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Carol decided to stay there with Jimmy for a couple of days. No
problem. We walked in and greeted mom. She was wearing a nice cream halter
top with matching shorts.

Damn! She looked sexier than hell.

Oh hello honey. She rose to kiss me, and then hugged Lisa. Your house
is still safe Annette. I even washed the sheets. Oh thank you so much

Have a nice time last night?

Oh Yes, Annette said. We fulfilled Lisa's wish and fucked next to each
other. Your husband really made nice love with her while Billy was doing
me very nicely.

Yeah Jean. It was really wonderful having Jim in and out of me so nice
and seeing Billy right there as I looked up. I was beginning to think both
of them were fucking me at the same time. It was so nice. First mom and I
sucked each of them though. It really was nice mom.

Yeah, Jean, Jim and I were kind of weary after all of yesterday. We
laid quietly alone after the kids slept out on the pool deck. I knew he
was pretty tired and even told him that if he felt like sleeping it was ok
with me.

I was sleeping with my ass pressed into him and his hands on my tits.
It was nice. Then, I don't know what time it was, I woke slightly and he
was fucking me from behind really slow and nice. I came really nice and so
did he. Would you believe we went to sleep with his cock still deep in me.
It was really nice.

Well Jack and me took the kids to bed with us for a while. They each
sucked us and then we fucked them real nice. I fucked Jimmy with him on
top. He'll probably tell you about it. mom said smiling.

I fucked him without him having to move. You know with our pussy muscles. I tried that with him, but he was too damn impatient. They both

That's exactly what I said to Jack when they left our room. I said that
we girls need to fuck him more and give him some pointers.

Billy and I did it again this morning, Annette smiled. After Jim left
for work. He fucked me doggy style out on the deck. It was nice. He
fucked me for a solid twenty minutes, Jean.

Lisa got the idea to suck my tits from underneath while Billy was
fucking me. That was odd but exciting too. I sucked hers at the same

OOOOH mom said. I'll bet that was a hot scene. It sure was. Well I
have to get ready to go to work this afternoon guys, Lisa said. I have to
work 2 - 10 today.

Do you want me to come to you tonight honey? I mean after work? Lisa
asked. Might as well stay here hon. Sure Billy? Yeah honey. Its OK
You'll be tired after all yesterday and last night. Besides working,
anyway. Yeah, You're right.

Well, mom said, What about this week end Annette? Jim asked me also.
He wasn't sure. I guess he wants to leave it up to you and me. I'll go.
OK. We're all set with that.

Do I still have a home to go back to? mom smiled?

Oh Yeah. Everything is fine there.

OK, Billy Let's roll honey.

Everyone kissed everyone and we left.

Halfway home, mom realized that it would be just me and her at home,
alone. Its been quite a while honey since we had the house to just you and
me. Now that I think of it mom.....

She curled her legs up on the front seat and leaned on my should like a
school girl as I drove.

I put my arm around her and she urged it on her right tit under her
tight halter top.

Billy honey? yeah mom, Would you like to spend the afternoon making
slow and nice love?

In MY bed honey. Yeah mom. We can do it without a lot of commotion.
That's what I was thinking.

Now, even if dad comes home, we don't have to worry anymore. I'll give
YOU a nice rubdown this time baby. I owe you that much for yesterday. I
really loved that honey. I really did. You knew just what to do, and when
to me. I really and truly came a lot of times. Her hand was gently
sliding over my cock through my shorts.

We made a couple of drinks and mom kicked off her sneakers and we went
upstairs to her room.

We slipped out of our clothes quickly and mom hugged me. She took a
drink looking down at her bed.

Your father and me have made a lot of love in this bed honey. Thousands
of times over all these years. I remember so many of them. Who could have
known that now I am taking you, my own son into this same bed? Mom, I feel
so proud of you. I love you deeply and now, also as a wonderful lover. I
think that way about you too honey.

She leaned up and kissed me softly again. I really enjoy this closeness
with you Billy. More than all the others.

She smiled at me and knelt down to look at my cock. I love your cock
honey. So much like your dad's, but yet so different in me. Works so
different. I can feel the differences between both of you immdeiately,
inside me, honey. Not your size, you're getting as big as he is right now.
Now mom looked up and smiled. She said here's a litle surprise. Close
your eyes. I closed my eyes and then mom raised her drink with the ice
cubes and slid my whole hanging cock into it. OOOOHHH She held the cold
glass tight with my cock in it.

Now with her other hand she reached up and pinched my nipples. My cock
felt like I struck it in a freezer for a moment but then tingled and felt
really nice. My nipples hardened like mom's did, whe she gets excited.

Nice baby?

OOOOHHH mom. Your cock cold? Yes, but it feels so nice. Like burning
and freezing at the same time. It doesn't hurt though.

After another minute of her hand caress up my body and holding my cock
in the cold glass, she pulled it away and took a drink. Now she stood up
and smiled at me.

lay down on your back honey. Its my turn to make pure love with you,
like you did to me yesterday. I laid down and mom went to her dresser.
Just close your eyes honey and relax. Just think of you and me right now.
Not even Lisa.

Yes, Billy, we are lovers now as well as mother and son. Right now we
are lovers. Keep your eyes closed and enjoy me.

mom had gotten one of dad's ties and wrapped it around my head and eyes
so I couldn't see. This will make it easier for both of us now honey.

mom now straddled on my groin. She leaned downand kissed me softly.
Then with some cream in her hands began to work my shoulders and chest for
a long time. caressing and massaging my face.

She raised both of my arms and massaged each all the way up and down. I
could feel her pussy that was spread wide open on my groin moving as her
body moved. I could feel its warm wetness all over the area.

Nice Honey? Ohhhhh Yes. mom. She leaned down and kissed me softly.
Billy, Yeah mom. Reach up and hold each of my tits honey. Not my nipples,
my whole tit in each of your hands. I cupped each of her hanging tits now,
slightly caressing them as I have done dozens of times.

What do you feel honey. Tender softness mom. I feel the inner milk
glands inside. I feel your soft skin and their delicate weight in my
hands. Is your cock getting hard doing this, I can't see it the way I'm
kneeling honey.

Yes mom. I'm sure its pretty hard. Why? honey.

Why has feeling my tits made your cock so hard.

I really don't know mom. Probably because when I can see them and touch
them I know that they also make you feel nice. But they're just hanging
skin and a few glands honey? Well mom. I really think it goes back to
when us men were infants and we sucked them for so long. That men always
feel a bond with their mothers partly because of this. That's why a lot of
moms don't really hide their tits from their sons. Good answer Billy.
Want to touch my nipples now? Oh yes. I'll bet your cock is still hard
behind me? It is mom. Your fingers on my nipples are feeling real nice
honey. mom leaned a little and did the same movements to my nipples as I
did to hers. YOUR nipples are just as sensitive as mine honey. mom pinched both of them slightly. OOOO Mom. I pinched hers the same way.
Then she rolled her whole palms over my nipples with the cream.

Nice Billy?

Um Hm. She continued my nipples for a while and then went in larger
motions massaging my whole chest. I continued caressing her nipples and
tits softly. That's enough of my tits for now honey.

I could feel her rise and turn backwards on me now. Her ass higher on
my stomach slightly. Her creamed hand now stroked all over my groin. Her
fingers scratched softly through my hair.

Yes, Billy, Your beautiful cock is rock hard. I can see it now. Wow
darling. It is a nice hard cock.

She didn't touch it though. Just caressed and rubbed firmly all over my
groin and upper thighs.

Oh Yes, Billy. This wonderful cock is rock hard. The same nice cock
that pleased all of us women this weekend. The same cock that you give to
your lovely girlfriend so lovingly. Her hand continuing to rub my thighs
and groin firmly and yet softly.

Can I suck you cock Billy? Yes mom. My cock was throbbing now and I
was desperate for her to stroke me.

Its beating and moving Billy. I can see it jerking back and forth real
hard. OOOOHHH her hands rubbed and ran all around it and even came to
almost touch part of it but she still wouldn't touch me.

Billy? If I suck it will you let me have your man seed? Yes mom. Why
Billy? Because most women like taking a man's sperm into their bodies.
Good answer Billy.

Now mom got off me completely and must have been standing at the end of
the bed.

Now she creamed her hands and knelt between my legs and rubbed each one
all the way up to right next to my cock. She wouldn't touch it. She spent
quite a while massaging each of my legs completely from top to bottom.

Your manhood is really rocking Billy. I can see the back of it now. It
has a real big vein that is bulging honey. Does it hurt? No mom. It
looks like it might be. Its so big.

I see your big balls too. That wrinkly sack!

OOOHHH Your cock throbs a lot Billy. Does that hurt you? Kind of mom.
Oh I see. Why don't you roll over now honey so I can do your back real
nice. Push this hard cock up to your stomach out of the way. I
thought....I changed my mind, Billy, I'm busy doing other things now.

OOOHHH I rolled over onto my hardon and it was pressed just like she
said halfway up my stomach.

mom rose and moved to straddle me by sitting right on my ass. I could
feel her wet pussy spread all over my ass now. She began to massage my
shoulders again and all over my back like a pro. Even grabbing and working
out kinks in my muscles. Feel nice honey? Oh yes. How is that big vein

Kind of uncomfortable mom. I'll bet honey. But now, at least you can
stop your cock from moving all over the place like it was.

I moaned. her massage was wonderful. She turned around again on my ass
as started to rub my ass cheeks and upper thighs. Nice tight ass here
Billy. girls like asses like this, For some reason it makes us girls hot,
to see a guy with a nice tight ass like this one.

After a while she got off me again.

The I felt her between my legs. She massaged my ass some more. It felt
great. I was moaning. But my cock was still rock hard under me.

She still hadn't touched anywhere near my cock or balls.

I can see your balls again from here, Billy. Boy, they're big. I
sucked these balls didn't I? Oh Yes mom. It always feels so nice when you

Really Billy? Yes mom. Maybe I should suck them today. Oh yes, please
mom. I'm still pretty busy here though. You have a big strong body here
Billy. It takes my little hands a long time to get all around it.

Not like when you were a little baby and you were sucking my tits. I
could wash your whole body then in about ten minutes. But you used to pee in my face.

That wasn't nice Billy. yes, Your little cock pissed right up at my
face a few times.

Her hands were still working in my inner thighs and ass.

Feel nice baby? Yes mom. It feally does. Relaxed now Honey? Somewhat
mom. Why not? My cock mom. Oh that thing is still hard??? Yes. Oh.

Billy? Yeah mom. Would you kneel for me? Ok mom. I moved my legs up
and was kneeling on all fours on the bed,

I can see your asshole Billy. Its got a lot of dark hair around it.
Now I could feel mom kneeling over my calves. Her fingers went up and down
my ass crack and massaged nicely. Feel good Billy? Yes mom. Oh, I can
see your hard cock again. Its still jerking all over the place.

Then she moved and was quiet. Suddenly, I felt something around my
asshole. Her finger was moving in tight circles all around it.

Feel nice Billy? Oh yes. I wiped this ass many times honey. Now her
mouth came down and I could feel her wet tongue licking all over my ass
cheecks. Feel nice Billy?

Oh wonderful mom. Anyone else ever kiss your ass?

Jusr Lisa mom. Oh Yeah Lisa, Your lover?

Yes mom. Does she kiss your ass nice like me? Sometimes mom. I can
feel that throbbing of your cock through your whole ass Billy. Its raging
mom. With what honey? With my man's seed.

Oh. In your balls?


I see. Does tha blinfold bother you?

Yes mom.


mom put a lot more cream on my ass now. Then very quickly she rammed in
her vibrator completely up my ass on one shove. OOOOOOHHHH MOM.

OOOOHHHH What did you do?

I am fucking you Billy.

I am fucking you like you wanted me to.

No, not that way mom.

Oh. Well what way Billy? With my cock going into your pussy.


THAT is fucking ME Billy. Not you.

No Billy, I am fucking you now. Now she moved to the side of my hips
kneeling and still fucking in and out of me wuth the huge vibrator.

Oh, Its my big vibrator Billy.

The one I used to use when I was thinking of your hard cock fucking me.

Feel nice?

Not yet mom. I think it will soon...She fucked me a little faster now.
Then suddenly I felt her other hand reaching for my enraged cock and she
grabbed it very hard and stroked it rapidly, while she kept ramming in the

Would you like to fuck my nice soft greased hand Billy?

Oh yes mom. While I fuck you in the ass?

Yes mom. OK. I'll hold my hand still and you can juck fuck it as you
like. OK? Yes mom. Her delicate and creamed hand formed a nice glove
around my hard cock and I fucked back and forth in it as she fucked my ass.

She timed her thrusts with the vibe with my thrusts, Feel nice Billy?

Oh mom.

Like your ass fucked Billy?

It feel OK now mom.

Really? Would you let another man put his hard cock in there Billy?

Never mom. Why? Because it is sickening to me mom. I see.

How is that great big vein Billy?

Getting better mom. Am I holding my greasy hand right for you?

Yes mom. Yes.

Its getting bigger in my hand Billy, Why? I'm getting ready to shoot my
seed mom any minute.

You are? Yes. Why? Because your hand is making me have an orgasm mom.
Oh. How is your ass Billy?

Feeling much better now. Oh.

She fucked me harder in the ass now, and I was just about to cum. Kneel
back straight for a second Billy. I went back straight on my knees now,
and she rammed the vibe up my ass while her hand jerked my cock quicker.

Then just as I was about to shoot, she lowered her mouth and sucked me.
I came like a canon in her mouth and throat. Her one hand stroking me and
the other hand she quickly raised up and untied the blindfold.

She was half laying on her side sucking my cock while still reaching
behind and fucking me with the vibe.

I came very hard for a series of spasms I had never felt before.
Violent gushes of cum flew out of my cock as she sucked me hard. Then she
pulled the vibrator completely out and just jerked and sucked me into her
mouth. She sucked my whole cock deep in her throat and used her throat
muscles to work on my raging, shooting cock.

OOOOOHHHH OOOOHh OOOOOHHHH in a continuous series of spasms that ran
right up my entire spine and violently out of my "Big Vein".

It was at least a full minute before I was completely emptied of cum.
Mom stayed sucking my cock until I softened in her mouth. She then sucked just the head very softly with her tongue rolling around on it.

Finally, mom laid on her side and looked up at me still kneeling there.
My cock now softened and hanging once again.

That does'nt seem to have that big nasty looking vein anymore noney.

Because you emptied it mom.

Oh. Billy, Why not lay down here and relax?

Ok mom. I laid on my back and she leaned over me and kissed me.

Then she said, Billy?

Yeah mom? Honey, I really enjoyed fucking you!


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