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CAROL, mom & ME 50

Annette was kneeling over dad's cock sucking him slowly. Her husband
softly stroking himself watching them, laying next to her.

They all looked as my beautiful mom walked in with all her nakedness.

Well, seems its started without me. Looks like you're doing just fine
Annette. He likes early morning blowjobs when he doesn't have to work.

Annette smiled as dad urged her face back to his throbbing cock.

mom came around to his side and leaned over him. She kissed him and
then watched as Annette sucked her husband. Want my tits to suck honey.
Oh yes babe. mom leaned over him again as dad gulped her hard nipples.

mom noticed Lisa's father smiling as he still stroked his cock watching
all of them.

I'll take care of that for you in a minute Jack, mom said. She let dad
suck her hanging tits a minute more and walked to the other side of the

OOOOHHHH, seem's you're ready for me.

Would you like an early morning blowjob like my husband? Or would you
like to put that raging hard cock in to mom seductively rubbed
both her hands over her pussy....

Jack's eyes widened.....OOOHHH Inside you, Jean. Inside you. OK. mom arched her leg and straddled Jack's cock. OOOOOHHHH that feels so nice
sliding up me.

mom stared down at her new sex option. She looked over at dad as he was
in the throes of a wonderful blowjob. Nice honey? Oh Yes. Annette's
going to have my cum in a minute. OOOOHH. Suck my honey nice Annette.

mom went back to rising up and down slowly on Jack's cock. I hope you
don't mind Jack, I've already had my wonderful son up in me this morning.
She looked down at dad and said, Honey, he woke me up with his hard cock
already deep inside me and had me cumming as I opened my eyes. It was
wonderful honey. Then he brought me to another cum right away. If its OK
with you honey, looking down at dad now, I would like him to fuck me in the
early morning like that more often. Sure, I know YOU don't like to do it
when you have to work.

It was so nice cumming as I opened my eyes honey. Seem's your sucking my husband really nice Annette. His cock is nice to suck isn't it, as she
smiled down at dad. Her pussy riding up and down and clamping on Jack's
throbbing cock. OOOHHH Jack, you're deep babe, feel nice? Oh yes. Your
pussy feels great on my cock Jean. Oh that's what all you men say, prove
it. mom started to fuck down on him faster now. Her hanging tits just
over his face. She turned her head to dad next to her and said I'm almost
ready to cum all over his throbbing cock dear. OHHHH as she looked at him.
So am I honey. Annette now started to moan as she could feel dad's cock
swell and ready to shoot....Mom could see Annette's hand starting to milk
dad's cock into her sucking mouth. Get ready husband's
going to cum in your mouth.....OOOOOHHHH dad moaned as she sucked him
faster. Dad's cock exploded in her mouth and his cum shot straight into
her throat. The next spurt came quickly and some of it rolled down the
sides of his raging cock as she raised her mouth to his cock head.

OOOOOHHHH dad moaned. mom turned to Jack now and said your wife has my
husband's cum in her mouth Jack. Isn't that a sexy thought? How about
YOUR cum in this pussy of mine? mom started to squeeze his cock in her
pussy and ride him faster.......OOOOOHHHH Jean....OOOOO His hands were
caressing and pinching her hanging tits. mom sat back as he startewd to
cum in her and arched her back as she quickly moved her pussy tightly back
and forth over his spurting cock. She took her own tits in her hands as
she let go with her cum.....ooooohhhh Fuck my pussy Jack. Her eyes closed
and dad watching her. Fuck me. I can feel your cum shooting up inside
me....ooooooohhh. Annette was now sitting between them and watching her
husband pumping up into my mother. Dad sat up behind Annette and cradled
her tits as they watched their mates ride wave after wave of their orgasm.

Lisa and I had watched the whole episode on my tv through the camera in
mom's room.

OOOOHHH Billy. That was hot. Look, your mom is STILL cumming on his

mom and me were watching the whole thing with you and your dad last
night honey. Were you? I was hoping you would watch.

mom was standing behind me stroking my cock all the time. She was
whispering in my ear how hot you are. That you would be my perfect wife and lover. Her hand on my cock was great honey. We watched you playing
with your tits looking down at him and when you were sucking him. I was
looking up her then honey. I know. I told mom.

When you got on top of him and started fucking him, mom started to
stroke my cock faster, She was on her knees at my side then. She was
watching you, and stroking my cock One hand on my cock in front, and her
other hand on my sack and balls from behind. She made me cum as you were
cumming on your dad's cock. Just when she knew I was going to shoot she
got in front and was sucking me as you were in the middle of your cum. So
we both came together last night honey. mom sucked me hard as I shot my
cum, actually thinking I was shooting in you. That's what I was thinking
honey. That your cock was shooting in me.

mom and Annette now moved to lay next to their own husbands. They were
all caressing one another now. Both dad's and Jack's cock laying on their
thighs softened.

Lisa noticed my cock stirring as I looked at the camer screen.....she
reached down and stroked it up and down lovingly.

She was just about to move down and suck it, when the door opened.
Jimmy and Carol walked in. Big smiles as they stood there naked. Carol's
tits rising high and excited hard nipples.

Good morning they said. The two of them had a plan. They winked at
each other and then went into motion. Both of them went to the end of the
bed and immediately got between Lisa's and my legs. Carol started to take
my cock in her mouth and suck me.

Jimmy was laying close to Lisa's pussy and started to raise her up to
his mouth. He began to lick his sister's pussy.

Carol and him turned to each other and they were smiling. I pulled Lisa
close to me and we both watched our brother and sister suck us. Lisa
widened her legs for her brother. My hips were rising and falling as Carol
sucked me softly.

Within mimutes, they had both Lisa and me in high excitement. We kissed
each other hard as they were making us cum hard. Lisa moaning into my
mouth. My hands on her tits to increase her pleasure,. Lisa and I kissed
until both of our cums were finished.

Finally, Both Carol and Jimmy knelt up and had huge smiles. Jimmy had
Lisa's pussy juice all over his face and traces of my cum were on Carol's
lips. They looked at each other and laughed. Both of them feeling silly.
We have more work to do they said. They both jumped off the bed and

Soon, we saw them on the screen walking up to mom's bed.

Carol did the same to dad by crawling between his legs and quickly took
his soft cock in her mouth. Jimmy was between his mother's legs and
spreading her to begin sucking her. mom and Jack both leaned up against
the back of the bed watching their kids sucking their mates. Jack
straddled his wife's chest and fed her his cock so that she could suck him
while her son was eating her pussy.

mom knelt in front of dad's mouth now as Carol was sucking up and down
on him.

Since Lisa and I were both quite satisfied, I kissed her and said I
think we should go down and get a breakfast ready. Yeah, she said. Let's
go. Should we dress Billy?

Yeah. Probably. I think everyone will be pretty well fucked out by the
time they finish in there with all six of them. Yeah......just look at
them. He's really fucking fast into mom's mouth.

I set the table as Lisa did a big pan of scrambled eggs and sausage. I
stood behind her as she stirred the mix at the stove and cupped her tits.
Just think honey, when we're married, you'll be doing this every morning.

OH NO! I want it in writing that I get breakfast in bed by YOU, she
said. If I can give you my wonderful pussy and nice blowjobs, I deserve
breakfast in bed. UH OH. I think I sense the beginning of our first
married argument. We laughed.

We were dressed in shorts and t shirts. After a while, the others
started coming downstairs smelling the cooking. mom had her favorite
duster on. Lisa had on a slip, Jimmy, dad and Jack all with their shorts.
Annette was wearing one of mom's other summer dusters.

Good morning guys. Lisa kissed her dad as she handed him his plate.
She deliberately pulled up her T shirt for her dad to suck her tits a
moment. Her mother kissed her cheek as she got her plate. Carol was
helping with the serving. mom poured the coffee.

Well, mom said, finally sitting down to eat. I think we all broke brand
new ground this weekend. Heads were nodding. The one thing that is
bothering me is that I hope NONE of this will affect our two about to be
married kids.

I love both of them , and I'm sure you do too. I am willing as long as
my husband is, to continue this thing with you, as long as we can ensure
THEIR peace with their new marriage.

Sure Jack said. Looking at Annette. I agree, she said. The kids and
their futures are far more important that any of ours right now.

This really has been nice between each of us, and I hope what we have
done or will do will stay with just us. Looking again, around the table.
All of us nodding in agreement. Good. That's set.

That doesn't mean because I'm sucking you Jimmy, that you don't have to
mind me or you father. I understand mom. Lisa will be gone with Billy
soon, and it will be just your father, you, and me at home. Unless of
course, you have Carol over. You're quickly becoming an adult now, Jimmy.
There are responsibilities that go with it. Sure mom. I understand. mom looked at Carol now, and said, she's right honey. A lot of what she said
applies to you also. OK mom. Sure.

So far, mom said, It has been nice to share different sex with each of
the men here. Surely, most of all my husband. She looked lovingly at him.
He comes first in my life, and then my children equally. I freely give
myself to Billy with my husband's permission. Billy and I share that
special bond that only comes between a mother and son. Annette knows
exactly what I mean. Annette nodded in agreement.

She looked lovingly first at her husband, and then to Jimmy. OUR
husbands' sex satisfaction will always come first, right Annette? Very
right. Annette reached her hunsband's cock under the table and must have
stroked it. Carol, that little surprise you and Jimmy did for your dad and
Annette was sexy and nice. BUT, please honey, from now on, please knock

The four of US might have been quite involved when you came in and it
might have spoiled the whole mood. Understand? Sure mom. You too Jimmy.
I understand. I also thought that it would uncomplicate a lot of this if
we were usually split into two groups for our sexcapades. Maybe four of us
here, and four at your house. Mix or match? Yeah, dad said. It might
make things a little easier to control for each of us. Maybe once a week
we can all still get together here at the pool. Jimmy and Carol can stay
in his room, and we can mix from there. Billy and Lisa are here and you
guys can mix. If they switch to staying at our house, Carol and Jimmy stay
here. That can be left up to you kids to decide. But, as Jean said kids,
Please knock on our door from now on, OK? Sure Annette. Its only common

Well, since were all together on our last day off, what do we do now?
Mom laughed. Well, I said, kind of sheepish, Jack? Yes son, Can I borrow
Annette? He looked at her, smiled and then said I guess so. I would like
to make love with her this morning. I owe her from last night. BUT, I
will also need my honey Lisa here, and mom too.

I looked at mom and said, Remember? Then it clicked. Oh yeah. She
looked at dad and said, Honey, he's going to trim our pussies this morning
and then eat us. yeah mom, Lisa said to her mother.

OOOHHH, that would be great. I hate to do ..... mom and Lisa both
laughed at her. About to say the same exact thing.

Fine son you have Jim. Jack said to dad. I tried that trimming shit
and got it all messed up and almost cut her pussy lips off. Everyone
laughed loud.

Since I will have all three women, I guess you guys will have to settle
with Carol and Jimmy for a while.

They all laughed again.

Where do you want us? Annette asked? I think out at the pool. Each of
you can lay on the deck pads with your legs in the water and it will be
easier to get at your pussies. Smart thinking Billy.

Its not only that mom said, she looked at Annette. He's going to eat
each of us when he's done. Oh what about me damn it? Asked Carol. I'll
get to you later honey. Promise? Yes. Ok Let's go fuck Jimmy. They both
got up and raced toward the stairs.

Those two are hornier than all of us together, Jack laughed. Well,
Jack, It looks like Billy will have our women tied up for quite a while
this morning. what do you think of a little fishing down near the Lake?
Hell of a lazy day idea, Jim.

I haven't fished in quite a while. I have all the stuff at the ready in
the garage, You can use Billy's outfit. I don't think he will mind.
Especially since he will probably be fucking your pretty wife. Everyone
laughed hard and looked at me.

Hey don't laugh, I full intend on being in her. OOOOOHHHH is that a
promise Billy? Annette chided.

I can't wait to see their trimmed pussies when we get home. I will have
each of them thoroughly trimmed, sucked and fucked for your inspection, I

Lisa lowered her hand under the table and caressed my cock through my
shorts as she smiled.

Her father looked at her and said, Lisa honey, that was really nice last
night. I came really hard honey. I know daddy. I was enjoying the
feeling of you shooting so deep in me. Billy and Jean were doing it too as
they were watching us. Yes. mom said. We watched from his bedroom window
and I jerked him off and then sucked him as you and Lisa were cumming. So
was he in my mouth.

So that's where you were? dad said.

That was really a nice show you and Billy put on for us last night. mom glanced at me with a tender smile. Yes. It was wonderful. At first I was
kind of embarrassed to get into sex with him in front of everyine, but when
Carol broke the ice and then Annette and Jimmy......It made it a lot

Lisa and Annette began to pack a lunch and a few beers for dad and Jack
to take along. They were out in the garage now. I stood behind Annette in
the kitchen chair and softly caressed her large tits. That feels nice
Billy. Both Lisa and mom turned to watch me, They both smiled and said he
does that really nice huh mom? I love giving tit massages. I will also
give each of you a body massage today. Wow, We're getting the Blue plate
special girls Annette laughed.

Lisa honey? Yeah mom, Does it bother you that Billy does me? No mom.
He loves me completely, I know he does. Same with his mom. She made real
nice love with him this morning laying right next to me. It was nice mom.

I had Annette's duster wide open now as I openly caressed her tits. Her
head dropped back and I leaned down and kissed her upside down.

Well, are you girls ready for your treatment? Before the sun gets too

They looked at each other and said OK. I'll meet all of you out at the
pool. They took the bags with all the lunch stuff out to the guys and
kissed them Good bye. Then they all went to the pool and jumped in.

I went upstairs and got the shaving cream and scissors.

I remembered the body lotion also. I heard Carol and Jimmy in the
middle of another fuck in her room.

I knew each of them met their matches.

Soon I came out to the pool with an armload of stuff.

The girls were all in the pool. Ok Come on, as I jumped in. I was
naked also.

Since she is my mom, I will do her first, and then you Annette. Then my
honey, Lisa. Up here mom. I lifted her to sit in front of me on the side
of the deck. I would like both you and Annette to sit on each side of her,
OK. Mom's wet body was glistening in the morning sun. I leaned my head
and kissed each of her tits. I could reach her whole upper body as she
laid down now. Her pussy inches from the edge of the deck. Her legs in
the water on my sides.

I took the shaving cream and spread it over mom's mound, and rubbed it
around. OOOOH that tingles nicely, mom said. I stuck my middle finger
into her pussy for a moment and it grabbed me instantly. I slid in and out
a few times and then started with the razor. I shaved the upper edges of
her pussy hair into a neat triangle. I widened her legs and shaved the
sides of her pussy lips, and then stuck my finger into her again. Lisa and
her mom were both entranced. OOOHHH you're good, Annette said.

I took some care to shave mom's pussy lips and inner thighs. Now I took
a cup of water and poured it over her mound cleaning off the cream. Then I
took the scissors and cut all her hair short.

I was so hard as I looked at her pussy now. Spread inches from my face.
OOOOO that feels nice Billy. Really honey. I looked at Lisa and smiled.
Mom was still laying flat. Completely relaxed now. I massaged her whole
pussy with my hands and the body cream. I licked and kissed up and down
each of her thighs as I raised one out of the water. Then I buried my
mouth and sucked her pussy from bottom to top.

mom shivered again. Annette looked down at her, damn, Jean, He's a
fucking adonnis. mom was slowly raising her pussy up to my mouth as I
sucked her. My hands moved up and down the front of her body as I licked
her pussy. The cream was spread all over her tits and stomach now. I gave
her a soft massage as I sucked her. When I saw her tits harden, I went to
her clit and sucked it. OOOOOOOHHHHH Billy honey. OOOOHHHH

Her pussy was humping rapidly now as I continued nmassaging her tits and
sides with my creamy hands. I sucked her harder now and demanded her cum with my mouth. Soon I had it. Mom's hands went on top of mine massaging
her tits as she came in my mouth. I sucked and licked her softly until she
rested again.

OOOOHHH Billy. I love you so, honey. I am truly impressed, Annette
said. I am truly fucking impressed. Lisa smiled at her. He's a damn good
lover mom. You're so right honey.

Now I jumped out of the pool and asked mom to roll on her stomach. She
looked down at her newly trimmed pussy....

Oh, I feel naked now, and they all laughed. Does it really look nice
girls? She raised her pussy real high for all of us to see. It sure does,
Jean. The men will enjoy eating that.

On your stomach mom. OK, honey. I knelt now, between her spread thighs
with my cock sitting in the crack of her ass. Annette? Yes hon? Would
you please help me out? I would like to help me rub my mom's back? Just
kneel in front of her head. You work her shoulders on down and I will meet
you from her ass up. OOOOH that sounds so fucking nice. Sure honey.

Lisa was laying on her side next to us watching with a smile. Annette
got in front of mom's head in her arms as her pussy was into mom's hair.
The contrast in colors was striking. Mom's blond hair against Annette's
auburn pussy.

I squirted a heap of cream into Annette's hands and into mine also.
This is sure sexy Billy, Annette said. Both of us kneeling at each end of
my mother. My cock was rock hard and she saw it. You should see his hard
cock here Jean. I can feel it she moaned through muffled arms. Now we
started to completle rub mom's back and sides. I concentrated on her ass.
Annette came down with her hands and caressed my cock a few times smiling
at me. mom was moaning with complete pleasure now. Feel good mom. Oh yes
honey. Fantastic.

I raised straight up on my knees now, as Annette was travelling her
hands downward on mom's back. I motioned for her to put more cream on my
cock, and she did, Stroking me softly with smiling eyes. You are one hot
fuck she said. mom laughed under us and agreed. Now, I held my cock and
Annette knew right away what I was going to do. I backed up my hips and
aimed my cock into mom's ass. OOOOOOHHHH Billy......

I rammed and slid in completely. OOOOOOHHHH Honey. Lisa honey. hand
me that big cushione there. I pulled mom's hips up and she shoved the
pillow under mom's hips to faise her ass for me. More cream on my cock
please, Annette. Annette filled her hands with cream reaching way down and
stroked my cock as I held the tip just inside mom's ass. Thank you.
Anytime lover.

Yes. He's a regular Adonis here Jean. Feel good? Oh yes. I guess
he's going to fuck you good. OOOOHHH yes mom moaned shoving her ass back
at me now. Lisa and Annette watched my cock sliding in and out of moms
ass. Wow. Billy. I'm creaming here honey. Please don't play with your
pussies yet, OK? I asked Lisa and Annette. Its not fair Billy!!! OK.
Damn, my cunt's so hot right now Billy, Annette said, taking her hand away
from her pussy.

Keep massaging her back with me while I fuck her OK. Sure. Both girls watched me fuck mom now, in earnest.

OOOOOHHHH Billy mom kept moaning. She was getting massged all over now
with Lisa joining in with her mother massaging mom's back and shoulders.
My hands were massaging her ass cheeks as my cock slid in and out. Would
you girls mind doing her tits also?

Why no Billy. Each now went to mom's side and reached under her and
found her tit. One of their hands was massaging each of Mom's tits and
their other hands massaging her back. mom was in heaven. OOOOHHH my ass
feels nice with you in there Billy. I can feel a cum. Who's doing my tits honey? Mom's ass was comfortably raised on the pillow and now I leaned up
on my arms and hands and fucked into her ass hard as the girls continued
their massaging. They were both hot with excitement as they watched my
cock going into mom's ass. I looked up at Annette and said, you're next
babe. You're next. OOOOHHH Billy. Her hands under and on mom worked
faster with her own excitement of what was to come for both Lisa and her.

BOTH of you are getting this same treatment. I leaned over and kissed
Lisa. mom was humping back at my thrusting cock wildly and almiost in a
scream as I fucked her ass hard now. I was still on my raised arms and
pumped into her hard and fast. She started to cum and screamed loudly.
I'm cumming honey, I'm really cumming hard from my ass. OOOOOHHHHH fuck me

Both girls watching me with glazed eyes as they watched how fast I was
fucking into mom.

Soon my cock was spurting and I arched my back as I rammed deeply into
mom's ass and came hard. OOOOHH Billly, OOOOH mom take me cum mom, take my
cum. Mom's ass was raised high and pressed hard against my shoting cock.

My balls pressed hard against her dripping pussy. Finally my cock
emptied and I started to pull out of her tight ass. I was still in the
nidst of my excitement, and I quickly reached under mom and raised her ass
higher as I quickly sat under her. Hold her girls, Mom's ass was raised
high now, she was on her hands. I sat behind her and sucked her pussy wildly now, as it dripped into my sucking mouth.

mom was screamimng and did'nt care. Her cum was still non stop right
now. My face was buried deep within her raised pussy as I sucked her up
and down and slid my tongue into her hole.

Lisa and her mom were holding her hips on each side of her as they were
engrossed in my pussy eating. Holy shit, Annette said over and over. They
could feel mom violently shaking, also with her violent cum into my sucking and licking mouth.

finally mom's screams toned down to moans and she began to relax as the
girls lowered her hips to the cushion.

My God, Billy, Annette said. Her tits heaving now with sweat. I came
along with your mom for Christ's sakes. Look at my she knelt
there spreading her thighs. I rolled mom over and laid on her and kissed
her deeply.

Oh Honey, Oh Honey was all she could say. She held my face in her hands
and kissed me all over. She pulled my head to hold me on her tits. Her
heart beating a mile a minute. I could feel her pussy quaking inside under
my groin. Finally I knelt up again over her and knelt between her wide
open thighs. I leaned down and kissed and licked her nipples softly.

Oh Billy. Oh Billy.

Nice mom? Feel relaxed? relaxed hell, Annette said.

mom looked up at her and smiled.

Now mom's hands went to her tits and she slowly worked her hands and
fingers over them looking up at me with gleaming eyes.

Billy honey, Oh Billy. I took Lisa's hand and said I need to wash off
this sweat for a minute. I pulled her behind me as I jumped into the pool.
Annette and mom were inspecting mom's pussy trim.

I stood behind Lisa as we looked up at our moms. My hands were gently
caressing her tits.

Will you help me do your mom next honey. Oh sure Billy. Sure. Give me
a little while. Honey,? Yes? When I do you, I am going to be a little
diferent. YOU are my honey, and I have a little extra just for you. Oh
wow, Billy.

That was one of the hottest things I've ever fucking seen. Annette
heard her and instanly agreed.

We swam around for a little while and I could finally feel my cock going
back to normal.

Both moms were now sitting on the edge with their legs in the water
watching us. Lisa asked if I was going to do her mom like that? I said
almost exactly honey. That's why I need your's and mom's help. OK.

I swam over and got between mom's legs and threw them over my shoulders
and licked at her pussy again. My hands went to her tits and caressed them
as I sucked her one more time.

OOOOOHHHH Honey, again????OOOOOHHHHH Mom's excited pussy dripped into my
mouth. I sucked her for a minute and then moved in between Annette's legs.
Ready hon? OOOOHHHH Billy, am I ever. Same way honey? Yes. Lay down

Oh I can't fucking wait. I did almost all the same exact things with
her trim and shave, and then cleaned her. I massaged up her tits and all
just as mom.

Both mom and Lisa were at her sides watching and pretty much knew my
next moves now. I looked at Annette's trimmed and shaved pussy now. I
spread her lips and looked deeper. I stuck my two fingers in her and
lowered my mouth to her clit. My eyes went from watching her heaving tits under my hand, to looking up into mom's eyes as I sucked on Annette's clit.

Annette was far more excited now and was humping my face and fingers.
Mom was smiling at me. I looked over on the other side at Lisa watching me
suck her mother. Her hands were on her tits massaging them. I licked up
and down Annette's pussy and stuck my tongue in her hole and fucked her
with it as my hands caressed and pinched her nipples. She was humping
wildly and moaning loudly. mom was caressing her own tits now.

Soon Annette was gushing her juice in my face and mouth. Her pussy became really soaked as she screamed very loudly. Her hands also like mom,
went on top of mine on her tits as I squeezed them harder. It took several
minutes of sucking her pussy and clit before she came down from her cum,
and relaxed somewhat.

Oh My God, Oh My God, she said over and over.

Oh Billy, Oh are one hell of a pussy eater....OOOHHHHH my
cunt is still dripping honey. I bent my mnouth once again and sucked up
and down hard, As if like a vaccuum on her whole opened pussy. I sucked her clit and licked it with my tongus again as I sucked., She bucked her
hips hard and fast against my mouth and came again. I pinched her nipples
hard during her cum.

I got out of the pool now, and told her to roll over.....OOOOHHHH
noooooo I forgot about the rest of your treatment Billy....OOOOHHH you

She rolled over and mom placed the pillow under her. Lisa and her were
ready with the cram as I squirted it in the hands. They rubbed up and down
her back and shoulders as I did Annette's ass and lower back. Again my
cock laying in her crack. I feel his cock Jean. Is he going to fuck me
like he did you too? mom said, you better believe it, and smiled at me.
Her hand going to my cock and massaging it as she looked at me with seeming
pride and bliss.

I moved my cock now to get ready to fuck Annett in the ass. mom knew
right away and squirted cream and massaged my cock lovingly. She aimed it
for me as I knelt back.

Here he goes Annette. You're about to have my son's cock up your ass.
OOOOHHHH I haven't been fucked in the ass in so long...oooooh I can feel
him going in...ooooooo

mom let go of my cock now, and I rammed in hard all the way. Annette
let out a loud scream and held her breath. Her ass was jambed tight back
against me. Finally she yelled oooohhh fuck the shit out of me Billy.
Fuckl the shit out of your second mother.....fuck me...

I rammed quickly and hard into her. I was keeping with her excitment
level. mom and Lisa had Annette's tits covered, as they did to mom.

Oh I don't believe it....ooooohhhh my whole ass is filled with his
wonderful cock ...ooooohhh fuck the shit out of me honey. I pumped her
harder now, again leaning up on my arms ramming into her. I was fucking
her hard and fast. I could feel my balls boiling again. OOOOHHHH Annette,
your ass feels do youuuuuuu honey fuck me. Fuck my ass
hard. oooohhhh Billy. Mom's hands on and under Annette on her back and
tit were working quickly and Lisa followed also.

Oh Billy fuck me.....OOOOHHHH am I going to suck your cock honey. Oh I
am going to suck your cock so hard.....ooooohhhh Finally I couldn't take
anymore, and began to shoot deep in her ass. I could feel it tighten even
more as I stroked hard and buried deep in her. It was convulsing wildly as
I spent load after load into her. Lisa leaned over to kiss me as I shot
into her mother.

After a long while, I pulled out of her ass and stood up. My legs were
feeling cramped. Annette rolled over now and looked up at me. Her face
was very red and he heaving tits were evidence of being completely out of

I knelt over her tits as I did to mom and kissed them and then reached
up and kisse her. Her hand going to my hanging cock between us. Let me
suck you honey. Right now. I'm empty right now, Annette. I'll take a
rain check OK?

Yeah mom, Lisa said. I'm next, remember? Oh yeah honey.

Oh Billy I owe you my best fuck or blowjob. Or BOTH. It was nice
wasn't it Annette? mom asked.

Oh My God! Just like YOU said Jean. FANFUCKINGTASTIC. I haven't been
fucked in the ass so well in my entire life. Not even your dad Lisa. Wow,
honey. Does he fuck you like that also. Yes mom. I love it too.

They hugged each other and I stood up and held mom to me and held our
bodies tight. My hands went over the back of her head and stroked her hair
as I kissed her. She ground her freshly trimmed pussy softly against my
cock. I pulled mom into the pool as Lisa and her mom sat next to each
other on the edge.

Oh honey, You're next for his treatment. OOOOHHH I'm jealous again
already.... I stood behind mom and caressed her tits and all the front of
her body with my head next to hers. Happy mom. Oh yes honey. Her hands
reaching behind to cradle my cock and balls in the water.

You are such a nice lover honey. I hope you have enough left for Lisa.
Oh I will mom. By the way, where is your vibe mom? Oh its in my top
drawer. Well, I need it for when I do her. A little extra treatment for
her huh? Yes, as I squeezed her tits.

Billy, I just can't get over you. Just when I think I've seen the best
of lovemaking, you come along with something new and blow my mind honey.
You and Lisa will have a nice sex life. WE will also mom. I want you till
you're far too old to fuck also. Oh Billy honey. Any time. I just don't
want to be an interference with you and Lisa when your married honey. That
can cause a lot of trouble. Don't worry mom.

We swam around a little longer now, and I felt ready.

I got out of the pool and said that I would be right out. I ran in the
house to get mom's vibe, and a pitcher of iced tea. Of all things of all
times....... Someone left the front inside door open and the neighbor
woman from across the stree was there knocking as I got to the bottom of
the stairs.

She looked directly at me through the screen, seeing me stark naked. My
cock already hard and the damn vibe in my hand. She was about thirty five
and very cute with dark brown hair. Her halter top and white shorts looked
great against her tan. Her tits had to be D cup.

Oh, damn I'm so sorry. She said. Looking directly at my hard on, and
then at the long vibe in my hands. I was hoping I could see your mom for a
moment? She's resting right now, not really lying to her. I half turned
now, and most of my ass was now facing her as I tried to make it short. Oh
OK, I'll call back later hon, still looking at the vibe with puzzlement.
My girlfriend and me.....I kind of figured she smiled. It was a genuine
smile. I know how it is hon. My boyfriend and me were also caught like
this. I'm sorry. If its any consolation Bill, that IS your name isn't it?
Yeah. Well if its any consolation, she should be very happy with that tool
of yours. I looked at the vibe in my hand. No, hon, not THAT
tool.....THAT tool, looking directly at my hard cock. Look hon, my guy is
over there wanting the same thing right now. So don't feel embarrassed.
We're kind of new here and we hardly know anyone yet.

I was just going to invite your mom for a drink, that's all. Hey, come
to think of it, why don't you and your girl come over later for a drink?
We'd love some company over there. We're from out of town. Yeah. I said.
That would be nice. What time? 6 ish, OK? Hey fine. I'll bring my
sweetheart. Ok then later. Go put that tool to good use she laughed. By
the way, mine is flesh colored. She smiled again looking at my cock and
said bye.

I could just imagine her telling her guy.

I grabbed the stuff in the kitchen and ran out into the yard. You're
not going to believe how I just introduced my self to our new neighbor
across the street mom???? I told them the story as I hid the vibe from

They were laughing themselves silly over it.

Annette said trhe least she could have done was offer a neightrborly
blowjob with seeing your hard cock???? Again we all laughed hard. How
fucking embarrassing Billy, Lisa said. Oh I guess its all right. They
want you and me over for a drink at about six, Lisa. OK. Sure Billy.
Sure. She said they were also caught naked together. But she didn't go
into detail. Hey, its time for your treatment honey. Uh Oh, you're in for
it now mom said. Annette said kiddingly, can I hold my baby's hand when
she's cumming?

We all laughed. Oh mom..... Annette said, Billy honey, please let me
take just one suck on your beautiful cock before you get started on my
daughter ok?

Oh Mom, you want it all before I can get honey just a taste.
I held Lisa to my side as stood in front of her mother as she sat on the
edge of the pool and sucked me for a minute. I looked over at mom sitting
next to her smiling up at me. OK mom, that's enough. Lisa pulled me back
and sat on the edge of the pool between mom and her mother. I jumped into
the pool , and got the shaving stuff.

I started with the shave cream and trimmed her very neatly and her
mother helped hold her pussy lips as I shaved them closely. mom was on her
other side also helping. Both mom's and Annette's fingers also caressed
her whole pussy. It surprisd me. I pured the water over her and then used
the scissors again to trim the remaining hair short. Very nice job, Billy,
her mother said.

Now both mom and Annette knew I was about to start eating her pussy.
Both of their fingers went to each side of her pussy lips and pulled them
gently open for my mouth. Lisa was spread wide open to me now.

Get ready honey, here comes his cum job..... My hands as usual, were
placed on Lisa's heaving tits and nipples. I lowered my nouth to her
speread pussy and sucked every part of it. Up and down. Up and down, and
then my fingers inside her, fucking her. I lowered my mouth to her clit as
mom urged to to suck her good. Suck your lover good, Billy.

Lisa was moaning as both mothers caressed her stomach and pussy lips as
I sucked her. They both watched intently as I fucked her with my tongue
and all three of them were moaning as they knew the feelings. Lisa was
humping my face now as I fingered her pussy and met my moms fingers as I
circled her clit. Mom's two fingers were sliding up and down deep in
Lisa's slit as I fucked her again with my tongue. I watched mom's fingers
working on Lisa clit again and she started to cum hard.

OOOOOHHHH Billyyy....Here it is honey. Her hips bucking up to my mouth.
I could see my mom's fingers working on her clit rapidly help me to take
her cum higher. Lisa pussy was also gushing now nad then I grabbe the vibe
and rammed it in quickly. OOOOOHHHH FUCK BILLLLLLYYYYYY. Her mother was
very busy working on her tits for me. massaging the cream into and all
over them from behind her head. Annettes's tits were hanging over Lisa's
mouth and Annette said suck mom's tits honey. Suck your mommy's tits now
through your cum....

Lisa sucked and sucked as mom and me worked on her pussy. I moved mom's
fingers and sucked her clit hard. I rammed the vibe in and our of her and
felt gushes of juice flowing out of her humping pussy. I sucked her hard
and fucked her hard with the vibe. Lisa's mom was leaning over her with
Lisa sucking her tits and then her mother sucked Lisa's tits at the same
time. My cock was rock hard now in the water.

Lisa screamed as she let her mother nipples go. OOOOOHHHH am I
cumming...OOOOOHHHH I could see spurts of her juice flowing all down her
slit and I sucked most of it into my mouth. I loved her taste. Suck her
Billy. Suck her cum, honey..... My face and the vibe were working rapidly
and forced her into yet another cum..... Lisa was screaming loudly now.

I rode out her cum with my mouth pressed tightly to her whole pussy.
Sucking all her juice.

She too, finally relaxed. I licked her slowly now as she came down from
her high. Her mother gently sucking Lisa's tits. mom was caressing her
mound as I finished sucking her. When I pulled my mouth away, mom slid her
hand down Lisa's pussy softly.

Stroking her lovingly. Helping her down from the cums. I quickly
climbed out of the pool for part two, and mom pulled me to her as she knled
at Lisa's side and sucked me into her mouth. Her hand still stroking
Lisa's pussy softly as she sucked me. She knew I still was going to fuck
Lisa's ass so she let go of me and smiled. They rolled Lisa over on her
stomach now, and said here it comes honey. . Here it comes. mom slid the
pillow under her hips for me.

As usual, my cock laying in her crack. Her mom was at Lisa's head now
in her arms,. My mom was at her side as we all massaged her with the
cream. Lisa moaned asoftly. Nice cum honey? Oh Yes mom. Oh yes. My
pussy is still throbbing. The vibe was now laying mext to me on the deck.
After quite a while of massaging her, mom got more cream and readied my
cock. She squirted Lisas crack and slid her own finger into her smiling at
me. mom leaned up and kissed me as she stroked my cock with the cream and
fingered Lisa's ass.

Fuck her with your big cock honey. Fuck her with your love. mom aimed
my cock for me as I slid into Lisa's tight ass. OOOOOHHHHH Billlllllyyyyy.

I plunged in quickly into her greased ass. Her moans were almost
constant. I started to fuck her now and picked up the vibe and handed it
to mom. mom knew right away that I wanted it in Lisa's pussy. mom reached
under my cock and slid the vibe in and started fucking Lisa with it. Lisa
was screaming as her mother caressed her shoulders and head.

She was humping my cock rapidly against me and the vibe mom was fucking
her with. Her mom was really excited and moaning along with me and mom.
Hearing her daughter and seeing her daughter's ass being fucked hard and

Fuck her Billy. Fuck my daughter like you fucked her mother. Oh fuck
her.....It made me fuck into Lisa even faster. Her mother suddnly laid
back on her legs and lifted Lisa's head. Suck mom's pussy honey. Suck you
mom while he fucks you baby. OOOOHHH Lisa suck my pussy.... She rammed
her pussy into Lisa's face and she licked her rapidly up and down as I
fucked her. mom was fucking her rapidly with the vibe also. Lisa was
almost screaming as she tried to suck her mother's pussy. Her mother was
grabbing and squeezing her tits violently. Her head was back with her
pussy shoved into Lisa's upraised face and her own head shaking back and
forth as she too was cumming.

My cock was thobbing and about ready to shoot into my love now. OOOOHHH
Lisa honey, here I go, I yelled. Take my cum sweetheart, take my
cum......OOOOHHH Billy Fuck me baby, she moaned from her mothers pussy.

I rammed her hard three or four times and shot very hard deep into her
gripping ass. Her's too, convulsed around my cock feeling me shoot into

Finally I pulled out. mom continued with the vibe a little longer and
brought Lisa down slower. mom stopped when she saw Lisa's mouth pull away
from her mother's pussy.

They finally rolled Lisa over as I knelt there between her legs. She
too, gave me that precious look of pure love. I leaned down and kissed
her. I tasted her mother's pussy on her mouth as we kissed.

I sucked her nipples softly for a while as she carresed my head. mom had reached under each of us and was stroking my soft cock softly and
fingering Lisa's pussy gently. Her middle finger and hand massaging and
fucking Lisa's pussy very slowly as we kissed. mom was squeezing my cock
for the remaining drops of cum and spread them on Lisa's belly as they came

Finally I stood up and jumped in the pool. Mostly to wash my cock off.
The three girls all inspecting each other's pussies, and my shave jobs.

I was kind of worn out now. I got out of the pool and said I wanted to
have a beer and relax a bit. YOU deserve they all agreed. I had a few
gulps of beer and laid on my stomach on the air mattress.

I heard the girls whispering something and then they were all giggling
as I had my eyes closed.

mom came over and said you need lotion on you honey or you'll burn to a

UH OH. The girls had a plan. mom was kneeling in front of me spreading
the lotion all over my shoulders and back. Then I felt other hands
runbbing my back and ass. All the way to my feet on both sides. Oh that
feels really nice, I sid. You deserve this Billy. Yes he does. Lisa was
on one side, her mother on the other and mom still with her pussy crotch
into my head. My face was in my arms. Just relax and let us do all the
work honey. They were rubbing me very nicely all over my body. Working on
my muscles and ass too.

It really feels nice girls, I said. They continued for quite some time
all working slowly and deliberately. Six hands. Now mom said, turn over
honey. Its time for your front. My cock was only half hard now, as it lay
against my thigh. Keep your eyes closed honey and just relax. mom worked
lotion all over my face and neck, and then all over my chest. Suck my
nipples if you like honey. They were hanging ove my face as she massaged
my chestand stomach. I sucked them softly as she switched from tit to tit
for me. Lisa and her mother were working up and down my legs and thighs
but neither touched my cock. Mom's tits felt nice in my mouth as she
slowly caressed me. My hard nipples taste good honey? Oh yes mom. I
could feel my cock hardening now, Ny eyes still closed. They massaged me
for at least another ten minutes, when someone got between my legs
kneeling. Now, someone was caressing my cock gingerly. All the way up and
down making it really get hard.

mom said keep yor eyes closed honey. OK mom. She leaned down next to
my ear and whispered, your going to be sucked honey. Share it with me, OK?
OH mom. Soon, I felt a set of lips kissing the head of my cock and a
tongue rolling over and over it. A hand gently but firmly holding me.
OOOOHHHHH. It feels nice mom. Who is it Lisa? Just enjoy baby. Lower
and lower the lips slowly went down my cock. sucking each inch completely
with a magical mouth massage. Finally my whole cock was in her mouth. It
was Lisa's mother sucking me. OOOOOHHHHH mom whispered softly next to me
ear, feel nice baby? OHHHHHHH mom. mom licked my ear with her tongue and
was stroking my hair. Lisa's mom was sucking me harder but slowly. Up and
down very slowly. Now, I felt a motion and then Lisa was sliding the
vibrator up into my ass. My whole ass jumped at the surprise, but her mom still held onto my cock in her mouth sucking harder.

The vibrator was on high as it worked up in my ass. mom leaned over me
again and told me to suck her tits again while I was being fucked and
sucked. Lisa slid in and out of my ass with the vibe at the same speed her
mom was sucking me. I was in heaven.

Her mother was caressing my balls in both her hand as she went up and
down so slowly on my cock. Her hand occasionally stroking my shaft hard.
Do you like being sucked and fucked like this honey? as I sucked her tits softly. Yes mom. Its heaven. Enjoy sweeheart. You have pleasured each
of us so many times, its your turn baby. Tell mom how your ass feels with
Lisa fucking it, honey. Is your lover fucking your ass nice for you? Yes
mom. Oh yes Lisa. Lisa moved the vibe a little faster into me as her
mother sucked me harder now. How is her mother's mouth on your hard cock

Oh wonderful mom. My tits feel nice on your face dear?

UUUUUMMMMM. Would you like to suck my pussy now baby?

Yeah mom. Please. Ok honey. I know you will suck mom nice. mom knelt
back and lowerd her pussy over my face and Ilicked her slit as she moved
very slowly over my mouth.

Soon Lisa's mothe started sucking me faster. more demanding on my cock.
Are you going to cum in Annette's mouth honey? Yes mom, soon, She wants
you to fuck her mouth fast Billy. Go ahead fuck her mouth. Lisa is going
to fuck you too baby. My hips were raised high with the pillow under them
and Annette's mouth sucking my complete cock with each stroke of her mouth.
Both her hands were stroking me into her sucking mouth.

Lisa was fucking me faster and faster. You like being fucked and sucked Billy? Oh mom....I love this....OOOOHHHH cum for them Billy....let mom see
you shoot your cum into her sucking beautiful mouth. cum for her Billy.
Cum for Lisa. Shoot that delicious cum into her mouth, let me see my son's
cum shooting from you honey....Mom's words were doing it as I licked and
sucked up at her pussy.Shoot your cum Billy. That wonderful cum I love to
suck out of your big balls. I exploded. My hips rose high in the air. I
was sucking mom;s cunt holding her tight to my mouth. I was fucking up
into the air into a mouth I couldn't see and my ass was being fucked with a
vibrator that was pressing hard against my prostate inside my ass. I shot
hard. Very hard. OOOOHHHH Billy. fuck her mouth baby. mom moved very
quick nowover my mouth as her juices flowe freely into my sucking mouth.
Cum Biolly, your women want your manhoood, Fill Annette's mouth with your
cum. i sucked and sucked on mom's flowing pussy. My cock was absolutley
raging with a hard cum into Annette's sucking throat and mouth. She was
sucking me very hard, Feeling my balls actually as if they were going to
come right through my cock. her mouth and tonguy expertly rolling over and
over my cock in her mouth. Her fingers now, massaging my balls softly.
The vibrator now turned down slow and being pulled out of my ass. mom slowed her pussy and moaned as she reached for my hand and pulled them up
to her tits as she knelt over my face. Annette sucked me completely empty
and then quickly moved her mouth to my groin and sucked and chewed my hair
and sucked my sack softly. She picked up my thighs and forced then into my
stomach now as mom's pussy slowly went back and forth over my mouth. My
hands still on her tits feeling her nipples way above me.

Annette now licked my whole crotch and sucked every part of it. Then
she forced my legs even higher and mom held them for her. Annette now
placed her mouth on my asshole and sucked. I felt her tongue fucking into
me as she stroked my cock softly. Then I felt Lisa taking over on stroking
my cock and leaning her head to take over sucking it softly. Her moans as
she took my whole cock in her mouth. Her mother's face right near her's,
Tongueing and sucking my asshole.

I started to shoot again into Lisa's mouth.

She gripped me firmly and sucked my entire cock into her throat. mom told me to give my lover my seed. Give it to her Billy.

Your lover is sucking you nicely. Fill her mouth with your seed. The
seed you will be making babies with for her. I shot into Lisa's mouth like
a fucking bullet. She also drained me and would not let up until my cock
went soft in her warm mouth. Her mother easing the sucking and fucking
with her tongue in my ass. All three now started to get off me.

Lisa straddled my crotch and laid on me to kiss me. Her arms under my
head holding me up to her. mom had gone to my cock and sucked it softly
for a moment to make sure I was empty.



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