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CAROL, mom & ME 54

I laid there facing mom on our sides. She was caressing my face with a
seeming joy in her eyes.

Mom, I guess you know how much I love you? Yes, honey. I love you too.

I don't know how to explain it mom. When I'm inside you, and I cum, its
a really different thing. I mean its like my cock is exploding with an
extra load of an explosive. Most of the time, it feels like I might even
pass out with what happens. Now, when I make love with Lisa, as much and
as deep as I love her, it's not the same. Not with Carol or Annette
either. Even as much as I care for them.

When I am in you it seems like a special magic is taking over my cock
and my body.

I think I understand honey. I have some of these same feelings. I love
your father with all my heart. I love feeling and having him in me. I
explode with him.

But when YOU are in me Billy, I feel that magic you feel also. My pussy seems to change. Your dad and you are pretty much the same size cocks now.
Yet, even if I was blindfolded, I could tell instantly that it was yours in
me. Even if you didn't move it at all. I don't quite understand this
either honey. When you are cumming in me, it seems to set my whole pussy on fire. It has been so hard for me to hide this from your dad when you
fucked me in front of him. I hoped he couldn't notice the higher cum I was
having with you. I think it might shatter him. I can't seem to control
this either, Billy. I try to make it look like cumming with both of you is
the same enjoyment, but its not.

With you, I go right over the edge most of the time honey. Like you
said. Maybe its that special something because I carried and bore you from
my body. Before all this started honey, I would wake up in the middle of
the night dreaming I was fucking you.

I often watched you in the yard cutting the grass or around the pool. I
always noticed the bulge in your shorts or bathing suits.

I thought for sure, he's going to be just like Jim. He'll have pretty
much the same body and cock.

You used to try to see my tits and pussy all the time. I knew it honey.
I deliberately let things happen to give you a peek. I knew that you were
probably beating this wonderful cock to death watching me. BUT, what you
don't know is that I was doing the same with you. I went into your room
many times late at night when you were sound asleep. I would take down the
sheet or blanket and move your shorts to look at your cock. A lot of
times, when you were naked and sleeping, I would even lean down and suck
your cock for a few seconds, and when you stirred, I disappeared.

Sometimes I would stand there next to your bed looking down at you
completely naked and sleeping. I would finger myself to a cum right there.
I imagined you making love with me.

Many times, honey, I would hold my belly and pussy. I would rememeber
all those memories of you being inside me, kicking me, rumbling around, and
the night you were finally born.

How many times I went almost crazy standing there seeing your cock hard
as a rock in one of your dreams. How many times I wanted to reach over and
jerk it and suck it. Lower myself on it and have my son back in me.

Often, I sat on the edge of the bed, and caressed your sack of wonderful
balls softly. So softly so I wouldn't wake you up. How delicately I
leaned over you and licked them, and your cock. How many times I almost
DELIBERATELY walked out of the bathroom from a shower and wanted my
bathrobe to ACCIDENTALLY fall open when I knew you were right there.

That is when I usually knew you would try to see me getting dressed
again. I deliberately stalled getting dressed just for your benefit.

We still have a couple hours before dad comes home honey. Do you feel
like making love?

Yes mom. I think the three of us should go out for dinner tonight.
Good idea. That will give us more time instead of bothering with making

Like I said, Honey, I love your dad so deeply. With all my heart. I
always have. But you Billy, somehow there is this very special part inside
me somwhere that is just for you. Only you. Not even Carol has a spot
like yours in me. I love her so much too. Let's take these two spots in
each of us Billy and make love.

Right now, Billy, I give my complete self to you. Put your cock in my
pussy honey. Let me help put you in my pussy of love with you.

I leaned over mom now, and readied myself between her raised and spread
knees. She took both hands and softly caressed my hard cock and finaLLy
put it in her pussy opening. Her eyes glued to mine.

Let's share that special feeing in each of us right now honey. mother and son, lover to lover.

I leaned down and kissed mom softly and slid into her warmness.

I pushed in as far as my cock would go and stayed there. We have time
mom. Feel me. Feel my manhood you created. Feel it coming back into your
body. Feel it right next to the womb I came from.

Remember the cock that helped make me, by my almost same size. Our eyes
were fixed on each other's now as I started to move very slowly inside her.

I was as far as I could go into mom now.

Her pussy moving up and down very slightly,

UUUUMMMMM Honey. Our souls will be one now. Our bodies will be one
now, too. Yes. Honey. I feel all your wonderful manhood filling me. I
can feel the head of your throbbing cock at my cervix now. I feel your
balls against my ass.

I pumped her slowly now, with long and deep strokes. Love me honey.
Mom, I think even you feel that this is more than just sex. I do too,
honey. I really do. This is OUR special sex. Our special love honey.

Not even your father can come in between this.

Make good love with me now honey. Give me your man seed.

We started to fuck a little harder at each other now. mom using all her
pussy muscles also. Her hips rising and falling gently with each of my
deep strokes into her.

My clit is on fire honey. Its rubbing so nicely against your cock. We
still looked into each other's eyes as I held myself over her. My nipples
are scorched with my excitement. Her hands now went to massage her tits under me.

Oh honey our fucking is so nice. Let me roll over and fuck me from
behind honey. Ok Mom.

I grabbed a pillow and perched under mom's pelvis.

mom was raised now and I could see her ass and her whole pussy beneath
now. Put it in honey. I knelt now, and slid in once more. I went all the
way in again. This time feeling much deeper than before. Ohh baby.
You're so deep in me. So very deep. Fuck me honey. Mom's ass pushed and
urged back toward me. Her hips rotating for extra pleasure. I started to
fuck her faster now. That's it honey. Fuck me. Take me. Fill me.

I'm playing with my tits for you baby. I feel all of your pussy mom. I
feel it caressing my entire cock. You feel so much like a wet velvet

Are my muscles inside working for you honey? Yes. I can feel all of
them working too.

Take me completely honey.

I can feel my juices starting now. cum with me. cum in mom. I started
to fuck harder into her and felt my cock starting to boil. So nice honey.
So nice. My pussy wants you there. I hope it is kissing your cock like I
will do later honey.

It is mom. I leaned back and gripped mom's ass and started to fuck her
hard now. Both of us were into full orgasms. Her pussy pushing rapidly
back against me. Swallowing me. Her wetness around my cock. Feeling
wetter than usual.

I'm cumming honey. My pussy is cumming on your wonderful cock. So am I
mom. I can feel you honey. I can feel your precious milk shooting honey.

I am meeting it with my own. Her pussy rotated in circles as we rode
our cums together. Her pussy doing its contractions and gripping my cock
so nicely now. Oh Billy darling....this is our love honey. We are mixing
our bodies and our souls this minute, honey. Spend all your seed in me.
Her pussy seeming to grip and jerk on my cock. My pussy is sucking your
cock honey. Yes. mom. Its wonderful. I am still cumming in you. I know

Let me have it all honey. All of you in me. You are shooting at the
very center of my sex. The very center of your birth. You are back home
again in my body Billy. We are one again, as when you were in my womb.
Our complete love at this moment honey. Shoot honey. Drain your cock into
my loving pussy.

I pushed hard now up against her ass and buried my cock as deep as I
could and spent the last of my cum. Mom's pussy milked and caressed my
cock for quite a while as I stayed in her.

After a long wonderful time. I leaned back and was pulling my cock out
of her now. mom rolled over quickly in front of me and spread her legs on
each side of me. Lay down on me honey. Let me hold you to me.

Her eyes appeared glazed over. I leaned down and we kissed. Her tits gently pressed up into my chest.

My cock was now laying in front of her pussy lips. She moved her pussy slowly up and down against it as we kissed. My arms went under her and I
pulled her tight to me.

This was our special love that we have shared Billy. Yours and mine.
No one else can share this special love with us.

Yes, honey, I think now, our special inner parts and our souls are now
one unit. I think from now on, no matter where we are, half of each of us
will be in each other at all times. I will be inside you as you love your
new wife, when you marry. You will be in me as I make love with my husband
and your father.

I rolled off her and laid at her side. I reached to hold her tit gently
and caressed it. Her hand went on top of mine.

Yes. I think that no matter what woman you are making love with, You
will also feel me recieving a part of your manhood as you make love and
pour your seed into her.

Billy honey? Yeah mom? Would you bring your wonderful cock up here on
my chest at slide in my tits?

OK mom. I straddled her and she pressed her tits together.

Her smile was a bit different than usual now. I started to fuck in
between her tits now. Holding her soft and beautiful tits for me.
UUUUMMMMM She moaned as she looked down seeing my cock slide in and out.

I want your cum in my mouth when you're ready baby.

Ok mom. I fucked her for quite a while this way as we enjoyed looking
into each other's faces and eyes. She could feel my cock beginning to
churn now. She smiled up to me...You're almost ready honey aren't you? Oh
yeah mom. My tits feel nice baby? Yes. I'm ready for your cum when you
shoot baby.

Soon, I was there. A quick spurt shot out and went on her chest. I
moved up quickly and mom raised her head and sucked me quickly into her
mouth. Her both hands gently holding my balls and my whole cock as she
sucked me. I was shooting in many spurts now, as she sucked. Her two
hands working firmly on my whole cock. Her gentle sucking this time was
making it seem to last longer. As my cum spurts started to ebb, mom's arms
and hands went behind me and surrounded my ass. She gently urged me deeper
into her mouth. Just her mouth working on my cock now, as she sat there
gently sucking my cock in her mouth. My hands caressing her hair, and the
back of her head.

Lets grab our clothes and carry them down to the pool honey. It will
save a trip.

I jumped in and mom eased herself into the water. She walked over to me
and kissed me in the middle of the pool. We swam around for a little while
and mom said, lets rest honey. For a little while. We have about 45
minutes till dad gets home.

I laid on my back on an air matress, and mom laid on one at a right
angle from my right side, with her head on my chest looking up at me.

Mom, I said with my eyes closed. Yes hon. I can really feel this
specialness between us. So do I honey. Each time your hand or part of
your body touches me.

She rolled on her back and inched up a little more now. Now, her head
and part of her shoulders were on my chest and stomach. She reached for my
hand and placed it on her tits and held my arm there. We stayed like that
with me caressing each of her tits for quite some time. Each of us with
our own thoughts.

It was the sound of dad's car in the drive that broke the spell.

mom walked through the yard to greet him with a kiss. He openly
caressed her naked body now as they hugged. Have a nice afternoon? Oh
yes, Honey.

I thought we would all go out for dinner. Billy, You and me. Carol is
staying with Jimmy yet.

That would be a nice change hon, Let me change out of these sweaty
clothes. Hi Billy. Hi dad.

We went to an open air restaurant with a large patio. mom and dad were
telling each other of how their night of being with the other partner went.
mom looked nice with her tan and a powder blue girlish type top and
matching shorts. It seemed to make her blond hair more striking.

mom looked deeply at dad. Honey? yes?

Is any of this new stuff bothering you at all? I'll have it stopped
right now if it is???

Oh no honey. Well, at first, I was kind of nervous. When I saw how you
and Billy, and then you and Jack were getting along, I thought that I might
lose you....

Oh never darling. Never. I love you so deeply honey. I always have
and will. Well now that its been going on for over a couple weeks, it
seems a lot better. Especially when we were all together at breakfast and
you laid the rules out. I was worried about this thing working again for
you too! Oh you've been fine with that wonderful cock honey. The pills
are a nice miracle.

On top of that honey, Billy and I made really nice love this afternoon.
Oh yeah? Dad looked at me, and not even feeling any jealousy. mom looked
at me lovingly. We have realized and felt the special bond that only a son
and mother can share honey. Can you understand me?

Even Billy brought it up himself. It was a special feeling for just me
and no one else all his life. Not even as much as he loves Lisa. Our
feeling is still in a special place inside us honey. Even when we just
touch each other, that special feeling goes to a certain place within each
of us. Its just there and I don't know how.

Billy thinks it goes way back to being inside my womb,and nursing me.
When a mother's true bond starts.

That's about as good a theory as any Billy, dad said.

Honey, yes? Billy mentioned that he might go pick up Lisa from work
tonight and save her the trouble. I was wondering.... Since we will have
the house to ourselves, how would you like to make mad violent love all
around the house?

I will suck you in the pool, you can eat me on the couch, and we can
fuck on the stairs or the kitchen table. Honey.....We haven't been that
wild in many laughed. Ok, honey. I think it would be a bit
of fun for us. dad winked at her. I finally get my adorable wife to
myself, for a change, dad laughed. We had another drink and we all left.

mom cuddled up to dad much the same way she did with me earlier this
morning, on the front seat. I figured she was probably caressing dad's
cock also.

How are YOU with all this, Billy? dad asked.

OK dad. But then again, I'm not married either. Just about to be.

We all walked back to the pool when we got back. I ran in and got
drinks for the three of us.

mom was already standing in front of dad on a lounge. She was pulling
off her top now, and sliding down her shorts, as I came back with the beer.

Well, honey? Dad looked at me standing there kind of surprised. I had
the beers in my hands. Well.....we'll start the first part with you here
Billy. mom said. By the time we get to where we........ You'll be
picking up Lisa. Dad had his shorts down now as mom knelt down in front of
him caressing her tits. She smiled up at him as She took his half hard
cock in her hands.

I set the beers down on the table near us and sat back on a lounge

mom began to suck dad now. He had a smile on his face as he tried to
reach her bobbing head with his hands. mom sucked him really nice.
Occasionally looking over at me with a smile and his cock in her mouth.

I knew the other part of her special love was at work now, with her
husband and lover. It wasn't long before she had dad really worked up and
he was cumming hard into her mouth. mom sucked him deeper as she does to
me, when I am cumming. Her hands and fingers lovingly on dad's balls.

She held him in her mouth until his spasms ended, and then let him out
of her mouth. She leaned again and sucked just the tip and smiled up to
him. He pulled her up to his arms and they kissed. As if I hadn't even
been there now.

mom then laid down on an air mattress, and spread her legs with both her
hands playing over her pussy. I could see into her whole pussy from where
I sat, and had a hard on myself now. She was inviting dad to eat her. He
dropped to his knees and leaned over her to kiss her again and kissed his
way down her tits and body to her pussy. Then deeply into her pussy as he
held her hips up in the air to his mouth.

Billy, mom yelled from in front of him????? Yeah mom, I want you now
honey, come here please.

I walked over and saw dad from the front with mom's complete pussy in
his mouth and face.

Billy, honey I want to suck your cock right now while your dad is
sucking me honey. Kneel here please????

I pulled my shorts off and knelt down at the side of her face and she
smiled at dad as she took my cock into her mouth and sucked me. I watched
dad's eyes close now as his mouth traveled up and down mom's pussy. He was
licking and sucking her with his love, and I felt it between them as mom sucked me. Her hand was gently stroking my cock as she sucked now.

UUUUUMMMM OOOOHHH were stifled in her throat as she sucked me.

Now I saw mom's hips sfart to buck and I knew dad would be sucking the
juices of her cum very soon. She speeded up her sucking on my cock and I
was starting to slowly cum now. Not as sensitive as earlier. My cum lasted longer this time, and I watched mom's mouth suck me tenderly with
her eyes closed in bliss.

Most of my cum was finished as she was now finishing her own into dad's
sucking mouth. He gently lowered her to the mattress and rose on his
knees, watching her finishing my blowjob.

She pulled away from my cock now, still stroking it softly. That was
absolute wonderful honey, She said to dad. Dad said, You know, for as many
times as you and I have done this over the years, this was the hottest for
me eating you. Watching you suck our son at the same time.....Wow, honey.

Well, I better get going, I'll leave you two lovebirds alone for the
night. Bringing Lisa here honey?

Probably. Maybe I said. Well, if you guys are done with
YOUR party tonight, It'll be OK with me dad. Later. Bye Billy. Drive
careful honey.

I think I understand you. I remember feeling something like that with
MY mom too.


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