. Now, I am happy. I am content.
Jimmy's hands caressed her and he reached tokiss her again.

Thank you Billy. Its OK Annette. That was nice and it was fun.
Listen, mom said. Why don't you Go with my husband in the front bedroom? I
want to stay here for a while with Billy and Lisa. Carol and Jimmy can
sleep in her room. Then I'll join your husband with you and mine, in our
room. Sounds loke a plan Mom, Jimmy said. Well.....Annette said. OK.

I was almost ready to start home now. Its too late for all that now.
Everyone's been drinking too. I guess you're right Jean. I like your
husband's styl;e a whole lot she smiled. He IS good isn't her, mom said.
Jimmy said , well see you all tommorrow and went off to find Carol.

Well Billy, Annette said, I guess I'll be able to quicklyu see if your
dad and you taste alike, she lauged. mom said, they almost do Annette.
Well see you later. OK.

mom and me were alone again. I held her tight to me. Oh mom. I can't
take much more tonight. I was hoping to have energy and a bunch of cum for
you and Lisa.

It will be nice sleeping between the two most important women in my

I leaned over mom and kissed her again. Mom, tommorrow I want to do
something. What's that honey.

I would like you and Lisa to lay side by side here on the bed and I want
to trim your pussies. Oh wow! How fucking sexy. That would be really
nice. That's always a pain in the ass honey for us girls to do. Your dad
tried for me, but he has no patience for stuff like that.

Not only that mom. I want to eat each of you as you both lay here
together. When I'm done. Lisa walked in now and I turned to hug her as
she got on the bed. Mom's going to sleep with us honey. Super, Lisa said.
Lisa, he want both of us to lay here on the bed and trim our pussies in the
morning. OH neat, Billy That's a pain in the ass. mom and me laughed.
That's EXACTLY what I said honey. Word for word.

Not only that Lisa, he wants to suck our pussies right here as soon as
he's done. OH, is it morning yet, Lisa laughed.

Jean, yeah hon... Billy has anothe idea too. I don't mind himm being
in my ass, and we've done it a few time and I came. But he wants to get my
brother to fuck me in the ass while I'm standing up and he's kneeling down
eating me at the same time. Oh, you are one sexy fuck, Billy. Well, how
about if I'm on the floor laying there sucking your cock while your sucking Lisa?

Oh great mom. NOW, the important thing is to see if Jimmy will go for
it. We'll cut him off of all pussy from all of us if he gives us trouble,
right Lisa? Yeah. We can threaten him with that if he gives me a hard
time. I doubt he will though.

Anyone feel like a quick shower?

Oh yes. I'm dying to get in there. Let's go. The three of us went in
and squeezed in the bathtub and closed the sliding door. I turned on the
portable hand held shower and wet us all down. I took the soap and sudsed
up and down mom 's back and ass, and then soaped in and out of her crotch
as she bent forward. I sort of gave her a back rub at the same time, Lisa
was holding the massager.

Then I made more lather and went up and down mom's front while I stood
behind her. I spent time masaging her tits and all the way down to her
pussy. Then I turned her to face me and knlet down. I leaned in a licked
her pussy as I palyed with her soapy tits. I then scrubbher her pusssy
well with the soap. I took the shower head from Lisa an rinsed her off as
she giggled.

Then I put the head directly up her pussy and bit into her bush as the
water fi=orced in and gushed out of her. OOOOOHHHH She moaned.

Lias was watching me and said he did this to me the other night Jean.
OOOOHHH. Mom's eyes closed as she fel a cum. I fingered her clit with my
sudy hands m=now and knew she was about to cum. I took the shower head and
aimed it raight near her clit now, and stuck my fingers into her pussy and
fucked her. I leand agains and sucked her mound and bit into it gently.
Mom was in a cum. I again jambed the shower up her pussy and blasted the
warm water up into her. She was cumming hard and moaning. I placed the
shower head right up tight to her pussy hile and close her thighs on it and
quickly got up and kissed her as I massaged her tits, and squeezed her
nipples roughly this time. mom started humping the trapped shower head and
moaning loudly as I kissed her. Now I quickly turned her arounf and pushed
her so that she was on her hands and knees. I got behing her and Lisa
soaped my cock knowing excactly waht I was goping to do. I took the soap
and ran it up and down her crack quickly a=making a lather and quivckly
rammed my cock in her ass in ion hard thrust. mom bent her head back and
screamed fuck me. oh my God fuck my ass Billy. I rammed a few times and I
knew mom was in a violent cum. I hled the shower head now directly under
us at her clit. mom was screamimg. and fucking bacl on my cock.

Oh, Billy, damn, I'm cummiong and cumming. OOOOHHHH God.

Oh fuck me hard hioney fuck me hard. I rammed her and pushed the shower
head righ on the clit now. OOOOOHHHHHHH> mom froze on my cock like a
statue now as her really high cum hit her. She even stopped breathing for
a few seconds.C I fucked her faster in the ass as she did this. Finally
she came down and I slowly slid out of her. Oh my God, Billy. Waht a
fantastic fucker you really are. Isn't that nice Jean. He made me cum like that the other night too. I took the shower head and ran the wather
all over mom as she started to stand again.

Now it was Lisa's turn and I did almost the same things to her. Are you
going to fuck ME in the ass too Billy? Well I haven't cum yet honey. I
delibreately saved it for you sooo..... ZOOOOOHHH KKKK Billy. I'll kneel
for you. mom watched us smiling. Get ready with a big cum Lisa. I soaped
my cock again and mom knelt behind me as I was ready to shove into Lisa's

mom reached in front of me and held my cock for me to guide it into her.
Fuck you woman Billy. I'll take care of your balls as you fuck her.

I slowly started to slide into Lisa and she pushed back to meet my
throbbing cock. mom was stroking the part that was still out of her.

After Lisa got used to it, she rammed hersefl back on me in on hard
push. She moaned and leaned up back towrd me and I held her tits as we
knelt ther and I fuked her. mom was massaging my balls really nice as I
fucked Lisa.

Oh Billy it feels nice. Fuck me good, honey. Fuck me like you fucked
your mom, real hard in me ass baby. She went down on her hand again
waiting for my thrusts. mom was doing my balls a little fast now and when
I bent over Lisa and really startes fucking her, mom slid her fingers into
Lisa pussy also. She was working my balls and her pussy abs I fucked Lisa
hard. We came hard in a minute or two. Lisa was moaning louder than ever
before with her cum, and with mom finger fucking her at the same time I was
buried deep in her ass shooting my cum. mom massaged and stroked my balls
harder and faster when she felt them starting to shoot. I could feel her
hand fucking Lisa rapidly also.. It took quite some time for us to cum down this time. I stayed deep in Lisa for at least another minute. Now
mom started washing me as Istood up and scrubbed me all over. She scrubbed
my cock clean and did a thorough job of my crotch and everything ewlse.
She even washed my hair as Lisa held the shower head. Tjhe massager on my
head and balls felt fantastic as mom gently blasted me.

Now she went to Lisa and washed her completely. She knelt when she goto
Lisa's pussy and scrubbed her cleand and fingeed her inside with soap. She
took the shower head and blasted Lisa's pussy as I did to her, and I kissed
Lisa as she did. Lisa told mom that I liked the shower head up against my
sack and ball from the back as I am being sucked. OH yeah, big boy. Here
Lisa, do the honors with the shower head. mom knelt down and started
sucking me into a half hardness now as Lisa rammed the jet sprayer against
my sack. The feeling was great. Looking down seeing my mother sucking my
cock and my lover honey , blasting my cock from the rear with a jet spray.
Mom had me a little harder now, and my already sensitive cock tip was ready
to shoot quickly, I was moaning as mom sucked. Her tongue racing around my
cock tip in her mouth. Lisa was pressinher her tits into me from behind. I
sot one large spurt into mom's mouth and then a couple of small ones. mom sucked me dry, and rose to kiss me. She had a smile and then I realized
that I was going to get some of my cum back again. We finally got out and
dried each other off. We plopped on the bed and I got in the middle. Both
mom and Lisa turned towards me. This will be the first time I've slept all
night with you honey mom said. Feels strange with dad in our room fucking
Lisa's mom probably. It deels having you both here with me. Really it
does. I kissed Lisa deeply as mom softly caressed my soft cock and groin.

Then I turned and mom leaned up and kissed me. each of their tits were
on my chest. We're giving him a tit sandwich Lisa. yeah. Feels nice
doesn't it. Can't wait to get my pussy trimmed and sucked tommorrow and
laughed. Me too, Lisa said. maybe your mom and me will give you a double
blowjob if you do us right Billy. OK Its a deal. Lets rest now.

Good night girls. Love both of you with all my heart. Both of them
were mingling their fingers caressing my cock, as they laid their heads and
tits on my chest.

mom came back up and scrubbed Lisa's hair and then had me rinse for her.


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