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CAROL, mom & ME 51

It was now late after noon. mom and Annette went in the get something
ready for dinner. What we hadn't known, is that jimmy's dad gave him the
keys to their car. He and Carol went for a drive somewhere. They had left
a note on the kitchen table. They had seen all of us into "My act" at the
pool with all the women, and decided to go off by themselves.

We were all still naked. The girls thought about getting dressed but
then mom said the guys will probably want some when they get back soon.

I sat with my legs in the pool with Lisa next to me. Wow, honey. This
has been one exciting afternoon.

Damn, Billy, You fucked each of us so nice. She reached over and
stroked my cock slowly. This cock really got a work out today.

I never sucked my mother before. I almost shit Billy, when she did
that. I just went ahead anyway. It was different for me. Not like with
Carol. I felt something different when her pussy was in my mouth, and you
in my ass so deep and nice.

I laid her down on an air mattress and put my head on her tits. Our
hands softly caressing each other.

I said that we should put some clothes on and go across the street and
meet the new couple. Yeah. OK. A Little while won't hurt.

We told mom we would be back in about an hour.

We knocked on the front door and the same girl answered. OH, Hi, come
on in. We were just sitting out back by our pool. Its so hot today. She
was wearing a very skimpy two piece. Her large tits absolutely bulging.
She followed my eyes.

I see YOUR problem has been taken care of. She laughed and asked what
we wanted to drink.

Her husband was tall, dark brown hair, and hair all over his chest. Hi,
I'm Billy, this is Lisa, my fiancee. I'm Dan, and of course you've met my
wife Nikki.

They seemed nice. Friendly. Can't stay too long. Her parents are
visiting and have to work tommorrow. We will all be eating over there in
about an hour and a half.

Oh that's Ok. Care for a swim?

We've been in all day over there.

My wife here told me how she met you!!!! He laughed. Yes. We were
caught not long ago too. We were out here and thought we locked the front
door. Her crochety mom came walking right out, and here we were in our
birthday suits going at it.

She even had the nerve to be indignant. Forget the fact she came
unannounced and walked right on in.

His wife beckoned to Lisa to come in the pool. Oh come on. Lisa
finally said I don't have my suit on. I just changed out of it.

Oh hell! Nikki said. Then reached behind her and undid her bra top and
threw it up on the deck. Now we're almost even. Lisa looked at me. Its
OK honey. I don't care. She stepped into the stairs of the pool and
pulled her shirt off. Dan clapped. Nice. Lisa seemed a bit shy. Oh Come
on Lisa. Its nice in here hon. The girls swam around for a while.

Dan was a car distributor. Well, my dad will want to talk with you. I
think he's going to get my sis a car soon as she learns to drive.

Fine he said. I'll whip up a wholesale deal.

Finally, the girls came up to get a beer. Nikki seemed to deliberately
sit near me. Her bare tits swinging nicely. They are nice tits Dan said.
Yes they are I laughed. Lisa here is also pretty damn cute too.

You guys think its so damn easy carrying around tits this size. Look at
my damn shoulders. There were marks from her bra embedded in the middle of
each shoulder.

Lisa said, Yeah, you guys. I know. My mom has really big ones too, and
sometimes she hurts. Nikki held each of her tits in her hands and said
they probably weigh five pounds damn it.

She turned to me sitting close and said, go ahead feel how heavy they
are. I looked at Dan. Its OK. I don't mind.

I held out my hands and she let hers go. Her big tits fell into my
hands and it really surprised me. I held them and moved them up and down
with each hand. Holy shit. Just like two five pound bags of sugar. I
told you. I slightly caressed them a few seconds more and was about to
pull my hands away. Her hands went to mine and said you were doing just
fine. If your sweetheart doesn't mind I could use a tit massage.

Hey, Lisa said. he just gave me the finest tit massage I ever had this
afternoon. Looking at me giving her OK. No shit, honey, Dan said. Yeah.
He told me Nikki caught him on the way back to me in the yard. We were in
the middle.....

Dan laughed and said, I know the rest. Laughing some more. He was at
full attention. Yeah. Lisa said.

He's doing a nice job Dan. This is why I like to go topless as much as
I can. Especially back here. I wanted that bra top off so badly. It was
hurting, and the damn thing's brand new. I was really hoping you guys would'nt feel embarrassed.

No, Lisa and I said at the same time. We get into some pretty crazy
parties and a LOT worse happens, she said.

Oh keep that up Billy. It feels really nice. Lisa said, I told you he
gives great tit massages.

You're not jealous Lisa? Dan asked . Oh no!

Billy and I really love each other and this doesn't bother me a bit.
Nikki moved to a small stool right in front of me now. There. This should
make it easier as we talk. Now you can do them better. Her head leaned
back looking up at me between my legs.

I reached down over her front, from behind her and continued caressing
her large soft tits. They DO feel really nice, I said. OOOOOH so do your
hands and fingers. Believe me. She took a drink from her beer and leaned
her head straight back to look up to me. She asked how's your beer?

Well.....Dan? Would you mind? Oh sure. How about you Lisa? I could
use one too. Dan stood up and it was evident he had half a hard on. It
was directly in front of Lisa's face as he stood to pass in front of her.

DAN! Now you're like Bill here, when I saw him this afternoon. I was
still massaging her tits nicely. See how these men are Lisa? Doesn't it
piss you off sometimes? guys with their hardons......

Billy is the same Nikki. He's hard most of the time, chasing me around.
They were giggling. Yeah. but its fun when we catch them. They laughed
again. He calls me the perfect magician. I can make his go away in a

She leaned her head back again to look up at me. Hey you really are
good at doing tits. Lisa was right. I smiled down at her. Her head went
a little further back. Maybe deliberately, and she could feel my hard

Uh Oh Lisa. This guy better not stand up either. What.....Is he???
They laughed again. She now deliberately pushed her head back to my cock
and moved it from side to side over it. Her nipples were very hard and her
large aureolas were stiff. No way for her to hide it. I looked at Lisa's
tits. They were also hard too. I knew she was excited wathcing me caress
Nikki's tits.

Nikki's husband came back with some beer and must have shifted his hard
on. It was still evident he was very hard. Hey honey, this poor guy is in
the same boat as you. If I move my head it will fall out. Everyone

I'm not shitting, I'm holding him up with my head right now.

Now she just kept moving her head back and forth openly against my hard
on. They all knew now, what she was doing.

Are his eyes rolling in his head yet Lisa? Everyone laughed. I've
already seen this beauty once today. Lisa laughed again, I've seen the
thing all night and all day. What do you think, Lisa? Should we be nice
girls and take pity on these guys? Lisa laughed, looking at Dan's hard on
now. Well.....maybe we should let them suffer like we do with our periods.

Oh, that would really be mean Lisa, Dan said. Nikki's head pressed my
cock right up tight against my stomach now.

See how these women get Dan? I said. Now she shifted and turned to
face me still kneeling. Her tits were laying on my knees as she knelt
there. Yeah, Lisa. he's in the same condition I found him in this
afternoon, she laughed. Looking up to me, Is it OK Lisa if I give him
First Aid. Yes, the poor baby. I guess so, Lisa laughed.

She smiled up at me and raised a little higher on her knees now. Then
she reached to pull my shorts down over my cock.

OOOOOHHHH she said. Looks like a four alarmer here she said laughing.

Have you checked out the fires in YOUR district Lisa? I'm about to, she
laughed. I looked over at Lisa as she got up and went to Dan sitting
opposit her. I saw her hand reach out to touch his cock through his
shorts. I seem to have at least a three alarmer here Lisa joked, now
kneeling in front of Dan.

Yeah, I'm not quite sure how long it will take to lower these flames

Well this one is an inferno. I have to work fast. She winked at me and
lowered her mouth quickly on my cock and sucked it really nice.

Lisa took her cue and had the Dan's shorts down to his ankles.

OOOOOHHHH, Nice Lisa said. She stroked his cock and looked at me and
then took him in her mouth and sucked.

OOOOHHH He moaned. He looked at us and watched his wife a minute as his
hand went to Lisa's head. She sucked him up and down and used her hand as
she so often did with me.

Nikki was stroking my cock and looked up at me. Feel nice, she said
softly? Oh yes, Nikki. It really does. This is for making my tits feel
so nice. She lifted my cock to my stomach and licked from my lower crotch
all the way back up to the tip. Her teeth bit along the underside on her
way. OOOOOHHH I moaned.

dan was humping a little faster as Lisa sucked him. She was Licking up
and down both sides and then deep throated him. He moaned loudly.

I knew when Lisa was ready for his cum that she would take his sack and
balls in her mouth.

Nikkin now did that very same thing leaning her head down and taking my
whole sack in her mouth and ran her tongue all around my balls in her
mouth. Almost like mom and Lisa did. I moaned again. Oh I love that, as
she looked up at me. Her hand softly stroking my cock. She squeezed it
from the base all the way up and forced out a few drops of cum and licked
them with her tongue, then her lips. He tastes pretty good Lisa. she
said. Um hm. Lisa answered with her mouth full of cock.

His cock was roughly about the same size as mine. Now Nikki took her
two fingers and circled my cock at the base and jerked me into her mouth.
Cum hon. Go ahead she said softly. I like cum. Give me yours, OK OH its
almost there niki....almost there....Good, She said . She sucked me deep
now, bending her head and taking my whole cock into her throat. I moaned
as she cradled my balls and caressed them. Her two circled fingers jerking
up as she sucked and her fingers caressing my balls.....She had
me....OOOOOhhhh I said. Here I am Nikki. Here it is....She jerked me a
little harder and faster. She sucked deeper as I started to shoot. This
time, when she felt my cum start to shoot in her mouth, her two fingers
squeezed and jerked me rapidly into her sucking mouth. I jerked off the
seat now, almost standing as I continued to shoot.

OOOOh OOOH OOOH My hips jerked and Lisa turned her head slightly to
watch me cum in Nikkin's mouth. She was jerking Dan faster now as she
sucked him deeply. Dan was almost there. He was humping his hips now and
she said, go ahead big boy. Give me your cum....oooo ahhhh here it is.
Lisa sucked him hard. I could see her throat gulp as he came in her mouth.

Nikki was still slowly sucking me now, as most of my cum was shot out.
Her hands softly stroked all over my cock as she raised her mouth off it.

Damn, you tasted good, Billy. I should have said my mother thinks so
too, and so does...... Dan was shooting now as we both watched. Nikki
continued to softly stroke my cock as she watched her husband cum. OOOH
feel good baby?

OOOOH yes. I'm Lisa finally milked his cum from him.

He spasmed in her mouth with a force. I was getting nervous about. I
hoped her wouldn't hurt her.

Soon, they were done. I was about to get up and pull my shorts back up,
but Nikki held on to me. She looked up and said please.....wait. Please
don't go yet. Well, we really don't have a lot of time.....

Oh please, just a while longer. I would like you to.... that is of its
OK with Lisa? She was still on her knees in front of Dan softly stroking
him down from his cum.

Nikki asked it OK hon if he.....Lisa looked at me wondering
if we should....I gave her a look meaning it was up to her.

Oh OK. I don't care but we can't be long. Please.

We can't be much longer tonight. Any other time would be no problem.
Lisa turned to Dan and asked OK, big boy. Can you do a quickie?

I... I.. I think so hon.

Nikki was still kneeling between my legs. Great. She smiled up to me
and stroked my cock. UUUUMMMM You're half hard already. Lisa said he can
always get it up pretty quick. UUUUMMM. Nikki lowered her mouth on my
cock once more and sucked me softly for a few minutes. Then she pulled
away...ooooohhh How would you like me? I mean how would you like to do it?

Well, if I go in from the back, I could easily play with your tits. Oh
I like that too. I love my tits played with when I being fucked. Right

Lisa and Dan were laying on their sides kissing now. She's right, he
said. Nikki loves her tits played with as you already know.

She turned to face Lisa and Dan as they started to fuck with him on top.

She knelt on her hands and knees to me and said OK, Billy..... I knelt
behind her and caressed her pussy softly up and down. I rubbed her slim
ass as if giving it a massage also.

OOOOHHHH Baby. I wasn't expecting that!

I reached down and once again fingered and caressed her whole pussy and
played with her clit.

OOOOOOHHHH that really feels nice as she moved her hips back and forth
slowly on my caressing hand. She was watching Lisa and Dan fucking now.

Now I took my hardened cock and slipped it up and down her slit.
OOOOOHHHHH she moaned. She looked over her shoulder at me.

As she looked, I pushed forward and entered her warm pussy. OOOOHHH

OH, He's in me honey. OOOOHHH feels nice. She fucked back at me and
wiggled her ass with me deep in her pussy. I started to fuck her now and
reached under for her hanging and heavy tits. I caressed them much harder
now as I fucked into her. Lisa was moaning softly as he fucked her slowly.

My hands moved all over her tits and made her feel nice.

She moved her ass in circles as I fucked her. Forcing my cock in all
directions on the inside of her pussy. I could feel her pussy gripping my
cock softly. You feel really nice inside babe, I whispered in her ear. Oh
so do you. So do you. Am I tight enough for you? Oh yes. It feels just

How are you doing Lisa honey. Nikki asked. Oh fine. He feels nice in
me. Yes. Nikki said he's nice.

Billy is doing me real nice too, Lisa. Doesn't his cock feel real nice.
Oh yeah. As she fucked me a little faster. Want to cum babe? Yeah. OK I
need a cum, Billy.

OK. I fucked her harder and faster now...OOOOOOHHHHH OOOOHHH GOD....I
was deep in her wetness now watching my honey being fucked also.

My cock feels like its almost there Nikki....its OK I'm ready
babe.....anytime. I fucked in and out of her hard now, and I started
shooting . OOOOHHH There it is Nikki....I pushed hard and deep and stayed
buried into her cunt.

I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock as she moaned and
moaned. Her hips fucking back and forth quickly on my cumming cock.

Finally we were spent, and I pulled slowly out of her. I reached to
help her stand up and kissed her.

That was nice I said. It sure was Billy. We were speaking softly not
disturbing Lisa and Dan til they were finished.

Billy, can we do this again? Please? Right now? No, hon. Anytime
soon. Just come over. OK. That might be a little complicated for me,
with time. Well. I hope we can do it again soon. I loved the way you
massaged my tits.

She turned and pulled my hands up to caress her tits once again. We
stood watching Lisa about to cum. Dan was in an arch and I knew he was
almost there.

Nikki waited til their cum was over and turned to kiss me softly. Its
not too often he fucks that good. Know what I mean?

I think so. Tonight seems a little special Billy. I want to thank you
for coming over. She reached and caressed my cock nicely as I massged her
tits pressed into me. I came real nice Billy. Its been a long....I think
I understand, I said.

Lisa was putting on her top and shorts now, and Kissed Dan quickly. It
felt nice big boy. Dan stood at least a foot over her. She walked over to
Nikki and me and put her arm around my back. Well us girls finally made
out didn't we? She said. I thought these guys were just going to let us
suck them and leave US high and dry, smiling to Nikki.

I'm glad that didn't happen. It was nice for me, Lisa. He felt really
nice in me. I love him, she said looking up into my eyes with a soft
smile. Well, its almost dark and we really have to haul ass. They will be
pissed over there.

Hate to fuck and run Lisa said, and we all laughed. I promised to visit
again and we ran across the street. Oh Billy, I can't believe that all
just happened. I can't believe I let a total stranger fuck me??? It was
nice though wasn't it? Yeah. Crazy, but nice. They will be talking about
us all night honey.

Billy? She stopped at the foot of our driveway....Kiss me honey. Right
here in the middle of this fucking street. Tell me you love me again. I
reached for her and pulled her tight to me. I kissed her deeply and said
don't worry. EVER, honey. No matter what, It is you that I truly love.
OK Billy. NOW, listen.

Billy, I would like to have your father fuck me with you fucking my mom right beside us???? We haven't really fucked either of them yet. I want
this so much Billy.

OK honey. Let's see what the weather is like back there. Maybe they're
already busy. How about this? You sleep with dad in his rom after we all
fuck together, and Your mom will be with me all night. I think my mom wants a real fuck with your dad anyway? Sounds OK to me honey.

We went through the house to get to the yard. I knew the big wooden
fence would be locked.

Hi everyone, I said. I grabbed a couple of hot dogs and ate them
quickly. Lisa made a plate and we sat on a lounge.

As like last night, everyone was again naked, and seemingly happy.

Dad said that was one hell of a trim job you did on the girls. They
said ther's a story to tell but none of them will tell us until you were

Lisa stood up and rotated her pussy in front of everyone and said I got
the treatment too. Very nice her dad and my dad said.

I was sitting near dad now. mom next to Jack. Before I start, I said
low to him, Lisa asked me if you would make love with her while I do her
mom right next to you two.

Whoa. Well.....Is it OK with you Billy? Yeah, Sure. I haven't had
Lisa yet. I haven't had her mother inside either, except for today. In
our room? I guess, for a start, then her ma and me can go in my room.
Yeah. That would work, Billy. Sure.

I think mom wants to go home with Jack. She mentioned something about
it a little earlier, but nothing was set, yet Billy. I'll tell her dad.
OK son. Are you sure about Lisa? Yeah. Its OK.

OK. I leaned over and kissed mom, sitting next to Jack. Jack said it
was a fine trim job I did on Annette. mom stood in front of him and
displayed her pussy job to him. He reasched and slid his hand over it.
She saw him getting a hard on and knelt down in front of him. She started
to stroke him softly as he moaned.

I smiled. It was fun. So I've heard, but no one is talking about it.
They were waiting for you to be here first, to tell the story.

Are you two going with each other tonight mom? Well, I was kind of
thinking???? Yeah, Jean come home with me. Jimmy and Carol too. I guess
it will be OK then. mom said.

I'll be back in a second.

I walked over to Annette, Hi honey. Missed you, Annette? Yeah hon,
Iguess the way it works outtonight Lisa wants to do my dad, and with you
and me doing it right next to them. Its OK with me hon. She hasn't fucked
my father yet and we haven't really fucked either. Yeah, she laughed as
she reached to stroke my cock.

Yeah, sure honey. I would love it. mom's going with Jack to your
house. lisa was now sitting on dad's lap. His hands caressing her tits.

I walked over to Carol and asked Jimmy if I could borrow my sister for a
dance. Hey, go for it. They had been sitting on air mattresses playing
with each other.

I wrapped my arms around her and we started to dance. I haven't hardly
seen you all day honey.

Her tits felt nice pressed into me as we danced a little. She felt my
cock getting hard between us. I'm dying to suck you again Billy. You did,
hon, early this morning. That was nothing, I mean right here in front of
all of them. I want them all to see how much I care for you.

Right now? Yeah. Well, I was just getting ready to fuck Lisa's mom,
hon. Lisa is going to fuck dad right next to us, upstairs. Like mom fucked me this morning right next to her.

But OK. That's all going to happen a little later. If YOU really want
to. Yeah I do.

Carol led me to a lounge next to mom. She turned and pushed me down.
Lisa was watching on dad's lap and I winked at her.

Carol knelt between my legs and stroked me up and down softly.

She licked the whole underside of my cock and dad was watching now, too.
Her hands wrapped around my whole cock and she softly went up and down on
it. I was hard now. She bent down and sucked my cock into her mouth and
pulled my sack down taut and then scratched it with her nails firmly as she
sucked me.

it felt different and nice. Again her one hand stretched my sack and
the other scratched. OOOOH That feels nice hon. She looked up and smiled
brightly at me. She jerked my cock in her hand up and down and went back
to sucking me deep now. She used her teeth more, as I really like.
OOOOHHH Honey. She stroked me all the way up and down into her mouth. Her
blowjob style was all her own. It was really different from all the other

Let me stand hon, Ok. She kept my cock in her mouth as I rose. I
looked at Lisa as Carol sucked me deep and hard now. I noticed jimmy
watching intently. Now I started to fuck in and out of her mouth and she
sucked me harder. I knew Carol's blowjobs by now.

UUUUUMMMM Billy, shoot hon, shoot. She knelt there jerking and sucking as her mouth went deeper and she took my cock in her throat.

OOOOHHHH Honey.....her fingers stretching my sack again and caressing my
balls. I fucked into her mouth quicker and started to shoot. She sucked hard until I was empty and then quickly rose to hug me.

Nice Billy? Oh yeah hon. I came hard didn't I. Yeah I could feel you
shoot hard down my throat. See you later OK Billy? Yeah hon, I love you.
I love you too Billy. She went off to rejoin Jimmy.

mom was now sucking Jack over in the corner of the deck. Lisa was
kissing dad, as he stroked her tits.

I walked over and sat next to Anette, who was alone for the moment.

I think we'll have a nice time tonight billy. No doubt Annette. Let me
start now honey....You're mom's got me hot sucking my husband over there.

I need a while hon. Carol just emptied me. Damn. I have rotten luck

I'll make up for it in a little while.

mom finished sucking Jack now, and was just lazily sitting on the deck
between his legs stroking him. She winked at me. She looked so beautiful
and peaceful sitting there with her legs stretched out and crossed.
Finally, after seeming to catch her breath, she stood up. OK everyone.
Before it gets much later, I think we ought to wrap this up. I mean carol
and Jimmy, and Jack. We;re going to their house tonight. Since you guys are staying here it doesn;t amke any difference.

mom looked over at Annette sitting next to me and rubbed her throat. I
have your husband's cum here, and tonight I want it HERE, laughing and
moving her hand over her pussy. Yes! I love this trim job Billy.
Everyone laughed.

I stood up as mom was getting ready to leave with Jack. She came to me
and asked, gonna miss me baby? Mom, you know damn well I will. I hugged
her close and she reached down caressing my balls. Take good care of these
for me Annette. I sure will Jean, she laughed.

mom quickly knelt down and took my cock in her mouth in front of us.
Just a quickie to remember me by honey. She sucked me a minute and then
rose to kiss me once more. Have a nice time mom. You too baby. I'll
bring Annette home in the morning and then get you. OK Honey. Carol and
Jimmy were already out in the car. mom went over and kissed dad and Lisa,
and walked away. Annette was kissing her husband good night also.

Soon, it was just dad and Lisa, Annette and me.

I pulled Annette and we jumped in the pool and swam around for a while.
We swam over in front of Lisa and dad. I felt sort of funny watching her
kneeling between his legs now. She was half facing us. her hand on his
cock stroking it softly.

My baby wants you tonight huh? Annette said. Yeah, I guess so,
Annette. Well, we'll be even Jim. I'll be feasting on your son too. Want
to do it here honey? Hey, that would be OK. Kind of cramped upstairs.
Jump uphere and let me suck that wonderful cock of yours. I leaped up on
the side of the deck with my legs in the water. She was just tall enough
to reach my cock the right way. Why don't you two join us she said. Good
idea dad said. I'll lick Lisa here. It seem's you want to do Billy first.
Oh Yeah. I owe him buig tome from today. We all laughed as she started to
lower her mouth on my cock.

Lisa sat next to me and dad got in the pool. He came between her legs
and she spread wide for him. Automatically, my arm went around her back.
She watched dad as he got ready to suck her. She laid down now, and dad
started to lick her softly.

Annette was watching for a minute and then went back to sucking me with
no demands. Just a soft pleasure type of movement. I reached next to me
and caressed Lisa's face as dad started tosuck her clit. I could see all
of his movement in her wide open pussy. Lisa moved my hand to her tits and
moved it all around them as she swayed her hips slowly to dad's mouth.

Feel nice honey. Oh yes Jim. I really like it. He had her pussy lkips
spread wide now as he stuck his tongue deep into her. Her body jerked as
she felt his tongue. She moved my hand faster over and over her tits now.

Annette was now starting to suck me a littl faster also. Let's see if
we can make our kids cum together Jim. OK. How you doing Billy. Fine
dad. She'll have me cumming in a couple minutes. I can't wait to taste
your honey's juice, Billy. You'll have it soon if you keep that up, Lisa
said. her hips moving a little faster against his sucking mouth. Her mom started to jerk me now and suck my balls softly. Feel nice Billy? Oh

Go ahead honey let your second mom have your sweet cum. She strarted to
deep throat me as dad watched. His mouth moving faster over Lisa's pussy now, and sucking her clit. She was moaning and humping next to me now.
Her hand and mine squeezing her tit hard. She was slmost there. I watched
as she started to cum, and dad sucked her faster. UUUUMMMMHe was moaning.
Lisa was humping up and down against his face and hereyes were closed.
OOOOOHHHHH here it is oooohhhhh Dad stuck two fingers in her pussy now as
he sucked her. Lisa was cumming in fullnow and I felt my balls about to
erupt as Annette sucked me harder and faster, Her hand stroking me up and
down at the same time. I started to shoot...Annette sucked me deeply into
her throat. Her mouth sucked real hard around my entire cock now. I
looked down at her sucking mouth. Her eyes were smiling up at me, as I was
cumming in her throat. My hands went to her face and I caressed it as I
was shooting. She sucked me with smiling eyes.

her mouth went to lick and suck my whole sack with my balls into her
mouth. She caressed my softening cock gently now. Sicking my balls
tenderly. I laid back and Put my arm under Lisa as we both watched our
parents finishing our cums.

Her chest was still heaving.

Oh your dad made me cum nice honey, as she laid looking up to the stars.
So did your mom. Dad and Annette got out of the pool now, and they hugged.
Annette's tits glistening with the drops of water in the moolight now. Dad
hkled her tits and played with htem a while as they looked down at Lisa and
me. Good kids?

Oh yeah. Well, let's have a drink now.

The girls sat betweeen our legs on the deck with their legs intertwined.
Annette's head was laying back against my cock now, reminding me of the
girl across the street.

That was really nice Jim, Lisa said. I came twice while you hasd your
fingers in me and were sucking my clit. She looked back smiling up at him.
He reached down and cradled her tits in his hands.

I like our trimmed pussies, Annette said, Again we all laughed. No one
told you what he did, have they? No. All they do is smile when I ask.

Well, THIS guy, YOUR son, was an excellent lover today. He started with
Jean. First he had her lay with her legs in the water right there. Then
he used some cream and trimmed and shaved her pussy rel nice. He rinsed it
off and then he licked and sucked her pussy while he played with her tits and had US rubbing Jean all over. He licked and sucked the hell out of her
and made her cum twice. NOW, THIS sex god turned her over on her stomach
and puts that big pillow over there under her. He has ME kneeling at her
head rubbing her shoulders and upper back, while he's between her legs with
his cock laying in her crack. He's rubing her ass all over. Jean is still
moaning all over the place, as me and Lisa were helping him with her back
rub. his cock is rock hard in her ass crack and then he asks ME to put
come cream on his cock. I moved down thinking he wanted me to jerk him off
on her ass, but no. I greased up his cock and he shoved right into her

Jim, he fucked the shit out of her and she came and came. When he was
done cumming in her, he picked her ass up and made US hold Jean in the air
with her head on the deck and he licked her pussy again while she screamed
her brains out. He did the same damn things to me, Jim. he fucked the
hell out of MY ass too. This was all done while getting a back massage at
the same time. This guy had me cumming for a straight ten minutes this
afternoon Then he REALLY did Lisa. He fucked the hell out of her ass also.
All three of us got a real nice rubdown and then fucked hard in the ass.
He really did a fine job on our pussy trims. Look at Lisa's. I did when I
was sucking her.

Fine work there, Billy, dad said laughing. lisa and her mother were
playing footsies with their toes and feet into each other's pussies now.
Dad let go of Lisa's tits now and stood up. I need another beer, Want one,

Yeah dad.

We finished the beer and Annette said, well boys, ready to fill our
pussies now? dad looked at me. I guess so, hon. Good. Lisa said.
Anxious to have dad's big cock in her. She knelt up now and reached for
his cock as he stood. She looked closely at it, and stroked it. Looking
up at him. It was really getting hard now. She took both hands and cupped
them under hios balls and caressed them softly. She leaned forward and
lowered her mouth on just the to and sucked him. OOOOHHH Honey..

You too, Billy. Stand over here honey. I stood upnow and Annette once
again knelt and sucked me softly into real hardness. OK. Lisa. I think
that's enough.... they're ready to fuck us now.

Both girls laid down on the deck on their backs and spread their legs
for us. They were rubbing their pussies in anticipation.

I knelt between Annette's legs and she reached for my hard on. She
stroked it as I stared to lay on top of her. She quikly guided my cock
into her and I plunged into her. She let out a loud moan. OOOOHHH, How
nice. How fucking nice after all this today. Your nice hard cock finally
inside me. Dad was sliding his cock up and down Lisa;s slit as he got it
wet. Lisa's eyes were wide with excitemnt now. ready honey he asked? Oh
yeah. I really want you in me. Dad plunged in quickly and Lisa yelled as
dad's cock completely filled her entire pussy.

her arms went around him as he laid down on her. Her legs went up to
his sides and he started now, to move inside her. I was fucking into
Annette deep but slow as I watched Lisa taking my dad's cock. finally dad
started to move his hips in circles and back and forth without pumping her.
Lisa moaned loudly as she tried to hump up to him. OOOOHHHH You're so
fucking big in me....OOOOHHHHH

Annette's puss was gently stroking my cock from within, making it feel
wonderful. I leaned up and got to a kneeling position and fucked in and
out of her. She raised her hips high to keep meeting my thrusts. Oh you
feel so nice Billy. How is my pussy hon? Really soft and nice Annette.
Feels nice around my cock. Stay right there honey while my pussy milks
your cock for you. She used her pussy muscles as mom did for me. It felt
wonderful. She smiled as I knelt there looking dowen at her. Our bodies
still, but her pussy working nicely inside.

Lisa was hugging dad tightly as he rocked and started to pump harder
into her now. OOOOHHHHH you feel so nice Lisa honey. Billy must really
love it here inside you. I do dad. I do. her mom here feels pretty close
to her also. I smiled down to her. Now I leaned over her and started to
really fuck into her. OOOOHHHH feels nice baby, Lets go. She bucked hard
up against me as we both rammed each other hard. My cock in that tight
velvet glove being sucked deep inside her and constanly being
millked....OOOOOHHHHAnnette...OOO cum in me Billy honey....cum baby. her
hands went to her swaying tits and squeezed them hard as I knelt back and
looked at her. Our eyes locked as she felt my cock shooting in her milking
pussy. OOOOHH Honey....em[ty in me honey. Her hips rising up and down
milking me softly. I watched my cock as it was bursting in her now. I
could see it expanding with each large excited spurt into ther.OOOHHH
BIlly. It feel nice honey. Yes. You feel nice shooting in me.

Now I laid back down on her and she held me to her tits and slowly
rotated her hips with my cock deep within her. Lisa was moaning now, and
glaced over to me. Oh honey, your dad id really fucking me. I love it.
Oh honey your dad feel so nice in oooo I can feel his huge cock
cumming in meeeee...Oh my God....her fingers were digging into dad's sides
now as he pumped her fast and hard. I could see him strraining now as he
arched his back with his final spurting. Lisa drove her hips off the deck
up to him and humped wildly.

Oh Billy, Billy, he's really fucking me nice honey. I'm giving him my
cum now honey. OOOOOHHH OOOHHH. finally, dad was spent and laid down on
her to catch his breath. Lisa was stroking his hair and had her eyes
closed. I knew she was now completely fulfilled.

OOOHHHH Oh Billy, now I have both your father's and your cum in me
honey. Just like your mom.

I will too, baby, later tonight smiling up at dad next to me.

I was still inside Annette as dad was stareting to pull out of Lisa now.
Dad sat on the end of the loung next to him. Lisa was sitting now, her
eyes glazed over with happiness. They were looking at Annette and me.

Annette said, I don;t know if you realize it Billy honey. Us women just
love it when a man is cumming inside us. It does nice things deep inside
our pussies honey. It makes us even cum hard most of the time feeling a
man spurting deep in us. Little tingly things happen right away when you
are shooting, You're right mom. It just happened in me when Jim was

Its so hard to explain, but it feels so very nice. Sure we can cum with
vibes and stuff, but when a real cock is in us and shooting your sperm,
something automatically happens deep in our pussies. Its like a whole
different orgasm.

I was slowly moving my hips in small circles over and over her pussy with my cock inside. I felt myself getting harder as she spoke so softly.
I started to pump her again and we came shortly after that together.

Its happening right now, Billy. As she arched her hips way up to me.
That feeling hioney. Can YOU feel it? Yes, I eally cane around the tip of
my cock. OOOOOHHH Its so nice. Stay right there honey. We were jambed
tight against each other in the midst of our cum.

Finally we pulled apart and sat on the lounge. that was pretty nice
guys. I think Lisa and I are pretty filled right now. Oh Yeah mom. Lisa
stood up and pulled me up to her. She reached up and kissed me. She
pulled my hands to cup her tits and kissed me again.

Annette moved over next to dad now and reached down and caressed his
cock watching us. She leaned over and kissed him. Their look between them
saying many words.

Well guys, we did Lisa's wish tonight. She wanted each of us to have
you fuck us. If yu guys don't mind, I would like to spend the rest of
tonight with Jim. He smiled at her.

Oh sure, Annette.Sure. Well?, Jim? She stood now and dad rose with
her. We'll see you in the morning guys.

We might even sleep out here tonight dad. Its so nice out. That would
be sexy. See you all in the morning as they walked through the yard.

Oh Billy, it was so nice the way he fucked me. I was feeling like it
was you looking at you right there and then feeling him again pumping in
me. Oh it felt like I was having both of you in me at the same time honey.
Both you fucking me at the very same time. Looking at you fucking mom, and
your dad's cock deep in my pussy....OOOOHH It was so nice.

Let's go in and get this sweat off us. We jumped in and swam for a
while. We finally got out and cuddled on an air mattress.

Billy? Yes Honey? Would you please cucm in me before we go to sleep?
Please? Oh Honey. I need some time after how nice your mom drained me.
Remember. we did it twice, I had a blowjob from her, and carol gave me a
blowjob. Not to mention across the street. OK, Billy. maybe in the
morning. I just wanted your cum in me to mix with your dad's. Just like
your mom likes. It will be in you still, in the morning honey. Ok Billy.
Hold me.


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