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CAROL, mom & ME 52

mom and Jack mentioned to Carol and Jimmy that they had not fucked each
of the kids yet. mom asked Jimmy if he would like to join his dad and her
and Lisa for their first fuck at home? Sure Jimmy said. His cock raging
in his shorts. Carol also remarked that it dawned on her too that she had
not had Jack inside her. Just sucked him.

OK. Its settled.

They pulled into the drive at Jack's house and all went straight up to
the master bedroom.

Jimmy moved first to undress mom, and Carol followed suit, by undressing
Jack. When she had his clothes off, Carol moved him to the end of the bed
and made him lay down. mom did the same to Jimmy. Both women got between
the men's legs and smiled at each other, both stroking their cocks.

Let's suck them good mom said. Carol followed mom's lead and tried to
copy her movements. Both women used both hands as they started to stroke
the men's cocks. Leaning down now, mom took Jimmy's sack in her mouth and
sucked it. He moaned loudly. mom held it in her mouth and stroked his
cock at the same time. Lisa did the same to Jack.

Both men moaned as the women progressed and sucked them to a blasting

mom moved up to Jimmy's side now, and kissed him. She took his hand and
placed it on her tit. Play with them honey. Suck them. Carol sat at
Jack's side and leaned over to kiss him. Her hand stroking his cock
tenderly. He pulled her over on top of him and Kissed her again. OH
Honey. You're all warm. I need a good fuck she said. 'They all laughed.

Do you want to fuck me from on top baby? Yeah. I like that. OK hon.
Are you ready for me. Yes.

Carol lifted her hips and he aimed his cock as she lowered on him for
the first time.

OOOOHHHH She said. I'm full of cock now. hey Jimmy. I have your dad's
whole cock in me...ha ha. mom smiled at her as she looked up from the bed.
She was on her back now, preparing for Jimmy.

You better fuck my mom good jimmy. They all laughed again. Now Carol
got a little more serious and started to fuck up and down harder. OOOOHHH
That feels nice.

Fuck me. OOOOH mom he feels nice inside me.

I know honey. I've had his cock in me yesterday.

Now Jimmy was kneeling in front of mom and ready to push his cock in.
Go ahead honey Fuck me good. Jimmy was very excited at being able to fuck
my mom.

He looked over to Lisa fucking his dad and then with more excitement,
shoved his cock in mom.

Oh you feel so good maam, Jimmy said. You like it in there Jimmy honey?
Oh its so nice. Feels a lot like Lisa's too. It should honey. She came
right from where your nice hard cock is right now. OOHHH Your cock feels
nice in me Jimmy. Fuck me nice. Jimmy nervously started to fuck her.
More clumsy than he hoped. mom took over the action and guided him, before
he might cum too soon.

You feel a lot like mom too, he said. Oh I'll bet mom's pussy feel
nicer when you are fucking her. She's your mom. Push in deep Jimmy.
There. OOOOH Honey. You feel good there. Want me to fuck and kiss your
cock for you? Would you? Sure honey. Just lay still. Right there honey.
Now ..... mom contracted her pussy muscles over and over around his
throbbing young cock. OOOOOHHH that feels so nice Jean. mom smiled at her
young fuck mate. Want to cum like this honey? Oh yeah, Could I?

Just keep your nice hard cock right there and I will fuck you into a
nice cum. She pulled him down and kissed him tenderly, and held him to her
chest. He felt her tits rising and falling. Even heard mom's heartbeat
now, as she fucked him from the inside.

Nice Jimmy? Oh yeah. It really is. It feels like there's a hand in
there jerking my cock. mom smiled and looked over at Jack to her side,
pumping up into Carol.

OOOOHHHH Carol moaned, Your cock feels nice in there fuck me harder
...fuck me harder. Jack moved his hips harder up into her now, as Carol
rammed her pussy down on him. Her eyes were closed and her young tits bouncing all over the place in her excitemtn.

Her ass was pounding down on him. OOOOOOHHHH I love being fucked ,
Carol moaned over and over.

Jack was feeling his cum working up along with her excitement.

I'm cummmmmmmiiiinnnnnggggJack. I'm cummmmmiiinnnnggg. He fucked up
harder and faster now and his own cum was starting to shoot into her. He
held her hips and fucked up hard as she slammed herself time and time again
down on him.

mom was slightly pumping up at Jimmy as she used her inner muscles now.
Did you like the way I sucked your cock Jimmy? Oh yeah. It was great.
How's your cock feeling now honey? Oh, I feel like I will cum any seconf.
Good baby. spurt your cum in my warm pussy. Let me feel your nice hard
cock shooting its cum hard in me baby. It excited Jimmy to the max now.
His cock was shooting into mom. OOOOOHHH baby, I can feel you shooting so
hard in my pussy. Carol, He's fucking me so good. I'm cumming too mom.
Jack is fucking me hard and nice. OOOOOHHHH mom. Feel my tits Jack. Feel
my tits while I cum all over your cock.

Soon the younger kids were spent on our parents, and went off to Jimmy's

Your son needs a little more experience Jack. We girls need to fuck him
a litle more often, mom smiled.

Yeah, he's just a beginner, mom cuddled up to Jack now, Both alone
completely for the very first time. Did my daughter feel nice on your
cock? Oh yeah. She also needs a little more experience. The kids want it
all so fast. Yeah. You're right.

mom reached down and stroked Jack's cock as she laid her head on his
chest. Have enough left for me babe? In a few minutes Jean, OK. Sure
babe. Sure. I understand. mom moved over and laid next to him now. They
both faced each other and kissed. Her arm went over him and she pushed her
tits into his chest as he rubbed her back up and down.

Feels relaxing Jack. I like this quietness. All our kids seem to be
pretty happy, don't they Jack. They really do. They all seem to get along
without any screaming or usual nonsense. I guess all the sex they are
getting takes that meanness right out of them. You're right Jean.

I would like to fuck you nice and slow Jean, would you like that. I
mean a nice slow one?

Oh Yes. I would realy like it like that. Usually its too hectic and
rushed. I like to feel Jim in me or Billy for a long time and make love.
Mom felt his cock growing as it pressed against her groin. OOOHHH You're
almost ready Jack. Yeah Its getting there. Let me suck you for a minute
babe. I think I can get you ready. mom moved down and sucked him very
nicely. She pulled his entire cock and balls as she did for me so often.
It hardened Jack's cock. She went all the way up and down his cock firmly
with her mouth several times, and he was ready.

mom laid down and waited for her lover to mount her. Take my womanhood
Jack. Its yours for tonight babe.

Back at home, Annette and dad were also relaxing now. Both were holding
each other tight. No rush in their needs either. Annette was cuddled to
him spoon style. She said, Jim, if you feel up to it honey, just slide in.
It doesn't matter if you just want to sleep now.

Dad was weary now, and Annette was adult enough and experienced enough
to understand. The day was very hectic for HER also. Particularly after
sucking and fucking me three times.

As it turned out, Dad DID enter her an hour later while she was
sleeping. She sleepily came deep inside with dad's huge cock slowly fucking
into her from the rear, in the quiet darkness.

They slowly fucked each other quietly and peacefully. Dad reaching in
front holding her large tits softly. She enjoyed his warm cum spreading
through her womanhood as she went back to sleep. Both simply went to sleep
with dad still deep within her.

I awoke the next morning to the pleasant feeling of Lisa sucking me
softly. She was half kneeling over me softly and slowly stroking and had
me almost completely in her mouth. She saw my eyes open and smiled down to

Its only fair honey. You woke me up nice like this yesterday. The
globes of her hanging tits made a nice morning sight.

Soon, I was fully awake and quite hard. Lisa stopped sucking now, and
got up on top of me. Oh fuck me honey. Shoot my pussy full of your cum.
Lisa rode me quickly. Her pussy was demanding. Squeezing tightly.

Oh I love having you inside me Billy. I just can't seem to get enough
of you. I love you so much. I reached up and caressed her swinging tits as she rode quickly up and down. Soon I was cumming. Her pussy started to
convulse around my cock as I erupted into her. OOOOHHH shoot it honey.

Its all over inside my warm cunt. OOOOHHH

I humped up and up until I was drained by her sucking and clamping

She fell down on me and hugged me. NOW, Billy, I have both your father and your cum inside me like your mom, and my mom.

We finally got up and walked into the house. Annette was already making
a breakfast as dad came down the stairs. He gave Lisa and Annette both a
nice kiss and sat down.

I don't have a lot of time this morning, Your mom and me stalled around
with a wake up quickie. They did too Jim, said Annettte smiling. Just a
while ago. Lisa woke him up out there on the deck sucking him. Oh how
nice Lisa. Well I was determined not to be left out. mom and Jean both
have you and Billy's cum in them, and I needed Billy's this morning to mix
with yours still inside me. Oh. That's sweet honey.

That was really nice last night Jim. I really liked the way you made
love with me. Thank you honey. You were very nice yourself. You feel
absolutely terriffic inside. I know Billy will be happy with you forever.

I hope so, or I might cut if off. We laughed. I really have to run.
I'm the one guy that can't be late. Is it still on for this weekend with
the four of us Jim? You know, I'm not really sure. I'll check with Jean
when I see her this morning. OK Annette. It will be fun I think. Get out
of town for a while. Yeah, It would.

Ok, Got to run. See you later Billie. He gave the girls another quick
kiss and he was out the door.

The three of us sat with another cup of coffe for a while. mom Lisa
said. Yes hon. Billy wanted to ask you if you would do it once more
before we leave? Oh sure Billy. All you have to do is ask when you would
like to, that's all. How would you like me honey? Mom. I thought maybe
if he did you from behind with you kneeling, Then I would like to be under
you and sucking your tits at the same time. Oh Honey. I can also suck
your tits that way too. I think it would be nice. OK Let's get rid of
this mess first. Mom? Yes. I'm not a lezzie. I did it with Carol and
then again with Billy while Carol was eating me. I was sucking Billy and
Carol came in and got between my legs and started sucking me. It was
mindblowing mom. I came all over her mouth while Billy was cumming in my

Yesterday when Billy was fucking me and you sucked my tits, I really
liked that mom. Ok Honey.

I'll be out at the pool when you girls are ready I said. OK hon.

I took my coffee out to the pool. After about a half hour both women
came out. It seemed that they must have both washed.

Annette smiled. Hello lover. She walked over to me and leaned down
with a nice kiss. Lisa was sitting next to me. You don't seem quite ready
for me yet dear. Annette knelt down and sucked me once again, very nicely.
His cock tastes nice huh mom. Um hm.

She had me hard now and then turned on her knees and said come on lover.
Fuck my warm pussy nice this morning. I'm not used to getting a nice cock
after breakfast. She wiggeled her ass in invitation. I knelt behind her
and ran my hard cock up and down her whole slit. UUUUMMMM Now I slid in
deeply. Her pussy clamped and seemed to pull me into her being. Lisa went
around her front and laid on her back She scooched under her mom's head far
enough for their tits to be lined with each other's mouths.

I started to fuck her slowly. Both women were now busy sucking each
other's tits and switching back and forth as Annette pushed back and forth
on my cock.

Oh you feel nice Annette. So do you baby, let's fuck slow, OK. Sure

It really was nice to slow fuck and watch the girls pleasuring
themselves also. It took at least twenty minutes before I really had the
urge to fuck her faster now. Oh Go ahead Billy. Shoot honey. Lisa was
holding her tits in each hand up to her mother's sucking mouth as she
sucked her mom's.

Soon, Annette's pussy started to go into its contractions and I knew she
was near. I fucked her hard and she started cumming. I spurted a litttle
and then pulled out and quickly moved around front and buried my cock in
Lisa's pussy while she was still on her back sucking her mom's tits. I
started cumming hard into her and finished.

Her mom leaned forward over Lisa to lick my cock as I pulled out of
Lisa. Lisa surprised me then, by burying her mouth into her mother's cunt as her mother sucked my remaining cum.

After a while we all stood up. I had a look of surprise as well as
Annette for Lisa sucking her mom. Was that super mom?

Yes, honey I came quite a bit. I tasted Billy in your pussy mom.
That's why I wanted to suck you too. We all jumped in and swam for a while
and then Annette said that she thought she should get home and start
running her house like normal.

Yeah, I bet mom probably wants to come home for the same reasons. She
has habits that she does around here everyday. She's just like me Billy.

Billy, Annette said as she waded over to me, Yes hon? I wanted to say
that you are a really fine man. You are an excellent lover also. You have
that inner talent for pure lovemaking honey. I'm glad that we just had
this nice fuck before I went home. I was even thinking of asking YOU this
morning. So it worked out well. She held up her large tits and asked me
to suck them just once more. I won't see you till way next week now.
Unless you switch with Jimmy and Carol. I hope you do. He will mom. I
want to make love with him in my bed. Both women turned their backs to me
in front and took my arms around them. Each one brought my hand up to one
of their breasts. Oh this is so nice I hate to have to leave. I know mom.
That's how I feel most the time.

All during this, mom had knocked on Jimmy's door and asked to come in.
Teaching them one of the rules she laid down. Jimmy said it was OK. Both
He and Carol were sitting cross legged on his bed, still both naked. mom sat on the side. Carol honey, Jimmy.....I think there is something I
should show you how to do honey. I have showed your sister Lisa, Jimmy,
and she and Billy are happy with it. Have you two made love yet. Oh,
about an hour ago mom. Well, Jimmy, do you think you can cum now? Oh
sure, Jean. Well, lay down honey, I will show Carol how to really please
you when you guys can't have sex.

Oh that would be nice. mom asked Lisa to get the body cream in the

She was back in a flash. mom then went through step by step stroking
Jimmy's cock, and showing Carol many imporetant details of pleasing it.
Watch my hands closely honey. She did the same thing as with me. When her
wonderful and expert handjob was almost making him cum, mom asked Carol if
she could suck Jimmy.

Sure mom. mom leaned down and completely sucked Jimmy into her mouth
and took his raging seed in several large and violent spurts.

Oh, that was absolutes super Jean. I never .... You just made me
really cum so hard. Wow. Jimmy looked at his freshly sucked cock. Have
you learned Carol? Oh yeah mom. Carol leaned over and kissed her. Her
and Jimmy smiled from ear to ear. Yes, both being only 16, still had quite
a way to go. You tasted very nice Jimmy. Oh thank you for all of this
Jean. We really appreciate it.

mom gave him one of the familiar two hand complete cock grabs and slowly
released his cock.

Feel better now hon? Oh yes. Oh yes.

mom went down and poured another cup of coffee and waited for us to


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