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CAROL, mom & ME 55

lisa was surprised when she saw me waiting in the car for her after
work. Oh Hi honey. I didn't expect to see you. I was just going to have a
cup of coffee across the street and call a cab.

Well, I couldn't stay away from my honey any longer I said. I turned to
her as I pulled up to a red light...Wanna fuck?

Oh, what big eyes you have Mister. wanna fuck?

Oh what big teeth you have Mister.

wanna fuck?

Ooooohhhh What a big cock you have Mister....YES. Yes, Oh fucking Yes.

As we pulled into the drive we noticed nikki just pulling into her and
we beeped hello.

She called to us and came over to say Hi. I just picked her up from
work. That was fun the other night. I really enjoyed both of you coming
over and then cumming....she smiled. Lisa laughed at her pun. Look, he's
in bed. Not feeling too well or something. Why don't you two come and
join me to eat this pizza I just picked up?

I have a better idea I said. Why don't you join us over here at my
place? Lisa wants to take a quickl relaxing swim right now.

She looked back at her house, and thought for a few seconds.

OK, she said. Let me leave him a quick note, OK. We waited so that she
could get in our fenced yard with us.

Oh, you have it fixed up pretty nice back here. Yeah, Billy and his dad
have done a lot around this place. Impressed. I'll go in and gfrab some
beer honey. OK babe. Lisa led nikkin back to the pool deck. It was quiet
now, and I knew mom and dad were either fucking or already holding each
other by now.

I came back out and gave the girls a beer. Lisa set hers down and
started to take off her blouse and skirt. Don't mind do you Nikki? Oh
hell no hon. I'll join you if you don't mind. Sure. Both guirls were
quicklyu stripped now and jumping into the warm water.

I went in the patio shed and turned on the stereo and played some soft

I came back and decided to strip myself at Lisa's urging to match their
nakedness. Come on in Billy. In a minute hon.

I finished the beer and then dove in. I came up swimming between Lisa's
legs and popped up to kiss her.

I caressed her tit softly for a moment.

Nikki's massive tits were bobbing in the water. I joked that at least
the water would float them for her. Don't I wish. Oh, Lisa said. I
mentioned to my mom about your tits. I hope you don't mind. Well....she
has this girfriend that just had HER tits reduced to where she can wear
nice clothes again. I saw her, she really looks snazzy now. nikkin was
interested. mom gave me the number of the Doc. I have it in my wallet if
you want it.

Oh yeah. I've really been thinking about having it done. These damn
things are really fucking my life up. I'm sick of all the guiys glaring at
me all the time. They never say anything nice either. Yeah, I said. Some
guys are real assholes.

You're not Billy, she said. I liked your tit massage too. Let him give
you another one Nikki. Would you Bill? Sure. Great. Don't you get
jealous or stuff like that Lisa? With Billy? Hell no. I told you we
deeply love each other. I trust that he loves me and we don't deliberately
do things that would hurt each other. Billy's my lover and my friend and
we will be married soon.

Want to come to our wedding? Oh yeah sure. That would be nice, Lisa.
When? In three months. Three months from tommorrow. Ok.

I love swimming at night like this. Oh so do I. We didn't have a pool
at our other place. I'm out in mine every night with or without him. He
can really be a pain in the ass sometimes.

We hopped out of the pool now and ate some of the pizza and had a beer.

Nikki continued, see, he's been having problems with keeping up a hard
on a lot of times. I thought maybe it was strees or something, We need to
find his type of doctor for this stuff around here.

I know a guy who had the same problem, thinking back of dad's problem.
His doc gave him these pills and he's so happy he can't see straight now.
he's fucking his brains our, probably right now.

His Doc isn't far from here. I'll find out for you and then you can
work it out with your guy.

Oh that would be great. Maybe I could get laid more often. Lisa got MY
week's worth of fucking theother night, she laughed. Oh, I didn't
know.....Its OK Lisa. I was happy to see him get that hard. Even if it
was going into YOUR pussy. I was hoping he would have been excited ewnough
after you guys left to fuck me, but he said he couldn't get it up again. I
even tried sucking him too. No luck.

That's a shame Lisa said. I'm glad I don't have that problem withBilly.
Hel;l no, I said. Mycock hafl hard now, as I sat between them. Hey, you
still going to give her that tit massage? OK.

Sit here Nikki. This foma matress should be just right for me to reach
your tits and you'll feel more comfortable. She hopped over on the pad in
anticipation. her heavy tits wobbling all over.

I reached down and cradled each tits as before, and massaged them. Lisa
went to a tabl;e and got some lotion for my hands. I held them in front of
Nikki and she squirted a pile of it in my both hands.

Now make her tits feel nice Billy.

nikkin smiled up at her. want a hand job while you're doing her tits Billy?

No, honey. I want to be in her. OOOOHHHH So that's how it is huh?
Lisa kidded. You don't mind , do you Nikki? You mean you would want to
make love with me again? Yeah if you want to. Lisa dosen't mind. no, Its
Ok Nikki. Especially after I got your only fuck for the week from Dan. We

hey Billy, honey? Why don't you fuck her tits first, like you do to
mine? What, You guys do thattoo? Oh yeah. I love his cock between my
tits. I suck him then when he starts to cum.

Go ahead Billy. Do her. Would you like that Nikki? Oh yes. She
turned back facing me now, still kneeling in front of me. She looked at my
cock. Oh he's only about hal hard Lisa, but even like this, its a harder
cock than I've see over there.

Mind? Lisa? Oh no. Go ahead. I'll have my lover later. Won't we
Billy. Oh yes babe.

nikki started to softly carss my hardening cock now. Her face only
inches from it. Damn. He gets hard quick Lisa. Wow. Like a fucking rock
isn't it Nikki. I love it inside.

Nikki got into serious sucking now, smiling up to me every once and a

I let her suck me for about three or four monutes and then said, lay
down hon. On the air mattress there. OK. Now hold those nice tits together. Her pussy shone and glistened in the moonlight as she laid flat
on her bacl waiting fore my cock. I straddled her and started to slide my
cock in and out of her tits slowly. Oh, that feels nice Nikki. Your tits really feel nice around my hard cock. You feel nice there too. I can feel
your whole cock and your warm balls sliding. Lisa came over and knelt
behind her head. Here, let me help. Lay yuou head on my thighs. It will
make it easlier to cuk him when he cums. Yo DO want to suck him again,
don't you?

Oh Yeah. I love it , WHEN I can get it, she moaned. Now her head was
more comfortable as she could see my cock sliding in and out of her tits.
Lisa reached down over her and said, just relax. I'll hold your tits for
him to fuck. Lisa grabbebbed husge handfuls of each tit and squeezed trhen
around my stoking cock, Oh Nikki said. This is so fucking sexy. Having my
tits fucked and you helping your boyfriend in fucking them.

I'll do anything for Billy.

Feel nice Lisa asked her. Oh yeah I looked down at Nikki and she was
smiling up at me. Can't wait for your cum she smiled.

Lisa's tits weren't too far from Nikki's face. nikki could see them
hanging over her forehead. Your tits are also cut Lisa. maybe I have the
doc make mine your size. They even look nice when they hang too. Mine
look like a fucking cow.

Oh forget it right now. Just enjoy Billy's cock fucking them. Oh yeah,
He feels real nice doing that.

I love feeling a man's whole damn cock as its on my chest like this. I
can feel his hardon and his balls, And then when he's going to cum, you can
feel his balls stating to make their move.

Yeah, Lisa said, I like that too.

I was getting more excited and told her I was nearing. I started to
fuck her tits faster and soon I was cumming. Lisa took my cock quickly in
her hand and guided me right into Nikki's mouth. Nikki sucked me hard and
quickly as I spurted. Lisa milked my cock into her mouth for me and her.
Cum in her mouth baby. Shoot your cum in her mouth. Lisa was excited in
doing this.

nikki's head still on Lisa's thighs as she was sucking my orgasm.

OOOOHHHH uuuummmm she was moaning. She sucked me sotly and took most of
my cock as I pushed deeper into her mouth.

Feel nice honey? Lisa asked looking up to me. Ohhhhh OOOOHHH Give her
your cum honey. She needs it right now...shoot babe. I can have you
later....give it to her, Lisa urged me over and over during my explosion.
Lisa's fingers were stroking me softly and firmly draining my cock as I
squirted my last load into Nikki's mouth. Lisa quikly moved down to catch
my cock as I started to pull out of Nikki's mouth. Lisa sucked me into
hers quIckly and sucked my cock softly for any remaing drops. their faces
were nexT to each other now. Only my cock stopping Lisa's mouth from
Nikki's just under my cock in her mouth.

Nikki sucked my balls now as Lisa sucked my cock. Both girls seemed to
connect with an unsaid signal of what the other was doing. Lisa intended
for me to have a double blowjob.

She sucked me nicely enough and Nikki sucked my balls nice enough to
force more cum from them and into Lisa's mouth. Finally, both girls knew I
was drained and I was pulling my cock away from their mouths. Lisa leaned
down right away and Frenched Nikki and they sucked each other's mouth
immediately. I could see traces of my white cum on the edges of their lips
as they kissed for swapping my cum.

They kissed like this for a few moments and finally Lisa leaned back and
Looked at me. Did you like your double blowjob honey? smiling at me. Oh
yes honey, I never expected that. I know it. I thought it would surprise
you. You really did, You even got some extra cum out of my balls. Both
girls now sat up and across from each other cross legged like most girls tend to do. They were giggling. Sexy Huh, Lisa giggled. Oh yeah,That
really was. I love swapping for his cum when he does that. You mean????
Yeah. We were at the Lake last weekend with another couple and that girl was sucking him right next to me while we were each fucking the other's
boyfriend. I was fucking her boyfriend when Billy started to cum in her
mouth and I quickly leaned over and joined her nouth and sucked his cock at
the same time. We both got his cum as he shot and her boyfriend was
cumming in me too. It was so fucking hot. Both of us sucked Billy at the
same time twice that night.

Yeah, I said it really was hot, honey.

You two are really something else, Nikki said.

Give Billy a little bit of time, and he will have another nice hard on
Then he can fuck you.

The girls both jumped in the water again.

God, you don't know how much I appreciate this. Nikki said. i was
ssssoooooo fucking horny over there. i don't like to go out looking for a
stud in the bars either. I met too many creeps. Lisa agreed. Well, Billy
will get you guy fixed up for now, don't worry.

I, I, really should tell you two something, I'm really afraid though.
She seemed to be shaking. What is it Nikki? Lisa said. OOOHHH I really
shouldn't It's so bad. So.... She was holding her head down now and Lisa
saw tears.

What is it hon? Billy.....Lisa looked up to other words, get
lost. It was girl stuff. I'll go get some beer for all of us. I need to
go to the bathroom anyway. Fine Billy, Lisa said. Glad that I got the
message to get lost.

After I was out of sight Nikki eased her crying for a moment, She looked
at Lisa. Lisa, you seem so nice. You and Billy have been so nice to me
and Dan. can I trust you with something? Sure, Lisa said. I,
we.....dan... are you splittin up? Lisa asked. Oh No. It's not that.
Its....Lisa. we're not married. We can't marry. She was shaking now.
Her large tits were heaving as she tried to speak....What itis it hon?
Lisa asked again.

Lisa, He's my brother. Lisa took a deep breath. You mean you and
....yes. For many years. That's why we had to move from the nice house
and stuff that we worked so hard for. Everything was fine there, until one
day some new neighbors were moving in across the street. Before that, all
our neighbors thought Dan and I were married and stuff. You know like
regular people. Now, after these people moved in across the street, We
didn't see them yet. Our next door neighbor that we knew for years came to
us and said the new people were having a party to introduce themselves, and
asked us to come to the party also. The new people saw my neighbor and
told her to ask us for her.

Now all the neighbors we knew for years were all there. Dan and me went
with the couple next door to the party.

When we go in the yard, I sat on a seat with Dan. I didn't see the new
people right away. We were talking with a few of the people we knew for
years. Then one of them said here comes the new couple. Right towards us.
Why, Nikki, why Dan, how good to see YOU. They both came over and hugged

Oh, you know Nikki and Dan? Know them? We all grew up together as next
door neighbors all our lives. Their family and ours. We went to the same
schools and all. Haven't seen you two in ages.

Dan, me and his father went fishing a lot. Their mother and my sister used to make really nice Christmas decorations. Remember Nikki? Your
sister probably still have the record for the biggest boobs in the
neighborhood, right Dan. I see Nikki still has her big boobs. Does your
other sister?

How is your mom you guys? What do you mean THEIR mom? Glen asked, I
mean THEIR mom. The mom that half raised all of us kids too.

I don't understand Glen and his wife said. Understand what? The new
neighbor said. Their mom? They're married. MARRIED. Bullshit. They're
brother and sister. They can't get married????

Everyone at the party heard him Lisa. The bastard immediately destroyed
our lives. In less than two minutes, our whole lives were destroyed. I
broke out in crying and screaming. I grabbed Dan and we got out of there.

They all hated us then. Only one nice lady on the other side of us came
over the next day. Our secret was out all over the fucking neighborhood
the next day Lisa.

We were forced to sell our beautiful house real cheap. Dan was
terrified the people at work would find out because one of the neighbors
worked at his company. But he's never said anything so far.

I think that is part of the reason that Dan is having trouble now,
making love with me.

We have loved each other like this since we were around fifteen, Lisa.
I've only seen him as MY man and MY lover all these years.

We really love each other Lisa. Just like a regular man and wife.

Oh wow, Lisa said. How fucking rotten. What rotten fucking luck.
That's why we don't have any kids Lisa. Just before this happened we were
almost ready to adopt a little boy. That got all screwed up.

Lisa's arm went around Nikki now, and hugged her. How fucking rotten.

Who would ever figure an old neighbor moving right across the fucking

Here comes Billy with the beer, I think we REALLY need one now, Lisa
said. Do you want him to know? Nikki looked at her? can he.....Oh yes.
Don't worry about Billy, ever.

Did you miss me honey? I asked Lisa, walking up to the deck with some

Billy, honey, Come sit here with us. We have a story.......

I felt really sad for Nikki now. As I looked at the three of us, all
sitting there still naked, I felt it was out of place somehow.

I reached around Nikki as Lisa did. Both our arms were around her.
Well, at least there's little chance of anything like that happening around
here, I said. All our houses are far apart, as you can see.

We see some of the neighbors on Holidays mostly when some of them around
here gather for a few drinks. Mostly though, everyone keeps to themselves.

I will speakwith my friend about the doc for the pills for you brother.
Lisa said she would talk with her mom about the name of the doctor for her

She seemed to feel quite relieved now. Her breathing seemed to ease a
bit and her tits weren't heaving so much.

Come on, Lisa said let's take another swim. She pulled Nikki's hand and
they went in for a while. Nikki seemed to return to her regular self soon.

Well, she said, I think maybe I should be getting back, You two probably
want some time to yourselves. No, its all right, Lisa said. I thought
maybe you were going to fuck with Billy? Oh I don't know now. How you
must think of me and Dan. Nonsense. That is YOUR business, Billy is
probably tired by now any way. No Nikki. If you want to get laid, I'll
just mention it now. I really could use a good fuck right now, Lisa. I'm
so frustrated lately.

Him and I were having sex a lot, until all that shit broke loose, and
now....almost nothing in all this time. I'm on edge all the time over
there, know what I mean? Yeah Nikki. Forget about it for the rest of the
night. Lett Billy take care of your pussy.

Billy was the first fuck I had in almost a month, the other night.

Oh my God. We fuck a couple times a day. At least. Then I still get
horny and make him let me suck him in between. Nikki laughed.

Billy honey? Want to make our friend Nikki happy tonight honey?

My mind was still on her story. Billy honey, Nikki needs it. Come
honey. make her a little happier. I walked over to them and smiled down
at Nikki. Come over here on the air mattress Nikki, I said. She slowly
rose and looked at me. I feel so odd now Billy. Now that you both know my
dirty secrets.

Don't worry about that shit anymore. She came over to the mattress with
me and I laid her down and kissed her. I caressed her large tits and ran
my hand over her body.

I slid my hand into her openening legs and caressed her whole pussy area
now, and felt her wetness within.

I leaned over her and sucked her tits for a while and felt my cock being
stroked by Lisa. She was kneeling next to us. When I knelt to lean over
Nikki to kiss her, Lisa reached under my legs and stroked my cock hanging
down. from behind.

OOOHHH Your're hard now Billy. Slide it in her. I kissed Nikki again
and as I went to hold my cock, Lisa grabbed it again and aimed it for me. I
pushed into her and she moaned loudly. OOOOHHHH. A real cock, she moaned.

A real cock is in me. Oh you feel so nice in there Bill.

Fuck her Billy. She needs it bad, Lisa said. Lisa was caressing my ass
as she sat next to us watching. I started to fuck into Nikki as she moaned
in enjoyment.

Oh its so nice. Thank you. Hey hon, no need for thanks. You're making
me feel nice too. her pussy was warm and felt wonderful. Her humping was
eager for my thrusts. Oh you feel so nice in me...OOOHHHHH. Its been so
long since I could really relax like this and just be fucked. OOOOHHH.

I think I'm going to cum soon Bill.

Go ahead Nikki. Go ahead. I pumped into her with my hips moving in
circles. OOOOOOO I like when he fucks me like that too Nikki. Feels nice
in your pussy huh? Oh damn yes. Please fuck me. Please fuck me hard. I
rammed her now, and her excitemnet rose higher. I felt her pussy tighten
around my cock. Her wetness increasing rapidly.

OOOOHHHH I'm cumming Bill. I fucked into her harder and faster now and
then one deep thrust and stayed buried in her. Her pussy clamped on my
cock and she held me tight to her as her cum took over her entire body.

I fucked her firm but slower now as she slowly came down from her cum.

I stayed in her deeply for some time. Finally she opened her eyes and
said it was wonderful.

I felt her pussy massaging my cock inside, as she began to rest now.

Feel better now Nikki?

Oh yes, as she pulled my head down to kiss me. Her pussy was still
making involuntary small humping movements while my cock was still in her.
I stroked her hair and said she felt nice, that her pussy just made me cum very nicely. Your cock just took my breath away Bill. I came very nice. I
still feel my juices flowing. So can I hon, all around my cock. That's
why I stayed in you right now. I pumped her a few more times slowly and
she seemed to have mini cums. Finnaly, I pulled out, and sat up.


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