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CAROL, mom & ME 49

I awoke early as usual. mom had her leg over mine and her pussy tightly
against my thigh. Her head turned up now, and so pretty in the very early
sunlight. I studied her as she slept on me chest so intimate with me. Her
body truly was beautiful and well kept for her age of 39. There were
slight wrinkles at the corners of her eyes that seemed to give her that
maturity of a full woman. Her blond hair flowing sensually over her
shoulder and onto part of her tit STILL did not need any dye. I looked
down at her tit laying on my chest so nicely. How beautiful a creation. I
glanced at Lisa's tit to my right, still laying on my chest. Their nipples
slightly different from each other. Lisa's tit was a bit smaller than
mom's, and a little darker with tan. I studied mom's nipple closer and
thought of how it fed me as a baby. I looked at the puffed up tip and now
saw minute pores in it for the milk release. Lisa's nipple had the same,
if I looked closer. My arms were a bit cramped under their heads now, and
I gently moved one from under Lisa without waking her.

The house was quiet. I casressed mom's golden hair softly. My arm
still under her head, as I slightly turned her way. I felt my cock
stirring as her thigh pressed against it. Her pussy warmly pressed on the
same thigh.

I knew she slept often in the position with dad. Now I could also share
what these two parents felt from each other. I also knew that dad wasn't
one for fucking in the early morning when he had to go to work. I wanted
to be in mom now. I wanted to wake her as I did with Lisa with my cock in
her. I hoped Lisa would not feel jealous if she woke and saw us.

I began to move my thigh in and out against mom's pussy now. It was
still pressed tight against my thigh and was easy to move my thigh this
way. Her leg seemed to open a bit for more room now. I was sure she did
not feel what I was doing, only her sense organs reacting. I pushed my
thigh slightly harder up into her pussy now and could feel the soft cover
of her clit now. I knew I might be able to reach it with my finger. The
thought of my love for mom was overpowering, and I was about to once again
give and share a special part of this love with her.

The way she offered her complete self tome with no reservations. Her
complete sexual being to both dad and me. Her efficiency at running all
the necessary things around the house. I looked down at her again and saw
her peacefulness she shared with us. Her absolute love and tenderness.
How very much I appreciated her. How very much I felt blessed she was my
mom. Lisa stirred on my right side and I looked at her. Her angelic face,
young, pretty, with chiseled features. Her cute nose. Perfect eyebrows
and full lips. Her tits held a bit higher than mom's because of her youth.
Hers just a bit firmer than moms.

Thank you for this woman, I thought. Please help me protect us through
our life we planned together. Yes! Here I was with two of the most
important women in my life. Both ready to offer their complete selves to
me. Their complete love, the complete sex with their bodies given freely
to me.

I was thankful for this magic making it all possible. I got my arm out
from under mom's head a little easier than I thought. Now I could turn
slowly without waking Lisa. Just by chance mom rolled slightly more on her
back now. It was the first time she moved since I awoke.

Now I could really see most of her body closely as we all lay there
naked. I looked at the belly that bore me. Carried Carol and I. I could
imaging the excitement and love mom had knowing we were inside her womb, I
remembered mom saying that she wanted her son's sperm in her being, In her
whole body. She also wanted her son's sperm to mix with her other love of
her life, my dad. How joyfully and excitedly she takes my sperm in her
mouth. I looked again at Lisa now slightly stretched out. She also
accepts and wants my sperm inside her body. To share our deep love and
committment. I leaned up now, and thought I could slide my cock into mom in the leg position she was in.

I wanted so much for her to awake surpised pleasantly with me inside
her. I looked down at my cock now, Standing almost straight up . I
realized that it really did seem to be getting bigger over the past few
months. I probably would be lucky enough to have a larger cock like dad.

Yes, I was hard. I looked closely at my cock in the sunlight. There
was a glistening droplet on the tip.

I tried to think of how many times this cock had been inside a pussy.
Hundreds now? Hundreds of dozens?

Mainly three pussies. Dozens of times each, so far. I was glad that I
was able to pleasure these women. Carol, mom, and my wonderfyl sweetheart
laying next to me. I had to admit that my cock was rather large NOW. I
wondered how women could suck such a big thing into their mouths and
throats as mom and Lisa make to look so easily?

I moved over mom now, on my arm and knees straddling her, with hardly a
touch to her body yet. I saw my cock throbbing now, over the warm and
glistening slit of her womanhood..

I gently put it to her opening very slowly. I could now smell her
woman's smell, and it did its intended purpose and made me all the more
excited, as anintoxicant. I pressed slowly into her opening sheath, and
watched it immediately try to engulf me. Her lips were spread now, and I
could clearly see her clit area. The very center of her sex. The very
heart of her most sensitive sexual pleasure. the same that she freely
gives to me now.

I thought to myself, well, here goes mom. This one is with your son's
complete love and devotion. My appreciation for all you have given and
done for me.

To freely share your most intimate being with me, even though it is
considered wrong and called incest. I pushed slightly deeper now, almost
half way into her. Her pussy still trying to hold me within automatically.
Yes. Automatically as nature's way of insuring a conception will occur.
To hold her male invader's seed within her. To offer this invader pleasure
to make him always want more. More to keep our human race alive. This was
all women's true purpose.

Here goes again mom, my lover. I pushed now and was all the way in, in
an incredible slippery ride into her channel of love. Again, without
moving at all, I felt the automatic responses of her woman's vaginal magic
working. Automatically caressing my cock like a soft wet glove. Feeling
almost as a hand in that glove stroking all around my male tool. Yes. I
am in the canal of my own birth once again mom. Yours. I looked down at
her still sleeping peacefully. I knew she would wake soon.

Soon, when her body's automatic juice flows, and other magical genital
contractions would automattically start on my cock. Even if I did
absolutlely nothing right now. Her pussy would do all the work it was

The built in features that would contract and grasp mycock and milk its
seed from me and trap it within another chamber of a woman's love machine.
I felt the wetness of my mother's pussy starting to flow around my cock
now. Easing the way automatically for us to mate like this. Yes, Her pussy was doing its womanly duties. Not knowing or caring that there would be
incestuous seed being spurted into it soon. My mother's pussy was now
giving me pleasure with hardly my movement at all.

I did not care of things termed incest. I did not care of possible
liabilities. This was MY mother and she has the right to admit whomever
she wants within her body. Now I thrust slowly within this magical world
of my mother. Softly. Ever so softly I pumped in and out of her. Now
seeing faint eye movement under her pretty lids. I dared not kiss her to
awake her yet. The peak I hoped to reach for her would be spoiled. My
cock would sense the signals of her arousal. It would tell me when to
start her awakening with an immediate orgasm. Mom, you are being fucked by
you son. Yes, I kept thinking. YOUR SON, and his thick hard cock is
buried deep inside your being.

Oh, I know your pussy will wake you very soon. I am betting mom. I am
betting by my third push into your wonderful wet pussy of love that your
eyes will open and feel your woman's wetness gushing from you and on you
son's cock. Yes. By my third stroke into you.

Here is number two mom. I feel my cock being caressed so nicely by your
pussy. I feel my cock throbbing with my heartbeat mom...... Yes. Your
eyes are starting to move rapidly under your lids now mom.

Yes. Hey brain, I am being fucked pleasantly. That's it mom. Here is
number three into your wet velvet world. There. Your eyes are open

Good morning mom.

Oh Billy, how wonderful you feel honey. I was dreaming that you were in
me or something....OH you feel so nice in there honey.

I know exactly mom. I leaned down and kissed her as a lover now. Her
lips kissed and sucked mine. OOOHHH Honey, How long have you been....A few
minutes mom. I was hoping I could wake you when I had you near an orgasm.
Then when you woke up, to drive you into another one right away. Oh honey
this is so nice.

Not loud mom. She's still sleeping. Maybe I can still get the chance
to wake her this same way, OK? Sure honey. Let ME fuck you honey. Don't
move too much. That way we won't wake her. OK. I will fuck you baby,
really nice for waking me this way.

Mom, I love you.

Let mom milk your wonderful cock now baby. mom began to use her
wonderful pussy muscles around my cock now, and I moved very slowing in and
out of her. OOOOHHHH Billy. You feel so nice this early in the morning.
Her glove and hand inside her pussy were doing her magic. She looked up
into my eyes and fucked me from the deepest inside of her, outward. My
eyes rolled with the pleasure she was giving me, buried deep within her.
Her pussy tightened, loosened. Gripped like that magic wet velvet glove
and stroked my complete cock from within. I'm cumming now Billy. Can you
feel me honey. Yes mom. I can feel it all around my cock. OOOOOHHHH
Honey stay there a second. Her hips slightly pressed up against me, and I
pressed hard down against her and she came. OOOOOOHHHH Honey. I leaned
down and deeply kissed her through the rest of her cum. My cock ready to
spurt itself. Her pussy now tightly milking me entire cock within her. I
started to shoot and kissed her slightly harder as she felt me shooting.

UUUUUUMMMMMMMM her arms holding me tightly to her. Her womnhood clamped
around my cock actually milking up and down on it. Draining me.
UUUUUUUMMMM Mom. Oh mom, I whispered in her ear. It was wonderful honey.
I feel you so deep in me. Oh Billy. It was really nice honey.

I could now feel her automatic woman's responses letting go of my cock.
Allowing me to withdraw from her womanhood.

You're in luck Honey. She still sleeping. mom pulled me to her and
kissed me warmly now. AND I think, as a lover.

I laid quietly between them again. mom whispered that she would help
get me hard for her. Give me a couple minutes mom.

My cock head is still a bit sensitive yet. Ok Honey. I'll cradle your
balls and make them make cum first. Her soft caresses on my sack were
wonderful as I laid there. Billy, we have to do this in the early morning
more often honey. I really liked it. Your dad doesn't like to mess around
when he has to go to work. He has too much on his mind then to

Yeah mom, that would be nice. I'm always up early. Usually earlier
than everyone anyway.

Just come in anytime. I usually have a nice early morning hard on
anyway. And I have a wet pussy..... mom leaned up now on one elbow and
with the other hand she stroked my cock with her Magic. I was getting
hard. She looked at Lisa and said she really has a stunning body Billy.
She looks like an angel sleeping there.

mom moved very slowly down and took my cock in her mouth now and sucked me softly. She nibbled on that most sensitive of my spots just under the
tip. Her fingers massaging my prostate area at the same time.

She had me hard enough for Lisa now, and patted my cock. You're hard
enough now honey. Go. Make love with her and I'll watch you.

Lisa was on her back that made it a lot more easier than with mom. Her
lips were partly open and I was tempted to kiss her.

Slowly, I inched her thighs wider and finally, I had enough room. very
easily I got between her legs and aimed my cock as I did with mom. I slid
in a little easier because Lisa was laying flat.

mom reached over and grabbed my cock and guided it up to her pussy as I
held myself up on two arms over her.

Slowly I pushed forward, and mom aimed me right into her. mom quickly
let go and laid on her side watching me.

As with mom, I pushed very slowly into Lisa. Finally, after quite a
while and a lot of slow patience, I was all the way in her pussy. All the
same things with mom's pussy were happening with hers. Her magic gloved
hand inside milking and caressing my cock.

Lisa stirred slightly, but didn't wake. I'm in mom, I whispered. Now I
moved my cock very slowly in and out. Feeling her juices and pussy working
like mom's on my cock. I pushed several more times and felt a lot of
wetness and her pussy clamping. This was it. She was going into her
orgasm now, I pushed a little harder hoping she would wake right now. One
more tender thrust.....there. Her eyes opened. OH Billy, she smiled. How
wonderful you feel in there, Oh Honey. I think I'm cumming already. Oh
Honey, I'm all wet inside. You feel so nice. I thought I was dreaming.
Her hips raised up to meet my cock softly and we fucked slowly as I leaned
down and kissed her. mom said nothing, as I glanced at her. She winked at
my success. Lisa fucked me a little harder now wanting to capture another
cum with me. OOOOHHHH Honey. My pussy feels so nice with you in there.
Lisa hadn't noticed that mom was still laying in bed with us. Fuck me
honey. Fuck me so I can cum with you. Her arms went around me as I leaned
down and kissed her. I was cumming again and mom realized it. I was
jambed tight against Lisa's pussy as I shot my cum into her milking pussy.

her arms still caressed me tightly to her as she pumped her pussy up to
me continuously as I came.

I was cumming when I opened my eyes honey. How long were you in me? A
few minutes. Oh Honey. Finally I rolled off and she saw mom laying there.
Oh Jean. I forgot all about you being with us. Honey, he woke me the same
exact way a half hour before you. He had ME cumming too when I first
opened my eyes. Isn't it nice Lisa? You two said almost the same exact
things when you woke up with my cock in you. Lisa laid on her side and
scratched her fingers over my chest softly. mom leaned over me and kissed
me. Her hanging tits dragging across my chest.

I'll see you two later. I have to go check on that long lost father of
yours, she said. Last I knew, He was supposed to be in there with your
mom, honey. But who knows how the night turnewd out? mom laughed and
walked around looking for her bathrobe. Mom, no one wore anything last
night remember? Oh yeah.

How does my birthday suit look, she asked. She was purposely sticking
her tits up. She made a model's pose for us. Damn, such a nice body. So
trim and sexy. Her tits now, thrusting with her hard nipples in the
morning sun. They were beautiful.

Just fine Jean. Just fine.

Later guys. mom wiggled her ass out the door.


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